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VOLKL MARKER The Royal Family is growing with the addition of the Jester Pro, an 18din version with a torsion bar and fixed AFD plate. On the Volkl side of things a big change for the Mantra with an introduction of Tip Rocker to the best-selling ski. They also up their park ski line with updates to the Ledge, a park/all-mountain ski that has rocker in the tip and tail


This ski just keeps getting better and better each year - The Gotama returns in the year 2012 with an boost to the Tip and Tail kick and the width increased to 139-107-123. Also above is the Shiro, with a green and white paintjob that will undoubtedly look great with the new Jester colorway. The Shiro is 119 underfoot and features Volkl’s Extended Low Profile, rocker, and camber underfoot.