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5 Homegating 9 Tailgating Transformations 14 Size Doesn’t Matter: The RUV


It’s getting warm outside and the tailgating is also heating up! When football ended, you were probably thinking, “What am I going to do with myself?” Well, there is still plenty of tailgating to do! Whether you are headed out to some of the great BBQ festivals, baseball games, horse races, or concerts across the nation, there is no reason why you can’t load up the car with all of your tailgating gear and rock the parking lot! You’ll see in this issue that football season isn’t the only time to tailgate. Bring on the summer tailgate party!


18 Stadium Eats 21 Springtime Seafood Recipes 22 Painting with Beer FANS AND THRILLS

26 Featured Game: Phloops 28 Tailgate Queen: Derby Wear 30 Must Go: Indianapolis Motor Speedway 32 Featured Tailgate Group: WTB?! LET’S TALK:

34 What are Tailgaters Saying in Social Media?

We have another great issue in store for you. We cover everything from popular ballpark foods, recipes for you to try, tailgating in storage containers, and even a new tailgating vehicle that will certainly make you the life of the lots! Also, you’ll find that you can even bring the tailgate to your house! I’d like to give a HUGE thanks to everyone who has been a part of putting this issue together and especially to all you tailgaters out there! We hope everyone enjoys this Summer 2014 issue of Inside Tailgating Magazine, and remember…tailgating doesn’t stop when football stops...tailgating happens all year round! See you in the lots!

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HOMEGATING: The Perfect E Answer to Tailgating at Home

very year, fans across the nation tailgate for football, NASCAR, concerts, baseball…you name it. But what is a fan to do when scheduling conflicts arise and travelling to the game, race, or show is just impossible? The answer: HOMEGATING! “Man Caves” and “Fan Caves” are becoming as much of a necessity in homes as the kitchen and showing your pride when you can’t make it to the game doesn’t stop with simply wearing your lucky sweatshirt and lucky gameday hat. When you can’t make it to the game…invite your friends over and just watch it in the Fan Cave! Here’s a short list of items that you may want to use to help add some detail into your own in-home tailgate. Whether your Fan Cave is in your garage, your living room, basement, or your backyard, you want to check out some of the awesome HOMEGATING products that we’ve found for you!

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My Football Goal Post

Want to create the feel of being on the field? Look closely at My Football Goal Post. This miniature goal post is made of heavy duty PVC piping and will add that extra “kick” to your in-home tailgate party. It sets up in minutes and can be customized to match your Fan Cave color scheme. The sturdy base helps to ensure that your buddy that is trying to kick empty beer cans through the uprights doesn’t knock it over. You can purchase 1 ($65.00) or 2 ($130.00) at

NFL Billiard Table

Billiards is one of the most popular indoor games that you will find in gamerooms across the country and is a great way to entertain your guests during the party. If you are going to set up a table, why not show off your team spirit with it? These NFL Licensed billiard tables by Imperial International are an excellent way to add some team spirit to your gameroom while providing entertainment at the same time. You can also get matching pool sticks and balls! Head to to find a dealer near you.


You need to make your room look and feel like you are sitting right there in the stadium. So why not get a SportsTicker scoreboard to keep you informed of the scores from around the country?! The SportsTicker ties right into your wi-fi signal and gathers scores from around the sports world providing you with up to the minute scores and news. There are several different models to choose from that range in price and size.

Collegiate Fire Pits

Shirt Whiz

Over the years, you have collected tons of team merchandise and memorabilia. You may have even picked up a few uniforms. But don’t leave them in the closet! Show them off on your Fan Cave walls with this unique product from Shirt Whiz. The Shirt Whiz is a simple device that will allow you to display some of the jerseys that you have collected over the years and turn them into instant wall art. There is no drilling required and setting it up for your specific jersey is a breeze. The ShirtWhiz retails at $23.99 and is a great addition to your homegating space. Find out more on the ShirtWhiz at


Patina Products will custom build a fire pit with any logo you need or you can select one of the many NCAA team logos that they offer. It is always nice to be around the warmth and ambience that an open fire provides and this way you can show off your team spirit at the same time. The Collegiate Fire Pit is excellent for quiet get togethers and or gathering your school’s alums for the ultimate homegating experience! These Collegiate Fire Pits are constructed from 16 gauge cold rolled steel with a rusted patina that ages beautifully, so get the firewood ready because it is going to be a scorcher. (prices vary)

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GRILLS&GEAR AstroTurf Coasters

Add a little detail to your drink’s resting spot and prevent drink rings on your table at the same time. Check out these Astro-Turf Coasters that we found on These coasters are a great and inexpensive addition to your next homegating party! With a cork bottom, these handmade coasters will not only protect your table from scratches, but will make you feel like you are setting your drinks right down on the field! They come painted with lines for $30 and without lines for $25. You can order these 4 ¼” x 4 ¼” coasters at www.

Team Sofas

Cheer on your team while relaxing on one of these awesome, over-stuffed plush couches from Imperial International! These colorful couches are perfect for watching the big game in your personal “Gameday Fortress.” Imperial International not only has couches in their lineup of team furniture but they also have recliners, tables, barstools, and even lamps! There are plenty of teams and pieces to choose from with various price ranges. Head to today to find a dealer near you and hook up your cave with comfort and team style!

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variety of colors

SPECIAL OFFER! First 500 orders will receive:

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the PERFECT game for:










by: Stacey Moore (twitter: @LilBig02)


nce upon a time, shipping containers were used for, well…shipping. Nowadays shipping containers are being used for offices, apartments, vacation homes, retail stores and most importantly…tailgating. Many avid tailgaters and businesses promoting to tailgaters spend large amounts of money customizing RVs, buses, ambulances, limos, trucks etc. to be the eye-catching feature of their tailgating experience. Now, there is a quickly emerging trend to convert shipping containers into tailgating centerpieces and the results are nothing less than mind-blowing. Why Shipping Containers? They are inexpensive, durable, modular, flexible, adaptable and mobile. A container can be cut just about anywhere without impacting the structural integrity. It is a shell waiting for innovative design and engineering. After actively used on sea and land for 10 to 15 years, containers are “retired”. They are usually reduced to scrap metal in a process that requires a lot of energy and a major carbon footprint – saving and refurbishing one earns you a “green” badge of honor. Companies are quickly emerging and aggressively growing to transform new and used shipping containers into the next great tailgating experience.

Boxman Studios is a leader in tailgating transformations. David Campbell started Boxman in 2008 during the Real Estate downturn after reading an article on shipping container architecture. His interest and curiosity led him to get a box, create some fold down walls, install some bamboo flooring, attach some contemporary furniture and rent it out for special events and weddings. Boxman’s first foray into sports was with NASCAR Sponsors wanting to entertain clients and customers or create a unique marketing experience. Over the last five years, Boxman has created customized entertainment and mobile marketing experiences

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9 // Twitter: @TailgateLeague

for many companies at sporting events like the US Formula One Grand Prix, the Boston Marathon, numerous football games and most recently with Turner Sports and the NBA. The current crown jewel of Corporate Tailgating is the IMG Playmakers Club created by Boxman. Unveiled at the Georgia – Florida football game last fall, the World’s Largest Cocktail Party met the World’s Largest Mobile VIP Tailgating Experience. It includes nine repurposed containers, three stories, multiple bars, high definition screens and a jumbotron. The entire area is climate controlled and has an amazing spiral staircase going through the 30-foot tower. This tailgate hosted over 300 people and captured the attention of thousands. It could be traveling soon to a sporting event near you so be on the lookout. To put it mildly, Boxman does some cool S**T. Their client list which includes Adidas, Hyundai, Red Bull, Infiniti, IMG, Turner Sports and the NBA naturally speaks to the quality and valuable service they provide. Tailgating aside, we had to know the top 5 coolest features they have put in a box…here is what they said:

1 2

The Electrolux Luxkitchen had a full working kitchen that included two refrigerators, induction cooktops, double ovens, a washer/ dryer unit, microwaves, a dishwasher, and a kitchen sink. And the whole thing travels. The spiral staircase on the PlayMaker’s Club. I had the pleasure of watching our amazingly talented fabricators build it by hand in our


shop. The entire thing travels separately in two pieces, and then gets attached to the structure on site.



For Red Bull, we built a mobile convenience store, complete with refrigeration, shelving, and a register. It’s one of those where you have to step back and ask yourself, “Am I actually in a shipping container?”

Our project with HP was one of our most complex, logistically speaking. We created six units that all looked like giant boomboxes. They set up in four different cities, and no one really knew what they were. Then all at once they folded open to reveal a DJ booth and a showcase for Beats Audio laptops.

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We built a mobile trade show unit for Cetco Energy Services. The show was going to Houston in the summer, so it was bound to be hot. To help attract people to the display, we built a plug-andplay wall system that could be set up on location, and then hook up to an air conditioner, creating a cool space right inside the unit.

As Boxman Studios continues to grow and evolve, Campbell knows that corporate tailgating will be a key part of his business going forward. He says, “It’s important for companies to sincerely connect with their audience, and tailgating offers a great opportunity to do that. If a company just has a tent with some tables underneath, it could easily get lost in a sea of competitors. Creating an inviting space, that towers above the rest, and gives people a great place to hang out, allows the company to establish a personal relationship with the consumer and give that consumer something to talk about for years to come.” The future of corporate tailgating is bright…and flashy. Container transformations are not just for Corporate Tailgating. Are you familiar with certain permanent tailgating-specific structures like the Cockabooses at the University of South Carolina? The University of Nebraska Athletic Department has announced Blackshirt Villiage, a premium tailgate community that will provide the ultimate in convenience, sophistication and comfort. Each tailgate structure is an 8 x 20 container and includes:  40 Passes Per Suite  10 x 15 Turf Observation Deck  Fold Down Composite Wood Deck  10 x 15 Canopy  Full Folding Glass Wall System with Door  Premium Sound System  2 - 65” HD Televisions  1 – 46” HD Television  U-Line Refrigerator, Sink and Granite Serving Counter  Weber Grill  Outdoor Furniture and Lighting For $25,000 a year, you can be in BIG RED CORNHUSKER HEAVEN. Not too bad when you consider that the USC Cockabooses sell for around $300,000.


As the storage container trend grows, boxLIFE is an emerging company that is seeing what others are seeing. Founders Janet Howey and Sheryl Estes were independently working on developing different shipping container real estate projects when they met and started discussing tailgating. They had no idea that other people and companies had similar ideas as they were developing their designs and coordinating manufacturing capabilities. As avid sports fans and former basketball players and coaches, Janet and Sheryl are building a business that solely revolves around tailgating. “This business is growing so fast we put all of our container ideas on hold,” says Janet. Their boxGATE tailgating box is an innovative, modern, outdoor event environment packaged in a box. It is a sustainable product using repurposed shipping containers. Their initial targets are Universities and professional sports teams. They partner with these organizations to offer a turn-key fully equipped tailgating area to individuals and companies. With a pipeline of over 40 Universities in various stages of negotiations, it is highly likely there will be a boxGATE available to you soon. By mass producing a few designs with limited options, boxLIFE anticipates that most Universities will be offering their tailgate pads at $10,000 - $15,000 a year. The great thing about these boxes is that they can be repositioned throughout the year. At the end of Football season Universities could then use them for Baseball or other sports and activities. Before you ask, the answer is, YES YOU CAN put one of these big boy boxes in your backyard. boxLIFE will be rolling out boxYARD in late 2014 so that you can take Homegating to another level. Get rid of your child’s swing set, forget an outdoor fireplace at the end of your deck and create the ultimate tailgating experience right in your backyard. Transforming tailgating experiences is in the early stages of development and we can’t wait to visit and see the structures that individuals and companies will create. Keep an eye on and for the latest and greatest.

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n the 90s, there was an explosion of Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and they quickly became the vehicle of choice for avid tailgaters. Currently, every automaker has a SUV model and most have several different types and models…some much more “tailgater-friendly” than others…

RVs have long been considered as the pinnacle vehicle for tailgaters. If you have an RV, you have the party! While many RV lots at venues are expanding, they still just make up less than 5% of the vehicles parked on a typical game


day. Many think it is out of reach price wise or are intimidated by the size or just have no idea where to park and how to maintain such a vehicle. Now there is a new type of vehicle for tailgaters to consider – the

Recreational Utility Vehicle (RUV). The terminology created by Thor Motor Coach means it is a vehicle that drives like a SUV but provides all the great things that tailgaters covet in a RV like a kitchen, bathroom, indoor / outdoor TVs and a comfortable place to nap or sleep…if needed. Wes Bogan, Marketing Manager of Thor Motor Coach, shared some inside info on this new and more

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The Topper

1 1/2 oz. TOPO Organic Vodka 1/2 oz. cranberry ginger simple syrup* 1/2 oz. fresh lime Bitter Lemon Combine vodka, syrup and lime with ice in a shaker. Shake until very cold. Pour into a rocks glass and top with a splash of bitter lemon. *Make simple syrup by bringing two cups of sugar, one cup water, a bag of cranberries and four thin slices of ginger to a boil. Stir constantly. Reduce heat and simmer for 15 min. Cool mixture and bottle for use on the bar. For more recipes visit

compact RV style. One of the first topics of discussion on the RUV was well...parking the RUV. Bogan mentioned that because it is smaller than your typical RV, you definitely won’t need the same amount of parking space but “you will want to have ample room on the side of the vehicle to utilize the awning and TV.” If you are wondering about parking the RUV at home, Bogan continues, “with it only being about 6 feet longer than a Suburban, it falls within most HOA rules too (but you still may want to check the rules for your specific neighborhood).” Thor’s intent with this newer design is to replace the typical SUV with a roomier and more versatile vehicle for families who are always on the road taking the kids to events and you guessed it...tailgating! Bogan says, “Now families can load up the vehicle with all of their gear, and have a place to sleep once they get to their destination. Not to forget, the price is within a reasonable reach as well and starts around $79,000. With only costing a little more than some of the higher-end SUVs in the market, you can now save on expensive hotel rooms and cut down on those costs.” This is a Class A RV built on a Class C chassis. It sits low to the ground, and it has a long wheelbase with very little overhang on the backend. This low center of gravity will make any “soccer mom” feel comfortable behind the wheel. The large panoramic windshield gives a sweeping field of vision and the back-up camera and side mirrors will give better visibility to what is around you than a SUV. The inside is plush, comfortable and functional. One of the best features is that the typical “hump” that is typically found in Class A RVs is gone…giving more room and more function in the

front cabin. A fold out tray on the passenger side is the perfect place for a laptop and a table can be inserted between the driver and passenger captain chairs…swivel around and have breakfast or meeting for two. There is ample seating and sleeping space for such a compact RV. The RUV sleeps 4-5 comfortably. There is a sofa that converts into a bed, a drop down bunk over the front cabin and the back area has two twin beds that can convert into a King Sized bed. There are two TVs inside, one outside and an automatic awning that allows you to leave the pop up tent at home if you don’t want to mess with it. It may go without saying, but since it is a RV, it does have a bathroom. It is a critical and key feature that will allow tailgaters to avoid the porta-jons. The bathroom is quite roomy given the compact size and has a comfortable shower for most people. There is even an outdoor shower to wash off people, animals and random things as tailgates can tend to get messy from time to time. If you do a lot of travelling and tailgating with friends or family, and are in the market for a new SUV or RV, Thor’s Vegas or Axis RUV should be on your list to evaluate and consider. It’s a very versatile and functional vehicle that will definitely turn some heads in the parking lot! You can find out more info and videos on Thor’s complete line of RUVs and RVs at

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The body of a tailgater requires special nourishment.



CONCESSIONS FROM AROUND THE MAJORS By: “Gameday” Steve Long (twitter: @TheGamedaySteve)


out 4 of the most popular and unique concessions located eanuts and Cracker Jacks are a ballpark and inside the homes of America’s favorite teams. With everything stadium staple during the summertime but from crab fries to filet mignon sandwiches, there are now there is an exquisite trend growing in the plenty more options to choose from than your typical nachos kitchens and concession stands of ballparks and hotdogs. We across the country. With even snagged a few the help of Erin Moss at recipes too! Your mouth Aramark Sports and Entertainment* and a lil s of su m e ch s con00 pound Fries ea n a should start watering…NOW! bit of real-life culinary research, we scoped f ,0 ies ra b Phill than 151 Pete’s C Park. morekie’s and ns Bank Chic at Citize year

Philadelphia Phillies

New York Mets

Chickie’s and Pete’s Crab Fries:

LaFrieda Filet Mignon Sandwich:

Citizen’s Bank Park

If you are a native Philadelphian, you know about Chickie’s and Pete’s. Better yet, you know about their crab fries. The Chickie’s and Pete’s Crab Fries are a staple in Philadelphia sports and are sold at concession stands at venues throughout the Philly area. These fries are so legendary that people attempt to crack recipe and have had very little luck. The Krinkle cut crab fries come in tandem with the C&P’s dipping sauce. Some say it’s the sauce that makes the fries and some say it’s the fries that make the sauce. Either way...they are delicious and a must try if you are catching a game in the Philadelphia area.

Citi Field

Pat LaFrieda knows meat and knows it so well that every restaurant and concession stand in Citi Field has a Pat LaFrieda meal for you to try. The PL burger is the Official Burger of the New York Mets and the Pat LaFrieda Filet Mignon Sandwich should hold a similar title. The Pat LaFrieda’s Original Filet Mignon Steak Sandwich was derived from a long standing family recipe. The sandwich is a gift from the heavens piled high on a toasted baguette and consists of 100% black angus beef, Monterey Jack cheese, sauteed onions and beef au jus. Think you can replicate it? Try out the recipe!

Photos and recipes courtesy Aramark Sports and Entertainment unless otherwise noted


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Full Page Bleed 8.25” x 10.5” plus .125 on all sides Safe Image area: 7.75” x 10

Bringing The World’s Treasure....

To Your Back Door. delivers the highest quality seafood and specialty items to the most discerning chefs nationwide. Daily we offer over 1,500 fresh and frozen seafood and specialty items sourced from around the globe. We provide comprehensive next day service. We deliver Tuesday through Saturday. Visit us online at or Call us toll-free at (877) 710-FINS (3467).


Boston Red Sox

New York Mets • Citi Field

LaFrieda Filet Mignon Sandwich: 1 Servings Total Time: 25 minutes Ingredients: Filet Mignon, 6 ounces Kosher Salt, 1 teaspoon Olive Oil, 3 ounces Sweet Onions, 8 ounces, diced Monterey Jack Cheese, 2 slices Beef Stock, 2 ounces Baguette, 6 inches

Preparation: Caramelize onions in 1 oz. olive oil until deep brown, set aside. Season filet with salt. Heat pan over medium high heat, add remaining olive oil and sear filet, approximately 1-2 minute per side. Bring beef stock to a boil, reducing by 1/3 and then keep warm until needed.

Fenway Park

cups o 25,000 lob Fenway Pa rk ser f New ster r 400,0 England c olls, 200,0 ves 00 lam ch 0 0 ba 45,00 gs of pean owder, 0 orde ut s a n d rs of each snachos ea son .

Fenway Park Lobster Roll:

New England Clam Chowder may be the most famous food to come out of New England but you have to get the Laaabstaaah at the Paaaahk! If you are headed to Fenway for a game this summer, try out the Fenway Park Lobster Roll. The lobster salad is overflowing out of the New England hot dog roll that it comes stuffed in and holy is good! If you thought buying a seafood or lobster meal out of a concession stand at a ballpark might be kind of “iffy”...think again. The lobster tastes just like it came right off of the boat. See if you can replicate it with this recipe.

6 Servings Total Time: 10 minutes Ingredients: Lobster, Claw and Knuckle Meat, 21 ounces Lobster Base, 3 ounces Lemon Wedges, 6, cut into 6 wedges each Chives, 1 small bunch, thinly sliced Unsalted Butter, 6 Tablespoons New England Style Hot Dog Roll Preparation: Mix lobster meat (thaw and squeeze if using frozen) with base and set aside on ice. Chop chives and slice lemons (removing seeds).

Add cheese to onions, cover and let melt. Toast baguette in 350 degree oven for approximately 5 minutes. Remove then split so the outside is crisp but the inside stays soft. Layer filet, onions and cheese on baguette. Serve with au jus (reduced beef stock).

Fill each roll with salad, top with chives and serve with lemon on the side.

Missoula Osprey Ogren Park Allegiance Field

s inal eat ld sell Citi Fie0 of NYC m rieda’s Orighes F 0 ic a L ,0 w t 30 k S and yor Pa purve ignon Stea M Filet season. e a ch

Bats and Balls:

The Aramark team at Kauffman Stadium smokes more than 400 pounds of meat each day. We’ll have other Ballpark eats throughout the summer so keep an eye on our website at and if you have a dish that you’d like to see on our site, share it with us on our Facebook ( and Twitter (@TailgateWithUs) pages!


Melt butter in saute pan, coat each side of the bun and toast in pan.

Taylor Rush Professional Missoula Osprey Baseball

This one goes down as one of the most unique items that we’ve seen in a concession stand. The Missoula Osprey, a MLB Minor League team out of Missoula, Montana have included an item that is definitely raising some eyebrows and inciting some culinary curiosity. The “bats” part makes sense for the fries but what’s the balls? If you guessed Rocky Mountain guessed right. By the way, Rocky Mountain Oysters are deep-fried bull calf testicles (we’ll spare you with the preparation details but it involves pounding them flat and frying them) Yum! Food Facts from Aramark Sports and Entertainment About Aramark from Aramark Sports and Entertainment delivers a wide range of innovative solutions to more than 150 premier sports facilities, convention centers and entertainment venues throughout North America.

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Lamb and Seafood: Delectable and Enticing Tailgate Fare by: “Rock Cod” Rod (


amb It Damn It and Sea It! We often look to the pig and cow for our grills, but lamb and seafood are both making a huge turn for the grills. On your next Tailgate Beast Feast, try these recipes to give those hotdog weenies and skinny burger patties something in which to aspire.

Moroccan Smoked “Gam” of Lamb

Ingredients:  1 each 6-8 lb. Lamb Leg (BRT) “Boned, Rolled, Tied” – ask your Butcher.  12oz Harissa (Moroccan Chile Sauce)  1 Lemon (Juiced)  1 head Garlic (Peeled)  1 bunch Fresh Mint (Leaves)  ¼ cup Kosher Salt  1 Tbl Brown Sugar  1 gal. Fresh Brewed Green Tea Setup: 1  In a pot large enough for the leg, combine Tea, Sugar & Salt. Stir to dissolve. Crush or rough chop half of the Mint and half of the Garlic, and add to the pot. Soak or “Brine” the Lamb Leg in the mixture for 4 hours refrigerated. 2 In a food processor, combine Harissa, Lemon Juice, Mint, and Garlic. Pulverize until blended and smooth. (Use a bit of cold water to help it along). 3 Remove the leg, rinse, and pat dry. Smother the leg in Moroccan mixture, getting complete coverage. Smoke on your favorite wood for 6-8 hours at 250 degrees.

Grilled Jumbo Sea Scallops & “Greenie” Tahini Ingredients:  1 lb Jumbo Dry Sea Scallops (Chem Free) – ask your Monger.  6 oz Plain Greek Yogurt  2 oz Tahini (Sesame Paste)  1 Tbl Fresh Cilantro (Chopped)  1 Tbl Fresh Mint (Chopped)  1 Tbl Fresh Chives (Chopped)  1 Tbl Fresh Parsley (Chopped)  1 Lemon (Juiced)  2 tsp Fresh Garlic (Minced)  ½ tsp Ground Coriander  ½ tsp Ground Cumin  1 tsp Kosher Salt  ¼ tsp white pepper

Method: 1  In a mixing bowl, combine Yogurt, Tahini, Herbs, Lemon Juice and Garlic. Refrigerate. 2 Mix Salt, Pepper, Coriander and Cumin. Rinse and pat dry the Scallops. Season Scallops with Salt mixture. Grill at high heat for 3-4 minutes on each side. You will need a well-oiled grill grate. Grill baskets are ok, but you won’t get the caramelization or char on the scallops. Cook until just springy to the touch. 3 Remove to serving dish and give each Scallop a generous dollop of the Greenie Tahini.

Your Lamb & Scallops can be served “Taco Bar” style with: Grilled Flat Bread, Lemon, Olives, Cucumbers & extra Virgin Olive Oil

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by: LeeAnn Marhevsky


othing would make Ron Pomeroy happier than finding a parody of himself on Portlandia, the cult sketch comedy on Independent Film Channel that pokes fun at the über-hipness of Portland and its denizens. Not only does the born and raised Portland artist “put a bird on it”, to use a catchphrase from Portlandia, he puts beer on it, too. Pomeroy is the pioneering artist behind BeerColors™ and WineDesigns™. He paints bright, whimsical watercolors that feature birds, fish, and spectacularly dressed geese. But there’s one big difference between Pomeroy and your middle school art teacher: he paints them with beer and wine. He discovered this niche art form in the mid-1980s. He had started painting several years earlier because he needed a hobby while living on the Oregon Coast. Pomeroy was intent on finishing a




particular watercolor but ran out of water. Rather than trek all the way into his kitchen for a refill, he turned to the most convenient liquid at hand: the beer he was enjoying during the process. In the decades since, he has found that substituting beer and wine for water produces a token effect on his paintings. Dark beers and red wine intensify the colors used, while the carbonation of the former adds a signature, bubbly texture to his pieces. But utilizing one or the other is necessary for a completely different reason. “It puts you in a good mood to paint. It makes the painting process go well,” Pomeroy said. “Of course, one of the primary things about painting with beer and wine is that you have to make sure the paint is compatible with what you’re drinking, which requires that you taste it first.” It wasn’t until Pomeroy neared retirement that he considered painting full-time. “It came close to retirement time and I said, ‘Hmmm, what am I going to do?’ It’s a big thing,” he said, referring to how to spend retirement years. “You don’t think about it in your 40s. I started thinking a little about it in my 50s when the time came closer. You go through this reflection period. You think, ‘What can I do that I like to do, that I enjoy, that I can continue with?’”


The Honour Society focuses on designing uniquely fashionable, custom and oďŹƒcially licensed products for the collegiate and professional sports markets. Our goal is to blend classic tartan, plaid and houndstooth patterns with contemporary consumer products. THS specializes in headwear and accessories, including a newly launched extensive line of travel and lifestyle bags. Our target consumer is the under-serviced, fashion-conscious team fan seeking something dierent to help them stand out from the crowd.


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FOOD&DRINK Encouraged by a stream of custom orders from co-workers, Pomeroy founded BeerColors™ and WineDesigns™ in the fall of 2011. Pomeroy may have retired from his first career – he was an attorney for 37 years, including a stint as a prosecutor in Guam- but he still approaches BeerColors™ and WineDesigns™ with the same vigor and discipline. He paints in his studio several hours a day, six or seven days a week and devotes the rest of the day to the practical side of his business: inventory, marketing, and social media. This dedication to his craft has proved fruitful; Pomeroy has produced almost 800 paintings since he established BeerColors™ and WineDesigns™. The proliferation of artwork is fueled, in large part, by craft beer and fine wine. Pomeroy is partial to painting with Portland beers, particularly those in the Craft Brew Alliance: Widmer Brothers Brewing (Portland, OR) and Kona Brewing Company (Kailua Kona, HI). It’s no surprise, given that he donates a portion of his sales to non-profits that support the environment, pets, and the elderly, that he’s also a big fan

of New Belgium Brewing Company (Fort Collins, CO), a craft brewery focused on sustainability and community. Though he says it’s easiest to paint with an IPA or a lager, the beer he fancies that day dictates its use in his medium. He kept track of the different beers he used (and drank) in one year; he counted over 150. As far as wine goes, he prefers Oregon Pinot Noir for drinking and painting, but also appreciates a solid California Cabernet Sauvignon. Pomeroy isn’t just an artist; he’s also a huge sports fan. He roots for his hometown heroes, the University of Oregon Ducks and the Portland Trailblazers. He sang the praises of Chip Kelly, the Ducks’


former coach, who led the team to championship games in four consecutive seasons. What about NFL teams? “Pretty much any team other than the Raiders.” BeerColors™ and WineDesigns™ prints can be ordered at, where you can also find his blog. Custom pieces are available as well. Curious about what beer wet his whistle and his paintbrush? Each brew is dutifully noted and listed next to each print, a liquid bibliography that charts the progress of this unique artist. If you are looking to add some decor to your FanCave (that isn’t a beer poster) throw some beer and wine up on your walls and check out BeerColors™!

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Phloopin’ Phun! > Derby Fashion > What the Buc?



There it IS! by: Michael Reed Kean (@michaelreedkean)


ooking for a new spin on some traditional backyard PHUN? Well, look no further because Phloops is ready to PHIT the bill. We kinda like to call it…”Horseshoes meets Ring-Toss.” Phloops is a portable ring-toss game that you can play just about anywhere. It is great at the beach, in the tailgating lot, and you could even hike it in on your next camping trip! This game makes a great coffee break or team bonding activity as well. When we PHIRE up Phloops here in our office, there is a no holds barred competition and it can become a COMPLETE “3 ring circus.” The Phlingers, which are actually three rings connected together, come in a variety of color combinations. The stands are lightweight, compact, and takes minimal effort to set up. There are plenty of color options to choose from so you can pick your favorite team colors to coordinate with your next tailgate party or just show support for your alma mater in your very own backyard. The game itself is easy to play and super “PHUN” for kids and adults alike. Phloops


has combined skill and some luck together into a simple ring-toss game that provides you with hours of good times to share with friends and family! Structured for 2 to 8 players, you can get everyone at the party into the fun and even create your own Phloops tournament. How to Play (in a nutshell): Set the bases 18 ft. apart, throw the Phlingers, and ring as many posts as you can (and have a blast)! You can find the official rules at This is an excellent up and coming game that will be perfect for your next tailgate so be sure to visit their site at to read all about the game and the creator’s interesting story of how they came up with it. You can also order a set online for $89.95! Let the PHLOOPA-LOOPIN’ PHUN begin!

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Derby Fashion By: Stephanie O’Neal (twitter: @Tailgate_Queen)


pring is in the air and there is a lot of horseracing around the corner. The Kentucky Derby, also known as “The Run for the Roses,” hase come and gone but it is the ultimate sports party showcasing spring fashion.With this event comes all of the local and Triple Crown races that bring out the best in style. If you’re planning to ever head to the Derby or another horserace, here are a few simple guidelines to take into consideration when planning your race day ensemble.

Derby Hats

Aside from the famous Mint Julep, the must have accessory of every derby attendee is the famous derby hat. Lauded as a good luck charm, these grandiose hats are an unofficial requirement for all female spectators. Post royal wedding, fascinators have become both a popular and acceptable addition to the derby dress code.


The race is a time to bring out your bright and stylish best. When it comes to the Derby, one thing is for sure, a sundress is at the top of the must wear list. Lilly Pulitzer has long been a derby sundress staple. With their wide variety of styles, Lilly perfectly pairs spring colors with derby class.Suits and separates are also an option, but just make sure they’ll be comfortable in case of intense heat.


For long days of tailgating, you should always come equipped with a comfortable (but cute) pair of shoes. Jack Rogers are always a staple. With their Navajo sandal available in a range of colors, it’s easy to find your perfect shade for derby day. If you insist on a heel, I would highly recommend checking out Kate Spade’s endless variety of small and kitten


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heels. The cobblestone pathways at Churchill Downs can be hard on your feet so pack a pair of flats just in case.

Basic Rules


The Infield is considerably more informal than private seating PURSE: areas. Although denim is admisTory Burch sible attire in the Infield, they’re CUFF: not necessarily acceptable. Stella & Dot Therefore, even though jeans SHOES: are permitted, it doesn’t mean Jack Rogers that they’re necessarily welcomed. Regardless of where you’re watchHAT: ing the race, I recommend you go the Macy’s formal route and skip the denim. Although most of the fashion guidelines are left to the discretion of attendees, there are a few Kentucky Derby restrictions that apply to private seating areas. Churchill Downs spectators will not be admitted to the event if they are wearing denim clothing, athletic wear, halter tops, jeans, shorts, tank tops, tee shirts, or tennis shoes. Frayed or torn clothing and midriff-baring Style 2 tops are also on the list DRESS: of banned attire.


Kate Spade


Kate Spade



Push by Pushmataaha

Style 3 DRESS:


Kate Spade


Kate Spade

EARRINGS: Ross-Simons

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Must Go: Indianapolis

Motor Speedway

Racetime at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is always a very special time of the year in America’s Heartland. by Michael Reed Kean (@michaelreedkean)


nown by many names, the ‘Crossroads of America’ and ‘Circle City’; Indianapolis is the heart of the heartlands. Since 1909 the original speedway, the 2.5 mile oval track at Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) has become legendary and created new legends every year during the running of both the Indianapolis 500 and the Brickyard 400. This year a 600 mile road race was held at IMS as well. Bringing in the inaugural Grand Prix at Indianapolis added to a concoction that can only be described as a ‘tailgater’s heaven in the heartlands.’ One finds almost two solid months of racing and special events going on at IMS, including concerts and party functions that embrace every racing fan’s dreams and tailgater’s lifestyle. This conglomeration of racing events, this ‘tailgater’s heaven on earth,’ draws hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world to dig in and get a substantial portion of the best of what Indianapolis, Indiana and America’s heartland have to offer every spring and right on into summer. After speaking with long-time race fans, track enthusiasts, and hometown heroes alike, all collectively agree on one thing that “ is a spectacle for sure, people on the outside


looking in don’t really understand how huge it is. Not only are the races incredibly large, but the venue itself is massive as well. One could easily imagine half a million people there just partying.” So, if you get a chance, ask a local what the Snakepit was like back in the day, especially if you think it is off the hook now. IMS has it all when it comes to amenities. Whether you are rolling in an RV, need a prime spot to do some tailgating, camping (or the latest trend known as ‘glamping’ aka Glamorous Camping), or just looking for some late night rave-style dance parties in the infield; Indianapolis Motor Speedway has great times in vast abundance. Kroger Super Weekend at the Brickyard takes place July 24th through July 27th. There will be Grand Prix racing on Friday, Nationwide series on Saturday, and Sprint Cup racing on Sunday. The Sprint Cup race will finish off this kick-butt weekend of tailgating and racing! Be sure to visit for all the details. Check the schedules for special events going on throughout the weekend and leading up to race weekend as well. If you’re serious about tailgating, this venue needs to be on your short list of places to visit or perhaps plan a return visit. There is a good chance that once you leave, you may find yourself planning out your final tailgate party and conjuring up a scheme to have your ashes scattered at the Snakepit in the infield (probably not legal). A Tailgating Heaven has certainly been found right in America’s heartland and it is calling us all home. We’ll see you in Circle City!!!

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WHAT THE BUC?! TAILGATING CREW By Steve Urena Photos By: Derek M. Fournier and Scott “Captain Rino” Dixon


he Tampa Bay Buccaneers are named appropriately after their city that is deeply rooted in pirate history. In the days of old, swashbucklers and bootleggers would occupy the ports of Tampa raising hell and enriching themselves with treasures. Though the days of pirates appear to be over for Tampa Bay, there is still a band of scallywags roaming the Tampa Bay area drawing a fair share of attention to themselves in the wide seas of the parking lot of Raymond James Stadium. This new brand of pillagers and plunderers calls themselves the “What the Buc?!” Tailgating Crew. These folks are very friendly and willing to share their treasure with all the Buccaneer fans in attendance. Born in 1996, What the Buc?! was founded by Derek Fournier who know goes by the name “Old School.” The group then mixed with a group started by Scott “Captain Rino” Dixon and the size of the group is now reaching a near 300 person capacity. “I started a tailgate once the Bucs were getting good,” explains Dixon. “I would buy most of my stuff from Jeff Fox, a man who is now a good buddy and a pillar of our tailgates. He owned a store called Buccaneers Heaven with all the Bucs merchandise. At first, it was just my wife and me, and then family and friends started joining us and it just grew and grew over the years.” This tailgating group now dominates their spot and has really taken a life of its own. Dixon explains how the tailgate became a sort of new family for himself: “Meeting these guys was by far the best thing that has happened to my tailgating career, bar none. It’s gone from me doing everything (and I do mean everything) for my old tailgates to a total team effort with the WTB group. Everyone is always pitching in now. I used to do all the cooking (which is scary). A man named Matt Worley joined us around 2008 and said he loved to


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NAME: What the Buc?! on the back of his house and full blown outside cook and being a Chef was his passion, which Tailgating Crew bathrooms. Over a couple of years, Brian used to was a Godsend to me. We call Matt ‘Chef Red’ TEAM: Tampa Bay always see me loading and unloading my Bucs and he is an incredible grill cook. He took over Buccaneers trailer and he told me I should get a shed and sit all the cooking in 2009. His cooking is now the CITY: Tampa, FL it on the site to keep the stuff. I said, ‘You would highlight and hit of the tailgates. He prepares PARKING SPOT: 3316 W. really allow me to do that?!’ and he said that it and cooks food for a small army which is what Ohio Ave Tampa, FL would be ok. The next thing I did was go out and we have now at our tailgates.” buy a 16’ x 20’ shed and had it delivered and setup The group has grown so large that it has its on his property. So now, I don’t even have to use own sponsors to help them with the costs of my Bucs trailer anymore! The shed is a big help everything. It has become this phenomenon and it sits right there next to our tailgating spot.” and a social haven for Buccaneers fans in the This tailgating crew even hangs out outside Tampa area. They even have their own home of the games to contribute their time to variturf where they set up their tailgate, which ous charities. Always united, the group lends a houses all of their tailgates and is in a prime helping hand to those in need. location near the stadium. Dixon shares how “We have started to do a lot of charity work around the his What the Buc?! tailgate haven came to be: area,” Dixon explains. “We use our tailgates to raise money for “I inquired about an empty lot next door to a house that is charities. Cheryl Stewart, whom we call ‘Spent,’ runs our charidirectly behind the Bucs training fields and facility called ‘One Buc ties and it is almost a full time job for her as she sets everyPlace’. The gentleman who was in charge said he owned all of it. We thing up. We help out the One Voice charity which is former spoke about the games and opening his lots to parking for both the Bucs player Earnest Graham’s charity, as well as Ryan Nece’s Bucs and South Florida home games. I explained our crew to him organization. We also do charity work for the Wounded Warrior and he said he would reserve a spot for us. That’s how we got the project, among many others. We do this through donations, great spot we have now. Brian even installed outside lights for us raffles, and a 50-50 contest every tailgate.” for the night games! He also has a captain’s deck with big screens The group is always looking for new members so if you live in the Tampa Bay area and would like to join the hottest tailgating group in Tampa Bay, visit and check them out in Inside Tailgating’s new Tailgate Group Directory at directory. to inquire about checking out the festivities. Also, be sure to have fun, or you might be walking the plank! Don’t forget! If you have a tailgating crew that you would like to see on or inside our magazine, shoot on over to and NOMINATE YOUR CREW!

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This motley crew took h om e a few prizes from the pri ze giveaway at the Patriots vs. Panthers Monday Nig ht tailgate at T he Shed in Charlotte on Nov. 18, 2013 ! th e d n u o 2014 m ar o e r h f t s n r nt o laye rname reat p photos ts of g $1,000+ Tou t the other lo d a 1st ating! k ou We h ! Chec /InsideTailg for the r s u a o n T li o Car nhole .com DON’T FORGET as Cor eb ook TING Carolin B page! Fac YOUR TAILGAO F S U r H u IT W o E R n A o BO K O SH



W ELL…W GONNA N E’R E NEW POS EED TS…. Check out this pho

to from Just in Day and Ted Woodrift, ta ken in the lots af ter KU vs W est Virginia this past season . KU won 3119, breaking a 27 game co nference losi ng streak. The goal post w as thrown into Potter Lake which sits b ehind the st adium.



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Check out how companies are converting shipping containers into tailgate heaven. Learn about a new vehicle called the RUV. Get some delici...


Check out how companies are converting shipping containers into tailgate heaven. Learn about a new vehicle called the RUV. Get some delici...