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Fremantle Train CafĂŠs, restaurants, shopping, markets, pubs and breweries, tours, festivals, history and & Bus Station stories worth sharing. Talk to one of the friendly staff at the Fremantle Visitor Centre to plan your visit. Ask about our free accommodation and tour booking service.

Kings Square Fremantle WA 6160 T 08 9431 7878 E W

Mayors Welcome On behalf of the people of Western Australia it is my pleasure to welcome you to our great state and invite you to visit the historic port city of Fremantle, one of the most vibrant, multicultural and eclectic places in Australia, bursting with character and full of life. With a laid-back lifestyle like no other and just 30 minutes from the Perth CBD, Fremantle has the qualities of a small beachside village, but with all the amenities you would expect from a big city. As one of the top Australian destinations for lifestyle and leisure, Fremantle attracts more and more students from around the world every year. In Fremantle you will find, within walking distance, independent retailers, world renowned breweries, trendy cafés and daily performing street artists, who all contribute to the City’s distinctiveness and vitality, not to mention arguably Australia’s best festivals and events that run throughout the year. As well as being a hub for arts and culture, Fremantle is also widely regarded as one of the most sustainable and ‘green’ cities in Australia. Cycling is one of the most popular methods of transport in Fremantle and we encourage visitors and residents to choose cycling as their preferred method of transport. There are lots of safe cycle lanes and paths in and around the City with more being built every year. At the time of writing this, Fremantle currently has a development pipeline of close to $1billion, including a variety of high quality residential and commercial projects to accommodate our growing population. We are a city that embraces its past but at the same time is looking firmly towards the future. From a student’s perspective, Fremantle really does have it all and I encourage all potential students to get out and explore all the fantastic things Fremantle has to offer – you won’t be disappointed. Fremantle Mayor Dr Brad Pettitt


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Welcome Welcome We Weare arehere here to to help help We toto a new Weknow knowmoving moving a new country is is both excit countrytotostudy study both excit-ing areare ingand andfrightening. frightening.We We here heretotohelp. help. Insider InsiderGuides Guides --International is InternationalStudent StudentGuide Guide is designed new students designedtotohelp help new students discover toto love about discoverwhat what love about Perth.ToTododo this, recruited Perth. this, wewe recruited localstudents, students, interviewed local interviewed pastinternational international students past students andand researched the city. researched the city. TheThe aimaim of of theguide guideisistoto provide interna-the provide interna tionalstudents students with the tools tional with the tools todiscover discover their new home to their new home fromthe theinside insideout. out. Throughout from Throughout thenext next112 112pages, pages, you the you willwill discoverhow how the locals already discover the locals already enjoyPerth Perthand and Fremantle, enjoy Fremantle, nowit’s it’syour your turn. now turn. The Insider Guides Team The Insider Guides Team

Perth Perth & Fremantle A background on your new A background on your new city, its history, culture and city, its history, culture and diversity. Get to know the diversity. Get to know the basics about Perth before you basics about Perth and explore further. Fremantle before you explore further.

Academic History Getting Around Academic History The Social Life Getting Around Bikes Bikes Indigenous Australia Indigenous Australia Aussie Cultural Diversity The Road To Residency Aussie Cultural Diversity

Setting-up Setting-up

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Experience Australia

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USEFUL CONTACTS When you’re setting yourself up and settling into a new country, there are bound to be a few questions you have. These are the sort of places you can go to get answers. There are also emergency numbers and services to call if you get in trouble.

City of Fremantle The City of Fremantle provides a range of recreation and community services such as the Fremantle City Library, Freinfo community information, Fremantle Leisure Centre, Fremantle Visitor Centre and Fremantle Arts Centre. For information on any of these services and more, contact the City of Fremantle. 9432 9999

Police This is the non-urgent number for police assistance. Their website also has information on how to keep yourself safe. 131 444

Department of Immigration This is the department that handles Visa enquiries and issues.

Fairwork Australia Fairwork Australia help you understand your workplace rights and responsibilities. If you have a problem concerning your workplace they are the people to contact. 13 13 94


Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade The DFAT can help you to find your country’s embassy within Australia.

Australian Tax Office The Tax Office are the people to contact about getting a Tax File Number and find out more about payments made to you while you work here.

Australian Human Rights Commission Discrimination against people on the basis of their race, descent, colour or ethnic/ national origin is against the law in Australia. If you feel you are being treated unfairly because of your race, you can make a complaint with the Australian Human Rights Commission. If you want to make a complaint, head to: /racial_discrimination

IDP Perth IDP provide expert counsellors to help you assess your study options. Contact them for advice on courses, application processing and student visa guidance. 08 9227 0102

Study in Australia This website provides basic information about studying in Australia, including information on the universities and listings of useful contacts.

Study Perth This website provides information on living and studying in Perth, more detailed information about where to study in Perth, and provides answers to some of the questions you may have while here. 6253 7490

Education and Training International (ETI) ETI are responsible for the admission and enrolment of international students into Western Australian TAFE institutes. They can provide you with information on the procedures for entering a TAFE or intensive English language course. 9218 2100

Tenants Advice Service If you can’t sort out a problem with your landlord, you can contact the Tenants Advice Service for help. 9221 0088

Australian Consumer Law Make sure you are getting a fair deal when shopping or purchasing services. Find out what your legal rights are on their website:

Department of Commerce Has more detailed information about what your obligations and entitlements are when buying products and services. Also has some useful information about what to do if you think you have been cheated out of your money.

Overseas Student Ombudsman The OSO can help you sort out issues with your educational provider if you attend a private college. 1300 362 072

Lifeline If you need to talk to someone about your mental health this resource is a crisis support hotline. 13 11 14

Legal Aid

Sexual Health Helpline (Family Planning WA)

A free legal service that can give you advice if you need to know what your legal rights are.

To talk about sexual health symptoms and get advice, you can call this number to talk to trained medical staff.

1300 650 579

9227 6178

Transperth Find out about trains, buses and ferries, including ticketing information, timetables and more.

Road Transport Authority If you plan on driving around Perth, find out about the road rules and what you need to get yourself a licence.

Beyond Blue A free counselling service that you can ring if you are feeling depressed or anxious. Their website also has great tips for coping with stress.

Emergency: Call 000 Ambulance, Police, Fire If you are in danger and need help, ring this number to get the police, an ambulance or a fire truck to you urgently. Remember to state which service you need and tell them where you are.

Excess Luggage Excess luggage charges on airlines can be quite hefty, so what’s the alternative? Sending your possessions home can be a safe, cost effective method of avoiding these charges. Not only will you avoid the costs but you take the hassle out of returning home. All your goods will be covered by insurance and some companies can even store your goods for a while if you plan to travel before heading home. They take care of all customs requirements at both ends and allow you to focus on everything else you need to get sorted. You can track your possessions online so you always know where they are and have that addition level of security. Focus on enjoying your graduation or simply enjoy a break from study and let the professionals take care of getting your possessions home. We recommend you use Export Air for your shipping as they offer a 10% discount for students. They do free pick-ups of your goods on Tuesdays and Thursdays (conditions apply) to make the experience even easier.

1300 224 636



INTRODUCTION Welcome to Perth and Fremantle, homes of the laid-back lifestyle. Perth is set around the beautiful Swan River, the city is home to less than two million people who are polite and friendly - probably because they live in one of the most picturesque cities in the world. Founded in 1829, Perth is the largest city on the West coast of Australia, with the closest capital city being Adelaide, a staggering 2693km drive away! Even though it is the most isolated capital city in the world, there’s plenty happening every night of the week, so it keeps up with its eastern counterparts. Fremantle dominates the gorgeous coastline near to Perth’s city centre. With a beautiful port, laneways


full of shopping spots and interesting bars you will always be able to find something enjoyable to do. You shouldn’t have to travel more than an hour to get to most of the cool places around Perth and Fremantle. As well as being easy to navigate, the area is becoming more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Many of the popular events are now turning carbon neutral, several businesses and households are embracing solar energy and there is a strong commitment to water conservation too.

it’s perfect for spending time at one of its many beaches. With a wealth of sandy beaches to explore, it’s perfect for those who love nature and getting outdoors. It has some of the best parks and gardens located right in the heart of the city and a number of smaller towns and wildlife parks to visit. You’ll easily find everything you need in Perth and Fremantle, making them ideal spots to live and study in Australia.

Perth and Fremantle also have that typical Australian climate - hot and dry during summer, and cool and wet during the winter months. For those who like the heat, they often experiences heat waves (over 40 degrees) so

Your New City

ACADEMIC HISTORY Although Western Australia is still a relatively young state, having only been around for 185 years, it has a strong history of academic achievement. The University of Western Australia (UWA) was established in 1911 and was one of Perth’s first universities. It was also free to attend, and promoted equality access across the social classes. Perth has spawned a number of famous and highly esteemed people throughout its history. While working

at UWA, Robin Warren and Barry J Marshall rediscovered the bacterium Helicobacter Pylori and proved it is the cause of stomach ulcers. This led to them being awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2005. One of Australia’s most well loved and critically acclaimed authors Tim Winton attended Curtin University, writing two of his novels whilst studying. Since then, he has gone on to receive numerous literary awards and accolades.

Perth also attracts some very talented individuals. Dr Martin Mhando, who was born in Tanzania but has lived in Australia since the early 1990s, was nominated for an Oscar in the foreign language category in 2001 for his film Maangamizi. He’s currently Associate Professor in the School of Media, Communication and Culture at Murdoch University.

FUN FACTS ABOUT PERTH Perth has the highest population per capita of self-made millionaires in the world thanks to its massive mining industry.

The city gets its name from Perth in Scotland, the hometown of Sir George Murray who was the British Secretary of State for the Colonies at the time.

Kings Park in Perth is the biggest city park in the world. It’s even bigger than New York’s Central Park, standing at 4.06 square kilometres.

Broome, a coastal city in the north of the state, has the world’s oldest operational outdoor picture theatre - the Sun Outdoor Picture Theatre, which was built in 1916.

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GETTING AROUND Finding your way around Perth, Fremantle and the outer suburbs isn’t as difficult as it might seem - Perth has a great public transport system which heads out in every direction. Whether you live close to the city or your campus is out in the suburbs, you don’t have to worry too much about getting around. Be wary though - public transport isn’t always the most timely form of getting around. If you need to be somewhere, make sure you leave plenty of time.

Transperth Transperth take care of all the public transport in Perth and some of the outer areas. There are a number of Transperth InfoCentres where you can find everything you need - timetables, tickets, as well as helpful staff who can answer your questions. Check the website for their locations around Perth. You can also call their InfoLine on 13 62 13 or visit the website:

If you plan on travelling on Perth’s public transport system, there are a few things you should know. First, if you’re a tertiary student, you need to have a Tertiary SmartRider card. Even if you have your tertiary student card (from your institution) or another form of identification, it won’t be accepted and you could possibly be issued a fine.

Tickets In Perth and Fremantle, the public transport system has two types of ticketing - SmartRider and cash tickets. When you buy a ticket you don’t just buy a single ride - you buy up to three hours of travel with Transperth. SmartRider A SmartRider is a card purchased with an amount of money stored on it. When you catch a bus, train or tram, the amount for the fare is automatically deducted. You only need one card and you can use it any time. How does it work? All you have to do is touch the card onto a validator when you use any of the Transperth services. Just wait for the short beep or look for the green light which means it’s been a successful ‘tag on’. You also need to ‘tag off’ if you have travelled through more than one zone. How much is a SmartRider? A concession/tertiary student SmartRider card will cost you $5 upfront. From there you’ll need to add money onto your card - a minimum of $10 must be added to your SmartRider. Depending on how often you use public transport will determine how often you need to recharge your card. Where do I get one? If you want to get the best deal, buy one through your institution. If you attend Curtin University, Edith Cowan University, Murdoch University or the University of Western Australia you can apply and get a card fairly easily. Check with your campus to see how you should go about getting a card. Cash Ticket These are the one-off tickets you can buy and the cost will depend on the length of your journey. If you regularly use public transport, you’re much better off getting yourself a SmartRider ticket, as they ensure you receive the lowest and most accurate fare. How does it work? When travelling on a bus, you’ll need to purchase your ticket directly from the driver. Try to have the correct change on you as they don’t carry a lot. If you’re not sure which ticket you need, just ask the driver. If you’re travelling via train, you’ll need to purchase one from the TVM (Ticket Vending Machine) in the station.


Your New City




The best way to get anywhere is via a bus. If you’re just planning on travelling around the city, you should definitely know about the Perth CATs (Central Area Transits). They’re free and run on a loop of different parts of the city.

Where will they take me?

Where will they take me?

There are five train lines that all leave from the middle of Perth (Perth Station) and head out to Armadale, Fremantle, Joondalup, Midland and Mandurah.

You can catch one from Barrack Street in the middle of the city to the South Perth foreshore. The ferry is also a quick and easy way to get to the Perth Zoo.

How often do they come?

Trains run roughly every 15 minutes, and every half hour later in the evening.

Buses around Perth come fairly regularly in the city. Some of the most frequent routes run from 5am to midnight every 4 to 15 minutes, and every half an hour on the weekend. You will need to plan your journey to figure out when your bus is coming. What does the number mean? Each bus has a number and goes a slightly different route. Most of the areas have a similar bus number that services the various routes (e.g.: the buses that travel through the south east, like Victoria Park, have numbers between 170 and 179) Visit one of the Transperth InfoCentres in the city for more information. The train system is a good way of getting to the outer suburbs quickly. Check if there’s a train station near you.

How often do they come?

How often do they come?

As well as the train and bus services, Transperth also operates a ferry service to cross the Swan River.

Ferries will depart approximately every 20 minutes minutes during peak time (7am-9am and 4.30pm-6.30pm) and twice an hour off peak.

Taxis Although they might be the way to travel in other countries, taxis are an expensive way of getting around in Perth and Fremantle. Most people use them late at night when there aren’t many other transport options or if they have no other choice.

There are a few Taxi Ranks located around the city - these are specific areas where you can line up and get a taxi, otherwise you can try hailing one from the side of the road. It’s also a good idea to be wary of how much your trip will cost.

Legion Cabs 13 14 51 Silver Service 13 31 00 Yellow Cabs 13 19 24

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9461 3333

Northbridge Piazza

WA Visitor Centre

EMERGENCY (Ambulance, Fire, Police) 000 WA Police Assistance 13 14 44

TRANSPERTH 13 6213 (Bus, Train and Ferry service information).


1300 361 351

13 1008 13 1330






Your New City




Fremantle Train & Bus Station

Legend Free blue CAT bus route

Police station

Free red CAT bus route


Bike track

Tourist attraction

Free CAT bus stops


Railway line

Public toilets

Fremantle Train Station

Wi-Fi available

Railway crossing

BIKES Keen to save money on bus fares while getting fit? Buy a bike, and ride everyday! Read through our guide to buying a bike to find out the best way to get your wheels in motion. There are three main options: Road, Mountain and Hybrid. What you will need depends on what terrain you will be riding on.

What type of bike do I need?

Mountain These bikes are more heavy duty and designed for a variety of terrains. They are more comfortable than road bikes but don’t go as fast. If you plan to go off-road at any point then a mountain bike might be required.

Hybrid These bikes are the middle ground between the other two; more durable than a road bike but lighter than a mountain bike. They make a great choice for city riding but aren’t capable for most off-road stuff.

Road As the name suggests, this type of bike is designed for riding on roads. They are lightweight, have skinny tyres and are designed for speed. If you will only ever ride on road then these bikes are for you.

Bicycle laws in Australia You will need to buy a helmet; they must be worn while riding a bike in Australia. Normal road rules apply to cyclists but where possible try to stick to the bike lanes available.


Your New City

Where do I buy a bike from?

Bike Force



1 Queen Victoria St, Fremantle Whether you’re after a road bike, flat bar bike or a retro bike to get you to and from uni, make sure you call in and check out the bikes and accessories at Bike Force. The best way to get around Freo is on two wheels!

E-bikes r us

9433 6877

Pal and Panther 123 Angove St, North Perth Opened in 1929, they have developed a fairly comprehensive knowledge of bicycles! Whatever you need in a bike they will be able to help and if you need any information or advice just pop in to speak to the experts. 9328 7253

A fantastic website for all your second-hand needs. Gumtree lists a variety of products and services people are trying to sell. Search for bikes in your location to try and find a bargain! Garage sales When people want to clear a lot of their household goods they will host a garage sale. These events are at their houses (generally in the front yard) and you can barter with them for their unwanted goods. Garage sales are often listed in local newspapers. The website Bikeexchange is a great resource for buying new and used bikes and accessories. Select your desired bike type, size, price range and location, and a list of available options will appear.

Shop 76, E-Shed Victoria Quay, Fremantle E-bikes r us offer premium quality bikes at great prices and specialise in electric bikes. They have a variation of models in store. Hiring a bike from E-bikes r us is the perfect way to explore Fremantle at your own pace and is the best fun you’ll have on two wheels guaranteed. They can also help you convert your existing bike with one of their electric conversion kits. 1800 758 535

Cycle Centre 313 Hay St, East Perth You can easily hire a bike for a half day for just $20, and you’ll receive a helmet, water and various maps for free! You can explore plenty of Perth in that time, but if you want to hire for longer you can. 9325 1176




Bike Shop BikS h

Your New City


5 star ratings. 5 years in a row. THAT’S HOW UNIVERSITY SHOULD BE

At ECU, our approachable lecturers give you the time and direction you need, and our commitment to our students is one of the reasons why our graduates have again awarded us a five-star rating for Teaching Quality and Graduate Satisfaction. In fact, we have received the same five-star rating for the past five years.

Apply Now 303 LOWE ECU10566 CRICOS IPC 00279B

Tel: (613) 8676 7039 E:

★★★★★ TEACHING QUALITY ★★★★★ GRADUATE SATISFACTION The Good Universities Guide 2014

INDIGENOUS AUSTRALIA Before European colonisation in 1788, Australia’s population was made up entirely of the Indigenous people of Australia – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. There were hundreds of communities around the country that spoke several different languages and held different beliefs while upholding various common traditions and practices.

It’s important to appreciate that the European or Western way of life that you now see in Australia is a relatively new concept (only a few hundred years old). The Indigenous population has inhabited Australia for over 60,000 years. Today, elements of Indigenous culture can be found in many areas of modern Australian life. Indigenous art, music, people, stories and history are an important part of our national identity. Land Ownership To the Indigenous people of Australia, the concept of land ownership that Western cultures have (i.e. buying and selling land) is very different from their own.

Their relationship with the land was, and remains, at the core of their spirituality. Land was not viewed as something that a person could “own”. As this society and land ownership system was not respected by the British, Australia was viewed as ‘terra nullius’ (“land belonging to no one”) and the land was colonised. Today, some important legal milestones have been reached in the area of Indigenous land rights, which indicate that cultural sensitivity and respect can dictate how Australia moves forward. Experiencing Indigenous Australian Culture If you’re interested in learning more about this

incredibly rich and diverse culture, we highly recommend visiting your local museum to discover how Indigenous Australians used tools, shared stories over generations, created spectacular artwork and lived off the land. If you’re planning a trip, you might like to consider Uluru in the Northern Territory to learn about this remarkable natural wonder and its importance to the local Indigenous community. A local Anangu guide can give you a rich insight into this part of the world. You could even head to Alice Springs to check out Aboriginal art galleries, or the Kimberleys in WA and discover some rock art.

Black : Represents the Aboriginal tribes of Australia. Red: Represents the red earth and the red ochre, which symbolises a spiritual relationship with the land. Yellow: Represents the sun, the provider of life and the protector of people.

Your New City


AUSSIE CULTURAL DIVERSITY It’s no secret that Australia is one of the most multicultural countries in the world: people from all over the world have migrated here, vibrantly shaping the Australia that we experience today.




Australia has a large Asian population, which started growing back in the 1850s with the Australian Gold Rush. In 1861, just after the height of the gold rush, Chinese immigrants made up 3.3% of the population. Since then, the number has continued to rise, with Australia now home to well over 200,000 Chinese residents. The second most commonly spoken language at home in Australia is Mandarin. Other Asian countries have also made a significant impact on the Australian lifestyle, with an increasing number of residents from Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Australia was settled by the British, so our association with England and Great Britain goes back a long way. Captain Cook shored the country back in 1788 and a variety of English, Irish and Scottish migrants began to make their way to Australia. Over 1 million residents currently living in Australia were born in the United Kingdom. British culture can be seen everywhere in Australia - our fondness for cricket, our flag, our language and our love for a thirst-quenching ale.

Indian migration to Australia is one of the more recent patterns of immigration. Over 153,000 Australian residents were born in India according to the most recent Census. However, it’s said some of the first settlers were Indian convicts transported by the British Colonial Government in India back in 1788! A large portion of Indian migrants also arrived in Australia during the Gold Rush. Since then, the Indian culture has been bolstered by a strong student intake each year.

Your New City

European The Dutchman, Willem Janszoon was the first European to discover Australia in 1606, Even before Captain Cook. While there were some European cultures that made their way to Australia in its early years, it wasn’t until after World War II that Europe started changing the face of Australia. With so many displaced people after the War, ethnicities from all over Europe made their way to the country. The influences of Italian and Greek cultures can be found almost everywhere, as well as German, Polish and Eastern European nationalities, and nowhere is this more obvious than in Australian cuisine.


Your New City


SETTING-UP + FIRST STEPS INTRODUCTION Before you can start exploring and enjoying everything this place has to offer, there are a few necessary things to sort out. These are basic things, like where you’re going to live. Will you be living in private accommodation, or perhaps with an Australian family? Once you have sorted out your living situation, there’s the all-important furnishing of your home. Where can you find cheap furniture? What sort of things should you be buying anyway? We’ve got all those questions answered too.

Next on the list is getting connected. It’s pretty hard to study and keep in touch with your family back home if you don’t have any Internet access or a phone contact. There are plenty of options when it comes to getting connected, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble setting yourself up. Of course, if you’re going to be living in Australia for a while, you’re going to need a source of income - and nobody likes relying on Mum and Dad forever. Finding a job is a great way to experience more of the Australian culture and meet more of

the locals, not to mention improve your English and gain some quality experience. If you have never applied for a job before, look no further than here for all the tips and tricks you’ll need to secure that part time position. Setting up a bank account is also crucial. In this chapter, we tell you what to look out for when setting it up, as well as what you will need if you want to transfer or receive money from overseas.

Getting Social Your accommodation may be full of students also looking to make new friends. The shared spaces of your building are a great place to meet new people. Use this guide to find cool places to go hang out and get to know them better.



NEED TO KNOWS Second-hand One of the best tips for any new student is to try and live cheaply. You want to have enough money to spend exploring your new city, so if you can find bargains on the essentials, you’ll be off to a good start. A lot of second-hand shops are run by charities like the Red Cross or the Salvation Army. There is sure to be some low priced pre-loved furniture you can give a new home to. Otherwise keep an eye on your university pin boards - other international students usually try to sell their bigger items before they head back home.

Garage Sales Hosted out the front of residential homes, garage sales are a great opportunity to pick up a bargain. Just because someone else is selling something doesn’t mean it won’t be ideal for you. Garage sales are a great place to pick up household items like couches, bed frames (not mattresses!), crockery and small items for around your home.

Go Online

These are great websites where people can sell just about anything - old furniture, tickets to concerts, even pets. The good thing about these websites is that you almost always need to meet the person selling you the goods – meaning you can check it out before you buy it and you don’t have to pay for delivery! It’s always a good idea to take a friend with you when you’re checking out your desired item, just to be safe.

Storage If you come to Australia and find you have a lot more stuff than you can store, you might need to look into storing it. There are plenty of places around that will store your stuff in a small garage for a period of time. It can get pretty pricey though, so make sure you do your research. Your institution will be able to help you here.

Social Networks On the Garage Sales Facebook page, use the event tab to keep track of where you can pick up a bargain!



THE RIGHT ACCOMMODATION One of the first things you’ll need to think about after you have decided what you’re going to be studying in Australia is where you’ll live. There are a few options that you can choose from but make sure you do your research - check with your institution about their recommended accommodation, and take into account your needs and budget before you lock anything in.

Student Apartments


Most universities offer student apartments where you might share with a few other students or have your own room. What will I get? You’ll get fully furnished rooms, which can range from 1 to 5 bedrooms, a shared kitchen and bathroom. How much will it cost? It depends on the apartment, but you’ll be paying between $200 and $500 a week. What are some of the advantages?  here’s a real emphasis on community T some house over 400 students! Plus you don’t have to worry about furnishing your place. What are some of the disadvantages? It can be quite expensive and you may have to pay for your Internet use separately. Who should I talk to?

A homestay is where you live with an Australian family in their home for the duration of your study. You may live with a family, a couple or another person. What will I get? Depending on the family you stay with, you may get different facilities, but you’ll certainly get your own furnished bedroom. How much will it cost? Living with a family will probably cost you between $250 and $300 a week. What are some of the advantages? You’ll get most of your meals provided, as well as Internet and you won’t have to worry about setting up utilities or phone lines. What are some of the disadvantages? Sharing with a family might be frustrating, you may live quite far from your institution and you won’t get a sense of living independently. Who should I talk to? Check out the Australian Homestay Network. They can help you link up with a family, as well as answer important questions.



Residential Colleges Colleges are a great accommodation option for international students as a lot of the basics are taken care of, and most colleges are only a short distance from the big universities. What will I get? At a residential college you’ll receive all your meals, as well as a weekly room clean. You’ll get yourself a fully furnished bedroom, plus access to Wi-Fi, library facilities and tutors. How much will it cost? It depends on the college you choose, but most colleges cost between $285 and $410 a week. What are some of the advantages? It’s a great way to meet lots of different people while utilities and Internet are often included in the price.

Renting & Share Houses This is true independent living - renting an apartment or a house either alone or with housemates. What will I get? Renting a place means you call the shots. You have to pay for everything though, including furniture, food, utilities as well as rent. How much will it cost? $100 - $400 a week - depending on how many you share with and where you live. That usually doesn’t include bills, and it definitely doesn’t cover any food costs. What are some of the advantages? Independent living is great and you can meet a whole bunch of new people, plus you have a lot more control of your living arrangement.

What are some of the disadvantages?

What are some of the disadvantages?

Sharing bathrooms can be frustrating, you’re often locked into a yearly contract and there’s such a strong social aspect you might find it hard to concentrate.

Paying for everything, including furniture and all utilities can be tough and it can get lonely if you’re living by yourself.

Who should I talk to?

Who should I talk to? Since renting is a private matter, your institution won’t have much to do with this. There is plenty of information available on real estate and sharehouse websites.

Check your institution’s website first they’ll point you in the direction of the right colleges. You can then check out their websites and find out all the important information.



YOUR NEW HOUSE Most student accommodation comes ‘fully furnished’ so you may only need to buy a some personal items. But where can you go to pick up a bargain?

What to buy


Where to buy

(1) Bathroom – Towels, Bath Mat


(2) Study - Computer, Lamp,

(3) Bedroom – Linen, Decorations

Cheap Options

(4) Kitchen – Cutlery, Crockery

Target, Kmart, Big W, Ikea (not electrical)

If you are not in a fully furnished place then you will also need to buy a bed, mattress, couch, desk, kettle, toaster and fridge, etc.

More Expensive Options


Harvey Norman, Myer, David Jones

The Housemate’s Code


Living with other people is often an essential way of living for university students. However, it can turn into a nightmare. Often that is due to a problematic housemate. So, follow our housemate etiquette guide to make sure that’s not you!

Personal Items Respect the personal items of your housemates. Don’t use their things without permission and don’t assume because you’ve used something once they will always be okay with you using it again.

Privacy Don’t enter your housemate’s personal space without permission, especially if they aren’t around. Even if you claim to be okay with people doing that to you, it does not mean they feel the same way.

Party vs Quiet Time Cans This includes aluminium and steel cans. Glass If you have an empty glass bottle, you can recycle it. Remember to take the tops off!

Discuss your commitments with your housemates to determine which times are quiet times. There is nothing wrong with partying as long as it suits all housemates.

Smoking Most rental properties in Australia are non-smoking indoors. If your housemates are uncomfortable with smoking then do not light up right next to them.

Paper & Card This includes newspapers, junk mail, milk cartons, printer paper etc. Remember to remove any plastic wrapping! Plastics This includes milk bottles, soft drink bottles, juice bottles etc. Remember to take the tops off!

Money Make sure you pay your rent and bills on time and never rely on your housemates to cover your share. Also, don’t buy something and expect your housemates to chip in without discussing it with them first.

Cleaning The cleaning of communal spaces should be a shared job so make sure you do your part. This often works best if you work out a schedule of chores, unless all housemates have tasks they prefer doing. Also even though your personal space is yours, it is still part of the overall space so try to keep it at least reasonably tidy.



GETTING CONNECTED So you have just landed in Australia and you’re probably looking to get on the Internet, contact your new friends and make some long distance calls back home. Getting connected is pretty easy in Australia if you know what to do.

Wi-Fi In Australia, there are plenty of places that offer free wireless. You can often find WiFi hotspots in some airports, cafes, public libraries, McDonalds and your campus (although you may have to sign up to use these – check with your institution first). If you’re struggling to find a connection anywhere, there are a few Wi-Fi-Finder apps on smartphones too. Just head over to one of these spots, pull up a chair and connect to the web – too easy!

Mobile Broadband and 3G There will be times when free wireless will not be available and you need an alternative. Wireless dongles are ideal for this situation. They plug into your computer through your USB port and are available from phone companies like Telstra. They are available in range of options depending on your monthly data usage. Another option is using the data (3g or 4g) connection on your phone through your laptop. Don’t do this too often though as most phone plans have fairly low data allowance.



Home Internet If you’re living in a house a more cost effective solution may be entering a contract. There are a whole range of different plans and contracts out there, so make sure you do your research and choose the right one for you. Try to find one that includes a wireless modem or router, otherwise you’ll have to buy one separately. Plans usually include a download limit, and the higher the cost per month, the more downloads you receive. You can often sign up for a year or more and the longer you sign up for, the cheaper it gets. We recommend getting Naked ADSL (uses your land line) as, let’s be honest, who uses land line phones these days anyway? Telstra:

Skype If you prefer to see as well as hear your loved ones back home, Skype is certainly your best option. Combining video and sound, it’s basically a video call and, best of all it’s free if the person you’re calling has Skype too. So make sure your family signs up back home to keep things cheap. Just visit the Skype website, download the software and you’re done! Another voice-based option is Skype credit which also allows you to call foreign mobiles at great rates.

Mobile Phones Living in Australia, almost everyone has a mobile phone and chances are you had one back home too. Unfortunately, that one might not work here, as it may be locked to your provider back home. There are ways around this, but most short-term travellers will often purchase a cheap mobile phone on a pre-paid deal, meaning you pay for what you use and aren’t locked into any sort of monthly contract. You can buy these pre-paid SIM cards (and rechargeable credit) from almost anywhere – supermarkets, service stations and mobile phone outlets. Alternatively, if you’re here for a while, you can sign up to a plan, which can often provide greater value (and better phones), but comes with a fixed-term contract (usually 24 months).

Viber & Whats App

Phone Cards If your parents aren’t very computer savvy, perhaps a phone call might be easier. To keep your costs down, make sure you buy a phone card – it’s about 80% cheaper than calls from a home phone.

If you have got a smartphone, there are a few apps out there that can help you save your dollars while still communicating with the people you want. Viber is a great app which uses all your existing contacts. It lets you make calls and send messages - all for free. It uses your 3G connection to connect with other Viber users, so it’s a great alternative to other methods. Best of all, it works with any network and any operating system (Android, Windows and iOS).



ExplorE AustrAliA with thE nEtwork thAt givEs you morE wElcomE to wondErful pErth When you’re an international student starting a new adventure in a big country, you need a network you can rely on to stay on top of your studies, help you explore the local sights and keep in touch with new friends. Here’s how we can help you settle in to one of the most beautiful cities in the world:

A nEtwork without EquAl

tElstrA thAnks®

tElstrA prE-pAid offErs

wE’rE locAl

As Australia’s largest and most reliable mobile network with more 4G coverage than other networks, you’ll be able to enjoy faster speeds in more places.

Choose from a range of great Pre-Paid offers, like Telstra Pre-Paid Cap Encore, which gives you free talk and text to standard Australian numbers every night. You can even use your cap credit to call standard international numbers, making it easy to stay in touch with family back home.

Telstra Thanks can give you access to lots of great things to do in your free time, with pre-sale music tickets, money can’t buy sports experiences and discounted $10 movie tickets. With over 29 stores in Perth, no matter where you are, there’s a Telstra store nearby where our friendly staff are ready to get you connected. So pop in and see us today.

thE tElstrA moBilE nEtwork offErs 4g in All cApitAl cBds And AssociAtEd Airports, mAny surrounding suBurBAn ArEAs And in ovEr 100 rEgionAl ArEAs. you’ll AutomAticAlly switch to our fAstEst AvAilABlE 3g in othEr covErAgE ArEAs Around AustrAliA. chEck covErAgE At THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW: Telstra 4G: Typical download speeds of between 2Mbps and 50Mbps are available to 4G devices in 4G areas. Outside 4G areas, you will switch to our fastest available 3G speeds. Speeds vary for reasons like location, distance from base stations, terrain, user numbers, hardware/software configuration, download source and upload destination. Telstra Pre-Paid Cap Encore: Cap Credit, Free Talk & Text and Data exclude some use such as: talk/text

tElstrA prE-pAid cAp EncorE®



rEchArgE/crEdit top up

250 400



($30 rEchArgE crEdit & $220 cAp crEdit) for tAlk & tExt to stAndArd AustrAliAn & intErnAtionAl numBErs


frEE tAlk & tExt 6pm to 6Am EvEry night to stAndArd AustrAliAn numBErs

All for usE in AustrAliA within 30 dAys informAtion currEnt until 18 fEBruAry 2014

for morE informAtion, visit your locAl tElstrA storE or go to to satellite numbers and premium numbers, operator assisted calls, content charges, MessageBank® retrieval and all use overseas. So you can enjoy the full benefits of the Telstra Mobile Network, be sure to check that your device supports 3G-850MHz. Telstra Thanks: $10 Movie Tickets: Only available online for Event Cinemas, Greater Union, Birch Carroll & Coyle, Village branded cinemas and Moonlight Cinemas in Australia. Ticket price includes booking fee and GST. Surcharge applies for VMAX and 3D. Not valid for Gold Class, movie marathons, special events and alternate content. Not valid in conjunction with any other promotion or discount. Purchase is strictly upon availability and a maximum of 10 tickets available per transaction. Tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded. Visit for full details. The spectrum device and ™ are trade marks and ® are registered trade marks of Telstra Corporation Limited ABN 33 051 775 556.

FINDING A JOB While you’re staying in Australia, chances are you’re going to need to support yourself financially. One of the ways you’ll be able to do that is by getting a job. We’ve highlighted some of the important steps involved.

Decide Why should I get a job? Working has a number of benefits apart from just money. Getting a job in Australia means you’ll get to meet new people, as well as improve your English. You’ll also gain valuable experience. How much can I work? International students studying full time in Australia for more than 3 months automatically receive a work visa when you apply for your Australian student visa. This means you can work for up to 40 hours a fortnight during the semester and an unlimited amount during term breaks. What sort of job should I get? Most students find work in retail or hospitality industries because of the flexible hours they offer. This includes working at a supermarket or waiting tables at a local restaurant. The good thing is that a lot of these jobs don’t require much experience before you start.

Hunt How do I find a job? First things first, get your résumé polished and start door knocking on businesses you want to work at. Expect to get rejected by 90% of them, but this is a great way to get your name in front of the managers and staff as it shows that you’re keen. Where can I go to find work? If you don’t have any luck in person, try these websites.

Where else can I go to find work? If you can’t find anything online, you could always try looking at your institution. Many universities and colleges also have online job boards that are worth taking a look at.



Prepare Do I need a Tax File Number? Yes, you do. A Tax File Number means you will get taxed at the correct rate. You just have to fill out a form online and have your passport handy. Visit to apply for one. What else should I know? Many Australians are very approachable people, so don’t be too nervous about asking lots of questions. Most will be happy to help you out. Just remember to be polite, punctual and willing to learn. What happens if I get in trouble? While most businesses in Australia try to keep their employees happy, some might try to underpay or overwork you. If you think something’s not right, you can always call the Fair Work Ombudsman on 13 13 94 or visit the website at They can advise you on what to do next.

Apply How do I apply for a job? If you have found the job on the Internet, chances are you’ll be able to apply directly through the website. Do I need to include a résumé? If you have found a job in person, most places will ask you to send them a résumé. A résumé is basically a record of your previous work experience. Keep your résumé short and include a reference - a previous employer or someone who has seen you work or study. Try asking a friendly tutor. I’ve been offered an interview, now what? Congratulations! If you have managed to get an interview, you’re almost there. It’s always a good idea to prepare for an interview - get a friend to ask you some questions about your skills and your experience, and practice answering them.

Being Social Not only are jobs great for making money and improving your English, they are also fantastic ways of meeting new people.



BANKING & MONEY If you’re going to be living in Australia for a period of time, you’re going to need to have somewhere to safely keep your money. This is where having an Australian bank account is a good idea.

New Accounts

Setting Up a Bank Account There are plenty of different banks available in Australia and there’s sure to be one that suits your needs. What should I bring? Head into the bank and explain that you’d like to open an account. Make sure you bring enough ID with you. Most banks will need to see your passport, visa, or driver’s license (if you have one) as well as proof of address - you can bring a household bill. What do I get? You’ll get a bankcard - this is what you’ll use when you want to pay for something by EFTPOS or withdraw money from your account.

ATMs What are they? Automatic Teller Machines are a fast, easy and convenient way to withdraw money from your bank account. ATMs generally offer different language features, so you can choose your native language to help you out. ATMs are found at most local shopping centres, many convenience stores and even a number of bars and clubs. What are the fees? Most banks won’t charge you for using their ATM but if you use another bank’s ATM, you will be charged $2. They call this a ‘disloyalty fee’. It’s also a good idea to avoid the smaller machines found in pubs, clubs and service stations - these will also charge you a fee.

Online banking All of the major Australian banks allow you to transfer funds, pay bills and manage your accounts online. Be sure to ask for your internet banking options at your local branch.



Money Transfer What do I need to do to receive money from overseas?

What do I need to do to send money overseas?

It’s your birthday and your parents want to send some cash to you in Australia as a gift from back home. You’re going to need to let them know a few things first.

You want to send a bit of money to your parents back home. There are a few things you’ll need from them before you can do an international money transfer.

Make sure you let them know your:

Make sure you know their:

Australian bank account name

Bank account name and account number

Australian bank account number and BSB

The overseas bank ‘sort’ code

Address of the bank your account is with Australian bank SWIFT Code

International Bank Account Number (IBAN) (Europe only) SWIFT code of the overseas bank

PayWave & PayPass Modern credit and debit cards now come equipped with either PayWave (Visa cards) or PayPass (Mastercard cards). These cards allow contact-less transfer of funds for transactions below $100. All you have to do is tap your card against the sensor and the payment will go through. For payments over $100 you will still need to either insert your PIN or sign.

Notes & Coins

Travellers Cheques

It’s always a good idea to have some cash on you when travelling and a good way to do that is by converting your home currency into Australian Dollars (AUD). If you have some currency from back home and want to change it, head into your local post office. They’ll exchange it based on the current rates.

If you have brought some with you they can be easily exchanged for cash at your bank, or through Amex and Thomas Cook. Just make sure you bring your passport when you want to cash them in.

Looking to plan your student budget? Head to the ANZ Cost of Living tool to assess how much you spend.



xin chĂ o

Welcome and best of luck this semester from your ANZ Personal Bankers. Whether you call Australia home, or you’ve come here to study, ask us how you could make the most of your money with ANZ Student Advantage.

While you’re studying, we understand you want to make every dollar count. That’s why we’ve designed ANZ Student Advantage – banking tailored to the unique needs of students. •

Monthly account fees waived while you study1

ANZ Access Visa Debit Card for shopping online and overseas2

Flexible online savings account with 24/7 access

Award winning mobile banking app3

Optional credit card or fee-free overdraft4

James St

Stirling St

Beaufort St

Roe St

William St

Nicks Ln

If you require assistance in a language other than English, we also have multilingual staff conveniently located at the following city branches. Come in and say hello.

Wellington St

• 77 St Georges Terrace Murray St

Perth Central

Barrack St

Williams St

Murray St

Hay St

• 237 Murray Street • 102 James Street Other convenient locations include: • 5 Queen St Fremantle • 8 Old Collier Rd Morley

Sherwood Ct

Howard St

St Georges Tce

The Esplanade

For more information phone 13 13 14.

The monthly account service fee waiver is available for full time students only and will be waived on one nominated ANZ Access Advantage account. Proof of enrolment with an Australian Educational Institution at any ANZ Branch is required. 2 Eligibility criteria applies to issue of an ANZ Access Visa Debit card. Please contact us for further information. 3 ANZ goMoney was awarded the 2011 IDC Financial Insights Innovation Award. 4 Applicants must be over 18 years old to apply for an ANZ credit facility or credit card. Approval is subject to ANZ’s credit assessment criteria. Terms and Conditions, Fees and Charges apply. Eligibility criteria applies. Any information provided does not take into account your personal needs and financial circumstances and you should consider whether it is appropriate for you. ANZ recommends you read the relevant Terms and Conditions or Product Disclosure Statement and the Financial Services Guide, which are available at or by calling 13 13 14, before deciding whether to acquire, or continue to hold, any product.All applications for credit are subject to ANZ’s credit assessment criteria. Australian Credit Licence Number 234527. ANZ’s colour blue is a trade mark of ANZ. Item No. 86001P 05.2013 W345562 1

STAYING HEALTHY Your health can seem unimportant when you’re studying, but it needs to be a priority. Our Editor talked to Dr. Maggie Phillips about some important issues for international students.

Sexual Health Diet Students are more at risk of stomach upsets because of the high-party, high-stress lifestyle. Eating fast food can seem easy, but cooking meals that are low in fat and high in fibre is the best option. The better you eat, the better your body can use the energy for study. Don’t rely on high-caffeine ‘energy’ drinks. Have three solid meals a day and you will have plenty of energy. Take the time to prepare healthy meals at home.

Climate Australia is a dry country so you may need to adjust if you’re used to humidity. Showering too often will wash away the oils your skin needs for dry conditions. If you’re getting itchy, switch to moisturising soaps or use Sorbolene (moisturiser).

Sunlight Vitamin D deficiency is common and you may easily end up deficient if you are not spending much time in the sun. The easiest way to combat this is to spend more time in the sun - only 15 minutes a day is needed, so take your books and sit outside while you study. Otherwise, you may need vitamin supplements.


You can get contraceptive medications and devices very easily and cheaply in Australia. Condoms are available from supermarkets and pharmacies. Emergency contraceptives are available from pharmacies if you need them. Take them within 24 hours for the most effective result. Pregnancy terminations are not easy to get in Australia. It can take weeks to organise, and late terminations can be difficult to arrange and expensive.

Mental Health Remember to take time out for yourself. If things seem too hard, talk to friends and family. Universities and colleges often have counselling services or you can use free services Beyond Blue and Lifeline. Make sure you talk to someone as soon as you feel like things are getting too hard to handle.

Clinic Hours Very few medical clinics are open seven days or have 24-hour services (and those that do can be expensive). If you need a medical certificate or you have a minor illness like a cold, wait until the doctor’s offices are open. You can also ring Healthdirect Australia to get advice on treating non-lifethreatening illnesses:

Ambulance Cover

Some OSHC policies have gaps or limitations in ambulance cover. This means you may not be covered if you require an ambulance but you may not need to go to hospital. These bills can be hundreds of dollars, so be sure to check these ‘non-emergency’ situations with your provider!


If you need to go to a public hospital in a non-emergency situation or for an elective procedure, then call your OSHC provider and check that you will be covered. Remember to ask your OSHC provider where their nearest agreement hospital is. You should then give that hospital a call to confirm that you will be accepted as a patient with OSHC. There is nothing worse than getting some nasty administrative surprises when all you want is medical treatment! Remember, your OSHC may not cover you for private hospitals.


If you face a situation where you feel like you’re being ripped off or unfairly treated in regards to your OSHC, you can call the Private Health Insurance Ombudsman (PHIO). It’s a free service designed to help you out of trouble! 1800 640 695

1800 022 222


3G ce


Study Live


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It’s every

WHEN THINGS BREAK Living away from home can be a lot of fun, but what happens when something goes wrong?

The Taps are Leaking If your taps are leaking, you can try tightening or replacing the seal or washer. The team at the hardware store can give you some good advice. If it’s more serious, your agent or landlord needs to know first as they should be paying for this. They will either organise a plumber to come over, or they may tell you to organise a plumber and they will pay you back. We recommend Jim’s Plumbing

Your TV Stopped Working Assuming you bought the TV new and it’s under warranty, you’ll need to call the manufacturers or take it back to the store where you bought it. They might send out a technician. If it’s not under warranty, you can either pay a repair man to fix it (which can cost a lot), or throw it out. If you want to throw it out, don’t dump it on the street! Call your council and ask where you can dispose of it.

You Have Spilled Some Red Wine… 1. Pour salt/Bi-Carb Soda on it, wait until the powder turns red then remove it. Repeat until it stops going red. 2. Grab some paper towel and pat it around the edges to stop it spreading. Don’t rub or wipe. 3. Call a professional carpet cleaner if you need to (about $80).


Oven’s Not Working 1. Check the gas supply. If you have gas bottles, are they empty? 2. Call your agent or landlord and ask for a repairman to check it out.

Broken Windows If you have accidentally broken a window, you need to get it fixed as soon as possible. Your landlord won’t pay for this, as it was your fault. Have a look online for a glazier - these guys can replace windows quickly and easily. Be ready to spend a bit of money though, they’re not cheap. Make sure you let your landlord know as well - they might be able to organise it with you.

Your Furniture has Become Unusable Your couch may have been comfortable once upon a time, but now it’s horrible to sit on, and some of the springs are poking through. Getting rid of a couch can be as easy as making a phone call.

Broken Fridge

Check your local council’s website for their policy on ‘hard rubbish’ - most will be more than happy to come and collect your old couch for a small fee or for free (some councils do this free once or twice a year). Again, don’t just leave it out on the footpath.

1. Remove all of the perishables and put them into an Esky or an ice filled sink / tub. 2. Check the power point and electrical box to ensure it’s getting power. Make sure the doors are shutting properly and that the motor is running; if not, it is best to call a professional. 3. If it’s not worth fixing it, call your council to determine the best option to dispose of it. Don’t put it on the street or you’ll get a fine!



INTRODUCTION Perth and Fremantle may not be widely considered as shopping capitals of Australia, but they are changing that impression. Perth has a massive shopping precinct around the malls on Hay Street and Murray Street where you’ll find chain stores, speciality shops and some great little places to grab souvenirs for your family and friends back home. Those who love designer clothing can satisfy all their needs on the very unique King Street, where Louis Vuitton, Gucci and other world-class brands can be found. But for those looking for a


bargain, you’ll find all sorts of amazing cheap deals at Harbour Town’s outlet stores. Heading out of the city into Northbridge and Mount Lawley you can find the work of local designers and artists. Or head out of the city the other way to Claremont and you can find some of the highest quality goods at Claremont Quarter.

clothes, shoes, records and homewares to buy or just lose hours browsing at. Each shop has its own individual charm and provides a great contrast to the range of shops available in Perth.

Fremantle is famous for its array of regular markets that add to its already exciting shopping experiences. These include wandering through endless laneways to discover quirky products and one-off designs. You will come across amazing


NEED TO KNOWS Opening Hours In Australia, most stores open by 9am and close by 5pm. Major supermarkets are usually open until 9pm during the week. On Sundays, most shops will open later at 11am. Usually Thursdays or Fridays will see longer trading hours, known as ‘late night shopping’ and most shops have extended hours around Christmas.

Sales Everybody loves to pick up a bargain and Australia has two big sales throughout the year – the end of financial year (July 1) and Boxing Day, after Christmas (December 26). Most shops will also have sales racks or ‘bargain bins’ year-round, where you can pick up a cheap deal.

EFTPOS Electronic Funds Transfer Point of Sale (EFTPOS) is where you can use your bankcard to pay for your purchase. You’ll need to swipe or insert your card and enter your PIN. Some places have a $10 minimum purchase amount and some will also offer ‘cash out’ – an easy way to withdraw money from your bank account whilst shopping.

Go Online Sometimes after a long search, you can’t find what you want in a store, or you’re simply looking for a cheaper option. Why not try shopping online? As long as you have a debit or credit card, you can purchase anything and everything, and it can be a way to get a great bargain. Just be careful of shipping and postage – it can be very expensive.

The Average Australian The average weekly income in Australia is $1518.40 for a male and $1252.20 for a female.



SHOP SPOTS Perth has everything for an enthusiastic shopper – cheap bargains for those looking to save their cash or high priced boutiques for those with money to burn. Best of all, since Perth is so small you can find almost everything in the city centre, or close to it.

The City



Perth plays host to some of Australia’s best outlets when it comes to shopping. Murray Street Mall is one of the few pedestrian malls in Perth wall-to-wall shops and places to eat, all without the hassle of traffic. You’ll be able to find all the main fashion outlets easily here. This is also where you can find the bigger department stores in Myer, Target and David Jones. Keep your eyes out for the regular buskers who perform throughout the day. Arcades like Carillon City, Piccadilly Plaza and Trinity run from Murray Street Mall through to Hay Street Mall - the second biggest mall in Perth. You can wander through both and discover a whole range of speciality shops.

If you prefer to find something a little alternative, Leederville is probably where you’ll find it. It’s a funky suburb where you’ll find plenty of secondhand traders, vinyl shops and awesome grungy fashion stores. This is the perfect place to come and find something a bit different, and chances are you won’t have to spend a whole lot.

Fremantle has good shopping if you know where to look. Quirky women’s fashion stores that you don’t find anywhere else, divine vintage clothes shops, independent shops, unusual and original arty boutiques from WA designers.




Claremont Claremont is Perth’s classy shopping area - so make sure you save your dollars before you head up this way. With plenty of upmarket boutiques and designer labels for fashion and homewares, you’re certainly going to need a bigger budget for this area. Check out Claremont Quarter, the centre for shopping. It hosts some of the hottest fashion stores in the country, like Alannah Hill, Calvin Klein, Sass & Bide and Oxford. It’s only a 20-minute drive from the centre of Perth and there’s a stack of public transport that can get you out that way too.

There are a variety of shops that encompass everyday needs, good fresh produce and markets. It’s a diverse, vibrant place to relax and browse and enjoy the fresh air between gorgeous stores instead of the same old chains in shopping centres. It’s an interesting experience to browse small boutiques in interesting streets. Fremantle offers a different shopping experience to M in U Perth, S I and C the elsewhere best way to find the coolest spots is to explore by yourself. A lot of the smaller pedestrian malls hide amazing vintage and second-hand stores like She Seldom Blushes and Vinnies. For those L E who S Slike O aNgood S market, Fremantle is also home to the famous Fremantle Markets with over 150 stalls encompassing fashion, gifts, food, fresh produce and heaps more. Also worth checking out is the Myer building that is home to over 40 pop up shops.


Clothing • Accessories

16B S A L E





GOOD STUDENT / BAD STUDENT With increasing ease of access to the Internet there are a range of new aides to help you with your study. However, the range of distractions has also increased along with it. Websites, software and mobile apps have changed the way people operate and added plenty of new productive and unproductive tools.

Good Student Evernote




A favourite in the Insider office, this is a great app to help with productivity. Make to-do lists, write notes, save photos and text from inside browser windows, and sync it all across your devices. Winner of countless awards, this really is a ‘must-have’ tool.

The best software for storing and sharing files. Always have access to your files from any location or source, excellent for working on the go. Group assignments are a breeze as well with all group members easily able to share and collaborate.

Available in both a Pro or Lite version, this app will revolutionise your study life. Manage your study schedule, class timetables and assignment due dates. Use iStudiez to take control of your study routine.

Do you make flashcards to help you study? This app, developed at Harvard University, removes the need to make physical flashcards. Create your own or use one of the tens of millions of pre-made decks to assist your memory.

Candy Crush




This addictive game is the ultimate time-waster! Hours can be lost trying to complete levels. Do not download this if you want a successful semester. If you are already hooked then rehab may be required!

A fun way to interact with your friends. Take a photo, send it to a friend and they only have a few seconds to look at it before it disappears forever. Not a great way to talk to your grandma back home but a novel way to mess around with your friends! In small doses this is harmless fun but do not overdo it.

Full of daily videos, pictures and articles, this is specifically designed to waste the time of university/college students. Their production team sits in their New York office writing content for you to find more hilarious and entertaining than your textbooks.

Another great resource that can waste hours of students’ time. Don’t pretend you will just watch one video as you know that you will keep going. With a seemingly infinite supply of videos you can be lost in hours of related videos. The cat videos can wait until the uni holidays!

Bad Student



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Upon completion of TELP, you do not need to take an IELTS test before you begin the High School or Foundation programs.

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Diploma of Commerce The Taylors College Diploma of Commerce has been designed specifically for students looking for an alternative pathway to The University of Western Australia (UWA) Business School. The eight month Diploma of Commerce is equivalent to the first year Bachelor of Commerce degree from UWA and on successful completion guarantees students entry into second year of any UWA Business School major (Accounting, Business Law, Economics, Finance, Human Resource Management, Management and Marketing).

Provider: Study Group Australia Pty Limited trading as Taylors College. CRICOS Provider Code: 01963G (WA) Provider: The University of Western Australia. Provider Code: 00126G


VINTAGE & MARKETS Vintage stores are a fantastic way to find that unique item to finish your look and usually on the cheap. Markets are also a great way to find the freshest produce at the best prices, and everyone knows it’s important to eat those fruit and veg.

E-shed Markets

Perth City Farm Markets


Victoria Quay, Fremantle Open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9am-5pm, E-shed offers students a cool, relaxed and inspiring shopping experience. There are heaps of stalls to explore selling arts and crafts as well as fresh produce. The food is fantastic and being on the waterfront means you can sit and enjoy in style. You can also hire a bike and explore Fremantle properly after the markets have closed for the day.

1 City Farm Pl, East Perth Every Saturday, the people of Perth come out to visit the Perth City Farm - particularly the Farmers Market. While it doesn’t sell farming equipment or farmers it does sell some of Perth’s freshest and finest fruit, vegetables, plants, flowers and homemade foods. Farmers come here and sell produce direct to the public, so you get great quality goodies for cheap!

411 William St, Northbridge Stocking a large range of designer clothing, these guys are also big art fans, so they often have a selection of art and various art-related items in store. You’ll certainly be able to find something to brighten up your room.

Fremantle Markets Corner South Terrace & Henderson Street, Fremantle

Fremantle Markets is one of the best destinations in Fremantle for locals and tourists alike. The markets have a wide selection of fresh local produce and lots of little nooks and crannies with secret treasures as well as music, a great atmosphere and even a hidden little bar! If you’re looking for a gift that is locally crafted then make the markets your first stop. It’s also great for a wander between classes on a Friday or a spot of lunch from one of the tasty hot food stalls in the yard.

Twilight Hawkers Markets Forrest Place, Perth During the warmer months, Perth comes alive with the Twilight Hawkers Markets. Expect a whole variety of international cuisines, all clamouring for your attention. Think Indonesian satays, Spanish paella, Turkish gozlemes, Moroccan tagines and plenty more. It’s a great way to spend the summer evenings. The market is outside under the stars and there’s always plenty of live entertainment.

9335 2515



9328 2600

Off the Wall 4 Market St, Fremantle Loads of cool vintage clothing and accessories, homewares, furniture and knick-knacks, but these guys love their bikes the most. These guys are huge fans of secondhand goods and the amazing stock is everchanging. 9336 4435

Atwell Arcade Between High St Mall and Cantonment Street, Fremantle Atwell Arcade is a little hidden gem of Fremantle and has an eclectic mix of wonderful and unique vintage stores and shops. From retro funky fashions and styles to chocolatiers, candy shops and a very funky hair salon. The arcade is bursting with character and is sure to surprise and inspire the vintage shopper. If you’re looking for something a little different Atwell Arcade is the place to find it!



BOOKS, MUSIC & MOVIES So you’re in a new country and there’s bound to be a range of different books, films and song titles coming up in conversation you’ve never heard of. We encourage you to peruse the shelves of some of these outfits to get a taste for what’s trending in Aussie pop culture.

The Record Finder 87 High St, Fremantle The Record Finder is the oldest established vinyl record shop in Australasia. The store stocks a wide variety of music from all genres and in all categories; including new, used, and rare or original pressings. The friendly staff are happy to share their expertise and help in any way. They literally have tens of thousands of records in their two storey location. 9335 2770

The Bodhi Tree 1/416-418 Oxford St, Mount Hawthorn It’s a bookstore, a café, a place for writers to learn their craft, and there’s live classical music! All coffee and gifts are fairtrade too, so you can feel good about what you’re drinking and purchasing. There’s also free Wi-Fi and a lounge area that’s perfect for a bit of extra study on the weekend. 9444 9884


Bill Campbell’s Second Hand Books 48 High St, Fremantle Secondhand book shopping is all about the journey - scouring the shelves for that hidden gem, or stumbling on something you never even knew you wanted. Bill Campbell’s is the perfect place to embark on such a journey. Shelves are filled with a huge (and we mean huge) range of books on every subject imaginable, plus plenty of fiction to keep you happy. Best of all, most of the books are dirt-cheap. 9336 3060

New Edition Bookshop 82 High St, Fremantle New Edition has a range of books that suits the pop culture realm, but they also stock all the fiction books you need. Be sure to check out Fi & Co out the back as well - the clothing store is pretty cool and has a great selection. 9335 2383


JB Hi-Fi Basement, 713 Hay St Mall, Perth

This is your one stop shop if you need anything music, movie or game related. New release albums are priced reasonably here and you can find some rare CDs for under $30. The best part though is they have great sale items which change frequently - it’s pretty easy to get a good album for $10 or less. Also check out their huge range of games and DVDs for some awesome prices. 9485 1277

Replay Records 5 Royal St, Kenwick

If you consider yourself a record connoisseur, Replay Records will be one store you won’t ever want to leave. While it might not look like much, this place has a huge range of stock. CDs, cassettes, music merchandise and, of course, records - there’s so much stuff here, you’ll easily spend over an hour browsing. 9459 0745

Canning College Your Quality Pathway to University Canning College e g Colleg g Cannin rovidin p n i s e s s speciali athway p y r t n ity e s, univers (citizen n a i l a r to Aust nts and e d i s e r ent d perman nts) an e d i s e r ary tempor dents. u t s l a n tio interna


Profession Career


Programs offered Diploma of Commerce: UWA Stream ➜ year 2 entry into B.Commerce at The University of Western Australia merce Diploma of Commerce: Curtin Stream ➜ year 2 entry into B.Com at Curtin University WA Universities’ Foundation Program ➜ guaranteed places in Western Australian universities a program Certificate lV (Commerce) ➜ guaranteed place in a Canning Diplom Year 12 / WACE ➜ university or TAFE entry streams Year 11 ➜ WAUFP, Year 12 or Certificate lV Bridging Programs – academic and English upgrading

FURTHER INFORMATION Canning College (or authorised representative) T: 93515665 E:

Your quality pathway to University

CPC: 00463B

Quality Comics 872 Hay St, Perth

Right in the centre of the city you’ll find one of the most comprehensive comic collections in WA. Quality Comics have a huge range of comics from the big guns like DC and Marvel, but also some of the more unique artists. They also stock a wide range of animated films and series you might struggle to find elsewhere. You can also follow them on Facebook - they post regular updates about their new stock. 9321 2168


The Co-op Bookshop The Guild Village, Hackett Dr, Crawley Campus

The Co-op Bookshop sells textbooks and more at discounted prices to members. They have a store on the University of WA Crawley Campus, or you can order books online. This might be another good place to try and score that textbook on the cheap. 6144 5700

The Lane Bookshop 52 Old Theatre Lane, Claremont This is how book shops should be and maybe used to be. It really is like stepping back in time and it’s a great place to pick up a rare or out of print book. Not a place for picking up the latest best seller but well worth checking out. 9384 4423

Elizabeth’s Bookshop 8 South Terrace, Fremantle If you love second hand book shopping and scanning the shelves for a great read at a bargain price then Elizabeth’s Bookshop is the place for you. They have a huge selection of second hand books in a range of genres from “quirky” titles that are not run-of-the-mill to the old favourites. They also carry a limited range of new books. 9433 1310

78 Records

Mills Records

255 Murray St Mall, Perth

78 records stocks a complete and comprehensive range catering from the pop you hear on the radio to the stuff that is recorded in a back alley in Fremantle. They often have performers in store and there are instrument shops next door, making this a really great place to visit for both the performer and enthusiast. 9322 6384

22 Adelaide St, Fremantle Whether you’re after alternative pop releases or punk metal, you’ll find it all at Mills Records. Mills is an indie record store that stocks a huge range of music in vinyl and CD’s as well as gig tickets and merchandise. Mills staff are passionate about the music industry and ready to suggest genres you may have never even considered. 9335 1945



Use Your Rights – Repair, Replace, Refund Under Australia’s consumer laws, if you buy a product and it is faulty you have the right to take it back to where you bought it and ask the business to fix the problem. The same applies if you engage a service and it is not provided to an appropriate standard. These rights are called consumer guarantees and they apply to all goods and services bought or leased new, secondhand, in stores and online. In broad terms, consumer guarantees require that all goods sold in Australia must be of acceptable quality, be fit for any purpose that you made known and match the description given. Services must be delivered with due care and skill, and completed within a reasonable time if no set timeframe is agreed. If the goods or services don’t meet the consumer guarantees, you have a legal right to a remedy. This may involve a repair, replacement or a refund. If you have a problem with a product or service you should first contact the business you bought it from. If they refuse to help, contact your local consumer protection agency or the ACCC. For further information visit:

CLOTHES, SHOES & ACCESSORIES You’re certainly going to need some new threads during your stay in Perth, and there are whole ranges of different fashion avenues, suiting every budget and most of them can be found within the city walls, but be sure to head out to some of the surrounding suburbs as they also have a lot to offer the avid shopper.

Saffi Belle

The Bead Post

28 Market Street, Fremantle Saffi Belle offers a unique collection of weird and wonderful clothing and accessories, from bright bold colours to crazy patterns. You can pick up a little gem in this store that you won’t find in major high street retailers. Their t-shirts are funky and distinctive and if you’re looking for something to define your style that’s a little bit quirky, then this is definitely the place to find it!

3/13 Market Street, Fremantle The Bead Post is one of Fremantle’s quirkiest shops. Customers are welcome to sit and create their own unique jewellery. You will have access to all the beads, tools, and beading accessories you need, and you only pay for the material you have used. The friendly staff are on hand to assist with advice on little tricks to help you create something unique.

9335 1513

Dangerfield enex100, Hay St Mall, Perth For everyone that has a little bit of an alternative side, this place is worth having a look at. Being one of Australia’s most loved funky urban clothing companies, the store is filled with pants, jackets, tees and accessories that cater to people with mainstream tastes and those who are looking to stand out in the crowd. If you’re looking for interesting t-shirt designs, this is your one stop shop. 9322 1877


9335 3936

Forever New William Shopping Centre, 140 William St, Perth Forever New stocks gorgeous women’s clothing. They are all about femininity, mostly stocking pastel or soft toned outfits with floral, lace designs. They also have a range of shoes, hats and bags to complete your look. Best of all, the prices are very reasonable. 9481 2325

General Pants Co. 195 Murray St, Perth Boasting some of the best Aussie brands, including Sass & Bide and One Teaspoon, students can also find a range of premium international brands. Their website also hosts an online gallery, The Bubble,


which all aspiring artists in any field can join. General Pants Co. often stock music festival tickets too. 9326 0681

Key Sole Footwear 40 Market St, Fremantle Looking for the latest funky footwear and fashion trends? Then be sure to stop into Key Sole in Fremantle. If you’re looking for comfy Australian Ugg’s, retro classics or trendy Nike kicks to wear to uni, you’ll find them and many more in Key Sole Fremantle. 9430 8525

Un1son Apparel 140a Oxford St, Leederville If you’ve been trying to find that perfect addition to your streetwear style, chances are Un1son have it ready and waiting for you. Whether it’s a pair of new Nike sneakers, stylish headphones, new sunnies or even just a t-shirt, this place will have you covered. 9443 6622




Hype Shoes

Billie and Rose

81 Market St, Fremantle Transit stocks the latest fashions for ladies and men. By searching the globe for the best fashion trends, Transit stays ahead of the pack and can bring these trends to you first to ensure you are looking your best, whether you are going out to the pub, a date or just hanging out with your friends. They stock a strong mix of both Australian and International brands.

Lower Ground, 195 Murray Street Mall, Perth Shoe fan? If you are, this is a place worth walking into. Stocking the latest in trendy street and casual footwear, this shop has one of the largest selections of the latest hip street brands under one roof. To list a few favourites, they stock Nike, Onitsuka, Adidas, Lacoste, Converse, Vans and Creative Recreation. These are all available in the most up-to-date styles and sold for competitive prices.

2-3/672 Beaufort St, Mount Lawley Billie and Rose is one of the most loved shops around Perth. They stock a range of designers with edgy styles and classic designs. Match your men’s and women’s wear with a selection of shoes and accessories from their store.

9336 2776

Periscope Clothing 274 William St, Northbridge For something a little unique and different, Periscope has you covered. While you can probably expect to pay more than you might at your usual chain store, this is clothing for the individual. The store itself is simple, really showing off the clothes themselves. Even if you might not be able to afford everything, it’s worth visiting, just to see. 9328 9056

Hatch enex100, Hay St Mall, Perth If you consider yourself a rather stylish person, you’ll definitely want to look at Hatch. Featuring a whole range of unique and up and coming Australian designers, there are labels aplenty. Just make sure you save your pennies before visiting. 0439 247 291

9325 3413

Captain of the Ship 36 London Court, Perth Tucked between the array of clubs and restaurants, the personality of the owners is obvious as you walk in. Stocking some of Perth’s best streetwear, their support of local artists and musicians makes a visit an important one for new students.

Mi Life Shop 3, Atwell Arcade, Cantonment St, Fremantle Mi-Life stocks mostly shoes, but also some clothing and accessories. It’s all streetwear and brands that have classically come to represent it: Nike, Adidas, Vans, etc. Check out the awesome graffiti on their sidewall too. 6460 2633

9371 7776

Rummage 282 William St, Northbridge Rummage sells the designer accessories of local Emily Gibson, as well as stocking other designer pieces. The result is a shop full of bright and funky pieces that will do up any outfit. Just be wary of the potential price tag. 9228 4422

Pigeonhole Bon Marche, 80 Barrack St, Perth Pigeonhole’s clothing stores stock a range of new and vintage clothing and accessories, all carefully selected. The Pigeonhole brand extends to cameras and their accessories, stationery, jewellery and gifts. 9221 9837

Three Stories 105 High St, Fremantle Three stories was born from the desire to have surfing and surf culture represented in a fresh and alternative light. It is a combination of fine threads, art, books and surfboards to be enjoyed by everyone...not just surfers! 9335 1289



Compendium Store 49a High St, Fremantle Everything in this store is chic and cool. Accessories, stationery and home decorations are among just some of the things you’ll find here. It all has a very European feel. They also have a dedicated section for things made of felt including bags and laptop cases. Deck yourself out with a unique style. 9467 6247

Cotton On 255 Murray St, Perth Cotton On has cheap but fashionable clothing all made from cotton, as you may have ‘cottoned on’ to. They have a large range of loud t-shirts, tops, skirts and pants. Their accessories, particularly scarves and jewellery, are a real bargain. 9324 1299

Method Clothing 557 Beaufort St, Mt Lawley The focus for Method is local emerging designers so they often have products you won’t find anywhere else. They stock both women’s and men’s clothing in addition to a range of accessories. It’s not a huge shop but worth checking out to find something unique for a night out. 9227 8944

Women’s Shoe Sizes US

5 5.5 US 6 5 6.5 5.5 7 US 6 7.5 5 6.5 8 5.5 7 8.5 6 7.5 9 6.5 8 9.5 7 8.5 10 7.5 9 10.5 8 9.5 12 8.5 10 13 9 10.5 14 9.5 12 vt 10 13 10.5 14 US 12 vt 2.5 13 3 14 US 3.5 vt 2.5 4


3 4.5

2.5 4 5 3 4.5 5.5 3.5 5 6 4 5 6.5 4.5 5.5 7.5 5 6 8 5 6.5 8.5 5.5 7.5 9 6 8 9.5 6.5 8.5 10 7.5 9 10.5 8 9.5 11 8.5 10 11.5 9 10.5 12 9.5 11 12.5 10 11.5 13 10.5 12 13.5 11 12.5 14 11.5 13 14.5 12 13.5 15.5 12.5 14 16.5 13 14.5 13.5 15.5 v 14 16.5 2 14.5 4 15.5 v6 16.5 2 8


3.5 4 Australia 4.5 3.5 5 4 5.5 Australia 4.5 6 3.5 5 6.5 4 5.5 7 4.5 6 7.5 5 6.5 8 5.5 7 8.5 6 7.5 9 6.5 8 10.5 7 8.5 11.5 7.5 9 12.5 8 10.5 14 8.5 11.5 9 12.5 Australia 10.5 14 2 11.5 2.3 12.5 Australia 3 14 2 3.5

Mexico --Mexico 4.5 5--5.5 4.5 65 6.5 5.5 74.5 6 7.5 5 6.5 9 5.5 7 10 6 7.5 11 6.5 9 12.5 7 10 7.5 11 Mexico 912.5 10 11 Mexico 12.5 --

Europe 36 37.5

UK 3 4.5

Australia 3 4.5

Mexico --

35.5 37

35 36.5 37.5 35.5 37 38 36 37.5 38.5 36.5 37.5 39 37 38 40 37.5 38.5 41 37.5 39 42 38 40 43 38.5 41 43.5 39 42 44 40 43 44.5 41 43.5 45 42 44 45.5 43 44.5 46 43.5 45 46.5 44 45.5 47 44.5 46 47.5 45 46.5 48.5 45.5 47 49 46 47.5 50 46.5 48.5 51 47 49 47.5 50 US (L) 48.5 51 X-Small 49 Small 50 US (L) Small 51 X-Small Medium

Dress Sizes 4 10 v6 12 2 8 14 4 10 16 6 12 18 8 14 20 10 16 22 12 18 24 14 20 16 22 18 24 20 22 24


2.5 3 UK 3.5 2.5 4 3 4.5 UK 3.5 5 2.5 4 5.5 3 4.5 6 3.5 5 6.5 4 5.5 7 4.5 6 7.5 5 6.5 8 5.5 7 9.5 6 7.5 10.5 6.5 8 11.5 7 9.5 13 7.5 10.5 8 11.5 UK 9.5 13 2 10.5 2.3 11.5 UK 3 13 2 3.5

Men’s Shoe Sizes

US 3.5 5


35 35.5 Europe 36 35 37 35.5 37.5 Europe 36 38 35 37 38.5 35.5 37.5 39 36 38 40 37 38.5 41 37.5 39 42 38 40 43 38.5 41 44 39 42 45 40 43 46.5 41 44 48.5 42 45 43 46.5 Europe 44 48.5 35 45 35.5 46.5 Europe 36 48.5 35 36.5

Small Medium US (L) Small Large X-Small Medium Large Small Medium X-Large/1X Small Large 1X/2X Medium Large 2X Medium X-Large/1X 3X Large 1X/2X 3X Large 2X X-Large/1X 3X 1X/2X 3X 2X 3X 3X

2.3 4

2 3.5 4.5 2.3 4 5 3 4.5 5.5 3.5 4.5 6 4 5 7 4.5 5.5 7.5 4.5 6 8 5 7 8.5 5.5 7.5 9 6 8 9.5 7 8.5 10 7.5 9 10.5 8 9.5 11 8.5 10 11.5 9 10.5 12 9.5 11 12.5 10 11.5 13 10.5 12 13.5 11 12.5 14 11.5 13 15 12 13.5 16 12.5 14 13 15 UK 13.5 16 4 14 6 15 UK 8 16 4 10 6 12

UK 8 14 4 10 16 6 12 18 8 14 20 10 16 22 12 18 24 14 20 26 16 22 18 24 20 26 22 24 26


2.3 4

2 3.5 4.5 2.3 4 5 3 4.5 5.5 3.5 4.5 6 4 5 7 4.5 5.5 7.5 4.5 6 8 5 7 8.5 5.5 7.5 9 6 8 9.5 7 8.5 10 7.5 9 10.5 8 9.5 11 8.5 10 11.5 9 10.5 12 9.5 11 12.5 10 11.5 13 10.5 12 13.5 11 12.5 14 11.5 13 15 12 13.5 16 12.5 14 13 15 Europe 13.5 16 32 14 34 15 Europe 36 16 32 38 34 40

Europe 36 42 32 38 44 34 40 46 36 42 48 38 44 50 40 46 52 42 48 54 44 50 46 52 48 54 50 52 54


Japan 21 21.5

21 22.5 24 21.5 23 24.5 22 23.5 25 22.5 24 25.5 23 24.5 26 23.5 25 27 24 25.5 28 24.5 26 29 25 27 30 25.5 28 31 26 29 27 30 Japan 28 31 20 29 21 30 Japan 22 31 20 22.5

35.5 36 37 35.5 37.5 36 38 37 39 35.5 37.5 39.5 36 38 40 37 39 41 37.5 39.5 41.5 38 40 42 39 41 43 39.5 41.5 44.5 40 42 46 41 43 47 41.5 44.5 49 42 46 43 47 China 44.5 49 33 46 34 47 China 35 49 33 36

Japan 22 23.5

China 35 38

Japan 22 21 22.5 21.5 23

Japan 22 23.5

21 23

31 32.5 30 31.5 33 30.5 32 34 31 32.5 35 31.5 33 32 34 Australia 32.5 35 6 33 8 34 Australia 10 35 6 12

33 36 38 34 37 39 35 38 39.5 36 38 41 37 39 38 39.5 42 38 41 43 39 43.5 39.5 42 44 41 43 44.5 43.5 45 42 44 46 43 44.5 43.5 45 47 44 46 47.5 44.5 48 45 47 46 47.5 48 -47 -47.5 -48 -Japan 5-7Japan 9511

Italy 40 46

Australia 10 16

Japan 9 15

38 44

36 42 48 38 44 50 40 46 52 42 48 54 44 50 56 46 52 58 48 54 50 56 52 58 54 56 58

20 22.5 23.5 21 23 24 22 23.5 24.5 22.5 23.5 25.5 23 24 26 23.5 24.5 26.5 23.5 25.5 27 24 26 27.5 24.5 26.5 28 25.5 27 28.5 26 27.5 29 26.5 28 27 28.5 30 27.5 29 30.5 28 31 28.5 30 31.5 29 30.5 32

34 37

---4.5 5-6-4.5 6.5 57 67.5 4.5 6.5 8 5 7 8.5 6 7.5 9 6.5 8 9.5 7 8.5 10 7.5 9 10.5 8 9.5 11 8.5 10 11.5 9 10.5 12 9.5 11 12.5 10 11.5 13 10.5 12 13.5 11 12.5 14.5 11.5 13 15.5 12 13.5 12.5 14.5 Italy 13 15.5 36 13.5 38 14.5 Italy 40 15.5 36 42

8 14

6 12 18 8 14 20 10 16 22 12 18 22 14 20 24 16 22 26 18 22 20 24 22 26 22 24 26

7 13

5 11 17 7 13 19 9 15 21 11 17 23 13 19 25 15 21 27 17 23 19 25 21 27 23 25 27


EAT + DRINK INTRODUCTION Australia is a multicultural nation, and nowhere is this more obvious than in our food culture. Perth and Fremantle are food-lover’s paradise, boasting a wide range of fresh produce, excellent wines and a huge number of restaurants.

in Perth are Northbridge and Vic Park. Northbridge has many inexpensive and authentic cuisine options throughout and is also home to Perth’s Chinatown on Roe Street, where there are plenty of great options to suit the student budget.

Deciding where to eat out can be a tough choice – Chinese or Italian? Mexican or Korean? Japanese or Indian? Almost every international taste is catered for, so students should have no trouble finding their favourite foods from back home.

Fremantle has an exciting blend of seafood restaurants, classic pubs and an ever growing list of international cuisines.

You’ll quickly find that the central restaurant districts

Perth’s nightlife is vibrant and you’ll easily be able to find every kind of entertainment imaginable at some of Perth’s biggest nightclubs.

plenty of trendy bars and clubs where you can relax quietly over a cocktail. Both Perth and Fremantle have an impressive selection of pubs, each with their own characteristics and charms. But nightlife in Australia is not just about drinking, contrary to what some local students might say. The increase in late night eateries and dessert bars around Perth and Fremantle means you can now head out after 10pm and find a quiet place to unwind.

Each nightlife area has their own special atmosphere and you will also find

Top Five - Best Local Beers 1) Feral Hop Hog IPA 2) Little Creatures Pale Ale 3) Sail and Anchor IPA 4) Indian Ocean White Cap 5) Billabong Wheat Beer


Eat & Drink

NEED TO KNOWS Cover Charge Most clubs will charge you a fee to get in after 10pm – expect to pay anywhere between $5 and $20, depending on where you go. If you contact a bar via Facebook you can often get on the door list allowing for an express entry and avoiding the fee.

Dress Code When going out in Australia, there are a few rules guys in particular should pay attention to. Make sure you wear neat casual clothing – clubs won’t let you in with thongs, singlets or ripped jeans. Some clubs also have a policy about tattoos, so you may need to cover them. Ladies are often treated a bit more leniently, but try and look classy if you know this could be a problem.

Happy Hours One thing Australian clubs do well is happy hours, ladies nights and drink specials. Happy hours are usually a couple of hours early in the evening where drinks are cheaper (think two for one vodkas). Ladies nights refer to girls getting discounted drinks.

Specials Everyone likes a cheap meal, and most restaurants and cafés have a specials board where they can show off their bargains of the day. These dishes will usually be one-offs, and won’t appear on the menu. It’s a good idea to check these, as you might find your new favourite. If you have any questions simply ask the staff.

Over-18 In Australia, the legal age for drinking and going out is 18. That means you’ll be asked for ID whenever you buy alcohol or go to a venue that serves alcohol. Even if you’re not planning on drinking, you’ll still need to take your Proof of Age card, passport or drivers licence to a club. Sometimes foreign ID isn’t accepted so be safe and bring your passport (a photocopy won’t cut it).

Did You Know? 3 out of 5 Australians live in a state capital city, with over 1/3 living in either Melbourne or Sydney.

Eat & Drink


BYO While most restaurants serve a selection of wines and alcoholic beverages, you may like to bring your own (BYO). Expect to pay a small fee for this, known as ‘corkage’, which will vary depending on where you go. Do not attempt to do this with beer or hard liquor, stick to wine.

Reservations On weekends and particularly in popular restaurants, it’s always a good idea to make a reservation. Call the restaurant the day before, let them know how many people will be eating on your table and what time you’d like to arrive. That way, you’ll know there’s a table waiting for you when you get there.

Themed Nights Some Australian clubs hold themed nights, where dressing up is encouraged. Popular themes include school uniform nights, retro nights and heroes and villains. The best way to keep up with these nights is to ‘like’ the venue on Facebook.

Tipping Tipping isn’t automatically expected in any Australian stores or restaurants. Some places will have ‘tip jars’ on the counter where you can give a few dollars if you experience particularly helpful service.

Pub Crawls

A university experience isn’t complete without a pubcrawl. Each faculty will have at least one during the year, so keep your eyes out for posters. Buy a t-shirt from your uni (it acts as your ticket) and follow your peers to five different pubs and clubs. The t-shirt will usually get you a cheap drink deal at the venues. It’s a great way to get to know the people in your course too.


Eat & Drink

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Aussie BBQ

The Bakery

Everybody knows Aussies love cooking outdoors – that’s because it’s easy, social and the best tasting. What will I eat? • Sausages (also known as ‘snags’) • Burgers (‘patties’)

What will I eat? Typical bakeries will serve a few basics and vary the ingredients: • Pastie – vegetable and meat filled pastry.

• Chops • Steaks You can also find salads, bread and plenty of tomato sauce (ketchup). How much will it cost? Head to your local shops and pick up everything you need for under $20. • Pack of 8 beef sausages $5.00 • Loaf of bread $2.50 • Bottle of tomato sauce $3.00 • 250g coleslaw $4.50 Where can I go? You’ll be able to find a hot plate at most parks and popular beaches – and some people will have a barbecue at home. When would I eat this? You can fry some bacon and eggs for breakfast, throw a few sausages on for lunch, or put together a gourmet dinner of barbecued vegetables and marinated steaks.


Australians love a good lunchtime pastry, especially after a long road trip. The best can be found at bakeries outside the city.

Eat & Drink

• Pie – usually filled with Chicken or Beef with sauces and spices. • Sausage roll – long meat filled pastry. Great with tomato sauce! Bakeries also sell cold drinks, sandwiches, rolls and cakes. How much will it cost? Bakeries are a relatively cheap way to eat, with most pastries costing anywhere between $3 and $5. Where can I go? There are a few commercial chains of bakeries, but for the best quality we recommend you look for your local independent bakery. If you head out of town on a road trip, keep your eyes out for a country bakery. When would I eat this? Bakeries make for the perfect quick lunch. You can buy a tasty savoury snack, a sweet cake for afterwards and a drink. Most bakeries will close by about 4pm, so make sure you get in early.

Pub Food A pub is like a casual restaurant and a bar combined – it’s a place to eat and drink. Often the servings are generous and the types of meals are similar from pub to pub. What will I eat? • Chicken & beef schnitzels • Fish and chips • Burgers • Roast dinners • Steaks At some pubs there’ll also be a salad bar where you can serve yourself various salads and vegetables. How much will it cost? Prices will vary at each pub, but you should be able to get a decent meal for around $15-$20. Where can I go? There will be one very close to you. The best thing about pubs is that there are so many scattered around the country. In almost every outback town there’s a pub (even if the population barely reaches a hundred). When would I eat this? Pubs are excellent for a casual lunch (with many having cheaper lunch specials) or a nice dinner. A lot of the pubs in Australia now have modern outdoor eating areas known as ‘beer gardens’.

Take-out Like the rest of the world, Australia has its fair share of commercial take away outlets. But there are plenty of other ‘fast food’ alternatives you should try. What will I eat? • Fish and chips • Yiros (Kebab) & Burgers • Curries • Pasta How much will it cost? Depending on what you choose, the price will vary. But for the most part you should be able to get something pretty substantial for under $15. Where can I go? Take away joints are located everywhere. The best place to have some traditional fish and chips is down by the beach. Grab some (it’ll be wrapped up in paper to keep the heat in), find a nice spot on the beach and enjoy the view. When would I eat this? Take away makes for a great cheap, quick dinner – plus it means you don’t have to make it yourself.

Eat & Drink


EAT & DRINK SPOTS Although relatively small, Perth and Fremantle have an impressive variety of restaurants, cafés and late night eateries to fill your rumbling stomach. Most of the best areas for eating are also pretty close to the best clubs, pubs and karaoke bars. So you can head out for a tasty meal then party til the early hours without having to travel more than 15 minutes.

Perth CBD






The Perth CBD has plenty to offer if you’re looking for a decent meal. There’s almost everything - top notch European dining, to cheap and tasty meals in the malls. For more affordable options in the CBD head to the William St, end of Hay St and Murray Street Mall. Visiting Milligan St or St Georges Tce will take your options to the next level, with such iconic eating as C Restaurant and the Belgian Beer Café. Head down to the river to find a relaxing dining experience in summer by the piers.

Northbridge is the home of inexpensive, Asian-inspired tasty dining - this area may well be where you find that special place that reminds you of eating back home. Roe St is the Chinatown area of Perth, but you’ll also find some European influences such as Mez and Oliver’s, which can be more upmarket and pricey. Check out Jus Burgers for potentially one of the best fast-food meals you’ll ever eat.

Fremantle’s atmosphere is casual and relaxed when it comes to eating out and enjoying a glass of wine or a beer. It is home to several breweries and because of the awesome pubs, like the Norfolk, Clancy’s and the Sail and Anchor, Freo is one of the top spots to try pub dining. South Terrace is locally nicknamed ‘the Cappuccino Strip’ because it was home to the first outdoor café culture in Western Australia.


You’ll discover lots of gorgeous smaller cafés serving great coffee, cakes and great food in a many of the back streets of Fremantle too. Juicy Beetroot in Tum Tum Tree Lane is a great cheap vego option and the Raw Food Kitchen on High Street East (just across the road) is a new revolution in Fremantle. Don’t miss out on experiencing Little Creatures down at Fishing Boat Harbour. Its industrial style décor and beer brewed on the premises makes it a must-do.

Nightlife Perth CBD is a place that has all tastes of nightlife entertainment covered. Whether you’re looking for a quiet drink or a crazy party, you’ll find it here. The venues are mostly located to the west of the shopping precinct, towards King St, but you never know where you’ll find the next intimate bar or pub in this city. Hidden down the laneways and arcades in the city centre, you’ll find relaxing venues like Wolf Lane on Wolf Lane or the Generous Squire on Shafto Lane, which specialises in the delectable James Squire beer. Wander east of the malls to find one of Perth’s most eccentric bars, the Hula Bula Bar. If you’re looking to rock out to some live music, be sure to go to Amplifier and Capitol on Murray St.


Northbridge is Perth’s party centre with bars, pubs and clubs packed into the streets around William, James, Aberdeen and Parker Streets. Every night of the week is pumping. There are also plenty of other amazing places where you can see live music, have a quiet one with mates or even get a bit crazy with karaoke and entertainment. Many of the restaurants stay open late here and you can grab a snack between partying, whether you feel like kebabs, burgers or a pizza. There are also plenty of public transport options around here and many of the venues are open until early morning, so it’s really the perfect place to have a big night out on the town.

Eat & Drink


Nightlife Fremantle is one of Perth’s most popular entertainment precincts and at night Freo’s South Terrace really gets going. South Terrace is a prime spot for nightclubs and live music. Many of the pubs have shows from some of the best local and international acts touring. Mojo’s just over the river in North Freo is an institution and Clancy’s Fish Pub offers some rocking nights out. Those looking for a quiet one can discover the newer small wine bars, including Whose Your Mumma and Whispers.

Other spots

10 minutes the north west of the city is Leederville, where the secondhand shops and vintage cafés stay open late, making it the perfect place for a late night coffee catch up.

Café • Piz

If all you want is a sea view, head along the coast to Cotteslow and Hillarys Boat Harbour, where you can pull up a stall and enjoy some fish and chips while watching the sun go down. Have a date? Take him or her to one of the classy restaurants that line the beautiful Swan River! Catch a ferry to these restaurants from Barrack St in the city.

COFFEE! $2.99


Because Perth is so crammed with dining options, you’ll probably find some of your favourites are hidden away in areas that aren’t so well known. Try Victoria Park for all your cheap and budget style meals. If you’ve got money to spend and a refined palate, try Nedlands where you’ll find some fine dining options with Australian and French influences, or Subiaco where you can expect to find anything from Japanese to Greek cuisine. 10 minutes north-east of the CBD is Mount Lawley, which is an area that is completely packed with pubs, restaurants and little cafés.

Eat & Drink


COFFEE CULTURE Thanks to European immigration after World War II, Australians now have a taste for coffee. It’s almost a necessity for existence here and the café culture reflects this well. Almost every restaurant, petrol station, pub and lunch bar will serve coffee. Little cafés with outdoor seating are found everywhere in the city centre and wherever there are shops or lots of people to be found, there’ll be a café hidden somewhere. Coffee is taken seriously here and no visit to the city is complete without tasting some of the finest brews. How much will it cost? Depending on where you go, you should be able to find a decent coffee for around $3-$4. Most cafés also sell some sort of cake, pastry or savoury snack which can cost anywhere from $3 to $10. When would I drink this? Coffee in Australia is recommended to be drunk any time! Start with a quick one for breakfast, meet a friend in the afternoon for an iced coffee, then have a hot chocolate after a long day studying.

Cafe Latte

Flat White


Coffee Shot Milk Foam Steamed Milk



Long Black

Chocolate Syrup or Powder Hot Water

Hot Chocolate


Black Tea

White Tea (cold milk)

Eat & Drink

Eat & Drink


CAFÉS & BREAKFASTS Waking up early and heading out to meet your friends for breakfast is the perfect way to start your weekend. Luckily, there are plenty of cafés and coffee spots that serve up some delicious early morning dishes. Typically, breakfast is served until 11am, but some places around Perth serve ‘all day’ breakfasts. This works well for those who like to sleep in.


Halo Espresso

1905 Coffee on Newcastle

85 High St, Fremantle Situated along High St this bustling café has an array of palette pleasers. Fresh local produce, homemade food, excellent coffee and a chilled out vibe are just some of the selling points of this beautiful café. Great spot for a weekday lunch or morning coffee between classes, and it does the best breaky in town!

82 Angelo St, South Perth On the wall they have a sign that says ‘ Voted No 4 Coffee in Menu Mag’, so you know you are going to enjoy their own roast. Given some of the other prices around town, Halo are reasonably priced and they do the basics very well.

231 Newcastle St, Northbridge Feel good about buying your coffee! This relatively new joint trains and employs people with disabilities and mental illnesses. So enjoy an amazing breakfast and great coffee while knowing you are doing something good for the community.

9336 6595

Ootong and Lincoln 258 South Terrace, South Fremantle Ootong and Lincoln is open seven days a week for breakfast and lunch, with lots of delicious homemade cakes and salads. Everything is made on site using the freshest ingredients. You’ll want to stay all day with free range eggs on the breakfast menu and a tasty salad or a burger for lunch. Live music on Sunday arvos. 9335 6109


9367 4444

Tiger, Tiger Shop 4, 329 Murray St, Perth The owner and manager are both serious coffee makers. On Wednesdays they serve single origin roasts, which means you can get a change from your normal coffee and try one of their selections. Tiger, Tiger also serve wholesome value-for-money meals all day, but the breakfast menu has become particularly popular. Try the baked egg with mondo chorizo.

9445 6566

Bookend 179 William St, Northbridge Start your day with a coffee and breakfast burrito from this place. Next door to local bar The Bird, this tiny space is a great place to pick up your morning brew. You won’t want, or be able, to spend a lot of time there but will keep going back for the great coffee.

9322 8055

Eat & Drink

BUDGET EATS Looking for a cheap place to eat? These are the sorts of places you should check out as most of the meals are under $10.

Good Fortune Duck House 344 William St, Northbridge This is one of the most popular places in Northbridge so be prepared for a possible line up. Serving an extensive range of traditional Chinese food, the menu includes seafood, beef and poultry. Try one of the roast combinations and wash it down with a glass of homemade iced tea. 9228 3293

Jessie’s Curry Kitchen and Cafe 869 Beaufort St, Inglewood The inspirations for this restaurant are mixed, the owners are friendly and the decor is a mishmash of everything. The result is a homemade feel the good kind. The meals are cheap and ordering the set menu will save you even more. 9271 8528

Little Saigon 489 Beaufort St, Highgate For cheap but tasty Vietnamese you really can’t go past Little Saigon. The food is authentic Vietnamese and service is speedy so you can grab a quick, cheap meal on a night out. If you live nearby they also do take-away for nights in. 9227 5586

Run Amuk Hotdogs Unleashed 386a South Tce, South Fremantle Hotdog perfection; this is the ultimate Fremantle budget eat. This bright, quirky establishment serves up eleven deliciously large hotdogs (30% beef / 70% pork) with no lack of ingredients top them off. Take a seat at the Where’s Wally plastered table tops (yeh.. you might be here a while), order one of the best vanilla milkshakes this side of the equator and enjoy. We recommend the Chilli Dawg (if you dare). Run Amuk also caters for vegetarians. 9355 1216

Toastface Grillah Grand Lane, Perth A combination of a great name and great toasted sandwiches, what more could you want? The outside doesn’t look like much, it is tucked away down a laneway, but the interior makes

up for it. Once you are in you can look forward to cheap coffee, cool music and amazing sandwiches. 0409 115 909

Jus Burgers Shop 14/74 South Terrace, Fremantle Jus Burgers puts a refreshing twist on the traditional burger by adding dressings, sauces and sides that turn it into a gourmet delight! Try their half and half burger with tasty homemade slaw for a great value lunch time treat! Great location on the cap strip outside the Freo Markets. 9335 5433

It’s Your Round! The term ’round’ in this context refers to the process of one person buying a number of drinks at a time for a group of people in a licensed venue. The idea is that each person of the group takes turns purchasing a beverage for all of the members. Each member of the group does this at least once.

Eat & Drink


CASUAL RESTAURANTS Sometimes you might feel like a more restaurant style experience, but you don’t want to part with your precious cash. There are heaps of cheap restaurants around Perth and Fremantle that serve quality food and have a good atmosphere - not to mention a diverse range of cuisine to choose from.

Rosie O’Grady’s 23 William Street, Fremantle Rosie O’Grady’s hotel and restaurant is situated in the heart of Fremantle, with great ‘craic’ and live music 4 nights a week. They offer a selection of 24 different draught beers both local and imported and a great food menu. They do great specials that are perfect for the uni student’s budget and a student night every Thursday! 9335 1645

Regal on Roe 20 Roe St, Northbridge This is high quality Cantonese food done the traditional way. The menu caters for everyone from dishes to satisfy those who love their dumplings to the more adventurous recipes for people who want to try something a little odd - like chicken feet. The dim sum is a must-try. An extensive range of foreign beers and a good wine list completes the experience. 9228 2198

Duende 662 Newcastle St, Leederville Tapas seems to be getting more and more popular with each passing day. Luckily for Duende that’s what they do well! Head along with a group


of friends and share a variety of dishes in a great environment. 9228 0123

Five 560 Beaufort St, Mount Lawley Five is designed for people to relax with friends and eat in a comfortable setting. Comfy couches, pool tables and a menu for sharing all help you unwind. They love their beers, so if you’re keen to sample the local brew, taste some of the ones on offer here.

Old Shanghai 4 Henderson Street, Fremantle Old Shanghai is one of the best value eateries in town. Grab a few friends after class and try out a selection of different cuisines from one of the 9 international food stalls. You have a choice of foods that are cooked to your order whilst you watch or readymade to eat and run. 9336 7676

Satsuki Shop 1, 50 Subiaco Square, Subiaco Sushi and raw wagyu beef are the most popular menu items, so if you love your traditional

Eat & Drink

Japanese, you will love Satsuki. It’s the perfect place to share a plate of assorted sushi with a group of friends over a warm glass of sake. 9381 9868

Himalayan Nepalese Restaurant 419 Albany Hwy, Victoria Park Himalayan food is a cultural mix of Indian, Chinese and Tibetan, making eating at this place a really unique and worthwhile experience. There are gluten-free options on the menu, as well as vegetarian choices. Definitely try the momos - a traditional dumpling. 6161 8645

La Lola Pizzeria Trattoria 25a Hampden Rd, Nedlands If you love traditional Italian cuisine, you’ll have to stop past La Lola. They serve homemade pasta with delicious sauces made from seasonal produce. There is generally a line up, so you may want to wait until warmer weather to try this one, but it is well worth the wait. 9386 5554

PUBS & STUDENT HANGOUTS Pubs are a central part of Australian culture and they used to be known as ‘public houses’. In Perth, you’ll find a pub on most streets in the CBD. In recent years, most of the pubs around Perth have upgraded their looks and their kitchens, now serving some fantastic food as well as offering a wider range of beverages. Pubs aren’t just a place to have a drink and a feed either. Many pubs can also serve as a live music venue and even host trivia nights.

Little Creatures Brewery

The Brass Monkey

The Windsor Hotel

40 Mews Road, Fremantle Little Creatures is an awesome Australian craft brewery, famous for its no frills industrial style décor and especially the Pale Ale, Bright Ale, Pilsner, Rogers and Single Batches brews. The Fremantle brewery is a great place to grab a beer and pizza with friends and soak in the brewery chaos or wander out into the backyard to enjoy beer and nosh in the sunshine overlooking Fishing Boat Harbour.

Cnr James & Williams St, Northbridge

112 Mill Point Road, South Perth One of the best things about this pub is its location. Found right on the edge of the Swan River, this is the perfect place to relax on a Sunday afternoon with a meal and a few cold ciders. They serve a very decent lunch and dinner as well as some tasty bar snacks later in the evening. The Windsor is also one of the oldest pubs in Perth, built in 1895.

9430 5555

Clancy’s Fish Pub 51 Cantonment St, Fremantle Filled with vibrant colours and somewhat ’fishy’ decor, Clancy’s attracts a diverse crowd of people. Musos, office workers, artists, scholars, outdoor sporty types, professionals, local yocals, travellers, young, old and those somewhere in between flock to Clancy’s Freo with a common bond; to socialise. There’s always something going on at the pub and it’s a great venue to see some live and local music.

Head up to Northbridge and you’ll find one of the best pubs in Perth. The Brass Monkey not only has plenty of great little spots you can sit and relax, but they have a fairly comprehensive menu and wine list. This is one cool place, with a number of different bars including the chilled outside courtyard and Grapeskin Lounge & Restaurant - a cosy and contemporary bar serving some pretty fancy food. 9227 9596

The Tavern at Curtin University Curtin University, Kent St, Bentley There’s all the usual features of a uni bar - pool tables, loads of room and the all-important drinks. Yet there are also some really well organised events and the regular Wicked celebrations to make it extra special.

9474 2229

Sail and Anchor 64 South Terrace, Fremantle This bar and microbrewery is one of the oldest places in Perth and is still a great place for a drink. There is a diverse selection of beers on offer, both on tap and bottled. With the tap selections rotating, you’ll never be at a loss for something new to try. 9431 1666

9266 2904

9335 1351

Eat & Drink


The Monk Brewery and Kitchen 33 South Terrace Fremantle The Monk Brewery and Kitchen is a multi award winning craft brewery located in the heart of Fremantle. The Monk handcraft all their beers onsite. Kick back after a long day in the library with a local brew, some bar snacks and some friends in the open plan outdoor bar with a great view over the Cappuccino Strip. 9336 7666

The Bakery 233 James St, Northbridge Run by a local arts group, The Bakery is an iconic Perth venue for music and art. Most people love it, some hate it, it’s just that kind of place. The sort of place you go to discover the latest music in a grungy spot. Note: no baked goods are sold here! 9227 6288

The Norfolk Hotel

The Tav at UWA

47 South Terrace (cnr Norfolk St), Fremantle If you’re down in Fremantle for the afternoon, make sure you visit the Norfolk. It’s an iconic pub that serves up some delicious food, as well as having a pretty extensive beverage list. You can easily while away the hours in their outside dining area.

University of Western Australia, 35 Hackett Drive, Crawley The Tav really knows what students want from a bar; live music from quality bands, lots of entertainment, funky events like karaoke and film nights, and well-priced drinks. What more could you ask for?

9335 5405

Choo Choo Brookfield Place, 125 St Georges Terrace Part of the city’s small bar revolution, this place is seriously cool! The staff know their stuff and with such a small bar they will make you feel like a king (or queen!). The décor, and the playlist, are all over the place but that just adds to the charm of the joint. 0416 459 281

6488 2318

Murdoch Tavern Murdoch University, South St, Murdoch The Murdoch Tavern is located at the northern end of Bush Court. There is something to entertain everyone with live music, pool and a beer garden. Drinks specials are available during the day to help you through those long lectures too. 9360 6594

The Flying Scotsman 639 Beaufort St, Perth Despite the name, ‘The Scotsman’ truly embodies typical Australian pub culture. They have great deals including the Sunday $10 pizza and beer special. There is also a vintage market held in their Velvet Lounge on the first Saturday of every month. 9328 6200


Eat & Drink

COCKTAIL BARS If you feel like getting a little dressed up and acting sophisticated for a night, heading out to one of Perth’s cocktail bars is the way to go. Be prepared to spend some cash - most cocktails cost around $14-$19, so keep your eyes out for happy hours or specials. Buying shared drinks such as Sangria or ordering a bottle of wine can be an effective way of cutting costs.

Who’s Your Mumma Unit 7A, 142-156 South Terrace, Fremantle Just a short stroll from Fremantle’s South Terrace lies Who’s Your Mumma. A rustic bar tucked away serving amazing cocktails and spirits. The bar has a chilled out and laid back atmosphere. They will make you a tasty, finely crafted cocktail that will make you come back for more!

Whisper Wine Bar 1/15 Essex St, Fremantle Whisper Wine Bar is a venue in Fremantle offering great wine and food in unique historic premises. It’s a sophisticated venue with an upstairs retreat. Enjoy carefully selected wines from Australia and New Zealand and a little taste of France. 9335 7632

Mechanic’s Institute

Ezra Pound

222 William St, Northbridge The perfect bar for a summer’s day with its split level outdoor decking. This is a cocktail joint without the pricetag so you can enjoy it on a student budget. If you are scared of heights though maybe stay clear, the bar is twelve metres over Northbridge, but for everyone else it’s great fun!

189 Williams St, Northbridge In Ezra Pound everything is decked out to reflect the underground experience of 1930s prohibition, from the cash register to the seats. As you drink cocktails out of jam jars and your longneck in a paper bag, you really notice a pleasant vibe surrounding this classic but somehow urban environment. This is one of Insider Guide’s favourites.

9228 4189

Hula Bula Bar 12 Victoria Ave, Perth Hula Bula is a tiki themed bar that makes a huge selection of tasty rum based cocktails, but there is so much more. The theme is taken to the limit, with carved statues, crazy mirrors and 60s surf music remixed to match. They prefer over 21s, but a younger crowd can get in if they’re well behaved and well dressed. 9225 4457

0415 757 666

Mrs Brown 241 Queen Victoria St, Fremantle A wine bar that might be a little more expensive but more welcoming than most places, Mrs Brown’s brings comfort to an evening. The menus are books, you can play board games and next door at Flipside you can grab your meal. Those who love beer and spirits are also well catered for. 9336 1887

Eat & Drink


NIGHTCLUBS For those who love to party and dance the night away, the Perth nightclub scene is definitely for you. With a range of different clubs, there’s sure to be at least one that tickles your fancy and keeps you out past your bedtime.

Bar Orient


39 High St, Fremantle Bar Orient is a favourite with Notre Dame students. Weekly poker nights, pool, karaoke nights, open mic nights, the reggae club on Friday nights, and games on the big screen make it a great hangout any day of the week. It’s a cheap place to eat with lots of specials – check out their website for details.The kitchen is open from 11 am every day for lunch and dinner. Bar Orient LOVES students! Watch out for the Barparazzi…

110 Aberdeen St, Northbridge The Euro is an illustrious place for dancing the night away. Thursday nights are ladies nights and entry is only $5. Other nights they have DJs playing soul, funk and R’n’B. Check out their Jamaican nights once a month for some reggae fun.

9336 2455

El Publico 511 Beaufort St, Highgate This place is always full and most nights there are DJs spinning tracks. It’s not a quiet family restaurant to have some nachos, it’s a lively joint for street food and tequila. The food is fresh and spicy while the cocktail menu is worth checking out.

9227 5244

Metropolis 58 South Terrace, Fremantle A live music and clubbing venue, Metropolis is set up for enjoying the best night out without becoming overcrowded. It is divided up into four sections: fire (in front of the main stage), earth (a separate chill out cocktail area), water (above fire with more space) and air (a separate stage with outdoor area). 9336 1880

Metro City 146 Roe St, Northbridge This one is just massive. If you like to party long into the night, you have to check out Metro City. Boasting nine different bars across four storeys. They often host concerts on the weekends as well. Be sure to check out their website. 9228 0500

Mint Cnr Lake and James St, Northbridge The Mint is smaller than most nightclubs, but they don’t overcrowd the place so you’ll still be able to dance comfortably. The bartenders put on a show and the entry fees, if they charge them, are quite cheap. We advise visiting on one of the themed nights. 9226 0322

0418 187 708

Cover Charge / Entry Fee Most nightclubs will charge a cover, but often if you arrive before 9pm you will avoid having to pay it. Otherwise, messaging the venue on Facebook can sometimes get you on the door.


Eat & Drink

LATE NIGHT EATS Sometimes you just want to get a decent feed, but it’s after 10pm. Most places stop serving dinner at 9pm, and a lot of restaurants and cafés are shut. Luckily, there are still a few good places serving delicious food after most people have headed off to bed.

Nick’s Place


Superstar Waffles

2/18-36 South Terrace, Fremantle Nick’s Place is an institution in Fremantle. For well over 20 years, Nick’s Place has made the best kebabs on the strip. The falafel and the spinach feta omelette are popular with vegetarians. Tried and proven, and standing the test of time, Nick’s Place kebabs will not disappoint!

2 Beach St, Fremantle Munchies is a Fremantle icon famous for its BIG burgers and hot chips that won’t break the bank. Located beside the railway line, Munchies is a great spot to call in for a late night eat after a fun night out in Freo!

8/189 William St, Northbridge Everyone likes waffles. They’re crispy, they’re sweet and they’re mighty delicious when done properly. Superstar Waffles are relatively new in Perth, but have already received rave reviews for their coffee and waffles. Weekends are the best time to drop by this place they’re open til’ 10pm, so you can enjoy a sweet treat later.

9336 2391

Malt Supper Club 677 Beaufort St, Mt Lawley If you prefer your late night snacks to be a little bit fancy, you’ll love Malt Supper Club. The unique bar has a decadent theme and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported back to the early 1920s. Their supper menu is definitely more modern though - expect delicious mini burgers, pizzas, arancini balls and cheese platters. You can also book a ‘supper room’ if you’d prefer a more intimate experience with your mates. 9371 0062

9430 7434

Koko Black 23 St Quentin Avenue, Claremont Chocolate is necessary for the soul. So of course you’ll need somewhere to get your chocolate fix. Koko Black is just that place, with a wonderful menu that completes every chocolate-lover’s dream. When you’ve finished having hot chocolate and brownies, take home a selection of handmade truffles. 9284 2049

Cheeky Sparrow 1/317 Murray St, Perth (entrance on Wolf Lane) The Cheeky Sparrow is a café in the early morning, then a bar and late-night eatery. If you wanted to (and had the money) you could hang here all day enjoying the delicious pizzas, cocktails and ciders. The menu caters for the vegetarian and gluten-intolerant as well.


The Moon Shop 2/323 William St, Cnr Newcastle St, Northbridge Aptly named, this café is open til 1am during the week and 3am on the weekends. You can find yourself a delicious pizza fix here, as well as the famous Moon Burger. This is definitely a great place to get a late dinner after those long hours at uni. 9328 7474

0405 550 286

Eat & Drink




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At Home

At The Store

Freezing bread

Buy Home/Store Brand

If you won’t use a whole loaf then freeze some. Your toaster has a defrost function so you can always grab some out for toast.

They are often made in the same places as the more expensive brands and represent a significant saving.

Buy frozen veggies Vegetables are essential for your diet but can lead to a lot of wastage. There is nothing wrong with having frozen vegetables and only using what you need. Freeze meat If you have a freezer then you can buy meat when it is on sale and bring it out when you need it. Leftovers Whether for the next day’s lunch or dinner, leftovers are a great way of stretching food further, reducing wastage and saving money.

Buy non-perishable items in bulk If you have the space then buying foods that won’t perish in bulk will save you money. End of day specials At the end of the day stores are looking to clear stock, so it is a great time to grab a bargain. Use coupons Several stores still distribute coupons; take them with you to save money off their products. Check the unit prices The product on sale, or even the biggest item, may not be the cheapest. Make sure you check the unit price for the best value.

The Staples Top Ten Foods That Should be in Every Student Kitchen These foods are cost effective, healthy and versatile. Brown Rice = $3.50/kg Tinned Tomatoes = 65c for 400g tin Canned Tuna = $2.50 for 400g can Pasta = 70c for 500g Potatoes = $3/kg Eggs = $4.50/dozen Beans = $1.50 for 400g Onions = $2/kg Oats = $1.50 for 700g bag Soup = $2 for 500g

Food Safety On food packaging you will often see the words ‘Use by’ and ‘Best Before’ – ‘Use by’ means exactly that; don’t use the product past that date. Once best before dates pass, the product may not taste quite as good and is reaching the end of its shelf life. Leftovers – As mentioned, leftovers are a great way of saving money but make sure they have been refrigerated. Let them cool down but make sure you put them in the fridge within 2 hours after cooking.

Eat & Drink



INTRODUCTION While Perth might be the most isolated major city in the world, it’s also one of the most vibrant and exciting places in Australia, especially during the warmer months.

to the annual West Coast Blues and Roots Festival. Throughout the year you will also discover several cultural and musical experiences in the beautiful seaside environment.

The city comes alive with the Perth Festival at the beginning of the year as well as an increasing number of music and cultural festivals every year. Fremantle now plays host to St Jerome’s Laneway Festival in addition

Live arts are a big part of life in Perth and Fremantle, with vibrant theatre and dance cultures that are also affordable for students. They boast some of the country’s finest live music venues, including the impressive and newly

built Perth Arena for international performances, sporting events and everything in between. With plenty of quality live music venues dotted around, there’s never a shortage of live entertainment to enjoy during the week either. But if you prefer the brash excitement of live sport, Perth has your tastes covered with world-class sports venues.

Did You Know? Based on a recent survey, 6/10 British families want to move to Australia.



NEED TO KNOWS Ticket Sales If you’re planning on going to a concert or sporting match while you’re in Australia, you’ll need to buy tickets. Most ticket buying takes place on the Internet through a couple of national websites. If you’re buying for a festival, those tickets are usually available through the festival’s website.

Student Discounts Being a student certainly has its advantages, especially where live entertainment is concerned. If you enjoy a bit of live theatre, but don’t like the price, you can easily get a discount if you’re under 30.

Orientation Week Also called ‘O-Week’, this introductory week to uni is time to get settled in while having some fun. University campuses become a hive of activity as clubs are showcased, tours are run and introductory lectures are given. Some universities also have concerts, dances, fairs, and more to help everyone meet in a relaxed environment. It’s highly recommended that you don’t forget the academic stuff because this is the best time to get a library tour. Some very important information is given out in these first lectures.

Cultural Events There are many celebrations from around the world that Aussies embrace with a passion and commit to making them a great day out. Perth is a multicultural hub of excitement too! Many of the nationalities that make it a culture capital have their own events throughout the year.

Gay and Lesbian The gay and lesbian scene is large in Australia, and as such there are hundreds of events around the country that have developed a massive following. Whether it is at the hundreds of gay venues scattered around the country, or at big outdoor festivals and parades, there are many ways to engage with this community. Check out this website:






What is the name of the league?

What is the name of the league?

The Australian Football League (AFL)

The National Basketball League (NBL). Not to be confused with the American league, the NBA.

Who are the teams? Western Australia has two teams in the AFL - the Fremantle Dockers and the West Coast Eagles.

Perth’s team is the Perth Wildcats.

Where do they play?

Where do they play?

Teams often play at Patterson’s Stadium (formerly known as Subiaco Oval).

The games take place at Perth Arena, right in the centre of the city.

How much does it cost?

The cost of tickets depends on where you sit. For concession, they can range from $15 - $70.

General admission tickets for a footy match are $35 for adults or $26 for concession. Who is the captain of the team? The West Coast Eagles captain is Darren Glass and the Fremantle Dockers captain is Matthew Pavlich. Who are some star players? Fremantle’s star player is Matthew Pavlich and West Coast’s star player is Josh Kennedy. Interesting Facts There is a strong rivalry between the West Coast Eagles and the Fremantle Dockers, with ‘Western Derbies’ seeing the two teams play against each other at least once during the season.


Who are the teams?

How much does it cost?

Who is the captain of the team? There are two co-captains of the Perth Wildcats – Damian Martin and Shawn Redhage. Who is the star player? Kevin Lisch Interesting facts The Wildcats are the most successful team in the NBL, with 27 consecutive finals appearances and five national championships.



Soccer (Football)

What is the name of the league?

What is the name of the league?

There are a number of different cricket leagues in Australia, but each state has a team in the Sheffield Shield series.

The Hyundai A-League. Who are the teams?

Who are the teams?

Perth has one team – Perth Glory.

Perth has a team called the Warriors.

Where do they play?

Where do they play?

All soccer games in Perth take place at nib Stadium, just outside of Perth.

All cricket matches in Perth take place at WACA (Western Australia Cricket Association) oval.

How much does it cost? Tickets are about $20 for concession, so it’s a decent bargain!

How much does it cost? Some games are actually free to watch! Other games may be between $2 and $7 – bargain!

Who is the captain of the team?

Who is the captain of the team?

Who are some star players?

The captain of Perth Glory is Jacob Burns.

The captain of the Warriors is Adam Voges.

Star players include Shane Smeltz and Michael Thwaite.

Who are some star players?

Interesting facts

Some of the star players include Michael Hussey and Ashton Agar.

Perth play in the ‘Distance Derby’ against Wellington Phoenix. Perth and Wellington are 5260km apart making it the longest distance regular top-flight domestic league fixtures in professional football.

Interesting facts The Warriors have been playing cricket since 1893. Since the Warriors joined the Sheffield Shield competition in 1947, they’ve won the competition 15 times.

Getting Social Joining a sports team at your university or a local club is a great way of making new friends. Not only are you staying fit, but you are also meeting people with at least one common interest!



LIVE MUSIC Punk & Metal If you consider yourself a punk or a metalhead then you will find plenty to get excited about in Perth and Fremantle. Where? You can’t go past the Rosemount Hotel, they have a diverse range of acts but often host the larger heavy bands that play in town. Their sound system is immense, ideal for even the heaviest of guitar riffs. Mojo’s is a smaller equivalent, hosting a variety of genres but still supporting punk and metal.

Who? Great punk bands like Mach Pelican and Ballpoint were originally from Perth and the city is still producing solid new bands. Two great examples are The Decline and The Bob Gordons, who are both getting bigger and better. How Much? Local acts trying to get their break will generally play for free around town. Larger touring acts are more likely to charge between $30 and $60.

Folk For those more into stripped back, acoustic music, Perth and Fremantle have you covered with gigs most nights of the week. Where? Head out to Northbridge for a couple of cool acoustic venues, The Bird and The Bakery. In Fremantle the

Norfolk has cosy vibes, perfectly suited to laid-back music. Who? The rootsy John Butler, of the John Butler Trio, started out in Fremantle as did The Waifs and Little Birdy. The chilled out nature of the port city has resulted in some quality folk music.

The annual West Coast Blues and Roots festival is a large gathering of folk musicians from around the world. How Much? Shows at smaller venues are usually fairly cheap, $10 $20, but the larger Australian and international acts can vary between $30 and $60.

Pop Pop music pleases the masses and despite its isolation Perth still gets a few big acts rolling through town. Where? The big acts commonly play Perth Arena, a great venue to see the international superstars. Other pop acts may play at the Fremantle


Arts Centre while stadium acts will take to the WACA or Paterson’s Stadium. Who?

slightly heavier acts like the Foo Fighters. How Much?

While some acts still do miss Perth unfortunately, several of the world’s biggest superstars do include the city in their touring plans. Recent visitors include Beyonce and Rihanna, in addition to

The hottest tickets certainly won’t be cheap, you definitely pay for the privilege of witnessing these entertainers. Tickets won’t come any cheaper than $80 and some acts may charge double that for their shows.


Hip Hop Australian hip hop has been booming in recent years and the genre is going from strength to strength. Where? Despite the genre’s growing popularity, Perth doesn’t have a dedicated hip hop venue. There are several hip hop club nights around town and live acts may play at venues like the Rosemount or Amplifier.

Who? The biggest hip hop acts to come from Perth are Drapht and Downsyde. There are plenty of other young MCs based in Perth producing music worth listening to. How Much? Australian acts charge between $10 and $50 while international acts may charge up to $80 for their concerts.

Jazz & Classical Where? Jazz shows can happen at venues across the city but the most noteworthy is The Ellington Jazz Club. Named after legendary jazz musician Duke Ellington, it hosts nightly shows worth checking out. For classical music your best bet is to keep an eye on the schedule for the Perth Concert Hall.


How Much?

The West Australian Symphony Orchestra regularly hold concerts, sometimes with famous conductors. International jazz acts are a common sight at The Ellington as it is arguably one of the best jazz clubs in Australia.

Concerts at the Perth Concert Hall can be quite pricey but that is just the nature of classical music. The West Australian Symphony Orchestra charge up to $100 for their concerts. Jazz gigs are significantly cheaper and cost between $10 and $30 depending on the artist.

smaller indie acts playing there. Bigger and international acts may play at the Rosemount Hotel, a great venue for all types of music.

great Australian rock bands have emerged from Perth over the years including Birds of Tokyo, Eskimo Joe and The Panics.


How Much?

Global sensations Tame Impala are proudly from Perth, following a tradition of great bands from the city. Some of the band also play in Pond, who are also well worth checking out. Many

Local, and smaller touring bands, may play for between $10 and $25 but you will pay more when the larger acts arrive. Tickets to these concerts will usually be between $40 and $60.

Indie & Rock

Where? The best venue for indie is the Amplifier Bar, where you will regularly find local and



ONLINE ENTERTAINMENT If you don’t care about owning the content and just want to access it, then the Internet provides a world of opportunities.

Streaming Music Spotify


A huge database of music that is highly sociable. Often used for sharing music with friends and creating personalisedplaylists.

An Australian company that gives you free access if you interact with brands on their platform. Downloads are also available on this platform and they have a range of independent artists.

Pandora This is a useful way of discovering new music as it is more like internet radio. Playlists are created around a band or song you like to create a personalised radio station for you.

Rdio Follow the ‘tastemakers’ in different genres to discover the latest in new music. This platform is handy for discovering and reviewing music.

Streaming TV TV Stations

Apple TV

Australia’s TV Networks, Seven, Nine, Ten, ABC and SBS all have content available to stream on their websites. All the latest episodes are on there and they last at least until the next episode is aired.

Apple TV gives you the ability to watch series and movies you have downloaded from iTunes on your TV. Using your WiFi you can also stream content from your other Apple devices.

Foxtel Play Foxtel is Australia’s pay tv supplier and is now available on computers and games consoles. Their packages aren’t cheap but can be viewed on three devices so you can split the cost with friends/housemates.

Telstra T-Box This digital set top box allows you to watch free-to-air TV channels, as well as internet channels, TV shows, BigPond Movies on demand and Foxtel on T-Box (if eligible) when you connect to Telstra broadband.

Top 5 Radio Stations 1) Triple J - (99.3) Alternative and Popular 2) 92.9 - (92.9) Modern and Popular 3) Nova - (93.7) Modern and Popular 4) 96FM - (96.1) 60s to Modern Popular 5) Curtin FM - (100.1) Alternative and World Music



Study at a global university ranked among the world’s best. Curtin University is the largest and most multicultural university in Western Australia. Rated among the world’s top 300 universities, Curtin is also one of the top 50 universities under 50 years old and number one in the state1. Over 50,000 students from more than 125 countries study at Curtin’s campuses in Perth, Sydney, Singapore and Sarawak, including nearly 16,000 international students. Offering a wide range of business, humanities, health science and science and engineering courses, Curtin’s programs are developed in close collaboration with industry and are relevant to business needs so you graduate career-ready. With a vision to be an international leader in research and education, Curtin’s researchers are making the world a better place—supported by leading facilities, like the multimillion-dollar Curtin Health Innovation Research Institute (CHIRI) Biosciences. Visit for more information. Change something today and make tomorrow better.

1 2012/2013 QS World University Rankings. Curtin University is a trademark of Curtin University of Technology. CRICOS Provider Code 00301J (WA), 02637B (NSW).

NET CAFÉS, GAMING & KARAOKE Everyone likes to let off a little steam after a long day at uni, so if gaming is your thing, or you just want to check in with your family back home, there are plenty of arcades and net cafés in Perth.

Kuditj Internet Café 201 Beaufort St, Perth Kuditj is a not-for-profit venture to help out Indigenous communities with hospitality training. If you want bring your own laptop, you can sign onto their Wi-Fi and grab a cheap bite to eat. Internet is $4 for an hour and you can use that time over multiple visits. 9228 0614

Timezone 33 South Tce, Fremantle There is a whole world of both traditional and modern arcade games that you can either play single or multiplayer. With old school arcade games as well as more contemporary games, you’ll easily spend hours in here. 9336 2329

Ferrera Bar 67 Milligan St, Perth Ferrara Karaoke Bar has a public karaoke section where you can either get up on stage or sing from your chair. It’s a good fun night out and the drink prices aren’t too bad either. 9481 1909

Seizan 566 Hay St Perth A Japanese restaurant and a karaoke bar in one - what more could you ask for? Start your night off with a delicious teppanyaki feast, and then step into the karaoke bar to bust out some tunes with your mates. You can also buy a package deal to make things a bit cheaper. There’s no better way to enjoy a Saturday night! 9325 5980

4Play Games Shop 24, Ocean View Plaza, Scarborough 4Play Games is a gamer’s paradise. There are over 50 computers and a huge range of games available. They also have all the other computing and Internet facilities you need.

5 most popular Karaoke songs in Australia Mama Mia Abba Khe Sahn Cold Chisel Livin’ On A Prayer Bon Jovi Sexual Healing Marvin Gaye Summer Nights Grease

9341 1466



Welcome to the perfect learning environment. What would you like to achieve?

CRICOS Provider Code 00126G

The University of Western Australia is the oldest institution of higher learning in Western Australia and a member of Australia’s prestigious Group of Eight, a collaboration of the top research universities in Australia. Since 1913 UWA has helped shape the careers of more than 100,000 graduates and is the destination of choice for high-achieving students in Western Australia. The State’s only World Top 100 university*, UWA offers the perfect learning environment and an extraordinary combination of world-class research, award-winning teaching and a vibrant student life. All this is available at one of Australia’s most picturesque campuses in what The Economist Intelligence Unit believes is “one of the world’s most liveable cities”. Find out more at * Academic Ranking of World Universities 2013





CINEMAS Perth and Fremantle have a number of cinemas to satisfy a range of tastes. There are also drive-in cinemas and moonlight cinemas, which are perfect on the warmer evenings.

Millennium Cinema

Luna on SX

Collie St, Fremantle Located in the heart of Fremantle, just off the popular café strip, Hoyts Millennium screens the latest blockbuster releases. Hoyts Millennium showcases 4 cinemas including two 3D auditoriums. With big screens and big sound, movies are better in Hoyts Millennium’s Xtremescreen!

13 Essex Street Fremantle Luna On SX is Fremantle’s premier independent arthouse cinema located midway along Essex St, which runs off Fremantle’s famous café strip on South Terrace. Luna on SX has its own unique Freo thing going on, showing a diverse range of films from the truly offbeat and edgy through to quality mainstream films.

9466 4920 locations/millennium

Luna Cinema 155 Oxford St, Leederville With four different screens (plus an outdoor one during the warmer months) Luna is the best place to catch foreign and alternative films in Perth. If you enjoy things a little off-beat, this is the cinema for you. It won’t show any of the new releases - there are plenty of other cinemas in Perth that’ll do that - instead these guys show the weird, wacky and foreign. You can bet there won’t be little children running around, this is for the film aficionado.

9430 5999

Rooftop Movies 68 Roe St, Northbridge Who doesn’t like watching films under the stars? Not to mention being right in the centre of the city’s skyline. Rooftop Movies combines all of these things, plus some tasty beverages. Open during the warmer months, Rooftop Movies is the perfect way to spend a summer evening. Expect to see current, classic and cult movies - and best of all, it’s pretty cheap! Just $10! 9227 6228

9444 4056.

Event Cinemas, 57 Leige St, Innaloo This is one of the massive cinemas that offer a wide range of movies on ridiculously large screens. Sign up for their cinebuzz card that entitles you to a free movie for every 100 points accumulated! 9446 8222

Northbridge Piazza Cinema Northbridge Piazza, Corner James and Lake St, Northbridge Perth locals do seem to love their outdoor activities and the Northbridge Piazza outdoor cinema is just another example of this. The Northbridge Piazza cinema is a huge screen showing all sorts of movies throughout the year. They’ll often divide the films up into ‘seasons’ where the theme might be love stories, summer flicks or horror films for Halloween. Best of all, the movies are totally free! 9461 3368

Event Cinemas



GALLERIES If you feel like stimulating your creative side and strolling the hallways of some galleries, there are plenty around Perth and Fremantle to keep you busy.

The Moores Building

Free Range Gallery

46 Henry Street, Fremantle The Moores Building is one of Western Australia’s most innovative and exciting galleries for contemporary art. Nearly everyone and everything has exhibited in one or more of its weird and wonderful, cranky and creaky spaces because these spaces have a feel unlike any other in Western Australia. You can also have a coffee at Moores and peruse the art on the walls.

399 Wellington St, Perth The Free Range Gallery is a pretty big part of the West Australian art scene - they provide an affordable space for budding artists to show their works. Everything in this place is contemporary, vibrant and affordable too - maybe you’ll pick up something painted by the ‘next big thing!’

9335 3519

Art Gallery of Western Australia Roe St, Perth If you want to see a very impressive collection of Australian artists, the Art Gallery of Western Australia should be your first stop. Housing a wide range of works from local Indigenous artists, Australian artists and international artists, it’s very easy to spend a whole day just wandering around and soaking it up. The gallery was founded in 1895 and is one of the most beautiful old buildings in the Perth Cultural Centre. Best of all, entry is free - unless you want to visit one of the travelling exhibitions. 9492 6600

Japingka Gallery 47 High St, Fremantle With 25 years experience in Aboriginal Arts, Japingka Gallery have curated and presented over 140 exhibitions of Aboriginal painting, prints and sculpture, both in Australia and internationally. Stop in for a unique cultural and very Australian artistic experience. 9335 8265

Venn 16 Queen St, Perth Venn has turned an old factory into a gallery space for local and emerging artists. The attached studios provide a space for artists to create, while the open and clean plan of the gallery shows off art at its best. There is also a café, bar and shop attached, all of which are awesome. 9321 8366

FORM Gallery 357 Murray St, Perth If you want to experience the newest and best art on offer, FORM gallery is probably your best bet. Their exhibitions are always free and their opening night parties are smash hits. They’re also sponsored by Little Creatures brewery, so you can always be sure of decent drinks. This is the sort of place to find contemporary art and works that will challenge, so be prepared to be shocked. 9226 2799

Fremantle Arts Centre 1 Finnerty St, Fremantle More than just your regular art gallery, the Fremantle Arts Centre houses traditional art, but also promotes performance art and music. Every Sunday there’s music from up-andcoming artists in the courtyard. They also host Sonic Sessions - special performances followed by a question and answer session with the artist. As for the art itself, it’s a mixture of everything; painting, photography, sculpture, new media... whatever you can think of, it’s probably there. 9432 9555



THEATRE & LIVE ARTS Perth has a blossoming live arts scene, especially during the warmer months. There’s never a shortage of theatre shows and dance companies touring Perth, and usually students can get themselves a pretty cheap deal.

Mojo’s Bar

Studio Underground

Heath Ledger Theatre

237 Queen Victoria Street Mojo’s Bar serves up live original music seven days a week. It loves it local and foreign, hard and soft, new and old, obvious and obscure, friendly and furious... you get the idea. From international touring acts with a penchant for intimacy, to unknown locals with something else in their eye. If you like your music original and you like it good, then get your mojo here.

The State Theatre Centre, 174-176 William St, Perth Home of the highly respected Perth Theatre Company, the State Theatre Centre is a world-class venue. Nicknamed the ‘Black Box’, the venue is an intimate space, which makes it perfect for the modern, often abstract performances put on by the Perth Theatre Company. Tickets to these performances are surprisingly not as expensive as other state theatre companies around the country. You can expect to pay around $25 for your student ticket.

State Theatre Centre, 174176 William St, Perth Yes, the Heath Ledger Theatre is named after the star who played The Joker in the Batman film, “The Dark Knight”. He also grew up in Perth. The theatre is the home of Perth’s own Black Swan Theatre Company who tend to put on a mixture of modern and classic productions.Tickets are a little pricier to these productions and you can expect to pay about $40.

9430 4010

Kulcha Multicultural Arts of WA First floor, 13 South Terrace, Fremantle As the only organisation in Western Australia developing, promoting and presenting multicultural arts, Kulcha celebrates Australia’s most multicultural state. Kulcha works with musicians, dancers and visual artists from all manner of cultural backgrounds, bringing them to this wonderful upstairs venue in the heart of Fremantle. Check out their website for the latest program details. 9336 4544

6212 9399

The Blue Room Theatre 53 James St, Northbridge The Blue Room is the home of independent and up and coming performing arts in Perth. Expect the unexpected here because you’ll find everything - comedy, drama, mime, performance art and everything in between. It’s all independent so you can be sure to see something out of the ordinary - and something that might make you think. 9227 7005

6212 9200


His Majesty’s Theatre 825 Hay St, Perth Fondly known as ‘The Maj’ by locals, His Majesty’s Theatre is one of the oldest theatres in the state. Opening in 1904, the theatre has seen all sorts of productions but is currently home to the West Australian Opera Company which performs there regularly. Not only does it show a range of opera, traditional theatre and ballet, the theatre itself is on the State Heritage Register, and is believed to be the only working Edwardian theatre in the country! 9265 0900






Indian Ocean Skyshow

Big Day Out

Future Music Festival

2 Feb, Claremont Showgrounds From humble starts in 1992, the Big Day Out became one of our nation’s premier mixed music festivals. Headlining acts in 2014 include Arcade Fire, Blur and Pearl Jam.

2 Mar, Arena Joondalup This touring festival features the best in electronic music from around the world. 2014 highlights will include Deadmau5, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Rudimental and Phoenix.

Perth Festival

Araluen Fremantle Chilli Festival

26 Jan, Bathers Bay, Fremantle The Indian Ocean Skyshow is the largest Australia Day firework display to be launched off the West Australian coastline. The fireworks are set off from a barge located 300m off the coast at Bathers Bay Fremantle. Fireworks begin at Bathers Bay from 8.00 pm. The display is simulcast to an all Australian music soundtrack on a local radio station.

Australia Day (Public Holiday) 26 Jan There is no better day to have a barbecue and a beer in shorts and thongs! Tune into Triple J to hear the hottest 100 songs from 2013 and enjoy a bit of cricket on TV.

7 Feb - 1 March, various locations High art, music and culture are all on show at various venues. Look out for the daring and exciting acrobatic performances and dance acts.

St Jerome’s Laneway 8 Feb, Fremantle Held in Fremantle for the first time, the festival is about leading new and revered seminal music. This year’s festival will take place in the setting of the Esplanade Park and historic West End in Fremantle. Indie lovers will have the full benefit of the ocean breeze, while taking in music in and around this world-class site.

8 - 9 Mar, Fremantle Esplanade PAk The Araluen Fremantle Chilli Festival is a celebration of everything chilli including fresh foods, plants, pickles, chutneys, olives, cheese, chocolate, wine, beers and much, much more. Held on the Fremantle Esplanade Park you can enjoy a carnival atmosphere, great music and experience ‘Masters of Menu’ with celebrity chefs’ interactive cooking demonstrations and everything chilli.

City of Perth International Student Festival 15 Mar, Perth Cultural Centre This one is for you - the new international student in Perth! Come along at 11am to meet other international students, be introduced to the City by the Lord Mayor and find out about what the city has to offer during your stay. There’s music, food, games and more. Definitely check this one out.






West Coast Blues & Roots Festival

Groovin The Moo

Western Australia Day (Public Holiday)

13 Apr, Fremantle Park There is no event that better encapsulates the great West Australian lifestyle quite like the West Coast Blues ’n’ Roots Festival. The annual blues music festival boasts a spectacular lineup each year that is sure not to disappoint. www.westcoastbluesnroots.

Fremantle Street Arts Festival 19 - 21 Apr, Across Fremantle The internationally renowned Fremantle Street Arts Festival is held over the Easter weekend each year and showcases some of the world’s most acclaimed street, outdoor theatre, music, comedy, circus and cabaret performers. This precocious festival has attitude, breaks conventions, is full of surprises and is guaranteed to entertain you, make you laugh and leave you on a natural high.

ANZAC Day 25 April ANZAC Day was traditionally a memorial day for the landing of soldiers from Australia and New Zealand at Gallipoli in World War One. Today, it is also to commemorate the lives lost and those who returned from other wars.

10 May, Hay Park, Bunbury This festival only travels to regional parts of Australia. In 2014 it will return to Bunbury (about two hours from Perth CBD). Past highlights include Public Enemy, They Might Be Giants and The Wombats.

Fremantle Heritage Festival 23 May - 2 Jun, Across Fremantle Quirky and feisty, intriguing and surprising, Fremantle captures the hearts of West Australians like nowhere else! Fremantle Heritage Festival delves into the past to find out what makes Fremantle cool. The battles fought for workers rights, the feats and follies of eccentric characters, the art, the music, the culture, vintage fashion, motorcycles, fishing and pub crawls. All the colour and intrigue that makes Fremantle special!

WA Middle Eastern Dance (WAMED) Festival 30 May - 2 Jun, various locations With a mix of international, national and local acts, the WAMED is not to be missed. The festival includes a cocktail party and fashion parades.

2 Jun Formerly known as Foundation Day, this public holiday initially marked the day when Europeans arrived in WA. In modern times it celebrates both the indigenous and immigrant populations who have made this great state what it is today.

Supanova Pop Culture Expo 20 - 22 Jun, Claremont Showgrounds Supanova is an annual anime, sci-fi and pop culture event. There will be collector’s items, toys, movies, games, cards, comics and guests. Dress up, enter the competitions and register to take part in it all.

HOLA! Spanish Film Festival Jun, Cinema Paradiso Showcasing the top Spanish language movies, this festival has expanded significantly over the last few years. Best enjoyed after tapas and a few glasses of Sangria.






Perth International Film Festival

Perth Motor Show


Aug, Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre Get up-close and personal with Ferraris, Lamborghinis and many other head-turning machines at the Perth Motor Show. You can inspect the cars or watch the amazing stage with giant LED displays, where professional drivers showcase exciting new cars.

Sep, Rottnest Island Held on Rottnest Island, Rottofest is another chance to catch comedy, music and films. The best part is, it’s all in the relaxed atmosphere of Rottnest Island.

3 - 13 Jul, Mt Lawley Catch the best new films and hear what directors have to say about them. The film festival runs for ten days and shows the work of brilliant local and international filmmakers.

Good Food & Wine Show 11 – 13 Jul, Convention Exhibition Centre

WA Poetry Festival

Mid Aug, Across Perth The Spring Poetry Festival aims to introduce audiences to some amazing poets by showcasing their work at this unique festival. There are also poetry workshops for those who would like to learn more.

Hidden Treasures Winter Music Series

City to Surf Charity Run

Drink excellent wine and taste wonderful food at this festival. It’s all about local produce. You can also learn something new at one of the cooking demonstrations featuring celebrity chefs.

Jul, High St, Fremantle Hidden Treasures Winter Music Series returns to the West End featuring a line-up who have one thing in common - Fremantle. Whether they call Fremantle home or have emerged from the port city, all of the artists hold a special place in their hearts for Fremantle. Four unique venues along Fremantle’s High Street West End will host musical acts, warming up the street every Thursday in July.

Late Aug, Perth CBD to City Beach The City to Surf is a great chance to get out and warm up in the sunshine after those winter chills. Walk or run competitively in order to raise money for charity. Registration and training for the event starts early, so be organised to take part.



Listen Out Late Sep, Ozone Reserve Set in parks around Australia, the national tour features an interesting mix of DJs, alternative bands and indie acts. Another great chance to meet new people and dance!

Queen’s Birthday (Public Holiday) 29 Sep It’s not really the Queen’s Birthday, but we’ll take any excuse for a public holiday.





Fremantle Festival

Oct, various locations Celebrate the German heritage with a few pints of beer and great food. Go further and dress up in the awesome traditional Bavarian outfit.

26 Oct – 9 Nov, various locations in Freemantle Fremantle Festival is Australia’s oldest continually running community festival. In its 109th year the festival includes the Wardarnji Indigenous Cultural Festival, the Blessing of the Fleet and 100 events over the two weeks. It culminates in a wild and spectacular community parade through the streets of Fremantle. Stumble upon outdoor art exhibitions, laneway music gigs and theatre shows. What will you discover?

Christmas & Boxing Day

Royal Show Early Oct, Claremont Showground The Royal Show has been held for over 100 years and it’s an affair for all ages and tastes. Featuring a variety of display animals, agricultural competitions and thrilling rides, it is a day to be remembered! Don’t forget to grab a couple of showbags while you’re there.

Blessing of the Fleet 26 Oct, Fishing Boat Harbour The Blessing of the Fleet was first introduced to Fremantle by Italian migrant fishermen in 1948 and is a celebration of the fishing traditions, religion and the wider Fremantle community. After morning mass, a procession carrying two statues (our Lady of Martyrs and Madonna diCapo d’Orlando) heads to the Fishing Boat Harbour for the blessing. It’s become an important annual event for the port, combining culture and history in a day of fun.

Stereosonic Late Nov, Claremont Showgrounds Stereosonic is a massive festival with a party atmosphere that tours around the country in the lead up to summer. Electronic music aficionados will have a golden opportunity to see world class acts!

25 Dec & 26 Dec Christmas is a big affair for Australians. Kicking off the year-end festivities, it is a time to celebrate family, friends and to ponder on the year ahead. Boxing Day is also a great day to shop!

New Year’s Eve 31 Dec – various locations The big party of the year starts on New Year’s Eve and ends in a brand new year. The city is full of revelers and the sky is filled with fireworks! If you are not sure where to go, head to the popular street party in Northbridge.

Hopman Cup Late Dec - Jan, Burswood Entertainment Complex See the top tennis players take part in this test of skills. The Hopman Cup is one of Perth’s biggest sporting events and many of the greats will be there. Tickets are available for every budget.



ADVENTURE INTRODUCTION Western Australia is a truly wonderful mix of the diverse landscapes you’ll find in Australia. To the north you can expect ancient desert and many sights you’ve probably come to associate with ‘the outback’. To the south there are massive national parks with kilometres of walking trails, wild oceans and one of the best wine regions in the world. The Margaret River is the kind of place to take your parents when they come to visit. With world class wineries and restaurants, this will

surely be an experience all will cherish. If you want to stay local, exploring just around Perth will give you a good insight into the place you’re now calling home. Western Australia’s beaches are famous for their pristine conditions and great surf. Right near the city is Rottnest Island, or you can explore greater Western Australia with its reefs, national parks and stunning rock formations.

weekend trips, including the unbelievably beautiful Broome and the true outback town of Kalgoorlie. There are so many opportunities to get up close to Australian animals too, such as at Perth Zoo and Caversham Wildlife Park! If you’re looking for some thrills, you now live in the state with some of the best surf beaches in the world. But if ice skating or paintball is more your thing, WA has that too!

If you have a day or two free, we recommend heading out to one of our suggested

Top Five - Best viewpoints 1) Fraser Ave Lookout, Kings Park 2) South Perth Foreshore 3) The Aviary, 140 William St 4) Watermans Bay 5) Zig Zag Drive, Gooseberry Hill



NEED TO KNOWS Airfares Due to Perth’s isolation domestic flights can be quite expensive, yet bargain fares to Asia can be found. With Asia on your doorstep you should be able to find a budget flight to Bali as well as various other destinations.

Air Bnb If you are looking for cheap accommodation then definitely check out This awesome service allows people to hire out their properties for short term stays. For less money than a hotel room you can stay in someone’s cool apartment while they don’t need it.

Cheap Accommodation Being a student means you probably don’t have a whole lot of money to spend on luxurious accommodation. Luckily Australia has plenty of cheap places to stay – keep your eyes out for hostels, backpackers or motels when you’re travelling. Check out websites like Lastminute and Wotif for regular specials.

The Seasons The Seasons Australian seasons are the opposite of those in the Northern hemisphere. Australian summers start in December and end in March, and winters start in June through to August. Expect plenty of very hot, dry weather in summer and wet, windy days in winter.

Getting Social When attending Orientation week keep an eye out for all the clubs and associations that try to get you involved. Join groups you are passionate about and you will meet plenty of new people with a mutual interest.



CHEAP & FREE ACTIVITIES So you need to save your pennies? Don’t worry! There’s still plenty of stuff to do around Perth and Fremantle that won’t break your bank! Plus, the best thing is, most of these activities are outside so you can see more of the city.

The Drive-In Take a step back to the 1960s and take a group of friends, or that special someone, to the drive-in movies. It’s basically where you take your car to an outdoor area and watch the movie from the comfort of your vehicle. It’s the perfect place to watch a flick without being interrupted by other movie-goers chewing their popcorn too loudly. Where should I go? The Galaxy Drive-In Theatre in Kinglsey is Perth’s only drive-in, and it’s a great spot. It’s a bit of a drive from

the centre of Perth, but why not make it a short road trip? Once you get there you can get some food at the café. It’s definitely a unique experience - and one that won’t be interrupted by ringing phones or others talking (though, this does depend on who you choose to take with you). Who should I go with? Grab a carload of mates (a car will only fit five people, so don’t try to fit anymore!). When should I go? Gates open at 6pm and the movie will usually start

around 7.30. It’s best to arrive early to purchase your tickets (cash only), find an ideal spot and tune your radio to the frequency of the movie you’ll be watching. How much will it cost? The Galaxy Drive-In Theatre is a pretty cheap way to spend an evening. On a Wednesday and Thursday you can expect to pay $9 per adult, and on the weekends it’s only $10 per person. If you want to keep it even cheaper, head in on a Tuesday - it’s only $20 per car!

The Mint

being melted into a real gold bar, hold a gold bullion worth over $700,000 and discover your weight in gold. Who do I go with? Everybody loves money, but have you ever wondered where it actually comes from? The Perth Mint is one of the few you can actually visit and enjoy. It’s been around for 113 years and is still going strong. You can see a gold


Take a friend with you to explore the richest place in the state. Where do I go? The Perth Mint is located in East Perth on Hay Street.

When should I go? Any day of the week! The Mint is open everyday from 9am-5pm. It’s one of Perth’s biggest tourist attractions, so it might be a good idea to go during the week and avoid weekend holiday makers. How much will it cost? It’ll cost you about $13 with your student card to enter the mint and experience everything on a guided tour.


Kings Park

pathways, luscious lawns and cosy spots to explore, as well as the Lotterywest Federation Walkway above the trees, the DNA Tower climb and the State War memorial. Where do I go? Perth’s Kings Park is the largest inner-city garden in the country. Even though the huge 400-hectare park is right in the heart of the city, you wouldn’t know it once you’re inside. It’s an oasis, filled with plenty of

Kings Park is located off Fraser Avenue on the western edge of the city. Who do I go with? Take a couple of mates with you who are keen to explore this huge place. When should I go? Kings Park is open every day of the year, so you should have no trouble finding time

to go. Choose a nice, sunny day and you’re set! How much will it cost? Entry into the park is free, as are all of the sights. But if you’re keen to have a bit of a picnic, you’ll need food. If you’re not bothered to carry everything with you, you can always check out the variety of eating places scattered around the park. Try the Botanical Café for a tasty sandwich, Zamia Café for a coffee and cake or Fraser’s Restaurant for a decadent lunch or dinner.

Bowling at once, it’s called a ‘strike’ and it’s pretty impressive. Who should I go with?

Ten-pin bowling is a popular pastime in Australia. Basically, the idea is to roll a pretty heavy bowl down a wooden alley and knock over the funny looking white things – the pins. If you knock them down all

Bowling is definitely best enjoyed with a big bunch of mates. Get six friends together, split into two teams and see who wins! Or, just play together to see who can get the highest score, or knock over the most pins. Where should I go? There are a couple of bowling alleys in Perth. Check out the Rosemount Bowl in the heart of the city or try AMF Bowling in Cannington. When should I go? Going bowling makes a good afternoon activity, but


if you want to spice it up a little, why not go in the evening? Most bowling places are open til late and will have at least one night where they try to make the bowling alley as exciting as they can. Think flashing lights and loud music – like a nightclub! How much will it cost? Bowling is a pretty cheap way to have fun. Most bowling alleys will charge between $12 and $14 for one game at student prices and $17 to $20 for two games. This fee includes your shoe hire too! Best of all, there’s always a little café onsite for all your fast food needs.


GROUP ACTIVITIES These activities are best enjoyed with a group of friends, either on the weekend or during university breaks.

Paintballing get to from the city is Perth Paintball Skirmish in Swan Valley.

Who should I go with? Paintballing is essentially the practice of shooting people with little paintfilled balls. It’s a great excuse to run around and have fun with friends. Where should I go? There are a couple of different paintballing places in Perth, but the easiest one to

To get the best deal, get a group of at least eight mates together. That way, you have enough people to make the game fun, as well as challenging. Also, make sure everyone’s fit and healthy - you don’t want anyone to get hurt. When should I go? The park is open from

9am-4pm every day, and it’s recommended you get out there early to beat the hot afternoon sun. Booking your session is essential, so check for all the important booking details. How much will it cost? You can expect to pay $20 each for equipment, safety protection and paintballs. You’ll also need to shell out some extra dollars for more paintballs - they tend to run out pretty quickly in the middle of the action.

Indoor Climbing

Outdoor rock climbing can be a bit scary, so indoor rock climbing was invented. A much safer and more fun alternative to actual rocks, you’ll be climbing up colourful walls, all supervised by experienced instructors. Where should I go? There are a couple of pretty


cool indoor rock climbing places dotted around Perth, so you have plenty of choice. Try The Hangout in Bayswater, City Summit located in Malaga or for something more central, Rockface Indoor Rockclimbing in Northbridge. When should I go? Rockface is open Monday to Friday noon to 10pm and from 10am to 8pm on weekends. That should give you plenty of time to give climbing a go. Who should I go with?

and most trustworthy friends – they might end up holding your life in their hands! How much will it cost? Indoor rock climbing is a great way of getting some exercise and it won’t spend too much of your money. For a full day’s experience, you’re looking at about $30 (or $27 if you’re a full time student - so bring that student card!). This includes climbing all day, a compulsory safety briefing as well as the equipment hire. A pretty good deal!

Grab a few of your closest





start the adventure STA Travel Pty Ltd trading as STA Travel, VIC 30808, NSW 2TA001112, ACT 216/D/3, QLD TAG468, TAS TAS128, WA 9TA75, NT 005, SA TTA56 *terms and conditions apply. Ask in store for details.

LOCAL SITES One of the best things about arriving in a new city is exploring and discovering those new cultural places. Thankfully, Perth has plenty of excellent museums and gardens to wander through.

Stirling Gardens

London Court Arcade

St Georges Terrace and Barrack St, Perth Another collection of glorious spots, the Stirling Gardens, are located next to the Supreme Court Gardens. The Stirling Gardens are actually the oldest in the city, first used by the colonial botanist James Drummong in the 1830s, so there are some pretty old plants in here. There are also some more modern additions, particularly the sculptures.

Between Hay Street Mall and St George’s Tce, Perth One of the most well known arcades in Perth is the London Court arcade. Built in the 1930s as a reproduction of an old London Street, the arcade features a number of ornate mechanical clocks one showing jousting knights and the other of St George slaying a dragon. Its old styled architecture makes it stand out from the surrounding modern skyscrapers. Even if there isn’t much here in the way of shopping that excites you, seeing a building that looks like it belongs in the 1800s is pretty trippy.

The Perth Cultural Centre The Perth Cultural Centre encompasses the Art Gallery of WA, WA Museum, the State Library and theatre facilities. There are always events on here, so check the website for details. For those interested in Australian and Indigenous art, the gallery houses an extensive collection. 6557 0700

Museum of Performing Arts 825 Hay St, Perth If you enjoy the thrill of live theatre, you might want to pay a visit to the Museum of Performing Arts at His Majesty’s Theatre. Take a tour around the museum and see more than 30,000 items of memorabilia like costumes, posters, photographs, and scripts as well as other historical items. His Majesty’s Theatre is one of the oldest theatres in the country, opening in 1904, so there’s plenty of history to explore.

The Round House 10 Arthur Head, Fremantle The Round House is the oldest public building in the State of Western Australia. It opened in January 1831, just 18 months after settlement, was built to hold any person convicted of a crime in the settlement, and was used up until 1886. The Round House is open from 10.30 am - 3.30 pm daily. The Fremantle Volunteer Heritage Guides are based at the Round House and are ready and willing to answer your questions about this remarkable building’s history! 9336 6897



Western Australian Maritime Museum Victoria Quay, Fremantle You can’t miss this building, it’s Fremantle’s version of the Sydney Opera House. Perched on the Indian Ocean’s shore, the Western Australian Maritime Museum is symbolic of Fremantle’s past, present and future as a coastal city and port. The museum houses several unique galleries that explore WA’s relationship with the sea. From leisure boats and handcrafted sailing boats to commercial pearl luggers and the famous winning America’s Cup yacht. Expect to pay around $5 for entry. 9431 8334

Adventure World

Fremantle Prison

179 Progress Drive, Bibra Lake Do you start slow and steady by taking a sky lift ride? Or do you plunge head long down alpine mountain? It’s up to you but there is something for everyone at Adventure World. Perth’s premier theme park is located a 15 minute drive away from Fremantle. Adventure World is home to over 30 unique attractions including water rides, water slides and thrill rides. It is a great place to spend a summer’s day. Expect to pay around $50 for a day pass.

1 The Terrace, Fremantle A tour of Fremantle Prison is a fantastic and fascinating day out. Far more than just Western Australia’s only World Heritage listed building, Fremantle Prison is a piece of living history. Situated in the heart of bustling Fremantle, the prison is a lasting monument to the city that was. Step inside and be transported back in time to experience both the good and bad of our history. See the tiny cells in which people lived day after day, the stunning art painted straight on the walls and the inspiring convict-made architecture. Expect to pay around $16 for a day tour.

9417 9666

9336 9200



GETTING HEALTHY The key to a healthy life is the balance of a good diet and regular exercise. Increased fitness will improve your mood, give you energy and make it easier for you to focus on your study.

Finding a Gym Gyms can be a large expense so make sure you are committed before you sign a contract. More flexible 24/7 options are starting to open up and present better value if you can live without classes and swimming pools etc. Most universities also have gyms and offer their students reasonable rates.

Health Foods Many universities have health food stores on campus that present students with healthy options. They sell natural, organic products that are generally gluten free. Farmer’s markets are a great way of sourcing fresh fruit and vegetables. The farmers sell directly to you so you pay less than at the supermarket and get fresher produce.

Social Sport Available at sports and community centres across your city, you can start a team with your friends and play against other teams. The level of competition will vary depending on which league you play in. The lower leagues will be purely social while higher leagues may be more competitive. Common sports include indoor soccer, squash, netball, indoor cricket, tennis and volleyball.

Sports Clubs If you are more serious about your sport then you can join your university (or a local club) team. This will involve attending training and committing to playing games for the entire season. You must be registered at the start of the season and pay for the entire season in advance. They are a great way of meeting new people while keeping fit.

Yoga/Pilates There are various ways to get involved in yoga and pilates. Your local gym may have classes, there are plenty of specialist venues opening, outdoor sessions are often advertised or you could teach yourself from YouTube.



DAY TRIPS So you’ve settled into the everyday grind of studying and you’re looking to get away for a few hours and see the countryside. There are plenty of great places only an hour or two away from Perth that are definitely worth seeing.

Rottnest Island For those of you who love experiencing Australia’s unique wildlife, as well as the beautiful beaches and landscape, Rottnest Island is a must-see. Hop on the ferry for a short trip from Fremantle and you’ll end up on Rottnest. One of the best ways to experience the island is via bike, so hire one and spend the day leisurely taking in the sites and experiencing the local wildlife like the friendly quokkas. If you prefer to spend your time in the one spot, you can set yourself up on one of the many swimming beaches like The Basin, Longreach Bay, Little Parakeet Bay and Geordie Bay. Otherwise, take the historic train to the top of Oliver Hill for a view with a difference.

Geographe Bay If you take a two hour drive south of Perth you’ll find yourself in the charming Geographe Bay, known affectionately as Western Australia’s natural playground. Home to a number of cute beachside suburbs including Busselton, Dunsborough and Yallingup, Geographe Bay is also on the fringe of the well-known Margaret River

wine region. This place really does have everything. Visit the Busselton Jetty - the longest jetty in the southern hemisphere standing at 1.8km long and housing shops, a train and an underwater viewing observatory. If you prefer to spend your days lazing about in the sun, visit the pristine Yallingup beach or for something a little more daring, see the Ngilgi caves in Yallingup.

Swan River Only 25 minutes outside of the centre of Perth is the picturesque Swan Valley. If you love your wine and fresh produce, Swan Valley has to be on your list of places to visit while you’re staying in Perth. Take a wine tour and visit some of the region’s best wineries while looking out over the vineyards. For those who have a taste for beer, The Feral Brewery is also worth a look. There’s a Food and Wine Trail you can follow to make sure you don’t miss anything or you can just wander through the area and enjoy the view. Since it’s so close, there really isn’t any excuse!

New Norcia For something a little different, head two hours north of Perth to New Norcia - the only monastic village in Australia. Benedictine Monks live a traditional lifestyle making wine and chocolate to sell to tourists who travel through the area. The monks have been there since the town was established in 1847, and it’s a beautiful place. It’s unlike many other places around Perth, so it’s definitely worth a look - the Spanish architecture against the typical Aussie outback makes for some great photography, so don’t forget your camera!



WEEKEND TRIPS If there’s a long weekend coming up, or maybe it’s the mid semester break, it’s always nice to get away for a few days and explore some of the outer parts of the state. There are plenty of great places to visit overnight or for a couple of days.

Broome Distance from Perth: 2 and a half hour flight Only 2,200km north of Perth (get used to it!), you’ll find the coastal town of Broome. It’s easily one of the most picturesque beachside towns in the country, famous for its pearl diving (not its brooms). You’ll also find the oldest outdoor cinema in the world, Sun Pictures, which first started screening films in 1916. If you prefer to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors, Broome has over 20km of beautiful coast (Cable Beach is a highlight). While it might not be the easiest place to get to, it’s certainly well worth it just to see the views. It’s also the doorway to the spectacular Kimberley Ranges.

Margaret River Distance from Perth: about 3 hours drive Margaret River is one of the most famous wine regions in Australia, so if you love your wine this is a must-see spot. It’s home to some of Australia’s most renowned wineries like Xanadu, Leeuwin Estate and MadFish. The area is also

known for having some of the finest foods and restaurants, so foodies can find something to enjoy too. Even if you’re not a wine connoisseur, there are plenty of other things to see and do in Margaret River. Explore the Moondyne Cave by torchlight or go whale watching on the coast. There is also a whole stack of craft breweries in the region, so make a day of it and go beer tasting!

Kalgoorlie Distance from Perth: 6 hour and 40 minutes drive For those wanting a real, trueblue Aussie outback experience, a visit to Kalgoorlie is a must. One of Australia’s biggest and oldest mining towns, Kalgoorlie is a strange mixture of traditional colonial buildings, massive mining operations and cosmopolitan nightclubs. You can expect plenty of that iconic red dust if you visit some of the old gold mines or one of the many ‘ghost towns’ around the area (towns that started up during the gold rush but were eventually left for dead). You can also visit the Royal Flying Doctor’s Visitor Centre to learn more about one of Australia’s most unique medical services.

For those who enjoy learning about different cultures and art, there are plenty of museums and art galleries hosting work from local artists. It’s definitely worth a look to see how some of Australia’s bravest miners lived back in the day.

Esperance Distance from Perth: 8 hours drive If you want to see more of those iconic Australian white sandy beaches, a trip to Esperance should satisfy you. Make sure you visit Australia’s whitest beach Lucky Bay and the calm ocean at the Blue Haven Beach - a perfect spot for snorkelling and exploring. But for those of you who are looking for waves, Esperance has plenty of surfing beaches including Fourth Beach, Observatory Beach and West Beach. The town itself has plenty of art galleries and museums - you can even visit the NASA Skylab that fell to earth back in 1979 just outside of Esperance. This is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and relax.

Top Five - Best street art spots 1) Grand Lane, Perth3 2) Gold Lane, Subiaco 3) James Street, Perth 4) Lemon Lane, Claremont 5) Henderson St, Fremantle



WILDLIFE Aside from its beautiful landscape, Western Australia plays host to a number of unique animals. Everyone knows the koala and kangaroo, but what about the wombat or the bilby? There are plenty of native animals housed in a number of wildlife parks in the city and a little further out of town.

Armadale Reptile Centre 304 - 308 South Western Hwy, Wungong The Armadale Reptile Centre is home to Australia’s coldblooded animals and a few of the furry ones too. However, there’s no reason to fear the snakes and lizards kept here now you can learn which ones are the most dangerous and what to do to avoid them in the real world. 9399 6927


AQWA 91 Southside Dr, Hillarys The Aquarium of WA is a stunning display of sea-life that normally you’d have to scuba dive for. Out on the beautiful harbour at Hillarys, the aquarium takes you through all of the types of marine life around Western Australia’s coast. There is a massive underwater tunnel too, where you can feel close to sharks and the massive stingrays. If you’ve never been to an aquarium before, this is definitely the place to start. And if you want to make your experience all the more exciting, you can even take a dive with the sharks, or explore the beautiful coral reefs. It’s also particularly affordable if you’re a student - so don’t forget that student card! 9447 7500

Caversham Wildlife Park and Zoo Whiteman, WA Not far from Perth is the Caversham Wildlife Park. If you fancy getting up close and personal to some of Australia’s most well known creatures, this is the place for you. It’s only a small park, with most of the animals housed in their native habitats so you can walk through and see them right at home. Expect all the fuzzy favourites like koalas, kangaroos and wombats, plus plenty of birds and reptiles as well. The park has become very well known for it’s breeding programs as well, so if you’re lucky you might spot a baby or two. 9248 1984

Cohunu Koala Park 103 Nettleton Road, Byford Just 40 minutes outside of Perth, you’ll find the home of Western Australia’s koalas the Cohunu Koala Park. This is where you can see one of Australia’s cutest creatures in action, and photograph them until your memory card fills. You can also hand feed many

of the free roaming animals in the park. There’s also a railway that makes its way through the park on the weekends - a pretty cruisy way to see everything. All the proceeds from the park go towards the park’s koala research program, so you can feel good about visiting anytime! 9526 2966

Perth Zoo 20 Labouchere Rd, South Perth The Perth Zoo is one of the best in the country - mostly because of the huge variety of animals that live there. See animals from Asia, Africa, South America and of course, Australia. With the zoo separated into the various natural habitats, you can visit an Asian rainforest, African savannah and the Australian outback all in one day. The zoo also has a strong stance on anti-poaching and sells unique African jewellery, with all the proceeds going towards the anti-poaching group Painted Dog Conservation Inc. 9474 0444

Did you Know The Box Jellyfish is responsible for more deaths annually in Australia than snakes, sharks and salt water crocodiles.



Safety Tips Swim between the flags At most popular beaches you will see surf lifesavers who have worked out the safest part of the beach to swim. They communicate this by putting up big flags on the beach.

Don’t fight the rip or current Rips are narrow powerful currents running out into the ocean. If you get pulled out to sea by the rip, do not try and fight it. Let it pull you out, swim around it and swim back in.

Swim with friends Make sure you swim while your friends watch you. If you struggle, they can help you out or find someone nearby that can help you!

Don’t eat immediately before you swim Wait at least half an hour before you go for a swim if you have just had a meal. You could get cramps and this could make swimming very difficult.

Also, many popular beaches have surf life-saving offices present, with life-savers patrolling the beaches at busy times. If you want more information on beach safety, check out



BEACHES No trip to Australia would be complete without a dip in the ocean and feeling the sand between your toes. We have some of the best beaches in the world – long stretches of golden sand, blue water and plenty of perfect waves for surfing. Perth has a range of quiet, gentle beaches for those who prefer sunbathing, but a little further up the coast there are beaches with some intense waves for those with a passion for surfing.

South Beach

Cottesloe Beach

South Beach is located about 10 minutes drive south of the centre of Fremantle or you can jump on the free Blue CAT bus from Fremantle Station. South Beach is a perfect place to spend a hot summer’s day with great expanses of lawned areas and shady trees right on the beach. Free BBQ facilities are dotted throughout and there are a couple of cafés for that coffee fix. The waters are calmer for those that are not into huge surf- join the locals diving off the pontoon.

Down by Fremantle is Cottesloe Beach. Have a swim and then head over to one of the local pubs for some chill out time in the evening. The conditions are good for surfing and the rocks around the place mean that snorkelers also have some fun.

City Beach City Beach is the closest beach to the Perth City Centre. It’s a calm little spot where you can take a dip or paddle in comfort, knowing that those iconic Australian surf lifesavers are patrolling nearby. Just next to City Beach is the less crowded Floreat Beach. Swim, paddle, sunbathe and then head to the kiosk for an ice cream.

Scarborough Beach An amazingly beautiful beach, Scarborough is a must-see of Perth. The clean white sands and clear, turquoise waters have earned this spot a place as one of the most popular tourist destinations. On hot days this place is absolutely packed, but it is definitely one to visit.

The Basin While all the beaches around Perth and on Rottnest Island are stunning, The Basin still stands out among them all. Located on the far side of Rottnest Island, The Basin is a calm and sheltered little beach. It is also one of the busiest on the island because of the highclass accommodation behind it, but even then it is a quiet spot. Swimming in this place feels like having your own private lagoon.

Rockingham Rockingham and its surrounding beaches are just south of Fremantle. It is a well-known area for wildlife, including dolphins, penguins and seasonal whale sightings. The beaches are clear and perfect for swimming, sailing, windsurfing or fishing.

Port and Leighton Beaches These beaches are more along the lines of your typical aussie beach with stunning white sands and great surfing. They are two of Perth’s most visited and loved beaches. Swim, snorkel, wind and kite surf, or just relax and enjoy the view out over the Indian Ocean to Rottnest Island. There are a selection of cafés, kiosks and restaurants to choose from. If you are catching the train, hop off at North Fremantle – it’s a hop, step and a jump to the cool turquoise waters.

Essential Beach Items • Bathers/boardies • A towel

• Sunscreen

• Bottle of water • Hat

• Sunglasses

• Umbrella or beach tent • Thongs

• Spare change



BACKYARD CRICKET RULES Many Aussie kids grew up playing this style of the ‘gentleman’s game’ in their backyard. The rules are slightly different to accommodate the lack of players and addition of obstacles. Sometimes new rules are made up on the spot.

One Hand One Bounce if it bounces once and you catch it with one hand, the batter is out!

Here is a list of things you will need:

The Bat

The Ball

The Bin


If you want to know all t he rules of cricket go to:



Bowl the ball down the pitch at the stumps and try and hit them. If you do, the batter is out. Every six balls you switch bowler. This is called an ‘over’. You also need to draw a line (a crease) to indicate where you need to bowl from. Try not to step over this line when bowling.

6 and out If you hit it over the fence, you have to get it and you’re out! But you get 6 runs, so not all bad.

Automatic Keeper If you don’t have enough players for a wicket keeper, then you can play with an “auto wicky”- Any ball that is hit directly behind the stumps in the air is out!

Tippy Go If you hit it, you have to run!!

Batsman Protect your stumps! Hit the ball and run back and forth between the opposite stump. Every time you make it to the opposite stump, you get one run! Make sure you’re near a stump when the ball is collected and thrown back or else you could be run out.

Fielder When the batsman hits the ball you can either attempt to catch it (if you do then the batter is out), or fetch it and throw it back at the stump the batsman is running towards. If you hit that stump and the batsman is out of the safe zone (crease), then they have been ‘run out’ and you are awesome.

Wicket Keeper Be ready to catch the balls behind the stumps. Sometimes the batsman will hit it and it will still come towards you. Catch it, and they’re out! If the batter hits the ball and a fielder collects it, make sure you are standing next to the stump ready to catch the ball. If the batter is out of his crease, you can hit the stumps with the ball and get them out!

EXPERIENCE AUSTRALIA While you’re over here, it would be a waste not to see what the rest of Australia has to offer. Remember to look out for editions of Insider Guides that exist in Sydney, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane. See our website for more details.




Perth The most isolated city in the world, Perth is a busy metropolis with a strong sense of natural beauty. Located 20km inland from the Indian Ocean, Perth nightlife is bustling, its beaches are pristine and clean, shopping is relaxed but incredibly diverse and the ability to experience the real ‘great outdoors’ is made easy for locals and visitors.

Adelaide Lonely Planet declared Adelaide was one of the top ten cities to visit in 2014. It’s a remarkable place, particularly in the summer months as all the best festivals in Australia (and the world) come here to give the whole place a party atmosphere. There are beautiful wine regions and some of the best restaurants in Australia waiting to be discovered.

Hobart Locals proudly proclaim that a traffic jam here would rarely last more than a couple of minutes. For fans of the wilderness, Hobart is just a few hours from some of the world’s most beautiful bush walks. There are plenty of waterfront cafés, bars and some stunning restaurants. With a population of around 200,000, this city is perfect for a leisurely getaway.

Brisbane The locals are friendly, the beaches are some of Australia’s best, and the weather is great all year round. Brisbane is one of the most relaxed places in Australia, with a real party culture. South of Brisbane is the Gold Coast, a great place to swim and surf. If you head north you’ll find stunning rainforest conditions and the Glasshouse Mountains.

Sydney has two of the icons that everyone associates with life ‘down under’: the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. It’s jam-packed full of everything to do in one city, with breathtaking harbours in the centre, the ability to buy almost anything you want, and some of the best beaches and scenery not far away.

Canberra Canberra is the capital of Australia. It is a cosy little city and hosts some of the sites that many tourists add to their list of ‘must sees’ when they visit. These include the world famous National Gallery of Australia and the Australian War Memorial. It is also where our Federal Parliament sits, and if you visit you can tour Parliament House and gain a deeper understanding of how our democracy works.

Melbourne Known for its restaurant and café culture, Melbourne is the centre of classy urban Australian life. The shopping is second to none and the streets are lined with artwork. You can’t go without exploring some of the hidden laneway bars and cafés that showcase the urban culture.

Darwin This is the real Aussie outback, well known for it’s wildlife and beautiful natural flora. There are a stack of national parks in the Northern Territory and the sights are incredible, including the famous rock Uluru, right in the middle of the territory. Darwin is a very modern looking city as it was rebuilt after being almost wiped out by Cyclone Tracy in 1974. Insider Guides recommends STA Travel for booking your trips around Australia, and YHA for booking hostels.



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