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Debbie Oakes / Chief Editor

Debbie Oakes is a flying Kiwi. She has spent more than half of her life in cool, manic and magic Asia. As a writer and photographer she has covered is all aspects of lifestyle. From human interest and poverty to health and beauty, food and of course wine. Life is a treasure hunt where people, adventure, breaking bread (and always the odd bit of shopping) are the holy grail.

Lilly Carrion / Editor & Director of Sales & Marketing

Lilly travelled extensively before settling on the tropical paradise of Phuket. With her friendly soul, extensive island contacts, experience in PR and marketing skills she decided to offer the best of her talents to Insider Asia Magazine.

Adriano Trapani / Photographer

Adriano Trapani is an Italian expat who has been living and working in Phuket as photographer for over a decade. To many he’s also known as Phuket Paparazzi from his underwater photography days as the underwater paparazzi. . From fantasy portraits to architecture, products and lifestyle, he approaches every subject or assignment as unique and he always strives for best results.

Frank Couture / Contributor

Passionate diver and long-time resident in Thailand, Frank has been traveling the world for business and adventure for almost 30 years. Spontaneous, outgoing and optimistic, he strives to combine his mother’s German organisational skills with his French father’s love of an epicurean lifestyle. Father of two and founding member of the Phuket Sunshine village child care center, he considers Phuket as his home and the world as his playground .

Jerry Minoret / Contributor

From the day Jerry discovered the ways and tools to capture moments of life he decided to focus his attention to detail. Capturing images that often pass by unnoticed. He does not want to miss the beauty of that which surrounds us. His photography combines spectacular events and mind blowing panoramas. His wish is to get to make us dream with our eyes wide open.

Lisa Allen / Contributor

Lisa Allen is a creative freelance make-up artist, hair designer and stylist currently based in Phuket, Thailand. An accomplished expert in her field of artistry, Lisa’s skilful make up application, professional hair styling techniques and flair for creativity have enabled her to develop a successful business with a reputation that precedes her.

Annebe van Dijkis / Nutritionist

Annebe van Dijkis a nutritionist who studied health and orthomolecular nutrition. She has a passion for healthy eating that she shares on Anna also runs a vegetarian restaurant for students. Anna runs workshops and consultations on healthy diet & lifestyle

Manuschai Kaewrat / Art Director

‘Manu’ is back in the designer seat at “INSIDER ASIA” Magazine He studied graphic design at Runsit University and has worked for 12 years.

Pramote Jamsrikaew / Graphic Designer ‘POPCORN’ is a highly regarded graphic designer who has worked for many magazine in Bangkok.



H a pp y N e w Y e a r ! B onne A nnÊ e ! ere at Insider Asia, in the spirit of a fresh start and a clean slate that this time of year contains, we welcome you to join us in starting off the year with a veritable bang! My name is Debbie Oakes, and I would like to introduce you to a whole new look international life style magazine with a lovely French twist. In this issue we celebrate the treasure hunt of finding quality of life in balance with the challenges of recovering from the festive season. We offer a big warm welcome home to travelers returning and those gracing our shore for just a while.We connect the dots to how best to enjoy life in Asia’s great cities, hot-spots and weekend breaks. You have come to the right place for all the cool things to do and see, where to shop and where to eat. We strive to explore and explain. Beginning with this January issue, we will include fashion, design, new-openings, health and beauty, motoring and technology, shopping as well as meeting inspiring people that do incredible jobs to help the less fortunate in our communities, as well we look forward to selecting the best of reader reviews to enhance or beefed up dining section. We cover it all - the good the bad and the ugly - this is our story. We are sure you will enjoy the exciting modern look and taste of Insider Asia. We aim to make sure you look forward to each issue throughout the year. I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas about the magazine and will publish the best of the letters and opinions you would like to share. Please contact me at

De bbie Oa k e s Editor

Editor’s Note


By LE PARIS PHUKET - BANGKOK Independant bimonthly Magazine English with a French Twist Founded in December 2011

DISTRIBUTION Phuket, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Samui Shanghai, Hongkong, Singapore, Bali, Paris CHIEF EDITOR DEBBIE OAKES Email: ART DIRECTOR MANUSCHAI KAEWRAT SALES AND MARKETING DIRECTOR LILLY CARRION Email: Tel.: +66 (0)8 39 69 78 07 (French, English) PHOTOGRAPHER ADRIANO TRAPANI GRAPHIC DESIGNER PRAMOTE JAMSRIKAEW CONTRIBUTORS Patrice Sarda, Lilly Carrion, Debbie Oakes Frank Couture, Jerry Minoret, Lisa Allen, Annebe van Dijk, Sebastien Husson, Olivia Gurdjian, Gavin Gough, George Mathew, Alia Umar, Cheryl Stansfield



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" People who wonder if the glass is half empty or half full, miss the point. The glass is refillable...�





Meet the American Women’s Club President

CHINESE NEW YEAR PHOTO ESSAY The Year of the Red Fire Chicken in Chinatown

Chaiyo Jannakron of I’m Tasty Food Company shares his life and his favorite recipe

THE GOOD FOOD GUIDE Theeta Hotrakitya (Uang) and her Healty Bakeroom secrets

Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Attic Studios Evolution Wishawish







Adriano Trapani


Diving Raja Ampat Arizona’s Antelope Canyon Bangkok’s Airplane Cemetery Paradise by Name: Surin Beach Resort

Face Forward: Spring Cleaning your Cosmetics Fab and Fifty + Interview: At the Training Ground with Ron Jnr Harvey Swim Freestyle. Clean waters

Why Don’t You Concept Shop: Armelle Cohen Life is short, Buy the Bag. Rusi Hancock Hot in the City: Ambre Jolie

INTERVIEW: Andamaya Get it Together: The marriage of sustainable farming and solar panels Get Your Motor Running. Harley Davidson Mustang 2017

Hot Spots Phuket Hot Spots Bangkok


Cabaret Folies of Phuket opened with a glitter and feather bedazzled bang in Bangtao in December. International Drag show performers offer a moment of illusion during an animated dinner-show. Folies of Phuket is an unforgettable spectacle of performance, colour and music. Folies de Phuket 100/35 Moo 5, Srisoonthorn Rd, Cherngtalay, Thalang. Phone: +66 (0) 6 20 84 56 46 7.30pm – late


News & Happening

ARTISAN BANGKOK Whe r e c a n yo u g o in Ba ng k ok to f ind a spe c i a l pe rs on a l i se d g if t or hom e m a de t r e at ? I n side r A si a g oe s to t he fa ir … OPE FAIR

The Hope Fair was created in 2014 on the principle of community. To make Bangkok a smaller place. It is a unique fair where customers can talk directly to the suppliers and creators. More than 100 artisans, craft makers, chefs, and delicatessens have their goods exclusively available. Hope Fair vendors are selected by their story, their products and what they offer to the community. Many of the creations are handmade with love, purpose and passion. Foods are mainly organic, healthy, natural and, in some cases, directly from the source… difficult to find in Bangkok. There is also a diverse range of unique homeware infused with the artist’s passion. Cosmetics and heath products made from natural ingredients are available, as well as wellness and healthy lifestyle tips. The kids are not forgotten with a selection of educational games, trendy clothes, fun costumes, and amusing activities available. All the participating vendors donate to the Mercy Centre of Klong Toey. The Mercy Centre is a shelter for street kids with five orphanages, a

hospice, a home for mothers and children with HIV/AIDS, a 400-pupil kindergarten, a community meeting place and a serene haven in the slums with small gardens and playgrounds. This year the money raised will be used for the urgent repair of windows at the Romklao preschool in Klong Toey, which have become dilapidated and dangerous. The total cost of the project, which will start next year, is approximately 160,000 THB. In September the Hope Fair raised 43,600 THB and on November 29th, the event will bring an additional 54,800 THB. The Soi Dog Blues Band joined the project as well in October with a donation of 15,966 THB. Nearly 70% of the amount needed has already been raised and the Hope Fair is counting on the January’s event, and generosity of the visitors, to reach the target for the successful completion of this project. Any donations of unwanted clothes, household items, shoes and toys are also accepted at the Hope Fair on behalf of the Mercy Center. The Hope Fair operates 5 times a year: in January, March, May, September and November.

News & Happening


THE PASSION FAIR The Pa ssion Fa ir i s a com m u nit y e ve nt, de dic at e d to cr e at ion, de sign , f oodie s a nd Art de V ivr e The Passion Fair is a vibrant environment in which vendors and customers can meet and interact. The funds that are raised are donated to the Home of Grace (HoG), a temporary shelter for women who face difficulties due to their pregnancy. They can stay at HoG before and for a while after the baby is born free of cost. At HoG the philosophy is that even though circumstances may be difficult there is hope for a good future for both mother and child. The women receive counseling and help from experienced workers that care for them. HoG is a foundation under The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Thailand. PASSION FAIR is a monthly event beginning again on Jan 12 2017


News & Happening

World Famous


W W W . C E L E BR IT YINK . C O M CelebrityInk/PhuketTattooStudio

S tep s W i t h The e r a i s t he f irs t vo c at ion a l t r a ining cen t r e in Thail and f or young adu lts w it h spec ia l ed uc at ion al ne e d s t hat i s loc at ed on sit e in a he alt hy com f ort- f ood c af e By Cheryl Stansfield

he Steps programme provides a transition to employment and real life skills with an accredited hospitality programme. Our students are a mix of young adults who either have special educational needs or those who need an alternative individualised learning environment. The life skills programme is ASDAN, and the hospitality programme is BTEC. Both programmes are UK accredited and used widely throughout the world. There will be new courses available with BTEC as the business grows. The training is conducted either full or part time depending on the needs of the individual. As the courses are accredited, all students who complete the training receive a globally recognised qualification that will enable them to transition into the workplace.


News & Happening

The Founders: Max Simpson and Uang Hotrakitya partnered using their specialised skills to provide a fantastic new social enterprise. Max is a special education teacher with vast experience working with young adults withspecial needs. When she worked at an International SEN school in Bangkok she became aware of the lack of opportunity for a transition to employment for young adults here in Thailand. Uang has been running a health food cafe (Theera) for several years. Her passion for healthy cooking started when her 8 year old son was diagnosed with Autism. Research shows that eating and avoiding certain food types can make a huge difference in the behaviour of people with Autism. Her cafe offers many options such as gluten, sugar free, vegan and vegetarian foods.

Max and Uang began working together to provide work experience opportunities for young people with special needs in her cafe Theera, as well as at various market stalls. Seeing the positive outcomes of this, Max and Uang were fuelled to create an opportunity where these amazing young people can shine and show people what they are capable of. They deserve opportunities like everybody else. Both Max and Uang are incredibly passionate about this project. With Uang’s young son and Max’s younger brother both having Autism, they are very dedicated to helping make a difference in the lives of these amazing people. The Importance of this new project: In Thailand job opportunities are very limited for people with special needs. Lack of awareness and education plays a big role in this. Steps With Theera offers on site workplace training. The classrooms are on the 2nd and 3rd floors, while the cafe is on the ground floor. The trainees gain invaluable experience working with customers and in the kitchen assisting in food preparation, as well as doing their structured course content learning. Steps With Theera has also partnered with companies and businesses’to provide work experience and possible employment opportunities. The key objective for the trainees is to be able to live a happy, healthy, fulfilled, independent life. The Café The Interior designer ensured that all colours, lighting and surfaces are Autism friendly, creating a very calm place to eat, drink and catch up with friends. All the wooden chairs are made by a different wood to highlight how everyone is unique and different in their own way, but they still come together as one. The trainees will sometimes be assisting the full time staff in the cafe to take orders and serve food and drinks. Often the special smoothie of the week will have been designed by one of the very talented students. The menu caters for all, with fabulous breakfast options like eggs with salmon and avocado, veggie omelette stuffed with fresh organic mushrooms and spinach, tofu scramble with vegan toast, eggs and bacon, to chia pudding jar with fresh fruit. All dishes are available all day. Lunch options are varied from fish pie with sweet potato mash, spaghetti and pork meatballs, pumpkin, sweet potato and feta burger, tuna burgers, sweet potato wedges, chicken stew with rice, to incredible salads and soups. There really is something for everyone. The cake fridge is filled with guilt free treats (almost guilt free): healthy cakes, energy balls, and amazing slices. Either whole wheat or gluten free and veganwaffles and pancakes are also available with an amazing choice of vegan and gluten free toppings. Uang also makes her own icecream and there are several flavours and health options to choose from.

How Can You Help ?

- Please come and visit us. Every coffee, meal or piece of cake helps our trainees. - Book us for catering for all events. - Support our scholarship fund for under-privileged young people with special needs. Each year we aim to offer between 3-5 scholarships to those less fortunate. Donations can be made in person or you can contact Max directly. OPEN EVERY DAY FROM 9AM – 6PM Contact Details: 29/8 Charonmit, EkamaiSoi 10, Sukhumvit 63, Bangkok Email: Phone: 02-381-6590

The Cove Phuket 8/1 Moo.8 Tambon Wichit, Ao Yon Beach Phuket, Thailand Contact : +66(0)6 22 42 34 42 facebook/thecovephuket




Social Scene Interview by Debbie Oakes

Fight Night Operation Smile Thailand, together with the Dust Thani in Bangkok, held its 6th Annual “Fight Night!” white-collar boxing charity event on November 25, 2016. The glamorous Vegas-style evening was filled with fast-paced boxing excitement while guests enjoyed an elegant four course meal, open bar, vintage footage of legendary bouts in history, and luxurious silent auction and lucky draw raffle prizes. Attended by Bangkok’s business and social community, Baht 5,532,400 was raised to support Operation Smile Foundation and help provide free reparative surgeries to children and young adults born with facial deformities here in Thailand.


Social Scene



Phuket BCBG event On Saturday 26th of November Ayara Resort & Spa in Kamala hosted the Launching Cocktail Event of BCBG’s Secrets Models and Events Agency Co Ltd. It was a fabulous fashion show with beautiful models wearing “Island Girl” new collection, make-up by Som Dum Beauty and hair by French beauty Salon in Patong.

Bollywood in Bangkok The Bollywood fundraiser will be back in Bangkok 18 Jan 2017. Raising funds for the American Women Club’s 20 year Scholarship Program for Thai girls. Living as we are in Thailand, we loved to have the opportunity to give back. Education is the best way. In 2016 we raised almost 180,000 THB! Much more than we had ever dreamed of This gave us the courage to have another Fundraiser this year, Bollywood. Each ticket costs 1500 Baht and it is a fabulous opportunity to share in the Gift of Education, while enjoying yourself Trying to out do ourselves...we promise, more of everything and a grand time, with much music, dance and amazing Indian food at Indus Restaurant, Sukhumvit Soi 26!! More Prizes and a Mini Bazaar is on the cards... as is a special Indian Classical Dance Performance. Our last event was a sell out.... help us make this one a sell out too!!


Social Scene

WINES of ITALY 2016 Held at the The Nai Harn, Phuket on 10 December 2016. 20 of Italy’s top wine producers and winemakers from world- renowned estates were present to introduce their wines. Guests were treated to a multi-course, live dining experience created by Executive Chef Mark Jones. The casual open-air setting of Reflections Rooftop Terrace enabled guests to eat, drink and meet the winemakers.

Kata rocks Super yacht The very first edition of the Kata Rocks Super yacht Rendezvous (KRSR) drew to a close last week. Organisers reported the inaugural event a success. Hosted from 10th until 12th December in Phuket, Thailand, a total of 15 super yachts attended, the largest being the 90-metre Lauren L built by Cassens-Werft in 2002. Highlights from the event included an opening cocktail party at Kata Rocks, a cruise with all yachts in attendance at the Surin Phuket where guests were treated to a gourmet beach BBQ, and the invitation-only owner’s gala dinner hosted in Kata Rocks Penthouse Sky Villa by Feadship.

Social Scene


MEET THE PRESIDENT LET S HEAR IT FOR THE GIRLS The A me r ica n W om e n ’s C lu b of Tha il a nd : Ph y l l i s A n s u sinh a in he r own wor d s . Interview by Debbie Oakes

greatest passion: helping others improve their health and well-being with personal training and nutrition. Nothing feels better to me than guiding a person to a healthier physique, helping them learn to walk again, recover from heart and stroke conditions, fitting clothes that are not purchased in the plus size section of the department store. The biggest reward is the self-confidence they gain when they find who they really are in their skin. I love it! Eventually I divorced and five years later met the love of my life. We dated for three years and when he was posted to Bangkok I gave up my career in the US to join him in Thailand.

nsider Asia talks to the women behind the organisations that provide an invaluable level of support for new arrivals, a network of help and friendship for long-term expats and multi-faceted care for the most needy communities in the countries we call home. “I am from the Midwest USA. I grew up in a small community in Northern Minnesota. We had amazing summers on the lakes and freezing snowy winters. But we loved to ski and skate and made the best of the elements.” After a brief period working in Law Enforcement in Wisconsin, I soon figured out that it was not a great career choice for a young mother whose husband traveled all the time. While raising my children I found, and was able to pursue, my


Social Scene

I love living in Asia and especially love Thailand. Being a truly small town girl I never thought I would thrive in a big city - but I do. There is an energy, a pulse that that makes me feel alive. Bangkok has so much. From luxurious buildings and boutiques to real remnants of old Siam with its quaint buildings and outdoor markets. The people of Thailand have embraced me and they are so loving and respectful. We have lost much of that kind of respect in the US; which is sad for me. You can slow life down a bit here and not feel like your job, home or basic living needs will be pulled out from under you if you dare step off the hamster wheel. I have been the President of The American Women’s Club of Thailand (AWC) for a year and a half. Secretly I joined so that I could learn whereto get my hair done! As a blonde, curly, fine-haired Westerner in a world of beautiful thick, straight hair; I found that the Thai hair stylists were struggling to know what to do with my hair. Colouring to styling was a work in progress for them. Also, I wasn’t running into many English speaking Thai people at the time, so I was getting lonely for girlfriend time. I soon found I had the opportunity to fulfill another goal. I always told myself that once my children grew up (and I had more free time) I wanted to volunteer; to find a fulfilling purpose by helping others. I believe we owe it to others to share

some peace of mind and success we have found ourselves. Humanity is amazing when we work together. I don’t want to leave others behind. The AWC is the oldest women’s group in Thailand. We have celebrated 61 years as an organization. Our mission is twofold. Firstly, to assist expatriate women to assimilate into life in Thailand and secondly, our philanthropic endeavors. Initially even the most normal activities can be challenging when first living in a foreign country. For example, my first trip to the grocery store was quite an eye opener. I recognized almost nothing. I went home with a few items. When my husband arrived home from work I said ‘Sweetie, we are having broccoli, peanut butter and toilet tissue for dinner, I hope you don’t mind’. So the AWC provides interactions and activities - from shopping in the markets to learning the culture of our host country. The philanthropic side is truly amazing. The women before me established so much. Schools for the blind, provisions for the homeless, disabled and orphaned. Our biggest and most established charity is The AWC Scholarship Program. For 21 years the AWC has worked hard and sponsored over 7000 rural, underprivileged teenaged girls through high school. Boys can attend studies free in the temples if needed. But girls do not have this opportunity because they are not allowed to remain alone with a male in a temple. The girls we sponsor are often needed to work helping their families with the crops. Or perhaps they are orphaned, living with their grandparents or living alone because their parents are working in the big cities. By providing the funds to sponsor them through school, with transportation, food, uniforms, school supplies and books the families are not burdened by those expenses and our girls can complete their education. Once they are educated they return to their villages and are able to better their communities with the skills they have learned. By keeping them in school we also hope to avoid the opportunity traffickers have to lure the girls with phony jobs and sending them into the world of prostitution. We also offer an annual English Camp for our students. For one weekend we select a host school and teach English in a fun interactive way. We bond with the girls and are often the only Westerners they come into contact with. It is a truly moving experience for our volunteers every year. I have had the opportunity to travel through jungles and mountains to visit small schools, to provide for children with no name, no country and no family. These lost children are brought to the schools to be educated and cared for. I recently trekked into the mountains to look at the villages of the Karen Hill Tribe. We worked with a founda-

tion to provide water systems toilets and showers for them. By providing clean water their lives are safer from disease. They can manage their crops and survive. This year we organized our first charity run to raise awareness for the education needs of Thai girls and raise money. 2200 runners in Bangkok joined the event and 400 ran as they wanted help all over the world. I am planning the next Run for Dek Thai next year! This has been the most rewarding year and a half and I feel so blessed to be given the chance to serve others and give back to the Thai people. I continue to work with some of my clients back in the USA, training them via Skype. I am a wellness coach with a company called Beachbody where I can continue to help others get in shape with programs I am trained in such as PiYo, Insanity, Focus T-25, P90X. My next dream is to open a small wellness and fitness studio in Bangkok so I can continue my passion of helping to improve other’s well-being. My best advice for living abroad is to embrace the culture. Let go of your own ideas of how the world should be run or should behave. Every country and culture is different. By opening yourself up to that you will give yourself a gift. Also, pace your self as the weather takes a bit to adapt to. It is important to find friends with likeminded interests. It can be lonely at first. Join organizations with other Expats so you can celebrate your culture as well. Take care of yourself and take time for you. Our children (we have 7 between the 2 of us) are my inspiration. They have nudged me out of my comfort zone so many times. They stoked the fires of travel and living abroad by their own diversity and desires to see that one way of life is not the only way of life. This is a very non-Midwestern way to be and I love the people they have become. The experience of living abroad has changed me. I was once a very shy person. But between learning to be front of others and leading them through exercise and by constantly stepping outside of my box I have grown. I can honestly say that I am really living fully. Life is so short and I don’t want to regret not having taken a chance of doing something new that I’m not comfortable with just because of fear. My motto is that life begins outside your comfort zone! Social Scene


Congratulations to Kaanda Beach wear and Katarina Boner on celebrating six successful years as Thailand s designer queen of the beaches


Social Scene





Happiness never decreases by being shared


Feel Good



Text and photos by Debbie Oakes.

WHEN: Chinese New Year day is January 28, 2017 WHAT: The Year of the Fire Chicken How to get there: MRT train to Hua Lamphong + walk 15m. Chao Phraya express boat to the Rachawong pier + walk 10m

The crazy, hazy treasure-filled lanes of all the Chinatowns in Thailand, including Bangkok’s Yaowarat, Phuket town and Chiang Mai, churn with raucous celebration. Red is the de rigueur colour of the calendar’s biggest festival day. Linked with fire it symbolizes luck and joy. Expect to see a riot of traditional red lanterns, red shirts and ang pao red envelopes with lucky cash for friends and family. Adding to the revelry are the ubiquitous firecrackers to scare off the evil monster, Nián. Chinese New Year is one noisy red experience in Thailand not to be missed. Thais of Chinese descent (and not) go about merit-making by visiting temples and praying to Buddha images and Chinese deities. Dragon dancers bound around musicians, dancers and acrobatic shows through the thronging streets.

New Year’s Eve (this year 27 January) is a big family banquet occasion.



A small market running between Charoen Krung (New Road) and Yaowarat Road. By all accounts it is ‘not as good as it used to be’ (presumably when it actually traded stolen goods). These days its main focus is secondhand goods, electronics, uniforms, musical instruments, and the odd cement mixer. 8am-5pm

TALAT KAO (The Old Market) Runs off from Sampeng Lane. From fresh to preserved food, Talat Kao has been Chinatown’s marketplace for well over a hundred years. Chinese chefs from restaurants around Bangkok come here each morning to find the best ingredients. If you are not a Chinese chef, the variety seems strange, mysterious, and exciting. For the brave, nearby restaurants sell dishes with the ingredients that are found here. SAMPENG LANE (Wanit 1 Road).

Turn left from Yaowrat Road (you will see an ornate signpost). Stepping into Sampeng is entering a lane that time forgot. As unbelievable as it seems today, this hairbreadth wide lane was once Chinatown’s main street. The crowded and bustling alley hosts stock-laden motorbikes; caterwauling deliverymen lugging heavy carts; antique beggars and stoic shoppers all competing for that one square meter of lane.


The very best approach to Chinatown, even before you open a map, is to open your mind. In this reality, not only is it OK to get lost, it is probably ideal. Who knows what treasure you might find around that next bend? Grab your water bottle; put your purse where it won’t be picked; comfy shoes; loose clothes. It will be worth it.

STARTING POINT : The Ceremonial Gate at Odeon Circle.

As Confucius said, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. It is good to have a starting point but go armed with the knowledge that it is an experience. There is so much to see and absorb just by wandering around. Don’t worry if you get ‘off track’.


A short walk up from Odeon circle will bring you to street stalls selling all things Chinese. And around this New Year a multitude of roosters and chickens. Lucky charms woven from red and gold satin; amulets carved from Jade and Oriental-style clothes: Cheongsam, Qipao and hats. There are traditional medicine shops may challenge the appetite, but there are delicious smelling noodle and dumpling shops too. In the evenings, Yaowarat Road transforms into an al fresco stall-street market brimming over with Chinese treats. Yaowarat is also called ‘Golden Road’ with more than 130 gold shops. This makes Chinatown, Thailand’s largest gold trading center.

Although Sampeng seems at first glance to be an overwhelming mélange of everything from buttons to pool toys, the long alley can be roughly divided into three areas. Coming from the direction of Odeon the first section sells mostly inexpensive home items: plastic containers, pots, hairclips, flip-flops, and party supplies. Coming up to Ratchawong Road, you will find stationary, exotic paper, crafts, toys, jewelry, imitation bags, and imitation flowers. Cross over Ratchawong Road to find haberdashery, fabric, feathers, buttons, and a myriad of glistening paraphernalia. Special Mention Shops are open daily from 8am-9pm.


At the end of Sampeng lane cross over Chakrapet Road to the Pahurat cloth market. Take a deep breath a wander into almost-not-there entrances which take you into a labyrinth of textiles (silk, cotton, cashmere and wool); national costumes (Thai, Indian and Korean), Indian Gods, incense and food supplies.

TABOO FACT FILE for New Year’s Day

Do not: wash your hair, wash your clothes, sweep or do needlework - all bad joss!




BANGKOK CONFIDENTIAL RECIPES PORTRAITS INTERVIEWS By Debbie Oakes Photographer: Gavin Gough Bangkok’s Good, Bangkok’s Bad and Bangkok’s Hungry.

Before I’m Tasty, I opened a coffee shop with friends from Australia. It was called Munjai café. Munjai means confidence. We ran it for two years but sadly it had to close. I wanted to find a way to continue helping people in the Slum. We’d been working together learning what makes great food and great service and also having lots of fun… And the team were of course dependent upon their salaries to feed their families. So that was where idea for the catering company started. We have much less overheads now. I learnt to cook with Khun Poo (Saiyuud Diwong) who started up a cooking school in Klong Toei. And I watch a lot of tutorials on the internet for new ideas and recipes. The same is true for dancing. I am passionate about it and self-taught. I am loving teaching the kids at Harrow International School. I like dancing because I feel I can be myself. I don’t worry about anything. Sometimes it is hard to be myself in the Slum… I don’t mean it’s hard to be in the slum. But there is difficulty with who I am… My Dad is a Pastor. One thing I really love is hanging out with good friends. I love to encourage my friends. To be a role model. I feel happy when I show that people can do better for themselves. I have inspired myself a lot in my life…but that sounds too confident! I mean I have believed I can and I have. My Mum and Dad have always taught me to be a good example. To follow the church’s teaching about loving your neighbour. Helping people. How to be a good person and a good friend. That means not being selfish.


“Give everything you have and believe you can be anything you want to be” was born in Klong Toei slum and I still live there with my Mum, Dad and younger brother. It is a small neighbourhood in the middle of Bangkok. It’s a poor place but it has a vibrant community. There’s not many Christians in the Slum, maybe 5-10%, but my parent’s families were both from Christian backgrounds. My Mum and Dad met at Bible College and my Dad is a pastor. I run my own catering business called I’m Tasty Food Company. We serve stylish Thai, Western, savoury and sweet food for parties and small functions. It’s going really well and I’m happy about it. My team and I actually all grew up together in the same community. It is a part of a community foundation set up by my Dad called, The Life Development Centre. People learn life and career skills and can also learn English. It was established to help young people have greater employment opportunities. So at I’m Tasty , as well as teaching cooking, catering and hospitality skills, we try to teach more importantly, confidence.



If there is one thing I wish I could tell my younger self, it would be to not be so afraid. I really struggled at high school. I had the opportunity of going to a good school because I was sponsored by some Australian teachers that had been teaching English at our church. No one had been making too much of an effort; except me. They noticed me trying to help my parents to translate. They thought that I had potential so they wanted me to finish in a good school; which meant outside the slum. But high school was the greatest struggle of my life. At first I didn’t want to tell anyone I was from the Slum because there is a lot of prejudice towards us. When I want to register they didn’t want me. They were afraid because when I was young it was all over the media about crime, drugs and gangs from Klong Toei Slum. The other kids would say ‘God - you look like a slum kid today!” When I felt rejected I said to myself that I just have to somehow be accepted. And to do that I had to believe in and accept myself. It took me a long time to tell them that that was actually where I lived. However, when I eventually did, they still accepted me. I took them back to my house and we ate Som Tum together! It was a proud moment for me. After that we always had fun and hung out. Even now people are scared to enter the Slum. People find Slum people ‘risky’. They do not want to engage or employ people from the slum The result is that the kids come back disheartened and finally feel they have to resort to crime in order to survive. There are few choices. It’s a vicious circle. I want to tell my friends: ‘Have dreams and goals and follow them. Be persistent and do your best. Give everything you have and believe you can.’

For me, success means to be a good role model for the people in the Slum. Its not just about business its about life as well. To show them that more is possible with their lives. They feel everything is impossible in Klong Toei. People have no confidence with their place in society. People do not feel accepted so they don’t try. If you asked what their dreams are they would ask you: ‘Do I really have to think about it’? It has become the norm to make nothing of your life. Right now is the happiest moment of my life. I have many opportunities and my own business. And the bonus is that working with I’m Tasty my friends can have a lot of opportunities too… and the money to support their families. That makes me very happy. So this is a very exciting moment for me. I did not know there could be more to life and being a part of society. Now I understand that I can make a choice. I am also teaching dancing, which is my favourite thing so that makes me very happy too. SOM TUM POO PLA My favourite food is Som Tam Poo Pla. It’s from Issan. It is completely different from Som Tam Thai which many tourists enjoy in Bangkok. It contains (pometo? Fish guts thai anchovy) fish and raw crab. I like it really spicy, with hot dried chillis which is more spicy. The small is more fragrant. Fresh papaya lime garlic fish sauce, tomatoes and long green beans. The first time I ate it was when I was five years old. It is sold as street food in the slum and Mum bought some home. I remember because it was so spicy I cried. But somehow I loved it too! Now I could literally eat it every day. Normally my mum cooks it – but if not just from a street stall. It is very common in Bangkok. I don’t eat the crab – just for the flavour. Sometimes it’s cooked and sometimes raw… there’s a few different recipes.

CHAI YO JANNAKRON Contact : +66(0)8 17 50 89 23 Facebook : @imtastyfoodcompany Email :



THE GOOD FOOD GUIDE INSIDER ASIA GUIDE TO THE GOOD THE GREEN AND SUSTAINABLE “A l l you ne e d i s lov e . B u t a l i t t l e c ho col at e now a nd t he n d oe sn ’ t h u rt. ” C h a r l e s M . S c h u l z By Debbie Oakes


E at a n d D r i n k

My first branch was Theera Café on Bangkok’s Sukhumvit 42. I set that up nearly 3 years ago when I saw that the online demand for allergen free products was so large. Since then I have had branches at Siam Paragon, Emporium, Central Eastville and Central Bangna. Now you can find us at Sukhumvit 42, Central Bangna and Steps on Ekamai soi 10. Besides that my products are stocked at all Baimiang stores, Brocolli Revolution, Patom and Punsuk Organic.

What is your latest restaurant?

STEPS WITH THEERA “The Original Healthy Bake Room”

heeta Hotrakitya (Uang) is in the kitch-

en doing what she does best: preparing delicious food that is not only healthy, but good for the community too. Together with her partner Max Simpson she established Thailand’s first eatery and vocational training centre for young adults with special needs such as Autism and Down’s Syndrome.

When did you start cooking and what influenced you to make healthy choices? I am a health enthusiast but have always been interested in baking too. In the beginning it was mostly for my friends, family and me. That began to change when I started to sell a few things online. When my son was diagnosed with autism and soon after, gluten intolerance, I found that there were very few gluten and allergen free deserts and snacks available. My son became my inspiration and my drive. To this day there remain very few bakeries in Bangkok offering healthier alternatives. But I discovered many families that either have to make healthier choices, or who simply want to continue to enjoy their favourite deserts, but have allergies and intolerances that mainstream bakeries and cafes don’t cater for. It is a beautiful thing when people find us and can finally eat the no-longer “forbidden fruit”.

Steps with Theera is a healthfood focused café offering comfort foods with a healthy twist. Our menu has favourites like pumpkin and sweet potato feta burger with sweet potato wedges and our famous vegan macaroni ‘n cheese. We want to cater for everyone and for everyone to leave satisfied and full! There are allergen free options, vegetarian, vegan and meaty healthy options too. In addition, we offer vocational training opportunities to young adults with special educational needs, such as autism and Down’s syndrome. The cafe is a platform for them to practice a host of employability skills and interact with the community.


1. Prepare a square tin (8”x8”) lined with baking paper and preheat an oven to 160c. Combine oats, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and sesame in a baking tray and bake for 10 minutes, stirring once after 5 minutes. 2. In a saucepan, mix in honey, tahini, coconut oil, salt, and vanilla. Put on medium heat and whisk just to combine all ingredients, set aside. 3. Mix rice puff, cranberries, green tea powder, and all toasted ingredients including oats, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and sesame in one large bowl. Pour the wet ingredients from the saucepan into a bowl of dried ingredients and stir to mix. 4. Pour the ingredients into a prepared tin and press firmly. Put in a fridge for 2 hours before cutting into a bar. The rest can be kept in the fridge up to 2 weeks. Steps with Theera is located in 29/8 Ekkamai Soi 10. Parking is available in Ekkamai Soi 10 Yaek 4 Email : Phone : 02-381-6590

What is you philosophy on health, wellbeing and great food?

Eating well has so many positive effects on us including better sleep routine, enhancing mood and energy. I believe when we feel good about ourselves, confidence radiates from us and that positivity in turn brings good things our way. Steps by Theera, is a place where everyone is welcome and we want our community to feel great about themselves, every single day. Green Tea Granola Bar Ingredients Quick cooking oats Pumpkin seeds Sunflower seeds Sesame Rice puff Chopped dried cranberries (or raisins, dates, dried apricot, whatever you prefer)

Matcha green tea powder Honey Tahini Coconut oil Pinch of salt Vanilla flavor

200 g 70 g 70 g 40 g 40 g 60 g 6g 120 g 120 g 30 g

E at a n d D r i n k


INSIDER ASIAS FIVE FAVOURITE THAI TASTIC TREATS The list of un-missable Thai dishes is long, but here are our must-try delights for visiting or resident foodies.

om Kha Kai

(Chicken in Coconut Soup) A chilled out coconut-milk laden cousin of Tom Yum. Still with with chilies, thinly sliced galangal, shallots, lemongrass and slim strips of chicken.

om Yum Gung

If a soup were a Tango, Tom Yum would be it. Its complex balance of flavours create a theatrical performance of sour, salty, spicy and sweetness thatenflame the mouth. Normally served with prawns, mushrooms, tomatoes, it is also good with mixed seafood. Lemongrass, galangal, chili and kaffir lime leaves should be fished out and ditched on the side of your plate. With coconut milk it is called tom yum gung namkohn, and without tom yum gung namsai.


E at & D r i n k

am Som-O

hao Pad (Fried Rice)

This keep-it-simple dish is a non-treatening Thai version of fried rice. Just add egg, onion, and a few herbs et voila! Usually served with a wedge of lime and sliced cucumber and the meat or seafood of choice.

Not really a common street food like Pad Thai or Som Tam it is definitely worth ordering if spied on a restaurant menu. The sweet-sour softness of the meaty pomelo forms a perfect battle of opposites with crunchy roasted, coconut, lime, coconut milk and fish sauce.

Som Tum

(Spicy Green Papaya Salad) Isaan’s most famous dish, the Som Tum salad, is a work of kitchen art. Street vendours wield their chops with practiced abandon creating strands of crunchy, shredded green papaya that form the base of the dish. Garlic, chilies, green beans and cherry tomatoes are then smashed in a pestle and mortar, releasing an abstract portrait of balanced flavours that is added to the papaya. Regional variations include peanuts, dried shrimp or salted crab.

licious DeMEAT Grilled on Wood Fired BBQ Local and imported products to give you the best steak in Phuket

recommends Black Angus and Wagyu Chef

Open Everyday. Closed on Sundays 28/75 Moo1, Saiyuan Road Rawai, Phuket 83130

BOOKINGS : 063 101 8445







If I could pinpoint That moment of no return I would dive again Debbie Oakes k, I know the ol’ bah-humbug routine about Valentine’s Day

being just another sweet excuse for the commercialisation of chocolate and red roses. But come this February 14, I will not care… Any excuse to celebrate love, romance, to feel valued and a bit bella… is just fine by me. Bring on those Perugina Baci kisses, book the diner, put the Prosecco on ice…

“Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance.” - Benjamin Franklin -

Christian origins?

Valentine’s Day’s origins (legend has it) date back to the gory war-torn days of ancient Rome. In approximately 270 AD Saint Valentine came to the rescue of lovelorn couples by marrying them against the wishes of Emperor Claudius. Claudius had declared his soldiers must remain unmarried because married soldiers were more concerned about their lives and wives. Sadly he lost his head for his efforts but became a saint.

Pagan Fertility Origins?

If your idea of romance is getting drunk, naked and a bit dirty, you may prefer the Feast of Lupercalia, a pagan festival of love and fertility through sadistic flagellation rituals, as the ‘real’ origin of Valentine’s Day. The party included a matchmaking lottery. Young men drew the names of women from a jar. The couple would then be… united. The date of the ancient key-party coincides approximately with St Valentine’s death.

Seasonal Origins?

Spring is sprung the grass is ris’, I wonder where the birdies is? Off with the birds and bees finding a mate, mate… obviously!


As the years went on, the holiday grew sweeter. Chaucer and Shakespeare romanticised love. The idea of chivalry gained popularity throughout Britain and the rest of Europe in the Middle Ages. Handmade paper cards became love tokens of the day. The industrial revolution ushered in factory-made cards in the 19th century. And in 1913, Hallmark began mass-producing Valentine’s Day cards. Valentine’s Day for me however will involve Nat King Cole, a long cool glass of Prosecco… and probably a lot of wistful thinking

Let there be cuckoos, A lark and a dove, But first of all, please Let there be love...

Boat Avenue, 49/15 Bandon-Cherngtalay Road, Cherngtalay, Ban Thalat Choeng Thale, Phuket, Thailand Contact : +66(0)94 804 4461 lucaciniawinestory



Meet the Artist Dizarny By Lilly Carrion

arisian Dizarny already knew he to be a painter when he was just eight years old: « My family were not very impressed and would have much preferred that I showed ambition towards being an hotelier” Neverthless he persevered and at just12 years of age sold his first painting.

Here his creativity is at its height. He finds himself locked up for hours, dayand-night. « I see it as a job like any other. I turn up to my canvas like turning up to work. I think that the idea of ‘inspiration’ is over-rated. Of course, I prepare myself before beginning a new work by organising my thoughts, but that is like anything. »

Francois left Paris when he was 25. He travelled to The US, Africa, the Caribbean and Japan. But finally it was in Thailand that he found the balance of peace and security tha he wanted.

Dizarny’s works are an abstract universe, modern, spontaneous, full of freedom, with flamboyant colour. Somewhere between reality and the shimmering dust of dreams, the artist invites us to escape, to imagine. His paintings are jammed with details,which make them so fascinating it is possible to stay for hours discovering a new element each time.

Dizarny calls his studio, his ‘big black cage’ and paints under only artificial light, preferring to block out ambient lighting (to keep uniformity). Inside is a magical universe containing the accidental splatter of years of coloured paint, paintbrushes of all shapes and sizes, and XXL canvases.


A rt a nd C u lt u r e

His paintings are on display around the world… but do not be surprised if you see him at the gallery, brush in hand making final, final touches. Like any artist, no work is ever really finished...


104 New Bond St, Mayfair, London W1S 1SU


2 Orchard Turn, #01-12A/13 ION Orchard, 01-12A/13 ION Orchard, Singapour 238801


26 avenue des Champs elysees 75008 Paris 69 Rue du Faubourg Saint-HonorĂŠ, 75008 Paris

New York

104 Central Park S, New York, NY 10019


L’artiste qui

murmurait à ses pinceaux… arisien de naissance, Dizarny commence à peindre très jeune, vend son premier tableau à l’âge de 12 ans et contre l’avis de sa famille il décide de devenir peintre et d’en faire son métier. Après avoir passé les 25 premières années de sa vie à Paris, il cherche de nouveaux horizons parcourant ainsi New York, l’Afrique, les Caraïbes, le Japon mais c’est finalement au Royaume du Siam qu’il décide de s’installer il y a quelques années loin du tumulte et du vacarme des grandes mégapoles. Regarder une toile peinte par Dizarny c’est un peu comme entrer dans son atelier « sa grande cage noire » comme il aime le dire, un univers magique qu’il s’est créé au fil des ans, ou règne une pagaille involontaire mélange de tubes de peintures, pinceaux en tous genres, et de canevas XXL. C’est dans cet enchevêtrement que sa création est à son comble et qu’il aime se retrouver enfermé durant des heures, de jour comme de nuit, pour travailler sur ses nouvelles toiles. Sous l’œil et le pinceau de l’artiste, on assiste à l’éveil d’œuvres d’un univers abstrait, une peinture moderne, très spontanée, pleine de liberté, aux couleurs flamboyantes. Entre figuration et univers chimérique, l’artiste nous invite à l’évasion, au rêve, à l’imaginaire. Ses toiles fourmillent de détails, les rendant si fascinantes que l’on pourrait les regarder des heures et découvrir à chaque fois un nouvel élément caché. Vous pouvez retrouver les toiles de Dizarny exposées aux quatre coins du monde, ne soyez pas surpris si vous l’apercevez pinceau en main faisant des dernières retouches, car comme pour tout artiste, aucune œuvre n’est jamais vraiment finie…


A rt a nd C u lt u r e


67 Boulevard de la Croisette, 06400 Cannes


53 Rue Mgr Conseil, 74120 Megève


Immeuble Grandes Alpes, 73120 Courchevel 1850

Saint Paul de Vence 5 Rue Grande, 06570 Saint-Paul-de-Vence



“Creativity is contagious, pass it on”


Albert Einstein

I n side r A sia u ncove rs a l l t he hidde n nook s, c r a nnie s and cor ne rs of c r e at ivit y t h at wa it to inspir e u s. De bbie Oa k e s tal k s to t he pe opl e be hind t he pa s sion … By Debbie Oakes

or ten years since Elsie Evans established Attic Studios it has been known as Bangkok’s oasis of artistic spirit. Where the young and young at heart have limped in from the creative desert to find or develop creative expression. The exciting news is that Attic is evolving and spreading the creative love… Elsie, as well known for her indomitable Scottish spirit, straight-speaking humour and First Friday of the month art exhibitions as she is for her raw talent; is concentrating on her Rayong attelier. Laurie Browne has recently taken over as manager.

I sit down with Laurie to find out a little bit more about her. She oozes English-rose humour and warmth. There is nothing about her that is not contagious and I really believe her when she tells me (even I) can paint. (I know she believes it). Laurie explains: “About a year ago when I first stepped into Attic Studios, I felt it was familiar somehow. Welcoming like a warm hug. Throughout our lives, we get these feelings, maybe when we go home to family, or reunite


A rt a nd C u lt u r e

with old friends. But that was just how I felt when I found the Studio and met Elsie. I knew instantly that both would become a very important part of my life’s journey. But I didn’t know at that point how hugely our lives would become entwined. I believe that if we grasp onto something that makes us happy without questioning why, then that’s when we can become fully alive.” “Attic Studios has been the backbone of the local art community for over ten years. It is well established,

Laurie was not always an artist. She tells me: “In 1991 I was a nurse. My shift got moved so I went to a Job Fair. I took a risk and signed up that day to work in Saudi Arabia. “I left London for Jeddah four weeks later to work as a Play and Art Therapist on a children’s ward. Until that point I had always loved drawing and painting. But it was not integrated into my daily life. That day at the Trade Fair, it came to me in an instant. I would take the opportunity that life offered to me and learn about Art with the children. I knew we could do it together… and that’s exactly what I did for the next three years.” “My greatest inspiration was my Dad. He would be there making me cups of tea to keep me awake through the late nights and all-nighters I pulled while working on the latest assignment at Nursing college. He would say: ‘If you work hard anything is achievable’. Perhaps more tellingly he also said: ‘If, after all this hard work, you decide not to nurse; that is okay. Do what makes you happy, do what you love’. There was never any pressure only support. He had complete and utter faith in me and that is a powerful thing.”

well-known and well-loved purely because of Elsie’s passion to make art accessible to as many adults and children as possible. I want to carry on her vision and her work. To reach out to even more people by making our studio the most creative and welcoming place to be in Bangkok. My vision is to see Attic brimming with people so immersed in their work that the hours slip by. Nothing makes me happier than when someone drops in to hang out, have coffee, talk about art projects and make new friends. That’s the buzz that fuels creative energy and artistic endeavors.” “There are lots of ways to express yourself through art. I want people to find their personal voice. Regardless of what people come here for,whether they wantto study technique, or just to come in and throw paint on something. Our goal is self-expression at your own pace. We welcome all forms of expression, all types of people and encourage everyone to put out the best work they are capable of.” “We have a great group of artists that have found a home here and as we progress into the new year

with new classes and new schedules we look forward to making new friends and helping them to pursue their artistic goals. My dream is to watch Attic grow into a place that accommodates everyone’s artistic dreams. I want to create a fun and happy community full of laughter, cookies, coffee and friendship (and of course absolutely stunning artwork!)” For Laurie there is clearly great personal satisfaction in witnessing people reconnecting with art and developing confidence to express themselves through different mediums: “Each day is different. There is always someone new popping into the Studio, with an interesting life story to tell. Some of the stories are just so inspiring and awesome you cannot help but smile.” “Everyone has creativity in them, be it painting, writing or dance. Most things in life require a certain amount of creativity. If you give any child a crayon or pencil and piece of paper they will draw. Children don’t think about what their work will look like. They just enjoy drawing or painting. As we get older we worry too much about how our art looks. That’s when people become disheartened and tell themselves they are‘no good’.Often they put their pencil or brush away; never to be used again and that is extremely sad.” Laurie believes that art, like learning a language, a sport or a musical instrument, you have to practice to improve.

“I have been painting one way or another for many years now. Drawing fairytale scenes on hospital walls to cheer up children, murals on the walls of friends homes, painting garden fences with flowers to cheer up the garden or designing event sets for the various companies I have worked at. But I never considered it a skill. Just something I could do to cheer up others.” That changed eight years ago when Laurie lived in Vietnam.“A friend asked me to join her in oil painting lessons with French artist, Helene Kling. I was too scared and refused! So one day my friend asked me to bring her coffee at the studio. I did and was sufficiently intrigued to stay and painted! So, twice a week, for six to eight hours for the next four years, we painted in oils over and over again. We had the odd glass of bubbly in between. It was one of the happiest times of my life and now I want to share the joy.” 45/4 Sukhumvit Soi 31 Klongton Nua, Wattana Bangkok, Thailand Contact : +66(0)2 662 0224

A rt a nd C u lt u r e


PORTRAIT OF AN ARTIST Wisharawish Akarasantisook By Debbie Oakes


I grew up in the Northeast of Thailand, Buriram province. I moved to Bangkok for school and first visited Paris in 2005. Since then, I’ve been moving back and forth between the two cities. I love and hate both cities. So it’s great!

international Art contemporary from young artist to established artist...

Siam Discovery , open every day from 10 AM to 10 PM.


y career has changed completely every few years.

I studied theatre and then shifted towards fashion. More recently, I’ve been focusing on contemporary art. Each shift from one art form to another has felt very organic. I definitely haven’t had a master plan. I follow my instinct and work on the projects that feel right. Whenever I move into a new art form, I bring the techniques and perspectives with me that I’ve developed in my previous work. So I’m not really choosing one form over another, but always combining. I’ve always been drawn to the image of Ouroboros, the mythical snake that constantly recreates itself by consuming its own body. I think my work evolves in a cycle, rather than any kind of line. I’m always coming back to ideas and techniques that I’ve used in the past, and working them into whatever inspires me in the moment. I’m not focused on any one big project right now… I’m working on a number of different things, always using textiles and images, connecting traditional Thai fabrication techniques


A rt a nd C u lt u r e

To be creative it is important to spend more time thinking than doing. Creative ideas don’t develop on a schedule, you need to give them time and space to emerge. I think everyone is creative, but not always in ways that are recognized. I think the idea of creativity needs to be democratized. It’s not just for artists and designers! I am inspired by everyone I work with, from other artists to village artisans anhd even my neighbours. I really don’t believe in heroic figures, I think there’s a lot more inspiration in the everyday.

with contemporary aesthetics and international cultural perspectives. I’m passionate about the rich artisanal traditions of my country. I think these techniques tell important stories, and I want to bring them into dialogue with the international art and fashion worlds. My work is very sincere - I play with images and textures that feel right to me, to express what I’m feeling in the moment, without much attachment to how others will interpret it. A lot of my ideas come from words. When I’m talking with people, or reading, certain words stick with me and bounce around in my head, until they transform into images that I try to convey through whatever materials make the most sense. I love being able to live in my own little universe!

Rei Kawakubo is my favourite artist she’s moved through different disciplines following her own totally unique vision and she’s made things happen for herself. I think I’ve been lucky to come across a lot of surprise opportunities. People who have invited me to take risks, try creative things that I haven’t necessarily been qualified for, encouraging me to experiment. From making my first fashion collection with no formal training, to jumping into my first artists’ residency in Paris, the catalyst has always been my community. If I weren’t an artist I’d love to be a banana farmer. I grew up very connected to the land. It’s a part of my roots. And bananas are so beautiful!

A rt a nd C u lt u r e



A rt a nd C u lt u r e

PHUKET Pinup Girl Pin me up Pin me down By Lilly Carrion Photographer: Adriano Trapani

riginating in 1940’s America, the term ‘pin up girl’ literally refers to the pins that were used to fix photographs of pretty girls to the wall Symbolizing strength, femininity and sexiness the pin-up girl images emerged during the Second World War for soldiers pin to their bunks. Historically, they were of famous celebrities. The photos depict women in a range of roles: military, home, kitsch and aesthetic nostalgia.

Talented Italian photographer, Adriano Trapani met some girls living in a vintage universe while travelling in Sweden. They wore 1940’s clothes and lived in retro homes. After photographing them he began a series of photographs which hehas continued in his adopted Phuket home.

A rt a nd C u lt u r e


DIVING RAJA AMPAT Written & Photographed By Frank Couture

1 ,5 0 0 m o u n ta inou s i sl a nd s ar c hipe l a g o of R a j a A m pat ituated near the north-west coast of New Guinea, the islands are still steeped in Papuan traditions. Fishing villages, almost untouched by time, sit on the edge of pristine waters, inhabited with with shy and smiling villagers. Isolation has protected the islands from much of the problems associated with modern mass tourism. This place remains a paradise for nature lovers both on and under water. A magical area for scuba diving, in the heart of the coral triangle, Raja Ampat is where the waters of the Pacific and Indian oceans meet. An area with one of the greatest marine biodiversity on our planet. The richness of the deep is striking. In the last census, 1511 species of reef fish, including some thirty endemic species, and 600 species of hard corals (representing 75% of the known species around the world) were noted. From huge manta ray and reef sharks to tiny paradise of the nudibranch, the bizarre caribang (shark-carpet - wobbegong) and many schools of Jack fish all swirl in the undercurrent. Dives are available from beginners to intermediate level. There are no strong currents here as with other corners of the Indonesian archipelago. Most of the beautiful things to see are within 30 meters, so easily seen. PADI limits open water dives (up to intermediate level) to 18m deep. The ‘advanced open water dive liscence’ is therefore a real advantage before you go to Raja Ampat. It would be a shame to miss a suddenly a shoal of dolphins blinking from 25m. Specific insurance for the dive is also highly advisable. DAN (Divers Alert Network) is the most widespread. A repatriation from Papua would cost a fortune from such a remote location in case of accident. Practical information: Most travelers get to Raja Ampat via Sorong Airport. Sorong is a small local airport, with flights from Jakarta. Makasar and Manado, are two other hubs near the island of Sulawesi.


T r av e l

m a k e u p t he I nd one si a n The F o u r K ing s � .

Constitué de quelque 1 500 îles, souvent montagneuses,l’archipel indonésien des Raja Ampat (“les quatre rois”)est situé près de la côte nord-ouest de la Nouvelle-Guinée, en Papouasie Occidentale. Dans cette partie orientale du pays, à la verticale de l’Australie et à l’ouest de la Nouvelle Guinée, les Raja Ampat vous immergent dans la Papouasie, avec ses traditions fortes, ses villages de pêcheurs, ses habitants timides, mais toujours accueillants et souriants. Si cette destination se mérite du fait de la durée du trajet, elle est très au dessus de toutes les espérances que vous pourriez en avoir. Un isolement total dans un jardin d’éden, un paradis pour les amoureux de la nature, sur et sous l’eau. L’Unesco envisage d’inscrire les Raja Ampat sur la liste du Patrimoine Mondial, comme zone ayant la plus grande biodiversité marine de notre planète, là où se rencontre les eaux des océans pacifique et indiens. Une zone magique pour la plongee sous marine, au Coeur du triangle de corail. Et dès les premières plongées, la richesse des fonds est saisissante. Le dernier recensement qui date de septembre 2008, fait état de 1511 espèces de poissons de récif, dont un trentaine d’espèces endémiques, de 600 espèces de coraux durs ce qui représente 75% des espèces connues à travers le monde. On peut y voir du gros (raie manta, requins de recifs ) comme du très petit ( paradis du nudibranche), du carrément bizarre (requin-tapis -wobbegong) jusqu’au très très nombreux ( bancs de carrangues formant de véritables tourbillons). Les plongées sont d’un niveau débutant à intermédiaire. Il n’y a pas ici de courant puissant comme dans d’autres coins de l’archipel indonésien.La plupart des belles choses à voir se trouvent à moins de 30 mètres de fond, donc accessible même au débutant . PADI limitant les brevets open water à 18 mètres de profondeur, je conseille toutefois de passer son ‘advanced open water diver” avant de vous rendre a Raja Ampat. Il serait dommage d’aller au paradis de la plongée et d’être limité à 18 mètres, quand soudain un banc de dauphins vous cligne de l’ oeil à -25 mètres. Je conseille également en général, mais encore plus lors d’ un voyage plongée dans un endroit aussi reculé, de vous munir d’une assurance spécifique à la plongée. DAN ( Divers Alert Network) est la plus répandue. Un rapatriement sanitaire de la Papouasie vous coûtera les 2 bras qu’il vous reste en cas d’accident. Sulawesi. Info pratiques: Il faut souffrir pour s’émerveiller. Le voyage est long, et il vous faudra être patient avant de pouvoir sauter à l’eau. La plupart des voyageurs accèdent à Raja Ampat via l’aéroport de Sorong.


When to go to Raja Ampat ? • From October to April is the high season for diving. It is the period when plankton proliferates and where one is most likely to come cross manta rays, at random, or with more certainty on the fabulous Manta Sandy. • The rest of the year, the weather is more unstable. Sometimes it can get very windy. It is still possible to dive on some sheltered sites. On the equator, the weather is always warm and the climate tropical humid all year round, without big seasonal variation (except for the wind). • Water temperature remains at a constant 28-29 degrees all year, a 3mm wetsuit will amply suffice. There are different options to stay. One is in a specialised diving resort. The Krii Eco resort was founded by Max Hammer (Papua Diving). He is a true pioneer and legend of diving on Raja Ampat. Although very simple, the bungalows on stilts will allow you to observe the water below while sipping an aperitif. Barracudas, small black spikes, and sea snakes swim in 20 cm of crystal clear water and at nightfall is full of the song of Birds of paradise in the surrounding jungle. Magical, under water and on earth. The second is to live aboard a boat. The possibility to explore is obviously much larger than land-locked accomodation. For dive addicts worth sacrificing a little comfort. All4diving in Phuket, offers diving cruises to Raja Ampat., Dives not to be missed: TOP FOUR Dive Sites Blue Magic, Sardine, Cape Krii, The Passage

Quand aller Raja Ampat ? • D’octobre à avril : c’est la haute saison pour la plongée. C’est la période où le plancton prolifère et où on a le plus de chance de croiser des raies mantas, au hasard d’une plongée ou de façon plus certaine, sur le fabuleux site de Manta Sandy. • Le reste de l’année, la météo est plus instable, et il peut parfois avoir de sacré coup de vent. Il reste possible de plonger sur certains sites abrités, d’ailleurs paradoxalement la visibilité est bien meilleure. On reste toutefois sous l’équateur, il fait toujours chaud et le climat est réellement « tropical humide » toute l’année, sans grosse variation saisonnière – hormis le vent. • L’eau quand à elle reste autour des 28/29 degrés toute l’année, une combinaison 3mm vous suffira amplement. Il est possible d’organiser son séjour sur un des resorts spécialisés. Mon préféré est le Krii Eco resort, fondé par un certain Mr. Max Hammer ( Papua Diving ), véritable pionnier et légende de la plongée sur Raja Ampat. Bien que très simple, les bungalows sur pilotis vous permettront d’observer tout en sirotant votre apéro les barracudas, les petites pointes noires, et autres serpent de mer qui se promènent dans 20 cm d’eau – très claire évidement. Et à la nuit tombante les chants des oiseaux de paradis dans la jungle avoisinante vous berceront. L’endroit est magique, sous l’eau comme sur la terre. Il est également possible d’explorer la région à partir d’un bateau de croisière plongée ( liveaboard). La zone d’exploration est logiquement plus grande que sur un séjour en bungalow, ce qui pour les accros de la plongée est un argument de poids, quitte à sacrifier un peu de confort par raport à un séjour en bungalow. Clin d’oeil au passage à la société française All4diving de Phuket, qui propose des croisieres plongée au Raja Ampat . / Les plongées à ne pas manquer: Mon top 4 des sites de Raja Ampat nord: Blue Magic, Sardine, Cape Krii, The Passage



UNITED STATEs of AMERICA Arizona Antelope Canyon Written & Photographed By Jerry Minoret

Jerry & Alyona Minoret have been living in Phuket for 5 years. They met at their first job in Thailand. They were married last March on a stunning yacht in magical Phang Nga Bay. They share with us their passion for photography and their love for traveling with these breathtaking moments captured on their Honeymoon trip across the USA.



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Arizona Horseshoe Bend


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Utah Bryce Canyon


PARADISE BY NAME PARADISE BY NATURE The Surin Phuket hotel sits on a verdent hillside on the island’s west coast. Surrounded by tropical vegetation and faced with eye-stretching views over the Andaman Sea. it is the perfect place to relax, unwind and change your perspective. By Lilly Carrion

1 he lobby of the Surin Phuket is straight from a picture postcard. Designed and renovated in 2012 by American architect Ed Tuttle, the common spaces are decorated in contemporary Thai style. Combining the elegant materials of old Siam with modern comfort, forming a tranquil synchronisity with the stunning sultry environment. 1. Resort 103 exotic wooden cottages are sprinkled through the coconut palms. They are shaded and quiet with the sound of the waves creating a gentle lullaby at night. A hexagonal swimming pool offers a graceful and refreshing break overlooking the beach. 2. Beach Pansea beach is privatly owned; ensuring unique peace and quiet. Accessible only by boat, or thefront entrance of the hotel, the beach is free from the madding crowd. Moreover, it is one of the most beautiful beaches on Phuket.

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3. Activities The hotel’s spa is a haven of peace and serenity. Thai massage and beauty treatments are offered in a sense of absolute well-being. The property also features a fitness center and tennis courts. Water sports such as catamaran sailing, windsurfing and body/paddle board are also available .


4. Service The staff are discreet, available, friendly and very efficient. The employees as well as management are very careful that their guests can relax in complete serenity. Your wishes will be anticipated before even formulating them.

5. Beach Deluxe Suite Nestled in a picturesque coconut palm grove facing the sea, the cottages are large, elegant and designed in soft and warm shades. The suites are equipped with a huge dressing room and modern facilities such as flat-screen TVs and free Wi-Fi access. The linen is of excellent quality; inviting you to sweet dreams.The Terrace and solarium provide full emersion in the tropical environment with magnificent view over the blue waters. 6. Restaurants The hotel has 3 restaurants. Lomtalay Restaurant, where an extensive buffet breakfast is served with a sea breeze each morning. The Sunset Café offers an all-day dining menu is served for lunch and throughout the afternoon. Authentic Italian and Mediterranean cuisine offered for dinner.

Verdict The Surin Phuket is the perfect place for a tropical romantic getaway on the white sand of Pansea Beach. My Personal Favorite The small sea view bungalows which hangon the hill offer a heavenly view of the sunset from their terraces.

The Beach Restaurant is ideal for enjoying sublime views on the shore while enjoying fresh caught fish and authentic Thai cuisine.


6 For who ? ‘To live happy live hidden’. The Surin Phuket is best shared as a couple. How much? Starting from 295 Euros per night


THE SURIN PHUKET Pansea Beach 118 Moo3 ChoengtalayThalang Phuket 83110 Thailand Call 076-316-400


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LES AVIONS SE CACHENT POUR MOURIR By Lilly Carrion Photgrapher By Sebastien Husson - isopixel

itué le long de Ramkhamhaeng, à côté de l’école Thanombutra, ce cimetière d’avions est visible depuis la route. On y trouve plusieurs carcasses dont un jet McDonnell Douglas MD82 et l’imposante partie avant d’un Boeing 747 de la Thaï Airways. Parmi les décombres, des ailes, stabilisateurs, dérives et autres parties d’avions sont éparpillées sur le sol. Depuis quelques années maintenant, 2 familles habitent les lieux, se servant des fuselages comme abris. On peut y voir notamment 2 fuselages leurs servants à entreposer nourriture, vêtements et permettant aussi de servir de chambre à coucher, salle de bain... Pendant un temps, il était question de créer un restaurant qui aurait été vraiment original, mais ce projet est tombe à l’eau. Quoi qu’il en soit, la visite du site est possible moyennant entre 150 et 200 bahts suivant l’humeur des habitants des lieux. Concernant les restes d’avions, c’est très intéressant de pouvoir observer les différentes épaves et voir ces gros oiseaux abandonnés à leur triste sort, en plein Bangkok. Avec prudence, il est possible de monter jusque dans le cockpit du 747 ou s’installer aux commandes du MD82. Pour les amateurs, un endroit à voir sans hésitation.


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THE PLACE WHERE AIRPLANES GO TO DIE The extraordinary aircraft cemetery, originally intended to be a restaurant,is visible from Ramkhamhaeng road, next to Thanombutra School. It is fascinating to see the various wrecks of these big birds abandoned to their sad fate in Bangkok.The decaying bodies include a McDonnell Douglas MD82 jet and the impressive front part of a Thai Airways Boeing 747. Debris including wings, stabilizers, drifts and other parts of planes are scattered on the ground.With caution, it is possible to climb into the cockpit of the 747 or to install the controls of the MD82. For a few years now two families have lived inside the fuselage. It is possible to see stored food, clothes,bedrooms and bathrooms.It costs between 150 and 200 Bath to visit the airplane cemetary depending on the mood of the inhabitants of the place. For aircraft afficionados it is a small price to pay.

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Facebook/TheLittleParisPhuket 49/47 Bann Don Cherngtalay Rd, Boat avenue, Cherngtalay Sub-district, Thalang district, 83110 Phuket Tel : +66(0) 76 324 030


Ha p p y Ne w Ye a r! I hope you had a gre at tim e duri ng t h e se as ona l cel ebr at ions a n d a r e lo ok ing forward to a wonder ful s ta rt to t h e Ne w Ye a r. T h e c h a nc e s a r e t h at m an y of us are e xperiencing s ome p os t- hol i day h e a rta ch e t h at, y e t a g a in , w e hav e caved into the te mp tat ion of one to m a ny of e very t h i ng d ur ing t h e fe s t i ve se as on.

EAT to


Introducing Insider Asia’s resident nutritionist Annebe van Dijk. Anna studied health and orthomolecular nutrition at Agriculture University. Available for workshops and consultations on healthy diet & lifestyle Contact:

“ Yo u ar e w h at yo u e at s o d on ’ t be fa s t, c he a p, e a s y or fa k e . ” elcome to January!

Have you noticed the change in commercials, advertisements and FB postings? Gone are the colorful and mighty tempting ad’s, the references to party food and drink. With the New Year, we all want a fresh start and the media lead the charge: discounted gym memberships, retreats, diets, and the latest trends in improving our lifestyle by detoxing and fasting. All promise a quick recovery, shedding a few pounds, feeling more energetic, and finally achieving that six pack you have always wanted. The focus is usually on quick results… as our New Year’s resolve and good intentions typically have a short shelf life.


H e a lt h a nd Be a u t y

I’m quite sure that many, like me, have tried to detox or fast at some point. There are many ways as a quick search on the Internet will show. Having tried many juice detoxes and master cleanses over the years I can truly say that relying on these, as a means of loosing weight, will more likely cause more harm than good. Especially severely calorie-restricted detox diets, where the purpose is to lose weight quickly (It is mainly it is water weight you are losing). Many also experience that after a period of fasting, our body is so happy with the restored food intake that it stores it immediately (as fat!) because the body doesn’t want to stress out about starving anymore...

Now – that is NOT to say that taking detoxing foods and drinks are bad. In fact they are excellent when added to an overall health routine that is in balance! I suggest that, if you are new to the “healthâ€? trend, you take it slow. Our bodies will adjust quickly to something that is good for us. But like everything moderation is the key to life! The liver is the organ responsible for detoxification and nutrient processing. It processes carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals from our food. But our liver needs an occasional detox as well‌

† ‡ ˆ ‰ …Š Š ˆ ‹ Œ € Ž Œ ˆ‘ ‘ … � ‡ ˆ Ž † Ž ‡ ‘ Œ ˆ ˆ ‰

Since the liver removes toxins, turning them into harmless byproducts, there are usually small amounts of toxins in your liver. This is generally not a problem. Issues start however, when there’s a buildup of too many toxins. A little “pollution� keeps our defense mechanism active and balanced. But too much abuse – by eating a lot of rich fat, highly caloric, sweet, white and typical festive food combined with lots of alcoholic fluids – your body can’t cope - and will store what it can’t clear. You will start to feel fatigue, bloated, have less bright and hydrated skin, and put on weight. Let me rephrase detoxing in a more refined and accurate way: liver cleansing. Liver cleansing will not only jump start healthy eating habits, it may also help you to lose weight. Your liver produces bile, which the digestive system uses to break down fat. And since liver cleansing promotes bile production, detoxing your liver might be just the place to start if you want to lose weight. Besides reducing centimeters around the waistline it also boosts your immune system.


LIVER CLEANSE SOUP Boil ďŹ rst for 15 minutes: • 1 peeled beet (cut in 8 pieces) • 2 Bay Leaves • 1 Teaspoon Salt (preferably sea salt) • 1 unseeded Red pepper • ½ Teaspoon Turmeric • ½ Teaspoon Oregano Then add: • 2 carrots cut in smaller pieces and boil for 5 minutes And then add the remaining igredients for about 5 minutes and put in blender (take bay leaves out) • 1 Cup Broccoli • 10 Garlic Cloves • ½ Onion When finished squeeze in Âź Lemon references: Racanelli, V. & Rehermann, B. - The Liver as an Immunological Organ Dr. Sandra Cabot - The Liver Cleansing Diet: Love Your Liver and Live Longer


 Â?  Â? Â?Â? ­ € ‚Â? ­ Â? ƒÂ? „ Â… „ Â…Â…

+66 7638 0200


Green leaves such as spinach, kale and pak choi (& local morning glory) Cabbages such as broccoli and cauliflower Avocado, beets and carrots Walnuts & almonds Tumeric, ginger and cinnamon Quinoa in combination with lentils or beans, Onions, garlic and ruccola Watermelon & Grapefruit (Som-o salad for lunch in Thailand: but change peanuts with walnuts and no sugar) Drinking lots of water or green tea helps a lot to get the toxins really out of the system once processed by the liver.

Some of the harmless byproducts the liver makes are actually nutrients the body will use. When the liver is not working optimally, some of those nutrients simply won’t make it back into the bloodstream. When that happens, your energy levels will likely drop, so liver cleansing will make you feel better because not only will you have all of your nutrients - but also all of your energy. And a great a knock on effect is that you will sleep better at night. Last but not least, after a few days detoxing, liver cleansing increases your vitality. By cleansing the liver, you’re restoring it to peak efficiency. Reducing all that toxic buildup will make your skin look brighter and healthier too. And together with the weight loss you will also tone your body easier and could look and feel at least five years younger… How to start a liver cleanse A great first step is to start each day with a cup or glass of warm pre-boiled, or cold bottled water, with the juice of a fresh lemon added. This is a fantastic detoxifier and your body will thank you for it! For this very delicate liver cleansing process we need a different lifestyle than we practiced during the festive season… We need healthy food! Good ingredients so our body can start self-healing. More specifically we need enzymes and antioxidants to get started. Luckily our beautiful body can make these by itself. But with the over-working of Christmas and New Year parties there is not enough in stock. We need to help our body by eating food that contains ingredients that can help your liver to get back in optimal form!

Give your body a break from heavy, rich or processed foods including red meat and products that contain wheat. Keep dairy to a minimum, but probiotic yoghurt or boiled or poached egg is fine. Smoothies and homemade vegetable soups provide a great meal alternative on a detox. And, if you can manage it, a day or two on blended fruit or vegetables alone is an ideal start. If this is too ambitious try replacing your breakfast with a smoothie and your evening meal with a homemade soup. Go for fish or chicken with rice or vegetables as your main meal. My family particularly love my homemade liver cleanse soup that is super easy to make. For a serious cleanse, you should avoid alcohol completely for the period of your detox, and stay away from coffee as well. If you don’t feel able to give up caffeine altogether another great tip is to swap your usual cup of tea or coffee for green tea. Green tea is full of antioxidants still contains caffeine. Don’t take more than two cups per day. If you can’t do without sugar in your drink, I would recommend a natural sweetener like stevia. Smoking should also be avoided. A cleanse needs dedication and perseverance. You should keep the cleanse limited to a week or so. After that, keep the good foods and reduce your intake of toxins like alcohol, hydrogenated oils (trans fats), refined sugar, white carbs, caffeine, and cigarettes.

Good luck and a happy, healthy New Year! 66

H e a lt h a nd Be a u t y

FACE FORWARD S pr ing C l e aning yo ur Cosme t ic s By Lisa Allen Photographer: Adriano Trapani


isa Allen is Insider Asia’s specialist makeup artist offering tips, advice and hot new products to beautify your life. When meeting clients for the first time at a wedding trial or an individual makeup lesson, I ask them to bring along their own cosmetics bag. At first some people are embarrassed and a little shy about showing their own make upto me (the makeup artist). Maybe they have been using the same cosmetics for years (stuck in a rut?) and feel that they don’t have the right products or ideas. Firstly, there is no wrong or right way when it comes to makeup.There are simply no rules - none - for makeup application or buying cosmetics for yourself. We need to trust our own instincts about our likes and dislikes. We need to trust, relax and see what we are attracted to, colours, textures and styles. When I first meet my clients I ask them to explain to me about their daily cosmetic makeup routine. They often believe that they have no idea about makeup or cosmetic choices, but when I look into their cosmetics bags I’m usually impressed with their choices from colour, through to consistency and style. We just need to give ourselves more credit, recognition and trust our instincts. With this in mind I thought I would run through a topic, which is close to my heart, and also a great starting point and that’s the cosmetics makeup bag. Let’s spring clean it! Although it may be tempting to hold on to every last inch of foundation from over the years or every last drop of lotion, it may also be time to let go. How long cosmetics actuallJground for bacteria. This is why it should be replaced every three to six months, when it starts getting clumpy and drying out, this is a sign. Liquid eyeliner has also the same lifespan, but your pencil liners should last between 18 months to 1 year with regular cleaning. Anything dry, like powdered foundation, blusher and eye shadows can last from 18 months to two years, if they’re kept out of the sun (keep in a dry dark place) Liquid forms, (BB Cushion) or crème consistency products generally last for about a year.

Lipstick should be good for up to a year. If they’ve been subjected to heat and have melted slightly, they might not be as smooth and may even turn out streaky. Of course, lipsticks are another hiding place for bacteria, so keep that mind whenever lending your lipstick to a friend. TIP: Try storing them in the fridge to maximise the lifespan of your favourite lipsticks. Makeup deteriorates with humidity! When storing cosmetics in drawers you can add something like Farcent (from Tesco Lotus, MACRO & Villa Market), which is a dehumidifier. Electronic de humidistat can be found online at Lazada or Home Pro stores. These really help with the humidity here in Phuket!

H e a lt h a nd Be a u t y


Health & Safety

This is subject is very important. Please read this section carefully. Imagine this when using testers in department stores or chemists/pharmacies, how many other people before you have tested these products. On their faces, lips, eyes, and hands. Studies have shown that bacterial contamination is found in every sample and shows up at a higher rate on weekends and holidays when stores are busier. Please make sure that you wash your hands with soap and water before and after using a makeup tester, or use a hand sanitiser. Try products on the back of your hand, not your face, and then hold your hand up to your face to see how the colour looks.

Don’t test products on your eyes or lips! The larger cosmetic brands makeup artists undergo mandatory training, learning procedures such as sanitising lipsticks by dipping them in alcohol and wiping them off; wiping the top layer off powdered cosmetics; sharpening eye pencils between uses; and encouraging customers to test the products on their hands instead of their faces. Great to know. Here’s a simplified list of makeup/cosmetic products with their longevity details.


H e a lt h a nd Be a u t y

Makeup • Mascara (regular or waterproof): 3-6 months • Liquid & gel eyeliner: 3-6 months • Pencil eyeliners/lip liners: 18 months-1 year • Powder based formulations, blusher, bronzer, highlighter, foundation and eyeshadows: 18 months-2 years • Liquid/crème based formulations, BB cushion, blusher, bronzer, high lighter, foundation and eyeshadows: 1 year • Lipsticks: 12-18 months • Lips balms: 6 months Warning Signs • Unusually discoloured, runny or lumpy. • Strange odour, strong alcoholic scent. • Different texture on the skin. • Packaging that is old and deteriorating. • Dries out, becomes clunky. • Colour separates (foundations). • The product stops performing as best as it used to. Preventative Measures • Tighten the lid of product after each use. • Wash your hands before use. • Ensure each product is stored in the correct climate or humidity (best stored in a cool dark place). • Write the date of purchase in perma nent ink. • Throw away any eye products after any infections. If you forget the purchase date, no worries just look out for the period-after-opening symbol (PAO) a number followed by an M with an open jar symbol. It’s usually located on the back of packaging. So, a “12M” with an open jar symbol means you should throw the product out 12 months after you’ve opened it. Finally go through your makeup bag regularly to make sure it’s clean and not too overloaded. Tel: +66 (0) 8972 91099 Facebook - Instagram - Pinterest - Blog


FIT FAB & FIFTY PLUS Y e s i t I S p o s sibl e to in yo u r 5 0 ’s a nd a f t e r ! By Olivia Gurdjian Photographer: Adriano Trapani


Le « bien vieillir» tre en forme après 50 ans, c’est possible ! La lutte contre le temps pour continuer à jouir de son autonomie, de son indépendance et de sa forme physique est un combat quotidien réalisable grâce à une démarche personnelle, active et volontaire à la portée de tous. La priorité est de préserver son capital santé et offrir à sa vie de quinquas de beaux jours. Finis le Botox et autres techniques onéreuses et démodées! L’heure est à l’optimisation de votre hygiène de vie mentale, physique et nutritionnelle par des moyens naturels. Préserver son capital santé est essentiel pour se sentir bien dans son corps et dans sa tête, ne plus subir le temps qui passe et choisir d’être l’acteur de sa longévité. Pour ce faire, suivez le guide ! Manger mieux L’un des piliers d’une vie saine à tout âge est une alimentation équilibrée et de qualité. L’impact de l’alimentation sur la santé est indéniable et c’est pour quoi il est vital de bien s’alimenter. Comme Hippocrate le recommandait, que l’aliment soit ton médicament. La nourriture apporte une variété d´éléments nutritifs permettant à l’organisme de bien fonctionner. A contrario, les excès en sucre, graisses, sel, viande rouge et alcool provoquent une dégradation précoce des organes vitaux ainsi qu’une multiplication des pathologies telles que le diabète, les maladies cardio-vasculaires ou certains cancers. On opte donc pour des antioxydants, contenus en grande quantité dans les fruits et légumes colorés tels que la myrtille, la grenade, la betterave, la tomate, la prune, la fraise, la baie de Goji mais aussi les tanins du vin et du thé; ou encore la carotte, le potiron, le melon, l’abricot, orange, l’avocat, le brocoli ou le kiwi. Le choix est vaste et varié ! Bouger plus Un autre bouclier anti-âge incontournable est l’activité physique. Stimuler ses aptitudes physiques et intellectuelles est le meilleur allié contre les flétrissures du temps. La sédentarité et le manque d’exercice génèrent du « gras » plutôt que du « muscle » et vous exposent à des méfaits tels que la surcharge pondérale, le syndrome métabolique, l’hypertension, les infarctus et la réduction de l’espérance de vie. On quitte donc son canapé et on s’adonne à une activité physique régulière. Choisissez une activité qui vous procure du plaisir à une fréquence modéré. 3 séances par semaine suffiront à faire du bien à votre corps et à décharger la dose d’endorphine nécessaire. Marche rapide, nordique, vélo, natation, gym au sol…, tout est envisageable à condition d’être régulier dans son effort et de s’y tenir. Les résultats ne se font pas attendre : dès deux mois sur l’apparence physique, puis sur la santé.

F IT FAB & F IF T Y PLUS ! Yes it IS possible to be in good shape in your 50’s and after. Fighting against the often unkind advances of time to stay in shape requires determination to be active. But this is something everyone can choose. Good health is the most important thing to ensure good times remain ahead. There is more to feeling and looking young than Botox… Continuing to feel good in body and in mind is about protecting and preserving your health resources. It is important to be the hero in the story of your own longevity. Eat well : « Let food be your medicine ». The foundation for a healthy life is a balanced diet. All the nutritional elements of a well functioning body, as well as a badly functioning body can be found in food. Too much sugar, fat, salt, red meat or alcohol can damage the vital organs and create multiple pathologies such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. Eating a diet rich in antioxidants is important to offset free-radicle damage. Blueberry, pomegranate, kiwifruit, tomatoes, plums, melon, the apricots, oranges, avocados, strawberries, goji, as well as tea and wine tannins. Vegetables such as carrots, pumpkin, brocoli and beetroot. Get a move on ! One of the best defences against aging is physical activity. Lack of exercise creates fat deposits that expose us to harmful diseases such as obesity, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, heart attack and thereby reduce life expectancy. So it’s time to get off your sofa and start regular physical activity. Pick an exercise you like and start with moderate frequency. Three times a week is enough to make you feel good and to unload the necessary dose of endorphins. Power walking, Nordic walking, biking, swimming, gymnastics … any kind of activity. The most important thing is to keep doing it on a regular and long term basis. After just two months, you will start to see the results and the benefits on both your body and your health.

Vous n’avez donc plus d’excuse pour prendre soin de vous, de votre capital santé et optimiser votre hygiène de vie. Pour vous aider dans votre démarche, de très bons compléments alimentaires naturels existent tels que la Gelée bio et pure d’Aragan ou le jus d’Argousier bio de Weleda.

No more excuses to not take care of yourself and your health. You can get some help with some very good nutritional supplements such as the Gelée bio and pure from the brand Aragan or the bio Arbutus juice from Weleda.

Et pour vous féliciter de vos efforts et vous faire choyer par des mains expertes, accordez vous une escapade au SPA l’Occitane de Koh Phangan (

And don’t forget to pamper yourself by offering yourself a nice escape at the L’Occitane SPA in Koh Phangan ( They know how to take care of you as well !

Anti Aging


AGE DISGRACEFULLY I n side r A si a’s a ppr oa c h to a g ing i s a pr oa ct i v e one . We ta l k to t he be s t d o ctors in t he r e g ion in a q ue s t f or t he e lu si v e f o u n ta in of yo u t h By Debbie Oakes Photographer: Adriano Trapani


Its that gnarly time of year when the person staring back at you in the mirror looks 10 years older than last night’s party pics. Research shows that the aging process is closely linked to a build up of toxins in our body due to poor diet, heavy metals, plastic residues in our food and water and environmental pollutants. Fatigue, body aches and pains, allergies, immunity problems and dull skin aresymptoms of toxic build up.


H e a lt h a nd Be a u t y

Nutrition is our first line of defense when it comes to restoring wellbeing. Trace elements, vitamins and anti-oxidants. Cleansing the blood and the digestive system is a far more complex matter so there are modern equipment and techniques to help. Some people feel better right away and begin to gain energy and well-being. But when you have chemicals, bacteria, or yeast within your body that have been trapped for months, or years, it’s going to feel a little unpleasant removing it. Some people complain of headaches or flu-like symptoms.

Lymphatic Drainage.

The lymphatic system is a complex network of ducts and vessels that moves fluid throughout the body. It is responsible for moving toxins away from healthy cells and carrying immune response to areas under attack by viruses or bacteria. The lymphatic system however does not have its own pumping mechanism soa lymphatic drainage massage primarily focuses lymph nodes and points of the body, encouraging the natural flow of the lymphatic system. This process reduces lymph blockages, promoting a healthier body.

The Hyperthermia or Infrared Bed.

This is used to reduce toxicity, stimulate the immune system, boost the metabolism, and treat chronic viral illnesses. The skin is the body’s largest organ of elimination, so the principle of increasing excretion by raising the surface temperature has been used for many years in sauna treatments. On the hyperthermia bed, however, the whole body is heated by infrared light. This raises the body’s core temperature to 39 degrees. That tells the body to react by jump-starting the immune system. The amount of treatments I recommend depends on the degree of toxicity.

Chelation Therapy.

Heavy metals including lead and mercury and even arsenic can build up in the blood. Chelation Therapy is the administration of a chelating agent via IV to remove heavy metals from the body. It functions by making chemical bonds with the metal ions, thus rendering them much less chemically reactive and water-soluble, allowing them to enter the bloodstream and be harmlessly removed by the body. Most importantly the chelation technology also helps remove calcified plaque in the blood vessels, improving the clinical symptoms of hypertensive, diabetic and cardiovascular diseases.

Colonic Irrigation.

There are many symptoms that can be relieved by cleansing the colon as many of the body’s systems are connected to digestion. It clears the digestive system of plaque-creating free radicals, bloating, gas, irritable bowel syndrome, as well as constipation and diarrhorea. If the bowel is not functioning well the absorption of nutrients is also inhibited. No special preparation is necessary prior to having colonic irrigation. It is a safe and pain free process where you lie on your back as warm sterilized water is used to flush out your system. The whole procedure will usually take about 40-45 minutes. The truly holistic way to view beauty is to recognise how well all the treatments work together. Laser, Botox and even surgical procedures work from the outside in, but when the body is primed to work in harmony- that’s when there are great results and the skin glows. From inside out it is possible to have beauty and feel beautiful.

A classic Italian Oven restaurant

delivering a unique dining destination, offering the best of regional Italian cuisine specialising in wood fired cooking

Open Everyday. Closed on Sundays 28/75 Moo1, Saiyuan Road Rawai, Phuket 83130



BOOKINGS : 063 101 8445




























Boat Lagoon and Boat Avenue - Phuket Facebook/dalayaboutique Contact 085 782 1430







“You know the greatest thing is passion, without it what have you got? I mean if you love someone you can love them as much as you can love them but if it isn’t a passion, it isn’t burning, it isn’t on fire, you haven’t lived.”Diana Vreeland.

Debbie Oakes talks to Armelle Cohen the enchanting Parisian behind Bangkok’s hottest new store. pen

Sesame I mumble under my breath as I walk into Armelle Cohen’s Aladdin’s cave of modern day treasure. Every objet d’art, every accessory, bag, cushion or item of clothing seems to contain a sprinkle of stardust from days gone by. Before these times of chain stores, mass production and ‘one-size-fits-all’ commercialism. Every exceptional item my eye falls upon whispers a story of careful creation, selection and creativity.

“Luxury for me is not a question of money. It is a question of rarity” Armelle explains.

“I am very sensitive to the fact that all of us are unique and that we deserve distinctive pieces in our lives that reflect who we are. It bothers me the way many brands turn us into ‘cookie-cutter’ people. We mistake wearing logos for true chic and a label as a stamp of taste.” Armelle does not believe happiness and a sense of self cannot be found by chasing the latest fashion. “First we should find ourselves. Who we are and what we want to express. People who have style share one thing: originality. Money cannot buy that. As Oscar Wilde said: ‘Be yourself, everyone else is taken!” Armelle is a living, breathing example of her philosophy of self-contained personal style. She exudes an aura of enigmatic je ne sais quoi. I hesitate to call the old ‘French chic’ cliché (although that is something we can all perhaps relate to) because it is not… it is ‘Armelle chic.’ Although it is conceivably a part of the

whole picture: “I am a real Parisian, which is quite rare! Four generations of my family were born in the same hospital. Ironically, I feel much more Parisian since I came to live in Bangkok... and I love that feeling.” “My husband Joel and I decided to move to Thailand because of business. My first business is art and we are quite well known in that world for discovering young artists. South East Asia is one of the last places where you can still find very interesting unknown artists. But what we have also discovered is a mix and variety of culture that is not only artistic. I recognise part of myself in this country.... Thai people have much in common with The French. They are very epicurean...and are sensitive to the many codes involved in the art of living. We feel very happy living here, very happy for having made that choice.” Armelle’s artistic spirit eventually began to spill over into her observations about life and the way we live. She explains. “I became quite tired of the way we most of us try to dress ourselves and our homes. We accumulate and accumulate and are consequently obliged to find solutions to arrange and store a mountain of ‘stuff’. I truly believe that if we let go of the things that made us happy in the past, or that we think will make us happy in the future, we can learn to be more in the now. To feel more unique in the present where it matters.” “I have reinvented myself three times in my life and completely changed careers.I used be an optometrist. After a serious disease that debilitated me, I discovered art. I can say hand on heart that art saved my life. Art is essential for me. It is like philosophy: a way to express our fear, our feelings and help us to live.Through art I have learnt a lot about myself. So although my sickness changed me, like Edith Piaf used to say: “Je ne regrette rien”. I don’t regret anything! I truly think that behind every bad event you can find a way to change your life.... and that we all have the power of resurgence.”



FASHION IS ART YOU ARE THE CANVAS And resurged; Armelle has. She tells me her new venture is suprising even for her. “One year ago I launched my own line of unique handbags. Like many beautiful stories it began with a friendship. I was looking for a way to say thank you to one of my friends. What better way than a unique handbag? One that says: ‘This is the only one. Just for you!’ A bag is like our private companion. Our life is inside there. What it is, and the way it is, tells a lot about you. I could not find anything that was truly her, so I made one with her favourite colour, that was reflective of who she is. Well, that bag was such a great success that I began getting orders from all my friends… and then from the friends of all my friends. I am now distributing in Paris, Cannes and soon in LA.”

Armelle’s business partner Leon Zacdouneis the founder of Sam Rone fur brand. She says: “He is a real artist. The first person to make fur in incredible colours. He modernised the fur world and is always looking to innovate. He is like a kid when he has a new idea. His new projectis a crochet fur coat. It doesn’t exist yet. But he will succeed because he is so passionate. His energy helps me a lot.” “I believe, most definitely, that everyone can - and should be - creative. More importantly: it is the only way to be happy. Everyone can create every day. It doesn’t mean you have to re-invent the wheel but creativityis about re-appropriating and transforming even little things like a recipe.” I ask Armelle who has inspired her and she says: “Designers: PacoRabanne with his metallic dresses, Yves Saint Laurent with his androgynous style and Jean Paul Gauthier with his reinvented mariniere. And of course I love women who push the limit and live their dreams Josephine de Beauarnais, Luisa Casati and Jin Xin.But artists – that is a difficult question - I’m so in love with many that I have learnt so much from. I have learned about passion from Frida Kahlo I learned about pleasure and the feeling of eternity from Erwin Olaf I learned about desire from Helmut Newton I learned about liberty with Jean Michel Basquiat...

“The idea for my latest venture, Why Don’t You? Came from my main business – a very limited edition, creative world. It is a concept store where I can exhibit my ideas about what true luxury is: distinct, stylish and rare. My concept is an eccentric bohemian laboratory, where you can find every accessory you can dream about. I am so excited by creating... mixing textures and playing with colours. And, of course, Thailand is a great place for that! You can find exotic leather and amazing fabrics and skilled craftsmanship. You can find pieces to reinvent or affirm your style: shoes, bags, totem jewelry and jackets. You can also find most sensual textures to play with - silk, fur, leather, feather, wool, metal and stone.” “Why Don’t You? is also an hommage to Diana Vreeland, one of the most important and iconic woman in fashion world. She re-invented fashion and said: ‘Too much good taste can be very boring. Independent style, on the other hand, can be very inspiring’. The space is a little boudoir where you can have intimacy with the product. It is an eclectic in the same way that life is… Bangkok especially. Where Asian and French designers cooperate to create unique products.”

And spirituality with Aung Ko. Finally, I just lost a friend. I didnot know her for very long. She was so beautiful, so perfect to me that her loss pushed me to try to be the best I can every single day…” I believe that troubles, whether disease, economic or political problems or even just ennuie push you to fight for a better life! Brazilian artists have a knack of reinventing their life with colour. Even when the subject is difficult or cruel there is hope or humour in the way they play with colour. This is life for me: finding a way to be happy whatever the difficulty... and most of all I believe it is noble, spiritual to try to find happiness. Nothing is permanent

There is no failure...there are only lessons.”

“I believe most definitely that everyone can and should be creative“ 82


Fashion is art and you are the canvas!

F in d it at :

W h y do n ' t yo u ? !

9 /53 Co mm u nity Ma ll: S o i Th o ng L o , K h lo ng Tan N uea, Watthana Ban gkok, Thailan d


R o s e b u d bag . c o m


Debbie Oakes sits down with designer, Rusi Hancock to find out: what’ s in the bag? Everything about Rusi Hancock is unforgettable. Wearing the girl-power strength of a woman that has found her calling, with her unique statuesque style, it is no surprise that she has quickly become Asia’ s favourite ‘ ‘handbag-lady’ . The Georgian-born British designer first began creating her eponymous high quality Rusi leather handbags while based in Bangkok. She had accompanied her husband, who is a British Diplomat, to Thailand: “All the bold colours that suddenly surrounded me was so inspiring.” Rusi’ s background as a professional Interior Designer had developed her knack of working with shape and colour. But she admits to always having a particular calling for fashion: “I took a handbag design course in London and loved the process so much that I dreamed that one day I would have my own brand.” She began playing with designs, colours and textures and tested the market. “I was fortunate because with a little luck, some synchronicity and a lot of hard work I was soon in production. I received lots of positive feedback after selling to private customers and wholesale boutiques. It seemed everyone was coming back for more.” The bold, bright colours of Bangkok taxis inspired Rusi’ s first clutch purse collection in 2013: “In all aspects of design you must be extremely detailed, and I am. I selected every piece of leather, carefully created each accessory, zip and stitching. And I have never looked back. Always knew it was my calling.”Rusi is passionate about creating beautiful handbags that exude



quality and style, but are also desirable, practical. Designed to be used: “I know it’ s a cliché but think handbags are to women what cars are to men.” As business grew she moved the manufacturing to Venice in Italy. The very heart of luxury-handbag heaven: “These days I am never in one place for long. I am traveling all the time. I split my time between the UK (my head office), Italy (production) and Indonesia (my family base). “If I could sum up in a sentence how I want someone to feel wearing a Rusi bag it would be passionate, dynamic and confident. I am driven by

desire to deliver my experience and I want my brand to contain my excitement and positive energy. For me a great reward is building personal relationship with customers. I am empowered by them when they tell me how much they love wearing my designs.”“I can’ t really choose which is my favourite bag! This is like asking mother to choose which child she loves more! I love them all. For different purposes. I love the Fiore bag for smart casual look. I love Mezzalune tote for work and traveling. I also enjoy Kimmie bag as day to night bag. Eclipse is fantastic when you need evening bag with little more room for your essentials and Daisy Clutch is just cute for any occasion.”Rusi also hand-makes unique costume jewelry, leather tassels, wallets, leather bracelets and belts. All embellished by her fabulous brand logo. “My logo is based on Caucasian Leopard which is a rare sight in the natural reserve in Georgia. Leopards are powerful large animals but are able to make themselves invisible. They represent power and are a cultural reference tomy Caucasus home. “My personal motto is it’ s never too late to start doing what you love! I love what I do. And of course: you can never have too many bags! Sneak Peak: What’s in Rusi’s bag? “Lipstick, sketchbook, pens (always in the pouch so they do not leak... they can be very bad for a handbag!). Phone, cardholder, wallet, sunglasses in the case. A silk scarf - I use them for bad hair days or when AC is too cold. I have long very, very thin ones from Vietnam, I have about 20 colours to match every outfit... In a small pouch. Earphones (in the case). An iPad mini and battery pack charger. And last (but not least!) a bag hook (never put your bag on the floor!) Useful in Europe as in Asia they always give you a chair for your bag! Rusi’s style tips: It depends on personality, but for me it is: -Ordinary dress + one extraordinary accessory. This can be a bag, pair of shoes, a necklace, a scarf, a bracelet, sunglasses. Anything that makes a statement. Everyone can be fashionable for sure.”


HOT IN THE CITY Romyda Ke th’s de signs m a k e a w om a n feel el e g a nt, sens ua l a n d p oised . o be worn like a second skin to reveals what is dormant inside every woman. They are comfortable to wear and easy to travel with. The fabrics are soft and stretchy. The Dresses are flattering and absolutely highlighting the beauty of a women to fully embrace her own feminine self. Drawing on the many places Romyda Keth has lived, worked and travelled to, her collections combine French classical cuts with Khmer subtle silk dyes,



textures and embroidery. They are also influenced by Chinese style, Japanese geometry and the vivid shades and ornaments of Africa. There are new designs arrive throughout the year as limited editions. We often ask clients to try a dress on even if at first glance they think it will not fit. Only then it is possible to understand how unique they are. Standard sizes are S,M, L (M is size 38 Eu )

AMBRE JOLIE Showroom is located in a townhouse in Ekkamai between Soi 22 and 28 Find me via Facebook AMBRE JOLIE

GYM Fit & Fabulous In sider Asia e xplore s the m any way s to g et fit, stay fit and (ide a l ly ) enjoy the proce ss. There is no be t t er time than Ne w Ye ar’s to start do jus t that… Debbie Oak e s talk s to Ron Jnr H arv e y fo under of Bangk ok’s l a rg e an d street-art bed azzled Tr a i ni ng Gro un d g ym. By Debbie Oakes Photographer : Andriano Trapani

riginally from New Brunswick, Canada, Ron came to Thailand on tour as a professional golfer. He had been touring in Asia for four years and the US for two years before that. He tells me: “At the beginning of the 2013 I came to a crossroads. I love golf and loved competing. I still love it but I also had a passion for fitness. Golf had been my life for a very long time, and I wanted to know what life was like without it. I think I needed reassurance that could succeed in doing other things. I decided on the road less travelled…” Ron decided to make a career change and go more seriously into fitness. “I happened to be in Bangkok at the time,but wasn’t seriously thinking of pursuing a fitness business here. But opportunities started to emerge and I ended up making Bangkok my home. It is an amazing place. It’s anything you want it to be.” “To me it seemed that Bangkok was lacking something on the fitness scene. I decided to fill that gap with the gym I had dreamed of in my head. Quite simply I wanted to build the best gym I could. When I found the location (an empty 1200 m2 warehouse) I could see everything I wanted it to be. Figuring out if the market would receive it that was the tricky part. We have been creating that image for a while now… and we’re getting closer everyday. It is the most enjoyable project I have ever taken on. I truly love it.”


H e a lt h a nd Be a u t y

he Training Ground offers different classes that align with common goals. Ron says: “Weight loss, strength gain, performance and wanting to move better are the usual culprits. We have CrossFit and Functional Fitness programmesas well as Strength Bootcamp, Bodyweight Bootcamp and movement classes. Every bit of the space has a purpose. We have a massive turf area, two large class areas, a free weight area for open gym use, and an upstairs bodyweight training area that’s 145 m2. We have a lot of very useful equipment. Plenty of barbells, barbell weight plates, lifting platforms, pull up bars, climbing ropes, gymnastics rings, dumbbells, kettlebells, weighted balls, benches, plyometric boxes, sleds for pushing and dragging, bikes, rowers, squat/press racks everywhere, a large set of dip bars, paralettes, TRXs, an assortment of bands, glute hamstring developers, latpulldown machine, hamstring curl machine, leg press machine, a mobility room, a calisthenics room with monkey bars, rings, rope and we have a lovely cafe where you can get a great cup of coffee anddelicious protein smoothies!” Ron adds that the large space and the Training Ground’s commitment to constant improvement is the main difference with other CrossFit and Functional Fitness gyms. He adds:“The most important difference for me however, is ourvibrant community. A gym is its members. People at the Training Ground really love each other. So – yes - it’s a huge and amazingly well equipped gym. Yes, we have great programming and quality coaches. Yes, it’s a super cool, bad-ass urban themed gym. But those things aren’t as important to us as our community.” “I love seeing people improve. The happiness and confidence they gain from it. I love building a place that people come together. The social and community component of our business makes it extra special.I love it all. I enjoy the process of building things. Seeing the gym grow and how it connects people and helps them feel better about themselves is the best part.”

Ron’s parents were his greatest inspiration: “They made it a point to be active. It makes me very proud. They taught me to always try to improve myself. Nobody is the same as they were yesterday. You’re better or worse. I like waking up the next day thinking I’ve bettered myself. I have zero fitness idols I look up to. There are people in the industry I respect, learn from and lean on. But I really don’t gain motivation from anything other than my inner drive for self-improvement. I’ve always been involved in sport and have always had admiration for what the body is capable of. With CrossFit, I was able to turn fitness into my sport.” RON’S TOP-TIPS FOR A FIT LIFE • Make it a habit, and make it fun. • Surround yourself with other people who value that lifestyle and it will be much easier. • There are no magical tips. We all know what I healthy lifestyle can do. • Change your scenery and social scene if you have to. When you have friends that support you and participate with you, it becomes easier to get going and to keep coming back. • I don’t think everyone can be fit. I know it. • Stay consistent, have fun, and work hard. • Be better than yesterday. What is CrossFit? CrossFit is a fitness regimen developed by Greg Glassman. The programme contains varied functional movements performed at high intensity. These movements reflect ‘the core movements of life’ through gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more. Large loads, long distances are ideal for maximizing the amount of work done in the shortest time. “Intensity is essential for results and is measurable as work divided by time or power”, resulting in dramatic gains in fitness.

H e a lt h a nd Be a u t y


SWIM FREESTYLE T he He althy Alternat i ve to C h lor i ne . Fin ally i t is possible to en joy s w i mmi ng w i t hout the cloy ing smell, irritat ed e y e s , dry sk i n a nd frizzy hair from ch lori nat ed wat er the pool’s environment… and we have all seen the effect on swimming suits. There are the risks involved in keeping chlorine at a safe level as well as the transportation and handling of chemicals. Ongoing chemical costs (chlorine, stabilizer, algaecides, acid buffer etc.) associated with a chlorine pools that benefit the pool stores are why they are often “hesitant” to offer low chemical solutions. Chlorine is a strong bleach and is dangerous.

Mineral Pool System is nature’s way of treating water. A mineral and ozone system is the most advanced alternative water purifying system available. The added advantage is that the savings in maintenance and chemicals soon offset the initial investment and the system pays for itself. History Chlorine Pools For nearly 100 years chlorine, a very effective water cleanser, has been the most commonly chemical used to sanitize pools and spas worldwide. However, heat and UV dissipate chlorine over time, so it must be regularly topped up with additional chemical stabilizers to ensure the chlorine remains effective. The main problem with chlorine, simply put, is that it is not good for you. It has been associated with allergies, asthma, pregnancy problems, cancer and heart problems. Chlorine is also not good for


H e a lt h a nd Be a u t y

Salt Water pools. Salt water or mineral salt pool sound like a chlorine-free alternatives. These sanitizers are however, just chlorinators in disguise. What they actually do is convert salt (sodium chloride and more recently magnesium and potassium chloride) into chlorine. So even though these systems are being marketed as mineral sanitation, a salt chlorinator (Australia’s most used popular pool sanitizer) actually means 100% chlorine in your pool. The benefit is that it allows you to stay away from handling chlorine. But a salt system is the most expensive and corrosive pool sanitizer on the market because the high cost of replacement salt cells, stabilizer and replacing corroded equipment is. With the effects of high levels of chlorine, described in the section on chlorine, salt chlorinators may prove to be a less than an ideal solution. Ozone & UV Ozone is an effective powerful oxidizer usually used as back up to saltwater chlorine systems. The problem is they only have a very short active life. They are also only effective when the pool pump is operating and have no residual protection. Ozone gas is very toxic and has little effect on algae. Ozone is also sometimes confused with UV. UV is another powerful sanitizer. However just like Ozone it has no residual sanitizing capacities and also requires additional sanitizers and algaecide (e.g. chlorine). Ozone and/or UV can be a great solution to back up the residual sanitizer and help reduce chlorine usage by up to 50%. On their own however these systems are not able to kill algae and bacteria efficiently enough to meet regulations.

BEST SOLUTION Mineral Pure Ionizer Using a Mineral Pure Ionizer to sanitize and ionize pool water is the least expensive and most effective method for use in pools. Mineral copper and silver ions kill bacteria and viruses and prevent the growth of algae even while the pump is not operating. The residual sanitizing power of copper and silver has another distinct advantage which is that these ions are unaffected by UV and heat. Therefore, unlike chlorine and salt, an ionizer does not need a stabilizer to keep the ions working as a biocide and algaecide. Therefore, not only will an ionizer cut the chemical costs, your Mineral pool ionizer reduces the number of hours that you need to run your pool pump saving a dramatic amount of power and wear and tear on equipment. An additional benefit is that copper and silver ions do not corrode your pool equipment or pool surroundings and allow you to backwash your pool water onto your garden undiluted without doing any damage to plants or garden. What an ioniser does not do is oxidize your pool water. They do not remove the organic compounds that make it become cloudy - suntan lotion, body oils, perspiration and ammonia for example. In addition to an ionizer you will need an oxidizer module or chemical oxidizers. Eco-Oxidizer and chlorine free options as potassium monopersulphate and hydrogen peroxide are all effective oxidizing methods. Be aware that some pool ionizers don’t offer an oxidizing module. Other ionizers have such a high power-draw oxidizing (salt) module that they actually make chlorine as the backup oxidizing substance.

Mineral Pool Systems Co., Ltd

3/103 Sinsuk Thani, Thepkasattri Road, Talang, Phuket 83110 Email:

Rencontre avec Franck Chaudron On ne pe u t pa s com p t e r qu e s u r s a c h a nc e : il y a de s s olu t ion s ! by Lilly Carrion

« J’avais effectué une petite étude de marché sur la sécurité sur Phuket et il y avait une demande, c’est la raison pour laquelle j’ai monté en 2010 la société Alarms Phuket Services. En quelques années, la concurrence Thaïlandaise s’est multiplié, mais en étant sur le terrain et présent dans la communication, publicité, réseaux sociaux, nous sommes toujours là malgré la crise économique qui sévit aussi autour de nous. » Expert en alarmes et en caméras de vidéo surveillance à Phuket. « Les alarmes que nous proposons fonctionnent sans câble, tout est par ondes. Elles ont la particularité de vous envoyer un ou plusieurs messages ( SMS ou push notification par wifi ) en cas d’intrusion en plus de la sirène avec flash, de fonctionner en pleine autonomie en cas de coupure de courant grâce à leur batterie longue durée. Avec les dernières technologies, vous pouvez contrôler votre alarme à distance pour l’armer ou la désarmer à l’aide d’une application pour votre Smartphone. Plusieurs types de détecteurs peuvent être couplés au système d’alarme comme des détecteurs de mouvement, d’ouverture de porte, détecteur de fumée, etc. Toutes nos caméras sont équipées de LED Infra Rouge de type ARRAY, pour une vision de jour comme de nuit. Couplées à un enregistreur ( DVR pour la caméras analogues ou NVR pour les caméras IP), elles enregistrent par détection de mouvements sur un disque dur les vidéos qui en cas d’intrusion vous serviront comme preuve, mais surtout vous pouvez contrôler avec votre Smartphone ou votre ordinateur votre villa, magasin, office, etc. en temps réel et surveiller votre personnel grâce à une connexion internet. » La Thaïlande étant un pays où les serpents venimeux sont en nombre, Franck et son équipe ont trouvé un répulsif pour serpents générant des ondes pulsantes à travers la terre dans toutes les directions faisant fuir les serpents. Ce processus est inoffensif pour les autres animaux et non toxique.

iplômé en électromécanique puis en électronique, Franck a toujo-

urs été un passionné d’ions…. Dès l’âge de 14 ans, il se passionne pour l’informatique en achetant son premier ordinateur, un Sinclair ZX81, puis fabrique des cartes électronique d’entrée / sortie commandant des relais. 35 ans après l’informatique est toujours présente dans sa vie. Années après années, les caméras et alarmes ont pris une part plus importante.


M i n d M at t e r s

La Vraie bonne idée : des DVR pour voiture et moto à deux caméras, qui enregistrent automatiquement dès que l’on met le contact en route. En cas de collision, les images pourront servir votre défense… A l’aube de ses 50 ans, Franck a comme objectif de développer la société avec d’autres produits dans le domaine de la sécurité qui permettront d’étaler son offre.

Franck Chaudron Se c u r i t y S pe c i a l i s t Luck is a Fickle Mistress

Franck graduated in electromechanics and electronics. He has always been enthusiastic about ions. At 14 he fell in love with computing. His first computer was a Sinclair ZX81. He first began manufacturing electronic input/output cards and controlling relays. 35 years on computing is still a big part of his life but eventually he became more passionate about cameras and alarms. “I did a little market research on security in Phuket and noticed there was a demand. I set up Alarms Phuket Services in 2010. Within a few years, Thai competition had increased, but by being on the ground and having a strong presence in communication, advertising and social networks, we have kept going despite the economic downturn that is affecting us at present. “ “In addition to a siren with flashing lights, our alarms are wireless. They send messages via SMS or push notifications in the case of intrusion. They are fully autonomous in case of power failure thanks to a long life battery. With the latest technology, you can control your alarm remotely to arm or disarm using an application from your smartphone. Several types of detectors are available and can be coupled to the alarm system such as motion detectors, door openers and smoke detectors. All our cameras are equipped with ARRAY infrared LEDs, for day and night vision. Coupled with a recorder (DVR for analog cameras or NVR for IP cameras). They record motion on a hard disk. These recordings can be used, in case of intrusion, as proof for insurance companies. Everything can be controlled by a Smartphone or in real time. Staff can also be monitored through an internet connection. » Thailand is a country where there are poisonous snakes in great numbers, Franck and his team have found an effective snake repellent that works by generating pulsating waves in all directions, which scare the snakes. This process is harmless to other animals and is non-toxic.


Franck has DVRs for cars and bikes with two cameras, which automatically record. In the event of a collision, the images can be used for insurance claims purposes ... By his 50th birthday, Franck hopes to have developped his company with increased safety products safety that will allow for a wider spectrum of merchandise on offer.

Alarms Phuket Services Sun Palm Village 403/63 Moo, 9 soi khok tanot Amphoe Muang Phuket, Phuket, Thailand Contact : +66(0)8 57 98 94 69

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Andama y a SURIN BAY By Lilly Carrion

’idée selon laquelle l’Asie est une terre d’opportunité est largement diffusée, mais cela contraste avec le faible écho médiatique que reçoivent dans leur pays d’origine les entrepreneurs expatriés. A chaque numéro d’Insider Asia, partez à la découverte d’ expat qui ont crée leur entreprise en Asie. Au-delà de leur histoire entrepreneuriale, ces expatrié ont accumulé une grande connaissance du pays où ils vivent. Quelqu’un qui est présent depuis dix ans en Thaïlande, Chine ou Cambodge est particulièrement bien placé pour vous aider à comprendre la manière de faire des affaires propre à chaque pays. Nous sommes partis à la rencontre de Patrick Sarfati et Michel Chiappetta ,tous deux Français résidants a Phuket qui ont créé en 2015 Andamaya, projet immobilier luxueux sur la côte AndamanThaïlandaise.



Asia is widely recognised as the land of opportunity. Insider Asia sets out to discover resident Expats that have created successful business’ here. Beyond their entrepreneurial history, these expats have accumulated a great knowledge of the countries they now call home. they are particularly well placed to help you understand the Way of Business. We went to meet Patrick Sarfati and Michel Chiappetta, both French residents in Phuket who created in 2015 Andamaya, luxurious real estate project on the Andaman coast of Thailand.



“Everything is possible if one trys”

“Life is a succession of adventures that must be lived to the full”

French - Married, 2 kids Lived in Phuket since 15 years Favorite Fruit? Pineapple Favorite place to eat in Phuket? The Twin Palms brunch Childhood dream? To go to an island in the sun Favorite Thai word? Jub Jub Where did you see yourself in 10 years? In Phuket of course!

French - Married, 3 kids Lived in Phuket since 5 years Favourite Fruit? Mangosteen Favorite place to eat in Phuket? Tatongka restaurant Childhood dream? To be adventurous and travel Favorite Thai word? Arroy Mak Mak Where will you be in 10 years? On the moon

Meet the Entrepreneurs

“Le continent de demain, c’est L’Asie” Andamaya : KESAKO? Situé sur Surin Hill, Andamaya offre 25 appartements de luxe sur 3 bâtiments, chaque unités aura une merveilleuse vue mer et piscine privée. Le projet est intégré dans la nature environnante avec un impact visuel minimal, qui renforce le sentiment de calme. Isolé et discret, Andamaya est à quelques minutes de la plage vierge de Surin. Tous les résidents profiteront d’une immense piscine extérieure donnant sur une grande terrasse. Une vaste salle de fitness ayant également vu sur la mer d’Andaman. L’accès routier privé et les services de sécurité 24h donneront la tranquillité d’esprit aux locataires. There are just 25 luxury apartments and three condominiums with full sea views and private swimming pools located at Surin Hills. Designed for privacy, each building as a maximum of two apartments per floor. All residents will enjoy a 26m outdoor swimming pool with large sun deck and a vast sea-view fitness room with state-of-the-art equipment. Private road access and 24h security services will provide peace of mind for any prospective owner. The buildings are integrated into the surrounding nature with minimal visual impact, which reinforce the feeling of calm. Secluded and discreet, Andamaya is just minutes from pristine Surin Beach.

Pourquoi choisir Phuket? Why choose Phuket? Les raisons qui font de Phuket un endroit attractif sont nombreuses. Dotée d’une beauté naturelle incroyable, Phuket est une des premières destinations de villégiature en Asie. Plages paradisiaques, sites de plongée extraordinaire, des terrains de golf magnifiques, des services à petits prix et une vie culinaire animée. En comparaison avec l’Europe, le coût de la vie à Phuket est très faible et fait de l’île l’un des meilleurs endroits pour y vivre ou même prendre sa retraite. Avec deux hôpitaux de standard international sur l’île, des services médicaux de qualité sont disponibles à un coût bienmoins élevé qu’à l’étranger. There are numerous reasons that make Phuket attractive. It has an incredible natural beauty and is one of the primary beach holidays destinations in Asia. Heavenly beaches, extraordinary dive sites, magnificent golf courses, low cost services and an amazing culinary life. In comparison with Europe, the cost of living in Phuket is very low and makes the island one of the best places to live or even retire. With two international standard hospitals on the island, quality medical services are available at a much lower cost than abroad.

Phuket est criblé de projets immobiliers, quelle est la particularite d’Andamaya? Phuket is a sieve of real estate projects, what is special about Andamaya? ANDAMAYA est un projet né d’un partenariat de deux sociétés bien établies en Thaïlande depuis 2000, avec plusieurs entreprises prospères dans le développement de condos et villas à son actif comme : Asia Baan, Surin Sabai phase 1, 2 & 3, Cherng’lay Condos & Villas, Siamaya Holiday Ressort. Du fait que l’entreprise soit gérée par des professionnels européens de l’immobilier et de la construction depuis plus de 20 ans, tous les standards de conception sont au plus haut niveau que ce soit en thermes de qualité ou de sécurité. Sa position géographique en fait un lieu magique, peu de projet sur l’île ont le privilège d’offrir cette vue sur la mer. ANDAMAYA is a partnership between two well established companies in Thailand created in 2000. They have several successful condos and villa development projects behind them including Asia Baan, Surin Sabai phase 1, 2 & 3, Cherng’lay Condos & Villas, Siamaya Holidays Resort. The company has been managed by European real estate and construction professionals for more than 20 years ensuring that all designs are to the highest standards. Andamaya’s geographical position makes it a magical place. Few projects on the island have the privilege to offer this incredible sea view. Business


“The continent of tomorrow is Asia” Pourquoi investir à Phuket? Why invest in Phuket? Phuket est l’un des marchés immobiliers en croissance les plus vifs d’Asie et voir peut-être même au niveau mondial, avec un nombre grandissant de projets de haute qualité conçus par des promoteurs immobiliers don’t nous faisons partis. Nous sommes assujettis aux lois de protection de l’environnement et des restrictions de hauteur. Assurant ainsi des lotissements de densité modérée, dont Andamaya fait partie. Beaucoup des acheteurs de biens immobiliers sont attirés par les rendements locatifs puisque que l’afflux de touristes continuent d’augmenter, les vacanciers préférant de plus en plus l’intimitéd’une villa ou appartement à une chambre d’hôtel. Phuket is one of the fastest growing real estate markets in Asia and maybe even around the globe. There are a growing number of high quality projects designed by real estate developments that we are part of. We are subject to environmental protection laws and height restrictions. Ensuring subdivisions of moderate density, including Andamaya. Many real estate buyers are attracted by rental yields as it is it continue to rise, as vacationers increasingly prefer the intimacy of a villa or apartment to a hotel room.



Beaucoup de Français ont tenté ou tentent leur chance en Thailande. Quels sont ceux qui réussissent? Many French have tried or try their luck in Thailand. Which ones are successful? De manière générale, créer son entreprise demande du courage, de la persévérance et beaucoup de patience. On ajoutera dans le cas de la Thaïlande: beaucoup d’humilité. Mieux vaut prendre le temps de découvrir le pays, son peuple, son fonctionnement, plutôt que de croire qu’on va réussir tout de suite en appliquant un concept tout fait sous le seul prétexte qu’il a fait ses preuves en France. In general, creating your business requires courage, perseverance and patience. We shall add, in the case of Thailand, humility. The big trap in which many expatriates fall here is a certain pretension towards the local population, a certain feeling of superiority which often leads to failure. It is better to take the time to discover the country, its people, its functioning, rather than to believe that we will succeed right away by applying a concept just made under the sole pretext that it has proved its worth in France.

ANDAMAYA Address: 92/5 Srisoontorn Rd., Cherngtalay, Thalang, Phuket 83110 Tel: +669(0)8 48 48 52 73, +66(0)8 48 50 58 29 Email:

Luxury Sea view condominium one of the best locations in Phuket

CONTACT : 084 850 5829 92/5 Srisoontorn Rd., (Surin Hill) Cherngtalay, Thalang, Phuket, Thailand facebook/andamaya 92/5 Srisoontorn Rd., (Surin Hill) Cherngtalay, Thalang, Phuket, Thailand


Achieving 100 F ore ign Ow ne rship in Thail and By George Mathew





Apply for BOI Incentives

Receive Coditional

any travellers fall in love with Thailand while on hoilday and make it their mission mission to live in the Kingdom permanently. Those with substantial savings often dream of buying some land, building a home, and perhaps even starting a business. Unfortunately, it’s at this point that Thailand’s restrictive foreign ownership rules lead to a rude awakening. Typically, foreigners can own only up to 49% of land or businesses in Thailand. Many get around this regulation by marrying a Thai national or by having Thai business partners. But that route can end in heartbreak and complete financial loss. More creative measures include setting up a Thai company with preferred shares that have extra voting rights held by foreigners or using a loan arrangement that gives control to foreigners. While these complex systems may technically satisfy Thai ownership requirements, they also violate the spirit of the law and are therefore inherently risky propositions.



Establish Thai Company based on BOI Criteria

Receive Final Approval

Up to 100% Foreign Ownership Now Possible

There is however a completely legal and straightforward path to 100% foreign ownership through Thailand’s Board of Investments (BOI). The BOI’s goal is to encourage and support direct foreign investment (FDI) in regions and in sectors that the government believes it needs foreign assistance. If a business qualifies, BOI incentives include the right to 100% foreign ownership and repatriation of income. In some cases, even tax incentives are available. A list of qualifying businesses can be found on the BOI website. As for Phuket, it is common to seek BOI incentives for projects in the hospitality sector, particularly hotels.



8 9/6 M o o 5, S o i Sa n gja n R as sa da S u b-d i st r i c t, M u a n g P h u k et P h u k et 8 3 0 0 0 T H A I L A N D P h o n e: ( +6 6) 8 8 761 4370 Em a i l: i n fo@p h u k eta dv i s o ry.c o m

The BOI application process is clearly defined and BOI staff are quick to respond to inquiries. The application is free of charge and overall approval times depend on the size of the investment. The largest projects, those with investment values over 750 million baht, are evaluated by the full Board which includes the Head of the BOI and the Prime Minister himself. If conditional approval is granted, investors can then set up Thai companies according to the BOI’s criteria. When all criteria are fulfilled, the BOI provides a certificate with final approval. Almost all the FDI of significant size in Thailand is done with BOI incentives so it’s a path worth exploring.



aintaining life without disturbing or destroying nature’s balance is a huge challenge. Innovative technology that supports population growth along with life expectancy is great for us personally but is, at the same time, placing ever-increasing demands on our planet. Massive energy consumption has led to questions about our future and our


M I n d M at t e r s

relationship with the Earth. How can we, without scaling down on our comfort level, save this planet for our future generation? There are many innovative developments in the fuel industry. Palm oil, yatrova seed, line seed and cassava oils are all good alternatives but the amount needed in this world today is growing faster than the supply.

Industries that venture into developing countries create fluid upwardly mobile economies, which in turn stimulate consumption of resources. The increased focus on bio-diesel and other alternatives to fossil fuel requires more land for production, leaving less for agriculture. The knock-on effect is the increase in food prices globally. This trend will continue and directly affects the poorest people in our society.

With solar energy there is a similar development. By decreasing prices for the production of solar panels one can expect an outburst of solar farms, which in itself, is a fantastic alternative. But until recently the design people of solar parks left little space for agriculture resulting in the same land-agriculture dilemma as with bio diesel. Derk Jan Bos, CEO of Green Energy Technology in Thailand (GET IT), an outspoken Dutch entrepreneur with extensive knowledge about solar energy, hydroponics and aquaponics, has developed a groundbreaking concept of solar farming. It all

began in Hua Hin where Derk lives with his family. From a background in semi-conductors he invented a system that is allows the three dimensional harvesting of electricity, food and bio diesel. Together with Professor Thammasat and Steinar Gerjde,GET IT they built solar power plants in such a way that food production can continue under a solar roof. Space between solar arrays are carefully measured and separated from each other so that incoming sunlight enables food production to continue underneath. Driven by his passion to change the world for the less fortunate, and preserve it for our children, Dirk has travelled extensively to United Nations climate change conferences with United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon.


He also led roundtable discussions at the latest COP22 in Marrakech to work towards expansion of his groundbreaking ideas in Africa. Off-grid electricity supply changes the position of women, children and their opportunities for education. Providing electricity while allowing them to continue traditional farming. By using the modern technology of aquaponics and hydroponics, for the production of vegetables and fruit, GET IT farmers are conversely able to dramatically increase food production per square meter. With enough self-supplying energy cycle on the roof, additional solar tubes and LED’s to improve light when needed, the water circulation system ensures that the combined technologies work in the driest parts of the world. Making GET IT’s design applicable globally. The socio-economic possibilities of GET IT’s technology have interested a lot of governments. Going green while producing electricity, food and maintaining employment has long been on the global political agenda.

GET IT on THE ROOF. Mounting solar panels on your roof is now more possible than ever. Subsidies makes it financially easier to take the first step, but with green consciousness in mind, GET IT believes it is even profitable even without subsidies when calculated over a period of 25 years for industrial zones, hotels and even private housing.


M I n d M at t e r s

AGENCE IMMOBILIERE Consultant en Investissement

H A R V E S T - P R O P E R T Y. C O M




from US$ 7.5 million




REAL ESTATE Agency Investment Advisor



4,600,000 THB






50 m b efore Tes co Lotu s, d i r ecti on N a i Ha r n Beac h Nous parlons français.

30 meters before Boat Avenue New Branch LAGUNA Cherngtalay


HEAD OFFICE RAWAI 95/88-89 Moo7 Sai Yuan Rawai - Phuket 83130 Tél. : +66 (0)763.888.01

Spectacular Oceanview Estates 13 expansive properties set on extremely generous land plots ranging from 4,900 sqm to over 10,000 sqm in size and boasting the most prestigious address in Asia’s pre-eminent tropical island playground. The Estates at this ultra luxury development are located on the West coast of Phuket situated on a forest cloaked hillside with fabulous views of Kamala Bay and the waters of the sparkling Andaman Sea.



3,900,000 THB

Sea View Condominium Exquisite 2 bedroom fully furnished sea view condo with views out to the Andaman Sea. Part of a well maintained and spa, and 24h security. Ideal location only a few minutes drive to Kata and Karon beaches.




32,000,000 THB








BRANCH OFFICE NAI HARN 28/58 Moo 1, Nai Harn, Rawai - Phuket 83130 BRANCH OFFICE BANGTAO 43 Baandon, Cherngtalay Rd. Cherngtalay, Thalang, Phuket 83110 BRANCH OFFICE KATA 74 Moo 4, Kata Beach Karon - Phuket 83110

Tél. : +66 (0)76 388 801 GSM : +66 (0)85 70000 28

Affordable Luxury Condos

Stunning High End Sea View Condo

Phase 2 of a successful condominium development located only a few minutes walk to both Surin and Bangtao beaches. Great investment property, 7% rental guarantee for 3 years. 1 and 2 bed, and Duplex units available.

Expansive and luxurious 3 bedroom sea view condominium with a private 10 meters swimming pool set in a low density development of only 18 units spread over 3 buildings. Beautiful mountainside location overlooking Layan beach and only a few minutes drive to the beach. GYM Fit & Fabulous


By Patrice Sarda

Harley Davidson Now and Then A New Line for a Grand Old Company

n 1901 ,

William Harley and Arthur Davidson were just a couple of mechanics who liked to strap motors to bicycles. Their friends liked their work so much that they began to raise capital for building a company. It took them till 1906 to open up their first factory, and Arthur’s two brothers joined the pair to help build the business. Slowly but surely, the new motorcycles began to impress the public. During World War I, General Black Jack Pershing used his influence to make the company the first choice for the U.S. Army equipment. Harley would rev up its manufacturing lines and build over 15,000 motorcycles for the army, and in 1920, Harley-Davidson was the biggest motorcycle maker in the world. Harley received the great nickname gift in 1920: the factory’s official racing team had a pet pig for a mascot, and the team became known as the Hogs. All Harley-Davidson motorcycles would be known forever as a “Hog.” Unlike every other motorcycle maker in the U.S. except for the Indian Company, Harley survived


Motor and Technology

the Great Depression, despite considerable losses. When World War II came along, motorcycles were again highly valued by the U.S. Army, and the company provided about 90,000 units to the military In the 1950’s, Japanese imports began to swamp the country and Harley began to acknowledge the market for smaller machines. In the late 60’s however, Harley began a new era that would take it to the brink of oblivion: ownership by the American Machine and Foundry Company, or AMF.

The management of AMF produced losses every quarter for the next 12 years. Liquidation seemed to be the only option left. This was a sad era that saw the motorcycle make its appearance in the moaning hit song by Canned Heat, “I Got Those Broke-Down Harley Blues.” An executive group of investors led by Vaughn Beals stepped in to purchase the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company in 1981. Beals brought in modern manufacturing techniques such as a

just-in-time inventory system, new quality control measures, and new product development. Beals was there to help Harley-Davidson draw on its national reputation with the creation of the fan club called the Harley Owners Group, or HOG, in 1983. The HOG clubs have become an outstanding example of product identity in commerce and still operate internationally today. In 1987, the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company, replete with associations of rumbling motors and rebellious, leather-clad lifestyle, made its Initial Public Offering on the New York Stock Exchange. The whole country took a moment to wonder at how things had changed yet stayed the same. In 2008, Harley opened a new museum, surveying the history of the company and its products, just in time for it’s 105th anniversary. Several of its factories also opened museums. From 2009 however losses over a two-year period forced Harley to close factories and a distribution center. The company seemed to weather the storm in fair condition, however and expanded into India and Brazil indicting corporate health. Today, Harley-Davidson now operates as a multinational corporation. In addition to the manufacturing plants in India and Brazil, the company operates assembly plants and offices in Singapore, Great Britain and Canada, as well as nine locations in the U.S. In 2014, it received about 60 percent of its sales in the U.S.

Harley today is divided into two distinct sections; the Harley Davidson Motor Company (HDMC), which makes and sells the motorcycles, and the Harley Davidson Financial services (HDFS), which distribute commercial services strictly in United States and Canada. From its headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the company employs about 6500 personnel, and generates $5.35 billion in revenue annually, with a total equity of $2.9 billion in 2014. In 2014 the company launched an experimental product, Project LiveWire™, which brought electrical motorcycles to various locations and solicited feedback from test riders. Between its careful nurturing of its amazing identity, its investment in the future and its current diversification, the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company seem ready to stick around for another one hundred years, or more. In August of 2016, the Harley Davidson Motor Company introduced its newest engine to the public. This is the ninth engine ever designed and produced by Harley-Davidson. It is called the Milwaukee Eight, after the eight valves in the engine. It is designed to mimics the board racers of the 1910’s. Classic Harley-Davidson engines are V-twin engines, with a 45-degree angle between the cylinders. These were first introduced in 1907 when Harley-Davidson first patented the 45-degree angle. The V-twin design allows motorcycles to use a small space to hold a large, powerful engine, and

Motor and Technology


these angular Harley-Davidson engines quickly became known as the Big Twins. This type of cylinder angle also forces the pistons to fire unevenly, which in turn produces the hammering ‘potato’ sound, the rumbling that is synonymous with Harley-Davidson. The Milwaukee Eight represents a concerted grab for the Touring market niche. Touring motorcycles are designed to give two or more riders a smooth journey over long distances. Harley-Davison has actively made and marketed motorcycles for long-distance traveling since 1941. The new air-intake design for the Milwaukee Eight was inspired by drag racing models from the 1920’s, and the well-sculpted cylinder heads and skinny cylinder chambers give the engine a more athletic appearance, while nicely improving fit for both the rider’s and the passenger’s legs. And since touring riders often plug accessories and other extra equipment on their bikes during their long rides, the charging capacity of the battery has been jacked up by 50 percent as well. The Milwaukee Eight is being sold in three variants, each based around the same engine. The first two (1745cc, differ only in exterior design and the third is bigger (1870cc, The extra-large Milwaukee Eight will only be available in CVO custom specials. The company adamantly asserts that the new engine has been driven by customer requests. The Milwaukee Eight is a more powerful engine than those on previous Touring models. The engine delivers more drive, greater displacement, an increase in torque, and a higher compression ratio. Harley has also declared that the engine provides greater fuel economy, due to a cleaner four-valve cylinder head design that allows twin sparks per cycle. The flow of fueling and combustion is more easily controlled and regulated. When this controlled flow of power is combined with a liquid-cooling system on two of the variants, it causes the engine to become more efficient. Harley also claims that heat management, designed for pillion to the rider comfort, has also


Motor and Technology

been improved, thanks to the new exhaust system that routes the heat of the exhaust away from the driver. The Milwaukee Eight is a rubber-mounted engine, narrower than other Harley motors. It fits more seamlessly into the frame and produces a slimmer primary drive as well as reduced vibration. This smoother overall operation means that the new engine will offer a lower idle speed, and an internal counter balancer then cancels out about 75 percent of primary vibration at idle. Overall, rides with a more polished feel. The Milwaukee-Eight has only one camshaft (a significant departure from the dual camshafts of the Twin Cam engine). Each cylinder will also feature a new knock-sensor, to heighten precise timing. The new sensor will permit lower idle speeds, which in turn will further reduce engine heat. The company assures customers that its beloved rumble will benefits from a “richer” sound in the exhaust system, which will produce a collective sigh of relief from the traditionalists. Harley is making several impressive claims for all three versions of the Milwaukee Eight, including an increase in torque of ten percent. As well as eight percent to twelve percent increase in the rate of acceleration. The Milwaukee Eight will not be the only improvement for the Harley-Davidson line of Touring Models. The group will also be sporting several new suspension components, on both front and rear wheels. The front equipment will be a new Showa fork, a new version of its SDBV (Showa Dual Bending Valve) product derived from high-stress racing technology, first tested in 2014. The new rear equipment will eature two shock absorbers with an increase to pre-load adjustment of about fifteen to thirty percent, which will be adjustable through a single knob working in the shock absorber hydraulics. And while there are automotive manufacturers that are older than Harley-Davidson, there is no other motorcycle maker in the United States that haslasted as long and produced such legendary products.


The 2017 Mustang outstrips the competition Mustang S ally think you better slow your mustang dow n By Patrice Sarda

he 2017 Mustang is being looked upon as the hottest vehicle on the roads of America with its innovative upgrades and sleek body style. The newest generation of ‘Stang has all of Ford’s revolutionary style. The body is sleek, stylish and easy on the eye. But what it has inside that makes it Ford’s newest engineering marvel. The 2.3-liter EcoBoost four is an excellent combination of power and economy, with an output of 335 Horsepower, almost no lag from the 320-lb-ft. torque. The aggressive traction control system easily takes corners at moderate speed. Ford’s Ecoboost has become the marketing moniker for the upcoming year for the clan of turbo-charged four and six cylinders. The sparkling Mustang body and the options packed into the EcoBoost-version coupe/convertible make it the vehicle to have. It puts its best foot forward in acceleration and throttle response from medium speeds. This feature is perfect when you want to pass another car or for frustrating corner slots. The fuel economy is a very nice 24 mpg for city-highway driving. The New Year models have better handling features than previous generations. The hatchback models have ample storage area for a sporty vehicle.


Mo H ot t sopro a t nPdh u Tk ec e th n o l o g y

The EcoBoost Mustang kit cost about $699, about $2000 less than their competitors. The emissions are compliant in all 50 US States, makes Ford’s newest innovation remarkably cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Of course, what is under the hood of any car is what is most important. With its smooth drive and 435 hp, and V8 the ‘Stang shows its new power. Even the V6 and turbo ‘Stang shows considerable power and fuel economy. The cabin is well-trimmed, and the Sync 3 touchscreen interface, a huge improvement over the MyFord Touch system. The 2017 Ford Mustang’s new technology, upgraded engines and fun factor pull it to the head of the convertible/coupe class. Whether you know a lot about muscle cars or if you’re a newbie, this one will make you sit up and take notice. In terms of quality ride and power output, the 2017 Mustang is in competition with the luxury cars like BMW. Carroll Shelby’s tuning company, Shelby American, builds Cobras along with the super-charged Super Snake and Raptor trucks. GTE is another Shelby-ized product, the foundational fantasy ride. The Shelby American catalog displays V8 supercharger kits that boost up to 750 horsepower and superb

track-ready drivetrain and chassis upgrades that are the elements of any street-driving dream car. The Shelby Mustang brand signifies high performance in the Ford Mustang, which was built by Shelby from 1965 to ’70 for the Ford Company. The Shelby nameplate was revived after the fifth generation Mustang was put out in 2005. The nameplate tells the buyer this is a highperformance vehicle designed and built by Ford. The Shelby American badge now goes to the 2017 Shelby GTE, a lightly molded vehicle that has been endowed with ta dozen extra hp. Next year’s Shelby has been tweaked to put out 456 hp. The EcoBoost four-cylinder turbo models make 335 hp, an increase of 25. The V-8 models benefits from a Power Pack. The EcoBoost models get the extra benefit of a Shelby-specific engine tune, the cat-back exhaust and Ford Performance 19-inch wheels and tires. This upgraded model comes with the GTEspecific hood, grilles, rear spoilers, rocker panels, and GT350 chin spoiler. The Shelby influence is seen in the badges on the door sills, dashboard, head restraints, mats, engine cover, grill, C-pillar, and decklid.

Story behind the ‘Stang

Lee Iacocca, VP and general manager of Ford Division, realised his vision of a comfortable and affordable family vehicle in 1964 – the Ford Mustang. In March of that year the first ‘Stang rolled off the assembly line. For the sake of production costs, some of its components, like the drivetrain, had been borrowed from the Falcon. Its many interior, exterior, and drivetrain options allowed the Mustang to be advertised as “the car designed by you.” It could be fast-moving car, or a more economical sensible family car. The advertising campaign paid off as people stormed the car lots on April 17, 1964. It seemed everyone wanted a Mustang. By the end of that day, more than 22,000 people drove away in Ford’s newest innovative car. By the end of the year, 263,434 had been sold. This 1964 Mustang had only two models: the coupe and the convertible. Both had a lengthy hood and a shorter rear deck than other vehicles. It had a chrome grille, wrap-around bumpers, and full wheel covers. Of course, the grille displayed the signature emblem of a running horse. The six-cylinder engines ran with 164 hp, and the V8s, up to 289 hp. The interior had front bucket seats, carpeting, and a floor mounted shifter. By the time the Mustang’s anniversary came around, the sale figures rose to 418,812. Its combination of comfortable driving features gave the ‘Stang its staying power.

Motor and Technology


CLUB MED Scho ol holid ay s rarely rhyme i n t une with work holid ay s ... and be c ause of t h at, m aking it ne ce ssary to find s ome t h i ng to oc c upy the children... By Lilly Carrion

lub Med Kids Camps in Phuket organise a plethora of activities for children during school holidays. Accompanied by passionate and multi-lingual facilitators (GO), the children have great fun participating in many different sports activities that are creative and playful (circus school, mini golf, tennis, aqua fun, archery, theater, language courses, art and more) all adapted according to their age. The equipment is adapted to the children’s comfort and safety. A varied and balanced meal is provided from the Club Med restaurants (international and Asian buffet) as well as snacks and cold drinks throughout the day.


M i n d M at t e r s



ids huket K


Ca m p s

Fun, Discovery & Creativity

CLUB MED Monday 20 th to Friday 24 th February 2017

Des vacances 5 etoiles pour nos cherubins Congés scolaires riment rarement avec congés professionnels… A côté des vacances en famille, il faut trouver de quoi occuper les enfants… Phuket Kids Camps organise à l’occasion des vacances de Carnaval, des stages pour vosenfants au Club Med de Kata. (Phuket) Accompagnés par des animateurs (G.O) passionnés et polyglottes, vos enfants s’amuseront à travers de nombreuses activités sportives, créatives et ludiques (école de cirque, mini golf, tennis, aqua fun, tir à l’arc, théâtre, cours de langue, art, etc…) adaptées selon leur âge. Des espaces privilégiés, spécialement conçus pour les enfants avec des équipements adaptés à leur confortet à leur sécurité. Rien à préparer, les enfants profiteront d’un repas varié et équilibré au restaurant du Club Med (buffet international et asiatique), d’un goûter et des boissons fraîches.

9:00 am - 5:00 pm 4-7 years Mini Club 8,500 THB / Week 8-11 years Kids Club 8,500 THB / Week 12-17 years Junior Club 10,000 THB / Week OR 2,500THB PER DAY

A SAFE environment for Parental Serenity Adapted to children GROWING process

A Full Club Med Experience more information :

Eric (english) : 08 318 46 369 Angela (français) : 09 507 44 577

Phuket’s Most Exciting & Stylish Contemporary Luxury Yacht Charters

Andaman Cruises, Phuket‘s Most Exciting & Stylish Contemporary Luxury Yachts Charters, takes you on a lavish adventure into the vibrant marine playground of Phuket and beyond. In addition luxuly join-day cruises are available onboard MY Olympia 76 (large Picture) from THB 7,700 (Nov-Apr) and THB 5,900 (May-Oct) Per person. 076 316 562 / /



PHUKET Distillery Tour Chalong Bay Kate’s hair & makeup studio “Mirror, mirror, tell me who is the most beautiful in this country?” Your beauty is perfect your Majesty! But a young girl is preparing to be more pretty than you thanks to Kate’s team! If you go to Kate’s Studio, you will be treated as a princess with expert advice, massages, nail spa, make up or a new haircut the team will provide all you need to be perfect. Call 076 620 020

Heaven Rentals

Learn how they sustainably produce their award -winning natural rum from thai sugarcane and see their French copper still and bottling plant. While touring the distillery you’ll certainly enjoy a free refreshing Chalong Bay mojito with the knowledge of how it’s made. Monday to Saturday (closed Sunday). Tour starts every hour from 2 pm to 6 pm included. 30 minutes guided tour, tasting session and a Chalong Bay Rum Mojito = 300 Baht www.chalongbayrum.comDistillery

Searching for unforgettable moments? Heaven rentals takes a lot of care in selecting available villas in their portfolio, applying their specific criteria. Besides choosing locations providing good facilities, they place great importance on respect for the environment. Harmonious integration with nature, consideration for local culture and regional architecture, are at the core of their values. You can be assured of enjoying your stay in intimate and elegant surroundings while having an amazing luxury villa to spend your holidays in.

Le Celtique Experience the fine gourmet tradition of Brittany in Phuket with a large selection of wine. Closed on Tuesday. Other days from 4pm

Kim’s Massage Located in the heart of Phuket Town, Kim massage is an institution. Lovely sound of water gushing in the huge koi pond, friendly and warm greetings from the staff, you will forget everything for the next hour. I highly recommend the foot massage: it’s divine. Call 081 979 0020


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Phuket Farmers Club Looking for a fresh basket for pick up or delivery to your door? The Phuket Farmers Club is the right choice! Direct from their organic garden, you can choose between delicious coconuts, lemongrass, Thai basil in addition to their spinach & cucumber. They have amazing pesto and jam! You need to be part of the club to be able to order or to go and choose the vegetables or fruits that you like. Every Saturday there is work shop organized for the family at the farm.

WE NEED YOU! @insiderasia Got a Hot Tip? Want to display your business on this section of the magazine? Iniala Gourmet Send it to our experts and they will contact you. Café Gourmand Located in Laguna’s Boat Avenue, Iniala Gourmet serves delicious breakfasts with signature breads Just a stone’s throw away from Wine Connection and pastries all-day. Freshly brewed coffees and and Tesco Lotus Bangtao, Café Gourmand is a fruit juices, or you can create your own “Personal lovely place with ultra comfortable seating and Lunch Box”. Iniala Gourmet proposes a myriad of large tables. Cafe Gourmand is a place where you opportunities to catch up with friends. feel at home with casual elegant dining. Enjoy a Call 076 324 470 convivial atmosphere where diners relax and soak up the experience. Awaken all the senses as lounge music plays in the background. A new generation of dining that leaves you feeling invigorated. Call 087 278 4038

Havana & Cecconi Right in the heart of Nai Harn discover two fantastic restaurants in the same location.

Seduction A high quality complex, featuring 5 venues that define nightlife excellence. Seduction Nightclub sets the standard in sound & lighting guaranteeing a party atmosphere 7 nights a week! Seduction Nightclub main room hosts well known DJs such as Skrillex, David Morales, Calvin Harris & Goldie just to name a few.

HAVANA CAFE A great steakhouse should fulfill three criteria: the quality of the meat, the seasoning and of course, the preparation. Havana Cafe delivers quality Black Angus steaks with fine texture and tenderness. Perfectly seasoned simplicity. A charming and lively restaurant with an abundant wine list. CECCONI The Italians are masters of seduction, everyone knows it. In keeping with this reputation, Cecconi Italian Cuisine seduce you and resistance is futile. Start with Parma ham on wood board, follow with pasta and crispy pizza. The homemade tiramisu is divino. There is nothing to do, you are lost in paradiso! You will be back again and again …

SIAMAYA Located on Phuket’s sunset coast 10 minutes from pristine Bangtao Bay and famous Surin Beach. A confidential luxury estate of 4 private pool villas (2 bedrooms & 3 bedrooms) Thai Balinese style with a serene tropical garden. Enjoy a no stress vacation in a 24h secure resort with residential hotel services. Close to residential Laguna area and all amenities: shopping avenue, restaurants, spa, superstores, etc. Few minutes walk to local village, typical fresh outdoor market and temples.

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Usha Decor

Illuzion The ultimate clubbing experience Illuzion Show & Discotheque, offers a diverse collection of in-demand talents across numerous genres appealing to an eclectic audience.Recently ranked #93 WORLD’S TOP 100 CLUBS by DJ MAG, Illuzion hosts over 3,000 PARTYGOERS EVERY NIGHT, It’s all about the music here, and the menu offers up international house and high-rate EDM acts on a regular monthly appointment. Tel: 076-683030.

Dalaya Boutique Inspired by travel, Dalaya Boutique offers a subtle blend of exoticism and elegant fashion for women and men. Ethnic prints placed on soft and light materials, and throughout this collection, and an array of poetic colors reminiscent of Asia.Their stores are located on: Boat Avenue, Phuket and The Wharf, Fisherman’s Village, Chaweng in Koh Samui. Call 085 782 1430

“Doctor, I think I’m suffering from chronic nostalgia of Holidays, It is serious?” “Dear Lady, good news, I have the remedy for this: Go immediately to Usha Decor! Amazing tropical, Balinese style decoration is waiting for you! Soak up the zen and colourful atmosphere to bring some sun touch at your home”Located in Boat Avenue and Home Pro in Chalong, these new concept stores are offering a stylish selection of trinkets.

Kaanda Beach Life This season Kaanda beach life are tilting their panamas to the enigmatic bohemian. 2017 will launch stunning collection full of fabrics, patterns and designs that inspire one to embrace the bohemian lifestyle. There are many translations for the word Kaanda, however one description has a particular appeal to it, embracing the spirit of being truthful to yourself and to others. I think we can all agree - there is nothing more beautiful than an attractive woman who is just as lovely in her demeanor as her form. Run now to their shop in Boat avenue and discover the Bohemian Collection www.kaandabeachlife.comTigers


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Natural Restaurant

Red Frog Shop

Natural Restaurant (Thamachat) is a tropical oasis in the hearth of Phuket Town. Sculptures, antiques and bubbling fountains form the backdrop to a unique dining experience. The perfect al fresco ambience for diner or lunch. Open at 10.30 our staff understand service and look forward to takimg care of you. BOOK A TABLE NOW: PHONE: 076224287 http://www.naturalrestaurantphuke

A desire to please or to be pleased? Red frog is a concept shop offering a unique boutique experience. Coming from all around the world you will discover amazing lithographs from Christian Develter, art scarfs by BUBU, Amore Essentials candles, gypset jewels and a lot more of accessories and decorations... Located in Boat Avenue, Red Frog is the shop where you will find the perfect gift for that someone who has everything! Call 080 781 8162 BOAT AVENUE Cherntalay

Funk_it Designs Fabrics of art and flair. Sometimes you have to say FUNK IT! Designer Debbie Oakes is a photographer, travel writer and poet who has transformed her global art photography into an exciting range of fabrics to banish all the boring in your home. Each image tells a story. Whether the fall of exquisite light. Or a conspiracy of chance that emerged perfect from the chaos. Cushions, napkins, placemats, tablecloths and silk scarves. Call +66-929844196

Tiger and Dragon Tigers and Dragons sell unique designer jewelry in Sterling silver and 18k gold with a story to tell. Handcrafted by skilled artisans using the finest material, their Buddha bracelets make a statement of elegance, simplicity and spirituality. Available at most high end resorts and shops on the island. For more information contact Henry 0860250604

FELIIZ Krisna will provide you high quality creative graphic design that delivers powerful, compelling and effective business solutions. Explain to her what you need and she will get back to you with a fresh and original concept. Contact: Krisna Gallerne Mobile +66 80 591 6288 Email:

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M ARK E TI NG ENTE RTAI NM E NT CONS U LTI NG & M ANAGE ME N T CONTACT : +66 (0) 97-007-3732 We offer you a free initial consultation

Infinite Solutions Consulting

ADDRESS : Asia Pacific Headquarters 30/F Room 30-01, Unit 30-22 North Sathorn Rd, 152 Chartered Square Building Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500 Thailand | T +66 (0) 2-021-0471 | F + 66 (0) 2-021-0401


TSL Sing Sing Theater El Mercado In a charming old house, not far but still remote from Sukhumvit Bangkok’s bustling heart, lies El Mercado. A premium fresh supermarket dedicated to food lovers, at reasonable prices and in a casual atmosphere. Don’t miss the patio dining.

Decorated by Ashley Sutton, the designer behind Maggie Choo’s, SING SING shares the same DNA. It’s as if a modern days Jules Verne was throwing a party with Chinese spirits from the 1920’s. This sumptuous den aims to become Bangkok’s hottest party venue, so check it out when in the area...

TSL & Associates (Thailand) has been providing Legal and Business Services in Thailand for over 10 years, with two main offices in Bangkok, that’s the best entry point if you need a visa to France. http://tslthailand.comTSL

Glow Le BouchonIn Wow, who would have thought that a small corner of France is tucked away in the middle of Patpong! Great house wine, try the rosé. Don’t overlook the foie gras ravioli, brilliant, and steak tartare... In fact it’s been there since, hum, it’s kinda ever been there!


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Centre Acacia Centre Acacia is the bilingual educational centre for children in Bangkok, with its bilingual nursery school, French and English, for children from 1 to 4 years and languages school for children from 4 to 12 years old. centre.acacia

GLOW is a leader in Bangkok’s underground clubbing scene and one of SE Asia’s most influential house & techno epicenters. The club that triggered Thailand’s underground revolution back in 2005. It has become an internationally praised sound sanctuary. As the pioneering venue that hosted international DJ superstars, and recently installed the full FUNKTION ONE – the best sound system in the world, GLOW keeps pushing boundaries and bringing the ultimate party experience to it’s crowd.

Wine Up


Wine Up is a wine bar you come to feel good and to taste wines that have been selected with rigor and passion. We offer our customers value and quality. A large selection of wine by the glass is available and freshly prepared appetizers to pair with wines.

Quince Housed in a 1950’s Sukhumvit home, Quince’s now contemporary restaurant serves simple yet thoughtful dishes and drinks in a comfortable and unfussy atmosphere.

“Mélangé” means ‘a mix’ in French. Melange is all about mixed food (sweet and savory dishes) from around the world. Vast dining rooms in the comfortable Winter Garden, with a Pool and Playground, surrounded by lush vegetation.

YenakArt Villa

Namsaah Bottling Trust An unbelievabley pink colonial facade, deep inside a mundane little soi just a stone’s throw from Patpong, that’s where beautiful people gather to enjoy Asian fine cuisine with a Farang twist. Either in the cosy inside or on the terrasse beautifully underlthe mighty Mahanakorn tower.

Undoubtedly the biggest art sensation of recent months, YenakArt Villa is a large “Bauhaus” style art gallery in central Bangkok (South of Sathorn-Silom): With 180 square meters floor and a 5 meter high exhibition hall, a glass facade openes onto a 600 square meters sculpture garden. All fine art disciplines are exhibited at YenakArt Villa (painting, photography, drawing, sculpture, animation, video-art, installation, light-art and more). The exhibiting artists are both experienced or emerging - with a growing number of Thai artists. International artists generally have strong connections with Thailand

Cocotte Farm Roast &Winery More than a rotisserie, Cocotte is the encounter with carefully selected organic products in a rural chic atmosphere in the heart of Bangkok. Talented and Chef brilliantly leads this authentic culinary experience, breathing bold creativity into the legendary flavour of farm & local products. Hotspot Bangkok


Maggie Choo’s Issaya La patisserie EMquartier La Patisserie is the culmination of Chef Kittichai’s and Chef Paper’s work together at in the pastry kitchens of Issaya Siamese Club and their desire to expand upon their award-winning pastry, dessert and sweet creations. Eat in the café or take home.

Magical underground cabaret full of mystery, romance, jazz, reminiscent of Shanghai 1930. There the mighty Laurent Couson fights for live music, gathering musicians and directing bands, while naughty Fred Canal leads DJs and fights for his right to party. The place to be!

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Le Lapin A dream come true for French sandwich lovers! Not only are their baguettes fresh and crusty like in Paris, but they also deliver to your door, saving you from the nightmare traffic of Bangkok. Yes, Le Lapin delivers homemade and quality food (sandwiches, salads, desserts) within 1 hour. The core value of this engaging rabbit is to help people to feel good, by providing good food, good service and convenience.

Vivin BEA<M Their core intent is to help people find freedom through phenomenal music experience. Expect precise music policy, ear-shift sound system (the only VOiD sound system in town), and brain-mess visuals.The idea is to tastefully combine the excitement and adventure of warehouse parties...


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Whiteline The new small venue of choice for underground party organisers. Whiteline is a bar, cafe, and creative space. Here people come to hear music, see art, drink beer from around the world and party till late...

“Traditional Home Style Delicacies with a Modern Twist”, is how Vivin defines its exceptional products. Whether imported Caviar or locally produced Foie Gras, duck magret and Goat cheeses that have gained the favour of an ever-growing sophisticated clientele in Thailand. VIVIN strives to provide excellence in quality while mastering the art of Asian fusion

Oskar Bistro Oskar is a casual bistro offering quality comfort food at great value for money. An ideal place to start a night on Sukhumvit 11 thanks to its clubby vibe. That’s where you’ll hear trendy DJs spin before the party and might meet your dream girl to come dance with you afterwards.


AGS Four Winds

A moody multi-level neighbourhood bar with a retro feel. Features quality music, modern art, late night dining and no-nonsense pours of serious alcohol, like its famous range of green fairies. Jazz lovers will meet there on Wednesdays for live sessions and partygoers often see it as THE trendy place to go after hours, check it out!.

With 127 offices in 84 countries and 42 years of experience, AGS Four Winds is a key player in the field of international movers, assisting more than 70,000 families every year. If you plan to move, either nationally or internationally, of if you have storage needs, AGS has everything to help and provides the best of bespoke services.

Authentic ItaliaN Cuisine anD Pizzeria



Boiled pork Cotechino sausage with Italian lentils Smoked goose breast with home-made veal liver Pathe' Parma ham with fresh Italian burrata Italian rice Milanese style with veal ossobuco Home-made Pappardelle with deer braised in red wine sauce Braised beef cooked in Chianti wine sauce served with Polenta Italian rabbit stew cooked with vegetables and porcini mushrooms


Soup of Mediterranean mussels Deep fried zucchine with cinqueterre anchovies Canadian lobster Catalana style Spaghetti with Sardinia mullet roe Linguine with imported Canadian lobster Italian risotto with large shrimps and sea-urchins Slices of swordfish in Livornese sauce Sea bream filets in sauce of saffron, Prosecco wine and clams

Open everyday from 11am til 11pm Email : Fisherman Way, 5/38 Viset Road, Rawai, Muang, Phuket, Thailand

Tel. : +66 (0)76 384 686


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From 8.9M THB O N L Y 3 0 0 M FR O M TH E B E A C H

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