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Southern California’s Conscious MAGAZINE VOLUME 1, ISSUE 5 September/October 2009

Contents 4 Lost? Back to Square One Vaishali

5 Local Travel - Lake Shrine Temple Sanctuary on Sunset

6 Relieving Stress With Shiatsu Grace C. Visconti

8 EMF - The Invisible Cause of Disease Claus Kirchner

10 The Benefits of Seaweed Gerry Furth-Sides

11 Natural Connections - Zero Balancing Todd Williams

12 Alternative vs Conventional Medicine

Publisher’s Note It’s so easy to take our health for granted - until we’re sick. It’s all too easy to think that our bad habits won’t catch up with us – until they do. This issue of Inside Look focuses on just a few of the very many ways we can begin to take better care of our health, such as eating nutrient rich foods, utilizing bodywork practices, and understanding how to better protect ourselves from the negative effects of technology. There’s no excuse for us to stand idly by and watch our health deteriorate. With so many options available to explore, we hope that this issue inspires you to take a more holistic approach to your health. Publisher Michael Williams Executive Editor: Jennifer Smith Staff Editors: Cheryl Snyder, Jackie Aubrey Contributing Writers: Dr. C.M. Curtis, Gerry FurthSides, Judy Hevenly, Claus Kirchner, Vaishali, Grace Visconti, Todd Williams Design: Scott Gregory Advertising: 310-909-6773

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Inside Look Magazine September/October




have had to start over so many times, in so many aspects of my life, you’d think that ‘Square One’ was my mailing address. I’m sure we at least share the same zip code. I have been diagnosed — terminal — twice. I like to refer to myself as a “terminal overachiever.” Because of those chronic health problems, I lost the business I spent nearly a decade building. And then it took every cent I had ever saved just to stay alive. I had to start over financially, from Square One. I have been without a home, and as Blanche DuBois from A Streetcar Named Desire would say, “. . . have relied on the kindness of strangers.” No home? No problem. I can stay at Square One — they even leave the light on for me.

Back to Square One A post-modern mystic describes how she learned to accept — and appreciate — financial ruin, homelessness, and terminal illness.

rebuilding circumstance, my return engagement to Square One is an opportunity to reinvent who I am and how I experience myself. What outgrown story, outdated role, or mold will I destroy next? Inherent in every new beginning is an empowered occasion to eliminate bad habits or unhealthy behaviors that are not improving the quality of my life.

I have been lied to and cheated on by nearly Fork in the Road every single romantic partner I have ever had, which for me, is a deal-breaker. So, the instant It is so easy, when life remains consistent, to I discovered betrayal, I packed up and left. stay committed to those things which are not My destination? Square One. life-enhancing. When everything falls apart, the gift is the conscious and deliberate reWarning: piecing of only the best and most useful of what I know. Starting over grants me permisSelf-Construction sion to actively edit my lifestyle and delete Zone Ahead whatever I do not wish to take with me into It seems there is nothing about life decon- my new life. struction and self-resurrection I fail to understand. If practice makes perfect, then I should I have observed with great delight and enterbe as perfect and as flawless as a diamond. But tainment that starting over and being stuck in the best thing about mastering the profound a rut never co-exist, and Square One is where understanding of how to start over ubiqui- I can always trade in my old, rundown stuck tously is that when something comes to an existence for a new high-performance life. end in my life, I now waste no time accept- Every time I practice refurbishing any area ing it: I am able to immediately grow beyond of my life, I am actually creating an upgraded whatever no longer serves me or has fallen version of myself; I am tapping into the option to expand my self-definition. And as I let away. go of every old, potentially “bad” habit, I am I have learned that starting over is just anoth- refining and extending the reach of my perer name for unobstructed, unlimited growth. sonal growth. Anytime the flow of life gives And what is life without growth? When I me the opportunity to exchange “stagnate” think about it, growth itself really isn’t that for “enlivened,” it is a blessed opportunity to scary. Without it, I would never have recov- me. ered from illness, trauma, heartbreak, or the Enjoy the Scenic Route vaporization of cash from the black hole forCulturally speaking, I have found that startmerly known as my 401K. ing over at Square One has a bad reputation. Starting over has taught me to trust myself. Collectively we seek to avoid it, smearing it Life renovations consistently invite me to with excuses like: I have worked all this time raise the bar on reclaiming my value, power, for nothing; now I have to leave everything and worth. Every time life seems to strip me useful and meaningful behind me; nothing down to my “naked truth,” I know I have the else in my life will ever work. This “crash and ability, the intelligence, and the sheer raw burn” means once again I’m playing “Survinerve to put my life back together: I no lon- vor” on the Square One reality series. But ger fear starting over. what I have joyously discovered is that within every new beginning are the glorious and I now believe in and value my own strengths; highly potent seeds of excitement. I have developed the faith and discipline to focus on what is within me rather than what Like any other seeds, these do not just spring has changed outside me. And with every up and yield something tangible without the 4


proper environment. They must be watered with the truth that I am a wiser, fuller person because of what I have learned. These seeds need to be nurtured with the patience I use to take the time to collect myself and move forward as a whole person — not just as a fragmented, injured victim. The fertile soil is properly and naturally tilled every time I rein in my attention and focus on the positive. And I must habitually weed out all the thoughts that do not support my new environment. When I maintain this new and healthy space, anything is possible. Of course, in the midst of a life-altering event, I have noticed a tendency to become myopic in scope. It’s only in hindsight that I manage a self-reflective perception that aligns me with the truth that situations, though tragic at the time, have propelled me into an enhanced version of life. I can even look back on my failed romantic relationships and thank those men for their cheating ways: in the end, after all, I was liberated from the burden of those misguided relationships. Furthermore, I am actually grateful for the very first time I was diagnosed terminal because it forced me to revamp my lifestyle and establish an infinitely healthier one; it gave me the time to build a strong foundation of knowledge to recover from future injury.

Final Destination: Inner Peace The best advice I can give when starting over is to get out of your head. The ego is not always your best friend. Do not listen to the ego run an inner narrative that is restrictive, negative, or limited. This is not the self-corrective intelligence to rely on when considering moving forward. Personally, my heart and my gut always know when I am being true to myself; the ego hasn’t a clue. If the ego knew all the answers, I most likely would not have found myself in a position of having to start over at all. A genesis strategy will organically come when you embrace a loving, accepting, forgiving, and patient relationship with yourself. That is a quality of self-integration the head knows nothing about. The heart, on the other hand, knows how to mend and heal. The gut knows what is true and right. I know my head has thought many times, ‘If only I had a do-over.’ Then I remember I do have a do-over. It’s called new beginnings, growing beyond what has hurt and limited me — it’s called Square One. Vaishali is a spiritual teacher who has authored Wisdom Rising and You Are What You Love. Her most recent articles for Soul’s Code include: How to Heal from Job Loss: Build A New You and A Holistic Prescription for Swine Flu. For more information on Vaishali and her work, please visit her website at


Sanctuary on Sunset Photo: Mike Williams

Lake Shrine Temple

Driving west on Sunset Boulevard, you’d never guess that 200 yards before you reach the Pacific Ocean you will find one of Los Angeles’ best kept secrets. Tucked into a Pacific Palisades hillside, the Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine has served as a meditation garden, monk’s ashram, and temple since 1950, when it was dedicated by Paramahansa Yogananda, India’s first Swami, to spread Kriya Yoga in the West. The Lake Shrine sits on ten acres of lush landscaped gardens, laden with meditation nooks to quench your thirst for inner reflection. Upon entering the gates, many visitors describe a feeling of deep peace and tranquility, as they are able to shut out the business of the world and enjoy this sacred site. Surrounded by a large lawn and golden lotus towers resides a 1000 year old sarcophagus containing a portion of Gandhi’s ashes. This is the only American site containing remnants of the Mahatma. As you walk around the groomed path, hundreds of koi are clearly visible through the blue-green water, sharing the spring fed lake with two swans and a myriad of turtles and ducks. A 16th century replica windmill, used by the original owners as a living space and in later history for Sunday Services and ceremonies, is open for meditation during the day, and is available to the public for weddings and Christenings. A book room and visitor’s center serve as the activity hub for volunteers caring for the Lake Shrine, adjacent to a unique courtyard called “The Court of All Religions.” Symbols of Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism are equally represented, truly indicating that seekers from all paths are welcome. You can visit the Gardens, Lake, and Visitors’ Center: Tuesday – Saturday: 9:00 am to 4:30 pm Sunday: 12 noon to 4:30 pm Inside Look Magazine September/ October





Shiatsu’s inventor, Tokujiro Namikoshi, born and raised in Japan, developed shiatsu in the early 1900’s at an early age. The “shi” of shiatsu means “thumb and finger” and the “atsu” refers to “pressure” in Japanese. Shiatsu is a gentle, soothing pressure applied to specific anatomical points on the body using the thumbs, fingers, and palms. There are 700 pressure points in the body. The purpose of shiatsu is to stimulate the body’s natural powers of recuperation by: relaxing the nervous system; improving the circulatory system; and correcting the structural imbalance of the body. Shiatsu is administered to a client lying on a soft mat on the floor, special therapy table or chair. Pressure is applied to the whole body as a basic treatment, and if there is a pathological condition, the practitioner focuses on that area after the basic treatment. Shiatsu alleviates migraine headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injury, menopause, premenstrual discomfort, depression, stress, and numerous other conditions. In order to maintain a healthy body overall, consistency in using preventive measures should be applied both internally and exter6

nally. From an internal standpoint, by implementing proper eating habits and cleansing, the body can flush the toxins out and keep the levels from getting too high. In addition, regular exercise optimizes healthy living by including it into one’s daily regimen. There is no question that the body is meant to move. Movement encourages the flow of endorphins that promotes natural healing. Both exercise and the application of shiatsu create this result. Shiatsu complements other preventive measures and assists in harmonizing internal bodily functions, thereby returning the body to a state of homeostasis. Structural imbalance is one of the causes of stress today. For example, people sitting at a desk for eight to ten hours are not using their lower limbs, causing tension in this area.

in blood pressure; improved circulation; and easier breathing. “Lack of exhaling deeply causes blood pressure to go up,” says Saito, “and as practitioners, we always try a counter approach when doing shiatsu so that blood pressure doesn’t go up because of shallow breathing. Longer, deeper breaths stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system whereas short breaths make the sympathetic nervous system hyper.” Though shiatsu improves clients’ emotional, physical, and mental states on a short-term and long-term basis, Saito admits that a client might have to change his or her environment so that the changes are more complementary to one’s maintenance program. “A person’s environment might not be suited to a person anymore,” he insists. “When a person becomes more physically balanced leading to emotional balance, they start to see the changes that are needed in their environments. Definitely, there are changes surrounding the person. They complain less of the pain so others in their environment are affected by the positive changes that shiatsu brings to the person.”

Saito suggests that people are mentally and physically defeated when they cannot handle stress. Negative energy must be transformed into positive energy so that the liver function is healthy and detoxifies properly. When you don’t handle stress well, the liver doesn’t assist in digesting with a proper balance of enzymes. One must be ready to handle stress at THE SHIATSU POINTS AT A GLANCE all times in a healthy way. As a drugless therAnterior View • Lateral View • Posterior View apy, shiatsu allows one to let stress go more Over a long period of time, sitting in one readily so that there is not a build up that position using the arms only precipitates an causes detrimental responses in the body. energetic imbalance in the body where some muscles move but not others. Consequently, “We cannot avoid stress,” concludes Saito. “We respond to stress all the time, whether this causes an imbalance in the whole body. “When you overuse one part of your body we can cope with it or not. How we deal with mechanically compared to another,” explains stress is the key. When we have good health Saito, “then the body is thrown off mechani- we can handle the stress, but if we are not cally. A mechanical imbalance leads to an healthy, then we are overloaded and the stress energy imbalance that causes stress on other suppresses our physical and mental states. levels. This causes emotional and energetic There must be a readiness always to handle stress. The circulation is going from the brain stress. It is part of the human physiology. to the right hand as the mouse is clicked with Basically, the human body is adaptive. It can the fingers of the right hand frequently which adapt to stress levels, but it needs some help if then causes an imbalance in the circulatory the stress levels become overwhelming. This and nervous systems.” Shiatsu positively af- is where shiatsu can help.” Learn more at fects the autonomic nervous system by creating a balance between the sympathetic and Grace Visconti is a Writer (AMPIA parasympathetic functions. Consequently, member), Editor, and Shiatsupractor. She is this relieves stress on an emotional level. a member of the Canadian Shiatsu Society Some positive results of shiatsu leading to of British Columbia and has been practicing shiatsu part-time for seventeen years. Find equilibrium in the body are: improved funcout more about shiatsu at her website: www. tion of the endocrine system; deep, sound sleeping patterns; better posture; a reduction

Drawings illustrated by Toru Namikoshi and provided by the Shiatsu Academy of Tokyo.

ince the beginning of time, stress has been imposed upon the human race and its effects have been felt in various degrees on the physical, mental, and emotional levels. Stress will always be with us, so it is how we choose to manage stress in our lives that is the key to preventing chronic conditions and health crises before they arise. Kensen Saito, Director and owner of the Shiatsu Academy of Tokyo in Toronto, ON, who studied in Japan with the founder of shiatsu, Tokujiro Namikoshi, explains: “I am seeing a rise in stress levels among people. Physical and mental discomfort is a stress related problem. Humans have always faced stress where it has affected human physiology. Stress has been the cause of many conditions throughout history. It is the cause of human aches, pains, and discomfort.” Counter to drug therapy, shiatsu is a preventive measure, allowing the body to heal itself, restoring homeostasis physically, mentally, and emotionally. Saito continues, “Regular shiatsu treatments make the clients know more, as the body innately senses how to bring it into balance. In other words, the body has its own inner intelligence when shiatsu is applied on a regular basis. The maintenance of the life force becomes more direct. The sense and direction of what to do for the body becomes apparent. The knowledge of well-being is communicated to the client through the intelligence of his or her own body.”

by Grace C. Visconti






International bestselling Author & Retreat Founder


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HEALTH AND SCIENCE by Claus Kirchner

LECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS T H E I N V I S I B L E C A U S E O F D I S E A S E Maintaining one’s health in a sea of invisible energetic discord


The biological reactions to these fields are numerous, ranging from everyday maladies such as insomnia, headaches, migraines, general fatigue, depression, tinnitus, and allergies to profound debility or even severe illness. Broadbased scientific studies have found evidence that the formation of tumors and leukemia may be traced to EM Fields. Even people who seemingly do not feel anything are impacted, since EMF interferes with the bioelectric fields of every human being. The central nervous system is attacked and/or disrupted, the cell metabolism is affected, and organ failure can result. This means illness is aided, wellness prevented. A 2004 study investigating the effects of radiation on animal and human cells in a laboratory, the “Reflex study,” which was conducted by the European Union, confirmed that even the weakest electric and electromagnetic fields have a biological impact. Breaks in DNA chains were detected in specimens exposed to electric fields with strengths one hundred thousandfold below the currently established thresholds. Ref: ( In Switzerland, 400,000 citizens, almost 6% of the population, describe themselves as suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity (BUWAL study). Upon closer examination, the results show that the dangers of EMF are much greater than the industries responsible for creating these fields, as well as governmental agencies, would like us to believe. Today, there are already a large number of organizations and associations which offer counseling to people suffering from electromagnetic sensitivity. Help and advice can be found at sites such as the Center for Vital Energetics Menznau/LU (Zentrum für Vitalenergetik Menznau/LU) and Energy Integrity Associates in California, which have been active in this field for over 15 years. The centers have been able to help many people with electromagnetic hypersensitivity. 8

Electromagnetic waves are transverse waves. They consist of coupled electric and magnetic fields. When an EM-wave propagates, the respective field vectors oscillate perpendicular to the direction of energy transfer. They are verifiable via physical measuring instruments and are measured in Hertz frequencies, and are the basis of today’s entire high frequency technology. However, these Hertz-waves also contain another kind of wave, which was discovered as early as 1890 by Nikola Tesla in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and are named after him (Tesla-waves). In quantum physics these waves are also called longitudinal waves or scalar waves.

tion and low magnitude the cell is able to repair the error. If, however, the exposure is of longer duration, the internal cell repair mechanism fatigues and malfunction occurs. Only 2 hours of exposure per day with high frequency fields in the range of commercially available mobile phones, verifiably leads to irreparable DNA breaks, even when readings are one hundred thousandfold below the so-called acceptable thresholds (reflex study of the Freie Universität Berlin).

Unfortunately, our conventional physical measuring instruments are unable to measure these health-damaging radiation intensities directly. These are, as previously mentioned, biologically effective waves, which follow completely different laws than the usual Hertz-waves. This radiation is also called “non-thermal radiation.” Tesla-waves always co-exist with Hertz-waves. Hertz-waves have a warming effect, biological While Hertz-waves spread from the origin in waves do not. They transport information to a circular shape, the longitudinal waves, which the cell, into the tissues and the organs. are familiar from the study of sound, spread as How can we prove the an impulse or compression wave in a longitudinal direction. They are very different from existence of this harmful radiation? the transverse waves, the Hertz-waves, and follow different laws. They can be modulated in It can be assumed that wherever electromagfrequency as well as in wavelength, meaning netic fields can be measured with conventional information is transferred in much higher vol- instruments, biologically effective longitudinal ume and much more quickly. waves are also present. (Where there is smoke, there is fire.) In light of this, it is legitimate to As we know, nature always seeks to work with work with currently available measuring instruthe optimal method, i.e. not with Hertz-waves, ments. They are an indicator of the existence of but with longitudinal waves. They are utilized these other biologically effective waveforms. as the mechanism of communication needed by the body to manage the vast amount of in- To those lacking the understanding of this formation and data to which it is exposed. In fundamental relationship, measurements prothe body, nothing occurs without information duced by conventional test apparatus will conand energy transfer, whether cell division, heal- tinue to be dismissed as evidence despite the ing processes, or brain or neuronal activity. fact that the damage to health can and does occur even when measured results are below the Our body’s biological radiation is identical conventionally established safety thresholds. with Tesla radiation. Our cells and our brain The currently established “safe” levels of eleccommunicate via Tesla-waves. Therefore, one tromagnetic radiation, which are anything but can understand that the body’s communication safe, lead to the wrong conclusions and provide and control system would be severely impacted a false sense of security. if this transfer mechanism were impaired, resulting in errors in cell division, protein synthe- Shielding devices based on the Faraday prinsis, etc. Due to the increasing electromagnetic ciple also lead to a false sense of security. overload of our environment, the cells in our Scientific experiments have proven that organism are continually inundated with EM there is no shield against longitudinal waves. signals of varying intensity. This electromag- (See Prof. Konstantin Meyl; Elektromagnetische netic “noise” overpowers the cell’s bio-photon Umweltverträglichkeit. Ursachen, Phänomene field and leads to errors in the harmonious und naturwissenschaftliche Konsequenz. Elecfunctioning of the body. tromagnetic environmental impact causes, phenomena and scientific consistency). One If the influence of these fields is of short dura- can, however, change their internal oscillation

This article was originally published in the Swiss Journal Umweltjournal, February 2009. This English version edited by Marvin Steindler.

ith every passing year the ecological state of the environment rapidly worsens. An overwhelming number of studies have proven that Electromagnetic Fields, (EMF), though invisible, are indeed harmful, and now count as one of the factors most injurious to health.

What kind of radiation can harm us in this way?

pattern, as we will see later. Currently, longitudinal waves are only verifiable by biologically-referenced test methods such as electro-acupuncture, bio-resonance procedures, skin resistance measurements, bio-photon measurements (Prof. Popp, Bio Photon Institute Neuss) and kinesiology. Plant growth experiments also show the effects of longitudinal waves. These tests can be reconstructed by anyone. Since longitudinal waves have not been measurable with conventional physical instruments, it is understandable why many complex scientific studies have seemingly been unable to correlate negative biological effects with electromagnetic waves. However, people are getting sick from mobile communication, radar, transmitters, etc. all the same. These longitudinal waves absorb the pathogenic, quasi-poisonous components of the Hertzwaves and transport them into the biological system of the human, animal, or plant. Based on conventional physical conclusions, there seems to be no way out of this calamity. Modern means of telecommunication and transport are unthinkable without these artificially generated EM fields. Modern industry can no longer function without data transmission. But does this mean we must accept all risks?

A Solution? Comprehensive scientific research in the United States by Dr. G. T. F. Yao, Col. Tom Bearden, and T. J. Constable, proved as early as the 1980’s, that it is possible to achieve “decontamination” of the pathogenic components of electromagnetic fields. In similar fashion, Russian investigators at the Energetic Institute, Moscow, developed therapy approaches under the umbrella of quantum physics, which are used worldwide today. Based on this knowledge, devices were developed that were able to balance the intrinsic interference patterns which result in electromagnetic pollution. These environmental treatment concepts are currently being successfully implemented in the U.S. and Japan as well as several European countries. These remedial approaches are applicable for all houses and apartments and businesses, and being utilized to maintain the well being of humans, animals and plants, as well.

tributor. As a native of China, he possessed a deep understanding of traditional concepts that he was able to integrate into the implementation of his technical understanding of energetic fields. His methods are used to treat and harmonize not only the body, but the environment as well. This knowledge is embodied in the bio-transmitter devices called Pulsors®.

How do Pulsors® work? Pulsors® are able to alter the disharmonious oscillating patterns and information in the non-thermal range from electric and electronic sources and return the purified “scalar wave fields” into the environment. After 5 days to 3 weeks the harmonious field extends far beyond the actual building. We are able to utilize the electric lines and to make use of the cables embedded in walls as practical “tools” for this effect. The wiring, which was previously broadcasting the disruptive components of the Hertz fields, is converted to a source of a now-biocompatible, harmonious field. Thus, one can harmonize the work and living environment by relatively simple means and eliminate the influence of degenerative components of electromagnetic fields, i.e. transform these fields into energy which is supportive, or “positive,” for the human system. The same application can also provide a correction for the negative effects of most geopathic zones, including water veins and mineral deposits. The harmonized living and work environments offer a new quality of life to human beings. The symptoms caused by electromagnetic pollution usually disappear within 5 to 7 days. It is

possible, however, that so-called “healing crises,” as understood in homeopathy, can occur due to the inhabitant’s previous long-term immersion in the disruptive environment. Furthermore, the harmonious “living and work island” provides a decrease in emotional and mental stress, according to many users. Even neighbors can experience the benefits. The application of this technology in the fields of agriculture and animal care has shown remarkable effects, as well. The Zentrum fur Vitalenergetik now offers a complete system for neutralization and harmonization of buildings, apartments, offices, hotels, restaurants, etc. In Switzerland and other European countries there are trained Environmental Practitioners who can identify the contaminated areas and change the negative energy fields via use of the Pulsor® biotransmitters. Today, a therapeutic, holistic energy medicine treatment by the Zentrum fur Vitalenergetik or specialized physicians almost always goes hand in hand with harmonization of the living and work environment. Businesses which have implemented this type of energetic harmonization show improved financial results and greater employee satisfaction - an added value of the process - leading to an increase in motivation, creativity, and higher quality of work! The Zentrum fur Vitalenergetik offers seminars and workshops where each participant can learn this proven method of energetic harmonization. In the U.S.A, these services are available through Energy Integrity Associates, Linda & Marvin Steindler,

In California, Dr. George T. F. Yao conducted comprehensive research and developed a new therapeutic system that enjoys worldwide recognition within the field of energetic and information medicine. This system has been implemented successfully in thousands of cases over the past three decades. Dr. Yao was a biophysicist and naturopath and for many years worked for NASA as a scientific conInside Look Magazine September/ October


S E A W E E D S From Kooky Health Trend to High Fashion

eaweed may first have made American news decades ago as a kooky Asian health food fad popular with “hippies,” but these days the intriguing ingredient has moved onto more sophisticated and fashionable international circles on land and even at sea.

Dishes can be as lavish as the new grazing dishes on the posh Norwegian Cruise Lines. A small designer plate of mini-soba noodle, seaweed salad, and spring rolls is one typical example. The dish caters to guest preferences for a variety of quality raw and ethnic dishes; lighter, smaller portions, and visual appeal. Ironically, passengers on the luxury liners are probably sailing over beds of the economically and ecologically important marine algae found throughout the world. Long considered a great delicacy in Asia, seaweed is a primary product of aquaculture in China, Korea, and Japan (Nori, Kombu, and Wakame), with Japanese Nori production worth $2 billion annually.

that small amounts of the undiluted sea vegetable, especially readily available fresh and dried Wakame, remain packed with nutrients including vitamins A, C, E, B complex and B12, as well as calcium, potassium, iron, protein, fiber, and some omega-3 fatty acids. Wakame works best to spark the taste in soups, simmered dishes, salads, sandwiches, and stir-fries. Along these lines, diet guru Dr. Andrew Weil, created his “DLT” vegan alternative to the American standard BLT (bacon, lettuce, and tomato). Instead of bacon, “Chef ” Weil substitutes dulse briefly sautéed in olive oil or purchases a smoked version.

Dried seaweed can be purchased in health food stores, fish markets, Asian markets, and online. But a tasty introduction to the freshest and biggest variety of seaweed can still be at a restaurant. Their pantries can The friendliness of seaweed to humans is accommodate large amounts of fresh sealegendary with no known poisonous spe- weed salad ingredients and the chef ’s own cies. There’s even a “gourmet” seaweed specialty tools necessary to prepare them. salad designed for that favorite pet fish. Asian restaurant chefs, especially, have long Though usually thought of as an Asian understood the value of seaweed as the earth’s food ingredient, seaweed has already natural bounty, incorporating it as an intebeen gaining popularity around the gral part of both salads and sushi wrappings. world in rustic circles. In the British Isles, laver, a purplish-black, wild North Atlan- Seaweed salads can also be as simple as an tic cousin to Nori, is mixed with fat and on-the-go Asian Market lunch comprised rolled oats and fried into a breakfast bread. of a package of dried or marinated seaweed with soy sauce, black vinegar, sesame oil, and Watch out for the salt though, and re- sesame seeds. Gyu-Kaku and Chaya Venice member that seaweed originates in the Restaurants feature sea soup and salad with “salty” ocean. This edible “sea vegetable” seaweed as a minor ingredient to leverage may be in the “greens” category, but cer- saltiness. Gyu-Kaku’s novelty dishes of Seatain forms of seaweed, along with the often weed with Cream Cheese and their solo added ingredients, lay claim to high sodium Crispy Seaweed sheets appeal to the palcontent that counter its health benefits. ate because of the combination of textures and the tasty sesame oil coating on the seaFor example, unlike the lower sodium kelp weed, making them continual best sellers. and laver, high sodium Wakame is basic to the goma wakame based seaweed salad common- Jason Ha’s mom, a third generation restauly served in sushi restaurants. An additional rant owner, enticed him into tasting sealist of taste-enhancing ingredients further weed for the first time by pointing out how dilutes the salad’s nutritional profile: Agar, smooth the skin of the fish that ate it! Seadistilled vinegar, sugar, salt, yellow and blue weed has always held a place of honor on food coloring, and high-fructose corn syrup. his menus at his downtown Los Angeles Zip A three ounce-100 calorie serving can boast of Fusion café and e3rd Steakhouse because, as 1 gram of protein and a scanty 70 milligrams he explains, “As a child in Korea, my mother of calcium but is bursting with 5 grams of fat, taught me that the sea is nature’s storehouse 11 grams of sugar, and 1,200 mg of sodium. of beauty products, and seaweed is the best.” Health-conscious cooks learned long ago The Zip Seaweed Salad earns first place. 10

By Gerry Furth-Sides

Says Jason, “Chef Sean An and I designed a ZIP Seaweed Salad with mounds of three different kinds of seaweed, shredded carrot, daikon, and strips of toasted seaweed. It feeds all of the senses and has a crunchy texture that makes it fun to eat. The salad became not only a signature dish, but won the downtown community #1 salad award.” Seaweed and Cancer The anti-carcinogenic properties of brown seaweeds (kelp) are well noted but not yet understood. Documentations are numerous in traditional Chinese medicine, ancient Ayurvedic texts, and even in a mention in the Ebers Papyrus of the ancient Egyptians using seaweed to treat breast cancer. In the last century, limited research was encouraging but not yet definitive. Laboratories in Japan, France, Australia, and the U.S. indicated that the most effective are pure Kombu and Wakame seaweeds richest in Fucoidan, which appear to induce anti-tumor activity to treat cancer effectively. The most popular theory proposed is that pure seaweed provokes stimulation of the immune system as part of a combination of factors. This does not include seaweed supplements sold as “energy boosters” that are heated at very high temperatures and then ground into a powder before being mixed with binders to make tablets. However, they may boost energy in those who are iodine deficient and have under active thyroids. This brings up another concern; that of kelp containing high amounts of iodine, which for most people is safe if eaten in amounts of about 0.25 ounce/day. Visit for a glossary of seaweed types and their and nutirtional values. Gerry Furth-Sides writes the “Front of the House” column for Great-Taste Magazine and is working on a book about immigrants who became successful restaurateurs in the United States.

Natural Connections

Healing Through Touch and Contacting Nature’s Balance


By Todd Williams

Zero Balancing, including what Dr. Smith termed “The Wisdom of Zero Balancing.” In each of our sessions he would present his thoughts on how our work in Zero Balancing relates to the nature of being and our Universal connection as human beings, and how we can do positive healing work with far-reaching effects. With his illuminating thoughts permeating our minds and hearts, we would do hands-on work, refining our touch and giving each other feedback. On one afternoon I was fortunate to receive a session from Fritz himself. It was a wonderful experience in which I felt utterly cared for, while receiving knowledge imparted through his amazing hands. Using the ZB protocol, Fritz’s work allowed me to go into an expanded state of consciousness where subtle energetic changes could occur. One remarkable thing about the session was that I had very few, if any, physical complaints at the start, and yet I felt physically more fluid, energized, and more in tune with my body after the session. In fact, I could say I felt heroic, like a world conqueror, yet also totally peaceful and centered within myself.

Inside Look Magazine September/ October

Taking a break from our intensive study, the following evening our group traveled to Tlaquepaque, a charming historical suburb of Guadalajara. The neo-Baroque architecture of the villas, palaces, and cathedral were offset by many shops featuring handcrafted ceramics, glass, and metal work. I wandered the pleasant streets with my friends and finished the evening with a fantastic meal of authentic Mexican cuisine. My last morning at Rio, I took a short walk to what is known as the “first source” of the river where the waters emerge from deep within the earth. The cool morning air and heat rising from the waters created mist which shrouded me in a mystical, otherworldly feeling. And yet I felt totally grounded to the earth, to my body, and to the present moment. Another person nearby sat in silent reflection, the outline of their body indicating a pose of perfect peacefulness. I realized again how much knowledge we can gather from observing Nature, from listening to Her sounds, and reflecting within. The week had charged me with a renewed enthusiasm for the possibilities of life, for sharing the gift of healing touch with others, and for bringing more fully the joy of being into daily life. To learn more about Zero Balancing visit Todd Williams is a dancer, choreographer, teacher, and body-worker who travels worldwide for his work in Dance and the Healing Arts. He currently resides in Salzburg, Austria. Visit him at


Photos: Todd Williams

unlight, healing waters, delicious healthy food, learning in nature, masterful teaching on the art of touch, and friendship. These were the main components of the most profound seminar concerning the “essential touch” in which I have ever taken part. The seminar was a week-long retreat with Dr. Fritz Smith, the founder and developer of Zero Balancing. Held at the beautiful spa called Rio Caliente, named for the natural hot river which flows through the property from an underground volcanic lake, the week would be both a time of deep learning, healing, personal growth, and fellowship. Located in a protected pine forest - Bosque la Primavera - the Rio Caliente Spa is situated in an undeveloped valley approximately an hour from the city of Guadalajara, Mexico. In this natural setting one can avail oneself of the healing waters, massage treatments, and healthful cuisine, including a bounty of fresh fruits and salads. The simplicity of the place belies its profundity. The purity of the land and waters and peaceful atmosphere of the grounds make it possible to connect to Nature and engage in Built into the week was free time to explore deep energetic work. the surrounding nature, receive bodywork (my favorite being the mud wrap!), swim in Zero Balancing, or “ZB” for short, is a hands- the pools, and gaze at the stars. In paying aton healing system that balances the body’s tention to the signs in Nature, I became acdeepest energy flows with the body’s struc- customed to observing correspondences and ture. ZB helps to bring about well-being by synchronicity between the external world releasing held tension at the level of the bone, and my internal state of mind. One night, for which in turn affects all other systems of the example, I stepped out of my room briefly to body. By focusing on the skeletal system, refill my water bottle and heard the gallop of the core of the human body, ZB can address horses’ hoofs. I turned and saw a dark shadow physical, mental, and spiritual needs and of a horse moving swiftly through the night. bring about greater harmony in one’s being. I was filled with awe and wonder for a few The modality was developed by Dr. Smith in brief moments. As I returned to my room, I the early 1970’s as an outgrowth of his work sensed feelings and insights set in motion in as a physician, osteopath, and acupunctur- my own psyche. I felt excited at these stirrings ist. Grounded in Western science, Zero Bal- to working with energy and consciousness. ancing pays careful attention to anatomical On another occasion, I beheld a beautiful arfunctioning while incorporating Eastern ray of stars and clouds in the sky that gave me ideas of Energy. As a complimentary healing the impression of an angel. The faint outline technique it is unmatched in its elegant and seemed like heavenly brushstrokes - an upliftpowerful style of touch which is calibrated ing sign that I was being protected. to feel very pleasurable to the client. Many people report feeling grounded in their body Midway through the week, our group took with increased clarity, stability, and connect- a day of silence and reflection in which we edness. My own powerful experiences receiv- were encouraged to set a theme for ourselves ing ZB sessions lead me to become a certified and commune with Nature. I chose to dedipractitioner, and I have since seen tremen- cate my day to throwing off worldly thoughts dous healing and growth by working with the and responsibilities and to simply roam the ZB system. earth as I pleased while seeking a deeper connection to Universal Consciousness. As A small group of about ten health care pro- I walked the rustic farm paths and hillsides fessionals gathered for the week to study the that day, I allowed my spirit to shrug off its teachings of this Master healer. The focus was usual identification with name, heritage, culprimarily on the more advanced aspects of ture, and career. I felt free. Each flower beheld

was a communion where Nature seemed to speak volumes of what it means just “to be”. The view of distant rugged mountain ranges made me expand and feel timelessly stable. In solitude, I found my way to a nearby monastery where Catholic Nuns run a charity and the local people worship. There a blessedly simple chapel is carved out of the mountain rock, with a rustic brick altar and the most striking hand drawn picture of Jesus Christ. His eyes seemed to penetrate to the core of my being. Just behind the altar was a small cave where one could spend time sitting in silence. The spot seemed replete with Shakti or Divine Energy and I found myself sinking into a deep meditation. From that space of sacred communion, I eventually made my way back to our group’s circle in order to break our silence and appreciate each other and the day’s journey.

By C.M. Curtis D.C. F.I.A.C.T. B.C.C.T.



n the debate between alternative and conventional medicines, either side, when taken separately, can be quite convincing, leaving many who are not on the inside of the issue either confused or dangerously ignorant. Most people will accept the orthodox view merely because it is not in the nature of most people to take upon themselves the effort or the social risks inherent in departure from orthodoxy. The issue, however, is one of supreme importance in light of the stakes: Human health and human lives, lots of them. The accomplishments of orthodox medicine are undeniable and grand. Its technology is astounding, its capabilities immense. So why, in spite of these things, are degenerative diseases so rapidly on the rise, and why is the United States behind so many other countries with regard to general health statistics? Our spending on health care exceeds the gross national product of all but six countries in the world (we spend more than any other country), and what do we have to show for it? According to the American Cancer Society fifty percent of men and one out of every three women in


America, will develop cancer of some type in their lifetimes. Half of them will not survive the disease. Cancer is the number one cause of death by disease among children under ten years of age. The U. S. leads the world in deaths from diabetes and heart disease. The incidence of diabetes has more than doubled in a five-year period and continues to rise dramatically. We of the United States also get the first place ribbon for the occurrence of osteoporosis (this is ironic in view of the fact that we consume more calcium supplements and dairy products per capita than any other country in the world). Diseases that only a few years ago were rare, have become commonplace and almost all degenerative diseases are on the rise at an alarming rate.


cancer rate was 1 in 20. It is now 1 in 7. According to the American Medical Association, prescription drugs are the fourth leading cause of death in this country (other estimates put it higher), a statistic which only accounts for reactions to drugs that were properly prescribed and cases that were reported, the true figure is undoubtedly far worse. In fact, according to the FDA only about 1% of adverse reactions are reported. Then there are the cover-ups like the Vioxx debacle in which the FDA was aware of the carnage that was taking place and kept the information under wraps. Vioxx caused 139,000 documented heart attacks during its short run, of which half were fatal, and had it not been for a gutsy whistle blower, it would undoubtedly still be on the market. The appalling story goes on We are also the front-runners in prostate and on, but the message is clear: If ever there cancer, breast cancer, and colorectal cancer (a was a need for alternatives it is now. cancer that was almost unheard of fifty years ago), among others, despite the fact that we The roots of the controversy are grounded spend over 100 billion dollars yearly on can- more in money than in philosophy. Medicine cer research and treatment. In the seven year is a business and no business likes competiperiod between 1992 and 1999 the incidence tion. Every major disease has become a major of cancer in children increased by 26%, leuke- industry and we all know what happens when mia by 62%, and cancers of the brain and ner- a major industry is threatened. The trend vous system by 50%. In the1970s the breast seems to be to put patients on medications

and tell them they must take them for the rest of their lives--a singularly favorable situation for the pharmaceutical industry. Moreover, many scientists and natural health practitioners; even patients who believe in natural therapies, claim that, all too often, medical doctors are reluctant to think outside the pharmaceutical/surgical box because the ego factor--the well known medical arrogance-hinders open mindedness. One of the most significant aspects of the problem, however, is simple lack of understanding. Most practitioners and proponents of conventional medicine have little or no knowledge of alternative methods and no grasp on the natural philosophies on which they are based. Lacking this knowledge, it is unscientific behavior for them to even express an opinion on the subject. Worse yet, when they attempt to test a natural healing agent or method, they use their own paradigm; they treat it as if it were a drug. But the alternative philosophy is not one of taking an isolated agent and applying it to a symptom, rather, it deals with treating the body, not the disease, to remove causes of illness and malfunction and allow the body’s natural healing powers to restore homeostasis. There is a big difference between the absence of symptoms and the presence of health. And there is a world of difference between true healing and the suppression of symptoms with toxic drugs

that cause other symptoms.

itself and restore normal function, and then teaching the patient how to remain healthy. The detractors of alternative healing claim Does it work? Millions of satisfied patients that good scientific substantiation is lacking say it does. and, in some instances this is true (on both sides of the issue), but every year mountains Modern practitioners of alternative medicine of valid, unimpeachable scientific evidence also possess a sound understanding of conare compiled which not only prove specific ventional medicine (in fact, many of them alternative therapies to be effective and safe, are, or work closely with, licensed medical but place alternative medicine on a much practitioners), and know its limitations. They sounder scientific platform than allopathic also know their own. This places them in the medicine. If that statement surprises you con- superior position of knowing which patients sider the following: According to the AMA, to treat and which to refer to another prothe average American over age 65 takes seven vider. In most cases, the same cannot be said prescription medications: Two to control the of the other side. symptoms of the original disease or diseases, and five to suppress the side effects of the The essence of the issue is this: There is more other medications. What is scientific about than one valid healing science, each with its that? The history of modern medicine is rife strengths and each with its limitations. No with examples (some very recent) of drugs one is saying that conventional medicine does that didn’t work and/or harmed or killed not have its strengths, it does and they are thousands of trusting patients, and since marvelous to behold, but its limitations are the bulk of conventional medications and glaring, and its failures tragic beyond words, procedures only address symptoms, not the and there are valid, proven, and, yes, scientifunderlying causes, who can blame people for ic, alternatives that work where conventional seeking alternatives? In the minds of many medicine has failed. Why not use them? patients, the conventional, ‘medicate it, burn Dr. C.M. Curtis has been practicing alternait or cut it out’ approach seems far too brutal tive medicine for almost twenty-five years. and short-sighted when compared with alterDuring that time he has owned and managed native medicine’s natural approach of cleanstwo integrative medical clinics. He is a tireing the body’s internal systems, balancing the less promoter of natural health and has been natural chemistry, assisting the body to repair a health and nutrition talk radio host since 1984. damaged cells and organs in order to heal

Star of Hope Look for a bright new ‘star’– visible both night and day around the world – heralding the imminent appearance on national television of the World Teacher for all humanity. He has come now to point the way out of our global crises and inspire a brilliant new civilization. Watch for a man calling for: * SHARING, to create justice, and therefore peace * Provision of food, shelter, health care and education for all as basic human rights

For pictures of the ‘star’ and further information about the emergence of the World Teacher and his group, the Masters of Wisdom, visit or call 888-242-8272. Inside Look Magazine September/ October






August 23 – September 22 Happy Birthday, Virgo. You discover fascinating facets of your personality that have gone untapped. You clarify your romantic needs and set new goals. A brand new cycle sees all your hard work paying off. In October, it’s good to turn off your brain by relaxing more, setting goals to build your net worth, and eliminating debt.

September 23 – October 22 Success and good fortune follow you. Your self-esteem grows as your discover wonderful new talents. Doors swing open to you. You find fulfillment through stimulating adventures and relationships. October sees you planning for the next phase of your personal growth, and new monetary gains are in the works!


October 23 – November 21 You understand your life’s purpose and are fulfilling your dreams. Mercury turns direct the 29th, and you find out who you can count on to stick by your side. Time spent outdoors reveals fresh insight. Teamwork at work is needed in October with Halloween seeing you dressing up to the 9’s.


November 22 – December 21 Focus on achieving your career wishes now. Romance takes center stage. You are in the limelight more than ever and you love the status! Little people need extra attention - take time to please them. Close friendships made in October last a lifetime, and there is a twin-soul cosmic encounter.


December 22 – January 19 Don’t cling to the past, look forward to the future. Times are changing; no need to worry, relief is in sight. You’re well expected to achieve your personal goals and to obtain new ones. In October, someone close to you has wise advice which proves to be invaluable.


January 20 – February 18 This month sees you repairing a troubled relationship. Financial arrangements of all kinds must be handled with great caution. Don’t sign any agreements until after the 29th. Besides being lucky in love in September, you could win at a game of chance. On October 4th, the full moon puts you in the center of the information chain; use it to promote yourself and your ideas.


February 19 – March 20 Don’t make up your mind about anything until the end of September. Business or personal matters are in a tailspin, but clarity looms on the 11th when you get the answers you seek. At month’s end, associates are eager to meet your terms. October 16th is a high energy period at work, which could put you in the perfect place at the perfect time to meet the right people for a promotion or job offer. 14

March 21 – April 19 Lighten up this September and don’t let anything get you down. Work is at an impasse and partners don’t seem to be seeing eye to eye. Everyone is pressing for answers - wait until after the 21st, where you will aim to please both personally and career-wise. In October, reflect back on recent events and what you learned from them. Cash is on the horizon!

April 20 – May 20 Stop worrying and do everything to promote your own interests. Romantically, September is a turning point when doubts dissolve and everything starts going right. It’s time to socialize and get out there and sparkle. The full moon October 4th encourages you to eat healthy and make relaxation a part of every day. Come October 29th, you may be asked to take on more work, so you need to be in tip-top shape to do so.


May 21 – June 20 Travel and communication at a distance take center stage. You see important happenings at home; you are more anxious and protective of family members and are feeling burdened. This is not for long. The new moon on the 18th brings a positive turning point in domestic affairs. Work-wise, well deserved praise is on the way in October, and any legal matters will be resolved quickly.


June 21 – July 22 You worry about plans you have recently made. You feel apprehensive that you have chosen the right path. Start thinking positively - a financial breakthrough is on the way. Look on the bright side and project confidence. Love partners make you feel cherished. Your career claims a significant amount of time in early October, and lunar energy springs forth some welcome and well-deserved praise.


July 23 – August 22 You are particularly radiant and lovable this month, so don’t show your financial insecurities. You have no need to buy into others’ strange behavior. The 21st sees a turn around, and all offers that come your way will be well worth considering. A meeting with a stranger is a turning point in your life. October 18th sparks your curiosity and spirit of adventure to travel as the cold weather hits. A new pair of winter boots brings you lots of praise.

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Inside Look Magazine September/October 2009  
Inside Look Magazine September/October 2009  

Inside Look Magazine September/October 2009