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with a spectacular “killer” gold-chain chandelier from Hobrecht Lighting. The pair obviously worked well together, with Lutes often suggesting the unexpected. “I feel very privileged to work with Scott because he gives me carte blanche,” she says. “He always says he doesn’t know what he likes until I put it together.” For his part, Gregory has complete confidence in her work. “Dominique and her husband Todd and I have been dear friends for over 20 years,” he says. “This is the third home we have done together. She has made them all amazing.”

Lutes notes that even without any adornment, the house is striking.

interesting to me about this house is that the interior is so unexpected,” she says. “That’s what people like about this house: It is so different.” For the bedroom and bath, Lutes wanted a plush, upscale, masculine look—“like you are staying in a luxurious hotel,” she explains. Construction was executed

by Cortland Koerwitz of CLK Construction. A large, ornate Mexican mirror sets the tone for the master suite. Super-wide bleached oak floor planks give the space a rustic yet chic look. Billowing ball gown-style curtains, made from silk panels with stripes of moss green and dark chocolate, add a

sophisticated elegance, while touches of black bring drama and a masculine feeling. Lutes incorporated lots of black into the room, with one matteblack wall, black baseboards and black crown moldings that give the room height and sophistication. Lutes convinced Gregory to replace the ceiling fan, which he disliked,

The bathroom got new Italian tile, custom cabinets and a mirror reaching to the ceiling. Raising the ceiling in the shower as well as the bathroom opened the space up. Vintage etched-glass block tile was removed from the shower area and replaced with a large window. “There is so much privacy here,” says Lutes. “And the view framed by the window is like a beautiful piece of natural art.” In the dressing room, smoked-glass drawers adorned with small metal studs stylishly store small essentials. There’s plenty of additional storage for shoes and clothing. Lutes notes that even without any adornment, the house is striking. “This house would be beautiful naked, without any furniture or art,” she says. “Its beauty is in its materials and its organic, earthy feel.” The floors are concrete with light-colored wood inlays. Trim is painted the same color as the walls. Sixteen windows reaching to the ceiling surround the large living room fireplace. Large windows in the dining

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