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WE GOT IT ALL! Steps With Theera C RE ATIVE and DELICIOU S GLU T EN FREE, VEGA N, VE G E TARI A N , OR GA N IC, CA RN I VOR OU S , SO CIAL EN T ERPRI S E CA FE By Cheryl Stansfield teps with Theera is a coffee shop and vocational training centre for young adults with Special Needs. Theera cafe offers many delicious options for everyone from those that are concerned with eating clean to others that have dietary restrictions. From Gluten Free bread to meatballs, the menu is varied and the focus is on healthy eating. Organic ingredients are sourced locally through the Royal Projects, providing fresh, clean, healthy menu choices. During lunchtimes the Steps trainees will often be found serving and making drinks for the customers. This is fundamental to their UK accredited vocational training programme. Gaining experience with customer service, food preparation, and service helps the trainees achieve the objectives needed to gain their qualification. Importantly this also increases their confidence and social skills. Steps With Theera has helped fill the gap in Thailand for special needs young adults, enabling the trainees to achieve the skills required to be employable and independent.


E at a n d D r i n k

“Healthy Food” doesn’t have to mean boring, tasteless or bland. At Steps With Theera the food is delicious, fresh and the portion size will never leave you hungry. Dessert is a must also. How can you resist when the cakes, slices and cookies are all healthy? Don’t forget to take home a bag of chocolate energy balls that will keep you coming back for more! MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN YOUR COMMUNITY. Join us at Steps With Theera for a wonderfully healthy brunch, lunch or just a coffee. You are supporting young adults with special needs, who need your support to gain a life of independence that we all take for granted. Pave the way to a bright future by visiting today! Steps With Theera

will soon be open for dinner. 29/8 Ekkamai Soi 10. Parking is available in Ekkamai Soi 10 Yaek 4 Phone : 02-381-6590 Email : /