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April, May, June 2011 Volume 16 • Issue 2

Yappy Hour Radio Show

Volume 16 • Issue 2

Where to Go • What to Do Calendar of Events • Area History & Folklore Serving Sebastian, Vero Beach, F­­­t. Pierce, & Port St. Lucie



Volume 16 • Issue 2


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pring is in the air so grab a bike, strap on your hiking boots, don a swimsuit and get outside to explore!

Hop on an airboat and see alligators and waterfowl up close before they retreat from the summer sun. Stroll on the beach... Catch the moonrise... Watch the launch of the last space shuttle. Refresh your soul with the wonder of Spring.

4185 70th Ave Vero Beach, FL 32967

Publisher / Editor Kerry Firth

Phone: 772-567-3911 Fax: 772-567-3277

Art Director / Graphic Artist Sheana Firth ©2011 InsideTrack ALMANAC is a trademarked title. The Treasure Coast Edition is published quarterly by Treasure Coast Almanac, Inc. 120,000 copies are distributed free through area hotels, chambers and businesses every year. Information is supplied by the organizations and companies listed within. InsideTrack ALMANAC is not responsible for errors, omissions, or information which is no longer applicable because of the time element. No part of this publication may be duplicated, mimicked or reproduced without written permission from the publisher.

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Activities................................. 4-27 2011 Boat Show...................... 6 Fishing Calendar................... 10 Tide Charts............................. 15 Blue Cyprus Recreation......... 20-21 Shuttle Launches................... 23 Children’s Art Festival........... 24 Real Estate & Lodging........... 28-31 Biking the Treasure Coast..... 33-35 Testimonials........................... 32 Medical................................... 36-47 Prevent Skin Damage............ 42 Services................................... 48-57 What’s in a Name?................. 56, 57 Dining..................................... 58-66 Full Moon............................... 59 Why Advertise?...................... 67 Shopping................................. 68-77 Sea Turtles Return................. 69 Ft. Pierce................................ 78-85 City & County Stats............... 83 Area Attractions..................... 86-87 Calendar................................. 88-91 The Eco-News......................... 92 FP Marina Offers Protection... 95 Advertisers Index................... 96

Account Executives Dede Wilson Tamara Tomidy Cover design © Sheana Firth Cover photo: Martin Lavander, Owner Blue Ribbon Grooming and Host of The Yappy Hour Radio Show on Saturdays 11am - 11:30am, 1490AM. Stock images contained within this publication are not available for release.

Volume 16 • Issue 2


The Almanac Evolution:




s more and more publications come into our area from outside our community, it’s nice to know the InsideTrack Almanac is home grown with very strong community ties. As founder and publisher of the InsideTrack Almanac, I am often asked how it came to fruition and how long we’ve been publishing our unique guide to the Treasure Coast. Our story starts in the summer of 1995 when the Disney Resort came to town. I quickly realized that if Disney chose to build its timeshare resort here that other resorts would soon follow. I noticed that our area didn’t have a guide for visitors to use when looking for interesting things to do and places to see. After discussing the prospect of launching a magazine to put in the rooms with local hoteliers, I created a very rough dummy of a publication and pre-sold ads to a number of attractions. In January 1996 the first issue of the Visitor’s 4



Almanac was launched. The Visitor’s Almanac had a very different look than the InsideTrack Almanac does today, but that’s because it was in its infancy and we had a lot to learn. The black and white publication was patterned after the Old Farmer’s Almanac and printed on bonded, recycled paper. Once we had a published book in hand, the Disney Vero Beach Resort gave us our big break by allowing us to put a book in each of their rooms. We were off and running! For two years the Visitor’s Almanac helped direct visitors to local attractions and shopping, and gave them a bit of history and folklore of our area. Before long, the word spread about our new guide and more and more local residents started going into hotels asking for a copy. Seeing an opportunity to expand, I changed the name to Treasure Coast Almanac

How a hometown Guide Evolved over 16 years and 62 issues

by Kerry Firth, Publisher



in January 1998 and increased the circulation to include chambers, newsstands, local merchants and shopping malls throughout Indian River and St. Lucie counties. We also changed the look by adding color to the pages and revamping the cover! Over the next six years the Treasure Coast Almanac evolved with the community. As our area became more sophisticated, so did our publication. The grass roots look was transformed into a high gloss, full color design. As our area attracted more residents, we printed more copies to accommodate the need for the guide in new housing developments, medical waiting rooms and local libraries. All the while, the Treasure Coast Almanac staff continued with their hands-on involvement in the community and local sponsorships of charitable events.



mom’s life when my daughter Sheana graduated from college and became my full time partner in the business in 2004. With her new burst of enthusiasm we decided to take our magazine even further than our hometown and entered the world of franchising. In 1998 we changed the name to InsideTrack Almanac and sold our first franchise in Stuart! While we may have spread our knowledge of publishing to other areas, Sheana and I continue to publish the local Treasure Coast InsideTrack Almanac with the same home town loyalty that we always have! While the name and look of the Almanac has changed with our growth, our philosophy of doing our best to promote the town we call home remains the same. Thank you Treasure Coast, for supporting our growth and giving us the best place on earth to publish a tourism guide!

It was a proud moment in this Continued on page 93 Volume 16 • Issue 2


2011 Vero Beach Spring Boat Show At Riverside Park


he 27th Annual Vero Beach Spring Boat Show will be held on Saturday, April 16th and Sunday, April 17th at Riverside Park in Vero Beach from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Riverside Park is located just west of the Riverside Theater and southeast of the Barber Bridge in Vero Beach, off of Route 60. Boat dealers and suppliers from our local area will be displaying their product lines and will have staff available to answer your questions and help you get out on the water! From canoes, standup paddleboards and kayaks, to deck boats, pontoon boats and shallow water skiffs, to offshore fishing machines and cruisers, marine accessories and services, and nautical goodies – this show has it all! There will be daily offshore and inshore kayak fishing seminars by Peter Hinck and Dee Kaminski along with kayaks and standup paddleboards available for demos. Finance and insurance representatives will be on site. Food and refreshments will be available. Remember, parking and admission are absolutely FREE!! Come, bring your family and see the boat of your dreams. Don’t miss the boat! For more information call Laura at 562-7922 or visit


Volume 16 • Issue 2


Cruise Area Waters Aboard the River Queen


elcome aboard the River Queen where Captains Les & Dick will take you on a journey into the Treasure Coast’s most scenic waterways. The 10am Sebastian River Cruise takes you along the narrow banks of one of the last scenic jungle rivers in America where you’ll likely encounter alligators, turtles, raccoons, dolphins and a wide variety of water fowl. Manatees seek out the warm, shallow waters of the Sebastian River during cooler months and often surface next to the boat. Witness the playful antics of the Indian River’s resident dolphin & manatee population on our 1pm Dolphin & Manatee Cruise. The Captain guarantees –­­he’ll find a pod of the gentle creatures, and he’ll gently maneuver the River Queen so that you can watch them cavort in the water. Often, you’ll see a mother and calf swimming in perfect unison or the team work of several dolphins encircling their morning’s catch as they forage for food. Cruise the Sebastian Inlet where the ocean meets the Indian River and around the state park’s tidal pool and campground. The 4:30pm Pelican Island Cruise takes you to Pelican Island, the first National Wildlife Refuge in America, where thousands of birds roost, particularly during the cooler winter months. The River Queen will bring you back to the dock with a new appreciation of the natural beauty of our area.


Volume 16 • Issue 2


River Lilly Cruises


iscover the area’s jungle-like backwaters and re-connect with old Florida aboard the River Lilly with your hosts Deena and Dana Wade. The Wades, in their 13th season of cruising the north fork of the St. Lucie River will guide you through a 1.5 hour eco-cruise departing at 1pm where you might see manatee, alligators, turtles and many species of birds. If you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of a wild pig or a playful river otter. Fridays enjoy a special Early Bird Sunset cruise for a glimpse of breathtakingly beautiful sunsets. Take time to enjoy Florida’s natural surroundings. Call for times 772489-8344 or visit us on the web at



Discover Historic Treasures From The Sea

n December of 1992, World Famous Treasure Hunter Mel Fisher opened a permanent museum and conservation laboratory in Sebastian, Fl. Mel started his full-time treasure hunting career in Vero Beach when he moved here with his wife Dolores and family from California. Mel spent the next 7 years successfully salvaging the 1715 Fleet, which sank off the Treasure Coast. They then moved to Key West, Florida in search of the Atocha, a 1622 shipwreck estimated to be worth $400,000,000. In 1985 Mel found the Atocha and became famous. Since 1983, the Fisher family has been in charge of salvage operations off the Treasure Coast. However, all of the recoveries went to their Key West facility for conservation and display. When Mel’s daughter, Taffi, who works with her family in the salvage operation as curator, wanted to relocate to the area in the summer of 1989, her father told her to find a location for a permanent museum and conservation facility. She found an old abandoned fire station and spent a year renovating it. It now houses the working conservation laboratory and first class museum which displays a vast array of artifacts salvaged from the Atocha, the local 1715 shipwrecks, and other shipwrecks. A window from the museum overlooks the lab so visitors can view ongoing conservation of newly salvaged artifacts before they are displayed in the “Recent Recoveries” case. There is also a unique giftshop where you can purchase authentic treasures and “Own a Piece of History”.™

Volume 16 • Issue 2


Become a Youth Guidance Volunteer


here’s a child out there who needs your help! It only takes a couple of hours a week to make a difference in a child’s life. By satisfying a child’s most basic need such as attention, affection, praise, recognition, and status, Youth Guidance volunteers help raise this child’s self-esteem. Youth Guidance is a mentoring and activities program for children in grades K-12 designed to promote positive youth development for at-risk children living in Indian River County. Founded in 1973, The Youth Guidance organization serves over 700 children each year. In addition to oneon-one mentoring, services are provided to children in the program including summer camp funding, after school program assistance, tutoring, and scholarships for city and county recreational programs. Organized outings are offered each month where unmatched children are paired with adult volunteers. These outing maybe trips to the theatre, kayaking, horseback riding, hayrides, boating, bowling, skating, or working on service projects such as beach cleanups, Habitat for Humanity Teen Build Workdays or visiting senior centers. If you would consider mentoring a child, call Youth Guidance at 772770-5040 and discuss the exciting possibilities to make a difference in the life of a child in need. To learn more about Youth Guidance visit their website at www.


Volume 16 • Issue 2



Sebastian Inlet




St. Lucie Inlet


April 2011 - 27.4683º N, 80.2967º W

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June 2011 - 27.4683º N, 80.2967º W Day

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Martin Lavander

Martin Lavandar is a lover of all animals, large and small.


Hosts Popular “Yappy Hour” Radio Show

Written by: Sabrina K. Carpenter, Perfected Pen


he new “Half-Hour Yappy Hour” radio show featured on Newsradio 1490AM, has been the talk of the Treasure Coast. Airing every Saturday at 11am, host Martin Lavander, converses with expert guests about important pet-related topics. Lavander, the owner of Blue Ribbon Boarding and Grooming, has over 20 years in the pet industry and utilizes that expertise to ensure that the show remains relevant and informative. There has been great acclaim over the variety of issues that have been portrayed on the show. With cleverly integrating cutting edge topics such as stem cell therapy for dogs, acupuncture, an animal related children’s book, Bowen Therapy, training tips, household toxins and the barrier reefs, the audience continues to grow. Profits from the “Half-Hour Yappy Hour” show benefit the Blue Ribbon Yappy Hour Fund, which assists pets within Indian River County. Lavander, known also for his Yappy Hour fundraisers, has raised over $12,000 to provide Indian River K-9’s with bulletproof vests and oxygen masks, fulfilling a safety deficiency previously encountered. The first Yappy Hour fundraiser drew in donations of over $3,500 in three hours due to the overwhelming support of the community. After seeing the outpouring of donations and sponsorship, Lavander knew a second fundraiser could far exceed the first. The 2010 Yappy Hour Fundraiser brought in an astounding $9,000 during the three-hour event and attendees were mesmerized by the on-site K-9 demonstrations. The presentation of K-9 vests purchased from the fundraiser was both emotional and satisfying. The fearless dogs who protect our community on a regular basis, were now adorned in gear that could save their lives.


Top Left: Martin Lavander presenting a K9 bullet proof vest to Deputy Brian Reimsnyder.

The “Half-Hour Yappy Hour” radio show continues the fundraising efforts by bringing exposure and awareness to a plethora of animal-related topics.

Top Right: Martin Lavander, Host of “The HalfHour Yappy Hour Radio Show”. Photos by: Kimberly Poole Photography.

The show is sponsored by a variety of local businesses, including the Florida Veterinary League, Perfected Pen, InsideTrack Almanac and Blue Ribbon Boarding & Grooming. Lavander finds the show to be a perfect complement to his boarding and grooming businesses. Blue Ribbon provides pet grooming, doggie day care, boutique pet supplies and has been a safe haven for pets during hurricanes. Consistently trying to educate and provide solutions for pet owners, the “Half-Hour Yappy Hour” show is sure to cover topics that will enlighten a broad array of listeners. For more information or sponsorship opportunities, please contact Martin Lavander at or (772) 559-9893. More information about the “Half-Hour Yappy Hour” show, please visit


Spring is Blooming at Beech Annuals Nursery


eech Annuals Nursery is a full service garden center. Whether you are looking for new shrubs, trees, or a splash of color for your garden, we have it all. The most unique thing about Beech Annuals Nursery, is that we grow all of our Annuals on site. Beech Annuals Nursery is located on 12 acres, half of which is used for our growing process. We currently are growing a full array of your favorite Spring time Annuals including Vinca, Colleus, Marigolds, Roses and Daisies ... just to name a few. We grow a wide variety every season. Beech Annuals Nursery also has a full service installation team if you need help with your planting. Come and walk through our garden center, it’s full of unusual Tropicals and cool pottery and we have a large selection of great gift ideas as well. Wind chimes or wall plaques, cool stepping stones to help accent your garden, our friendly staff will help you with any of your gardening needs. Stop by for a visit or to take a beautiful stroll through our garden. Come check us out at...... “ THE BEECH”!

Volume 16 • Issue 2


Glide Through The Blue Cypress Recreation Area And Discover The Secret Past of Garcia Ranch By Delsey and Lawrence Kyzer, Florida Cracker Airboat Rides


he Blue Cypress Recreation Area located l.15 miles north of SR 60 on CR 512 is considered to be the headwaters of the St. Johns River. This American Heritage River is Florida’s longest river flowing over 300 miles north to Jacksonville. This Recreation Area is a favorite for air boaters as the shallow waters are home to an abundance of wildlife including alligators. In the 1890’s, plans to drain these wetlands were first proposed but it would be the early 1900’s before the Fellsmere Farms Company would dig a series of canals to try and keep the land high and dry. They would plat the entire marsh for farms and housing, but development would never materialize. In the mid-1930’s, the Fellsmere Sugar Company found that sugar cane would grow on the wet muck of the partially drained wetlands, but by the 1960’s, it would be another sugar company, Gulf/Western, that decided to diversify into citrus, cattle ranching, and horse breeding on these same lands.


One of ranches was the Ansin-Garcia Ranch that raised race horses and built a racetrack on their land. Your airboat tour guide will take you right to the perimeter of the track, although it is hardly recognizable, and there might be a gator sunning itself instead of a horse racing by. In the late 1970’s, the restoration of the St. Johns River marshes had begun and the Garcia Tract was one of the first to be purchased. With the restoration of the marshes, Florida’s aquifer could be recharged and habitat for the snail kite (an endangered species), the American alligator, and other native species could be preserved. Because of the elevation of the land, the marshes of the St. Johns River will always resist man’s intervention. Once the man-made structures, including the pumps and drainage systems, were removed the water level was allowed to come back naturally. All of the vegetation, the aquatic plants and the lily pads returned with the help of Mother Nature. It has been roughly 30 years since the St. Johns River Water Management District began the reclamation. Come out for an airboat ride and see for yourself that Mother Nature can heal itself, if given time. Today, only an occasional fence post gives testimony to the days of old in the Blue Cypress Recreation Area.

Volume 16 • Issue 2



End of An Era


ASA’s space shuttle fleet had its first launch on April 12, 1981. Starting with Columbia and continuing with Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavour, the spacecraft has carried people into orbit repeatedly, launched, recovered and repaired satellites, conducted cutting-edge research and built the largest structure in space, the International Space Station. As humanity’s first reusable spacecraft, the space shuttle pushed the bounds of discovery beyond the preconceived limits. Now, after 30 years, the shuttle program is under presidential orders to be discontinued. Farewell Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavour. You’ve served us well. Thanks for the memories.

Volume 16 • Issue 2


Don’t Miss the Children’s Art Festival at the Vero Beach Museum of Art on April 30th


he Museum presents its 30th annual Children’s Art Festival on Saturday, April 30th from 10 am to 4 pm. The all-free celebration features art exhibitions, school stage performances and art displays, youth and family art activities, and more, throughout the Museum. The festival also features free puppet performances of the classic “Jack and the Beanstalk” performed by Jay Bickel and his staff from Bits and Pieces PuppetWorld, Tampa, Florida Free exhibitions on view include AMERICAN MASTERWORKS: 150 Years of Painting from the Butler Institute of American Art; IMPRESSIONS: Selections from the Manoogian Collection; VERO PROMISES; Indian River County Juried Student Exhibition; and Sculpture from the Permanent Collection in the Alice and Jim Beckwith Sculpture Park and North Plaza.


Charity Fishing Tournament Sets the Date


ark your calendars on June 4th for the 18th Annual Exchange Club of Sebastian’s Blue Water Open Charity Offshore Fishing Tournament. All proceeds go to community non-profit organizations which promote youth and prevent child abuse. Youth Guidance, Hibiscus Children’s Center, and Dasie Hope Center are just a few organizations who have benefited from this Charity Event. Sebastian Exchange is seeking sponsors for the tournament, where your donations are spread across many charities and tax deductible. For more information, visit or call Michael Natale at 772-388-0044.

Volume 16 • Issue 2



Volume 16 • Issue 2



Volume 16 • Issue 2



Volume 16 • Issue 2



hy does Idea Garden Advertising use the Almanac for many of their clients? It is simple. We like to place “proficient” advertising. Advertising that reaches a lot of potential customers, for the least amount of dollars. InsideTrack works! Donna Roberts Mitchell Sally & Wayne Dillon Co-Owners, Idea Garden Advertising


’m a long time fan of and believer in The InsideTrack Almanac. Everything about this publication is top notch. I get constant feedback about Vero Bowl’s ad in the Almanac and without a doubt I know my advertising dollars are being spent well. I will continue my partnership with the Almanac for years to come and you can pick up your copy of the Almanac at Vero Bowl Lanes & Lounge as well. Ashley N. Franke Business Development Director Integra, Inc / Vero Bowl Lanes & Lounge, LLC


f you want to know what’s happening in Indian River county and beyond check the InsideTrack Almanac. It’s useful for visitors and residents alike and continues to provide information as to what’s going and what some of the great businesses, hotels and attractions are in the area. Sue Hunt Director of Tourism, Indian River County Chamber of Commerce



his the mayor of the airwaves and when I want tidbits, information, and calendar of events I turn to InsideTrack Almanac on my show. You can pickup your own copy at hundreds of locations in Indian River and St. Lucie counties. Rhett Palmer Radio Talk Show Host, 1370AM

Island Bike Paths Offer Breathtaking Vistas

by Kerry Firth


ew places are more beautiful to bike than the Treasure Coast. Bike trails extend for more than thirty miles along oceanfront A1A from the Sebastian Inlet to the Ft. Pierce Inlet. And it’s just a short jog over the north bridge to US1 in Ft. Pierce to cut back over the south bridge taking you to Ft. Pierce’s scenic bike trail through South Beach and beyond. One of my favorite rides is to start at Wabasso beach and head north up A1A toward Sebastian. There are bike lanes and sidewalks wide enough to bike on all the way up to the Sebastian Inlet. This ride takes you past the quaint houses in Summer Place, along side the polo fields at Windsor, and along the riverfront of Ambersands. All the while there are glimpses of the vast Atlantic with beach accesses inviting you to stop for a dip. A stop at the McLarty Treasure Museum is a nice reprieve and a chance to stretch your legs while learning about the sunken treasures found off our shores. Be sure to visit the south side of Sebastian Inlet State park where bikers are charged a dollar to peddle to their hearts content. Here you can walk out to the south jetty and watch the waves crash against the rocks. You can also walk on the catwalk under the Sebastian bridge and watch the fishermen reel in their catch. Or you can ride through the waterfront camping area stopping at the fishing museum on your way out to learn the history of fishing in the area. Experienced bikers will be challenged to ride up and over the steep bridge for spectacular views of the inlet. Even if you can’t peddle it all the way, it is worth walking the bike to the top! Once on the north side of the park you can head east to the ocean and walk on the beach or pier, or west to the tidal pool where manatees play. For a change of scenery on your way back to Wabasso, be sure to cut off on historic Jungle Trail. This dirt road is packed tightly for easy biking and takes you to the Pelican Island Observation Tower and the newly dedicated Joe Michael walking trail. It’s definitely worth a stop to take in the wonders of Pelican Island, the nation’s first wildlife refuge. Follow the route of the early settlers down the one lane road to see Florida in its most natural state. You’ll hardly even notice when you pass through the Orchid Island subdivision as it’s densely camouflaged in keeping with the historic trail. Once you emerge on 510 you can either cut back east to your starting point or continue south on Jungle Trail where you’ll ride along the river front passing old orange groves and Jones marina. Take a moment to bask in the simplicity of yesteryear before you connect back to A1A and the mansions of today! Whether you continue south or head back north, there is always something to see along A1A! Volume 16 • Issue 2


Vero Beach & Sebastian Bike Paths


Fort Pierce Bike Paths

Volume 16 • Issue 2



Volume 16 • Issue 2



Volume 16 • Issue 2



Volume 16 • Issue 2


Help Prevent Skin Damage by Dr. Larry Landsman, the Aesthetic Dermatology Center of Vero Beach


veryone wants to get outside and enjoy the beautiful spring weather and while the temperatures are milder than they are in the summer, the sun’s harmful rays can still damage your skin. Sun protection is imperative for your health so break out the sunscreen, put on your shades and don your hat! Sun protection helps prevent skin damage, wrinkles, and reduces the risk of skin cancer. Newer, broad spectrum sunscreens, especially those with zinc oxide, block both UVA (ultra violet A) and UVB (ultra violet B) rays. Sunscreen should be applied at least every two hours. Use a broad spectrum sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of a least 15 to 30, even on cloudy days. For preventive medicine it is recommended you have a full body skin exam by a board certified dermatologist once a year. Limit your exposure by sitting in the shade or wearing a wide brimmed hat when possible. The sun’s strongest rays are between the hours of 10am and 4pm so be extra careful during those hours. Remember, a single overdose of sunlight can cause a painful sunburn. A bad burn on a youngster can have serious consequences such as skin cancer later in life. Long-term overexposure can cause skin cancer, wrinkles, freckles, age spots, dilated blood vessels, and changes in the texture of the skin that makes the skin look older.


Volume 16 • Issue 2


Reduce Stress an Relieve Pain with Bowen


he Bowen Technique was developed in Australia sixty years ago by Thomas A. Bowen (1903-1982), who gained a reputation for being able to help his coworkers with their aches and pains. By 1975 he was seeing 13,000 patients per year. The Technique uses a series of gentle precise moves across muscle and connective tissue. It is analogous to tuning a stringed instrument that produces harmonic vibrations. The Bowen Technique balances the autonomic nervous system (ANS). It wakes up the body and improves health and well-being, neutralizes physical and emotional pain and empowers the body to heal. It enhances peak performance for business and sport by helping to achieve “whole body balance� creating both inner calm and a readiness for action. The Technique relieves all types of pain and is so gentle that it can be used on everyone from newborn infants to the elderly. Debra Keathley has been practicing the Bowen Technique since 1999 on both humans and animals. She also teaches classes for health care professionals as well as individuals who want to learn the Technique for their pets.


Volume 16 • Issue 2



Volume 16 • Issue 2



Volume 16 • Issue 2



Volume Volume 16 16 •• Issue Issue 2 2

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Volume 16 • Issue 2



Volume 16 • Issue 2


Honor Thy Mother This Mother’s Day


others’ Day, in the United States is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. It is a special day when children honor their mothers with cards, gifts, and flowers in appreciation for all the love and nurturing they’ve received. Although it wasn’t celebrated in the U.S. until 1908, ancient Greece honored their mothers long before. In those days, however, it was Rhea, the Mother of the gods that was given honor. There was an annual observance in England during the 1600’s called “Mothering Sunday.” It was celebrated during Lent, on the fourth Sunday. On Mothering Sunday, the servants, who generally lived with their employers, were encouraged to return home and honor their mothers. In the U.S., in 1908 Ana Jarvis, from Grafton, West Virginia, began a campaign to establish a national Mother’s Day. Jarvis persuaded her mother’s church in Grafton, West Virginia to celebrate Mother’s Day on the anniversary of her mother’s death. A memorial service was held there on May 10, 1908 and in Philadelphia, where Jarvis resided, the following year. Jarvis and others began a letter-writing campaign to ministers, businessmen, and politicians in their quest to establish a national Mother’s Day. President Woodrow Wilson, in 1914, proclaimed Mother’s Day a national observance that was to be held each year on the 2nd Sunday of May. So Make sure to commemorate Jarvis’ efforts by doing something special in honor of your mom this Mothers Day! 58

Volume 16 • Issue 2



Volume 16 • Issue 2



Volume 16 • Issue 2


Doughboys Donuts A Fresh Baked Idea


hen two local businessmen discussed opening a business of their own, their thoughts drifted back to their college days at University of Florida and the allure of freshly baked donuts from the local bakery for late night treats. David Brocksmith and Bobby Sexton saw opportunity baking when a restaurant location opened up on US1. The smell of homemade donuts now permeates the air along with fresh baked biscuits, bagels and sausage, bacon and ham breakfast sandwiches. Doughboy Donuts has overstuffed sandwiches and homemade soups for the lunch crowd. Stop in Doughboys Donuts today for a retro taste sensation!


Volume 16 • Issue 2


Make your Destination Wedding Magical at Vero’s Caribbean Court Boutique Hotel


our wedding day is the most important day of your life and it should ultimately be the most memorable. The Caribbean Court, one of Vero Beach’s finest hotels, has everything you need to make your wedding unforgettable. Secure the entire resort for a one stop destination wedding, all inclusive of the hotel, restaurant, lounge and wedding venue. Your guests will stay in eighteen charming rooms with efficiency kitchens complete with all the comforts of home. Half of them have balconies overlooking gardens. They’ll be treated like royalty by the attentive staff and they’ll find ultimate comfort in the waffle robes, fluffy cotton sheets and luscious thirsty towels. Beautifully landscaped courtyards and pool gardens provide the perfect get away before and after the wedding. This unique boutique hotel is just steps away from wide pristine beaches on the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. Your magical wedding can be staged amid the vibrant flowers within the courtyards or just across the dunes on the expansive beach. The bride and groom will be hard pressed to decide which picturesque setting they want to be the backdrop of their ceremony. Rehearsal dinners can be held under the moonlight in the poolside gardens, in the tropical Havana Nights Piano bar or in the beautiful Maison Martinique Restaurant. Delicious food, first class service and unparalleled ambiance are the norm at Caribbean Court. Private on site catering is also available to accommodate your individual menu selections with the expert finesse of Elizabeth Kennedy Catering. The grand wedding reception can flow from the Havana Nights Piano bar to the Maison Martinique Restaurant and out onto the moonlit courtyard. The Caribbean Court has a full service wedding planner to assist you in planning your special day. Call the Caribbean Court and let the wedding planner take care of everything to make this your dream destination wedding. The Caribbean Court Boutique Hotel 772-231-7211

Maison Martinique Havana Nights 772-231-7299

1601-5 South Ocean Drive, Vero Beach, FL 32963


Volume 16 • Issue 2


House of Charm Opens in Vero


hen the Nelson family moved to Vero from New York last fall, they brought the contents of their antique stores that they operated in the Hamptons & New York for almost 4 decades. More than 300 lighting fixtures, 400 chairs, sofas, 2 dozen French armories, dining and bedroom suites and countless objects d’art. Rosemary and son Jeffery Nelson, owners of House of Charm Antiques are second and third generation merchants who hand pick & import fine antiques from France and Europe since 1972. They’ve set up shop in a 5000 sq. ft showroom at 4400 North US1 in the design plaza next to Central Window. “We used to help design for the stars in the Hamptons and worked with some very big name celebrities” said Rosemary. “Now we are enjoying working with the discriminating clientele in Vero Beach. This is a lovely seaside town with uptown tastes!” The Nelsons make frequent trips to France and hand select items that are restored to meet their client’s needs. Just stop in and tell them what you are looking for and if they don’t have it they will search until they find it! Stop in for a unique treat and browse through their enormous showroom for one of a kind furnishings and accent pieces. House of Charm Antiques is located at 4400 US Highway 1. They are open Monday through Saturday from 10:30 to 5pm or by appointment.


Sea Turtles Return Home to Nest on Our Shores


ast year proved to be a very prolific year for sea turtle nesting, producing the largest number of loggerhead nests in 10 years, and local experts are hoping for another banner crop this year. Typically, there’s a down year after a good nesting year because the turtles don’t lay eggs every year. If this year proves to be a good year, it may be the reversal of a downward trend in sea turtle nesting. Leatherback turtles are the first to arrive in late February or March, with Loggerheads following from April through July. The last to nest are the green turtles who show up late May through October. Last year 10,787 loggerheads, 1,575 green turtles and 500 leatherback turtles laid eggs along the Treasure Coast. If you are lucky enough to witness a sea turtle as she lumbers to shore, keep your distance as you observe one of nature’s greatest gifts. It takes hours for her to haul herself up the dune, dig a hole and deposit nearly 100 ping pong ball sized eggs. She buries them carefully and crawls back into the ocean leaving tire-like tracks in the sand. After incubating for approximately two months, the hatchlings erupt as a group and scurry to the waters edge following the light of the moon. Many are distracted by nearby lights and head in the wrong direction to be crushed by cars or roasted in the sun. Others will fall victim to raccoons or birds. Those who make it offshore spend the next two years clinging to seaweed and drifting along coastal currents. Thousands drown in shrimp trawls and fishing gear. Only one in several thousand babies reach maturity and may live for 20 or 30 years, spending their entire life in the ocean. The only time the sea turtle comes ashore is when the female lays her eggs. It takes about 15 years before a turtle can reproduce but when she does, after traveling thousands of miles, she’ll return to the same beach of her birth.

Volume 16 • Issue 2

69 69


Macy’s, Dillard’s, JCPenney, Sears, Aéropostale, American Eagle Outfitters, Bath and Body Works, Books-A-Million, Brookstone, Champs, Charlotte Russe, Express, Gymboree, Hollister, Kay Jewelers, Lane Bryant, Lenscrafters, Rack Room Shoes, Radio Shack, Talbot’s, Victoria’s Secret, Yankee Candle, Zales. State Road 60 and 66th Ave, Vero Beach, FL Shopping Line® 772-770-6255

Volume 16 • Issue 2



Hale Groves Opens Indian River Market in Vero


ale Groves has opened its gourmet store in Vero Beach offering so much more than their famous fresh fruit and jellies! At the Hale Groves Indian River Market, on 7th Street just off Miracle Mile, you’ll find your friendly butchers from Carroll’s Meats and Seafood slicing up your favorite cuts of fresh certified angus beef, fish and chicken. Pick and choose your fresh produce, as it’s never prepackaged at Hale Groves. Sample ice cold orange and grapefruit juice as you shop and take some home for the family. Gourmet cheeses, pastas, sauces, pickles, relishes and marmalades line the shelves and the smell of fresh bread permeates the air. Just walking in Hale Groves stimulates your senses and relaxes your soul! If you are looking for a gift, Hale Groves Indian River Market offers custom gift baskets filled with your personal selection of goodies. Fresh flowers are always on hand along with a variety of orchids, fruit trees and tropical foliage. Unique kitchenware in bright colors will brighten any home while hard to find specialty gadgets will make cutting, dicing, grating and opening easy! Hale Groves is quickly becoming a favorite lunch destination so take a break from work and serve yourself a healthy salad from their bountiful salad bar or order a freshly made sandwich prepared in the kitchen by Chef Dan! It’s all part of Hale Groves new way to put more pleasure in your day!

Volume 16 • Issue 2


All Fore Golf Roundup


olf Roundup has been providing local residents and visitors alike with professional, friendly service for over 25 years. You’ll find golf apparel for the whole family from famous makers like E.P. Pro, Ashworth, Cutter Buck and Sport Haley along with Vera Bradley purses and golf shoes by Foot-Joy and Nike. There’s also a complete selection of accessories including balls, gloves, bags, hats and novelty items. Golf clubs and equipment are supplied by pro-lines like Callaway, Cobra, Titleist, Taylor Made and more. This off-course shop offers an indoor putting green and hitting net so you can test your equipment before you buy! Store hours are Mon Sat from 9am to 5:30pm • 569-9655

Legend of the Sandollar


huffle your feet in waist deep water. If you feel a flat, pancake like shell nestled in the sand, pick it up and discover the legend within. The sand dollar tells the story of Jesus. The center marking looks like a Star of Bethlehem that led the Wisemen to the manger. Turn it over and you’ll see the Christmas flower, the poinsettia, signifying His nativity; and the Easter Lily marking His resurrection. Five holes around the shell signify the five wounds He suffered from being nailed to the cross. Break open the shell and five tiny Doves of Peace spill out spreading peace and love to all.


Volume 16 • Issue 2



Volume 16 • Issue 2



The Manatee Observation Center Has It All!


ne of the most often asked questions at the Manatee Observation & Education Center in Downtown Fort Pierce is “Where are the manatees?” We have over 300 manatees in the Treasure Coast area all year round. Since October, over 250 manatees have been spotted by volunteers in Moore’s Creek behind the center! Not only were visitors able to see wild manatees up close, most were treated to great photo opportunities. Moore’s Creek remains quiet, shallow, and slightly warmer than the lagoon, making it a perfect resting place. At temperatures below 68 degrees F, manatees stop eating, suffer cold stress and often times die. With a very cold winter, manatees were fortunate to have Moore’s Creek behind the Manatee Center. The Manatee Center is more than just Manatees! We also have displays on local marine environmental issues, offer programs on a variety of topics for all ages, and have fun events for all! Join us for a great event at the Manatee Center on Saturday, April 16th, from 10am-2pm: Green Earth Day! At high noon, this event will feature The Great Coconut Float, the environmentally friendly alternative to a rubber ducky race! Prizes will be awarded for fastest coconut, best decorated, and more! To learn more about the Manatee Center, programs, and special events at or call (772) 466-1600 X 3071.

Volume 16 • Issue 2



Volume 16 • Issue 2



Open M-F 10am-6pm, Sat 9am-5pm, Sun 11am-5pm 200 N 2nd St • 772-464-3598

Open for Lunch and Dinner 211 Avenue A • 772-595-3566 TREW & SONS FINE JEWELERS

100 Avenue A • 772-465-7010

220 Orange Avenue • 772-466-6010 in business for 26 years WE BUY GOLD



Over 20 years Experience! 102 N Depot Dr 772-201-0154 (Aimee) 772-216-8206 (Helen)

106 S Depot Dr • 772-468-3005 (shop) 772-834-6329 (cell)


201 N 2nd Street • 772-465-2574 82


224 East Orange Avenue 772-462-0625

Volume 16 • Issue 2



Volume 16 • Issue 2


INDIAN RIVER ENVIRONMENTAL LEARNING CENTER- Nature center and walking trail on Wabasso Island just west of Wabasso bridge & south of 510. 589-5050 INDIAN RIVER CITRUS MUSEUM- Located in the Heritage Center, 2140 14th Ave., Vero Beach 770-2263 INDIAN RIVER HISTORICAL SOCIETY- Exhibition center housed in restored train station dating back to 1903. 2336 14th Ave., Vero Beach 7783435 McLARTY MUSEUM- Displays of items salvaged from the 1715 shipwrecks. 13180 N A1A, Vero Beach, 589-2147 MCKEE BOTANICAL GARDEN- An 18 acre subtropical garden offering a diverse botanical collection as well as several restored architectural treasures. Vero Beach. 794-0601 MEL FISHER TREASURE MUSEUM- Shipwreck artifacts & treasures from the Atocha which sank off of Key West in 1622 & the 1715 Fleet which sank off the Treasure Coast. Gift shop on site. 1322 U.S.1, Sebastian. 589-9875 PELICAN ISLAND NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE- 5 miles of self guided nature trails with boardwalk and observation tower. On Hwy A1A, 5623909 RIVERSIDE THEATRE- Treasure Coast’s Premier professional theatre showcasing musicals, dramas, comedies and celebrity performances. 3250 Riverside Park Dr. Vero Beach. 231-6990 SEBASTIAN FISHING MUSEUM- Replica of fish house and dock with video depicting history of fishing industry and Indian River Lagoon. South entrance to Sebastian Inlet State Park. 589-9659 SEBASTIAN AREA HISTORICAL MUSEUM- Local history exhibits. 1235 Main St., Sebastian City Hall Complex. 481-1380 VERO BEACH THEATRE GUILD- A live community theatre offering a variety of locally produced shows. 2020 San Juan Ave. 562-8300 VERO BEACH MUSEUM OF ART- Located beachside in Riverside Park, this accredited art museum and art school offers state and national art exhibitions in four galleries and a sculpture garden. Vero Beach. 231-0707 86 86

ST. LUCIE BACKUS GALLERY AND MUSEUM- Nation’s largest exhibit of original paintings by A. E. Backus. Five exhibition areas featuring Florida artists. 500 N. Indian River Drive, Fort Pierce. 465-0630 ENERGY ENCOUNTER- An education center revealing secrets about energy, electricity and nuclear power. At the FPL St. Lucie Power Plant on Hutchinson Island. Fort Pierce. 468-4111 or 1-877-FPL-4FUN HEATHCOTE BOTANICAL GARDENS- A living museum of tropical flowers and foliage, including a Japanese garden. 210 Savannah Road, Fort Pierce. 464-4672 MANATEE OBSERVATION & EDUCATION CENTER- The West Indian Manatee can be observed at this facility during its migratory period of November through June. The center also features an exhibition area, gift shop, observation tower and classrooms. 480 N. Indian River Dr., Fort Pierce 4661600 ext. 3333 NATIONAL NAVY SEAL MUSEUM- The nation’s only museum devoted entirely to the U.S. Navy Frogmen and Seals. 3300 North A1A, Fort Pierce. 595-5845 OXBOW ECO-CENTER - A nature center located on the St. Lucie River, complete with hands-on exhibits, hiking trails, educational programs, and a gift store.  5400 NE St. James Dr., PSL 785-5833 St. Lucie County Historical Museum- Historical displays of Treasure Coast life from the Spanish ships, Seminole Indians, fishing, agricultural to trains. 414 Seaway Drive, Fort Pierce. 462-1796 ST. LUCIE MARINE CENTER FEATURING THE SMITHSONIAN MARINE ECOSYSTEM EXHIBIT- Six living marine ecosystems exhibits. 420 Seaway Drive, Fort Pierce. 462-FISH SUNRISE THEATRE- Listed on the National Register of Historical Places, the Sunrise Theatre has 1,229 seats, a professional performance space and new educational and hospitality areas. 117 South Second Street, Fort Pierce. 461-4884

Call for opening days, times and admission prices. All phone numbers are in the 772 area code unless otherwise noted. Volume 16 • Issue 2


Calendar of Events

All area codes are 772 unless otherwise noted

Every Month Indian River & St. Lucie Counties Daily................. Kayaking the Indian River Lagoon, Adventure Kayaking, 567-0522 Kayak Tours and Rentals, Florida Outdoor Center, 202-0220 Self Guided Excursions, Reservations Required, Florida Outdoor Center, 202-0220 Bike Rentals, Florida Outdoor Center, 202-0220 Scenic Riverboat Cruises, River Queen, 888-755-6161 Live Entertainment, Riverside Cafe, 8pm, 234-5550 Tues.................. Fitness Paddling, Capt Hiram’s, Florida Outdoor Center, 7:30am, 202-0220 Weekly Jazz Jam, presented by The Fort Pierce Jazz & Blues Society, Sunrise Theatre Black Box, 7-10pm, 460-JAZZ Mon.................. Waterway Monday Morning Market, Waterway Village, 9am-1pm, 528-8900 Wed.................. Big Band Dance, Heritage Center, 7-10pm, 770-2263 Thurs................ Bike Night, 2nd St., Downtown Ft. Pierce, 6-9 Duplicate Bridge, VB Recreation Dept., 12:30pm, 770-6517 Fitness Paddling at 7:30am, Capt Hiram’s, Florida Outdoor Center, 202-0220 Fri..................... Downtown Vero Green Market, Heritage Center, 9am-2pm, 528-8900 Story Hour with Miss Julie, VB Book Center, 10am, 569-2050 Farmers Market at Heritage Park in Pointe West,VB 9am-1pm 589-8900 Sat................... Farmer’s Market, Melody Lane, Ft Pierce, 8am, 940-1145 Farmer’s Market Oceanside, near­­­Humiston Park, Vero Beach, 8am, 532-2455 The Jazz Market, managed by The Fort Pierce Jazz & Blues Society, Downtown Fort Pierce, 8am-1pm, 460-JAZZ 1st Wed............ St. Lucie Photographer’s Club, Oxbow Eco-Center, 785-5833 1st Fri............... Eco-Friday, Oxbow Eco-Center, 6:30pm, 785-5833 Friday Fest, Downtown FP, 5:30-8:30pm 1st Sat.............. Kayak Round Island Park, Florida Outdoor Center, 202-0220 Authors & Artists Day, Vero Beach Heritage Center, 10am-4pm, 770-2263 Kayaking Round Island, Manatee Observation Center, 10am-1pm, 466-1600 2nd Wed........... Artwalk, Downtown Ft. Pierce, 5-8pm Marina Magic, Ft. Pierce Marina, 5:30-9pm 2nd Fri.............. Brown Bag Lunch Lecture, Manatee Observation Center, noon, 466-1600 2nd Sat............. Sunset Saturday, Beach Shops VB. 5:30-8:30pm Kayak Lessons, Florida Outdoor Center, 2pm, 202-0220 Indoor Farmers Market, Indian River Mall, 1-4pm, 770-3021 3rd Wed............ FPL Energy Encounter, “Wonderful Wednesday for Adults”, 10am, 468-4111 St. Lucie Regional Herpetological Society, Oxbow Eco-Center, 7pm, 785-5833 Nature & Nurture Series, Manatee Observation Center, 11am, 466-1600 ext. 3333 3rd Thurs.......... Chicks...and Dudes After Hours, Chicks with Check, Joey’s Bistro, 569-2390 3rd Sat............. Kayak Tours, Oxbow Eco-Center, 9am, 785-5833 4th Sat............. Kayak Lessons, Florida Outdoor Center, 2pm, 202-0220 Indoor Farmers Market, Indian River Mall, 1-4pm, 770-3021 88 88

Calendar of Events

All area codes are 772 unless otherwise noted

Last Friday........ Cruise-In, Downtown Fort Pierce, 5:30-9pm, 461-4100 Nature at Night, Oxbow Eco-Center, 6:30pm, 785-5833 Mon-Fri............. Adult Round Robin Tennis, Riverside Racquet Complex, 9:30-11am, 231-4787 Tues-Sat........... Wildlife Boat Tours, Manatee Observation Center, 466-1600 Tues-Thur......... FPL Energy Encounter, 10-4 by appointment, 1-877-FPL4Fun, 772-468-4111 Mon & Fri.......... Adult Skills & Drills Clinic with Pro Ken Mac Dougall, Riverside Racquet Complex, 10-11am, 231-4787 Wed,Thur, Fri..... Open Studios w/ the Vero Beach Art Club, VB Museum of Art, 231-0707

April 1-30................. A Season of Seuss: The Dr. Seuss Sculpture Garden and Art Exhibit, McKee Botanical Garden, 794-0601 1-24................. VERO PROMISES, Vero Beach Museum of Art, 231-0707 1-16................. “Fine Tuned” at the A.E. Backus Gallery, 770-1076 1-5/8................ CELEBRATING 25 YEARS: Sculpture from the Permanent Collection, VB Museum of Art, 231-0707 1-3................... Copenhagen, Riverside Theatre, call for times, 231-6990 1....................... Sebastian River Art Club, Indian River County Courthouse, 9am-5pm 1....................... “Be A Fool For DFL” Gourmet Dinner & Under the Stars Social, Maison Martinique, 6pm, 567-8969 2,3,9,10,16,17.. How I Became a Pirate, Riverside Theatre, 7:30pm, 231-6990 2....................... Annual Walk for Life, Riverside Park, 569-7939 2....................... Touch A Truck Family Festival to benefit Childcare Resources, Indian River County Fairgrounds, 10am-3pm, 567-3202 2....................... Miami Beach String Quartet, The Emerson Center, 5pm, 778-5249 3....................... The National Touring Company of “GREASE”, Sunrise Theatre, 3pm, 461-4775 5....................... Heritage Bluegrass Band, VB Heritage Center, 7:30pm, 770-2263 6....................... MARC BROWN (author and illustrator of ARTHUR) presents ARTHUR TURNS GREEN, VB Book Center, Children’s Store, 5pm, 569-2050 7-5/1................ Buddy, Riverside Theatre, call for times, 231-6990 7....................... Vero Beach Museum of Art’s...Warm Nights-Cool Jazz in the Sculpture Park / 5-7 pm ($10), 231-0707 7....................... JAMES GRIPPANDO presents AFRAID OF THE DARK, VB Book Center, 7pm, 569-2050 8,15.................. How I Became a Pirate, Riverside Theatre, 10am, 231-6990 8,9.................... Comedy Zone, Riverside Theatre, 7:30 & 9:30pm, 231-6990 8....................... PAJAMA STORY HOUR with Miss Julie, VB Book Center, Children’s Store, 6:30pm, 569-2050, Wear your bunny slippers! 9,10,11............. Jewelry Show, Shells & Things, 234-4790 Volume 16 • Issue 2


Calendar of Events

All area codes are 772 unless otherwise noted

9....................... JIM ARNOSKY presents THUNDER BIRDS Nature’s Flying Predators, VB Book Center, Children’s Store, 1pm, 569-2050 9....................... A One-Woman Show Starring Jennifer Patty, Vero Beach Theatre Guild, 7pm, 562-8300 9....................... Sunset Saturday Night Concerts at Ocean Drive, 6:30-9:30pm, 532-7983 12..................... SUSAN CONLEY presents THE FOREMOST GOOD FORTUNE, VB Book Center, 7pm, 569-2050 14..................... ANNE DEVANNEY presents LIVING LARGE, VB Book Center, 7pm, 569-2050 15..................... Boz Scaggs, Sunrise Theatre, 8pm, 461-4775 15..................... Miss Hibiscus Pageant, in Downtown Vero Beach, 7pm, 16,17................ 28th Annual Vero Beach Boat Show, 10am-5pm, Riverside Park 16..................... Springtime Open House with NUTBROWN HARE, VB Book Center, Children’s Store, 11am-1pm, 569-2050 16..................... Hibiscus Festival, in Downtown Vero Beach, 7am-8:30pm, 21-5/1.............. Cobb, Riverside Theatre, call for times, 231-6990 21..................... JAMIE & BOBBY DEEN autographing THE DEEN BROS. GET FIRED UP, VB Book Center, 5pm, 569-2050 23..................... Lee Brice & Jerrod Neimann in Concert, Capt. Hiram’s, 26..................... DEBBIE MACOMBER presents A TURN IN THE ROAD, VB Book Center, 3pm, 569-2050 29-30............... Gator Bait Classic Fishing Tournament, Fort Pierce City Marina, 29,30................ ART SHOW – Glen Bottalico, Shells & Things, 234-4790 30..................... Cinco De Mayo Celebration / Fund raiser for St. Francis Manor, a nondenominational affordable community for seniors, St. Francis Manor, 4-8pm, 562-8575 30..................... INDIAN RIVER COUNTY STUDENT EXHIBITION PUBLIC OPENING, VB Museum of Art, FREE, 231-0707 30..................... 30th Annual CHILDREN’S ART FESTIVAL, VB Museum of Art, 10am-4pm, FREE, 231-0707

May 1-8................... CELEBRATING 25 YEARS: Sculpture from the Permanent Collection, VB Museum of Art, 231-0707 1-22................. IMPRESSIONS: Selections from the Manoogian Collection, VB Museum of Art, 231-0707 1-22................. AMERICAN MASTERWORKS: 150 Years of Painting from the Butler Institute of American Art, VB Museum of Art, 231-0707 1....................... May Pops at Windsor Polo Field, 3:30pm, 226-4974 6,7.................... Comedy Zone, Riverside Theatre, 7:30 & 9:30pm, 231-6990 6....................... One Night of Queen, Sunrise Theatre, 8pm, 461-4775 7,14,15............. A Year with Frog & Toad, Riverside Theatre, call for times, 231-6990 90

Calendar of Events

All area codes are 772 unless otherwise noted

7....................... Pioneer Family Dinner Honoring the Schlitt Family, VB Heritage Center, 772-2263 10-22............... Leading Ladies, Vero Beach Theatre Guild, call for times, 562-8300 13..................... “Singing Through the Centuries” Choir Concert, VBHS Performing Arts Center, 7:30pm, 564-5497 14..................... Youth FunShop / Kid’s Exhibition TOUR & ACTIVITY, VB Museum of Art, 1-3pm, $2 non-members, 231-0707 14..................... Sunset Saturday Night Concerts at Ocean Drive, 6:30-9:30pm, 532-7983 19, 20............... Spring Dance Festival, Riverside Theatre, 7pm, 231-6990 19..................... Spring Concert Oslo Middle School Band, VBHS Performing Arts Center, 7pm, 564-5497 21..................... Spring Fiesta, Riverside Theatre, 10am-3pm, 231-6990 22..................... Treasure Coast Chorale: “Take Me Home, Country Roads!”, First Baptist Church, 7pm, 567-4341 23..................... “Bands Across the Seas” Spring Concert, VBHS Performing Arts Center, 7pm, 564-5497 26..................... McLarty Treasure Museum Tour, Sebastian Inlet State Park, 1pm, 321-984-4852 27,28................ Comedy Zone, Riverside Theatre, 7:30 & 9:30pm, 231-6990 27,28................ ART SHOW – Glen Bottalico, Shells & Things, 234-4790 30..................... 5K Freedom Run/Walk, Riverside Park, 569-0760

June 3....................... The Treasure Coast Gator Toast, Moorings, tickets can be purchased online at 4....................... 34th Annual Tropical Night Luau, Youth Guidance, Quail Valley River Club, 7-11pm, 772-5040 4....................... Kayaking Round Island, Manatee Observation Center, 10-1pm, 466-1600 4....................... Volunteer Open House, Manatee Observation Center, 2-4pm, 466-1600 5....................... Sunday Stories, Manatee Observation Center, 2 pm, 466-1600 6-10................. My First Day Camp, Manatee Observation Center, 9am-12pm, ages 3-6, 466-1600 11..................... Sunset Saturday Night Concerts at Ocean Drive, 6:30-9:30pm, 532-7983 11..................... GENIE AWARDS, VB Theatre Guild at the Elks Lodge 1350 26th Street, 6-9pm, 562-8300 13-17............... Kids Kayak Adventure Camp, Session 1, Florida Outdoor Center, 202-0220 13-17............... Teen Adventure Camp, Session 1, Florida Outdoor Center, 202-0220 13-17............... Eco Art Camp, Manatee Observation Center, 9am-1pm, ages 5-9, 466-1600 20-24............... Kids Kayak Adventure Camp, Session 2, Florida Outdoor Center, 202-0220 20-24............... Estuary Explorer Camp, Manatee Observation Center, 9am-4pm, ages 6-9, 466-1600 24,25................ ART SHOW – Glen Bottalico, Shells & Things, 234-4790 27..................... Island Kayak, Manatee Observation Center, 10-1 pm, 466-1600 Volume 16 • Issue 2



f you are looking to have an adventure that gets you outside to explore Florida’s natural side, the Treasure Coast is just the place. Spring time here is amazing. The weather is perfect for being outdoors and we are blessed with many areas where nesting eagles, osprey and pelicans can be watched up close. Beautiful historic gardens are open to meander through enjoying the intoxicating fragrances of millions of blooms. There are miles of wooded trails to walk, calm waterways to cruise as well as sandy beaches to explore. I have just come off a family field trip on the Indian River Lagoon where we paddled out to a rookery, there are four of them that are an easy relaxing paddle away that every a first time paddler can get to or visit by pontoon boat. Watching the great blue heron, osprey, pelicans and others tend to their nest and chick; soon it will be time to learn how to fish. This area has been an eco-destination since the late 1700’s. The founding members of Audubon visited and wrote about the birding here. Fishing trips for the wealthy have been written in guide books dating back to the 1820’s. Many organizations have tours, lectures and visitor centers. You can find contact info at local info on parks, eco-centers, fishing charters, airboats, and kayak, bike and hike tours. We encourage you to find your inner explorer and get outside, take a walk, paddle a kayak or go in search of some of the many geocashes in our parks and public lands. Please check the calendar for great outdoor activities.


Mother - Daughter Publishing Team Has Strong Community Ties continued from page 5


erry Firth, publisher of the InsideTrack Almanac has been a resident of the Treasure Coast for nearly 35 years. She is totally immersed in the community as an active member of three local Chambers of Commerce, the Indian River Tourism Committee, a former board member of Adult Literacy, and acting Vice President of the Pelican Island Preservation Society. She is also proud to have her publication, the InsideTrack Almanac, sponsor many charitable events including the Indian River County Firefighters Fair, Youth Guidance Tropical Luau, Sebastian Clambake, Yappy Hour, and Pelican Island Wildlife Festival. An avid outdoor woman, she is a frequent guest on radio talk shows touting the natural beauty of our area. She raised her family here, built a business here and plans to retire right here in Vero Beach.

Volume 16 • Issue 2


heana Firth, art director of the InsideTrack Almanac was born and raised on the Treasure Coast and has grown up in the publishing business. She started delivering the Almanac as a child and came back to the family business after graduating from Florida State University. She served as co-chair of the RECAP (Riverside Entertainment Committee for Alternative Performances) committee, which was responsible for bringing the Comedy Zone to Riverside Theatre and was also an active member of the Main Street Vero Beach committee. She recently moved to Tennessee and started her own graphics firm, Breakaway Graphics, yet in spite of her distance, she continues to produce the InsideTrack Almanac and frequently volunteers her time and design talents to local charitable organizations as her heart remains in Vero. 93

Game Zone Opening Soon at Vero Bowl


his spring brings even more family fun and entertainment to the brand new Vero Bowl Lanes & Lounge in the Majestic Palaza on US1 in Vero Beach! Kids will have their own game room complete with state of the art video and arcade games, private party rooms, and MORE! The whole family will enjoy bowling on 32 brand new, state of the art lanes while electronic scoring keeps them honest! Visit the billiards area in the VIP section to try your hand at pool and then grab a drink and bite to eat in the KingPinz Lounge and Sports Grille. There’s just no end to the fun at Vero Bowl! Special Events: • TGIF College Fridays: DJ XiV spinning from 9:30-1am • Sultry Saturdays: DJ XiV spinning from 9:30-1am, • LIVE MUSIC WEEKLY on Thursday nights starting at 7pm

• Happy Dayz Happy Hour, at KingPinz Lounge & Sports Grille: 11am -7pm daily • “IN THE BIZ” 20% off all bowling, food, and beverages from 10pm-1am nightly for all in the restaurant & hospitality industry. Vero Bowl is Partnering with 93.7 THE BREEZE FM at the Hibiscus Festival Shopping Cart Parade April 16 (Bring in canned food to Vero Bowl and receive special deals each week) Be sure to sign up on Vero Bowl’s FACEBOOK page or at to receive information about all the special upcoming events including the April Easter Egg Hunt, our May Cinco De Mayo Party, Summer Socials, UFC, Live Music and more! Vero Bowl is the perfect place for your next Birthday Party, Holiday Party, Fundraiser, Baby Shower, or any other Event. Give the gift of Fun, gift cards are always available. Vero Bowl is open everyday from 9am to 1am!

• Ladies Night every Thursday night from 8pm-1am 50% off Drinks for Ladies. 94

Ft. Pierce City Marina to Build Island Protection for 138 New Docks


even years after the hurricanes of 2004, the Fort Pierce City Marina will finally begin construction on 138 new slips and a system of islands to protect them from future storms. Hurricanes Frances and Jean destroyed all of the docks protruding into the Indian River Lagoon. as well as about 130 slips in the inner basin. Since the docks on the river couldn’t be rebuilt until they went through a lengthy process of permitting by state and federal agencies, City Marina Manager Dean Kubitscheck repaired the docks in the inner basin and reopened the marina without any riverfront slips. Realizing the inner basin fared far better than the river front, city officials researched different ways to protect the outer slips from damage in the event of another storm. A breakwater was considered, but they settled on a chain of islands curved around the outer docks. Other cities had used rubble but the City of Ft. Pierce wanted to put habitat on the islands. A model was designed, tested and approved by Department of Environment Protection by 2009, but it was not approved by the Army Corp of Engineers until December of last year. Finally, the project will be under way this summer with hopes of completion of the project by Jan 2013. The configuration of islands will not only protect the marina but it will provide a natural habitat for oysters, seagrass beds, mangroves, and shorebirds. The largest island will be 14.13 acres; the smallest 1/10 of an acre. The islands will be built about 600 to 700 feet offshore and stretch from near the fountain in Marina Square Park to about 600 feet south of the causeway. They will provide a unique bird watching opportunity from the shore as well as from a boat, in addition to the much needed shoreline protection. Kudos to the City of Ft. Pierce for taking their time to devise an environmentally sound solution and making islands out of a washout!

Volume 16 • Issue 2


Advertisers Index ATTRACTIONS & ACTIVITIES City of Ft. Pierce 80 Cultural Council* 26, 27 CMI Cruises 9 Downtown Ft. Pierce 80, 81 Harbor Branch 23 Heritage Center* 22 Hibiscus Festival 22 Jungle Club* 48, 49 FL Cracker Airboat Rides 20 Florida Outdoor Center* 13 Leisure Time Boat Club* 14 Manatee Center 79 Mel Fisher Museum* 10 National Navy SEALMuseum 84 River Lilly Cruises 10 River Queen Cruises* 8 Riverside Theatre* 25 Safari Mini Golf * 25 Skydive Sebastian 22 Stumpknocker Airboat Tours 21 VB Museum of Art* 24 Vero Bowl* 94, IBC Youth Guidance 12

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MEDICAL AMP-MD 42 Bowen 44 Dr. Larry Landsman* 43 Dr. McCurran* 40 Healthtouch* 52 First Help 36 Indian River Medical* 45 Sebastian River Medical* 46, 47 Sebastian River Walk In* 41 Sheer Contours 38 Solantic* 37 Sunnicoast Dermatology* 41 Vitality Spa* 39 World of Vision 37

REAL ESTATE & LODGING Barbara Foster 29 Bob Faller 70 Costa d’Este* IFC, 1 David Walsh 30 Driftwood Inn* 29 Springhill Suites* 31 Vero Beach Hotel & Spa* 28

SERVICES 93.7 Breeze FM* 51 97.1 Ocean FM* 51 99.7 Jack FM* 51 Blue Ribbon Grooming* 13 Go Line* 6

Marine Bank* 52 Melbourne Airport 7 Merry Maids 54 PD-Go 52 Planet Beach 50 Port St. Lucie Civic Center 55 Rhett Palmer Talk Show 54 The Cat’s Meow 13 Touch of Class* 54 Vero Beach Magazine* 84 The Yoga Pagoda 37

SHOPPING A Bead Above* 75 Beech Annuals Nursery 19 Center Court Tennis* 77 Classic Car Wash* 53 Deep Six* 76 Elizabeth’s Consignments 77 Everything Outdoors 73 Faith, Hope & Chocolate* 75 Farmers Market 85 Gallery 14* 77 Golf Round Up* 74 Grant Antique Mall 47 Hale Groves 72 Healthway 77 House of Charm Antiques 68 Indian River Mall* 71 Leigh Jewelers* 9, 70 SeneGence 31, 76 Shell­­­s & Things* 75 Tobacco Emporium 85 Treasury Antiques* 75 Vero Beach Book Center* 75 Vero Estate Jewelry* 3 Vero Fashion Outlets* BC Vero Marine* 70

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Volume 16 • Issue 2



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