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Medicine my Religion. Patient my God.


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Prof. Subrat Kumar Acharya President - AIIMS, Bhubaneswar

Prof. Dr Gitanjali Batmanabane Director

MBBS Toppers 2019 Batch

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GOPARAJU SHASHINATH Anatomy, Physiology & Overall Topper

SOHAN DINDA Biochemistry Topper

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MEDHA MENON Pharmacology, Pathology & Overall Topper

PAVULURI SAI SWETHA Microbiology Topper


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RITESH MISHRA Surgery Topper


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Shada Saheed

Apart from his dedication towards the magazine, his perseverance and constant nudging is what kept everyone on track. (Tip-Do not provoke him to enter his multilingual zone-they aren't even humans')


When it came to hunt someone especially gifted with the quill, and a flair for writing, there was practically no thinking twice: she's there, always ready with an idea or two up her sleeve.

She, along with an army of Grammar Nazis made sure that the magazine contains no errors whatsoever. Even if that meant going over the same thing scores of times.

Sebi Shajan

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Make way for the self-proclaimed weirdo. His relentless quest for perfection with brushes and pencils makes him the go-to person for matters of art, and an authority on the art of how not to make something an eyesore.

Ashutosh Panda "What bro? Am I supposed to work!?" His slap-happy penchant for trouble making and his honorary doctorate in meme-onomics adds the much-needed condiments of humour and giggles to the magazine.

Regardless of the situation we end ourselves in, this guy has a quirky solution to get us out of it. Everytime.

Siddarth Brindavanam

Aadarsh Shrivastava Well, he is the guy with the indispensably fearsome wrath that keeps the rest of us in line. An incredibly responsible fella, he someday seeks to ask CorelDRAW out for a perfect evening.

He can make a hundred phone calls if that's what it takes to get the job done. His wide reach and stupendous range of activity made him an omnipresent entity in magazine making.

Hari Prakash K J The computer wizard. He has a sixth sense for aesthetics, and a seventh one for the graphic hocus-pocus that made the magazine pleasing to the look at.


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I’m here, within; dark, warm Someone important, I feel, Screaming her lungs out The most awkward of positions I am in Gotta get out. The murmur amidst the tension grows, louder, heart breaking I’m new to this, but pain I could feel in their voices “We gotta be gentle! We gotta be quick! We can’t lose him!” An almost vain effort, to bring me out Her cries grew shrill, her agony cutting through my chest, And the others, I presume My body feels weak, I’m scared, help... I’m almost slipping out, the cold against my skin The most tender of hands, hold me, I think he’s here to help me out I can’t breathe no more, my feeble heart, failing I’m there, but I don’t feel the cold no more I think... My body won’t move again; Her cry now heartbreaking I can see it all now People of many a kind, trees nearby, the golden sky “Hi mom, I’m out.” The prettiest, lovingest lady, on her knees, hysterical The dark, suffocating ditch, smaller than I had felt The officers, in sombre uniform, lay me down, Beside her shattered existence. “Mommy, I won’t go back in! I’ll be a good boy! I’ll be with you always; A lil’ far, but out.”

Sebi Shajan MBBS 2019


कोई है

कोई है जसका म ख़ुद से

ू े पर भी जसक वजह से दल टटन

भीड़ म हाथ थामता ँ


क उस श

ऐ मेरी जान, म तुझे खुद से

ार पर ऐतबार रखता ँ ,

को खोने से डरता ँ ार करता ँ


पकाती है थोड़ा पर उसक बात अ अनजाने म क

ाल रखता ँ ,

ी सी लगती ह

ई उसक ग़ल तयाँ भी अ

ठ जाता ँ जब, उसक मनाने के अदाएं भी अ

और जब ख़ुद

ठ जाती है मुझस,े तो एकदम अ

उसक छोटी-बड़ी

वो मेरी

नया बन मेरी

ी सी लगती ह ी सी लगती ह

ी सी लगती है

ा हश पूरी करने लगा ँ

नया सँवार दे, बस यही फ़ रयाद करने लगा ँ ,

उसक जीत को अपनी जीत और उसक हार को अपनी हार मानने लगा ँ ादा समझने लगा ँ …

लगता है म उसे उससे हाँ एक श

उसक एक छ व दल म संजोए रखता ँ , है जसका म ख़ुद से


राज कशोर बेहेरा MBBS 2019


ाल रखने लगा ँ …

Vellichor - A letter to my mother, who is all things safe and familiar My sweet vellichor, my strong vellichor My heart yearns to live When there were no spaces between stars My kind vellichor, my keen vellichor My skin stretches to limits As I reach for wishes etched on meteors My patient vellichor, my pure vellichor My eyes tire of searching For light to filter through my storm My tenacious vellichor, my tender vellichor My hands have start to tremble From holding myself away from harm But I’ll come home vellichor, be safe vellichor, and lay my head on your lap As I count the gaps between each finger And I’m happy vellichor, cared for vellichor as I let myself smile unguarded For you don’t let my bad thoughts linger Medha Menon MBBS 2017


एम.बी.बी.एस. थम वष के वषय तीन फ ट इयर मिेडकल के पाठय ् मम वैसे तो कहने को िवषय है के वल तीन लेिकन आए िदन कर रहे ह हमारे ढ़ आ मिव ास को बरीु तरह ीण बारी-बारी से ये तीन िवषय हमारा बड बजा रहे ह कभी क े डास, ं कभी भागड़ा ं तो कभी क थक करा रहे ह पढ़-पढ़ कर ोस एनोटोमी हालत हो गई है ऐसी जैसे होते है धोबी घाट के टॉमी ओि टओ, िह टो और एं ायो क तो बात ही िनराली है िदन-रात पढ़ने के बाद भी टीचस वाइवा के समय कहते तेरी खोपड़ी तो एकदम ही खाली है अब आपसे डीसे शन का हाल या कहे कछ ु भी तो िछपा नह है पिछये ू मत इसम तो और हाल बराु है थामते धमनी को और बताते िशरा है िफिजयो के बारे म हमसे तो कछ ु नह कहना य िक हम तो लगती है ये एनोटोमी क ही कोई छोटी बहना तीसरा िवषय तो कहर बरसा रहा है िबना सोचे समझे ही जो साइकल पर साइकल रटवा रहा है जी हाँ िबलकल ु ठीक समझे बात चल रही है बायोके िम ी क जो खदु मे ही है एक अलग िम ी बन न जाए पढ़ते-पढ़ते हम कोई िह ी

मनीष तायवाड़े (मानव अ ानी) सहायक ा यापक (सामदाियक िचिक सा और प रवार िचिक सा िवभाग) ु 5

Letter to 16 Years old Me Right now you are 16 years old, young, enthusiastic, working hard to live your dream of wearing that white coat which will protect you from heat, cold, sweat, rain for lifetime. e mere thought of holding that stethoscope and walking must be giving butterflies in your tummy. You are waiting eagerly to add Dr. in front of your name. So here I am giving you the insights of my journey. Just after the results you will be joining a medical college, which is no less than the army training or even more because it’ll drain you emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually or let’s say in Toto. e syllabus is so vast that in no way you can complete it, but don’t worry, in exams the teachers will always know what isn’t given in the book and you will be asked the same. In real life, the situation is even worse, you will be surprised to know that fever can be typhoid, dengue, malaria, TB, meningitis and hundred more differentials, but don’t you worry; no two meningitis or no two TB patients will present in the same way. To add to it, the relatives and the patient will not be able to afford the investigations, so there is no way you can know the diagnosis but you have to treat because you are supposed to do that. ere is no scope of mistake, there is no question of- I don’t know this. If you don’t treat, you are incompetent, but tell me, an 89 year old male patient, chronic smoker for 29 years, alcoholic, obese with uncontrolled hypertension and diabetes with previous two angioplasties, bilateral total knee replacement done five years back, now presents with stroke, who was brought to casualty after 8 hours of onset of paralysis. Was the patient taking medications? NO. Was he doing exercise daily? NO. Was he following the dietary modification advised to him? NO. Did he quit smoking? NO. Was he brought to casualty in time? NO. Could any doctor, so called competent doctor save his life? You lose the patient, relatives allege that the doctor was not good and they will beat you, you will end up losing sight in one of your eyes and hence all your dreams of becoming a surgeon are gone in just one punch. A 36 years old female with previous 3 abortions, gestational hypertension in the previous pregnancy, now presents with obstructed labour. Emergency C-section was done but due to fetal distress it was a still birth. Was she availing regular antenatal checkup? NO. Was she taking iron folic acid? NO. Did she undergo any screening? NO. Why didn’t she opt for institutional delivery? Because their village “Dai” thought she could deliver. Now tell, could any competent doctor in the world save that child? After hearing such incidents, you will not feel like going to the same place again, to serve those people, you will feel if these people actually deserve the efforts you are putting. ere will be days when you will be confused if the pain due to the injury is hurting more or you are more hurt by the fact that despite working in these conditions, the society isn’t giving you what you want. e previous day they’ll do the claps and thali ceremony; the very next day they won’t let a doctor enter into the building because he might spread the infection, they will pelt stones on the team of doctors who come to test them. en you will wonder if you really want such thali ceremonies?


Few days back in response to a petition on assault on doctors, the Bombay high court said, “Doctors can’t say they won’t work unless security is provided, you can resign and stay at home if you are scared” and now they cancelled benches due to fear of coronavirus. Isn’t it hypocrisy? e administration which was sleeping for ages is now suddenly making laws against violence against doctors, is it because they are concerned or is it because they need us in this hour of crisis? As per a study conducted in a tertiary care hospital in Delhi, 47.02% of the doctors reported having an experience of violence during work hours in the preceding 12 months. e proportion of female doctors (51%) who suffered was higher than the male doctors (45%). Another study from Uttar Pradesh found it to be 69%. As per an ongoing study by Indian journal of medical research, it is around 75%. So another important question is: why are the number of attacks increasing day by day? Why do we wake up everyday to the news of a doctor getting beaten up in some or the other part of the country? Who is to blame? e doctor? e system? e patients? ey will say the standard of Indian doctors is not good but current data indicates that 59,095 Indian educated physicians are working in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. ey constitute 4.9 percent of the U.S. physician workforce and 10.9 percent of the U.K. physician workforce. Analysis of U.S. residency data indicates that there are about 5,000 graduates of Indian medical schools in U.S. training programs today, meaning that approximately 1,200 enter into the U.S. residency system each year. If we aren’t good, then why are these countries hiring us? en why is it so that only your country people are not able to see your potential and appreciate your efforts? ey will say DOCTORS ARE IRRESPONSIBLE but India has critical shortage of domestic health-care workers with 7 qualified allopathic doctors and 17 nurses and midwives per 10,000 Population—well below the World Health Organization (WHO) benchmark of 22.8 doctors, nurses, and midwives per 10,000. Overall, looking at all skilled health-care personnel, the ratio in India was 28.52 professionals per 10,000 residents in 2016, compared to 52.82 globally. So is it irresponsibility or are they overburdened? Most of the times you will end up working way more than the expected number of hours per week. e situation is so dire in the country that a 2017 study in the medical journal BMJ Open pegged the average time that primary care physicians spend with patients in India at an abysmal 2 minutes. “It is concerning that a large proportion of the global population has only a few minutes with their primary care physicians,” the report concluded. “Such a short consultation length is likely to adversely affect patient healthcare and physician workload and stress”. But the fault is entirely not from patient side too, a person who was waiting in a queue from 3am would obviously not be happy if you give him just two minutes, but on the other hand if the doctor gives more time he won’t be able to attend all of them. So, who is to be blamed? Nobody other than a doctor can understand the pain, the agony, the disappointment which you will feel after losing your first patient and still the relatives will always find it your fault, but trust me a person who has spent hours to clear the PMT test where there are 50000 seats and 12 lac applicants every year, then 5.5 years of day and night in MBBS training, 3 years in speciality training again 3 years in super-speciality, so a person who has spent 13.5 years of his life will never want to lose a patient intentionally. Don’t you think he will do everything he can? ere will be instances where you couldn’t have done anything different to save that patient but you will always feel that may be there was something which you could have done to save him. ey say we get a lot of money, a Professor after spending almost 10-15 years in an apex institute like AIIMS gets around 1.5 LPM. Is it too much? He’s running OPD, he’s doing daily morning and evening rounds, he’s taking ICU rounds, he’s admitting patients, he’s discharging patients, he’s operating, he’s taking theory classes for students, he’s setting


exam papers, he’s checking exam copies, he’s doing research and he’s always on call for the emergency cases forget about his family. A comedian or a band takes around 5 lakh rupees for an hour, so how much a doctor who’s doing the job of ten persons more than 15 hours a day all 30 days of month should get? Are they getting a lot of money? Almost 90% of us suffer from psychiatric problems, many are not able to cope up with the pressure and end up ending their lives. Almost half of us end up getting infectious disease like TB or flu or skin allergies, many get diseases like HIV, hepatitis which will remain with them lifelong. But these things never stop us from doing what we do, what really bothers is that our own people not supporting us, not trusting us, not following what we say. What is it that we want from our patients? No! we don’t want your thali celebrations. What we want is that you understand that we did everything we could with the resources available with us, in no way it was in our hands that we lost a patient. Now you must be wondering I have said all the negative things, so is it really worth joining? At 10am, a 55 year old diabetic patient comes to the surgery OPD for dressing of his diabetic foot ulcer, after the dressing is done he asks the intern there, “beta, you have done a wonderful job now tell me what chocolate do you like , I want to thank you” the intern says “no sir, it’s fine, it’s my job to take care of you” and the old man left , the intern got busy with his work, at around 12:30 pm the same man returns with a bag full of all kinds of chocolate possible on this earth and smiled and said “eat now kid because later you will have diabetes and you won’t be able to eat”, such lovely gestures from our patients would make your day. You will never be able to forget the moment when you delivered the first baby when you were crying more than the baby, that fear what if I drop this baby? ere will be emotional moments when a couple after 8 years of infertility treatment finally deliver a healthy baby and ask you to name the baby. Such precious moments will always motivate you to continue, to do more and more. You can never forget when an old man who is suffering from non-curable small cell cancer of lung from the palliative care department recites you his love story and gives you life hacks. You can never forget the moment when an Amma offers you an apple and says you are of my grandson’s age and working since morning. And the moment when an old man in 90s folds his hands in front of a doctor in his 20s and says thank you; that feeling cannot be obtained even by paying millions of dollars. When people go to movies or malls or food courts they expect it to be good but when people come to you in pain, agony, they don’t expect that you will cure them rather have the belief that you can make their life normal again, you can relieve their pain and you will always have the responsibility of not breaking their belief. e white coat which you wear is not just a coat it represents those feelings, pain, belief of millions of people, that stethoscope is to hear the ache that their heart is feeling. So, if given the choice I will never change my decision of being a doctor and I don’t think any of my doctor friends will!



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By Praveen Kumar Bonthu

The Silence which Answered It was the dusk of autumn when my eyes met yours for the first time, Believe me, I never knew that my heart would skip beats, Neither did I know, you were to become the denizen of my mind, Nor did I ever wonder, in the small space of my heart, you would have your seat. I always wanted to start interacting with you, Everytime you came, words would get lost, You would gracefully pass in front of me, And poor me, would stand, gazing you, smudged in dust. Who knew the place where we first met, would stop welcoming us, The place where we held our hands, would stop inviting us, Reasons came and we had to move apart, But that was the moment we got so much more closer.

My lips were touching yours in a moment, and silence filled the aura All I could listen was your accelerating breath, All I could feel was you and your flamboyant hair over me, Eyes enclosed, all I could see, was pure darkness. We sat there, everything seemed to have poured their life into us, The universe had come to a still, We saw a shooting star tear the sky And wished to stay together forever, Tears of happiness moistened my eyes, you also did cry... The alarm rang now, and it was then when I knew I had slept for two hours... I woke up hurriedly, eyes unclean, hair ruffled, mouth drooling, And called you.. "Hello! Good Morning!" You said... You had reached your hometown safely, Finally, I felt some peace.

I still remember that day... Which was the last time we interlocked our hands, Promising each other, we won't again be far, Strong winds blew, rubbing our faces with sand.

The voice which always had enchanted me Had restlessness, desperation, overwhelmedness in it, I realized then some things... Not only me, but you had also become nostalgic. That day when you went, it rained like never before, Not only me, but you also wanted to come back. I was happy to live every moment with you, Not only me, but you had also spent a sleepless Your charisma kept me wide awake, night for me... Even after you had gone. Not only me... But somewhere deep down... You had also fallen in love with me... Yes... You had gone... Just at the dawn, my ears sensed some noise Yeah! It seemed familiar, it was my sweetheart's voice. I heard you say, "Don't worry dear, we will be back.... We will be too much closer, inspite of being far, nothing we would lack..."


Dipti Ranjan Panda MBBS 2019

EVENTINE As we packed our bags to leave the campus ten months back, to isolate ourselves from the world, and save our mortal bodies from being ravaged by a newly discovered virus, all hopes of enjoying the year ahead looked cold. A plethora of events had been planned by the newly formed Students’Association, but a notice to evacuate drained all colours of enthusiasm. From its days of inception, AIIMS Bhubaneswar has been witness to a year full of diverse activities, enterprises and events, aiming at the development of the students as holistic individuals. But 2020 was too obstinate to change the normal! e pandemic sha ered all our plans, plunging the seniors and juniors into frustration alike. Even the Freshers’ Party for the 2019 MBBS batch had to be called off at the last moment, despite having completed all the preparations. Such abrupt was the development! Till then, none of us could imagine that the next four months would give us memories for a lifetime. A strong spirit of togetherness will be achieved, being miles apart, that years of physical proximity in the campus had le incomplete. While the world was brooding at home, locked within limitations of activity, the students of AIIMS Bhubaneswar were busy creating a new online sagá of activities. e literary club of AIIMS Bhubaneswar, Farrago organised Quarantimes, an online competition for artwork, poetry, doodles, photography and all that a creative mind can think of. e Quota factory was a show case of our all time favourite quotes on the Farrago insta page. ere is no be er game to test the movie freaks than Dumb charades, and we had an online version of it, e Binge Revision. Our story telling skills were put into practice in the Escribo pensamiento, a crossover of characters from popular movies and TV series, and Capturar Cuento, a challenge of clicking photos and make a story connecting them. To beat the boredom, and tickle our grey ma er, Farrago organised the Just for Pun, leaving us scratching our heads to nd common phrases out of scrambled pictures and solving weirdest of riddles. Very recently, Farrago has started with e Humans of AIIMS Bhubaneswar, a place to explore the known and unknown people and narrate the stories of unheard voices. Photography has been long heralded as a passion and gi of nature, forming an integral part of every event. Envision, the photography club of AIIMS Bhubaneswar has successfully conducted events and competitions on World laughter day, Rain check- a theme based competition in the monsoon, Macropsia-an a empt to bring to light the tiniest of objects around and many more. Besides these, the literary commi ee also regularly posts book suggestions, movie suggestions and articles on the trending social issues on Farrago’s official Instagram page. A bright stage in vibrant colours, performers in fancy dress, an auditorium full of audience and a round of applause every now and then- this is how we picturize a cultural event. Unfortunately, the pandemic isn’t fond of a gathering, social get togethers and apparently, all cultural activities looked good in reminiscences. But the Cultural Commi ee at AIIMS Bhubaneswar, robb had different ideas to revolutionise the conventions, with back to back events like Virales, Quadrille, Eureka and more. Can we have a coordinated group dance even without ge ing to see each other’s faces, that too while in a quarantine? Most would say ‘no’. But robb says ‘yes’. To know how, one can look at the posts of Quadrille on robb official


The Girl within Me She stumbles and mumbles but that's all in her brain, even before I realise she's up steady and healthy again. She fought hard and sometimes lost the battle but not hope. Should I call her bold? or not so cool but old?

The girl within me I do brag about knowing many things but she certainly isn't one of them. She is totally out of comprehension, be it mine or anyone else's. She's that girl not so fair, Neither has perfect curly hair. But trust me, she is out there Charging ahead in life with no care.

She is leaving everyone to seek out the effects of her magic elsewhere. She told me things galore to convince me she's gonna be fine. But her eyes speak the contrast as they shine.

Sometimes I wonder, after all this time, how a person can still be so mystical. I try to find out more, but end up with a chuckle.

I know she will miss the people who matter the most. But would never let it out through a mere Instagram post. Does that mean she doesn't care? Well, there're infinite perspectives but no time to spare.

I have spent my whole life trying to know her but she shows me new, weird colours everyday. Some are crazy while others are so astoundingly unique all the way.

I hope she wins the war she waged, She was never the type of bird that could be caged.

They say she is funny but is that all she is? I see more as I come closer to the core. She is into classical music, digging deep into ancestral wealth but loves the magical notes those five strings make.

After all the talk, I'm not sure if she's fictional or real. And God if she's real, Give me the knack to understand her mind clear.

I always thought her to be the bravest of all but realised she's afraid of Petty things like ghosts and fall.





ஜல் க்கட் நம் த ழனின் ர ைளயாட் மற் ம் அைடயாளம் என்ேற றலாம் . ெபாங் கல் ழா என்றாேல பல ன் ஞாபகத் ற் வ வ நம் ஜல் க்கட் தான். உலக கழ் அலங் காநல் ர ் ஜல் க்கடை ் ட காண அைலேமா ம் டட ் ம் ஒ கடல் அைலைய ேபாலேவ காட் யளிக் ம் . ச் , ண் க்கல் , ேகாைவ, க்ேகாடை ் ட என பல் ேவ இடங் களில் ஜல் க்கட் நடந்தா ம் ம ைர அலங் காநல் ர ் மற் ம் பாலேமட் ல் நைடெப ம் ஜல் க்கட் க ம் ரபலமானைவ. ஏ த தல் இதன் அழகான வாரத ் ்ைத ஆ ம் . இ காலப் ேபாக் ல் ஜல் க்கட் என ம யதாக றப் ப ற . இந்த ஜல் க்கட் ைளயாடை ் ட ன் வைககளாக ரிக்கலாம் . வா மஞ் ரட் , ெவளி ரட் , வடட ் ம் மஞ் ரட் . ஜல் க்கட் பல தைடகைள கண்டா ம் த ழரக ் ளின் டா யற் யால் இன் ம் வாழ் ந் வ ற . 2006 ஆம் ஆண் உயரந ் ீ மன்ற ம ைர ைள ஜல் க்கட் மட் ம் ேரக்ளா ேபாட் க க் தைட த்த . ற பல கட் ப் பா க டன் ஜல் க்கட் நடந் வந்தா ம் 2017 ஆம் ஆண் ேம 7 ஆம் ேத உசச ் நீ மன்றம் நிரந்தர தைட த்த . இைத ெபா த் கெ ் காள் ள யாத த ழ் மக்கள் ேபாராடட ் த் ல் த்தனர.் மாணவரக ் ளின் சக் ைய உலக ய ெசய் த அவரக ் ள் ெசய் த ஜல் க்கட் க் ஆதரவான ேபாராடட ் ம் . இ வைர இவ் லகம் அ ந் ராத மாெப ம் சக் ஆன மாணவர ் சக் ன் லம் அந்த ேபாராடட ் ம் கப் ெபரிய ெவற் அைடந்த . ஜல் க்கட் தைடக் எ ரான ேபாராடட ் த் ல் ேபா சார ் ட கலந் ெகாண்டனர.் மரன ீ ா ேபாராடட ் ேமைட ல் ேப ய ஆ த ரிசரவ ் ் ேபா ஸ் அ காரி ம யழகன் " இவ் ல ல் தாய் பால் க்காத ழந்ைத ட இ க்கலாம் ஆனால் ப ம் பால் க்காத ழந்ைத உண்டா என ன னார.் அப் ேபற் படட ் ப மா கைள சாக டட ் ால் நாம் த ழர ் என்பதற் என்ன அைடயாளம் என் ேகடட ் ார"் . ' நான் என் சாரப ் ாக மட் ம் ேபச ல் ைல ைட அணியாமல் இந்த டட ் த் ற் ள் அமரந ் ் க் ம் ஒவ் ெவா ேபா ஸ் அ காரி ன் சாரப ் ாக ேப ேறன்' என் னார.் த ழகத் ல் ந் எ ரப ் ் ேபாராடட ் ம் மற் ம் இலங் ைக ல் த ழரக ் க் எ ராக நடந்த ெகா ைம ன் ெபா தான் இ ேபான் இைளஞரக ் ள் ரண் உள் ளனர ் இப் ெபாழ் ஜல் க்கட் ேபாராடத் ற் காக ரண் உள் ளனர.் இ ேவ ற் காலத் ல் த ழ க் எந்த ஒ ரசச ் ைன வந்தா ம் அைத எ ரெ ் காள் ள இைளஞரக ் ள் வ வாரக ் ள் என்பதற் அைடயாளம் . பல ேபாராடட ் ங் க க் ற இன் ம் நம் ைடய பாரம் பரியமான ஜல் க்கட் நடந் ெகாண் தான் இ க் ற ற் காலத் ம் நடக் ம் . வாழ் க த ழ் , வளரக ் த ழ் .

Vignesh S V S MBBS 2019




The origin of this drug is still not known. But it's use in recent times has increased rapidly.

Mechanism of action The drug structurally resembles the student, and binds to the receptor present on the attendance taker, producing similar effects in the absence of the actual student.

Actions -Instantly gives a free attendance,increasing the attendance count. -Gives you a feeling of euphoria. -Gives you more time to spend with your bed.

Adverse effects DRUG WITHDRAWAL


-It can lead to ‘Chronic Proxy dependency’. -Withdrawal symptoms: Patient's attendance starts to decrease suddenly once the drug is discontinued. -The drug may become ineffective due to development of tolerance. -May develop hypersensitivity. -May lead to ‘hyperattendancemia’ in rare conditions. -The person giving the drug may lose attendance.



Ex - DEVIKONAZOLE elicited an immune response during clinical trials.

Indications - When the patient's attendance is below normal.

- In case of sleeping sickness. - When CR is taking the attendance. - If it's a mutualistic condition, "attendance lo-attendance do" - When the patient's attendance is above 99%. - When the receptor is already familiar with the drug. - When the patient is present in the class. - When the drug isn't able to resemble the student.









Drug interactions Competitive inhibition - If more than one dose is given at a time the receptor gets alerted. Ex- AYANZEPAM and ZAROONOLOL inhibited when given for USHOSTIGMINE Non-competitive - Drug fails to resemble the student completely. Ex- KHUSHICAINE fails to resemble ASHUTAZOLAMIDE.

Drug failure Can happen in case if: - the dose isn't sufficient to bind. - the receptor already knows the drug

Management - Immediately dechallenge the drug. - Avoid eye contact with the receptor for at least a month. - Take precautionary measures before rechallenge. - Don't administer the same drug to the same receptor EVER.








Paatal Lok, the new original drama on Amazon Prime is something that can be called a perfect replica of the strata of the society that is dark and unknown to the people of this country. A real depiction of the world and life of criminals of the so-called ‘Paatal Lok,’ based on the prejudice this society has created, segregating them on the basis of caste, religion and misogynist mentality. This continues to divide us and fill those discriminated against, with hatred and pushing them into the caliginous world of crime. The story revolves around four criminals, caught in the failed assassination attempt of a famous journalist, and the Police O cer ‘Hathi Ram Chaudhary’ who is assigned to this case. As Hathi Ram continues to dive deep into the investigation, he finds out about the past of these criminals which unravels the bitter and unseen truth of the rural and poor India filled with malice, greed, hatred, sexual horrors, violence on women and religious minorities which to its utter shame, is supported by the politicians and bureaucrats belonging to the so called ‘Swarg Lok’ for their own political and financial benefits. Too dark, isn't it? As a viewer, I thought the same, flinching at various scenes and scared to find out what happens next. But as you immerse yourself into the show you realise the unheard bitter truth when these criminals enter the ‘Dharti Lok,’ the world where we live in and as their iniquity becomes famous as ‘kaands’ . You realise how the society has been built. How it has never been fair and just, often discriminating against the weak and the poor, its people who are living under the tyranny of the so called ‘upper caste,’ women who have been subjugated to years of physical and sexual violence and the consequences when these people turn to crime as a path of redemption. This series shows us the dark and real India, rarely covered by the media of the country, through its gripping story, fantastic cinematography and some bold acting. Do give it a watch peeps, as the show provides us with the ultimate moral statement: “When a man loves a dog, he is a good man; when a dog loves a man, he is a good man”


Hrithiwish Halder MBBS 2018

The Childsnatcher I still see him, when I close my eyes, A truth born upon my parents' lies, A monster, a demon, he was one of a kind, e greatest fear of a child's mind. "Childsnatcher" what we used to say, e one who takes bad children away, A character by our elders, Born to scare us, to shape us in character. White hair, big eyes with a bag and oily skin, at's how he"ll look I imagine, But as I grew, I began to realize e hilarious, childish wobbly lies. A ne morning I said, “What a nice day!” It was nice as it was my eenth birthday. Balloons hung and lights were glowing, I cut the cake a er the candle-blowing. Some people came to my house, a few days later, ey talked to my father on an "important ma er". Next festival, the house was decorated, the lights all lit, ey booked a cook and decorated a carriage, I wondered all day what it was all about, When I came to know that they xed my marriage. Yes, in my village, kids like me marry As my father had li le money for dowry. I pledged my vows as everyone was cryin' As I saw the house, which will never again be mine. I was brought to my new home

Where everyone was happy, everyone was humble. ey all gave blessings to me As I was the new family member. Household works were my new notion, Making food became my only education, Taking care of everyone now was my thing, I was more than a careless li le being. Time ew away, fast and slick. Today I am standing outside a clinic, Making a decision I hated since I was a child. Crying inside my mind, my tears hide Not only because my family wants a boy, But, the thing that makes me bother What happened to me should not be the case for my daughter. So, it's be er for her if she isn't born In a society with its blind norms. But the thing that I now understand, the thing that ma ers, Be it child marriage, be it abortion, It can take many forms, e Childsnatcher.

- an unknown girl


ZERO When an Artist makes a mistake, it's a new Art. When a Fashion designer makes a mistake, it's a new Design. When a Scientist makes a mistake, it's a new Invention. When an Architect makes a mistake, it's a new building. When a Mathematician makes a mistake, it's a new Formula. When a Potter makes a mistake, it's a new Design Pot. When an Engineer makes a mistake, it's a new Gadget. When a Teacher makes a mistake, it's a new Question. When a Cook makes a mistake, it's a new Dish. But, alas, when a Child makes a mistake, it's ZERO. ITI IPSITA RAJ, MBBS 2019

THE CAGE Once again, the moon shines at it fullest, but the light doesn’t reach my eye; Once again, the drizzling rain fulfills the thirst of the land, I look at my feet, it's still dry. Once again, I hear the noise of chirping birds; I don't feel the joy as if those feelings are just killed; Once again, the lush green forest invades the barren lands, while the void in me craves to be filled. Once again, the soothing breeze cools the earth, seeking it, my hands still sweat; Once again, seven mystical colours fill the merry sky, I can't even smile when my cheeks are wet. Once again, the sun means life not destruction, still.. I feel in my body, the heat; In a glimpse of time, nature heals while I remained ignorant, encaged in this forest of concrete...... MD SHOAIB AHMED, MBBS 2019


Smoggling Stubble Stu l ep

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Sus D or Al i Sc e s 2019


THE COVID-19 CATASTROPHE The story of the pandemic began across the globe. Triggered an ache in everyone's frontal lobe.

Unknowing carriers of the terrifying disease Which has led, tizzy man freeze!

The mysterious disease appeared in China's Wuhan. We, 'The Survivor's' haven't overcome the fiercest AMPHAN!

As uncertainty about its transmission continues to grow. Is global's unscripted catastrophe about to unfold?

An invisible killer, sweeping the world? Or just a trailer before being hurled?

WHO declares, GLOBAL HEALTH EMERGENCY! it's all about, the sign of accountancy.

Single to double; double to triple. Triple to multiple; multiple to fatal.

A new ERA OF AMBIGUITY AND PANIC descends upon the world. No timeline, for when it will end and what life will be like when it does!

transmitting, with the speed of light The virus continues to wreak havoc worldwide! Hazardous germ, that effluxed crisis! Made people, to pay prices. An unknown terrorist? Or a gambit of an exorcist?

The search for a vaccine is the call these days. And the hunt for a cure has ignited the craze. About this virus, a lot is undiscovered. And those undiscovered took time to become discovered.

The virus has binged, hard on us. We have been singed almost!

Fears of overwhelmed hospitals are realized. Because there aren't enough respirators and PPE supplies.

Is this the strain of the virus being in the quiescent state? That just leapfrogged, for its beloved mate!

Warriors are facing be-labouring aspersions! Does this signify the consequences of agglutination?

The worldwide scenario is atrocious! While virus minds are on the verge of vexatious.

Corona has created, A FULL BLOWN PANDEMIC! Unfortunately! potent enough to uproot student's academics!

Every day, the virus is getting worse and WORSE! Is it too late, to prevent the virus from running its course?

Panic is triggered, as the ailments spread. Industries and businesses around the world, feel the effects! People become sick! government shuts everything at all! The global economy faced a sudden downfall! Serious global recession. Many went into depression!! The rapid rise in unemployment! But, the question is; where to apply ointment?


Let me stop doing handshake! Just smile and say hello. I assure it will not stultify us in front of other fellows!

Virus atrocity sparked worldwide furore! How's it going to be dealt with by warriors? The advent of infection seems to be clarion store... But gradually attained stentorian roar!! There were persistent, contrite tone After knowing, the ramification of this zone! Doctors suspect! something awry in the city. Finding contacts between the patient is key to unlock the mystery. Schools shut down, cities on lockdown. The global economy is at risk! not a matter of flying disk. Steps were being taken, to ameliorate the situation. To bring some sort of ablation. Business shifts, work from home. Many have faced utter boredom. In an attempt, to curb the economic decline. People preferred, to work online. Social distancing trends, to promulgate. Hopefully! results in the opening of the curable gate. People were isolated, went on quarantine. 7 steps of handwashing, became their routine. Plucky minds, putting themselves in impale Only choice to escape from this disastrous jail!! Let's unite and tie bootlace. To degrade, demon's prime time-space. To combat, an unprecedented dilemma Or else will result in erupting volcanic magma! Frontliners conquerors are stupendous. Their main is to defend us.

We, 'THE FOOL' still carelessly shook the warmly proffered hand! Is this mischievous act of our gland? who always commands! It may be a glimpse of vicissitudes. Clearly, defines our own attitude! Let's not brag; let's not be smug. Let's wrap each other with a heartfelt hug! Let's be enamoured each other's flaws. And bolster, a round of applause! While sliding down, the slippery slope. There lies, a glimmer of hope. The search for the vaccine is ongoing... To strike on, to halt, daredevil's misdoing!! There is hope, to protect lifelines. If we follow proper guidelines! A humble request to all creatures. Don't stress, much about your future. It will affect your each and every aspect of life's curvature! There is eariness in the air, hence nothing seems normal! Amid this pandemic, it's normal to think abnormal. Soon, these phases of life will pass with subnormality. Soon, we will renounce with an exuberant vitality!


Swamped with work, the entire week. And barely have, time to breathe! It's kind of, a herculean task. But the only way for, Frontliners to bask!


Cool In Her OwnWay break! That's the moment when it hits you, “My God! Am I that uninteresting?” And thus, your friendship with your books becomes an unbreakable one. You start pretending to choose books over people, while the reality is that you don't even have anyone. You make friends with your dreams and your thoughts, promising to reveal them only to somebody special, somebody who gets you but is not like you because honestly, you don't quite like Hi. I'm Leela Sen and I'm 13 years old. Quite a yourself. difficult age for a girl, isn't it? A conundrum of changes she has to face - from learning to wear I think this is what pushes me to want to do a pad to learning how not to stain, from being something worthwhile with my life – the want the cute little kid whom everybody adores to to love myself, respect myself. But when I told being a 'patakha' about to burst in anger from my friends that I'd be pursuing Science in the unexpected (or expected?) rise in eve future as that is what interests me, I got a teasing and from competing for the title of the rather bleak support, “Are you sure?”, “Science smartest kid in the class to the race of who's people only study, they don't have a life!”, “Science section is the most boring section the hottest 'chick'…. it's all messed up. ever.”, “It's like suicide, man!”…. I received an I'm intelligent, hardworking and a good enormous swarm of warnings. student who always gets exemplary grades. And that used to be the limelight of my school That had almost caught my psyche in its life till a couple of years ago. My batchmates twisted claws, when COVID 19 happened. I would want to befriend me for the same read about people who apparently had “no reason for which I now carry the tag of 'a boring lives" saving thousands of them everyday, I nerd'. I don't understand, though. My friend is had a surge of respect for the person who must equally enthusiastic about his interest and have created my phone and I wanted to thank precisely why he is popular. But that's football, the one who ensured my rapid internet and I guess some passions are just cooler than connectivity. I realized that it's okay to be just who you are and that it's unnecessary to fake other passions. anything, even a smile. I've understood that I really need to fill that hole in my heart and the Forget cool though, I'm not even hot. No, wait. I do have a hot body, I just don't do something only way to do so is to love myself dearly. It about it. At least this is what one of the girls doesn't matter anymore if I'm not 'cool once told me. That's, probably, why I'm not a enough' by the normal standards because I part of her group; I show more interest in my surely am important to this world and that's ambition than in other boys and girls. But you pretty cool in its own way. know, all this self counselling works only till a point when you realize that all your friends are in relationships and all of a sudden, you don't have anyone to hang out with during the lunch Have you ever wanted to just blurt something out but somehow your tongue got caught mid sentence? Have you ever been laughing and jeering about with your friends, when really there's just hollowness in your heart? Have you ever kept a smiling face and a cheerful demeanor for others, while slowly drowning in the trench of your sorrow? If yes, then you are just like me.


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but no PUN in 10 DID”

The Tao of Physics An Exploration of the Parallels Between Modern Physics and Eastern Mysticism. A Book by Physicist Fritjof Capra. Science does not need mysticism and mysticism does not need science. But man needs both. A groundbreaking classic that was the rst piece of reading that began to change my worldview, and till today, remains one of the rst a empted 'consilience' of science and spirit. I would like to capture key sentences/ quotes that adorn the terrain like a string of pearls, rather than a conventional book review : Chapter 1 – Modern Physics: A Path with a Heart Any path is only a path, and there is no affront, to oneself or to others, in dropping it if that is what your heart tells you....Look at every path closely and deliberately. Try it as many times as you think necessary. en ask yourself, and yourself alone, one question....Does this path have a heart? If it does, the path is good; if it doesn't it is of no use. - Carlos Castaneda, e Teachings of Don Juan Chapter 2 – Knowing and Seeing A mystical experience, therefore, is not any more unique than a modern experiment in physics. On the one hand, it is not less sophisticated either, although its sophistication is of a very different kind. e complexity and efficiency of the physicist's technical apparatus is matched, if not surpassed, by that of the mystic's consciousness – both physical and spiritual – in deep meditation. e scientists and mystics, then, have developed highly sophisticated methods of observing nature which are inaccessible to the lay person. - Fritjof Capra Chapter 3 – Beyond Language e contradiction so puzzling to the ordinary way of thinking comes from the fact that we have to use language to communicate our inner experience which in its very nature transcends linguistics - D.T. Suzuki Chapter 4 – e New Physics Al my a empts to adapt the theoretical foundation of physics to this (new type of) knowledge failed completely. It was as if the ground had been pulled from under one, to no rm foundation to be seen anywhere, upon which another one could have been built. - Albert Einstein Chapter 5 – Hinduism All actions take place in time by the interweaving of the forces of nature, but the man lost in sel sh delusion thinks that he himself is the actor. But the man who knows the relation between the forces of nature and actions, sees how some forces of Nature work upon other forces of nature, and becomes not their slave. - e Bhagavad Gita Chapter 6 – Buddhism Ashvaghosa probably had a strong in uence on Nagarjuna, the most intellectual Mahayana philosopher, who used a highly sophisticated dialectic to show the limitations of all concepts of reality........Hence he gave it the name 'Sunyata', 'the void', or 'emptiness', a term which is equivalent to Ashvaghosa's 'tathata' or 'suchness'; when the futility of all conceptual thinking is recognized, reality is experienced as pure suchness. - Fritjof Capra Chapter 7 – Chinese ought at which lets now the dark, now the light appear is Tao - I Ching, the Book of Changes Chapter 8 – Taosim Disputation is a proof of not seeing clearly. - Chuang Tzu Chapter 9 – Zen Before you study Zen, mountains are mountains and rivers are rivers; while you are studying Zen, mountains are no longer mountains and rivers are no longer rivers; but once you have had enlightenment, mountains are once again mountains and rivers again rivers. - Zen saying


Chapter 10 – e Unity of All ings One is led to a new notion of unbroken wholeness which denies the classical idea of analyzability of the world into separately and independently existing parts...We have reversed the usual classical notion that the independent 'elementary parts' of the world are the fundamental reality, and that the various systems are merely particular contingent forms and arrangements of these parts. Rather, we say that inseparable quantum interconnectedness of the whole universe is the fundamental reality, and that relatively independently behaving parts are merely particular and contingent forms within this whole - David Bohm Chapter 11 – Beyond the World of Opposites It moves. It moves not. It is far, and it is near. It is within all this, And It is outside of all this -

e Upanishads

Chapter 12 – Space- Time If we speak of the space experience in meditation, we are dealing with an entirely different dimension....In this space-experience the temporal sequence is converted into a simultaneous coexistence, the side by side existence of things....and this again does not remain static but becomes a living continuum in which space and time are integrated - Lama Govinda Chapter 13 – e Dynamic Universe e stillness in stillness is not the real stillness. Only when there is stillness in movement can the spiritual rhythm appear which pervades heaven and earth - Taoist text Chapter 14 – Emptiness and Form We may therefore regard ma er as being constituted by the regions of space in which the eld is extremely intense ..... ere is no place in this new kind of physics both for the eld and ma er, for the eld is the only reality - Albert Einstein e Great Void cannot but consist of ch'i; this ch'i cannot but condense to form all things; and these things cannot but become dispersed so as to form (once more) the Great Void - Chang Tsai Chapter 15 – e Cosmic Dance His gestures wild and full of grace, precipitate the cosmic illusion; his ying arms and legs and the swaying of his torso produce- indeed, they are- the continuous creation-destruction of the universe, death exactly balancing birth, annihilation the end of every coming-forth - Heinrich Zimmer, on the Dance of Shiva Chapter 16 – Quark Symmetries – A New Koan? e discovery of symmetric pa erns in the particle world has led many physicists to believe that these pa erns re ect the fundamental laws of nature. During the past een years, a great deal of effort has been devoted to the search for an ultimate 'fundamental symmetry' that could incorporate all known particles and thus 'explain' the structure of ma er. - Fritjof Capra Chapter 17 – Pa erns of Change How do we come to think of things, rather than of processes in this absolute ux? By shu ing our eyes to the successive events. It is an arti cial a itude that makes sections in the stream of change, and calls them things....When we shall know the truth of things, we shall realize how absurd it is for us to worship isolated products of the incessant series of transformations as though they were eternal and real. Life is no thing or state of a thing, but a continuous movement or change. - Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan Chapter 18- Interpenetration Each portion of ma er may be conceived of as a garden full of plants, and as a pond full of shes. But each branch of the plant, each member of the animal, each drop of its humours, is also such a garden or such a pond Leibniz, in Monadology

Jyoti K Sao (Allied sciences 2019)


କହିଲ େଦଖି

ତୁ େମ ବ ି ଛ ଏକ କୁ ହଡ ପରି ଁ ୁ ି ପହରିବା ି ନା, େକେବ େଦଖବାକୁ େଚ ା କରିଛ? ି ନା, େକେବ ବୁ ଝବାକୁ େଚ ାକରିଛ? ଏ ମାୟା ସଂସାରକୁ ଏ ମାୟା କୁ ହଡକୁ ୁ ି େଯେତ ସବୁ ଯଶ ତୁ ମ ି ସତି ର ଫଳକ େହାଇଯବ ପଡଥବ ି ି ସମୟେର େକଉଁ ଏକେକାେଣ

ତୁ େମ କହି ଲ ତୁ େମ ଆଜି େକଉଁଠି? ି ତୁ େମ େକେବ ଜୀବନଟା କଣ ବୁ ଝଛ? ି ନା ବୁ ଝବାକୁ େଚ ା କରିଛ? େବାଧହଏ କରିଛ ୁ େକବଳ ବ ି ବାର ଏକ ବୃ ଥା ଅପେଚ ା ି ଏକ ଅଣନି ଶାସୀ ପତି େଯାଗତା ଏକ ମଲ ୂ ହୀନ ସଂଘଷ ଏକ ଲ ହୀନ ଯାତା ି ଆଗକୁ ଯବାର ଏକ ଅଦୃ ଶ େମାହ ମାୟା କୁ ହଡେର ୁ ି ଗଢି ଥି ବା ଘର ପାଇଁ ଅେଦଖା ଭବି ଷ ତର ସପସବୁ ସଜାଇବା ପାଇଁ େମା ଭାଇ େମା ସାଇ େମା ବ ୁ େମା ସଖା ସବୁ େମାର େମାର ମମତର ଅହଂକାର ପାଇଁ େଯଉଁ ସଂସାରେର ତୁ େମ ି ଶବ ି େହାଇଥବ ି ଦି େନ ଶବ େହାଇଯବ ଅତି ଆପଣାର େଲାକସବୁ ଦି େନ ଭୟ କରିେବ ଭୂ ତ ଭୂ ତ କହି

ଜୟଲ ୀ ସାହୁ (Jaylaxmi Sahoo) େଜୖ ବରସାୟନ ବି ଭାଗ ଲାେବାରେଟାରୀ େଟକନି ସିଆନ


Rewind.. pause.. analyze.. resume Locked indoors for months, while I just stagnantly lie, Masking mum the noisy me..making this extrovert self sigh... That one fine eve, when I sat down to rewind, random events worth striking flashed across this mind... To start with, that heinous bois-locker-room tale... Youth sick with obscenity, turning everyone pale Taken aback, the media flooded with protests and call-outs... Controversies regarding those being fake or real..flared out. Flares faded soon, social media then busy with dalgona and baking... Leaving merely unnoticed, transmissions and cases overtaking. Witnessed migrants dying, labourers devoid of food and work how sharply at them did the deadly starvation smirk No doubt..many stretched out arms as much as they could Though entertainment never ceased with memes on Mr Sood Ohh.. there's another monster, depression is its name Victimizing numerous souls, regardless of power or fame Ruthlessly snatching away, apparently charming lives Slow poisoning mental peace, left unable to revive Promises, we make a pay them heed, to let them share but once they actually open up, how much do we really care? The globe witnessed a lot so far..sequential events, distressing... The only point consoling us is, the earth reviving and pollution ceasing Bearing a lot, maybe yet to come.. from calamities to demise, pandemic, stigma, poverty-stricken section..and all their cries... Sitting at the corner of a room, waiting for my turn, before people mourning over this body..getting burnt Might sound weird, but I strongly wish that time could be reversed to carry out duties once escaped, to rectify misdeeds of the past There's a lot yet to give and achieve. When death comes to greet, just don't wanna leave with regrets...Oops! God forbid !!

Sananda Chakraborty Nursing 2018 36

Al Ameen Ashraf MBBS 2016

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Like all of you people, I have also read about the sun temple being situated in Konark and on top of that I knew about Puri from the movie NPCB (DQ Salman movie). These were the two places I wanted to visit in Odisha, and my knowledge about tourist places in Odisha ended there. People were kind of scared to travel in the beginning of first year, but me being an avid traveller, wanted to visit these two places that I knew about. As me passed, I came to know about Chandrabhaga beach and the marine drive road which were praised by everyone, both online and offline. One fine a ernoon, I set forth to visit these three places and as I couldn't find a travel partner, I went alone. I took a bus from Master canteen to Puri but when I reached Puri, it was dark already. On the way, I had searched on google and had come to know about a motorcycle rental place in Puri. I was in dilemma on whether to rent a bike to go back to hostel and get my friend along with me or to stay in Puri that night. A er some me, I decided to go back to the hostel with that rented bike. It had been many months since I had ridden a motorcycle and that longing influenced my decision. On the way back, I stopped at the beach and enjoyed the sound of waves crashing onto the beach. I have never felt this much awe going to a beach - that might be because this was the longest I had ever been in my life from going to a beach or maybe because I was enjoying the new found freedom. When I reached the hostel, my friend suggested me to keep the motorcycle in the hospital as he was scared that the seniors might say something. A er doing that, I went back to my room and discussed with my friend where all we should go the next day. He showed very li le interest. I tried to persuade him as much as possible and then we went to sleep. The next day at 04:00am, I woke up and tried calling him many mes but he refused. So I decided to go alone, making my journey back a pointless one. I set forth to Puri and on the way, I saw a sign board saying "Dhauli Shan Stupa". I had half a day in my hand before I had to return that motorcycle, so I was confused again on whether to go forward or stop at Dhauli. I decided to stop and that day was special. Some interna onal peace conven on was happening there. I was lucky enough to see some foreign monks and delegates all the way from Nepal and Japan doing some ritual for ensuring world peace. At first, I did not understand what was happening. It took me a 10 minutes of google search to understand that. As I was not allowed to go near, I started my journey forward. A er about half an hour or so, I saw another sign board showing Konark and Chandrabagha to the le and Puri as forward. I took the le turn and a er some me, reached the sun temple that I had only seen photos of. I walked along with a big group that had a guide who was explaining the history and also how to find me using the chakras. A er an hour or so I reached the Chandrabhaga beach. I couldn't find anything very special about this beach other than those trees which looked like pines, maybe that's the mallu in me talking. I spent about 15 minutes there and I started off towards Puri through the Balakhunda sanctuary. I was entering the road that everyone was talking about- the road that was shown in NPCB. It didn't sha er my expecta ons and that was the best part of this trip. Sea on one side and forest on the other and that road goes straight for about 4 kms. When the road started to move farther away from the sea, I stopped the motorcycle and came back the en re stretch of that road- that was the best stretch of road that I had gone on a motorcycle ll then. I reached Puri Jagannath temple a er about an hour and later went to the golden beach again. On the beach I met a guy who was selling some special stones. We talked a bit and I didn't have any money with me to buy anything from him. Seeing my wallet, that guy gave me 2 stones as a gi . I s ll don't know why he gave me those. I returned the motorcycle back at the rental place and took a train back to Bhubaneswar. This was the beginning of my journey of discovering Odisha.

Days passed by and we came into 3rd semester- the 2nd best semester in this college. By that me I had developed a flair for ghat roads and I was constantly searching for hill sta ons in Odisha for motorcycle rides. I came across a blog called "Mycitylinks". In that blog I saw Mahendragiri which was about 250 kms away from our college. The photos looked nice and a er researching for a while, I came to know that you had to go by road for about 5 kms and then trek for around 500 meters more to reach the 2nd highest point in Odisha. This was haun ng me - "second highest point in Odisha." During the next Durga puja, some of our seniors were planning to go to Puri. I came to know about this and I tried to manipulate them into going to Mahendragiri instead and they half agreed. We went to arrange bikes from our seniors and as we (myself and my previously men oned friend) went, we saw two of our seniors from 2012 batch coming down with a bag. As we were wearing jackets and bags, they asked where we were going. We replied Mahendragiri without any hesita on. A slight smile came to their faces as they told they were also going to Mahendragiri. Hearing this I got insanely happy as now I was sure we can go with them even if others were not willing to come. We got the bike and regrouped in front of the hospital and me, my friend and the two seniors from 2012 batch convinced all the other people to go to Mahendragiri. Like that I started my first long ride in Odisha. I wanted to reach the peak before sunrise so I had kept the thro le a bit too wide open. We stopped for tea in the middle, and by this me, we were alone as we were going a bit too fast. A er that tea we hit the road again. The places went by really fast and we stopped in Bharampur as we had to take a right. We regrouped and travelled onward to the second highest peak in Odisha. The night was ge ng lighter and lighter as I reached the start of that treacherous off road path. If I had to witness the sunrise I would have to go on the motorcycle and we started to go upward. A er a minute or so, the road became unmotorable. I don't know whether I was being stupid or over enthusias c but I asked my friend to get down with the bag and I told him to come with the others as I went forward . The road was filled with big rocks and mud as it had rained the previous night. I slowly rode through all those big rocks and heaps of mud and ditches and finally I reached the highest motorable point on that peak. I got down there and searched for my mobile phone but then realized that I didn't have my phone with me as it was in the bag. I sat on the ledge wai ng for the sun to rise. Slowly the light was coming up and I could see the mighty hills of the Eastern ghats separated by valleys and the rivers that were flowing round some rocks like snakes. This was the best view of nature I had ll then. As me passed by, it got foggy and this majes c view was blocked. Then I started to realise that around half an hour had passed and no one had come yet. I didn't know what to do and I thought they would have dropped the idea of coming to the top. I decided to go down and as I went down, I saw a senior from 2014 batch walking slowly. I was relieved. I stopped the vehicle and asked him to hop on. He said "We came this far at night. What's the point if we can't watch the sunrise? Let's go fast." We started to climb again. I had to ask him to get down at places where the road was really tough and we reached the same place again, but unfortunately everything was foggy then. We waited at the temple located there for others to come. When the rest of the pack arrived, fournd of us decided to scale the rest of the peak and reach the 2 highest point in Odisha. A er half an hour of trekking, we reached the place that I longed to come to for the past few months. Looking down from there we could see a beau ful valley and the adjacent peaks. Looking down someone commented "It looks like those pictures of Switzerland from here." We le a mark at the second highest point and slowly came down. We started our descent thinking that rest of the people had already le .

Going down on the motorcycle was ten mes harder than climbing up. We slowly reached the place where other vehicles were parked and to our surprise, no one was there. A small stream was running down and we washed our faces and hands in that and waited there for others to come down. Apparently they slept there, thinking that we would wake them up when we came down. A 2012 batch senior and I went to the next village to get something to eat. That shop was warm from the heat of the fire that they used for cooking. I wanted to stay there for long, as it was really cold outside. We returned with food and a er regrouping and having food, we started our descent .Midway through, it started raining heavily and my friend suggested we should stop and wait for the others. We stood under a tree outside a house, and seeing us, the head of the house told to come inside. We said no but then he insisted, so we went inside and sat on the chairs wai ng for the rain to stop. Without our knowledge we fell asleep. Suddenly we heard some motorcycles and woke up. All of our fellow riders passed us and the rain had reduced. A er thanking the head of the house, we started our journey once again. We never came across the others as we went through a different route. By around 7 pm we arrived back at the hostel. This journey ins lled a lot of confidence in me and my friend. This was the journey that would be the inspira on for all the long distance rides that we undertook in the future. I am just describing these two as they were the first two rides from AIIMS and the rest of the ones were more drama c and it would take a lot more words to describe them. I would like to a ach a list of places that you can visit from AIIMS. Long distance: Short distance: · Barunei Hills Ÿ Deomali-Koraput-Jeypore (Duduma) · Dhauli Ÿ Sambalpur-Sundergarh-Rourkela · Dhabaleswar (Kandadhahar and other falls) Ÿ Mayurbhanj [Loads of places here] · Peacock valley · Ansupa lake · The Puri, Konark, Chandrabhaga trio · Kapilash and Saptasajya · The Diamond triangle of Buddhism (Ratnagiri, Udayiri, Lalitgiri) · Paradeep · Athagarh · Pandav Bhakra · Raj-Ranpur Medium distance: Ÿ Satkosia Ÿ Balasore (Chandipur-Kuldiha-Panchalinges-war) Ÿ Keonjhar Ÿ Mahendragiri Ÿ Jiranga Ÿ Mankadadiya On top of this list, there are a lot of wildlife sanctuaries that are worth visi ng, but you don't need my help for finding them. Travel and fill your lives with adventure like Ibn Ba uta said "Travelling- it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a story teller."

is is one of the primary doubts that every doctor or medical student has. Should we get our beard completely shaven to be a respectable doctor? Does a beard act as a means of transmission of infections? Can I a have beard like Arjun Reddy and still be a good doctor??? I would like to say, it is not at all about completely shaving your beard or trimming it to a size zero. Rather, it is about well-grooming. A not so well-kept beard is never acceptable from a doctor. Many patients will not feel good when their doctor has a disorientated beard. It is a fact that hair/beard can hold the microbes and lead to transmission. A bearded doctor exposes his family, friends, colleagues and patients to this risk of infection if his beard is contaminated with the infectious pathogens, especially if he is working in high risk exposed areas like microbiology labs. Researchers in the 20th century were of the opinion that bearded surgeons shed more microbes, even with their mask on, compared to non-bearded surgeons. is was the reason why many doctors believed that to be a good doctor, you should de nitely get your beard clean shaven. But new studies, for example, one study in 2014 conducted over 400 medical staff found bacterial colonisation was similar in male health care professionals with or without beard. And moreover, staff without beard had higher rate of colonisation with methicillin resistant coagulase negative Staphylococcus. And later studies among bearded and non-bearded doctors have shown there is no increased likelihood of bacterial shedding with bearded surgeons if proper measures, are taken. So, basically I would say it’s a personal preference. Millions of healthcare associated infections are being recorded worldwide. As this profession is a divine one, we should never leave our patients to even minor risks due to our negligence. So, if you are unable to properly groom your beard, be er get it clean shaven. If you are fully con dent about taking proper care and hygiene, there is no problem in having a properly kept beard. VYSHNAV PREMAN MBBS 2018


SEEN and UNSEEN You may believe you have shackled me, By customs of yore and imbecilic bigotry. A papyrus from antiquity, is no good A shield against righteous heresy. The ordeals have been many. Much through I've been I now wish to be seen.

And yet I'm not unlike you. I have fears and trepidations too. I'd want a wee bit of love in my shell as well Yes, true that I belong to the labelled few, But don't carve a schism that never existed between. All I want is to live being seen.

It's nothing Herculean, to the noble ones Living a limpid life, relishing under splendid suns. For they know not, more so, they care not: When routine skirmishes with purported traditions Continue cloaked; and condemned disparaging, That's when I think, I have to be seen.

To live, to laugh, to love a bit more. Oblivious to the sting of being unsure It's not much to ask, I sincerely hope so: A life lived without hate and rage and gore. And yet I have had so much to feign That I've shed the will to be seen.

I might not be what you are, But that's not what's pulling us apart. The reasons are myriad oft enough And every cause is just by far Save the one that scorns my sheen The one that impels me to come out, be seen. I scream at the cords that incarcerated me A piercing scream that was never meant to be: A silent shriek, a noiseless murmur of dissent. Dissent indeed! That humankind now has to rally To exterminate my kind, and mark me obscene Is when I inch at being seen.


The forgotten Citizens When fear grips our gullible mind, it unravels the darkness within us. At a time when, a mere virus wrecks havoc and takes over us seemingly dauntless earthlings,our selfish conscience strives to thrive- be it your comrade's flesh or your neighbour's pet, YOU JUST NEED TO SURVIVE. Our expatriates, the silent sufferers and unsung heroes whose rugged hands and barbarous labours have fortified our economy, who make a significant contribution to all the services we avail, are neglected and literally left for the dead. It's cowardly, that our country has failed to rescue and support a huge majority of Indian citizens, residents and non resident (NRIs) stranded across the atlas. Is India trying to turn a blind eye to the hopeless wails of our expats? Imagine, in a foreign land, when friends turn strangers and penniless to survive and even your own people shrug you away, and being chased by an impartial virusIs there a nightmare worse than this? This is the harsh reality for our brothers and sisters all around the globe. Our pitiful migrant workers, stranded in there own country, paralysed at the motherland's ignorance, their wails are unheard and their needs are neglected. Our citizens are alienated in their own country, can we expect the country to be responsible for the breadwinners of the country; the expatriates? Being from one of the highly literate states of India, it's dreadful that people can be such literate imbeciles worthy of mockery. You can truly say that a pandemic can bring out the worst in man. Being as unpredictable as COVID-19 is; is it just, to be enraged on its victims for whom it wasn't by choice? Is it just to stop repatriation for the fear of infection? Is it right to leave our migrant workers on the road with nowhere to seek refuge?


In a country with adequate resources and manpower, is it not equipped to ensure the safety and security of its citizens and bring them back from the brink of poverty and disease ? Starved of resources, they walk kilometers to reach their homes, praying they don't drop dead on the way, each step is their revolt to the failed democracy, their breath is the incense that drives away the stench of rotten politics which favours fame over starving infants. Fear has induced such a madness that our people are ready to starve and pelt stones at those who have come back after an arduous ordeal. And it does not stop here! Physical violence, threats, mental torture, it's worse than Islamophobia, there is nothing to demarcate between them and us; aren't we, after all proud citizens of the great motherland? Does our preamble state otherwise for those working in a foreign land? Don’t the humanitarian ideals and laws still apply for expats, where death sentences are evoked by human rights, aren't these innocent lives worth fighting for? For those under compulsory quarantine after coming back, life has become a living hell. When your friends and family dread your presence, where neighbours isolate you and even after the compulsory tenure of quarantine and you are still labelled a threat by the society. Shopkeepers deny primary goods and services, chased and cursed away like a criminal! This is where our humanity has brought us! We have become the epidemic, our filthy wrecking attitude has added insult to injury. Those stranded and the returnees, the challenges in front of them is atrocious. Associations and NGOs in India and abroad are pulling all possible strings to get them back. Although the government of India has initiated rescue operations, it soon died down with the fire with meagre aircrafts in operation. Is it the uproar from the people or some other delicate reasons that prevent them, is still being debated. Being born an Indian, we have pledged ourselves to the country's progress but to let our own citizens abroad fall to their demise shows our inadequacy as a strong nation. They aren't just numbers on a television screen, but martyrs who helped us live a better life like our mighty soldiers.

Shada Saeed MBBS 2019 44



The Silent 'She' She bo h fo r a t , An i k s ro h en . She' w i y u r or Wit h p it he r Her s ef in r d, Wit l s o s ep d Of e p e w l ed r he g But s he be t e d !! The ' b o s s a d o n, An o k h o n' lo . Sto of y e s h ' et St e c ut d e s s !! Som o l y a se n Whi he n el in t Tho d o n fo r s Tha h ' le s er t !! Yo m t o d h he t i Wh ri pe , s e c ew ?? But h e n a s 'l a n u For on ri o t to !!!

Bid Sur Nur g 2019


Apron’s Plea Now it's over a year, since you know me dear. I know your every face, whether it is good or bad. Yes me, It's me, your white shield. Can you hear me, please…? You hang me over the chair; You throw me over that messy bed, just like a trash. Sometimes, stuff me inside the bag. You know, there What condition do I have to fight? Even I forgot, my colour is white. Why are you so cruel to me? Don't you need your PPE…? Chocolates, Mobiles, Biscuits; Pen, Id and handkerchief All that you keep inside it; It's my pocket, not your cabinet Hanging on the sides, close to your knees. From class to tour, from OT to Lab; I have many stories to tell. From break to lunch, and those class bunk, Stored in my memories in chunk. Sometimes butter, sometimes tea; Someday blood spills. Are you that much carefree? Now, promise me you will wash me this week, Can you hear me, please… ? From one shoulder to next, that are sweat wet. Oh god! It smells like hell. Yeow, why are you roll up my sleeves so bad? Have some mercy dear, don't hang me in your hand. At least button me properly, don't you have any sense? It's your lab coat, not your fancy dress. NO, PLEASE don't lie again in my name, How have you got that much gut? Who is going to the library? Are you really a nut…? In this long journey of life, you may forget these sweet minds. But those stains and heartfelt words, Scribed by your friends, near the amusement park Will remind you and make you alive. Over the nation, over the seas; It's not something anyone can buy. I am the epitome of faith and pride, will always remain by your side… Respect my fellows, treat me with ease. Can you hear me, please... ? Khushboo Lohani Allied Sciences 2019

CHIASMA 4.0 FEB 14-17 The biggest fest of Eastern India was all set to be hosted by AIIMS Bhubaneswar from 14th Feb to 17th Feb, 2020 amidst great celebration and liveliness. Justifying the theme “A Mystical Escapade”, the four days of magical fun and extravaganza did not fail to elevate our spirits and rejuvenate our souls.



14 FEB

The spectacular day one started with literary events like a brainstorming session of Debate and Reverse String Theory, followed by the much glamorous Fashion Show where participants walked their way with pure confidence and passion. In events like pen tattooing and doodling, participants used creativity to design their own unique tattoos & doodles whereas sport events brought out the competitive instincts in us. The night was however owned by SPUNK with their edgy and power packed version of retro Bollywood songs.



15 FEB

With rhythm and beats resonating around the whole campus, Acoustics was definitely the highlight of the second day along with Nukkad, where participants displayed their amazing acting skills. Literary events included Pressure cooker and Devil's Advocate, which as the names suggest, witnessed a tough battle of words. T-Shirt designing and Sketch Competition helped the artists showcase their exemplary talents whereas the MediQuiz and the SciTechBiz Quiz made the contestants continuously tickle their grey cells. With the audience literally rolling on the floor laughing, we had the famous Sapan Verma who filled the night with his puns, humour and humorous puns.



16 FEB

Chiasma 4.0 would be incomplete without the power pack treasure of dances and hence Amaterasu (Solo and Duet Dance) was one of the scintillating events thoroughly enjoyed by the audience. Events like face painting gave a marvellous opportunity to those who spoke the language of colours whereas to encourage the flamboyant poets, Slam Poetry was organised which added to the ambience and aura of the event. The General Quiz and the SpEnt quiz which were the ultimate war of knowledge and quick wits, met with an enthusiastic participation too. The star night was lit by the spectacular performance of Ash King, who mesmerized our souls and hearts with his beautiful melody.



17 FEB

As the last day of the fest dawned, the sport tournaments like Football, Cricket, Basketball, Badminton, futsal, volleyball, throwball, chess, carrom and table tennis were all gearing up for the much awaited finals. The stage was set on fire like never before as the Group Dance commenced where dancers showed off their best moves. Declamation with the excellent speakers, ADZap with the creative minds and Dumb Charades with the enthusiasm and zeal kept us enthralled throughout the day. Keeping up the fervour of the pronights to an all-time high, as the night saw the curtains falling over CHIASMA 2020, Sunburn campus with an EDM Night made the crowd of AIIMS Bhubaneswar dance to the beats of the popular DJ Candice Redding, followed by the captivating DJ Rhea with her high energy DJ Sets and brand of music. The visual treat made the night an unforgettable one!



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Maybe you wonder how the mighty, lofty Mountains stand so tall, You wonder at the deafening noise Of the crusading Waterfall, "God's creations are unique" – Maybe that's what you think of allRoaming alone in the hill cradled valleys In the snowfall. And dreaming of that ethereal beauty You find yourself enthralled, Never casting an eye on the pretty things That are around you scattered – Did you think of that painter who sprayed Little daubs of blue on the butterfly? Maybe you dream of seeing the king of birds, But did you ever patiently stand by, And admire the handwork of the Artist Who drew the Martin's mesmerizing eye? Beauty is all around you, But indeed there are very few, Amidst this world of men, Who have a true eye to view. But if you are truly a worshipper of Venus, You'll find her in the pretty daisy's violet dress, You'll see her in the eternal love saga Between the sunflower and the Sun's rays. Beauty is omnipresent - It is seen When the mischievous wind plays with the green leaves, Oh what beauty is hidden on this Earth, It appears as a candle on the Firefly's wings! Some of you may lament not to see the beautiful Nature , But it's around you - It appears as a flicker mild, Either in the kind man's eyes, Or in the Overflowing love of the mother for her leprotic child.

Ahana Ghosh MBBS 2020 57

YOU Dear brother, It's been real long since the last time we spoke. Yeah, yeah, I know, my bad. I'm being busy these days learning stuff They never taught at schools. Hope you had a wild party yesterday. I'm sorry we had to miss it, They said we aren't meant to wish you, Not that you didn't know, Sister died the day before. We both know it's a suicide, Though they denied it to be one. Wish I knew she's being crushed By the family, YOU gave her, To get married to a guy, YOU kept waiting for her, When her childish heart was begging For some air as she was being strangulated By the differences in the financial backgrounds You let them be, Let's not talk about children for some time I know you would not like it when I start about them. Why would you? When YOU are the one that put them On this wretched world in the first place, When you are the one that watched them Starve to death in like what? 10 seconds a child? When I see them dying groping their sticky throats, I hear the stories of minors on the other side! Minors being doped and groped

Hushed and shushed Pinned and killed In front of your eyes By creatures unworthy of a single breath Put on this earth by YOU. What kind of maniacal pedophilic urge You have, that at least a billion minors Were victims of life even before they saw the actual life. At the least! Speaking of the life YOU gave them, They live of each other's failure, And some die of their own, Which YOU gave them in the first place. Speaking the failures, YOU failed when YOU created the mankind Choosing colours to shade their skin. They ended up slaving away the dark ones While YOU were watching a black and white show Where the white eats up the black And the black fights to pledge the shades The white never had. Speaking of fights, they fight for the kind of Story they end up believing in, Which YOU never had the power to do anything about, According to their puppet master. Wish I hadn't lost the friend whom I loved And praised and protected and spoken to, The thrilled psycho I've never realised to be Living right under our noses Living off our hyperventilation. Wait, I'm happy I saw the REAL YOU.

-TORNPraveen Kumar Bonthu MBBS 2016


The Magical Words I read a story and was connected so well

With him, she feels safe and assured,

How I felt about it, just wanted to tell....

With almost all of her insecurities cured. He can calm her when she's a storm,

Her mind was logical and heart uncertain,

Can sense her pain, when she's too calm.

Confused, about what was correct and sane.

To protect her, he claims to clench his fist,

Ultimately, she decided to leave for sure,

She had forgotten, if any magic words exist.

For all the stress, she couldn't endure. True, that She had yearned for so long,

But he, made her realise that, yes, they do,

To listen, the magical words all along.

When he said, "I'm always there for you…"

She conjured, hearing it, would be bliss,

She felt a radiant smile, embracing her face,

And even fantasized, her true love

Which She tried concealing, avoiding his gaze.

kiss(chuckles). For she had grown, listening to fairy tales,

What it might turn into, she isn't sure,

A fantasy world where all the logic fails.

Be it Love, hatred, friendship or more.

Finally, the beautiful moment made it's way,

But there's one thing, she feels really deep,

The three magical words, she heard him say.

That she has a friendship, she'd always keep.

It was the moment she realized,

No matter what, happy or low it turns into,

That I love you, has literally no magic in it.

They've a shoulder, of each other to lean onto.

That I love you, sans emotions, sounds shit. She was broken, everything seemed wrong,

I won't call it love, I can't call it romance,

Every belief shattered, she trusted all along.

For their bond, has it's own fragrance.

Then she met someone, who held her hand,

Do share your views, what you feel about it?

For her, at every corner, he would stand.

What's your magic word, that gives you a kick?

Made her realise, "beauty lies in reality too, All you need is to have a trust in you." Reading this, I often wonder, what's so special about him? He is not the wealthy gifting showering prince, Not a pro biker, not so tall, dark or handsome, Not a lover, but a friend who's the most loyal one, He understands her, trusts her too, To describe their bond, any word is few.



Celebrate our Reunion e eighth batch of MBBS students of AIIMS-BBSR, or as we like to call ourselves, “Nineteen Batch” — or more recently, Retrouvailles — would always find themselves in peculiar, unprecedented, never-before-hopefully-never-again situations. We had our own shares of highs and higher highs. (Yeah, that kinda sass comes bundled up when you are a Retrouvailles ;-) ) From planning an extravagant excursion, surviving through the monthly regimen of weeklies mandated by the curriculum, running around working through one celebration after another, and being the lab rats for novel teaching strategies, thanks to the pandemic and a tailspin of lockdowns, we have had it all. We are vainly incorrigible, and nothing keeps us from doing something we really want to — no please don't bring up our glorious rep of not having accomplished a single so-called 'mass bunk' — and then again, we know our worth. We know who we are. Saints at times, stubbornly sophomoric at others, we are one big herd of oxymorons and morons all the same. Cheerfully deriding each other, laughing maniacally at casual BS, irritating the hell out of lovebirds, flabbergasting people around, people away, and ourselves with insane ideas — that's basically an average day in our lives. March 18, 2020. A perfectly average day. Half the class sleeping through two morning theory classes. e other half busy on WhatsApp conversations, confirming and exposing the sham out of rumours of closure. We move to the dissection hall. And get a notice. e pandemic seemed overpowering. You know it's an apocalypse when AIIMS-BBSR shuts down its UG academic activities. Within the span of the next seventy-two hours, all of us were in ten different states. A few days' stay at home became a month. Two months. Video calls became routine practices to notify our fellows, I'm still alive, dude! Online classes. Online Pictionary. Online birthdays — sad, people evaded the customary thrashings :,-) GAAAAAHHHHHH! at's when we named ourselves after a wistful dream. Eighteen months, six seasons, a dozen fiestas, and a million memories later, the first meeting on 14th August, 2019 seems like a long overdue reunion. Retrouvailles. Peace out.




Bisher People asking why don’t you reply on whatsapp. Princy : Uska toh koi upaaye nahi hain.

So knowledge, very education, much clever, such smart, high ginius!!


Devika 3rd Law Of Poli: For every solo trip around the world, there is a rocket launch to the moon.

Fredy "The world's gonna end". Le DRP : It's okay, I'm faaaaine with it.”


Shamin Seniors: What do you like in Fredy? Girls: Everything boss. Freddy raajav uyir.

To cure IBS, just Swiggy everyday.

Everyone : The pen is mightier than the sword. Le Ayooj : What about my camera?



Nikhil Quiet guys make impeccable H&Es

The sole reason ‘omfed’ is still sold in the canteen.


Devi Has been living in a single room since August, 2019

Omkar The whole world is in lockdown. Par Mithu ko kya? Usko bas patla hona hai.

“I will fail!" Few moments later.. 80% marks (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻"


Monish “Need participants for an online event? Contact him!”

“Nobita sleeps the fastest.” Le Amlan : Pffftttt

Who would have thought that the dashing Rajasthani launda is a gynophobic.

Iti Debashish


Maturely Immature. All- How are exam preparations going on? Le DJ- kuch nai bas 11th revision start hua abhi.

Dance and thums-up make him Kalapati to Thalapathy

Gautam Shashinath

Expect the unexpected, just like in the thousand of web series he watches. Trust no one. Kill anyone. Be only one.

Souvik Thomas


Main bol raha hu ki tum mere liye apple laoge? Eat. Binge. Guitar. Repeat

It’s not lipstick... It's baby lips!

Theertha Vighnesh

Girls, don't try to patch up with him. Or else you will end up waiting only for this sleep lover!


The number you are calling is currently on another call. Please try again later. Main itna busy hu mai kya karu? Kya karu?

Sohan Ushosee


Gold medal chahiye toh leja, par mat khaa mera bheja. Left leg aage aage right leg peeche peeche.

All that you need to get high is podi.. I mean kaara podi

Sachin Rojalin

Three basic needs of my life :selfie, good selfie and very good selfie.


He gets more money from cashback than he will ever get from being a doctor Every date is different... if you know what it means.

Hari Prakash


Madhukishan Nenu ammaikodini

Classic example of 21st century Romeo.


Keerthi Actually... Basically... Enthaan vecha... umm..

Wahid Main serious nahin hoon... meri shakl hi aisi hai.

Hey Pulka! Give me your Hotspot password, no!?


Toko Kalyug ka naarad muni ... Bharmchaari katayi na samajhna

You asked for a love letter? Pardon me, I wrote a novel.

Frequently disturbed by "Bin bulaaye mehmaan" in his room.

Rakesh Charan


Meri bike public transport nahi hai! T-T No one gets bored when this story teller is around.

Hello main Puja bol rahi hoon, the dream girl.

Pramit Khushi

Raj Kishore

Ore wa Kami da!!!! A dancing doll with a wide geographical distribution.

“Cocaine?" Le Raj - "Meh. Coffee snort karna hai to bol!"

Satish Prashik


I will start workout daily from tomorrow. He was raised in Mumbai. That's self-explanatory!!!

His room is the epicenter of all odia activities




He's Salman, but with looks and fans.

The only Sanskar I have is in my name.



Bro I am sleeping, I can't come for the photoshoot.

The only person who loves DH rajma more than chicken biriyani


Le Shahid: If u have HIV I definitely do.

His room only has books, snacks Abhik's sleepwell mattress: and himself. (*Roomie cries inHis the ex,corner*) the LT-1


ଜନବ ି ି

େଭାକ ବକଳ େର ମା ଟି େମାହର ି ି ଜନାଳୟ ଯାଇଥଲା େକଉଁ ପାଶଵକ ି ଆନ ସକାେଶ ପଠାଇଲ ଜମାଳୟ! ି େ ତ ତ କାହାର ଉଜାଡି ନଥଲା ି ଘର ଭା ି ତ ନଥଲା େକଉଁ ଅପରାେଧ ଏେତ ବଡ଼ ଦ େଦଲ ତାକୁ େହ ନର! ୁ ସଭ ତା ଆଳେର ଜ ଲ କାଟଛ ଉଜାଡ଼ଛ ୁ ଆମ ବାସ ସପୁରି ସହିତ ବେ ାଟକ େଦଇ ି ଲଭଲ ି ଅବା େକଉଁ ଯଶ! ୁ ୁ ତେମ ପରା ସଭ ,ସଶ ୁ ି ିତ ତେମ ୁ ତେମ େଯ ବଶବଜୟୀ ି ି ୁ େଯ ମଣିଷତ୍ଵ ନାହ ,ରା ସ ତେମ ପମାଣିତ ଅେଟ ଏହି! ବନା ୃ ୁ ଦ େଦଇ ି ଅପରାେଧ ମତ ଭୁ ଲିଗଲ ଆମ କଥା ପଶୁ େହେଲ ମଧ କୀଡ଼ାନକ ନୁ େହ ଆମକୁ ବି ଲାେଗ ବ ଥା! ି ମୁଁ ଏତିକି କହଛି ମରଲି ି ସନା ୁ ପୁନ ଜନି ବି ମୁହ େମା ମାତୃ ହତ ା ର ପତିେଶାଧ େନବି େସ ଯାଏଁ େମା ଶା ି ନାହ! Rojalin Mallick MBBS 2019



बाग़बाँ को भी ख़ौफ़ होता है... जब बगीचा बहार म खल जाता है... हम तब खोने का डर है, जब कु छ है सयत से ादा मल जाता है। ले कन ऐसा सोचना मेरे दो .... खूबसूरत र े को बबाद कर देता है। यक नन ये इ तो नह है..... क ार बांधता नह , आज़ाद कर देता है।। यूँ तो हज़ार नगाह ने तुमको नहारा होगा, पर ना हर कसी ने तुमको दल से पुकारा होगा। अफ़सोस आ होगा मेरे रब को भी उस दन, जस दन तु े ज त से ज़म पे उतारा होगा।।

कु छ लोग कहगे, कु छ तुम सुन लेना, कु छ अपनी कहा नयां भी तुम बुन लेना, अगर सच जानना है, तो ही मेरे पास आना वरना बाज़ार से एक झूठ तुम भी चुन लेना।

वो और हसीन लगती है, जब सादी लगती है आम कपड़ म भी, वो शहजादी लगती है | ज़ायका उसक मीठी बात का ा बताऊं , न म-ओ-ग़ज़ल भी आगे उनके , बे ादी लगती है || वो जो आगे हो तो, देखूं, –ए–वा दयां, कह और ताकना, आँख क बरबादी लगती है | चांदनी यूँ तो रोशन करती है फलक को, पर उसके नूर के आग,े चांदनी भी आधी लगती है ||

हम झूठ के शहर म सच बोल बैठे, वो नमक का शहर था हम ज़ खोल बैठे, ख़ता उनक कोई भी नह थी, शायद हम ही ग़लत समझ बैठे, वो तरस खा कर बात करते थ,े हम मोह समझ बैठे।।



हर व एक नया एहसास देती है हर चेहरे पर एक मु ान छलकती है एक यारी तो है जो हर जर म रोशनी भर देती है आज फर चल ह अपने व को जीने खुले आसमान क ओर बाह फै लाए पुकार रह ह ये प र े उड़ना चाहते ह आसमान से भी ऊपर एक दूसरे का हाथ थामकर नकल जाय कह दूर और कर ल अपने मन क यह तो वो साथ है जो खुशनसीबी है हमारी सबसे ारी हमारी यारी हमारी यारी.... कल क फ ूँ कर हम जदगी को जीना आज है ूँ ना साथ म जय हर मु ल हो आसान जब मल जाए यारा तेरी यारी सबसे ारी हमारी यारी हमारी यारी...... जवानी का एहसास रग म जोश भरता है एक व चढ़ता है एक व उतरता है पर व हो ऐसा जब ह साथ हम तब सब का दल एक साथ धड़कता है जोश का खुमार इस कदर चढ़ता है सारा जमाना भी कह देता है इक बारी सबसे ारी हमारी यारी हमारी यारी....

कोई गीत लखूँ

कोई गीत लख,ूँ या कोई ग़ज़ल लख।ूँ। कोई सुरीला साज़ लख,ूँ या अपने सारे राज़ लख।ूँ। आज के बगड़े हालात लख,ूँ या कल क कोई बात लख।ूँ। राम का वनवास लख,ूँ या सीता का व ास लख।ूँ। ोणा का ान लख,ूँ या भी का अ भमान लख।ूँ। मं दर के भजन लख,ूँ या म द क अज़ान लख।ूँ। माँ क ममता लख,ूँ या पता का अनुशासन लख।ूँ। अधूरे ाब को लख,ूँ या नई उ ीद का आगाज़ लख।ूँ। ेम को लख,ूँ या नफरत का बखान लख।ूँ। लब क खामोशी लख,ूँ या आंसुओं क बरसात लख।ूँ। कसी का पैगाम लख,ूँ या मधुशाला का जाम लख।ूँ। कोई तो मुझे बताओ आज म ा लख।ूँ। रो हत नारायण Allied Sciences 2017

राजदीप महरा नयाँ Allied Sciences 2019 76

Memers of the Year

Rishabh Sanskar


1 78



“Arey yaar yeh batch trip kya hai? Sab ke sab bol rahe the ham log batch trip pe gaye the...” If you had the same doubt or if you are interested in knowing about it then continue reading, or else just skip to the next article. Anyway, if you are still reading this, thanks and internet hugs from our batch (goes without saying, it’s the corona era right now.) So it all started when the batch WhatsApp group suddenly went hyperactive with the fantasy of a batch trip. Soon enough, we began huge discussions on the group which was becoming too difficult to keep track of — as is expected when ninety nine people start putting forward their ideas together. It was somehow decided that we would go to Chilika Lake, after a lot of brainstorming and recommendations. Few enthusiastic people planned it and made arrangements about travel and food. Thanks guys! <3 *Fast forward to the day of the trip* We managed to convince our parents to let us go citing that we were “adults.” Everyone managed to wake up, some of us didn't even sleep due to the excitement, and were ready on time, a very surprising occurrence, considering that thirty percent of the batch can’t even make it to the morning 8 o’clock classes. Everything had been a cakewalk — or so we thought. That’s when the security guards realised that something was up and denied to let us out. Soon, like a nuclear chain reaction without the control rods, one thing led to another and we were speaking to the registrar before we knew it. As you may have guessed, the trip was cancelled due to lack of permission from the authorities, and our lack of knowledge. Then a group of determined people went ahead, changed the location, took the required permissions, and arranged Batch Trip 2.0, which was way more fun and interesting and at the same time was much harder to arrange than its predecessor. So this time, we planned on going to the Konark Temple, and a ‘Jungle Camp.’ Surprisingly enough, we got help from our seniors, teachers and the administration alike. Our sincerest thanks to Registrar sir for helping us with the transport arrangements, and to Bala sir and Priyadarshini ma’am for accompanying us on their day off. They gave us a completely free hand which was actually cool, considering they know how “mature” we are. Our maturity was very apparent in the jungle camp as we moved around the various jungle courses like pro-monkeys many of us getting completely drenched in an extremely filthy pond in the process. Even though Batch Trip 1.0 was unfortunately cancelled, Batch Trip 2.0 was an unprecedented success. It exceeded all of our expectations and was the beginning of several long-lasting friendships in our college life. That one day, even with some hiccups, brought our whole batch closer in a way that we can’t put together in words. Thank you for sticking around with us till the end, because it is something that is, and will be very close to our hearts.


Article Credits: Peeta Lasya


डयर सुरश े रनैा भाई,

एक उ

ीद - रै ना

बात ब त है कहने को, ले कन शकायत भी है तुमसे। साल 2020 से परश े ान हो रखी जनता का दल जब धोनी के इं ा ाम पो ने 7:30 बजे तोड़ दया तब ज रत थी उस टू टे दल को जोड़ने क , ना क आधे घंटे के अंदर-अंदर उसे और चकनाचूर कर दने​े क , शकायत तो हमेशा रहगेी। एक आखरी बार नीली जस पहनकर एक यादगार फेयरवेल मैच खेल लेते तो ा चला जाता? शकायत रहगेी क योयो टे म सबसे ादा हाई ोर कर के और अभी भी सबसे उ ा फ र होने के बावजूद तुम यू अल वदा कह गए जैसे इस खेल को तु ारे पास दने​े को कुछ बाक ही नह था। शकायत रहगेी क थाला के चले जाने के बाद च ाथाला को संभालना चा हए था, ले कन वो भी यूं चला जाएगा ये सोचा ही नह था। ले कन अब चले ही गए हो तो शकायत करके भी

ा कर ल,

क साथ दक े र जा रहे हो जदगी भर क वो याद,

वो याद जो मु ल दन म हौसला दगी, जो भरे बादल म सूरज क रोशनी जैसी उ ीद ह, जो ये बताती ह क ज ने मु ल व म तु ारा साथ दया उनका साथ कभी भी नह छोड़ना, वो याद ये सखाएंगी क एक छोटी सी जगह मुरादनगर का सोनू चे ई का च ाथाला और पूरी दश े के आंख का तारा बन सकता ह,ै ज रत है तो बस लगन क । वो याद ये भी सखाएंगी क जब जदगी मु ल क बाउं सर डाले तो थोड़ा बैकफुट पे चले जाओ, क जदगी मौके दगेी तब ं टफूट पे आएंगे और मड वकट पे एक लंबा छ ा लगाएंगे। वो याद गवाही दगी क सचुएशन जो भी हो हम कामयाब होना है और बा कय से पहले होना है ठीक वैसे ही जैसे टे , वन डे और टी20 फॉमट कोई भी हो तुमने सब जगह शतक जड़ा और हदु ान म सबसे पहले जड़ा। वो याद ये भी सखा के जाएंगी क खराब शु आत का मतलब ये नह है क अंत भी खराब होगा, जैसे तुमने पहले इंजन म जीरो पर आउट होने के बाद भी दु नया फतेह क । तो सुरश े रनैा भाई हम तो जी लगे इन याद के साथ चाहे 2011 व कप के ाटर फाइनल और सेमी फाइनलम खेली गई वो बेहद ज री इ नग हो या जब का डफ या सट लू सया म इं ड और द ण अ का के खलाफ जो तूफान तुमने खड़ा कया। कसम से इन सारे इ न के हाइलाइ स यू ूब म मेरे मो ूड से न म हमेशा रहगी और नीली नह तो पीली पहन लगे ूं क च ाना तो हम धोनी और रनैा ही ह।ै तो मेरे दो ...मेरे भाई.. इंटरनेशनल केट छोड दया है ले कन केट म अभी और याद दक े े जाओ क याद से भी सीखना है और कसी भी जस म ही सही ले कन तु अभी और दख े ना है रनैा भाई।

स चन राज और अमृत राज MBBS 2019


In Love with Death

Before you finish reading this, 3 lives would have committed suicide.

While turning the pages of newspaper, there lie the photos of a specialist doctor, a youngster with celebrity status, with lost love; both of them committed suicide for different reasons. First we will think what do they lack to do such a foolish thing. Beside them lies a farmer of current India, a housewife living in poverty, a boy with game addiction. When we look straight, we see their family and friends and think they should have listened to something; that they should have cared for some time. Every 40 seconds, one person commits suicide around the globe, around 8 lakh people per year. Suicide is one of the major causes of death among youth of every country, especially India. Of all the suicides committed globally, 79% occur in countries with low or average per capita income. Just a few days ago, everyone was a depression specialist on social media. But I clearly doubt how many of them even know about depression at least. "I feel really stressed out", "I don't think I can withstand this", "It's better to die without harming anyone else", "I am even fed up with the social media troll pages".... Have you ever thought about how to listen to such things from our friends or relatives? Aren't they some murmurs that we always neglect above our ears?? If your beloved ones or friends talk like this, you must pay attention. I won't say these are cases of depression; they can be simple stresses, natural human emotions with sadness. Many of them won't talk about what they are actually going through; scared of being teased by others or being blamed by friends or family. Shrinking towards oneself is a common thing seen with mental issues. Be patient with them, control yourselves while talking. A word of love, a touch with care, a fluent talk, might carry them to the epitome of the world. You have no idea how much even your presence matters. 1)Don't be judgmental about them or about their views. Don't ask questions like "Are you thinking about suicide?” 2) Tell them their feelings are common, and that a number of people around them have the same feelings and state of mind. Promise them your support and care (and keep your promises). 3) Don't interrupt them while talking.Don't belittle their feelings with words like "You have everything" or "Look at me, I am in a worse state” or “I have been through the same". Though they think unwisely, their feelings are true. 4) Encourage them to access medical help. If needed contact their parents or a medical facility in urgent cases. Also prevent any kind of drug or alcohol abuse that they might fall into.


I know you are very much busy there, messing in your college groups and chatting with your old friends, and you are told to be with them. But being a listener needs more quality, more patience, more love, more sacrifice. It's not like simply listening to a story. It's about staying with them, supporting them, upbringing them, and putting aside the "Me.., me.., my...” thoughts for a while. So being a listener needs quality, a soul. As with diabetes or hypertension or cancers which arise from bodily imbalances, these conditions which need a listener arise from some chemical imbalances in brain. Even you and I can go through them at some point in life. But essentially your stresses and worries are not depression unless it is clinically diagnosed, and don't say “I am depressed, I am depressed”. But even those stresses within us or within you, when not shared or cared for can eventually lead to depressed minds. So before being in need for a listener, be a good listener yourself. Let us together make "love to live".

Rabeeh Kalathil MBBS 2019

Totem of Trust Trust for me is like blind love, Oblivious of the dismay that follows. You thrust heart first into that candlelight, Little did u realize; it was a fiery inferno. And you, ready for the blows, even if it knocks out your air, Invincible to all emotions, daunting to spectators. You live in a fantasy that you can barely reckon, And it seems too good to be true, and yet you follow in blind, And then comes the hard blow, One that you cannot forestall. And you then fall to your demise, On to the rugged reality of mistrust. And still, you are merely a collateral, To the world's vicious reality. Trust is crumpled and thrown off away, And along with it your swaying heart. Goodbye trust, for I can't rely on you to rebuild the totem that fell. Shada Saheed MBBS 2019

One Moment Give me this moment to grieve. Tomorrow I will get up Wipe away my tears I will harden myself, strengthen my resolve I will march forward, pretending to care I will set aside my selfish desires which I claim not to need. Tomorrow I will hide in me. But now, in this instant The world is ending And nothing else matters. Now I want, I want with everything that is me I want fiercely and unflinchingly Despite all consequences, All repercussions of bad decisions. Tonight, I only want And nothing else matters I care about nobody else I am callous about it outwardly, Deeming it too common and plain And so clichéd But in the privacy of my mind In its darkest corners Where I dare not trespass I cherish all that I pretend to loathe. They will mock me, hate me if I reveal this part of myself so carefully concealed.


But none of it matters now All that I want is slipping inches from my fingertips Slipping away before I can grab. My chest burns The pain of desertion, Haunting my conscious and unconscious. What they take for granted, are the secret delights I crave and I want. It aches, This burn that spreads, like acid on my skin not getting, There is a terrible grief in it, A hopeless gnawing hunger for what it can’t get. Give me this moment to burn. Let skin peel off, leaving flesh upturned Let it melt off, of bones Let everything be bare, tonight Let the messiest, ugliest part of me show. Let it out; let it consume; let it wild Let the blood, veins, sinews be torn let it flow and .... And then tomorrow will come. I will get up. I will be stone once again. But tonight let me grieve.

Poulami Chakraborty NURSING 2019








BSC Nursing


BSC Nursing


BSC Nursing


MSC Nursing


A Lon , Har


No, it isn't about the battle of ongoing Corona pandemic which we shall have to fight for long... No, it isn't about a person struggling with and finally succeeding with mental health problems.... It is also not about any wars fought on land, air or water. Rather, It is the battle which humans, or particularly women, are fighting since the world knew how babies are made or from where do they come from. And many are still fighting this battle in different countries.

So going back to a world without much progress in science, WHERE DO BABIES COME FROM? An answer to this was a myth popular among German folklore. They believed that STORKS found babies in caves or marshes and brought them to households in a basket held on their beaks... And this was supported by the fact that they had a gestational period of 9 months.... (And probably that's where the idea of younger sibling being picked from garbage bin arose )

But those who gave birth, knew the truth. For as long as men and women are having children, they have been also trying how not to. And no prize for guesses, this led to discovery of CONTRACEPTIVES as no wonder childbirth is emotionally fulfilling BUT it is also known to be physically most painful. And the most peculiar contraceptive used by people earlier what I found is that ancient Egyptian women would have a mixture of honey, sodium bicarbonate and crocodile dung before sex. Although there were quite scientific techniques too, like that of Soranus of Greece and Casanova of Italy who advised use of partially squeezed lemons as cervical caps. Until the discovery of pills, these methods were discouraged by many physicians..... Thanks to contraceptive pills, crocodiles could live a respectful life.

Yes, unwanted pregnancies were a major physically challenging problem, but not for governments. The real problem arose only in late 20th century when wars and catastrophic diseases, that checked human population from time to time, were overcome. And boom!!! The population was skyrocketing. And then, there was the Malthusian era..... Ideas of Robert Malthus warned governments about problems of rising population, and increased chapters in our books. By this time, the western world had a huge number of safe contraceptive methods.... and the demand was rising among women of third world countries....

Being a medico, I needn't elucidate about preferred and popular methods of contraception. But one thing is worth mentioning: THE STORY OF IRELAND When 2 out of 3 people voted against an earlier law and concluded that the right to abortion is to be provided by the government to the mother without any conditions..... This was a historic victory, struggle for which began after death of Savita Halappanavar (yes, an Indian), due to a complication in her pregnancy and ended with the passing of Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act, 2013

Unfortunately, the battle is still going on in countries (like ours) where abortions are allowed only under special cases as compared to The United States or Canada where abortions can be done without any condition attached to them. But the fight is even worse in countries like Malta and Dominican Republic, who don't allow abortions even in those special cases.

N Omkar Choudhury MBBS 2019

What language do you speak?


HOPE As I stepped out of the house for the irst time in six months, everything seemed different.... The streets were empty, it was eerily silent, you could literally hear your own heart beating. The world seemed stark, cold or was it peaceful? I really could not tell the difference, “I see trees of green, red roses too I see them bloom for me and you. ” I realized what the great Louis Armstrong was getting at, the beauty and warmth that we experience depends on how we see and perceive the world .... For a split second as the song played in the background, I could see the few people on the street smiling under their masks. Their eyes seemed to be sparkling with the joy of being alive, the joy of being loved and the happiness of being able to love. I had experienced hope again, something that had been hard to come by for a long time. For that short span of time I saw the world through the eyes of the great man and I could de initely agree with him, “What a wonderful world...” The future de initely felt less bleak and harsh then.


Brave Heart When you are down And all are going wrong, When you are tired And the road is too long, When you are sad And friends are far away, When you are losing And it's just not your day, When the night's too dark And your eyes are wet, When you all are alone And Missing Your Mate, Take a walk-you need some space, Sing aloud and gather your grace; Be a brave heart for time will turn, After the night will rise the sun; Come what may lose not grin, Have faith and you will win!

Atasi Maity Nursing 2020







Aayushi Dhanadia B.Sc (H) Paramedical 2019

Aravind A MBBS 2016

Clince Jackson P C MBBS 2018 Pranjan Bera MBBS 2019


Afzal Haider B.Sc (H) Paramedical 2019 Anjali Prakash B.Sc Nursing (Hons.) 2018

Bindurekha Nag MBBS 2019

C V S Manas MBBS 2017


Amit Kumar Saxenna B.Sc (H.) Paramedical 2019

Chandam Bhagyesh Durga Sai MBBS 2019

Preethi Koppuravuri MBBS 2017 KadambiniSahoo B.Sc Nursing (Hons.) 2018


Pallabi Biswas B.Sc Nursing (Hons.) 2020

Al Ameen Ashraf MBBS 2016

Sebi Shajan MBBS 2019 Harish Jangir B.Sc (H.) Paramedical 2019


A last mark that lives in a heart

Khodafez The annual college magazine, Insight, has always been a much anticipated event within the student body. It couldn’t have been more intimidatingly delightful to have taken the onus on ourselves to craft this edition of the same. The journey has been anything but a comfortable one. It’s easy to skim through a copy of this magazine at our own leisure, happily sipping a cup of coffee, chai, or maybe a smoothie. It has a gazillion efforts from a not so huge team — some big and obvious, some small and occult, and some diffuse and overlooked. The Student Editorial Team would like to extend a humongous thanks to all our buddies, who were with us right from late March, 2020, and have borne with us over a span of several months. Everyone — credited, uncredited, forgotten, despised, looked up to — everyone has had a rôle, that they discharged exceptionally well. You, dear reader, would not have reached this page had it not been for them. The behind the scene events of this magazine have been exceedingly unusual, thanks to — no prizes for guessing — the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns. Hours of brainstorming, hours of coaxing, coercing, deriding, overriding and high octane discussions have dotted the journey of this magazine from the hearth of our hearts to your hands. Later, 'gator! ;-)

Tamam shod!

Cover page credits: Sebi Shajan

We received the baton, feels like yesterday, But yes, with us, perhaps it had its longest stay. The team set, had an enthusiastic start, Everyone worked the best for their part. The rains hit the track, did cause a halt, But the drill resumed, under a new vault Bit by bit, day by day, Amidst the zeal, et and ay. Talking about the incredible race, Together, we matched our pace. We faced challenges, not so easy to overcome, But resilient we stood, working together as one. The result rests with you, if we lost or won, Here, glorious we stand, ready to pass the baton. - The Quill