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Aloha tailgaters! Two Hawaiianinspired seafood dishes

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10 hot sauces that you may have never heard of

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Give yourself a solid pat on the back because you have successfully survived the off-season. Football season is finally here! It is time to get those grills fired up, time to stock up on your team apparel, and time to get those lots a rockin’! NFL and College stadium parking lots are going to be slammed with fans just like you that are ready to support their team through the good times and the bad. Let this issue of Inside Tailgating be your guide for this season. Rely on us to give you the best information on what is going on in the world of tailgating and to show you the coolest tailgating products for your party in the lots. The fall marks tailgating’s New Year, and when that first football is kicked, you’ll be hearing cheers, screams, boos, and hisses across the country! Needless to say, this is our favorite issue of the year! We’ve been working hard on this latest issue to bring you some of the BEST stories from the parking lots and COOLEST new tailgating gear! I want to thank everyone who has played a part in putting this issue together, and I hope your team has a successful season (unless they are playing mine)! See you in the lots!

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Wear Your Sunday Best on Saturday!

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COOLERS By Stacey Moore,


hat’s Cooler than Being Cool? ICE COLD! Yes…that is a well-known lyric from Andre 3000’s (Outkast) Hey Ya! song. The point is that your cooler can make a statement about your presence at a tailgate. Keeping things cold at the tailgate is of utmost importance. The “keeping things cold” market is one that continues to utilize science and innovation to stay out in front just to en-


sure that your food and beverages stay cold when you are away from your refrigerator. We’ve seen coolers of all types, shapes, and sizes. We want to give you the inside scoop on what’s new in the world of coolers so that you can have the ice cold beverages that you deserve. Basing our findings off of average everyday use criteria and other cool features, we’ve compiled a list of a few coolers that you should consider if you want to up your tailgate cred…

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YETI Roadie 20 – Collegiate Edition If you don’t know the YETI brand, it is a premium cooler that keeps your ice cold and beverages chilled for much longer than needed. YETI has trademarked names for all of its features. Impress your family and friends at your next tailgate by describing the PermaFrost Insulation, T-Rex Lid Latches, NeverFail Hinge System, and BearFoot Non-Slip Feet. There are more features, but I can only remember four at a time. All the features are pretty much self-explanatory and the YETI brand definitely lets everyone know that you place high value on cold beverages. YETI has joined in on the licensing game, so now you can pay $60 more to get your favorite college team on top of the YETI Roadie. If you want something larger than the one-man portable Roadie, the Collegiate Edition is also available on the Tundra 45 and 65 coolers…. The price for the YETI Collegiate Edition Roadie 20 is $290. For more info:

Grizzly 16 If you are worried that your tailgate cooler may get run over by a 11,000 lb. tractor, then the Grizzly 16 is a great choice. This cooler cannot be destroyed by a car or tractor, and it is even Bear Proof Certified. You never know when a bear may enter your tailgate to steal some beer. The Grizzly line of coolers and the YETI line share the common thread of being a premium cooler that is durable and can keep things cold for a long period of time. The Grizzly 16 has a cool and functional shoulder strap. It comes in a variety of colors and has a divider available if you need split up some food from drinks. There are many different options if you need more capacity…The largest is the Grizzly 400 which can hold up to 500 cans. The price on the Grizzly 16 is $230. For more info:

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Igloo Yukon Roller 50 When you think of coolers, Igloo is certainly one of the first brands that come to mind. They have more models and variations than the population of some small towns. After seeing the success of YETI and Grizzly, Igloo has now developed a premium brand… enter the Yukon Cold Locker…What’s cooler than a cooler? A Cold Locker…50 quarts is the smallest capacity of the Yukon line, which would normally require 2 people to move long distances when full. The Yukon Roller 50 has a solid telescoping handle and rugged wheels that make it easily portable by one person. The Yukon can keep ice cold for 7 days and has a large tethered drain plug for fast clean up. A cool feature that is useful for the non-roller version is the reversible skid and anti-skid feet. The Yukon Roller 50 is $450 at your local retailer. The Yukon Glide Roller 90 is the same price for more capacity. For more info:


Think back to that old Guinness Beer “Brilliant” commercial. You say to your friend, “I want to make a cooler that plays music.” Your friend says, “Make a cooler that can play music? BRILLIANT!” Then you say, “I want it to be able to hold 100 cans and for the ice to remain cold for days.” You friend says, “Make a music cooler that holds 100 beers and stays cold for days? BRILLIANT!” It also has a handle and wheels. Put all of that together and the JamCooler is created – enter your favorite expletive _______…why didn’t I think of that? The JamCooler will certainly make a statement with JBL speakers pumping out 600 watts of music from your Bluetooth enabled IPod, MP3, or other music device. You got to see it, hear it, and touch it to believe it. The JamCooler is priced at $450. For more info:


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My Friends T

he 1st few months of football season can still be a little hot in some parts of the U.S. Like most anything you do, when you are tailgating, you definitely should have a way to cool you and your guests off so that everyone stays comfortable and focused on the fun. We’ve found a few items for you to check out that can keep you and your guests from sweating your #$%es off. So stop resorting to putting ice cubes down your pants at the tailgate. You won’t get the long cooling satisfaction from that as you would from introducing one of these game changers into your hot gameday festivities.

Cyclone 2000 by Port-A-Cool:

$539.99 The Cyclone 2000 is a smaller version of the ones you may see on the sidelines during hot football games. But don’t let the size fool you. This thing can cool and circulate air for up to 500-700 sq. ft. of space. This portable cooler has a remote control with 2 settings allowing you to control your cooling comfort level and temperatures. If you need a continuous flow of mist, there is a hose connection specifically for continuous use but the cooler can hold up to 10 gallons of water that will give you hours and hours of cool. This is a solid piece of cooling equipment so make sure that your generators can handle the power that it needs to run. For more info head to

Amit Misty Cooling & Humidifying Fan by Lava Aire:

$199.99 If you are looking for a sleek and stylish heat beating solution, you should check out the Amit Misty Cooler. It is a compact, remote controlled 2-in-1 humidifying fan. It has 3 nearly silent speed settings and 360º wind circulation that can cool an area of up to 150 square feet. The front grill also rotates along with the fan blade to circulate air through the area you need cooled. The Amit Misty’s removable 2.5 liter water tank provides up to a remarkable 10 hours of cooling power. There’s also an energy-saving timer with a 9-hour range so you set it to operate and not have to worry about forgetting to turn it off or accidentally leaving it on for an extended period of time. For videos and more info go to

Velos 16’ Misting Fan by Auramist:

$249.99 This misting fan works great outdoors and can reduce temperatures around you and your crew by up to 30°F. It is equipped with patented non-clogging nozzles that break down the water source to a very fine mist which is dry to the touch. What does that mean? That means that you will get nice and cool but you won’t get wet. Its 16” head oscillates 90°, providing a wide area of cooling (this fan can cover more of an area than most NFL Safetys). Choose from three fan speed options and control the level of mist output to best suit your personal comfort levels. This fan will make your parking spot the coolest spot in the lot and is an excellent addition to your tailgating arsenal. Find out more at Check out more Grills & Gear at:







Quieter than a conversation

Safe for tablets, cell phones, TVs and computers

Auto-idle for longer run-time and fuel savings

Rear wheels and extendable handle for easy transportation AVAILABLE ExCLuSIVELy AT

Powering Your Tailgate by: Stacey Moore, s electronic appliances and devices become more portable and part of our everyday lives, having enough power at a tailgate becomes more and more important. Portable inverter generators are the best way to bring enough power to your tailgate and avoid burning out your car battery. Never bought a generator before and have no idea where to start? Here are some beneficial generator tips for tailgaters:


“Inverter” is an important word – Make sure that you have or are buying an inverter generator so that your electronic devices and appliances are running on “clean” power. Determine the number of Watts needed – Add up the watts of everything you are going to use at the tailgate. For continuous usage it is recommended to add 20% - 50% to that number. So if all your stuff adds up to 1000 watts, make sure your generator can handle 1200 – 1500 watts. Subtract 20% from a generators max capacity and use that number as a good continuous usage number. If a generator max is 2000 don’t exceed 1600 watts for continuous usage.

Up grills&gear

Figuring out how many WATTS you need is a real pain when you want to be more concerned about what food and drinks to get at the store. We understand…. we have taken a look at some of the most common items tailgaters are going to plug into a generator. Then we came up with a general rule of thumb for appliances and electronics purchased within the last 3 years. Fortunately, manufacturers are focused on reducing the power required by appliances and device. There is a 42 inch TV that will require less than 60 watts in the near future…yes…that is less than an average light bulb! Appliance / Device Cell Phone / Tablet Charger


Appliance / Device



Portable Stereo




Gaming Console


HD Set Top Box





Desktop w/ Monitor


Portable Satellite Blender


CD / DVD Player


Small Coffee Maker


Small Electric Grill


Appliances like electric grills, blenders, and coffee makers may vary greatly. If you think you are borderline you may want to actually do it the old fashioned way…do your own math. Based on the list above, a 2000 Watt inverter generator can handle most tailgaters’ needs. Here is list of five generators that we like that all have parallel capabilities in case your power needs grow:

Basic formula - Amps x 120 = Watts Appliances and devices can often use 2x to 7x the wattage listed when starting. Keep this in mind when deciding what to plug in first and troubleshooting a device that may not be starting. Many inverter generators can be linked. It could be cheaper to buy two 2000 watt generators than one 4000 watt generator…don’t ask why… Make sure you have enough gas for your generator – Pay attention to the amount of time your generator will run on a full tank of gas. Bring an extra gallon or five gallon can along so that your TV does not go down on the big play.


Ryobi RYi2200

Max Watts 2200 Rated Watts 1800 Runtime 8.75hrs @ 25% Load Noise Level 64db Weight 51 lbs Warranty 3 Year Estimated Price $700 Cool Feature Telescoping Handle and Wheels

Honda EU200i Comp 2000 1600 9.6 hrs 59 db 46 lbs 3 Year $1,100 30A Outlet for RV Use and Easy Parallel

Powerhouse PH2100PRi

Champion 73540i

Yamaha EF2000iS

2100 2000 7.9 hrs

2000 1700 9.5 hrs

2000 1600 10.5 hrs

66 db 53 db 61 db 73 lbs 55 lbs 44 lbs 2 Year 2 Year 3 Year $700 $600 $1,000 Built-in USB Compact Electric Start from a Port and distance Lightweight

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grills and gear Must Haves Strongback Chair

Does your tailgating chair make you uncomfortable, leaving you slightly hunchbackish when you stand up? Well…check out the Strongback Chair. The STRONGBACK Chair’s claim to fame is its ability to help you finally “enjoy your outdoor experience in long-lasting ergonomic seated comfort.” Tailgaters can choose from 2 chairs, both designed to support the natural lumbar curve of your spine. The added support prevents you from slouching forward and plaving unhleathy pressure on your spinal discs. If you think these chairs are bulkier than traditional tailgate chairs, you are sorely mistaken. Each version of the The Strongback chair ($79.95 and $45.95) is lightweight and portable so don’t worry about throwing your back out while transporting it. For more information, pricing, and reviews, head over to

Sunbelt InflatableTent

Tailgate tents can be difficult to set up and take down, especially at the end of a long day of tailgating. Shelter from rain and sun is essential and is great to have just in case an upper level disturbance heads your way. Check out this awesome item from Sunbelt Inflatable Tents! These tents are easy to set up, simple to put away, and are durable in most weather situations. The tents take only two minutes to blow up and are very convenient while traveling, tailgating, and enjoying a variety of different events. Fans can choose from a variety of schools and color designs, but these tents are completely customizable so you can put any logo you want on them. Create your own logo, send it to them, and they will provide the perfect tent for your tailgate. For info and to create your customized tent today check out and give your tailgate a unique shelter from the rain and the sun!

Truma LevelCheck

Keeping track of how much fuel your propane has at any given moment can be a tedious task. If you are an avid griller, at some point, you have run out of propane and had to either throw out what was left on the grill or had to scramble for more fuel. THAT IS INCREDIBLY EMBARRASSING. Well…don’t worry about being embarrassed or scrambling anymore. The Truma LevelCheck shows how much gas is left in your cylinder and is extremely easy to use. The device is held horizontally against the gas cylinder and uses ultrasonics to detect whether there is any liquid gas in the cylinder at the point where the measurement is being taken. The product is equipped with an LED that signals green if there is gas at the measuring point and red where no gas is detected. The Truma LevelCheck is suitable for all propane, butane, steel, or aluminium LPG gas cylinders with a diameter of 7.9 to 13.8 in (200 to 350 mm). Grillers can find the Truma LevelCheck in outlets across the US. For more information on the Truma LevelCheck, head over to

Ultimate Hand FanFinger

Move over traditional foam finger, and make way for the Ultimate Hand Foam Finger, a fan favorite for the next generation! Ultimate Hand easily fits over your own hand to make it 3 times the normal size and at 20” tall; this will overpower the traditional floppy foam finger. If you are a serious fan and want to let the away team know whose team is bigger and badder, you need to check out the Ultimate Hand. You can choose from hundreds of teams and mix it up a little by customizing your own! The Ultimate Hand foam fingers retail at $34.98, and is totally worth the price for the chance to show your team pride in a bolder way! Check out to browse the NFL and College teams available or to customize yours today!

EZ Go PropaneTransporter Do you love having your propane tank rolling around the back of your car or SUV? We don’t either. That’s why we want to tell you about a product that we recently ran across called the EZ Go Propane Transporter. This product stops your propane tank from rolling around the back of your car and damaging other cargo and your interior. EZ Go Propane Transporter is lightweight and is

perfect for storing your tank while you are running to the store to get it refilled or taking it to the tailgate lot. This is a must have accessory if you are a frequent griller! The EZ Go Propane Tank Transporter is only $13.99 and you can buy it or find more information at



Skeeball Meets Cornhole By: Steve Urena,


s we reach the beginning of the 2013 season, you may be looking for a new game to add to your tailgating repertoire. You have cornhole boards and the beer pong tables, but sometimes, if you are traveling with a full carload, you don’t always have the space to fit large items. We’ve found a game that is not only lightweight and portable but it is a lot of fun as well! This new game is called BecoBall! People of all ages can play this game at tailgate parties, backyard barbeques, the beach, campsites, or anywhere you decide! BecoBall utilizes two frames, two pouches of your color choice, six balls, and can be transported with ease inside of its carrying case. One way to describe BecoBall is that it is a mash-up of SkeeBall and Cornhole. BecoBall features the skill of tossing soft long-lasting “hacky sack” type balls into a goal, which is very similar to the game of Cornhole. As


for points and scoring, just like in SkeeBall, the outside ring on each frame is worth less than the center ring and so on. The official scoring rules are, 1 point awarded for any ball landed in the outermost ring, 2 points are awarded for the middle ring, and 5 points are awarded for the center hole or the “Ringer”. The makers of BecoBall wanted to simplify the scoring and regulate the rules to make a game that is universally challenging and fun for a wide variety of ages. The game is tournament capable, durable, and compact (only weighs about 12 lbs). Did we also mention that BecoBall was also a featured game in MegaGate 2012! BecoBall is a great way to entertain your guests at your parking spot or in your backyard! So check out BecoBall by going to and customize a game to your liking. You will not be disappointed, and your tailgating buds will have a great time playing! Enjoy!

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Plan your tailgates. Tailgater App Connect with friends. Page Ad TakeFull gameday to the

nexT level!

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The body of a tailgater requires special nourishment


HOT! 10 Hot Sauces That You May Have Never Heard Of

By: “Gameday” Steve Long,


o you are an experienced tailgater and cook. You have competed in BBQ competitions, been the grillmaster for your tailgate, and have seen your fair share of grilling shows on TV. You are an expert at things like different cuts of meat, chicken, bbq, bbq sauces, and you might have all of the cool gadgets that go along with being a professional parking lot chef. But what do you know about Hot Sauce?! It is a condiment that is widely popular across the Tailgating Lots and perhaps the most used condiment in parking lot dares. You might know a good bit about the typical grocery store brands, but there is a complete world of hot sauces and brands that you may never have heard of. Recently, it came to our attention that we actually have an expert hot sauce maker and pepper grower right in our own backyard! His name is Smokin’ Ed Currie, and he is the Founder of PuckerButt Pepper Company, which is just down the road from our offices in Fort Mill, SC. He is a longtime pepper fanatic who started growing peppers to study their effects on cancer and heart disease. After a few years of study, Ed decided to take it to the next level by using his pepper knowledge to build his own hot sauce brand. We had the chance to talk with him about what he has accomplished thus far and got the inside scoop on a few hot Smokin’ Ed Currie sauces you probably haven’t heard of. We also collected a few interesting stats on the elusive pepper and what makes them taste spicy and HOT. Oh, and did we mention that Ed holds the world record for growing the HOTTEST pepper ever? Yep. THE WORLD’S Hottest PEPPER!



If you find yourself in a scurry to eliminate the effects of a hot sauce burn, lime or lime Juice is actually much better for eliminating the effects of a hot pepper blitzkrieg. The citric acid in limes helps break up the molecules that make you wanna cry. Grapefruit juice works as well.

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Relax responsibly.

Imported by Crown Imports LLC, Chicago, IL 60603



A little background on Smokin’ Ed from



n the early 80’s, Eddie Currie, Founder d grows peppers for hundreds of the Pucker Butt Pepper Company, of hot sauce and spice compastarted investigating the possible correla- nies. His peppers have gone into the tion between personal lifestyle habits and recipes of spicy products that have disease. This overwhelming interest was been making mouths burn across the born from Eddie’s US. But there is family history of one pepper in MILK is a early death from particular that is good way heart disease and giving him some to help eliminate the stinging cancer. Eddie found attention from effects of hot sauce and peppers. that indigenous poputhe chilihead lations from around community, the world, who eat the media, and hot peppers with meals, have extremely Guinness (World Record Guinness, small instances of these diseases, and this not the Stout Guinness). His Carolina prompted his focus on peppers as a bene- Reaper has been measured in by laboficial food alternative. Within two years, he ratories to reach a mouth blazing 1.6 was raising plants at the homes of family Million SHV (you’ll find out more about members and neighbors, with production SHV a little later). reaching 800 gallons. Over the years, EdDuring our conversation with Smokin’ die’s passion, some might say obsession, Ed, he told us a little about the hot sauce for peppers has grown. He has created and pepper culture. Fans of the hot spice unique hot sauces, salsas, mustards, and industry, appropriately called “Chiliheads,” jellies that are both delicious and healthy, help to promote the industry in a cult-like and he now has fashion by frequently attending more than festivals, fairs, and putting some The spice industry 5,000 plants of the hottest sauces in the expresses the heat and 600 world in their mouths. Chiliheads sensation in “Scoville unique seed support hot sauce makers by Heat Value” or SHV units. species. When sacrificing their mouths and his wife, Linda, tongues, and... they LOVE it! The Scoville Heat Value realized what he As a matter of fact, when you scale was created and was spending on eat a hot pepper or hot sauce, named after the American growing seeds pharmacist Wilbur Scoville. the capsaicin actually helps and canning to release endorphins into the pepper products, bloodstream, which is the same they both realized it was time to start chemical that people get from seeing charging for their product. And the rest, their team score a touchdown. So needas they say, is history …The Pucker Butt less to say it can be addictive. Pepper Company was born. Since then, We are going to give you a runPBPC been getting some nationwide down of 10 hot sauces that you may attention for Ed’s study and efforts. never have heard of before and open Smokin’ Ed has also recently been your eyes to new sauces and prodfeatured on CBS for his work on using ucts that will surely delight the guests peppers to help cure cancer. You can find at your tailgate (or make their eyes his video on, as well as on our water). You never know, you might site at be able to get your crazy friend Dave to challenge himself with one of the hottest sauces he’s ever tasted! But The heat sensation from before we dive into some of these a pepper depends on the “underground’ hot sauces let us amount of capsaicin comexplain a little about the science and pounds in the pepper. chemistry of the pepper and how it gives hot sauce that spicy taste.


So…What Makes a Pepper HOT?

We hope you are ready to learn something! The heat sensation from a pepper depends on the amount of capsaicin compounds in the pepper. Chiliheads and experts in the spice industry express that heat sensation in “Scoville Heat Value” units, or SHV. Chemists use what is called High Performance Liquid Chromatography to determine the Scoville Heat Value of each test subject or in this case…pepper. Pure capsaicin has a Scoville Heat Value of 16 million, and you can’t and shouldn’t eat it straight. Like we mentioned before, Smokin’ Ed has a pepper hybrid that he has developed called the Carolina Reaper that has clocked in with a SHV of 1.6 million. Check out how some of the widely known peppers stack up on the Scoville Scale compared to Smokin’ Ed’s Carolina Reaper: Banana Pepper


Jalapeño Peppers

3,000-5,000 Habanero Peppers

250,000 Ghost Pepper


Law Enforcement Grade Pepper Spray:


PuckerButt’s Carolina Reaper Pepper:


Check out more Food & Drink at:


Spice heat is measured by a process that uses high performance liquid chromatography or HPLC.


10 Hot Sauces You Should Try

Although he is the proud owner of Puckerbutt Pepper Company, Ed was happy to share his knowledge with us about a variety of hot sauces Chiliheads should try. “We’re all one big family,” he said, citing the camaraderie that goes along with being in the business, where each sauce maker is happy to help another out and dedicated to seeing each other succeed. So…are you ready to hear about some hot sauces that you might have never heard of before? These are in no particular order, but since you are getting good hot sauce recommendations from an expert in the field, you should probably try them. Every one of these is unique in their own way, and each one has a flavor that you will just have to try for yourself. You can find these sauces in PuckerButt’s brick and mortar store, but we’ve listed them as well as their brief description and price along with where you can find these excellent hot sauce brands online. Check them out! Surge of Sandy from Born to

1 Hula: This hot sauce comes straight

outta New Jersey. It’s blend combines “tomatoes, onion, garlic, red wine vinegar, and oregano, with the surge of Trinidad Scorpion and Bhut Jolokia” (two of the hottest peppers in the world). If you’ve never thought about putting a firehose to your mouth and turning it on, you will now because this sauce will certainly flood your taste buds with heat! $10 at 98 Octane from Race City Sauceworks:

2 This pepper sauce is packed with pure

natural chile flavor and a solid dose of heat. We aren’t sure how they did it, but RCSW has “successfully balanced the extreme spice of the Ghost Pepper with a blend of spices, lemon zest, and a few other spicy goodies” to bring you the perfect all natural heat source for your gameday meals. Would you like to add a side of flames to go along with your hotdog? Be careful…this is close. $5.99 Edible Lava from PuckerButt Pepper Company: The name says it all, and it couldn’t be a more appropriate description. This sauce is a blend of the world’s 5 most powerful peppers that judging by the heat, should have been grown straight on the side of a volcano. If you are an inexperienced chilihead, take warning, it’s hotter than you think. $8


7o8 7 Pot Citrus Hot Sauce from Big

4 Fat’s Hot Sauce: This unique sauce has a

burst of citrus flavor that comes intertwined with a euphoric combination of other delightful spices and ingredients. Try some and just when you think it’s over, the “exquisite wave of heat from fresh Trinidad 7 Pot Peppers” arrives to knock you straight out of your fold up chair. It might knock your tailgate tent down too. $6.49 at

Bumblef**cked from Bumblefoot: That’s right. The guitarist from Guns N’ Roses has started his own hot sauce line and is cookin’ up some hot sauce like a rockstar should. Bumblef**cked has “a tropical fruit & ginger flavor, followed by a sledgehammer of caffeine & ginseng.” Definitely crank up the volume on your gamedays with this heart-pounder of a hot sauce and let your taste buds jam out with a few awesome air guitar riffs. $15 at


I Dare You Stupit from

6 Puckerbutt Pepper Company:

This hot sauce is made with one of Smokin’ Ed’s experimental capsaicin pepper hybrids and probably shouldn’t be allowed through TSA checkpoints. A leading university evaluated its SHU to be over 1.4 million on the Scoville Scale. The taste of this is two-fold. The ingredients are “layered in rice vinegars so you can taste it first, and feel the delicious burn second.” We double dare you. $12 at El Chupacabra from CaJohns: The

7 Chupacabra may be a mythical creature, but this sauce isn’t. However, after trying it, you might see a few Chupacabras running around your tailgate. Imagine “several of the the ultra-hot peppers like the Trinidad Scorpion, Moruga, and Bhut Jolokias mashed together with spices to create a deadly sauce called El Chupacabra.” If you like your food just a little spicy, then you shouldn’t try this. This is for experienced hallucinators only. $15 at

8 Blueberry Hell from Hellfire Hot

Sauce: You think the rivers in hell are orange? You might be wrong. After seeing and tasting Blueberry Hell with its

unique deep bright burgundy color, you can only imagine that the those rivers have deep bright burgundy color. Blueberry Hell is unique in a sense that it provides an initial sweet taste of blueberries followed by the intense heat of a bhut jolokia pepper and then back to the sweet taste of blueberries. Crazy ain’t it?! What’s crazier is that some chili connoisseurs put it on their ice cream! $9.99 at 1498 Cauterizer from Heartbreaking Dawns: If you know what a cauterizer is, then you are probably a doctor or can get a sense of what this hot sauce is all about. The Heartbreaking Dawns highly anticipated 1498 Cauterizer is an excellent hot sauce that is actually a step up from the original batch. The difference now is that they have taken the original exceptional flavor of 1498, and recreated it with 100% fresh Trinidad Scorpion Peppers. How awesomely hot is that? Have YOU ever added Trinidad Scorpion Peppers to anything? Didn’t think so. $9.99 at


10 Hellacious Hot from High River

Sauces: This sauce is about as hellacious (in a good way) as a swift kick in the mouth with a burning shoe, but yet it is robust and bold with expressive flavor. With the combination of peppers and a variety of spices, this sauce will send you straight to the nearest river to stick your face in only to open your mouth and scream. On the bright side, Hellacious Hot is “devilishly addictive to your taste buds and goes great on your burgers, steak, chicken, pork and pizza.” $5.99 at

There is a vast amount of hot sauces out there to choose from. But as you can see, adding some new flavor at the tailgate this season won’t break the bank! So, if you are trying to break out from the flavor norm this football season, try picking up a few bottles of the ones we’ve listed. You might just impress your taste buds as well as your tailgate buds! Enjoy!


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Where My Fans at? Watch Parties, Promos, LocaL Fanmarks Foam Finger Nation is the premier online destination for sports fans to connect with each other locally and across the U.S. We bring fans closer together through fun and exciting watch-parties, events and road trips.

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Food and Drink Gadgets That...

you MUST HAVE for fall 2013

The CanCooker

Are you looking for a new way to cook meals for your crew out in the lots? If so, then you definitely need to take a look at the CanCooker. The CanCooker uses steam, as opposed to boiling, which will keep your food juicier and tastier than your Uncle Harry’s famously dried out burgers. The 2 gallons of cooking space allows you to cook up a variety of different meals for up to 10 people (psst…that’s a lot of people). Simply place the ingredients in the CanCooker, place it over any heat source, and then go tailgate until you’ve reached your recipe’s cook time… THAT’S IT! There’s no sticking or mess to have to clean up, making your life a little easier after the tailgate. CanCookers start at $59.99 and are for sure an excellent addition to your tailgating arsenal. Head over to for more details, recipes, and videos on how it works!

 he Footballer T Bottle Opener

You’re missing your bottle opener again. Why? Because it probably isn’t as cool as this one that we’ve found. Check out the Footballer Bottle Opener. This handy dandy bottle opener is officially licensed by NFL and College teams and has a patented football-like skin that sets this bottle opener apart from the others! Did we mention that it also comes equipped with a magnet that can stick to your car or fridge to help ensure that you won’t lose it? Yep. We have one stuck on the fridge here in the Inside Tailgating Headquarters! The Footballer starts at $12.99, and you can pick yours out at


Keeping your keg cold can be tough, especially when the temps can still be a little toasty during the first part of football season. Check out this product that is essentially a big koozie for your keg! Kegskins offers a full line of lab tested products that ‘wrap’ onto your keg of choice, forming a tight seal and barrier that will keep beer cold for 3 times longer than the duration of an un-insulated keg. As a matter of fact, this easy and durable friend of suds will keep your beer cold for 5+ hours! Kegskins are only $39.95 and will allow you to spend more time on drinking the beer than trying to keep it cold. Check out KegSkins at and order one today!


So it is gameday, you are running a little late to the tailgate, and you have to make up some ground on all of your buds that keep texting you from the parking lot. Since you rocked it hard last night, you might want to take a shower. We’ve found this awesome little helper that can assist you in showering and making up some beverage ground. The Shakoolie is a product for the diehard canned beverage (I mean…beer) lovers out there that will keep your drink cold while you lather up and wash the stench from last night off. The Shakoolie starts at an easy $9.99. You can find more info or just go ahead and buy one at


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N’ Roll W

e all know that there are TONS of different food and drink recipes out there. We’ve found several that you should try out with a unique brand of whiskey that we’ve ran across. Try out these recipes from Chicken Cock Whiskey that you can’t afford not to try!

Southern Spiced

Root Beer

+ Coke = “Chicken Cock and Coke”

+ Ginger = “The LowCountry”

+ Ginger = “Chicken’s Inferno”

+ Ginger = “Chicken Cock and Ginger”

+ Root Beer = “Spiked Root Beer”

+ Fireball = “Cock n’ Ball Shot”

+ Sweet Tea = “Southern Cock-Tail (aka Gamecock)”

+Whipped Vodka = “Root Beer Float Shot”

+ Cider = “The Woodstock”

+ Jagermeister = “The Cockmeister”

Straight = “The Cockstar”

Chicken Cock

Chicken Cock

Cinnamon Chicken Cock Whiskey

BBQ Sauce (a Basic But Effective Version) by: “Gameday” Steve Long


his recipe is for perhaps the most inexperienced of cooks and chefs (myself especially). I’ve always wanted to make my own BBQ sauce for my own grilling pleasure. I thought that it would be hard to do but after doing some experimenting, I realized that making a basic barbecue sauce is really easy. Try this out for a base and add some extra flavors and spices to turn this into a really kickbutt BBQ sauce that you can brag to your tailgating buds about. This’ll yield about 4 cups, which is a good amount to test before you start making buckets of it. Here’s what you’ll need… 3/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper 1/2 cup water 1 1/2 cups ketchup 2 tablespoons of butter 1/2 cup dark brown sugar 3 medium garlic cloves, finely chopped 3 tablespoons red wine vinegar 1 onion finely chopped 1/4 cup honey 2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce 1/4 teaspoon celery salt

Place all of these ingredients in a small saucepan and set to a medium heat. Bring them to a boil and stir until you have blended all the flavors together. When that is complete, reduce the heat to low and gently simmer until the sauce has thickened (approx. 25-30 minutes). Boom. There you have it. Remove from heat source to let it cool then slather it on…everything! Remember: This should get you started for a basic sauce but If you want to spice it up, feel free to add your favorite hot sauce in there as well. I recommend a basic one like Texas Pete at first until you know that you want to use to kick it up a notch. Feel free to get creative!

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tailgaters! how about a tailgate Luau? Rodney “Rock Cod Rod” Roden


et those “Tiny Bubbles” in your beer, Don Ho! Want to dress Like Magnum PI? Want to get your buddy hammered and put him in a grass skirt with a coconut bikini? Want to throw out the “Hang Loose” sign all day? Want to get “Lei’d”? Why not? Hawaiian Luaus are a blast! Great ocean ingredients, with simple preparations transform any meal to a “Big Island” feast. Get out your ukulele and strum along to Pacific rhythms from a strong culture and proud Polynesian people.

Try these “Haole” approved Polynesian/Pacific Rim Recipes for your next Tailgate “Pūpūs”. They combine all you love about grilling with a Zombie Cocktail in hand.



4 Swordfish Steaks (1 ½ inch thick) 1 Lime (Juiced) 1 cup Coconut Oil 1 cup Mirin (Light Rice Wine) ½ cup Soy Sauce 4 Scallions (Roots removed) 2 Large Red Radishes 2 tsp Fresh Ginger 1 tsp Siracha ½ tsp Sesame Oil

2 lbs Sushi Grade Tuna (Diced ½” sq.) 2 cups Pineapple (Diced ½”) 1 bunch Scallions (Sliced into thin rings) 1 Lime (Zest & Juice separated) 1 tsp Chili Oil ½ tsp Fresh Ginger (Minced) 1 oz. Mirin (Light Rice Wine) ¼ oz Dark Rum ¼ oz Light Rum Wasabi Peas

Preparation: In a sturdy blender, add all ingredients except the fish. Blend the ingredients until pureed and liquefied. Marinate the swordfish overnight in this “lolo” juice. Grill the steaks over Medium High Heat at the stadium. I like my swordfish just cooked through. Should be about 10-12 minutes and allow the fish to rest for another 3 minutes.


Ginger Shutome Tataki Serves 2-4

Zombie Ahi Poke

Serves 2-4 Preparation: In one container, combine pineapple, lime juice, and rums. Marinate for at least 4 hours and then strain off the liquid. DO THAT SHOT! In another container combine tuna, lime zest, onion, ginger, and chili oil. Seal tuna mixture airtight. Just before serving, combine all ingredients together on site. Smash the garnish and some wonton chips wasabi peas to smithereens. Keep for dipping. (Tortilla chips work it cold! Serve with wasabi peas as fine, too).

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Wanna get the scoop on AWESOME new tailgating games, gear, grills, groups, and recipes? grill s &

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fans & t rink food & d


t e g uR O y ILL R g N! O ilgatin nsideta www.i



u g/S






uR 1 tO


BeeR p.10


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S p.6





eRS p.6

o st out t s ythe Mo t ing a W 2 0 get tai lga i s s on h t f o se a

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Ladies Rock the Lots! > Los Borrachos > The Shed

Fans&Thrills Ladies Fashion:

Wear Your Sunday Best on


By: Stephanie O’Neal,


o matter the university, ladies are dominating the tailgate fashion scene. Football in the south is not only a chance to support your favorite team, but also a chance to support them in style.

“Nothing embodies the Southern spirit quite the way that tailgating does. Delicious food, stylish outfits, and a whole day of socializing.” – Sally Ingles, Clemson University Class of 2015 The long standing tradition of dressing up for gameday is more than just ladies looking fabulous in sundresses; it’s carefully assembling the perfect look with a very specific color combination in mind. From head to toe (or headband to shoes) the ladies of college football have become professionals in the contact sport of shopping.

“One of my favorite games to dress for is the Black Outs at Carolina. Putting that outfit together is always fun, especially when you see the final product in the stadium” – Sarah Owens University of South Carolina, Class of 2006 Carefully procuring clothing that shows off school pride isn’t something to scoff at. I’ve seen firsthand what a lady is capable of in the midst of a sample sale, and it isn’t pretty. Yet, on gameday, when you look around any given tailgate, the two toned styles are seamlessly put together as if a second thought wasn’t even needed.

“In the years that orange isn’t a popular dress color, life is difficult. I have to search farther and wider for something to wear.”

– Ali Jackson, Auburn University Class of 2006


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Full Page Bleed 8.25” x 10.5” plus .125 on all sides Safe Image area: 7.75” x 10

Bringing The World’s Treasure....

To Your Back Door. delivers the highest quality seafood and specialty items to the most discerning chefs nationwide. Daily we offer over 1,500 fresh and frozen seafood and specialty items sourced from around the globe. We provide comprehensive next day service. We deliver Tuesday through Saturday. Visit us online at or Call us toll-free at (877) 710-FINS (3467).


This season will be no different. As fall quickly approaches, the search for team colors, in this year’s trends, is underway. Chevron prints, color blocking, & maxi dresses are all the rage, and finding them in just the right shade is a feat unto itself.

“I am always surprised when I see pictures of girls tailgating at other schools in shorts and t-shirts. Tailgating at Georgia is all about dressing up in something cute, comfortable, and coordinating (in UGA colors). Dresses or skirts in red and black are everywhere you turn. Lucky for Georgia fans, black is an easy color to wear!” – Stephanie Southerland, University of Georgia, Class of 1996 College gameday is an experience that is hard to describe. The excitement in the air is contagious, the food is delicious, and the memories are well documented.

“As a cheerleader at Wake Forest, I was always sad during football season that I couldn’t participate in tailgating. We paraded through the tailgates before the game with our mascot and saw everyone dressed proudly in black and gold, eating spreads of food! I loved going back to Wake Forest after graduation with my ‘Little Black Dress’, socializing and finally enjoying the tailgate fun!” – Courtney Lominack, Wake Forest, Class of 1996 While looking for the dress is sometimes a headache, the ladies of football are living for the gameday moment. When it all comes together, the party that commences is well worth the trouble. From food to socializing, one thing stands true: in a place where football is said to be a religion, it only makes since to dress up in your Sunday best. Stephanie O’Neal is the owner of and a ladies fashion contributor for If you are looking for some cute new outfits for the game, you should definitely head on over to to check out some of the latest styles for the Fall!


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Inside Tailgating


los borrachos

tailgating group By: Steve Urena,


he slogan goes: “Everything is bigger in Texas.” The food is bigger, the state pride is bigger, and in this very special case, the tailgating is bigger. Representing the great state of Texas is the Los Borrachos Tailgating group, a raucous cavalcade of diehard Dallas Cowboy fans. The LBTC was assembled in 2006, by founders Carlos Celedon (Borracho #1) and Ricardo Rodriguez in Edinburg, Texas at the legendary Texas Stadium. The group’s first tailgating endeavor was creating a giant Dallas Cowboys helmet to cover their grill. They have been grilling and cheering for the Cowboys together ever since. There are currently 40 active members of the group with members hailing from Texas and California. The LBTC and their products have piqued the interest of people all over the United States. Each member of the group shows their Los Borrachos pride by wearing a personalized shirt with each member’s unique number. Each time LBTC decides to head out to Arlington, Texas to the Cowboy Stadium, they travel eight hours from Edinburg to tailgate Los Borracho style. They bond together on each trip and memories are made that last a lifetime. “When we head out to tailgate we arrive at the reserved space at 7 a.m. regardless of what time game starts,” explains leader Carlos Celedon. The cooks are Mando Celedon (Borracho # 2), Joe Lara (Borracho # 3), and Ricardo Rodriguez. Jason Ro-

Name: The Los Borrachos Tailgating Group Team: Dallas Cowboys Parking Spot: CiCi’s Parking Lot across from Cowboys Stadium Go-To Food: Borracho Chicken Gameday Tradition: Shots of Don Julio Tequila 1942 before the Cowboys Helmet pit is cranked up!

driguez (Borracho # 4) handles our public relations and initiation of new members.” Once the Borrachos arrive at the famous Cowboys Stadium, the crew embarks on a tradition synonymous with the group. All members who are tailgating at the party take a shot of Don Julio Tequila 1942 before the Cowboys Helmet pit is turned on. Once the shots are consumed, the food is put on the grill, and the real Los Borrachos Tailgating experience begins! “If you haven’t been to a tailgating party with the Los Borrachos, you’re missing out,” says Celedon. “The hospitality, the drinks, and the Edinburg, Texas barbecue is mouthwatering. Our food spread includes dips, menudo, homemade pico de gallo, sirloin fajitas, pork spare ribs, Borracho chickens, and homemade jalapeno bombers. We got you covered.” The group is always accepting new members and can be reached on their

Facebook page @ Los Borrachos Tailgating Crew. They are looking forward to a great 2013 season and will be there for their team at every turn. So for all Cowboy fans willing to join, send them a friend request and see for yourself that even tailgating is bigger in Texas!

Borracho Chicken: Marinate whole chickens with orange, pineapple, and mango juices with a variety of spices, to include brown sugar, chili powder, paprika, salt, and pepper. Cook time depends upon the weight of the chicken. For whole chicken it is recommended that you preheat the oven to 350 and cook for approximately 40 mins per pound. The temperature on the thermometer should read 165 degrees (breast) and 165-175 degrees (thigh). Don’t forget! If you have a tailgating crew that you would like to see on or inside the magazine, shoot on over to and NOMINATE YOUR CREW!


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Carolinas Cornhole Tour


e are finishing up the Carolinas Cornhole Tour 2013 in just a few weeks at the Epicentre in Charlotte, NC on August 16th and 17th! But before we do, we wanted to take a second to say “Thank You!” to everyone that participated so far this year and hope to see all of you at the $5,000 finals! This tour has been a BLAST and we can’t wait to do it again next year! In the next issue of Inside Tailgating, we will be posting a roundup of all of the winners from the finals and tour stops from this year so keep an eye out if you’ve won! In the meantime, grab yourself an ice-cold Corona Light and head over to to stay updated on tour highlights, points standings, and the winners! Thanks again to all of the outstanding players and participants that have joined us this year! You guys rock!


Check out more Fans & Thrills at:


Check out more Fans & Thrills at:



A Tailgate Cave for the


By: Michael Kean aka “Thrilla tha Gorilla” few years ago, we here at Inside Tailgating changed our address and moved a few blocks closer to Bank of America Stadium right here in the heart of Charlotte, North Carolina. Our new headquarters, located at 610 McNinch Street, is nestled very conveniently right in front of an 8 acre parking lot just two blocks west of Bank of America Stadium, home to the Carolina Panthers. Upon moving in we discovered what a truly unique setting we had invariably stumbled onto. What we found is that we had some extra warehouse type space located behind the actual office space and as it turns out, the warehouse area was an ideal space to convert to a Tailgate Cave and do some ‘Inside Tailgating.’ From there, the legacy of ‘The Shed’ had begun. The Shed has close to an area of 10,000 square feet to utilize for indoor and/ or outdoor tailgate parties. We have every tailgating game imaginable on location, so, if you’re a master of cornhole, ladderball, or a high level pong enthusiast, you are going to find something constructive to do while you are tailgating with us. The Shed is an open air venue vented by three different sliding garage doors, giving it the feel of being outdoors right along with some of the creature comforts of being inside. Should you or your group require more covered space, constructing an outdoor tent on the North side of the building is well within the realm of possibility. The Shed is absolutely ideal for viewing parties of any type, as it sports a 120 inch projection television screen bookended by two 60 inch flat screen TVs. Our venue is an outstanding


location for viewing parties, corporate gatherings, birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, graduations, anniversaries, large alumni groups….and obviously tailgating. if you are the organizer of a large tailgate group, The Shed would be a perfect meeting spot for friends and fans of the home or away team. There are frequently live music shows and concerts taking place nearby at BOA Stadium, as well as big events like the Belk Bowl and the ACC Football Championship. Be sure to check out some

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Panther Homegames Aug 9 Aug 29 Sep 8 Sep 22 Oct 20 Nov 3 Nov 18 Dec 1 Dec 15 Dec 22

8:00PM 7:30PM 1:00PM 1:00PM 1:00PM 1:00PM 8:40PM 1:00PM 4:05PM 1:00PM

Bears Steelers Seahawks Giants Rams Falcons Patriots Buccaneers Jets Saints

NCAA Games

Dec. 7 Dr. Pepper ACC Championship Dec. 28 Belk Bowl ACC vs. AAC of the upcoming events that will be taking place at BOA Stadium in the coming months…. Everyone that has experienced the atmosphere at The Shed, whether for a Carolina Panther’s home game or a summer concert tour event, has expressed in their opinion that it is a truly special place. Also, The Shed is in a great location for tailgating which is what we have made into a lifestyle here at Inside Tailgating. We are open and tailgating for every Panther home game so if you are in Charlotte for a game, you’ve got to park in our lots and come tailgate with us! You can check us out online too at! Check out more Fans & Thrills at:


Headed to Charlotte for a Game?

Crew! Charlotte, NC’s #1 Tailgating Destination!

Come Tailgate with y: ored b


• • • •


1 1/2 Blocks from BOA Stadium! Plenty of parking Big Screen TVs Music, Food and Prizes!

Public and Private Events!

The Shed 610 McNinch Street Charlotte, NC 28208


Twitter Convo:

What’s the best song on your tailgate playlist?





Tweet your tailgating pics to @TailgateWithUs and you could see them printed herE!


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Inside Tailgating Fall 2013  
Inside Tailgating Fall 2013  

Fall 2013 Issue of Inside Tailgating features 10 Hot Sauces You May Have Never Heard Of, Los Barrachos Tailgate Crew, and Cool Coolers for t...