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Sacramento’s Premier Antique & Design Center Over 120 Dealers 45,000 sq ft


4 Star Dining

Free Customer Parking

Amorini Antiques 455-1509

& Design Center

Aquila Fitness 207-7500

The Lighting Palace - Sales and Repair 817-9625

Fifty-Seventh Street Antique Mall 451-3110

Evan’s Kitchen 452-3896

Capitol Folk Gallery 996-8411

Mike & Greg The Pottery Guys 731-4556

The Ruralist 956-0776

Sassi Salon 739-0878

Picket Fence Antiques 455-6524 Sekula’s 712-8303 Design Alchemy 999-1409 Dance “10” 769-4857 Urban 57 209-518-1779

855 57th Street (Between J & H Streets) if landscape links were a city’s holy grail—and they are. Previous generations bowed to the automobile. Access to convenient parking became the mantra, forcing designers to start not with a blank sheet of paper but a qualified set of guidelines, surrounded by asphalt and white stripes. The Kitchen will have parking (the Sellands and their partners make no apologies for the site’s bountiful accommodations for cars), but parking isn’t the point. What makes the project at 915 Broadway unique and appealing will be its ability to draw people away from cars. Guests will enter a group environment of festivity and celebration. Best from Rocha’s perspective is the concept of private investment, something easily overlooked in a town like Sacramento, where reliance on government, from state employment to redevelopment financing, became symbiotic and institutionalized. “The private investment we’re seeing in a project like The Kitchen is the most exciting thing of all,” she says. “When people start investing

Because you are our #1 priority

their own money, when they have a ‘Why don’t we do it here?’ attitude, that’s when you make real progress.” Now the trick will be to connect Lower Broadway with the reinvigorated amenities to the north—downtown and Midtown. The pathways to convenient linkage exist, but Lower Broadway remains spiritually separated by bureaucratically inspired obstacles, from a fence around the lake at Southside Park to the elevated highway that represents the W-X Freeway. “We’ve tended to turn inward in Sacramento,” Rocha says. “People build these amazing backyards for themselves, for example, and spend their time there. We lack the spectacular, inviting public gathering places you see in great cities around the world. We need to get there.” Broadway, the city’s historic demarcation line from urban to suburban, is the next bridge to human-scale connectivity. R.E. Graswich can be reached at n

Our focus is on mind, body and spirit. At Eskaton Monroe Lodge, you’ll find many opportunities for an enriched lifestyle to enhance your health and well-being. From exercise classes and walking clubs to intergenerational experiences and lifelong learning lectures — the choice is always yours. Experience the Eskaton difference.

Join us for a lifelong learning lecture. Call for dates. Eskaton Monroe Lodge Independent Living with Services Land Park

916-264-9001 A leading nonprofit provider of aging services in Northern California since 1968



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