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Gibraltar Day in London. The Arengo family. Restsso celebrates 50 years. Gibraltar始s Fashion Day.


Ros Astengo.

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Beat the smoking ban with an electronic cigarette. Advanced knee pain relief now available.

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Business News. Wealth preservation. Further Finance Centre growth predicted. Leeds BS celebrates 10 years in Gibraltar. Barclays fund-raises for local charities.


Clean Up bigger than ever.

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Discover Dubai with Elite Travel. Santa Clause is coming to (London) town.

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Carmen Gomez - a passion for drama. Local playwright to be published in USA.


Traditional recruitment versus social media.

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50 shades of white. Essential DIY tips.

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Local News. Golf News. Out & About on the Rock. Your monthly horoscopes. Wedding Insight. Alls Well Crossword.







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November 2012

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Local NEWS CALENDAR GIRLS... A GREAT SUCCESS The Gibraltar Drama Amateur Association has surprised us once again, with one hell of a show. Calender Girls was produced by Howard Danino and co-directed by Trevor Norton and Trevor Guilliano. The play started off with a bang, and was full of energy throughout; the cast transmitted a great deal of emotion to the audience, and had quite a few in tears. That said, the script had some very witty and hilarious punchlines which had everyone in stitches. Flower, cakes, jam.... tea pots, were all that covered some very brave ladies onstage... that said, I must add that all was done in an extremely tasteful manner and they all looked fantastic. A great play also requires a great wardrobe and this one in particular was awesome - each character was dressed according to their personality, some of them were especially funny, such as the pink bunny outfit worn by Kerry Marriot or that very creative flower and twine two-piece worn by Gwendolen Williams. And last, but definitely not least, the cast... they were all brilliant!! They put on an excellent performance, well done, guys, you nailed it!! The technical side of the play was also very impressive, and there is no doubt that a lot of work was put into it. On the final night, Minister Dr John Cortes took the stage and gave a very heartfelt speech, followed by Howard Danino, who said a few words himself. Congratulations to all the cast and crew of Calender Girls and to GADA on putting on such a great play, and we look forward to your next production.

BOSOM BUDDIES BARE ALL For the second time since the Bosom Buddies Fashion Show started in 2006 the brave cancer survivors who take part in the fashion show have got together to pose for a “Calendar Girls” Calendar for 2013, with the launch of the Calendar coinciding with the play of the same name that was staged at Inces Hall last month (see review above). Gibraltarʼs Bosom Buddies cancer survivors “under fabulous concealment” have a surprise in store for you, so donʼt miss obtaining next yearʼs calendar. It is priced at £6 and is a calendar everyone should have in their households or offices to support these brave women of all ages, survivors of cancer who have given their all for this cause so close to their hearts. The calendars are on sale in a variety of shops around town, and they can also be obtained through the Bosom Buddies themselves. The money obtained will be used by The Bosom Buddies Cancer Trust (Charity 215) towards helping local cancer patients directly, by offering pampering moments and special treats during their illness. The Trust also contributes to other local cancer charities.

THE LUCKY WINNER! Lorena from Corks is seen on the left alongside presenting Paula Alvarez with two tickets to Corks Flamenco Night, which was held on October 27th. Paula was the lucky winner of last monthʼs Corks competition. The popular bar and restaurant at 79 Irish Town is holding special dining and entertainment events on Saturday nights during the months of October, November and December.

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November 2012


business insight

Business NEWS GIBS’S FIRST GOLF CLUB OPENS ITS DOORS Now you can play golf on some of the worldʼs most prestigious courses without even having to leave Gibraltar! The recently opened Golf Box at Marina Views, 9B Glacis Road offers its members the opportunity to experience the world of golf on state-ofthe-art 3D golf simulators that allow simulated play on great courses such as the nearby Valderama or the renowned St Andrewʼs Old Course. The Golf Box was inaugurated in early October, with Chief Minister Fabian Picardo trying out his swing under the expert tutelege of the Golf Boxʼs Managing Director Ian Martin, who was formerly General Manager at the Royal Las Brisas Golf Club in Marbella. Ian told Insight that the golf simulators can accommodate up to four players at a time, with costs an affordable £9 per hour per player, with no worries about getting washed out by rain or roasted by strong sun. Keen players can try out courses or practice their skills before a tournament and new or novice players can brave courses that their level of expertise would never allow them to tackle in real life. The Golf Box is open all day and into the evening, allowing a round of 18 holes during the lunch break or before heading home in the evening. Tournaments are already being held, with David Friers and Joe Bautista taking the honours in a four players per team/12-team event held on October 3rd. They are shown below collecting their prizes. Another feature of the golf simulators is that at the flick of a switch they convert into Formula One racing cars, enabling players to experience the thrills of racing on a variety of tracks, including Monaco and Silverstone. Other facilities available at the Golf Box include a restaurant and a lounge bar, and corporate and group parties are welcome. There's a putting green, and professional lessons can be booked for both adults and children. Log on to our website at code to view more photographs relating to this feature.

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November 2012


WEALTH PRESERVATION by John Gonzalez, Trust Officer, Fiduciary Trust Limited

One of the most significant features of a discretionary trust is that it can be effective for succession planning. But what is a discretionary trust? A discretionary trust is essentially a relationship between three parties: the settlor, the trustee and the beneficiaries. In order to give legal effect to the trust the settlor will have to arrange the transfer of the legal ownership of assets to the trustee. Otherwise, the assets will remain under the settlorʼs control and the trust will not be properly constituted.

The settlor will cease to be the legal owner of the assets when these are transferred, and consequently he/she may be able to avoid unnecessary tax liabilities and minimize the familyʼs tax exposure. The individualʼs residence, and/or domicile, or nationality will determine his/her tax position, and local tax advice should be sought in order to avoid any unwelcome surprises. The trustee will accept the assets and administer these in accordance with the Trust Deed. The Trust Deed is the document which will detail the powers held by the trustee over the administration of the trust. The trustee will administer the assets in the best interest of the beneficiaries who in due course will benefit from the assets themselves. A Trust Deed is not a public document, and therefore confidentiality of the parties involved is assured.

Another important feature of a trust is that probate is not required as the assets in a trust are deemed to be placed outside of the deceasedʼs estate. This will also preserve confidentiality. There is no limit as to the type of assets that can be settled in the trust, for example, cash, real estate and shares are all acceptable.

Trusts can hold investments such as bonds and shares. The trust can therefore be used to hold one particular asset for capital growth and/or income or it can be used to build up a diversified portfolio, which could comprise cash, shares, bonds and property.

Funds can be held in a bank account by the trustee on behalf of the trust. This is a convenient facility for the trustʼs use in instances such as the receipt of dividends from an underlying company. Such funds could then be invested by the trustee or distributed to the beneficiaries. A settlor can express his/her wishes as to how the trust assets should be administered and distributed during his lifetime and after his/her death.

The beneficiaries of discretionary trusts are usually family members, but it is not uncommon for the settlor to include friends and business associates. The beneficiaries are not fixed and can be removed or replaced during the trust period.

Asset protection is another feature offered by a discretionary trust. With careful and effective planning, assets in a discretionary trust can be protected from threats, for example forced heirship laws. Countries with forced heirship laws determine the heirs and share of the estate by law. Trust law in Gibraltar is based on English trust law. Legal redress can be

insight magazine

November 2012


business insight fore cannot act in the way a company can; for example, a trust cannot sign contracts on its own behalf. This is addressed by employing the services of a professional corporate trustee, such as Fiduciary Trust Limited, which will be able to act for the trust. As a professional corporate trustee, Fiduciary Trust Limited is licensed by the Financial Services Commission to carry out trustee services in Gibraltar.

sought from the Gibraltar courts and, ultimately, from the Privy Council and the courts of the European Union. The trust is not a legal entity with separate legal personality and there-

insight magazine

There are two price structures offered by Fiduciary in regard to trusts. Simple structures, that is, a trust holding shares in a company, are very cost effective and offer the advantages mentioned in this article. More complicated structures require the drafting of the trust deed by lawyers, who will incorporate into the document any particular requirement that the settlor may consider appropriate.

Fiduciary Trust Limited has qualified staff with years of experience in trust administration who adhere to the highest professional standard to ensure a confidential and professional service.

November 2012




The most valuable asset within a Recruitment Company is their database. Or at least it used to be when I started working in recruitment! Having an accurate and large database was critical.

Job seekers would often choose a recruiter based on its size, deducing that the big corporate recruiters would have all the relationships with the companies they were interested in. On the other side of the coin, clients would lean to well established recruiters because they knew they had the details of all the best and up to date candidates. It was a tried and tested method, information was imperative, and the recruiters were the gate keepers.

Today we live in a completely different world – a Social Media world. Now everyone has access to the information that recruiters used to guard so carefully. A jobseeker can simply go online to find profiles and details of the decision makers in the businesses that they want to work for. Clients can now easily search for candidates who would be relevant for jobs within their business. So what does this mean for recruiters? Well, it means that recruiters can no longer rely on candidates and clients coming to them; it means that if they want to survive, recruiters need to upgrade the value they offer. This is something we have spent a lot of time discussing at Zestrill and it has made us evaluate what services we should actually be offering and how we can make ourselves valuable and relevant.

Itʼs still about information. Preparation for interviews is essential if you want to be successful. You will be up against other jobseekers and you need to make yourself stand out. At Zestrill we ensure that we provide all our jobseekers with really useful supporting information. We tell candidates about the people who will interview them; their interview style; what type of questions to expect and what the personality of the person leading the interview is like. Only a couple of days ago I told a candidate that the person they were due to meet had recently returned to work from maternity leave and that she had given birth to twins. The jobseeker herself was also returning to work after maternity leave, so that simple piece of information formed a perfect ʻice breakerʼ and instantly provided common ground and common empathy. Moving jobs is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make and having a good recruiter by your side is key. If you can find a recruiter that you trust and who provides transparent advice throughout the recruitment process, you will be in a better position. A recruiter can be a good sounding board; they manage the process for you, meaning they can take the hassle out of doing it yourself. A good example is negotiating salary. I always think it is better for the recruiter to negotiate as it can be a difficult process and it can get personal if you are doing it yourself. A recruiter is a buffer between the candidate and client and is well placed to take the emotion out of the negotiation process and, if they are good at their job, secure the right salary without jeopardising the candidateʼs relationship with the company before they even start the job!

There are also some negatives towards using social media for job-seeking purposes. Social media is an open source platform. By putting yourself ʻout thereʼ on a social media site, where there are literally thousands of people seeing your posts, you are telling everyone that you are seeking a new role. This could make it uncomfortable for you in the workplace if your colleagues or boss were to see. You can easily lose control of how people comment, perceive and share your posts/adverts. It is also very easy for someone to share your post and then have their contacts comment negatively about the position and the organisation. When things are written, it is often easy to take comments out of context. We like to believe that the people that ʻownʼ and ʻadministerʼ the pages and groups where we post our jobs or availability to work, are experienced recruiters in their

insight magazine

November 2012


recruitment insight

Posting advertisements on social media sites can put at risk a companyʼs control, hence reducing their authoritative voice. What I mean by this is that if someone shares your post to another wall or area that you donʼt control, then they can become the ʻauthoritative sourceʼ in the eyes of the reader. field. However, this is not always the case, so sometimes, when posting roles and asking for advice in certain areas on certain groups and pages, you will not always receive the professional and correct advice that you are seeking. As experienced recruiters, we are always on hand to offer confidential and informed advice and answers to any questions that you may have. Before you try to be ʻhelpfulʼ and post job vacancies that you donʼt own on social media sites, you should first make sure from the company that you have permission to do so. Posting advertisements on social media sites can put at risk a companyʼs control, hence reducing their authoritative voice. What I mean by this is that if someone shares your post to another wall or area that you donʼt control, then they can become the ʻauthoritative sourceʼ in the eyes of the reader. In my experience,thisoccurredduringonerecruitmentcampaign. Someoneshared a post from the organisationʼs wall and subsequently began answering questions and commenting about the position and conditions. Without any thought, this may seem harmless; however, this can be very toxic for the organisation and the recruitment campaign. During this situation, almost everything that the person said was incorrect and out of date. There are many other things I could mention, but hopefully this at least shows there is a place for recruiters in this new social media world. The good thing is that recruiters who donʼt go the extra mile, recruiters who do not constantly evaluate and improve their service, will struggle. Merely having candidates on a database is not good enough anymore. At Zestrill we have embraced social media and it is at the heart of what we do and how we do it. In order for us to keep abreast of changes in society, we contacted the Vocational Training Scheme and were lucky enough to gain our new member of staff in November last year. Chloe Foulkes has been an amazing asset to our company. She started as our Junior Administrator and has been integral to the running of our business. Chloe initially spent most of her time updatingourin-housedatabase,emailingjobseekersandansweringthetelephone. Then we noticed that Chloe had a creative side…. One year on, Chloe is now

insight magazine

our Social Media and Database Administrator, utilising her creative flair and her extensive knowledge of social media. Chloe now designs artwork for our adverts, locates websites for advertising and updates all of our social media, along with the day to day office administration. Happy one year Anniversary, Chloe! We hope you are as proud as we are of everything that you have achieved in the last year and look forward to seeing what the coming year brings. Letʼs hope that we are able to train our next Government Trainee as easily as we have been able to help you!!! Sarah Pike Recruitment Consultant Zestrill Limited

November 2012


business insight



All companies, large and small, are learning to embrace Social Media. Many have adapted quickly, but there are some that still arenʼt sure quite where to start.


ith the increasing growth in mobile apps, what should judicious business owners focus on and what apps can you utilise to help ease the process of trawling through the Social Media minefield? BranchOut - A valuable Facebook app for career and professional networking similar to LinkedIn that lets you connect to people who are separated by distance and industry. When you install BranchOut you have the option to import information from your LinkedIn profile. BranchOut has been in existence for two years and is now the largest professional network and job board on Facebook, with over 25 million registered users and 3 million jobs and internships posted. HootSuite for Twitter – There are lots of Twitter apps available, but HootSuite is one of the best and easiest to use that allows you to schedule posts, monitor mentions, follow #hashtags and much more. Dropbox – Acts as a virtual hard drive so that you can always access your documents, photos and videos no matter where you are and share them amongst colleagues, family and friends. The main advantage of Dropbox is that all your files are stored in an account that can act as a backup if your computer should crash. Gmail App – If Gmail is your preferred email programme this app for mobiles lets you manage your accounts and view and save attachments wherever you are. WordPress – If you manage a WordPress blog this is a useful app to have installed on your phone, making it easier to write posts and manage comments. Google Analytics App – This app lets you check statistics for your website and blogs anywhere and at anytime WhatsApp - This is a cross-platform, real time mobile messenger that is a great alternative to text messaging because there is no cost to message and stay in touch with your friends. LinkedIn – The mobile app is an excellent way to keep up

insight magazine

with more than 175 million members worldwide. The app lets you view and save recommended jobs and syncs with your phoneʼs calendar so that you will never miss a meetings! Skype App – The chat function gives you the opportunity to keep in touch with colleagues on a regular basis and, because the conversation is stored, you can return to it within 3 months if you need to check up on something. If you want to make video calls this app means you donʼt have to be sat in front of your computer and you can stay logged into the app on y o u r phone, ensuring that you are always available. Marketing a business through Social Media will increasingly rely on using the right apps, and within the next few years it will become imperative to have an app through which to reach potential customers and clients. Acc e s s i n g prospects through their mobile devices is the way of the future, with many people exclusively using smartphones and tablets instead of PCs and laptops. Jo Ward Co-ordinator Digital Business Consultancy 1st Floor, 66 Main Street, Gibraltar Tel: + 350 200 66880

November 2012


business insight


“Our aim is to make Gibraltar the jurisdiction of choice within Europe for financial services in a number of areas,” Minister for Finance Gilbert Licudi told business leaders from the City of London at a Guildhall lunch for Gibraltar Day in mid-October. It was the first time that the occasion (now in its eleventh year) had been addressed by both the Finance Minister and the jurisdictionʼs Chief Minister, demonstrating the importance Gibraltar places on maintaining contact with what it considers is its prime contact point for business development.

“Clearly, the fact that Gibraltar is part of the European Union, with insurance companies, banks and investment managers having access to the European single market through passporting rights, is an important factor in Gibraltarʼs success,” he observed. He congratulated Peter Montegriffo, a former Deputy Chief Minister and Minister for Trade and Industry and a long-standing partner in Hassans law firm, on his election as Chairman of the Finance Centre Council, consisting of associations supporting the finance centre, and thanked Kerry Blight, who retired from the role after three years to concentrate on his relatively new position as Chief Executive of Credit Suisse (Gibraltar) bank. Legislative changes in the past year and more to come “will expand the business base for Gibraltar operators and encourage other reputable businesses to set up,” he declared, whilst noting: “It is important to remind ourselves that it is quality, not quantity, that we are looking for.” Reputation was key to The Rock, he emphasized. And Minister Licudi revealed that three senior executives experienced in insurance, funds and private client work, would before the year-end join

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November 2012


business insight

Clearly, the fact that Gibraltar is part of the European Union, with insurance companies, banks and investment managers having access to the European single market through passporting rights, is an important factor in Gibraltarʼs success.

Finance Centre Director Jimmy Tipping “to market Gibraltar as a first class international services jurisdiction within Europe.” Whilst heightening awareness of the jurisdiction in London, there is a new target of the fast-growing BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) countries and South Africa, demonstrating that “these are exciting times for Gibraltar; there are opportunities available, which we are determined to grasp,” he said. There were more than 300 people attending the event in the Guildhall Library, of whom 80 were from Gibraltar, who had paid to travel to London because they saw it as a platform to bring UK contacts up to speed on developments. Gibraltarʼs finance centre accounts for a fifth of the local economy and faces challenges, many in the form of EU directives as well as the US FATCA legislation that “is massively extra-territorial and involves reporting to US authorities on US clients.” Licudi maintained: “Our reputation, robust regulation, access to the single European market, low – not zero – tax (on business) and an attractive lifestyle are a powerful combination to bring new business to Gibraltar.” With some of the most advanced telecoms infrastructure in Europe, Gibraltar was within striking distance of achieving “the fastest broadband speeds in Europe,” Chief Minister Fabian Picardo had earlier told the guests, made possible in part by the Europe India Gateway submarine cable project from London to Mumbai that Gibtelecom – in which the government has a 50 per cent stake – is a founder shareholder. As a result, Picardo expects to “drive down the cost of doing business in Gibraltar,” holding out the prospect of lower charges for business and residents alike.

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November 2012


business insight


Leeds Building Society in Gibraltar is celebrating its 10th anniversary this month.


eeds Building Society is the fifth-largest building society in the UK, and proud to be part of a long tradition of mutuality. It offers highly competitive offshore savings accounts as well as mortgages for properties in Gibraltar. It is known in the UK for its excellent service, and value for money products, and since 2002 the Society has been delighted to bring financial services to the people of Gibraltar, and has researched the Gibraltar market carefully to offer a range of products suited to customerʼs needs.

When the Society opened its first overseas branch here in November 2002, the amount of support received from local people was little anticipated. Staff at the Leeds Building Society have been helping the people of Gibraltar and southern Spain make the most out of their money for ten years, and one decade on they are still committed to offering the best customer service on the Rock. You are invited to come along and meet the team at Leeds Building Society, First Floor, Heritage House, 235 Main Street, Gibraltar. Opening hours are 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday, except Wednesdays, when the office opens at 9.30 am, or you can call (00350) 200 50 602. Call in throughout November to receive a free gift! The Leeds Building Society staff would like to thank local customers for all their support over the past 10 years. Hereʼs to many more!

“At Leeds Building Society, we really focus on the importance of each individual customer and endeavour to get the best product possible to meet their needs. I love the fact that the customer gets the personal touch, so that as well as gaining a great investment or mortgage product they also get great service.” Daniel Strain-Webber

“Iʼve been proud to work for the Leeds Building Society in Gibraltar during a very successful period for the branch. It has also been pleasing to see how well our products and services have served the expat community in Spain and the local Gibraltar community in providing a reputable and reliable name for peopleʼs finances. I look forward to the next 10 years and beyond!” Simon Murphy “If you havenʼt visited us before I would recommend you come in, have a look at our product selection over a cup of tea or coffee, and receive the customer service you really deserve! Weʼd all like to thank our local customers who have made Leeds Building Society what it is today, and for spreading the word about our excellent service across the Rock.” Zoe Frendo


Applicants must be aged 18 years or over. Mortgages are subject to eligibility, status and financial standing. Leeds Building Society is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority in the UK and our registration number is 164992. You can check this on the FSA Register by visiting the FSA website at or by contacting the FSA on 00 44 207 741 4100. The Society is authorised to conduct business in Gibraltar by the Financial Services Commission. Mortgages for properties in Gibraltar are not regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

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November 2012



Here始s a photo spread featuring local and international personalities who attended the Gibraltar Day in London church service at Our Lady of Dolours in Fulham Road and the Finance Centre and Chief Minister始s reception at the Guildhall. Photos by Insight Magazine.

insight magazine

November 2012

Log on to our website at /media/photo-gallery or scan this QR code to view more photographs relating to this feature.




Gibraltar Day was a day of firsts this year, with members of the GSLP/Liberal government attending, including Chief Minister Fabian Picardo, who addressed the 1000-strong audience in Londonʼs Guildhall at the evening keynote reception and the influential Finance Centre event at lunchtime.


he most significant of innovations were the invitations sent to various countries to attend this 13th reception to bring supporters and the City up to date with developments: the list included the Ambassadors of Finland, Israel, Belgium, and Russia, as well as the Minister Councillor of Moroccoʼs Embassy.

During the reception the High Commissioner of Malta, Joseph Zammit Tabona, told me there were many areas where both countries faced shared challenges and economic interests. It was not only about competition, he assured, adding: “One of your large internet gaming companies may have its headquarters in Gibraltar, but it has its largest base of operations in Malta!”

it is not. Needless to say, the precedent is an extremely dangerous one,” Picardo asserted. He followed the usual line of repeating the determination of Gibraltar to remain British despite “constant incursions into our waters or lengthy queues at our frontier as are occurring” and that have been a scourge of the past 3 years. “It was the governmentʼs continued conscious desire to engage positively with Spain and all our neighbours and European partners, on issues of potentially mutual co-operation, not because we have to but because as good Europeans and good neighbours we want to,” he declared.

That resonated well with remarks from the Chief Minister, who used his speech in part to try to persuade the UK to drop plans for a place of consumption tax on betting that it is feared would lead to some e-gaming operators leaving Gibraltar, which regards itself as “by far the pre-eminent jurisdiction in remote and online gaming in the world.” Accounting for a fifth of the economy – the same as the finance centre – online gaming is one of largest direct and indirect employers, but the consequences of the UK tax planned for 2014 “would be potentially very challenging indeed, given its size restricts the diversification possible,” he said. And he emphasized: “An attempt now by the UK to lock down its gaming market based on a ʻplace of consumption taxʼ will be unlikely to produce much extra revenue for the UK exchequer, but could spell major problems for Gibraltarʼs employment market and drive some operators to more opaque markets beyond effective regulation.” At the same time, such a tax “starts to really pervert the idea of a common market and turn it into something

insight magazine

Whether in the provision of services or goods from Gibraltar, there had been a constant attempt by Spain to put obstacles in the way of Gibraltarʼs continued prosperity and progress, despite the fact that over 7000 frontier workers living in Spain work in Gibraltar and benefit from the economic activity it generates. “The reality is that we could do much more to develop Gibraltar and the neighbouring Spanish regions if we were able to engage in a meaningful co-operation with Spain.” And he challenged the Spanish Government to explore the potential to improve the lives of people on both sides of the international frontier that divides them, including creation of “thousands more jobs in Gibraltar and in the neighbouring Spanish towns.” The reception was also attended for the first time by the presiding Governor, currently Sir Adrian Johns, as well as by three former Governors, Sir John Chapple, Sir Francis Richards and General Sir Robert Fulton.

November 2012


environmental insight


BIGGER THAN EVER by Richard Cartwright

Itʼs not unusual for these sorts of events to start off with a bang and lots of enthusiasm in year one, and slowly but surely just about survive, with support fizzling down to a few conscientious and civicminded individuals who would keep battling on come what may… ʻClean Up the World?ʼ Not so!!


ow in itʼs eighth year the campaign on the Rock has gained support to the point that a certain amount of head scratching is required to try and figure out where to send newcomer groups of `clean upʼ enthusiasts. “This year we had a few teams coming to us in the last week before we got started when all areas had been designated and shared out, but we managed to find places for them and fit them all in. 2012 really has been a marvellous year for the event kicking off with a very vibrant parade and Casemates Square event with the community and Government in support of this campaign. The clean up saw over 50 teams tackling 31 sites throughout Gibraltar,” the ESGʼs head `greenieʼ Janet Howitt earnestly explains, “Hotspots and difficult areas were once again tackled. The usual mountains of waste were this time divided up and sent to their appropriate destinations at premises that are now open seven days a week.” So that is good to know. You can now deposit your unwanted furniture, fridges and cookers, timber and other bits and pieces in designated areas within the collection depot in Europa Road any day of the week! Janet informs me certain areas are still bad like Seven Sisters and its shoreline, the Northern Defences, the Cat Sanctuary, Withamʼs Cemetery and the Windmill Hill Prison car park, “Yes that one is next to a block of flats and the entrance to the Nature Reserve surprisingly!” Filthy cliff faces were tackled throughout the day by a Master Serviceʼs abseiling team. Caves, the Wildlife Park and the Botanic Gardens and the old Toc H – now the Gibraltar Clubhouse - were given a once over too. Janet says the majority of sites are regularly maintained throughout the year now and that meant that many of the teams didnʼt have to face huge amounts of accumulated rubbish… “Itʼs positive but still frustrating that we still managed to fill nearly 40 bags of rubbish in a couple of hours. We continue to have a litter problem in Gibraltar. There are buildersʼ materials, contents of emptied flats and private lands all providing rich pickings for the clean up volunteers.” So the recently revamped Litter Committee need to take note here and get down to grips with our `rubbishʼ issues, “Feedback from team leaders will be included in a report published online and also presented to the Litter Committee for their information and whatever action should be necessary after that.” Itʼs been, once again, a tremendous challenge for the ESG and everyone else involved in this yearʼs clean up and hopefully awareness will continue to be raised. It may seem like a slow process and that the Rockʼs citizens are unique in not caring about what we do with our rubbish outside our front doors – during the summer months, Master Services leave beautifully clean beaches every early morning and theyʼre left in a state at going home time!! But look, this is, not for nothing, a `worldwideʼ campaign not just Gibraltarʼs, and rubbish and unwanted stuff is dumped around by citizens all over the planet but still, we need to take more care about keeping the whole of our Rock looking clean and good and just think, thatʼll make chief campaigner Janet, a very happy bunny!!

insight magazine

So what of the future..? “Well, one of the most important things is to keep on educating our youth and encouraging them to join us on our campaigns. This year we had quite a few parents coming along with their children who otherwise may not have allowed them to participate because they may think it can be a bit dangerous for them on their own, so thatʼs good. 70% of those taking part return, so thatʼs good also. The Government is making arrangements for the re-cycling of plastics. The Clean up the World campaign theme this year was `Plastics in the Sea,ʼ which have become a real menace especially for wildlife. Gibraltar is unfortunate in that we receive more packaging than many other places because everything is imported so thereʼs all that extra waste. We would like to see an eco-park situated somewhere on the Rock too. Collection times need to be looked at as well especially how we deposit our waste at night outside shops and elsewhere and how best to organise their collection. We need better facilities and enforcement with those issues and dog fouling too. There needs to be real support for all of this.” Because Janet Howitt is a powerhouse and a human motivating force, `greenʼ issues on the ESGʼs agenda are plentiful and so will continue to be fought for. Pressing for the right environmental policies has no limits where Janet and her team are concerned… Climate Change, Renewable Energy, Pollution, Traffic, Recycling, Bunkering and more are all issues continually being tackled and there will be no respite! “Whichever party is in power,” Janet says, “Has to appreciate the enormous benefits for our community by implementing these measures. Our quality of life depends on them!” Imagine all of us singing from the same hymn sheet over the next twelve months and next yearʼs Clean up Campaign cancelled because the Rockʼs spotless!!

November 2012





by Neville Chipulina

People from Genoa played a very important role in the early years of a British Gibraltar. Augustʼs issue of Insight Magazine featured Giovanni Boschetti, Gibraltarʼs ʻbuilder extraordinaire,ʼ and there were many others who had a strong influence on the development of the Rock.


nother important Genoese immigrant was Bartolome Arengo, who arrived as a married man in 1756. His wife Theresa eventually added to Gibraltarʼs growing population of Genoese residents by giving birth to a whole clutch of children - Magdalena, Angelo, Pedro, Franco and Maria. Their eldest son, John, was the only one born in Genoa and was less than one year old when he arrived in Gibraltar. Within a generation the Arengo family had managed to add themselves to a lengthening list of rich Gibraltar merchants. So much so that during the early 19th century Bartolomeʼs eldest son, Juan Arengo, had become an influential figure in local Freemasonry. He was one of the leading lights in the creation of the Lodge of Friendship No. 577, which was made up mostly of local Catholic worthies. Rather surprisingly, this lodge was an offshoot of Hiramʼs Lodge, which was itself unique in that it was the only Lodge in Gibraltar – and perhaps even elsewhere – where membership was almost exclusively Jewish. The fact that Juan was immediately chosen as Master shows his standing among his peers.

One possible reason for finding himself in such an unusual position – and it was an exalted one by Gibraltar standards – was that by now he had become one of the principle victuallers to the Garrison, having made himself especially useful during the Great Siege. BHowever, that was not the only reason.

For a start, he had become Spanish Vice-consul in 1805 and by 1808, with the start of the Peninsular War and subsequent shift in relationship between Britain and Spain, he had suddenly found it useful to move his priorities from victualling to banking. Wellingtonʼs fame as a military genius is unarguable. But he still needed to pay his troops, who unfortunately insisted that this be done in Spanish duros. It was Juan who met his needs, by exchanging British gold bullion into the required currency. It has even been suggested that the reason why the Commercial Library – which was inaugurated in

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November 2012


Wellingtonʼs fame as a military genius is unarguable. But he still needed to pay his troops, who unfortunately insisted that this be done in Spanish duros. It was Juan Arengo who met his needs, by exchanging British gold bullion into the required currency.

1817 – was eventually called the Exchange and Commercial Library was largely because this was where Arengo met with Wellingtonʼs agents to carry out his extremely lucrative transactions.

Later in his life Juan – who now perhaps understandably tended to call himself John – arranged for an altar to be built inside the Cathedral of St. Mary the Crowned. Fluted marble columns with Corinthian capitals were used to support a six-ton ʻbogattinoʼ or half circular pediment. These marble structures were originally intended for an unknown South American church. The ship that carried them sank somewhere in the harbour and the Arengo family bought the salvage rights. Many years later the marble columns and the pediment were transferred to the main altar. The columns – even today – tend to be carefully covered up in order to conceal the many carved Masonic symbols that decorate them. When he died, John Arengo was buried within the Cathedral itself – an expensive privilege only available to the very rich. His memorial describes him as ʻa noble Genoese who maintained the honour and glory of Genoa.ʼ Despite having lived on the Rock virtually his entire life, he felt more for the land of his birth than for the place where he had made all his money.

His family eventually acquired their own coat of arms and these were also incorporated as part of the altar. Johnʼs son, Juan Bautista, never enjoyed the fruits of his fatherʼs business acumen – he died in 1812 aged 22, perhaps of either yellow fever or the plague. The name Arengo is still commemorated in two minor streets on the Rock, Arengoʼs Palace and Palace Gullyʼ The ʻPalaceʼ refers to a large house near the Church of the Sacred Heart which was the familyʼs main residence for many years. It was a strikingly opulent mansion by any standards, but even more so in Gibraltar, where most civilian houses at the time – with one or two notable exceptions – were relatively pedestrian. The house came with extensive flower and vegetable gardens – an almost unheard of perk for any Gibraltar residence – and commanded an exceptionally beautiful view of the bay. When the house was up for rental in 1874 the Gibraltar Chronicle described it as ʻa very commodious and well-ventilated mansion.ʼ The latter description is open to interpretation, but it probably meant that its rooms were airy and full of windows. It was almost certainly built by Juan Arengo and paid for with Wellingtonʼs gold.

In the early 1770s, Magdalena – John Arengoʼs elder sister – married a young man from the Genoese town of San Pier de Arena. His name is recorded both as José Chipolina and as José Cepolino. Their subsequent offspring and descendants ensured that the author of this history would become the great, great, great, great, great-grandson of Bartolome and Theresa Arengo. Magdalena was born in 1762 and died on March 1st, 1802. There is no memorial plaque in the Cathedral to commemorate her name. Log on to or simply scan this QR Code to read an in depth version of this feature.

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November 2012



Today they are the top food distributor on the Rock. The road to success however, is long and arduous…itʼs been 50 years of dedicated business acumen and real passion!

Itʼs probably just a myth but Iʼm reminded of the world famous Selfridges store in London about which it was claimed an entrepreneurial individual began with a simple kiosk and slowly built up the business to what the Selfridges `empireʼ is today! In a much more modest way of course, a similar story – but not a myth - is to be told about the Restsso Trading Company on the Rock which started in a backroom of the Imperial Tea Room in Main Street… “My dad, John Risso, got started there in November 1962, when he was just 16 years old,” present day Managing Director, John Paul Risso tells me, “Some of his first products were Dona soap, Tuc crackers and Tetley Tea. He would go around from door to door taking or-

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ders and delivering the goods himself. He was a one man band!” Those were the days of `commission agentsʼ who would write to firms and offer to sell their products locally. “Slowly he built on what he started, assisted by his sisters, Maria Isabel and Maria Aurelia. He had a small store in Cornwallʼs Lane, and eventually moved on to much larger premises in Withamʼs Road.” Through the years the business grew to what it is today: the catalogue of products they represent is far too long to list – Mars, Kelloggs, Wallʼs, Heinz, Premier Foods, Danone, United Biscuits and Haribo are just a few! These days they are domiciled on Catalan Bay Road, close to the MOT Centre. They have around 45 employees who, in one way or another, help to distribute dry, chilled and frozen goods all over the Rock in a fleet of a dozen or so vehicles. John Paul and his senior staff have a lot on their plate and realise they have to keep on top of things and keep their minds alert and on the job… “I went off to study

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Economics and also obtained a Masters in Business Information Technology and my dad never told us we had to stay and look after the family business – my sisterʼs a doctor – but since I was a child and during `Uniʼ breaks, Iʼd spend time in the business and go to trade fairs with him so I really learnt what the business was all about. He was strict and straight forward about his work but was respected for it and was very passionate about it also.” John Paul learnt the hard way working in the stores, office, out with the sales reps and everything in between! Restsso was already well established as a food distributor but in the mid 70s they joined forces with two or three other major distributors on the Rock – I remember AR Distributors - I was an employee of one of the firms at the time - but that was short lived and Restsso returned to its former self. John Paul recalls his `apprenticeshipʼ served him well, especially when his dad, John, passed away four years ago. “It was a big blow and I had a rough ride having to run the

business. Thankfully I had my aunt, Louis Montegriffo, Norah Flores, Sales Director William Gracia and the rest of the team there to help me.” 50 years have passed since John Risso decided he wanted to knock on doors and sell soap!! Today Restsso is a highly reputable food distributor and the largest on the Rock. Maria Aurelia is still helping to run the show with John Paul and his team. The company also owns Pressto Drycleaners in Tuckeyʼs Lane and is opening a cafeteria, in partnership with the `Express outletsʼ management, at Europa Point.ʼ

Times have changed: gone are the days of the corner shops in the Upper Town and elsewhere and competition from the many supermarkets in the hinterland is fierce so a sensible and steady hand is required to look after the business… “Thatʼs right, you canʼt become complacent and we, at Restsso know that!” Hereʼs to the next 50!!

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November 2012



Early September witnessed the season finale, The Med Golf Masters on the San Roque old course.


he day started with registration and a lavish breakfast in the clubhouse, with players being handed their exclusive tournament shirt. A photo shoot took place outside the magnificent main clubhouse building before some of the more dedicated competitors hit a few balls to loosen up. A shotgun start at 9.30 am saw the 30-strong field commence battle for the two trophies on offer, The Med Golf Masters Trophy for the Top Ten in our Order of Merit and the Med Golf Corporate Trophy for VIP corporate guests. The weather was kind to the golfers, with a nice breeze to keep temperatures down. Half way round the course the front runners were on 18 points for their first 9 holes, a promising score on such a tough course. Could the leaders hold onto that position after 18 holes though? Following the game the players were joined by some additional guests for lunch and enjoyed a relaxing drink before lunch, which was served in the splendid members lounge. Also joining us for the golf and lunch was San Roque Club Captain Ray Joy. He and the San Roque team were thanked, from the green keepers who made the course such a pleasure to play, to the helpful pro shop, caddy masters, back office and catering staff who were just marvellous and looked after the Masters guests so well. Thanks were given to our sponsors throughout the year, many of whom were with us on the day. The crystal trophies were awarded during the dessert. Our Order of Merit winner for the 2011/12 season, Steve McEwan, was

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congratulated once more for a fine season with an average score of 35 Stableford points, and also we had the pleasure of presenting our Senior Player of the Year, Tim Mitchell, with his trophy. Moving onto the main prizes, the Med Golf Corporate Trophy was won by Steve Quinn with 34 points; well done to Steve. The Med Golf Masters Trophy winner with a superb 35 points on such a tough course was Douglas Casciaro; very well played, Doug. His caddie, Louis Calvente, would also like to take some of the credit for a great round of golf! So will Doug get to defend his title in 2013? He will have to make it into our Top Ten again to qualify and battle it out once more at the wonderful San Roque Club next September. Thanks go once again to everyone concerned in making the day happen and also for taking part. A special mention must go to John and Andy Hunter, Mick and Johnathan Goodson, who have tirelessly promoted Med Golf – and especially The Masters – now entering its third decade. You can join Med Golf and save every time you play, get insured on the golf course and get involved in next yearʼs Masters! Visit

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Elite Travel

Elite Travelʼs Arantxa, Raquel and Christina recently travelled to Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), to experience at first hand what these luxurious and exotic lands have to offer the traveller.


he Elite ladies were able to familiarise themselves with what Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates have to offer in terms of entertainment and accommodation so that they can inform and advise Elite Travelʼs valued customers from their own first-hand experiences. Arantxa, Raquel and Christina stayed at the beach-side Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort and Towers Hotel in Dubai, which they describe as very family orientated, whilst The Address and The Grosvenor hotels are ideal for

couples. During their visit to the UAE, the Elite ladies visited many places of interest and told Insight Magazine about their experiences. Many cruises start from Dubai, and the Elite Travel ladies suggest, for example, that you could stay at the new Melia Dubai Hotel, which is situated just a 10-minute taxi ride from the cruise liner port terminal. “The hotel has a really nice, scented, swimming pool on the roof,” explained Arantxa. Dubai is also very popular amongst golf enthusiasts, with many hotels boasting top class golf courses. The Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club, for example, was voted one of the worldʼs Top 100 Must-Play Golf Courses, and boasts an 18hole championship golf course, a 9-hole Par 3 course golf academy, restaurants and bars, a gymnasium and a tropical swimming pool. With over 70 shopping malls, including the Dubai Mall – the worldʼs largest, Dubai is sometimes called the ʻshopping capital of the middle east,ʼ where shoppers can find the top brands in boutiques, perfume and jewellery, and it even has its own aquarium! One of the Elite ladiesʼ favourite excursions was

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the desert safari, which offered the chance to experience what itʼs like to live in the desert for a day. Christine explained, “We went dune-bashing on a 4 x 4, and later experienced a typical Bedouin dinner at a Hayma, with a beautiful dessert sunset as a back-drop!” Raquel told Insight that they were very impressed by the underwater-themed 5-star Palm Island Atlantis resort, which includes a 40-acre Aquaventure theme water park, and Dolphin Bay, where you can swim and interact with dolphins. One of the scenes from a recent James Bond movie was filmed on location here. The Elite Travel ladies were also very impressed by what they saw at Burj Kalifa, which is the tallest man-made structure in the world and the centrepiece of a large-scale development that includes 30,000 homes, nine hotels (including The Address Downtown Dubai), parks, the Dubai Mall, the 30-acre, man-made Burj Khalifa Lake and the biggest ʻdancing fountainʼ in the world, said to be bigger than the other famous ʻdancing fountainʼ in Las Vegas. Abu Dhabi is only an hourʼs drive from Dubai So whether you want to experience the speed of the worldʼs fastest roller-coaster at the worldʼs largest indoor theme park at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi; ride the track at the Yas Marina Formula 1 Circuit, sand board or ski in the dunes or balloon ride over the peaceful Liwa desert, the worldʼs largest uninterrupted sand mass with some of the tallest sand dunes on earth – the options are as diverse as the terrain. So, if youʼre looking for a holiday in an exotic and exciting location, why not pop in to Elite Travel and ask Victor and his staff for the best offers available – and great customer service, and cheaper than on the internet as well!

14 Parliament Lane, Gibraltar. Tel: 200 49401

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ZANDRA RHODES PUTS THE Z’s IN PIZZAZZ text by Elena Scialtiel, photos by Ambrose Avellano

Gone ahead half steam in spite of initial uncertainty, after several international designers and singer Gareth Gates cancelled their star appearance at the last minute, Gibraltarʼs second Fashion Week zapped in a single evening the zing of a zillion psychedelic light bulbs.


es, perhaps it was too short, but one cannot deny it was very sweet indeed, with cotton candy-coloured flower, paisley and abstract prints galore on the loose on the runway, in contrast with the stark background of Kingʼs Bastion limestone and brickwork. Iconic British designer Zandra Rhodesʼs collection, more dazzling than her signature shocking pink bob, stole the show, beautifully presented by some gorgeous local models, proudly sashaying in oversized headband bows, plissé-soleil full skirts, vaguely punk clutch bags, bold wooden and glass costume jewellery and to-die-for sculptural heels. It was a carousel of nuances borrowed from tropical birdsʼ plumage and Caribbean seas, but silver and pewter also made their appearances in a couple of timeless numbers. The star brighter than the sun was a sheer fire-red bat-winged tunic embroidered in gold sequins and beads, inspired by oriental brides and odalisque charms – reviving well beyond the Noughties a good old Sixtiesʼ hippy wardrobe staple. Zandraʼs shimmery fabrics and vibrant full gowns stylised the hourglass figure, while her flamboyant make-up mirrored their colours to create a very feminine image: a blend of heroines from the opera and characters from Dr Seussʼs movies – undoubtedly, these show-stopping women are fearless of turning heads wherever they might go. The show opened with an extensive presentation by local painter and songstress turned fashion designer, Jane Langdon, who featured several local top models in dishevelled back-combed hair, including Miss Gibraltar 2012 Jessica Baldachino, taking the catwalk on the notes of some folk songs from Janeʼs repertoire. Her collection was very vivid too, albeit her colours appeared muted in comparison with Zandraʼs, and her prints were the reproduction of some of her best known expressionist paintings, mostly featuring abstract roses, still lifes and landscapes, without shunning the nude printed on both sides of an A-shaped full dress, or the Mexican touch of earth-toned stripy poncho and sombrero. All boasted easy-wear fabrics, here generously draped, there suggestively snug, suited comfortably for most ages, sizes and shapes, and perfect for summer, whether chilling out on the beach, clubbing until the break of dawn, or strolling the waterfront of any resort à la mode. Again, femininity was the word, as delicate and essential as the roses printed all over outfits, headscarves and tote bags, although Janeʼs lines are more fluid and minimalistic, and tend to extol a contemporary, practical and bohemian woman that would probably go barefoot in them! There was something for the boys too: Isaac Kotlyarevsky presented his collection of tai-

insight magazine

lored limited-edition shirts endorsed by Gareth Gates himself, poster boy for the brand. Some of them were pretty unisex – in fact a bunch was modelled by girls – but mostly were designed for the young new dandy, fan of the preppy, sophisticated look of pastel hues, dainty flower and paisley prints, and contrast detailing on collar and cuffs. On the sidelines, the venue featured a space for local designers to showcase their craftsmanship, from handmade jewellery to a revolutionary anti-ageing treatment that is... gold for the skin. Needless to say, the show attracted the whoʼs who

of local artists, fashionistas, bargainistas, business people and personalities, including the Chief Ministerʼs wife Justine Picardo, recently appointed goodwill ambassador of the World Fashion Organisation.

November 2012


art insight

CARMEN GOMEZ a passion for drama

Looking back across the years, I marvel at and am thankful for, the wealth of experience handed down from generation to generation by people from all continents, who have laid down foundations which have instigated others with a passion for life to build on.


ince most of my life has been dedicated to the arts, acting to be more precise, I have a special penchant for, and interest in, the World of Drama. In the same way as Dance, reflecting manʼs activities and expressing his hopes and fears, has been influenced by geographical, racial, environmental, cultural and historical conditions, so too has the Theatre, bringing about a revolution of ideas, acting practices and great strides in stage design, which have had an impact so strong that they persevere today, leaving us with such a precious legacy in perpetuity. There have been movements, from the early “Romanticism” through to Surrealism and beyond, that have been a huge source of inspiration for generations of artists throughout the ages. One such movement, known as “Constructivism,” was applied to the Moscow theatre of the revolution, where actors climbed about, swung from and walked amongst stages set with ladders, suspended platforms, scaffolding, ramps and other shapes reminiscent of factories and building sites. Years ago, I remember seeing a production of “Sweeney Todd,” the demon barber of Seville, in the West End and realizing how the staging of it had been greatly influenced by the said movement.

Language is said to be the creation of a people living in a particular place with its own climate, history, customs and beliefs. Looking back to the mid-sixties in Gibraltar, I remember with great fondness and pride having had the distinct pleasure of taking part in, and also being a fortunate spectator of, the plays of one of our most illustrious playwrights ever, Elio Cruz. I remember one of his plays in particular, the first production of “La Lola SeVa Pa Londres,” exquisitely written, acted and produced by an ensemble of very giving and talented Gibraltarians, typifying an era of Gibraltarʼs history, not as a farce, but with a poignancy and emotional accuracy of its very colourful characters, very telling and funny too. Different schools of thought have created new trends. In the 1900s, the Austrian, Max Reinhardt, initiated a movement to break down the separation of stage and auditorium. He employed the “apron” stage and other devices to establish intimacy with the audience. In this vein, I remember my first experience with a cafe theatre ambience, at the Croydon Warehouse, when I was invited to perform in one of their Christmas shows, “Don Quixote.” There I was, in one of my various guises, that of the lascivious countess, in my hip-high boots, writhing on the floor in a fit of orgasmic delight, under the gawking gaze of this young couple only inches away from me with their plates of food and poised forks. I can honestly say that this was one of my most challenging experiences. Max Reinhardt also staged his most remarkable experiment “The Miracle” at the Olympia Exhibtion, where the audience became part of the congregation. In England, in the 70s when I was working there, it was not cus-

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tomary for the audience to react to the musical on stage other than by clapping, etc. However, back in 1989 I found myself in my first West End musical, “Buddy Holly,” where the audiences surprised us all by getting up from their seats and dancing in the aisles to the music on stage. This brought an extra dimension to the entire spectacle.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goetheʼs “Faust” served as an inspiration to dramatists, encouraging them to attempt extensive themes. This influence definitely touches upon the work of Isabel Allendeʼs “The House Of The Spirits,” a story which was brought to life in the theatre by the German director Michael Batz. It was a five-hour marathon, extraordinary and soul searching, which had its world premiere at the Shaw Theatre, London, and in which I had the enormous privilege of playing two of its leading characters. I have never truly derived greater pleasure from any other production I have been in, nor have I been so stretched both physically and in my abilities as an actress. A memorable experience, and one when I first argued with a director over nude scenes on stage, but later made them my own.

In my youth, in fact just out of school, I auditioned for an international childrenʼs TV programme “ R o m p e r Room”and was appointed the presenter by the head of Talbot TV at the fledgling Gibraltar Television. In those happy days, amidst a very professional team of people, everything was done live. No second takes, what you see is what you get, warts and all. This proved to be an experience that was hugely exciting at the time and very beneficial to me in later years in my work on TV and Radio. An illustration of this takes me back to the Victoria Palace Theatre in the West End. I was about to make my entrance on stage at the beginning of the second act in Buddy Holly, when suddenly we all heard backstage the most horrendous crash, a crushing and grinding of woodwork and machinery. The curtain was up so I had to go on. At the same time, from the other wing, appeared the actor who played Buddy Holly. You could have heard a pin drop. We both saw to our horror that all the furniture had done a tumble or was broken. I was supposed to open with the lines “So you are Buddy Holly (pause) Sit down.” But there was nowhere to sit, so I simply said, “Boy, you must have had quite a party last night.” The entire audience fell about laughing, realizing that something had gone badly wrong with the mechanization of the scenery change. What consequently happened was that Paul Hipp (the actor) and I ad-libbed for most of the scene, which proved to be one of the funniest ever, and later, he hugged me and said “I canʼt believe we did that, what a pro!”

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November 2012


travel insight


TO (LONDON) TOWN by Fabian Vinet

A Gibraltarian’s Guide to London (Part Six) “Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the….” Sorry? What? Too early for Christmas carols, you say? Well, a certain local supermarket that I wonʼt name (but which rhymes with Norrisons) has been selling Christmas cards since the end of summer, so donʼt you get all judgemental on me, Insight reader! Besides, the season of goodwill is almost upon us and youʼll be misbehaving at office parties, scoffing brussels sprouts and thanking your great aunt Maricela for those lovely Jimmy Saville-themed novelty socks sooner than you can say “Iʼve put on three stones over the holidays” with a mouthful of polvorones.

The fact is that if London is always a great and fascinating capital, whatever the date on the calendar might be, in the run-up to Christmas it becomes even more special and enchanting. In short, itʼs the perfect place to soak up the Christmassy vibes, with or without children. Possibly my only preferred country at this time of the year is Germany, with its gorgeous Christmas markets that simply ooze character. However, thereʼs no need to travel to Berlin or Cologne (or the equally lovely alternatives of Brussels, Prague or Copenhagenʼs Tivoli Gardens) for the ʻChristmas market experienceʼ. Londonʼs South Bank Centre, next to the London Eye (nearest tube station is Waterloo) is host to a beautiful, typical German market from 16th November until Christmas Eve, between the morning and 10 pm. What is already a lively location (and one of my favourite parts of the capital) is made all the more interesting thanks to sixty wooden chalets dotted along Queenʼs Walk There you can purchase unusual Christmas presents, such as amber and silver jewellery, hand-crafted toys, glass ornaments to hang on your trees, candles and so on, while listening to traditional festive music and filling your belly with German sausages, gingerbread hearts and roasted almonds. Oh, and the kids will love the carousel.

Closer to the West End, the gigantic Christmas Tree in Trafalgar Square – a gift to London from the people of Norway – is always worth a visit (unless your first name is Ebeneezer), as is Covent Garden, which in December has a magical feel to it once the glorious sunshine – ahem – makes way to darkness. Having a mince pie and mulled wine while enjoying the Covent Garden street performers is a great way to spend half an hour, and remember the Roadhouse club that I told you about in Part Two of this series of articles? That is jam-packed with office parties every night of the week and boasts an unbeatable atmosphere for cocktails and dancing. If, however, dancing on ice is more your thing, be sure to visit one of the various ice rinks that crop up generally from mid-November till the end of January or thereabouts. Yes, a community the size of Gibraltar is privileged to have a brilliant rink such as the one at Kingʼs Bastion, but in terms of elegance and beautiful surroundings, thereʼs no beating the ice rinks at the Natural History Museum, Canary Wharf or – my personal favourite – the gloriously glamorous Somerset House, literally steps away from Gibraltar House on the Strand. Even if, like me, youʼre to ice skating what One Direction are to Opera or a doner kebab is to a healthy diet, a visit is still highly recommended.

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Thereʼs yet another ice rink (apparently the biggest outdoor one in the whole of the UK) at Winter Wonderland, a suitably yuletide-themed event at Hyde Park. Alight at either Hyde Park Corner, Marble Arch, Knightsbridge or Green Park stations to sample Hyde Park as youʼve never seen it before. From the 23rd of November until January 6th, Winter Wonderland offers seemingly everything, from fairground rides to log fires. Take an atmospheric stroll through this oasis bang in the middle of central London, complete with a giant observation wheel, carousel, helter skelter, haunted house and Angels Market with over 100 wooden chalets offering unique and handmade gifts. Thereʼs a huge variety of scrumptious food on offer: The Bavarian Village has bratwurst sausages and live bands; the Fire Pit is themed around an open fire pit (hence the name!) and offers hot cider, mulled wine and farmhouse grub; and the House of St Nicholas is essentially a collection of charming chalets with a warm welcoming atmosphere and real log fires. If youʼd rather steer clear of the heat and flames, thereʼs always the Magical Ice Kingdom, which is sculpted from 200 tonnes of ice and snow – frozen pathways and an ice forest await! Thereʼs more. Santa Land and Santaʼs Grotto ensure children enjoy rides, games, elves and get to meet Father Christmas himself, while not one but two circuses round things up. The famous and legendary Zippos Circus has jugglers, clowns and aerialists galore, but far more interesting is Cirque Berserk for the evening crowd, complete with daredevil shows and inspired by the dark and twisted fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm. Phew. Thereʼs a lot to Winter Wonderland and itʼs a (winter) wonder I managed to cram that list into a single paragraph. On that note we come to the end of this series of articles on London. Iʼd like to thank Insightʼs editor for the opportunity and especially you the reader for allowing me to tell you a little bit about my favourite city. Next month we begin a seventeen-part series on the marvels of Scunthorpe. Just kidding. Ta-ra.

November 2012


business insight


More than £11,000 has been distributed among five local charities after staff at Barclays in Gibraltar took on an Olympic-themed ʻ500 in 5ʼ challenge. The aim of the Barclays-wide initiative was to raise £50,000 in five days in jurisdictions across Europe. Staff at Barclays in Gibraltar enthusiastically took up the challenge and organised a range of community events with the hope of raising £500. However, thanks to the support and generosity of the community, the initiative actually raised more than £5,000, easily smashing the original target, and then matched by the bankʼs ʻ£4£ʼ scheme. The selected charities - Childline, Breast Cancer Support Gibraltar, The Gibraltar Alzheimerʼs and Dementia Support Group, St John Ambulance Service and Research into Childhood Cancer (RICC) - received a cheque from Barclays recently. Joe Chiara, Commissioner of the St John Ambulance Association, said: “We are going to a new building and so all donations are welcome, and this has come at a good time to help us afford some of the things we need. Thank you.” Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Childline, Connie Attwood, said: “The services we provide to the children, young people and families of Gibraltar are entirely funded from donations and fund-raising events, so we are most grateful to Barclays for choosing to support our charity with their generous donation.” Barclays staff organised a range of fund-raising activities which took place over one week, including an in-branch sponsored cycle, a quiz evening, a race night and a family-fun event. Upon receiving the cheque for the charity, RICC Chairman Craig Sacarello took the opportunity to thank Barclays for their recent fund-raising efforts. He added: “Barclays has long been a keen supporter of our charity and we are extremely grateful for this.” Breast Cancer Support Gibraltar runs support groups and also donates equipment to the GHA. Suzette Martinez, Committee Member for the charity, said: “We appreciate the support we get from local companies as such donations allow us to continue our work. All our money stays local and we put it back into our community. We are blessed in Gibraltar, people are very generous.” The Gibraltar Alzheimerʼs and Dementia Support Group provide patients and caregivers with a forum where they can share their experiences and seek practical advice. Committee member Daphne Alcantara said: “We are extremely grateful for your generous donation and would like to thank Barclays for their support. With donations such as yours, we will continue with activities to help stimulate dementia patientsʼ physical and cognitive skills, as well as raising public and professional understanding and awareness of dementia in Gibraltar.” Speaking of the fundraising initiative, Barclays Counter Manager and event organiser Sarah Hopkins said: “My colleagues and I were amazed at how successful the ʻ500 in 5ʼ event was. We were so pleased that the concept was really embraced and supported by the local community. We could not have done it without them and we are so grateful. We are also very pleased that we have been able to help out five very worthwhile charities and go some way to helping them continue their vital work.”

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November 2012


as I would always regret it, but I did, and he was right!”

Whatʼs the worst advice youʼve ever been given? “At school, when I was choosing my options, my mother advised me to take Chemistry. It was my worst subject and I loathed it with a passion and it meant dropping History, which I loved. Of course, I failed the exam. Cheers, Mum!” What makes you laugh? “Kids do, they say the funniest things… so do Politicians from time to time! I love a bit of satire… In its heyday “Spitting Image” was utterly brilliant! “Fawlty Towers” is pure genius and still makes me laugh. I also loved the series “Friends,” which always had me in stitches.”

ROS ASTENGO PRESENTER WITH RADIO GIBRALTAR Where did you first start your employment? “Ever since I was little, Iʼve wanted to be an actress, but I ended up working in a bank! It was in Knightsbridge - a beautiful part of London. I met my husband there and made some great friends so it turned out to be a very special time in my life, even though I wasnʼt doing what I really wanted.” How would you describe yourself? “My GBC colleague James Neish recently described me as being “Part Dickensian London and part Miercole Loco”… that pretty much sums me up!” Which person has been the biggest influence in your life? “Mmmm... it would have to be my husband because he told me to live my dream. So I quit banking and enrolled at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts. It changed the course of my life and meant I could do what Iʼd always dreamed of doing. How many people really get to do that?”

Whatʼs the best book youʼve ever read? “A difficult question for me, seeing as Iʼve always been a real book-worm. I have read many, many exceptional books – from classics (19th Century is my favourite era) to modern, but possibly the best is “The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde, followed closely by “Wuthering Heights” by Emily Bronte. Another old favourite of mine has to be “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee, which I read at school and was the first book to really enthrall me. More recently, itʼs the beautifully written and deeply moving “A Thousand Splendid Suns” by Khaled Hosseini. I also love anything with a psychopathic killer on the rampage…though Iʼm currently reading the brilliant “New History of the World” by J.R. Roberts…But I could go on and on….”

Whatʼs your favourite record? “Are they still called “records”? Well, there are so many lovely songs Iʼm going to choose one that touches me on a completely subliminal level and that would be “Yesterday” by the Beatles. I had the original 7-inch vinyl record as a kid and used to sing along to it all the time. Itʼs so simple and yet so hauntingly beautiful…. I rarely hear it nowadays but when I do it still gives me goosebumps.” Whatʼs your biggest fear? “Being trapped in a lift with the cast of TOWIE – thatʼs a pretty scary thought!” If you could change something about yourself, what would it be? “My memory, itʼs appalling.”

Have you ever been given advice that you wished you had acted on? “Yes, when I was a kid, my brother advised me not to give up playing the piano

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Whatʼs your greatest ambition? “To star in a film opposite Al Pacino. Maybe “Serpico Returns ” or something like that. Heʼs in his 70s now so I havenʼt got much time left!” Whatʼs the best country youʼve ever visited and why? “Iʼm tempted to say Australia, which I absolutely loved, but I will go for Italy, where I have my roots. It holds a very special place in my heart. In fact, the British poet Robert Browning wrote a poem about Italy and it ended with the beautiful words “Open my heart and you will see, Graved inside of it “Italy”.” Thatʼs how I feel!” What is your idea of perfect happiness? “Living in a friendlier, kinder, cleaner world... chilling out with my family and friends… eating great food and sipping fine wine… that kind of thing...”

Have you had any embarrassing moments? “Yes, loads! Hereʼs but one moment: I have a habit of putting my foot in my mouth. Once, I was visiting a friend, and she proudly pointed out a portrait painting hanging on the wall which her boyfriend had done. I said “Oh, I know who that is, itʼs Medusa isnʼt it?” Her face fell, and she told me it was in fact… herself! I apologized and said I only thought it was Medusa because it looked like she had snakes comPhoto by Leo Hayes ing out of her head. She explained politely that she was having a bad hair day at the time. Shovel, hole, dig...”

Which word or phrases do you most overuse? “LOL and OMG.”

Do you have any regrets? “I have a few sporting ones. I stupidly passed up the chance to see the brilliant World Cup quarter final match between England v Cameroon in Italia ʻ90… I still kick myself over that one…. I also regret never having gone to watch John McEnroe play at Wimbledon. The Borg-McEnroe-Connors era was the most exhilarating period in the history of Tennis.” What keeps you awake at night? “My husbandʼs snoring and the occasional bout of insomnia.”

Whatʼs the best experience youʼve had in life so far? “Becoming a mother to my three sons, without a doubt! But apart from that, probably the best experience of my life was the year I lived in Mallorca with my husband when we were first married. That was awesome! But I am lucky to have had many wonderful moments...”

If you didnʼt live where you are currently located where would you like to live (money no object). “Another tough question! Probably somewhere in Northern Europe or Alaska where I can look out my window at night and watch natureʼs spectacular light display. Nothing in this world could possibly be more beautiful...”

November 2012


health & wellbeing insight




On 1st October 2012, the Smoke Free Environment Act 2012 banned smoking in enclosed public places in Gibraltar. The ban does not apply to nicotine (optional) inhalers, commonly referred to as electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. These devices provide the satisfaction of nicotine while producing a water vapour that is exhaled, much like the smoke of a traditional cigarette.

he use of electronic cigarettes has become more prevalent now that the smoking ban prevents the use of traditional cigarettes in Gibraltarʼs bars and restaurants. The smoking ban only applies to the combustion of tobacco, which generates some 5000 known toxins and poisons as well as 80 carcinogens, tar and carbon dioxide in the form of first- and second-hand smoke. Electronic cigarettes, on the other hand, do not contain tobacco, nor is there any combustion involved, nor is second-hand smoke produced from their operation. Electronic cigarettes can therefore be used almost anywhere smoking is legally prohibited, which is only one of their many advantages. With new technologies comes transition and change, which here includes the risk that the use of electronic cigarettes may upset non-smokers as the water vapour may be confused with tobacco smoke. We spoke to Mark Williams, Managing Director of Total Electronic Cigarettes (, a Gibraltar-based electronic cigarette company, as to the etiquette of using their products. ʻIn a bar or restaurant I would normally suggest simply making a member of staff or the The TC BigCig nicotine inhaler produces a vapour similar in appearance to smoke. manager aware that you are only using an electronic cigarette and perwell in that the TC BigCig promotes a cleaner alternative to smoking cigarettes whilst haps as well the table in close proximity, before exhaling vapour clouds. If creating a more inviting and relaxing environment for employees, as well as less used responsibly, as you are only exhaling an odourless water vapour, there time away from their desks. A recent study in the UK indicated that the accumuis very little to object to. Additionally, using an electronic cigarette that is diflated smoke breaks by a pack a day smoker can total an incredible five weeks away ferent in appearance from a traditional cigarette will help to minimize confufrom the desk per year. A big change is upon Gibraltarʼs smoking population, and sion for staff and fellow patrons.ʼ Electronic smoking was introduced to as with all new technology and change there will be a few small hurdles for ʻnonEurope approximately six years ago, and now with more than 3,000,000 vapersʼ to get used to. Electronic cigarettes are to cigarettes as soya milk is to cowʼs users estimated worldwide, including movie stars and actors such as Kathermilk – they are fundamentally different. With the Governmentʼs implementation of ine Heigl, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Moss and Lindsay Lohan, we are sure a generally smoke-free environment now in place, it is to be hoped that the policy to see more in Gibraltar. Mark reports a marked increase recently in their will not only stop smoking in public places but also provide a catalyst for smokers TC BigCig electronic cigarette sales due to the smoking ban and the high to either quit or take up a cleaner alternative. performance of this product. Employers and managers see the benefits as



of hard times, in getting people to realise what the charity means and what the illness is… When I woke up this morning and saw it was raining, I thought it might be a blue day for some but it has turned out to be purple for everyoneʼʼ

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Gibraltar was officially inaugurated by our Chief Minister, Fabian Picardo in what was a very well-attended party; with the attendees including The Hon. John Cortes, The Hon. Samantha Sacramento, The Hon. Paul Balban and Opposition Minister Isobel Ellul-Hammond amongst other friends, family, medical professionals and the local press.

The Chief Minister wore a purple tie in support of the charity and stated: ʻʼ A charity like Cystic Fibrosis is a welcomed step in the right direction, it is something that the Government wants to support and we want to show our support by having an important contingent of Ministers here tonight to display visually how much we support that Rosie is putting in to this, and that Winston is helping her with.ʼʼ He then went on to say: ʻʼ I know you have already been through a lot

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Log on to our website at /media/photo-gallery or scan this QR code to view more photographs relating to this feature.

We would like to thank everyone who attended, donated to and supported the CFFG on what was a very important night for us. We hope to have enlightened a part of the community about CF, and we will strive to raise awareness in the whole community about this illness; as the Chief Minister said: ʻʼyou can count on our support whether it is today to launch the charity or in the harder work that will comeʼʼ

-Contact details: Tel: 54008614 Email: Facebook: Twitter: CFFGIB1

November 2012





Unit 20B, Grand Casemates

Tel: 200 47800 Fax: 200 47801


HSA Registered

health & wellbeing insight

ADVANCED KNEE PAIN RELIEF NOW AVAILABLE The Chiropractic Health Clinic is offering a Deep Tissue Therapy Laser that is safe and painless and FDA approved.

It is currently used by major football baseball teams in the U.S.A. to keep players on the pitch. Drug-free pain relief is the goal for individuals suffering from acute or chronic knee pain. Now the Chiropractic hHalth Clinic can offer you a non-surgical option that truly has the power to eliminate or significantly reduce your pain.

A short course of treatment with this powerful laser is all it takes to realise life-changing results. The Deep Tissue Therapy Lasers work by flooding the tissues with photons, energizing the damaged cells and increasing circulation to the painful area. This produces a cascade of healing responses in your body, reducing inflammation, thereby reducing or even eliminating your pain. Treatments take only 10 minutes; however, the therapeutic effect continues to soothe and heal long after you leave the clinic. So if you are suffering with chronic knee pain and want to be pain-free, but surgery and drugs are not the answer, the Clinic is offering a free demonstration during the month of November , on presentation of the voucher on the opposite page. Call Catherine Crump on (00350) 200 44610 and take the first step to being pain-free today.

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November 2012



Saturday, September 22nd was a great night for the Spanish Stray Dogs team at their fund-raising gala dinner.

at the Los Barrios Municipal Dog Pound, where currently 177 dogs are living in cramped conditions suitable for around 50. SSD acts as a fund-raising arm to the kennels and assists in rehoming their dogs all over the world. As well as raising much-needed funds, the team are hoping the awareness of their work has reached a new target audience, and look forward to welcoming new volunteers, foster carers and potential new owners. They plan to hold this yearʼs Christmas Fayre on December 2nd, so please come and support them during the festive season. For further information about the work of Spanish Stray Dogs and the dogs currently available at Los Barrios, you can log on to Facebook and ʻlikeʼ their page, or email tanyawright@spanish-

People in and around the Sotogrande area dined under the stars with a fantastic 3-course meal at La Canada golf club, whilst enjoying the wonderful entertainment provided by the incredibly talented Lola Boys. A host of exceptional auction and raffle prizes, including the very exclusive VIP X-Factor semi-final tickets, ensured that the grand total raised was a staggering €11,000! This fantastic total was beyond any expectations of the Stray Dogs team, and Amee Townsend, the founder of Spanish Stray Dogs, had this to say: “We are absolutely taken aback by the generosity of the people this evening, especially given the current economic climate, which has added to the growing problem of stray and abandoned animals everywhere. Thanks to this wonderful total, we will be able to improve the living conditions of the Los Barrios dogs by building more kennels and ensuring they have the best possible life whilst under our care.” New kennels are desperately needed



Dynamic duo Mary Chappe and Sam Benady are back with another instalment of their historical novels about shipsʼ chandler and amateur detective Giovanni Bresciano. Published by Two Pillars Press with cover art by Uruguayan painter Nestor Plada, The Princeʼs Lady will be launched at the Garrison Library on Tuesday, November 6th. It is set in 1791, in critical times for members of the French aristocracy fleeing the Revolutionʼs aftermath, and revolves around Prince Edward, son of King George III, who is serving in Gibraltar, where he lives with his mistress, Lady Julie, a French Baroness. One day, she vanishes from their Campo finca. Has she suffered a riding accident? Has she returned to her ex-husband or her former lover? Or is she held to ransom by the Bandoleros who infest the mountains? Two years in the making, this is a true treat for Bresciano fans with its witty mix of historical facts and fast-paced fiction, mystery and romance. While following the development of familiar charactersʼ private lives, Sam and Mary introduce new ones, including a... mulish mule. One source for sketching the Princeʼs character was Gibraltarʼs Royal Governor by Dorothy Ellicott, but they extensively researched his historical figure and legacy before depicting him as ʻnice but stuffyʼ. Was Conan Doyle ever tired of Sherlock Holmes? asks Sam, a Conan Doyle aficionado, who actually wrote a short novel about Sherlock in Gibraltar. Nor are they of Bresciano, so that the fifth episode is already in the pipeline for next year, with the working title The Devilʼs Tongue.

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November 2012



Elka Salmon is a gemmologist and goldsmith with The Jewel Box, the family business run by her mother Rosana Olivares, whose flagship store sits in the middle of Main Street, just a block from the House of Parliament.


s a qualified goldsmith, Elka can make bespoke jewellery based on her designs or the customerʼs. Unfortunately, nowadays handmade isnʼt cost-effective, so she limits herself to designing the elaborate artistic pieces that are mounted in Italy for the shop. As a jewellery historian, when she visits museums or art galleries, she always focuses on any item the portrayed people may wear. Since vintage is always in fashion, Renaissance and Baroque art often inspires her sketches, even if she modernises it to adapt it to taste or practical factors such as size, weight or labour intensity. Vintage and contemporary are two separate markets, with two very different evaluation criteria: focusing on the intricacy of design and artisanship the first, on gem size and purity the second, where gold plays just a supporting role. Elka studied jewellery design and manufacture at the Kent Institute of Art and Design as well as gemmology, specialising in diamonds, at the GAGTL in London, and at the IGI Laboratory in Antwerp, one of the worldʼs capitals of this precious permutation of carbon, and furthered her studies in Malaga with valuation courses. So she can work closely with insurance companies to appraise the ʻfamily jewels.ʼ The single item most likely to be lost damaged or stolen is the ʻrockʼ on your finger, she says, probably the most valuable piece of jewellery you possess, as well as the one you wear the most. Elka is very ʻconservativeʼ in her grading: she adheres to American G.I.A., and Antwerpʼs I.G.I. and H.R.D. standards, to guarantee the best and fairest grade possible, without going as far as removing the stone from its setting to have it scientifically graded in a lab. She encourages her customers to appreciate for themselves through a special magnifier the eventual presence and size of inclusions. The value of any dia-

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mond depends solely on the combination of the four Cs (cut, colour, clarity and carat-weight), so that stones of the same size and apparent fire may in practice command a very different number of zeros on the cheque. The potential diamond investor is warned always to make sure whether theyʼre buying treated or colour-enhanced stones, which must by law be specified in the attached certificate. Elka attended her first Diamond Bourse at the green age of nineteen, and sheʼs been travelling to Antwerp or Basel or Vicenza ever since, to personally shop for the diamonds The Jewel Box can boast of in its wide selection of engagement, anniversary or eternity rings. She is very passionate about her diamonds: when she talks about them her eyes sparkle just like one! Yet, she admits not to be an expert in coloured stones, because parameters shift for heat-treated sapphires, emeralds and rubies. Elka always finds some free time for baking and decorating the cakes that her seven-old year son designs, somehow following his mumʼs footsteps. She loves dancing, gardening and the hiking the great outdoors as well: after all, she is as multifaceted and as brilliant as her best friends.

November 2012


FREE WI-FI Hotspots in Gibraltar:

Angry Friar, The - 278 Main Street, opposite the Convent. Bruno’s - Ocean Village Cannon Bar, The - Behind the Cathedral of St Mary the Crowned, on Bishop Rapallo Ramp. Celebrity Wine Bar - Ocean Village Clipper, The - On Irish Town, near Tuckey’s Lane. Ask bartender for password. Corner Cafe, The - 1 Engineer Lane. Corks Wine Bar - 79 Irish Town. WEP key is written on a chalkboard above the bar. Fresh - 5 Waterport Plaza Gibraltar Arms, The - 184 Main Street Gibraltar Chamber of Commerce - Casemates Square. Free access for GCC members only House of Sacarello, The - Irish Town Just Desserts, 1st Floor ICC Centre King’s Bastion Leisure Centre Lord Nelson, The - 10 Casemates Square Marina Bay (operated by Yacht Connect) Morrisons Customer Cafe - Morrisons Supermarket, Westside O’Reilly’s Irish Pub - Ocean Village Pickwicks - Governor’s Parade Queensway Quay Marina (operated by Yacht Connect) Royal Calpe, The - 176 Main Street Savannah Lounge - Ocean Village Free Wi-Fi- Hotspots provided by Sapphire Networks:

All’s Well - Casemates Square Atlantic Suites Health Club – Europort, Building 5, Unit 1, Europort Avenue Café Solo – 3 Casemates Square Gatsby’s Eating House – 1-3 Watergardens 1 Maharaja – Town Centre, 5 Tuckey’s Lane Maharaja – 17B Ragged Staff Wharf, Queensway Quay Mediterranean Rowing Club – 4 Europort Road Royal Gibraltar Yacht Club – 26 Queensway Solo Bar and Grill – Unit 15, 4 Eurotowers, Europort Avenue Solo Express – G4 Ground Floor, ICC, 2A Main Street Information supplied courtesy of social media experts, workITgibraltar. insight magazine

November 2012


Out & About on the ROCK

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A school reunion class of 1963 Grammar school was recently celebrated at la Parilla Restaurant in watergardens and proved a graet success. Photo by Nicky Sanchez.

Left: Louise and Zoe at their newly opened gift shop, All Wrapped Up, which is located at 23 Irish Town. They have the ideal gift for everyone - and if you mention their advert that appears on page 34 of this month始s Insight - you始ll get a 10% Discount! Below left and right: Minister for Culture Steven Linares is shown presenting cheques totalling 拢8700 to representatives of local charities that usually help out on National Day

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November 2012


14 HOUR TREADMILL/SPINNING MARATHON RAISES £4910 FOR SIERRA LEONE SCHOOLS The 14-hour treadmill and spinning marathon held on September 29th outside Morrisons store by the Association for Kids in Need (AKIN) Sierra Leone team was a huge success. There were a total of 84 half-hour slots available, and 80 participants each took it in turns to run on the treadmills or spin on the bike provided. The event was a sellout! A special mention for Jaiden Bartolo, who was the yougest treadmill runner at 6 years old, and his brother Kai, who helped with the buckets. Also on hand to help with the fund-raising were 6-year-old Eddy Vargas and sister Sophie Bruzon, who was the youngest team member at 4 years old! The total raised was an incredible £4910, and part of this money will go towards providing a water well for Kabala Amputee Camp Primary School. Having a clean source of water will transform the lives of the community at Kabala. Anyone wishing to support AKIN Sierra Leone can contact Jimmy Bruzon on, telephone 57631000 after 6 pm, or visit the projectʼs Facebook page, “Akin SierraLeone Jimmy Bruzon” or the website,

FIRST ‘THINKING GREEN’ SEMINAR JUDGED GREAT SUCCESS Former Vice President of the United States of America, Al Gore, was the keynote speaker at the recent Thinking Green Conference and Exhibition, held at the Tercentenary Hall on Bayside Road on October 21st. Other speakers at the conference were Juan Verde, an advocate of green technology and advisor to current USA President Barack Obama on sustainability-related issues, and our own Dr John Cortes, Government Minister with responsibility for the environment, whose dedication to a clean and healthy environment was well known even before he took up his current post after December 2011ʼs election. In addition to the seminar at which the three men spoke, there was also a Trade Fair taking place in parallel. This was open to the public and showcased both local and international businesses concerned with recycling and sustainable energy use. Mr Goreʼs message was that the

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Photos by Amanda Leeming

November 2012

earth has been hit hard by increasing temperatures, with extreme hot temperatures affecting much more of the earth than formerly, and raised marine heating causing increased precipitation and increased water vapour. Mr Gore believes that the climate crisis is endangering increasing numbers of people, especially those living in proximity to the sea. He took questions from members of the audience at the end of his speech. Fellow speaker Juan Verde told the audience that the earthʼs energy needs are fast outstripping the energy-generating capacity currently available and that the use and development of green technology is essential to help counter the dangers of climate change. He stressed that technical innovation is essential and that it will increase competitiveness and help bring energy prices down. The Trade Fair also saw a steady stream of people visiting to learn more about the environment and its care.


Four generations of the family.

6-month-old Sinead loves her mummy and daddy.

Aidan and Jaythan with their mummys.

Lexie enjoying cuddles with Granny.

Aya trying out her new wheels. .

Liam, aka ‘the fish.’

Kyle and Julian enjoying some watermelon at the beach.

Twins Sophie and Megan with their godparents at their christening.

Beautiful Liana (Baby of the Year 2011).

Lucia on her 1st birthday, with her favourite aunty.

Rhys taking his tug boat for a walk.

(Mar 21 - Apr 20) This month welcomes you to a period of choosing how you want to see your life moving forward, Aries. It is up to you to write the script. (For your in-depth weekly Horoscope call 8909) (Apr 21 - May 21) If you feel you need a break, Taurus, then take the bull by the horns and go for it! Ignore what others say . . . it is a good move. (For your in-depth weekly Horoscope call 8910) (May 22 - Jun 22) Life takes an interesting turn this month, Gemini, when you make an unexpected contact with someone who echoes your deepest dreams. (For your in-depth weekly Horoscope call 8911) (Jun 23 - Jul 22) You始ll find yourself initiating some long-term changes this month, Cancer. This is good . . . . . stick to the messages from your heart and you won始t go wrong. (For your in-depth weekly Horoscope call 8912) (Jul 23 - Aug 23) Your usual persuasive manner may not be very effective this month, Leo. Take some time to trust that there is a better way forward - from the heart. (For your in-depth weekly Horoscope call 8913) (Aug 24 - Sep 23) Something or someone brings out the romantic in you this month, Virgo. Perhaps the Universe is trying to tell you something and you must listen! (For your in-depth weekly Horoscope call 8914) (Sep 24 - Oct 23) This month brings you a time of happiness and contentment with your family, Libra. Enjoy it to the full and give everyone a special moment in time. (For your in-depth weekly Horoscope call 8915) (Oct 24 - Nov 22) You seem to get everything your own way this month, Scorpio. But keep that ego under control because nothing lasts forever. (For your in-depth weekly Horoscope call 8916) (Nov 23 - Dec 21) Some exercise would do you the world of good right now, Sagittarius. So, if you are feeling a bit tired and sluggish this could be your answer. (For your in-depth weekly Horoscope call 8917) (Dec 22 - Jan 20) You始ll need to make an extra effort yourself if you want things to run smoothly this week, Capricorn. But you can do it . . . . take a deep breath. (For your in-depth weekly Horoscope call 8918) (Jan 21 - Feb 19) News from afar brings back memories and happiness this month, Aquarius. Trips like this, down memory lane, are good for the soul. (For your in-depth weekly Horoscope call 8919) (Feb 20 - Mar 20) You may feel free to indulge yourself this month, Pisces . . . good food . . . . good wine . . . good company. What more can you ask for! (For your in-depth weekly Horoscope call 8920)

TEL: (0034) 666 956 502 For Private Readings

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November 2012


Just Married

on the Rock

Louise and Neil, married on 28th July 2012. Photo by John Green.

Shereen and Joseph, married on 25th August 2012. Photo by John Green.

Chloe and Chris, married on 11th August 2012. Photo by John Green.

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November 2012


Just Married

on the Rock

Mr & Mrs Casey, married on 3rd September 2012. Photo by Luis Photos.

Kaylianne and Nicholas, married on 24th September 2012. Photo by Luis Photos.

Brenda and Roy, married on 4th October 2012. Photo by Luis Photos.

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November 2012


Just Married

on the Rock


Jennifer Keany and Aidan Rose, married on 3rd August 2012. Photo by Nicky Sanchez. Elaine Davis and Sean Mascarenhas, married on 8th September 2012. Photo by Nicky Sanchez.

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November 2012


art & entertainment insight



by Elena Scialtiel

It all started by fluke when he needed a second play for last Marchʼs Drama Festival, to make it worth moving the whole adjudicating panel from Inceʼs Hall to Bayside Drama Studio for just one night, but Bayside Comprehensive Head of Drama Julian Feliceʼs original script, Mary Jane of Whitechapel, became an instant success beyond expectations.


t first won the top accolade, then it went on to scoop second place at the Kent Youth Drama Festival, and finally it got Julian an editorial contract with Eldridge (, the American publishing house that specialises in scripts geared for youth drama groups. And even if heʼs not expecting his coffers to go ka-ching! with royalties any time soon, Julian is proud that his work will potentially be performed in high schools and amateur theatres across America, where Jack the Ripperʼs story has captured the imagination of an entire century and spun off countless romanticised movie adaptations. On the contrary, in this play the story is just dramatised, yet it sticks quite realistically to the factual account of Jack the Ripperʼs last and most thoroughly gruesome murder in 1888, which led to many heads rolling from very high places, as well as Queen Victoriaʼs direct intervention, and contributed to change the face of Victorian London as the Victorians knew it. Here, Mary Jane is portrayed for what she was: a low-class harlot, whose unarguable beauty had withered, tainted with her scruffy lifestyle, and who exercised her profession in a squalid room, the very same where she encountered her ghastly death by the hand of Jack the Ripper. The play has two principal characters, the title role and the police inspector, supported by the ensemble of ten choral roles, which set the mood and transport the audience to Victorian London. It includes projections of the original photos - no matter how grainy or how explicit - the police took at the scene, shown to the audience during the Inspectorʼs final speech, to better illustrate the sheer scale of the shock these murders must have provoked and to get the audience to empathise with it. This is to support the playʼs educational value in presenting students

insight magazine

with facts, and nothing but the facts, to help them draft their own judgement in telling apart history from fiction or legend. Julian doesnʼt point fingers at any suspect or expose and support any theory about why Mary Janeʼs murderʼs gory modalities strayed from the serial killer routine. Nor does he try to explain whether she really was ʻthe best saved for lastʼ: he just stages the little known elements about her short and tragic life, pieced together from police evidence and witness statements in a book Julian had read before putting pen to paper. However, heʼs already writing away for the next Drama Festival, where we should expect a couple of pleasant surprises from his students, the Bayside & Westside Drama Group, which he describes as a bunch of good responsible, punctual and committed kids he is very proud of. And if they donʼt repeat last year blast, theyʼre prepared to graciously bow and accept the adjudicatorʼs decision, because after all the fun is in participating – and cherishing the experience.

November 2012


property insight


WHITE by Jane Hart of Denville Designs

Its that time of year again. Jane and Meme from Denville Designs have just come back from an amazing and interesting design week in London , to bring back to Gibraltar the season始s latest trends and fashion for your homes. They found that most of the designers are still using the natural colour pallets, with Dulux Paint launching their 50 shades of white collection! Helping Interior designers to make this an easy route to follow, so interesting to use many shades of white in a room. Textures are still very a popular choice to use in every room of the house, especially when only using white, mixing in big bold colours on a cushion or with a piece of wall art. With natural colours still dominating the world of interiors, we have also found that animal prints and metallic leather effects are coming back - snake skin and leopard prints but in shades of grey and black. Osborne and Little have an amazing range of these in fabrics and wallpapers; by using these you can add texture to the room Meme mentioned that the show was dominated by lighting, from led wallpaper to sculpture lamps Designers are still staying green. A lot of natural lighting is also used in projects; this is a reflection of the recession and the need to cut down on electricity bills and make our homes greener. This is the advantage of working with a good team of interior designers and architects to help achieve a stylish, comfortable but practical design for the home. Talking about saving money, it was nice to see that once again buying really good quality pieces of furniture will save you money and stress in the long run. Despite lean times, it was a pleasant surprise to see a huge array of energetic designs at the show This season it始s all about interior design that promotes the Earth and ecology. Natural fabrics which give your room a warmth and comfort are ideal for this. Think mixed wood tones, terracotta, cotton and wool. Not only are they right on trend, they始re warm and comfy too. Changing what you have on your walls is the easiest way to move with the trends. Framed architectural prints have been a big hit this year; whereas fabric art creates a feeling of warmth and can be used to give a room a quick update. Retro chic still remains top of the trend list when it comes to accessories, with the 40s and 50s still having a huge impact on fashion. When choosing your accessories, it始s important not to go overboard, but to keep it simple. For more ideas and the latest in interior fashion, come and see us at Denville Designs.

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November 2012




Refrigeration Engineers Established 1972

Supply, Servicing & Repair of Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Equipment. Installation of Freezer Cold-Rooms & Air-Conditioning. Agents for: CORBERO - COMERSA - SERVEMATIC - FUJITSU

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For a university student, a student lodging or apartment serves as a home away from home and is the location of many memories. No one wants a second home that looks like a prison cell, with cinderblock walls and dismal lighting. University students are usually on a budget, but there are ways to spruce up your place without getting stuck in a financial mess. According to industry designers, this year始s colour trends are funky, bright and lively. Colour schemes such as magenta and lime green or saffron and blue form a young retro look. Tri-colour themes like white/chocolate brown/lime green and black/white/stainless steel or gray are also popping up. A sleek minimalist look can also be creat-

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ed through creamy earth tones. One main tip to remember is that you should communicate with your flatmate when planning a design for shared rooms. A coordinated effort will create a beautiful room that both of you can enjoy. Most students are not allowed to paint their walls, but there are numerous ways to make a room exciting without the use of paint. If you want to go for a whole wall colour minus the paint, you can put fabric on walls with liquid fabric starch for a unique look - this can be removed easily and reused. Another way to attach fabric to the wall is to use tacks or rods.

If that doesn始t appeal to you, try posters to add spice to your room. It始s all about what your interests are, so if you like music, hang up some vintage rock posters or even old music records. When buying posters, it始s usually better to stick to one large print than several different posters, which may look cluttered and disorganized. To make your own wall art without it being costly (as some posters can be expensive), put your camera to good use. If you own a camera, even if you are an amateur photographer, snap some shots of your family, friends, scenery, or whatever else appeals to you, maybe adding a stylish frame in chrome or black.

Having a plethora of pictures on the wall will create a unique gallery effect. Grouping several pictures or making a collage are great ways to spruce up those tired white walls. You could buy plexi-glass fitted to the size of your desk and place pictures and artwork underneath. Pictures of friends and family are not only great artwork but also remind you of home. Design doesn始t just stop with your walls. The one item you will be using most in your room will most likely be your bed. Your bed can serve as the focal point, and with the right quilt covers you can add great colour, style and comfort to your room. The bed often doubles as a table, couch, or study area and is the largest piece of furniture in most bedrooms, so it is key to choose covers that reflect your style. Your bedding should not be just a drab set of sheets that blend into the background. (continued on page 73)

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(continued from page 71) Pick out a vibrant set that pops with colour and adds great style. Stores such as Ikea and Primark offer great quilt sets and usually have accessories that match. Don始t forget your floors either - a stylish accent rug can add a great punch to a room.

Since space in student flats is usually limited, try to find items that either have double functions or can maximize your storage space, such as a storage trunk which can also serve as a side table. Invest in wardrobe and drawer organizers to get the most out of the little storage space you始ll have. Under-bed drawers can give you additional storage space. Of course, milk crates never go out of style, but for an updated look, buy silver mesh cubes for a sleek finish. Use common sense when decorating since space is a limitation. Working out what is not necessary will reduce a cluttered appearance, visually maximizing your space.

There are also other ways to make your room look better that are also quite simple. A room can look much larger through proper lighting and mirrors. Pick lighting that is functional yet stylish. Tall standing lamps are usually good at providing an entire room with ample light for reading, whereas the harsh florescent lights that usually come with the room are unflattering and provide minimum lighting. Using mirrors makes a small space appear larger. Whether you prop a full length mirror against a wall or you use cut mirrors to make an arrangement on your wall, the room will look larger. Just make sure to hang mirrors opposite something attractive, like a poster or window - the last thing you want is your chipped wooden desk to be reflected. What is most important when decorating your student flat or apartment is to reflect your personal style. Your room should be comfortable and stylish - at least this way you won始t feel as bad when studying for that three-hour organic chemistry final!

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