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The Insightlink Approach to Employee Surveys Insightlink’s 4Cs survey tool is our clients’ top choice again and again because it offers a proven, actionable, easy-to-understand framework for increasing employee engagement.

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“To prioritize the action you need to take to improve your organization”

“To give employees an opportunity for feedback and identify the issues important to them”

Why Survey Employees?

“To compare & benchmark your performance against other organizations”

“To highlight what is viewed positively by employees & areas of concern”

“To provide timely and accurate feedback”

Why Survey Employees? ‌

To Improve Overall Organizational Performance

There is substantial evidence that highly satisfied and engaged employees lead to more positive outcomes for their organizations, including higher productivity, improved employee retention, greater customer satisfaction and, if appropriate, better financial performance Companies listed in the ‘100 Best Companies to Work For in America’ generated 2.3% to 3.8% higher stock returns than all other organizations each year from 1984 through to 2011.

See your gaps on each of the 4Cs: Commitment, Culture, Communications and Compensation

Understand where you stand on our Loyalty Matrix and Engagement Index

Why Choose Insightlink? Assess employee engagement to their work, your organization, their colleagues and your strategies, products and services

Measure your “momentum� (i.e., perceived progress in the past 12 months)

Compare and benchmark against other organizations using our independentlycommissioned data

Why Choose Insightlink? ‌

To Get the Knowledge and Insight You Need to Improve Job Satisfaction and Employee Engagement

Insightlink’s 4Cs Model As part of an extensive review of both academic and business research on employee satisfaction, Insightlink designed a framework for questionnaire development and strategic analysis called the “4Cs,” which are:    

Commitment Corporate Culture Communications Compensation

These four key elements drive employee satisfaction/engagement and are the foundation for all Insightlink employee surveys, although with customization and refinements so as to best fit the needs of Insightlink clients.  The quantitative results are supplemented by rich employee comments that provide insights into the stories behind the numbers. Having this comprehensive framework to evaluate your survey results enables you to target your action plans based on that areas that will give you the greatest impact.

Insightlink’s 4Cs Model Just knowing your employee's overall job satisfaction is only the start. It tells you where you stand now, but not where you need to go. That's why we developed our 4Cs model of employee satisfaction and engagement:

Employee Loyalty Matrix Insightlink’s “Loyalty Matrix” combines employee satisfaction with anticipated tenure (proven to be an accurate predictor of eventual behavior) to create four segments: Committed Loyalists

Extremely/very satisfied with their jobs and plan to stay 2 or more years

Satisfied Opportunists

Dissatisfied Compromisers

Extremely/very satisfied with their jobs and plan to stay less than 2 years Somewhat/not very/not at all satisfied with their jobs and plan to stay 2 or more years

Dissatisfied Compromisers generallySomewhat/not have a detrimental on with boththeir individual very/not atimpact all satisfied jobs and Change Seekers to stay less is than 2 years productivity and overall morale. Theplan good news that, when organizations commit to Action Plans based on the survey results, they can see improvements in overall satisfaction and Committed Loyalists, with an average increase of 7 percentage points in job satisfaction between studies. In most cases, we’ve found that the sum of Change Seekers and Satisfied Opportunists is a good predictor of an organization’s actual level of employee turnover. ●

Employee Loyalty Matrix

This chart combines the level of satisfaction with intention to stay to create four distinct employee segments. Typically, Committed Loyalists should account for at least 55% of a company's employees. The remaining employees should be distributed somewhat evenly across the other three segments.

Employee Engagement Index Insightlink’s Engagement Index is a straightforward single-number score that reflects an organization’s success at engaging their workforce and compares the average (calculated on a 0-100 scale) to a benchmark norm. This measure incorporates the key variables of engagement, including taking pride in their work, being treated with respect and dignity, sharing a positive feeling of morale with their colleagues, being satisfied with the level of reward and recognition and of their advancement opportunities and believing in the organization’s mission/vision/values.

Benchmarking The quality of Insightlink’s norm database is a key reason for choosing Insightlink. Insightlink norms are developed via a specially commissioned, representative survey of employees conducted on an annual basis that is balanced against Bureau of Labor Statistics’ figures in terms of such key factors as company size, range of industry types, geography and employee demographics. The result of this balanced sampling is a rigorously scientific, fully accurate view that provides valid and reliable benchmarks. Our proprietary database of benchmark norms covers every question in our standard Employee Engagement Survey and we maintain the data integrity of our benchmarks by deliberately not including any clients’ data in our norms. Because we use an extremely large national survey of employees to build our database, the number of clients we have in a particular industry does not determine our ability to deliver actionable results with industry-specific normative data for context. These norms allow us to compare the survey scores for our clients against those of a representative sample of U.S. employees overall and for specific industry groups.

Motivations & Drivers Analysis A Motivations and Drivers Analysis consists of:

1. Using correlation analysis to determine the top 10-15 drivers of job satisfaction within an organization – these represent the workplace elements that have a disproportionately positive impact on employee satisfaction

2. Assessing the organization’s performance on those elements using a three part classification system…  Equities – performing  Opportunities – levels job  Weaknesses – a

these are the factors on which the organization is very well and should work to maintain these strengths these are the factors that show moderate performance and on which improvement would help boost overall satisfaction these are the factors that offer the greatest potential to improve job satisfaction and addressing them should be priority in action planning

Motivations & Drivers Analysis Classification of those drivers in Community Health Centers:




(High contribution and high performance)

(High contribution and moderate performance)

(High contribution and low performance)

Work is respected

How well jobs are defined


Abilities and skills Immediate supervisors

Fulfillment of mission

Division of work Reward and recognition Opportunities for advancement


4Cs Presentation Format Insightlink 4Cs reports provide your results in an easy-to-read, presentation-ready format, including highlighting the key gaps in each of the 4Cs:

When past data is available, new data is benchmarked against it to show year-overyear trending data.

andFor ease of analysis, when past data is shown, these

symbols are used to indicate changes since a previous two box� scores

study in “top

Typical Timing for 4Cs Studies Task

Proposed Timing

Draft survey for review

Sent following receipt of signed Service Agreement and completed Issues Discovery

Final questionnaire approval

Depends on internal feedback, goal date is within 2-3 weeks of receiving the Issues Discovery document

Survey system set-up/launch

Online, 2 days after final approval and/or receipt of employee email list Hardcopy surveys require about 1 week for printing and shipping

Reminders to online participants

At intervals determined by participation rate (usually every 2-3 days)

Survey close

Usually 2-3 weeks after study launch (determined with the client)

Data tabulations

Ready 1 week after survey close or receipt of hardcopy surveys (whichever later)

Comprehensive Analytical Report

3-4 weeks after survey close

Action Planning Guide Successful action planning is a critical component of successful employee surveys and Insightlink publishes an electronic 4Cs Action Planning e-Guide with Form Fillable Worksheets (unlimited internal use). Http://

The insightlink approach to employee surveys  

Insightlink’s 4Cs survey tool is our clients’ top choice again and again because it offers a proven, actionable, easy-to-understand framewor...