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The Power of Technology

About Insightconxs Insightconxs has built a reputation as a trusted provider of Software and Communications solutions. We continually review and adopt new technologies from leading vendors to deliver pioneering, cost-effective information and communication solutions for Start-up businesses, SME’s, mid-market and enterprise clients. We are not just here to sell products but to listen and understand how your company operates, looking into every detail of your business so that we can recommend the best solution that captures the latest technology. We strongly believe in long term relationships, building a bond with our clients so that we evolve with you and understand what you need moving forward and how to get the best out of your systems.

Customer Support We believe customer service is paramount to our business, and as a customer centric business, we believe in not just talking about how good our service is, but delivering a service that we ourselves would expect from a supplier. We are confident that as a business we can meet all customer expectations and support their business throughout the life cycle of a project and into the future. Insightconxs Customer Support is your first port of call for all our services and products, we will aim to help and assist you wherever we can, we treat you our customer as we ourselves like to be supported, in a professional and efficient manner. Our team of dedicated staff are well versed in supporting our customers and will be delighted to help you in anyway they can, whether the task is small or more complicated they will endeavor to 2 solve any issues you may have.

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Insightconxs Hosted VoIP The Evolution of Communications

Communications the heart of your business Communications are the heart of your business, but it’s easy to overlook how important the right technology can be – and what a difference it can make to the way you run your business. VOIP and Hosted Telephony is a great leap forward in business communications – putting the world at your fingertips, and saving you money in the process.

What is VOIP & Hosted Telephony? Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) on a hosted platform enables calls over an Internet connection instead of a conventional phone line. Rather than connecting to a phone system (PBX) on your premises, users enjoy a feature-rich system hosted on a data centre-based platform. Connect seamlessly with advanced IP handsets with no loss in call quality. Users can be geographically independent but remain connected to a central system – perfect for multiple offices and remote workers. Connecting via the Internet cuts expensive set-up and line rental costs, with full scalability on-demand. With Hosted Telephony you only pay for the features and users you need on a monthly basis. Calls between extensions are free –

wherever in the world they’re located – while outbound calls are competitively priced, saving you a fortune in call costs alone.

Hosted Voice Benefits There are many reasons why you should consider Hosted VOIP for your business. Here are just a few: • Unlimited scalability • Pay only for what you use • Corporate-level features • Future-proofed feature and

application development • Seamless multi-site integration •

• • •

– anywhere in the world Seamless integration for home workers – no complex setup required Mobile working features Easy self-administration Outlook integration

Give your business w hat it needs to survive and thrive!


Why Hosted Telephony?

Features: ü Automated attendant ü Attend transfer ü Blind transfer ü Blacklist ü Call back ü Call detail records ü Call forward ü Call pickup ü Call routing ü Call waiting ü Caller ID ü Call recording ü Follow me ü Mobile Client ü Music on hold ü Music on transfer ü Ring group ü Speed dial ü Three-way calling ü Unified Voicemail

Free Consultation available. We will review your requirement & propose a system that best suits your business.

Hosted IP Telephony provides businesses with a network-based service, providing a comprehensive range of telephony features for a monthly user fee. The monthly fee includes all maintenance and support costs, giving you superior service at an all-inclusive price. A hosted solution not only provides a list of features, set at low cost but also saves companies a significant amount of capex. Hosted IP Telephony allows customers to replace on site PBX infrastructure with a network based, hosted solution. The service fulfils a wide range of requirements, ranging from basic services for small or single site operations, to more sophisticated services for those businesses that operate multiple sites or call centre operations. Service features range from dial tone to advanced multimedia functionality. Each user is able to access full PBX functionality across a variety of different devices including IP phone, PC, PDA and dual mode (GSM + Wi-Fi) mobile phone. A simple PC client and web interface provide easy calling and call control from any Internet connected device.

Benefits Include: Flexib ility - If you don’t want to go to your office, your office comes to you. Ideal for home working and ideal for people out and about. In this environment you can be contacted on your office extension wherever you are in the world. Adva nced fea ture s - Presence, attendant console, multimedia conferencing, collaboration, home worker, call centre, call recording, one number find me follow me, Outlook integration, conferencing and disaster recovery are just some of features that can help your business become more efficient and productive Reliability - All our services are provided on resilient systems, ensuring you experience an unrivalled level of service availability and reliability. Good va lu e - You choose the functions you want and pay only for those. You get access to new technology and large company features at a fraction of the cost. Request only what your company needs now and just order more when or if you need it. No more equipment obsolescence and 4 depreciation!

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Eas y to support - As the service is hosted, there is no on site PBX, reducing time and costs for implementation. Once in service, all management functions are web based, making moves and changes easy and reducing your internal IT requirement and training costs. L ower Cos ts - There are considerable cost savings in our solutions: cheaper calls, free calls, fewer calls, lower cost moves and changes, lower capital expenditure. But the real benefit is a more productive workforce, saving time and effort in communication, improved remote working and reduced need to travel. Eas y to opera te - The user interface is PC based with easy to understand icons and graphics. Now your employees can set up conference calls, do their own routing and much more at a click of a mouse, making communication really work for them.

Voice over Internet Protocol VoIP is a technology that allows voice and video calls to be made and received via a high-speed Internet connection. It enables users to call anywhere in the world for a fraction of the usual cost (typically at least 50 per cent cheaper) and other VoIP users for free. VoIP telephony systems, more commonly known as IP-PBX systems, can provide an advanced set of call handling tools and features to improve service, efficiency and productivity. They are suitable for businesses of all sizes - from micro companies to large corporate entities. More than 40 per cent of UK businesses are already using VoIP, with adoption highest among medium-sized enterprises. A further 25 per cent of companies have plans to deploy VoIP in 2013.

When switching to Voice over Internet Protocol telephony, the decision of whether to use a hosted or on-site phone system must be made. Both have fundamental differences, which will have a long-term impact on how the system is run and maintained.

IP-Pbx Solutions from Insightconxs Insightconxs prides itself on delivering a world class Hosted VoIP service based on world leading Broadworks platform. This ensures that our customers receive the most advanced features and functions available in the marketplace as well as delivering Quality of Service assurances. For all customers, our engineering team can customise our technology features and applications to ensure successful integration with existing infrastructure. The core VoIP technology provides the foundation upon which all other components reside on: • Carrier Grade Architecture • Carrier Grade Scalability • Provides a complete array of PBX-like business

features • Interoperability support for flexible deployments

Hosted or On-Site Pbx? VoIP telephony systems can be vendor operated via the Internet on a hosted ‘cloud’ platform or physically installed at office premises. Hosted systems incur operating expenditure in the form of a monthly service charge, while on-site systems incur an initial capital cost for the phone system hardware. Both have fundamental differences with distinct advantages and disadvantages. It is important to fully appreciate how they differ in order to make the right VoIP telephony decision.


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Hosted Telephony A hosted IP-PBX is provided, configured, managed and maintained by a VoIP telephony provider. Calls are routed by the service provider and delivered over an Internet connection (Figure 1). Other than IP handsets and an Internet connection, the customer needs no additional equipment.

ü There is no reliance on a single site, so if a connection to the IP-PBX is lost from one site, calls can still be routed to other sites ü Enables and supports seamless, professional remote working as calls can be directly routed to any employee, regardless of location. Calls can also be made from mobile phones and softphones, as well as desk phones. By always keeping users connected to the same phone system, benefits including increased efficiency, productivity and employee satisfaction can be achieved

Figure 1: A hosted IP-PBX VoIP telephony system

ü Quick and easy to implement with migration from traditional telephony very straightforward. Disruption during implementation is extremely rare and the transition can be complete in a matter of days

ü Minimal hardware storage, racking and cooling requirements because the VoIP provider houses most of the equipment off-site ü Ensures continuity in the event of a fire or natural disaster because all critical hardware and software is stored off-site in a secure data centre. Even if your premises are destroyed, the phone system will still work, allowing business to continue from another location


• Low capital investment required for expensive hardware or software, which in turn frees cash flow and eliminates perceived risk for businesses using VoIP for the first time • No complexity or in-house technical support demands because the VoIP service provider is responsible for managing, maintaining, updating and upgrading the hardware and software

Disadvantages χ

• Suitable for growing businesses and those with fluctuating demand because new users, numbers and phone lines can be added quickly and easily. Excellent scalability means call capacity can be increased or decreased in line with sales and demand, including seasonal peaks

Call quality is directly influenced by your Internet connection, so it is essential to use VoIP-optimized broadband with the bandwidth to handle your call requirements


Dependency on the Internet connection means that if your Internet access goes down, so will the phone system. You will not be able to make outbound calls (although inbound calls can be temporarily diverted to landlines or mobiles).


No physical hardware on site may give the perception of lack of control


Monthly fees may mean that the total cost of ownership may be slightly higher compared to an on-site IP-PBX. Any marginal additional costs however are outweighed by the savings in maintenance charges and will still be less than using the public switched telephone network.

• No expensive installation fees or engineer callouts as the system is in the cloud. Phones can be automatically provisioned, remotely ü Support and maintenance are included in the monthly cost ü Provides a unified phone system for companies with several offices, allowing efficiencies and a consistent experience for both users and customers anywhere in the world


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On-Site Pbx Designed primarily for those organisations wishing to integrate legacy PSTN lines with VoIP, an on-site IP-PBX is installed at the business premises and managed in its entirety by the user. As well as an IP-PBX, a VoIP-PSTN gateway is required to route and convert analogue or ISDN calls to VoIP (Figure 2). Figure 2: An on-site IP-PBX VoIP telephony system

Hosted IP-PBX disadvantages χ Significant up-front capital expenditure is often prohibitive or deemed to be too high, especially by businesses using VoIP telephony for the first time χ Hardware maintenance and upgrades are an ongoing expense, requiring engineering slots with the provider/manufacturer, as well as inhouse technical expertise χ Flexibility, scalability and ‘bespokability’ are limited by the physical hardware χ Increasing the number of users is not straightforward and can be a complex process, particularly if the system has already reached the maximum number of allowable users. This in turn reduces the suitability of an on-site IP-PBX for companies, including those, which are growing or plan to do so χ Licensing costs for upgrades and additional users can be high even if the hardware is capable χ Support for homeworkers may be limited as it is reliant on the site housing the system and the available bandwidth

Advantages. ü


Cost of ownership reduces over time, with lower operational expenditure and savings over the course of several years No monthly subscription payments, because you have purchased the system outright


More control over the feature set and call routing (if using an open-source platform such as Asterisk)


No need to change current call carrier because an on-site IP-PBX can connect to the PSTN, which in turn minimizes procurement changes


PSTN can easily be used as a failover when Internet bandwidth is limited or disrupted

χ Failure or loss of the PBX will mean incoming calls get a busy tone, indicating that no transmission path to the called number is available. This can potentially lose sales and damage a professional reputation χ Physical disasters or power/broadband outages at your premises will put the PBX and therefore the phone system out of action χ The IP-PBX is a single point of failure that could lead to significant downtime χ Business premises rarely offer the resiliency and protection of a purpose-built secure data centre, potentially exposing the phone system to greater risk χ Additional space will be required to house the system, along with racking and cooling χ The full potential of the system may never be realised due to relatively limited in-house technical knowledge. This will minimize the benefits gained from VoIP telephony and the investment itself


Optional Features Pbx Extension for Smartphones

True Fixed Mobile Convergence Mobility enables businesses of all sizes to integrate leading – and loved – smartphones and tablets securely, simply and cost-effectively. Take your mobility business phone service wherever you go, it works on soft phone applications for smartphones, allowing you to stay connected, even when you're nowhere near your desk phone. Your mobile phone becomes your office extension, displaying your company caller ID on outbound calls and allowing you to enjoy features like extension-to-extension dialling, and more.

High Performance – Great Flexibility

B en e fi ts ü Mobile phone becomes part of the main company hosted system, with extension dialing and flow blown system features ü Save Mobile Communication costs through LCR and Travel SIM functionality ü Improve reachability of Employees and streamline Corporate Communication ü Bring Unified Communication out to your mobile phones and thus mobilize your unified communication applications Pr oduc ti vi ty I nc re ase : ü No more missed calls and missed voicemails through single number ü Full feature access streamlining business communication Impro ve d Re ac habi li ty ü Single device for all your Business Communication needs  


Optional Features Interactive Toolbar

Introducing the Interactive Toolbar

Key Features

Our interactive integrated toolbar enables users to make and accept calls, change telephone settings from within Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer or Firefox.

ü Outlook Contact Integration – Dial Microsoft outlook contacts from contacts pane or vCard Caller ID – Identification of calling party for incoming calls only ü Caller ID – Identification of calling party ü Call Control – Transfer to Voicemail – Divert incoming calls to voicemail (using the pop-up toast feature) when it is inconvenient to answer ü Call Control – Click to Dial – Dial phone numbers from within a web page/browser or from directories with one click ü Call Control – 3 Way Conference – Initiate N-way conference feature within the toolbar ü Automatic Call-back – Allows you to monitor a busy party in your group and automatically establish a call when the busy party is available ü Call Waiting – Answer a call while already in another call. ü Call Routing – Toggle service such as call forwarding, do not disturb and remote office with a click of a button on the toolbar. ü Personal/Group Directory – Access personal directory and group directories from within Microsoft Outlook and Internet Explorer or Firefox and dial contacts with one click ü Call History – Access and delete Call logs of missed, received and dialed numbers with one click

The feature rich desktop toolbar operates in conjunction with your desktop telephone and delivers many benefits to users. Easily change telephony service settings such as simultaneous ring, call forward, do not disturb and remote office. Suitable for Corporate, SME or SOHO users and will improve productivity while allowing easy access to the features of your hosted telephone system


Optional Features Insight-integrator

Insight-integrator is a powerful unified communication software suite The Insight-integrator allows users a high level of integration, communication and collaboration with both your phone system and your internal business systems. Integrator products allow for end users of Broadsoft Broadworks hosted communication system to work more collaboratively and collectively - always having the caller information they need available quickly and efficiently. The Go Integrator products suite is not only cost effective but also very easy to maintain and even easier to install. The solution consists of two license types allowing end users to get the maximum benefit depending on their specific requirements: • Go Integrator Lite • Go Integrator DB

Main Features

Di ali ng Go Integrator enriches the CRM application with options to dial directly from its telephone fields, enables dialing from within web pages, adds ‘clipboard dialing’ functionality so copied numbers can be called with a single click and it supports TAPI dialing. Po ppi ng Callers’ CRM contact records that are known to Integrator can be opened with as little as one click so users can access the caller’s details more quickly and concentrate on the caller rather than the software while doing so.   Pr evi ew W in dow When their extension rings users are shown recognised callers’ name as found in the CRM database, as well as their number and the call control functions. This helps users decide how to deal with the call and then act immediately.    

Addre ss B oo k This powerful feature brings all the user’s contact data sources together in one place so they can search them all simultaneously. Users can dial contacts or pop contact records from the search results on the very same screen.  

C all H ist ory Integrator can display the 50 most recent calls, in and out, for each extension user. Both dialing and popping is possible from the users call history.

Pr es en ce Integrator allows users to see the real time status and availability of colleagues, and then make instant and accurate decisions as to how and when is the best time to communicate with them.  


Insight-integrator Integ ra tor DB With Integrator DB, every employee’s productivity is increased. For instance, the caller’s phone number and other relevant data can be shown on screen before the call is answered. Telephone numbers for contacts can also be searched and dialed directly from within the CRM application. Other powerful features include: Dialing from CRM database, Address Book, Call History, Web Services, Screen Pops, Real Time Presence, Instant Messaging and Google Places.

Standard Integrations

Application ACT! ConnectWise eGroupware GoldMine Google Contacts Lotus Notes Maximizer

Integ ra tor Lite Integrator Lite is a lower cost version of Integrator DB supporting all the main features of Integrator DB (desktop call control, presence, messaging, dialing, integration with Outlook and Lotus Notes) except for integration to the many CRM and database systems supported by Go Integrator DB. Pres ence W a llboa rd Presence Wallboard is a separate client application within the Go Integrator product suite. Presence Wallboard connects with the Broadworks platform to deliver user and agent telephony presence information or message waiting indication and presents the information in an easy-to-read format on the users PC screen.

Microsoft Access Microsoft Dynamics CRM Microsoft Dynamics NAV Microsoft Outlook National Directories NetSuite Other databases Sage 50 Accounts (UK) Sage 50 Complete Accounting (US) Sage CRM MME Salesforce SalesLogix SugarCRM SuperOffice vTiger Zoho


Optional Features iCall Suite Call Management Solution Reporting Functionality

Delivered via the Cloud, Manage, analyse and control communications with the hosted version of iCall suite; comprehensive, easy to use, integrates with your hosted telephone system and quickly delivers measurable results.

Enhancing Service and Support Manage service levels and make informed decisions about your business

Extract and manipulate data to efficiently manage your business communications, increase productivity and make informed decisions.



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Feature-rich solution Pay as you use Dashboard with customizable widgets Wallboard alarms Multi-site reporting Access wherever you are No on-site server required


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Our Range of IP Handsets Insightconxs supply high quality SIP phones aimed at from the SoHo home-office market, Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME) Corporate, Financial, Health, Government, Educational, Industrial, Hotel & Hospitality, hosted environments and Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs). The comprehensive range of IP workstations comprise of entry-level non-display IP phones, business class HD Voice phones and an advanced touch screen videophone with adaptive bandwidth adjustment technology. With a wide variety of handsets available we supply Yealink and Polycom handsets, which balance competitive pricing with an enviable build quality across all ranges. Our ranges of handsets are intended for discerning users with very high expectations of IP phones. They are designed specifically for people who take great satisfaction in experiencing excellence actually being delivered. Revolutionary in appearance and advanced technical design, they are pleasurable and practical to use. The Yealink IP Phone series represent the next generation of VoIP phones specifically designed for business users who need rich telephony features, a friendly user-interface and superb voice quality. Equipped with the TI TITAN chipset, which offers high-definition, voice quality through a TI voice engine, HD handset, HD speaker and HD codec (G.722), guarantees an excellent user experience. The Polycom SoundPoint IP Series is an enterprise-grade family of IP desktop phones designed to make voice communications effective and productive. The SoundPoint IP family features the most comprehensive, bestsounding, most interoperable, high-quality IP phone solutions for businesses and enterprises of all sizes. You benefit from, excellent sound quality that produces lifelike audio communications.


Business Mobiles from Insightconxs The w ide st choice The best possible choice of phones and networks means you don't have to look anywhere else to research your options. • • • •

We offer the full range of business tariffs offered by O2, EE, Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone Whether you're a sole trader, medium sized business or a large organisation we can create a proposal for you Choose from all handset manufacturers using our handy online guide according to your preferences Review and compare the different operating systems to see whether you are best suited to Android, BlackBerry, iOS or Windows Phone Find out why some phones are particularly good for business

We deal with the networks directly Let us be your one point of contact for all your needs. • • • •

No hanging around waiting for network customer service teams Simply submit your query and we'll deal with it whilst you get on with running your business UK based customer service team easily contactable by phone or email Dedicated business account manager for medium and large businesses

Impartial, expert advice Impartial, expert advice Our famous impartiality means you really can rest assured you are being shown all available options. •

• •

Whether you choose our online deal builder or talk to our team of experts you will be presented with the most suitable option on all networks Guidance will be based around what's best for you, not us or the network Our handy help section will guide you simply through some of the industry's terminology and more complex processes 14

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Next Generation Broadband Next Generation Broadband is a family of superfast internet access products based on the latest ADSL, Annex M and Fibre technologies delivering speeds of up 80Mbit/s. Connecting directly into BT's 21CN access network, Insightconxs provide high quality business products to meet your bandwidth and usage needs.

The benefits of Next Generation Broadband •

Sup erf as t p rod ucts - with some of the UK's fastest broadband products delivering speeds of up to 80Mbit/s we can meet all your bandwidth needs Enginee ring pe digree - a high quality and resilient network built using expertise in large scale IP networks 2 4/7 UK-b as ed sup p ort - telephone support is standard so you can always speak to someone any time of the day Va lu e fo r m oney - high quality service and support supplied at mid-range prices gives real value for money

80Mbit/s, depending on your location. We believe business customers look for the following 3 things in a broadband supplier: service reliability, value for money and service speeds. Our NextGen Broadband has been built using the highest engineering standards and uses the latest ADSL technologies to provide reliably fast services. All at a price that represents great value for money. Are you look ing for...? • • • • •

Reliably fast broadband for your business A UK-based support team that you can contact at any time of the day? The latest ADSL technologies delivering speeds you demand? A range of charging options for different customer budgets? A support team that you can contact at any time of the day?

How does it work? We have coupled our core Next Generation Network with BT's Next Generation Access Network to supply a set of business grade broadband products engineered to the highest standards. Using a variety of technologies such as ADSL 2+, Annex M and FTTC we can deliver speeds of up to



Web Design Creative thinking from Insightconxs

Simply being on-line with a website is no longer enough, you need to have a commanding web presence that can provide dynamic information about your companies services or products. Your website needs to be creative in its design, efficient in its navigation and processes, whilst reflecting the quality of your companies services and products. It also needs to work in all browser formats, perform well with search engines, be compliant with web standards such as W3C and meet the relevant security requirements. You may wish to sell your products online, so you’ll need an ecommerce solution with a payment gateway and some back office controls to manage your orders, or perhaps you’ll want to interface to your existing order processing system.

Does it all start with a design? Some web companies believe that all websites start with a basic layout and design, well we think differently…. We believe that the whole process starts with you and your business. So first thing we do is talk about you, your desires, aspirations and of course your business needs. It is only then that we can start to create some design concepts that hopefully reflect your image online, not ours. Design is not just about colours and graphics, its much more than that. It’s also about the way that your site will perform and how visitors navigate through your content and the impression that is created.

The Modular System One of our major advantages as a supplier for your website solution is our incredible modular system.

We believe that our extensive knowledge and skills will enable you to gain an advantage over your competitors and provide you with a complete web enabled business, and not just a website.

We have invested heavily in ourselves, the result of this investment is that we can deliver website solutions that are robustly built on a series of modules. These modules are designed to work together and by selecting the modules you need we can create a brand new website very quickly and at a much reduced cost. Our modules are continuously updated to take advantage of new features available so your website will never become dated in terms of technology and browser compatibility.

This unique system still allows us to create a customised design within the limits of the modular components; the results are amazing and yet so affordable.


Going Green with VoIP In this environmentally conscious day and age, it’s sometimes difficult to partake in any ordinary task without considering the environmental retributions of your actions. From running the water while doing dishes to keeping the lights turned on, you suddenly become aware of all of your not-so-eco-friendly habits. While you shouldn’t stress over calculating your carbon footprints or going off the grid, it is beneficial to maintain a “green” mentality. Fortunately, simple changes such as switching your businesses telephone service over to a VoIP provider can have a positive impact on the environment. VoIP systems offer numerous ways in which business owners can forge a greener business and lifestyle for their employees.

L ess W aste in La nd fills Traditionally, a business would need a complicated office phone system based on a central manually operated PBX. Recently, many businesses have phased out this ancient phone system, leaving the leftover hardware equipment to pile up in landfills.

F ew er G reenho use Ga s Em issio ns It’s a well-known fact that when we drive in cars, our vehicles release harmful gases into the environment, which destroy the ozone layer. Every car ride to work adds a little more to the global carbon overload. With VoIP systems however, businesses can drastically reduce the number of employees driving to work each day. VoIP providers offer several features that make it possible for employees to work at home part time or even full time. With the following features, businesses could even consider implementing “environmentally conscious days,” in which employees can choose to telecommute: Virtual Extensions. Many top VoIP providers feature virtual extensions, which connect the employees’ office numbers with their cell phones. This allows employees to receive business calls directly on their mobile devices without commuting to the office. • Mobile VoIP app. With apps for smartphone users. Employees can log into their VoIP accounts on their smartphones and access all of their contacts and call logs, with the option of sending and receiving calls from their business VoIP number. • Find Me Follow Me. This VoIP feature allows employees to program other phones to ring when an incoming caller dials their number. With this 17 feature, employees could receive work calls on their home landline or mobile device. •

While some businesses still use these huge hardware systems, other businesses have swapped over to more advanced on-premise phone systems. However, those businesses that choose hosted VoIP phone systems are the eco-friendliest of all. When businesses move to VoIP, they don’t need to purchase any hardware or software. We install and maintain all of the necessary PBX equipment at an offsite location. As more and more businesses turn to this kind of VoIP system, fewer businesses require physical equipment on their premises, which in turn eliminates the build-up of VoIP equipment in landfills.

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