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pick their instruments left-handed without altering the configuration of their right-handed-strung guitars. “That’s why my dad would always position me to the right of him,” Pahinui explains. “He would strum down and I would go up, which gave us that unique Pahinui sound.” It can be heard on the track “Silhouettes,” which harkens back to Pahinui’s days at the Ko‘olau Boys Home, where he won his first talent contest by singing the Danderliers’ classic doo-wop, “Chop Chop Boom.” In “Haleiwa Honky Tonk,” Pahinui takes off from his dad’s “Haleiwa Hula” and spins a little country twang into the riffs. He pays tribute to his mom, Emily, by singing her favorite song, “Just a Closer Walk with Thee.” In his slower-tempoed version of “Sanoe,” he invited Jake Shimabukuro to lay down his ukulele track. “I remember years ago there was this little Japanese boy with a ukulele who approached me at the Ala Wai Neighborhood Park and wanted to talk to me,” Pahinui recalls. “I closed shop and spoke with this little kid for about an hour. That kid was Jake. And he said he never forgot that moment.” Co-produced, and engineered and mastered by Milan Bertosa, “Bla” offers an eclectic collection of sounds that include a raspy rendition of “Jingle Bells” that suggests that the horses are walking rather than dashing. In “The Christmas Song,” Shoji Ledward jumps in with his jazz guitar. “This CD is my statement,” Pahinui asserts. “My dad always told me to play how I feel and to just be me and not him. This is me.” To order the CD, email febrUARY 2014

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