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March/April 2010



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Re-Inventing Consumption In The 21st Century

Keeping It Local

Benefits of Buying Close to Home

GMOS vs Hybrids Making Better Food Choices


VOLUME 2, ISSUE 2 March/April 2010

Contents 4 Keeping it Local

The Benefits of Buying Locally

6 Re-Inventing Consumption In the 21st Century

7 GMOS vs Hybrids

Understanding the Difference

8 Spirit Looks at the Environment Channeled by Lexa Finley

10 Intro to Mayan Calendar Cosmology And the Theory of Everything

14 Conversation with Ronald Alexander Author of Wise Mind, Open Mind

17 Life With The Beloved Louix Dor Dempriey

Publishers’ Note

What is it that sustains us? Is it the food we eat, the mindset we keep, the way we express our creativity, a belief in God? Or is it a combination of all of the above? We must continually find new and healthier ways to nourish ourselves and our environment. The status quo doesn’t apply anymore. The world is changing, but are we changing with it? Are we evolving alongside, adjusting to its new demands? How can we keep up? First, we have to stay informed. Second, we have to stay balanced. It’s easy to get off track, become lazy, or simply assume that everything will take care of itself, without any effort on our part. With articles on genetically modified food, expressing yourself through art, and keeping a healthy mindset, we’d like to keep you informed so that you can help nourish yourself and the new world in which we live.

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Keeping it Local

By Kathryn MESSER

The Benefits of Buying Locally Grown Produce and Products

buy a blueberry that travels less than 100 Businesses that pride themselves on supportfarther and farther away. The effects of this farmer in China is getting next to nothing, ance our global vs. local food choices. They -


local roots and continue to reflect this in their products, services and actions. Where the loss of connection to where and how your it becomes more difficult is when a well refood is raised. vered brand switches some of its sources from here, when we’re willing to waste fuel to ship North America to Asia. While many local What makes this more disconcerting to me food from far away that we are perfectly caberries raised right here in the United States. behavior is so far from sustainable that it can cause of their long-term connection to the In terms of sustainability, it is far better to undermine environmental efforts elsewhere. Northwest. 4

becoming more and more expensive.

Consumers Be Aware! Local businesses need to be selective in what they put on their shelves. Local products with strong representation increase awareness about these important issues. For example, businesses should consider hosting food fairs where local vendors are spotlighted, creating a way to identify local items on the shelves. They need to determine just what is considered local, how to tag it, and what to do with the complication of a product that is made locally, but contains some ingredients that are sourced from overseas. Whenever possible, they need to place labels of origin on produce signs. Their goal should be to further empower you to vote with your pocketbook, thereby giving you the reins on which products they should be carrying.

As we move forward as a community (global or local), I believe as consumers we need to stay connected to the food we eat and work to ensure that our teachers, farmers, healers, and visionaries are given the same level of importance that seems to be reserved for sports heroes, CEO’s, politicians, and movie stars. With that being said, I’ll temporarily step off my soapbox for now. Here is a relevant “manifesto” written by Gary Paul Nabhan that I feel is an appropriate way to wrap up this article. Enjoy! Kathryn Messer holds and MFA in Creative Writing and is a freelance writer for EcoWriter, Inc. She lives in beautiful, green Oregon and can be contacted at

A Terroir-ist’s Manifesto for Eating in Place by Gary Paul Nabhan To learn more about Gary please visit

Photo: Pennsylvania CC-BY-SA Nicholas

Know where your food has come from through knowing those who produced it for you, from farmer to forager, rancher or fisher to earthworms building a deeper, richer soil, to the heirloom vegetable, the nitrogen-fixing legume, the pollinator, the heritage breed of livestock, & the sourdough culture rising in your flour. Know where your food has come from by the very way it tastes: its freshness telling you how far it may have traveled, the hint of mint in the cheese suggesting what the goat has eaten, the terroir of the wine reminding you of the lime in the stone you stand upon, so that you can stand up for the land that has offered it to you. Know where your food has come from by ascertaining the health & wealth of those who picked & processed it, by the fertility of the soil that is left in the patch where it once grew, by the traces of pesticides found in the birds & the bees there. Know whether the bays & shoals where your shrimp & fish once swam were left richer or poorer than before you & your kin ate from them. Know where your food comes from by the richness of stories told around the table recalling all that was harvested nearby Inside Look Magazine Green Issue

during the years that came before you, when your predecessors & ancestors, roamed the same woods & neighborhoods where you & yours now roam. Know them by the songs sung to praise them, by the handmade tools kept to harvest them, by the rites & feasts held to celebrate them, by the laughter let loose to show them our affection. Know where your foods come from by the patience displayed while putting them up , while peeling, skinning, coring or gutting them, while pit-roasting, poaching or fermenting them, while canning, salting or smoking them, while arranging them on a plate for our eyes to behold. Know where your food comes from by the slow savoring of each and every morsel, by letting their fragrances lodge in your memory reminding you of just exactly where you were the very day that you became blessed by each of their distinctive flavors. When you know where your food comes from you can give something back to those lands & waters, that rural culture, that migrant harvester, curer, smoker, poacher, roaster or vinyer. You can give something back to that soil, something fecund & fleeting like compost or something lasting & legal like protection. We, as humans, have not been given roots as obvious as those of plants. The surest way we have to lodge ourselves within this blessed earth is by knowing where our food comes from. 5

By Will Johnston


ne legacy of the 20th century is our culture of consumption. In the 19th century people would grow or make much of what they consumed. Purchasing products was reserved for necessities. The cost of consumption, when you follow the life-cycle of manufactured products, is much higher than many people would imagine. Resources are accumulated from a range of sources and are shipped to the manufacturing location where they are built and packaged. The products are then distributed and require that a consumer travel to purchase them. As consumers, we must then dispose of the packaging and, in many cases, determine what to do with the product when it’s no longer useful. Is it possible that in the 21st century we’ll see a trend where consumers begin to grow and make more of what is consumed? I believe that the right incentives are falling into place to create this change. Consumers have a growing awareness that traditional manufacturing has a large environmental impact and, in its current manifestation, is unsustainable. Consumers are also discovering that growing and making more of what you consume is a soulful exercise and, in many cases, is so easy that time can be saved by doing it yourself. With the advent of the Internet, access to information on growing and providing for your own consumption needs is no longer an issue. In fact, for most anything you would like to make, you can find a “How-to” video or article in a matter of minutes. While many people would like to save money by making and growing what they consume, there are also those of us that realize that we are re-purposing the money that would have been spent on manufactured goods toward more sustainable uses. As an entrepreneur, I see great opportunities for manufacturers to produce new products that enable people to make more of what they consume. At we attempt to provide consumers with the information they need to grow or make any manufactured good we sell. While it may require that


some manufacturers re-invent themselves, I believe that consumer trust and loyalty will improve when manufacturers provide this kind of information. If Proctor and Gamble were to publish recipes for consumers to make their own shampoo and toothpaste they might lose a few sales, but they would also be recognized for the cultural stewardship. They could also sell kits that enable consumers to more easily make their own shampoo and toothpaste, which would probably more than make up for the lost sales. Every time we make a purchase we send a message to the manufacturer that we endorse their business practices, products, and cultural stewardship. When we decide to stop purchasing a product we send a message as well. When our neighbors, friends, and family see that we have made a choice to begin making or growing some of the products we once purchased from manufacturers, they may share our enthusiasm and see it as a viable alternative. I suspect that in the 21st century we will see a tipping point where the movement to “make your own” gains broad acceptance and becomes a part of the fabric of our society. My experience in making my own products is that I can’t go back. Whether its shampoo, toothpaste, herbs I’ve grown, or compostable soil, I tune the recipe to my own liking and then wonder how I ever lived without it. My children love to be involved in the creation process and I’ve found that it has in no way disrupted our lives or lifestyle.

Will Johnston is the founder and editor of He has a background working in Silicon Valley startups, Apple Computer, Adobe Systems and lives in Portland, Oregon (the hub for sustainable living) with his family and golden retriever.


Understanding the Difference By KATHRYN MESSER


& How to Make Better Food Choices

t’s just another average afternoon at the grocery store and like most of us, I’m minding my own business, carefully selecting what’s going into my cart. I’m a picky shopper, especially when it comes to my produce. Recently, while contemplating which bunch of organically grown seedless grapes to purchase, a fellow shopper felt the need to inform me that she had read online that seedless fruits, such as watermelon and grapes, were genetically modified crops. This caused me some alarm, since I didn’t want to put anything in my mouth that had been genetically modified. Horrified (as well as thoroughly confused), I hastily returned my bunch of red seedless grapes back to their refrigerated bin, drove home, and jumped on the computer for a bit of research. What’s GMO Anyway?

A genetically modified organism (GMO) is defined as “an organism whose genetic material has been altered using techniques in genetics generally known as recombinant DNA technology. Recombinant DNA technology is the ability to combine DNA molecules from different sources into one molecule in a test tube. It is the expression of these certain traits, the phenotype of the organism, or the proteins it produces, that can be altered through the modification of its genes. Stay with me now, it gets a bit simpler. What this basically means is that scientists can combine any type of genetic material together; not just from one species to another, but also from different kingdoms. This is an extremely new science that has been developed in the last 30 years. Inside Look Magazine Green Issue

Hybrids, on the other hand, have been around for centuries. Many cultures have routinely practiced this method of selective breeding in order to attain specific characteristics of the parent plants. One fruit that is a great example of a hybrid is the Tangelo, which is a 3,500 year old hybrid. It’s a cross between a mandarin fruit and a pommelo, or grapefruit, and was originally grown by the Chinese. The definition of a hybrid is “a cross between populations, breeds or cultivars of a single species; or the result of interbreeding between two animals or plants of different species.” On the surface both of these methods appear to be very similar; they both modify the genetic make-up and expressed traits of a plant. However, the main difference is that the DNA of a genetically modified plant is directly manipulated by scientists, and hybrids are the result of taking the pollen of one type of plant to fertilize a different type. It usually takes a lot of time and many generations of plants before the desired cross pollination is achieved. Through hybridization, most crosses have to take place within the same general family and there is no way to combine plant and animal genes. Seedless fruits such as watermelon, bananas, pineapple, and grapes are hybrids. The seedless watermelon is produced by crossing a diploid variety (contains 2 sets of chromosomes) with a tetraploid variety (containing 4 sets of chromosomes).This crossing produces a variety of watermelon containing 3 sets of chromosomes with no viable seed, only small white seedcoats. The seedless grape is

even simpler, as the seed spontaneously aborts during the fruits development (called stenspermocarpy). Most vineyards grow seedless grapes that have been grafted. This way the farmers can grow the grapes year after year without having to go through the time consuming process called embryo rescue, which involves removing the developing embryo seed when it is small in order to keep it from aborting. Knowledge Is Power Being informed about the foods we eat today is becoming more important than ever. We go out of our way to find the freshest organic fruits and vegetables. We try to be loyal locavores, buying produce grown by local farmers using sustainable farming practices. So what was my final conclusion about GMOs after an afternoon of online research? For me it meant making sure that the fruits and vegetables I eat are grown in an organic fashion, are of the highest quality, and GMO free. It’s always important that the food I serve my family is as healthy and as natural as possible. The bottom line is that we all have ability to make smarter food choices, and the more information we have to make these choices, the better. Know what you’re eating!

Kathryn Messer holds an MFA in Creative Writing and is a freelance writer for EcoWriter, Inc. She lives in beautiful, green Oregon and can be contacted at


Spirit Looks At The Environment Lexa received the following guidance from her spirit guides - spirits whose sole purpose is to help those of us on Earth along our path. We are here today to talk about what the future holds for Mother Earth and there are a few topics we find important to share with you regarding the environment and how it affects you as a society, as well as individually. We would first like to address the things that you eat and drink. Food is so vital to the human body that we can’t stress enough how important eating organic and pesticide-free foods are to maintaining good health. In addition, we are greatly concerned about the toxins that come from plastics because they radiate into the foods that are packaged within them. They may not kill you, but they certainly can make you sick and keep you from feeling well when you ingest too much of them. PLEASE don’t heat your food in plastic containers. When many plastic containers are heated, they radiate the most toxins and the food absorbs them. While we recommend eating as much raw food as possible, when you do eat cooked food, we suggest you use natural crockery and glass. We are also concerned about some of the water you are ingesting. Filtered, high-alkaline water is what we find to best suit the human body. Filtered spring water is our next choice. Drink plenty of water to keep your body healthy. A good way to estimate how much water your body needs is to divide your body weight in half. In other words, if you weigh 150 pounds, drink approximately 75 ounces of water per day. Drink more water if you are physically active or live in a hot, dry climate. The better you treat your body with healthy foods and water, the easier it will be to raise your spiritual connection up to a higher level or vibration. When your body is dense and heavy, it makes it harder to connect to the light and airy essence of spirit. We know that many people are concerned with the state of the climate. We want to assure you that the weather changes are largely cyclical. The Earth’s climate continually shifts and changes. If you look back through history you will see that these changes have occurred before, for example, “The Little Ice Age” between about 1500 and 1850, and, still, the world continues to exist. The Milky Way has a powerful magnetic field that affects Earth. As 8

the Earth moves closer to and further from the Milky Way, the climate warms and cools. The climate will also change depending on the tilt and orbit of the Earth. Mother Nature is simply amazing. When one aspect changes, she creates something new to take its place--it is what you call the circle of life. It is really never ending; it just ends some life forms and creates new ones all within the same circle. The Earth is right on course in its many cycles, as far as the climate is concerned, and it will be fine, as long as you continue to find and implement ways to keep the Earth clean and green. You have a wonderful new group of children that you are calling Indigo and Crystal children that are here to help you. These spirits are highly connected to spirit and Earth. They will be teaching you how to be conscious of being spiritual and how to be conscious of taking care of the Earth. Some of you may be noticing how concerned your own Indigo and Crystal children are about the Earth. You might be noticing how important recycling is to them. It is something they can put themselves into at a young age to help the Earth heal and be more complete. They love and honor their Earth and feel much attached to it. They will continue to create new and creative ways to help keep the Earth whole. The more you can listen to and support their efforts, the easier it will be for them to make the huge difference they are going to make. There is one simple thing each and every one of you can do to help the world environmentally--you can pay attention to what you do with waste. Please be conscious when you dispose of things. Get electronics, paints, and other toxins to the proper facilities. Don’t pour any chemicals down the drain; the Earth will absorb it and it will come back to you. As amazing as Mother Nature is, she could use everyone’s help to bring your beautiful Earth back to the healthy, luscious planet it once was. Lexa Finley is an intuitive healer, clairvoyant, and spiritual teacher, whose mission is to empower others to find their inner strength, truth, and passion via in-person workshops in the Los Angeles area as well as through tele-classes and audio guided meditations, which are available at bookstores, gift shops, and online at


A ROYAL MYSTERY TOUR OF EGYPT – NOVEMBER 2010 Ancient Discovery within Egypt - Seminar 1 & 2, March 27 & 28

Each person who visits the ancient world in the tussle and bustle of the present day life receives the possibilities of what Egypt must have been. To visit the Bent Pyramid and to walk around its perimeter is very different then looking at its picture in a book. We know the picture is not the place. Our physical presence near the structure reveals that each human being receives different information from the object and the space around it. I may see and feel the energy coming out of the ground. You may have an emotional feeling in your chest while others may have a mental image or a mathematical equation of how to build such a structure. Some people hear it and connect to its vibration through sound. We understand that the thoughts and subject we focus our attention on, changes how we perceive. Egypt teaches us that the energy system of our energy body is aligned within the earth in special ways. By learning how to shift into a different energy body alignment we will be allowed to perceive the many worlds. This work has been performed in Ancient Egypt, for a very long time. Egypt seminars 1 & 2 are a preparation for our Egypt tour in November 2010. Santo and Grace will guide you through individual processes.

We invite you to our upcoming thought provoking lectures and seminars in Santa Monica, California

You will acquire knowledge that is not publicly accessible. You will discover the rich and enormous deepening of your inner reality. Then we travel to Egypt where the journey begins. Santo Cervello and Grace Lebecka bring the ancient wisdom from the portals of the past into the present. The past was then and this is now; yet within the mysteries of Egypt there are keys hidden in the pockets, of our many colored robes. The keys open doors to many treasures. If you hear the call, please come. Seminar 1&2 fee: $250.00 PHONE

310 399-6726 USA,

905 841-0729 CANADA,


Read each issue of Inside Look Magazine to study our complete special report on the Mayan Calendar.

By Farel Footman, Roses Light Dancing Based on the work of Carl Johan Calleman, Ph.D. 10


e can participate in Calleman’s extraordinary discoveries knowing that as a professional scientist he understands quantum physics and the biochemical basis of life, and, together with his spiritual orientation he is a perfect guide for helping us understand this amazing Sacred Calendar. Although Dr. Calleman is quite intent on proving the statement made that “the Mayan chronology has something unique to offer that puts the world in a totally new perspective. This is the connection to the real world and to real history.”

With this in mind Dr. Calleman seeks to prove his interpretation of the Mayan Calendar-Cosmology with solid facts and well-founded argument. His conclusions are based on solid science, and, he is intent on making his findings accessible to the lay person as well as to the scientist. He helps to bring out the scientist in us, using empirical evidence to prove the validity of the superstrong anthropic principle (he also calls it the commonsense anthropic principle) .Those of us who are not scientists can still participate in the thrill of scientific discovery,

for everything he presents is original and as we will see revolutionary. In the process we will learn a great deal about ourselves that perhaps we did not know before. Fortunately, for those interested in the Mayan Calendar-Cosmology, besides leaving us with many inscriptions of their sacred calendar, the Maya embedded their code in the architecture of their Temples at Chichén Itzá, Tikal, Uxmal and Palenque.


gu r of e 1. K T uk he ul D ca es n ce in nt th of e C th hi e F ch ea én th ’I er tz ed á ce Se re rp m en on t ia at l c th om e T pl em ex p . le

Snake Wisdom: Chichén’Itzá: The Temple of Kukulcan, at the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes

A wonderful introduction to the Mayan Calendar-Cosmology is to behold one of the most awesome sights in the world at the spring and autumn Equinoxes when an extraordinary phenomenon known as the Descent of the Feathered Serpent called Kukulcan by the post classical Maya and Quetzalcoatl by the Aztecs occurs at the Temple of Kukulcan in the Chichen Itza ceremonial complex. 9 Quetzalcoatl is often called the father of the Mayan Calendar, perhaps because he is the Lord of Light, and the bringer of civilization.10 The temple is so placed that when the sun strikes it at a certain angle it looks as if the Feathered Serpent has awakened and is descending down the northern face of the pyramid, (see above). As the sun lights the descending stairs seven triangles emerge framing the darker undulating back of the Feathered Serpent who slides towards the head of the snake that juts out from the bottom of the stairs. The back of the Feathered Serpent is made up of six wave-like shapes. What we have displayed here is one of the constants of Time in the Mayan Calendar:

The seven scales of Light of our Feathered Serpent establish what are called Seven Days; the darker triangles or arches Six Nights, and these together are referred to as the Thirteen Heavens. Each Day and Night represents a specific cosmic energy that helps to develop the frame of consciousness of that particular Underworld. For example, Quetzalcoatl was God of Light and ruled the Ninth Heaven. These cosmic energies are set by the Cosmic Round of Light; the other most fundamental principle of the Calendar. The Maya depicted these cosmic energies as Gods and Goddesses. (See Table I below.) A benevolent deity rules the Day, whereas a darker deity governs the Nights. A Day is, thus, seen to be positive moving creation forward, and the Nights tend to be static, integrating or implementing the new ideas expressed by the Day energies. They can be reactionary, too. The snake’s undulating descent at Chichén Itzá aptly shows this alternating yin/yang movement between Day and Night, or Light and Dark. And these alternating Days and Nights result in a Universe of duality.

later researchers who have studied the Mayan Calendar have focused instead on the supposed end date of the Great Cycle, which has produced a much too limited view of this calendar system. Inferences about the end-date events of a physical nature have, I believe tended to belittle the enormous explanatory power that the Mayan calendar has proved to have as a description of the evolution of consciousness. This has meant that the whole point of the path toward enlightenment has been lost.…

7 and 6 = 13

Until this writing, (2004), most


Calleman leads us to a far different interpretation of evolution in which consciousness is the leading force behind physicality, and returns us to a ‘soul-centered’ philosophy of Creation in which human beings are not just arbitrary creations. His view is that “the universe emerged with the very purpose of generating life, and this purpose started to manifest from its inception. It is this evolution of life that, as we shall see, takes place according to the rhythm provided by the Mayan Calendar.”

The Thirteen Heavens as a Creative Progression The levels of consciousness developed by each Underworld are developed according to a common pattern. The Maya used to describe this by the notion that a special deity or divine force ruled each of the Thirteen Heavens of the various Underworlds and from the Aztec we have information about what these deities were: 1. The God of Fire & Time Day 1

5. The Goddess of Love & Childbirth

3. The Goddess of Water Night 1 2. The God of Earth

Day 2

Night 2 4. The God of Sun & Warriors

Day 3

7. The God of Maize Night 3 6. The God of Death

Day 4

11. The Goddess of Birth

9. The Lord of Light Night 4 8. The God of Rain & War

Day 5

Night 5 10. The Lord of Darkness

Day 6

13. The DualCreator God Night 6

Day 7

12. The God before Dawn

Table I The incoming energy of the Fifth day (Nov. 24, 2006) will be much stronger than anything we have previously experienced in the Galactic Underworld. The Fifth day is the breakthrough that previously, in other Underworlds (level of consciousness evolution) brought Christianity, and yet another Underworld the modern world into existence. * Courtesy Dr. Carl J. Calleman

Conversation with

Wise Mind Open Mind Author

Ronald Alexander Ronald Alexander, Ph.D., is the director of the OpenMind Training® Institute, practices mindfulness-based mind-body psychotherapy and leadership coaching in Santa Monica, CA, for individuals and corporate clients. He has taught personal and clinical training groups for professionals in Integral Psychotherapy, Ericksonian mind-body healing therapies, mindfulness meditation, and Buddhist psychology nationally and internationally since 1970. ( This practice is extremely useful to help you with your everyday stresses, tap into your core creativity, and transform a challenge. In times of a crisis it is as an excellent tool for navigating the afflictions of both mind and body that accompany any change process. The more you cultivate mindfulness, the easier it is to stop running away from difficult feelings; to break out of denial, stagnation, and suffering; and to act with mindful intention.

Inside Look Magazine: What inspired you to write Wise Mind, Open Mind? Ronald Alexander: I felt passionate about providing a map for alleviating pain and suffering and help people make positive transformations in their lives. I wanted to bring something fresh, creative, and original to readers who are searching for meaning and purpose in these painful times of personal, economic, and psychological change.

IL: What are the common pitfalls that keep us from attaining true happiness?

IL: What is mindfulness and how can we practice it? How does this help us in our daily lives? RA: Mindfulness is a daily meditation practice. It originated around 2400 B.C. during the time of the Buddha, and is based on the idea that no one escapes what the Buddha called the wheel of change. The time of day one meditates isn’t important; the regular practice is. Ideally, it should be practiced for 20 to 30 minutes twice a day, but it’s better to start doing 10 minutes once a day than aiming for the overall goal and then feeling overwhelmed by it and falling short. There are four steps to mindfulness meditation: First, close your eyes but keep them focused on the spot between your eyebrows near the top of your nose. Second, place your hands palms up on your thighs or palms down in your lap. Third, pay attention to your breath, saying to yourself “rising” and “falling” with each inhalation and exhalation. Fourth, be aware as you breathe in and 14

RA: Buddhism teaches that happiness is a momentary state of mind, body, and energy, so when you’re happy, relish it, but be mindful that the wheel will inevitably turn. Traditionally, we’ve been told that to achieve happiness, we should use our minds to figure out what would make us happy and then work hard to achieve our goal. The problem is that even the sharpest, most clever mind is limited in its ability to create opportunities and see possibilities. Without guidance from the heart, we’re merely playing notes on a piano, not composing a melody. Also your ego, or false self, will present you with a long list of arguments for fighting changes that you didn’t ask for and avoiding changes that require you to break out of your comfort zone—even if the cost is your own happiness.

out, and mentally note the thoughts, feelings, sounds, tastes, smells, and physical sensations (such as itching, pain or discomfort, or feelings of heaviness and lightness) you experience. Don’t analyze any of what you’re noting. Simply be present, open, alert, and watchful as you allow the witnessing mind to emerge. In my book, Wise Mind, Open People often get into a state of ‘wanting Mind I include several meditations to use for mind,’ they’re not satisfied, no matter what various situations in your life. they have. If they attain the object of their

longing, they simply replace the old desire with a new one. If they achieve revenge, they feel worse than they did before. The problem is that wanting mind is rooted in the incorrect belief that something outside of ourselves is the key to lasting happiness. The reality is that no emotion or state of being, however strong, is permanent and that happiness can’t be found outside of us, only within. Buddhists call this phenomenon of endless wanting and dissatisfaction the “hungry ghost.” Finally, the fear of making a mistake and experiencing suffering instead of happiness can shut down your ability to see clearly and consider all your options. As long as you remain in these types of stories, you create suffering for yourself. To change your life, you have to see the story for what it is: a way of framing events that doesn’t contribute to your happiness and holds you back from positive change.

renity and clarity, observing what your mind churns up and easily discerning its qualities, setting aside what’s unwholesome and taking delight in what’s wholesome. In this state, called “wise mind,” you easily and naturally sort through the thoughts, feelings, and sensations that enter your awareness, and let go of those that don’t serve you. After you’ve quieted all the busy activity of your mind, which tends to look forward into the future or backward into the past, and you’ve surrendered to the present moment, you may be able to experience what Buddhists call “big mind.” In big mind, freed from the effort of concentrating or of noting and organizing thoughts, you’re so absorbed in the moment that you experience a blissful oneness with all that is. If wise mind is the doorway to the house of self, where your core creativity resides, big mind is the entryway.

From big mind—or even sometimes directly from wise mind—you IL: You say that resistance to change is driven by fear and that step into a state of core creativity, or what’s called “open mind.” In there are payoffs to resisting change. What are those payoffs and this receptive state, you feel a sense of spaciousness, timelessness, and willingness to entertain new possibilities. You’re curious, nonreactive, how can we move through that resistance? compassionate, and accepting of the present experience, whether it’s RA: I believe there are five basic payoffs of resistance. First, by re- positive, negative, or neutral. Creative flow occurs here in the main sisting change, we can avoid the unknown. What’s familiar may not part of the house of self. be terribly comfortable, but sometimes it seems that the devil we know is better than the devil we don’t know. We fear that venturing Publisher’s Note: Join our book club at for a into the unknown will cause us to discover painful secrets about the chance to win a free copy of Wise Mind Open Mind world and ourselves that have been hidden from us. Secondly, we can avoid being judged as “strange.” When parents are frightened by their IL child’s differentness, labeling them as “strange,” they’ll usually try to stifle his creativity. The child, sensing their disapproval and fearing abandonment, can shut down his creative flow and then either tries to conform to his parents’ expectations or acts out, claiming not to care what anyone thinks of him. Another payoff is that we can avoid failure. When we fear failure, we tend to overestimate the risk we’re taking and imagine the worst possible scenario—the emotional equivalent of our parents deserting us as children. The fourth one is that we can avoid success. Strange though it may seem, a fear of success can cause as much resistance to change as a fear of failure can. While you may consciously long for a promotion or hope that your romantic relationship will result in marriage, unconsciously you may be afraid of what will happen if these changes occur. The last payoff is that we can avoid feeling guilty. If we take a risk and make a change, we may feel guilty because we’re contradicting what others think we should or shouldn’t be doing with our lives. A mindfulness meditation practice can help you change the instantaneous, distorted, unwholesome thoughts of resistance and embrace more positive, wholesome ones, laying new neural pathways and building what I call mindstrength. With mindstrength you’re developing the ability to quickly and easily shift out of reactive mode and become fully present in the moment, experiencing the full force of your emotions even as you recognize that they’re temporary and will soon dissipate. As you remain present, you can discern whether the products of your mind can help you with self-discovery or are merely distractions. IL: You describe three states of consciousness: wise mind, big mind, and open mind. Could you explain these states and how we might navigate between them? RA: In Buddhism, there are three states of consciousness, defined as wise mind, big mind, and open mind, which serve as metaphors for the stages we go through in the process of creative transformation. In mindfulness meditation, you soon stop running with your thoughts wherever they take you, and find yourself sitting with a sense of seInside Look Magazine Green Issue



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Life With The Beloved About Louix Dor Dempriey Louix Dor Dempriey is a spiritual Master who has come into this world to help others restore their inherent divinity and live as unconditional love. Louix’s darshan, as well as His illuminating discourses, meditations, and ceremonies, have invoked profound transformation in thousands of people worldwide. With grace and humor, Louix imparts timeless wisdom in contemporary, practical teachings—that transcend all faiths, paths, religions, and cultures— making self-mastery and true, inner peace attainable for all. He resides at Prema Drala Ashram, located in Laguna Hills, California. For more information, please visit: Inside Look Magazine Green Issue



he things that have ones so enamored— the perfect love, the perfect child, the perfect income, the perfect house and job and town to live in—are the very things that keep so many from God. Humanity has become so brainwashed by what the collective whole says are the ideals and attainments for which to strive. If they are an end, in and of themselves, each one of those items is a false god placed before your Lord God and Creator.

of them almost brings Me to tears. Some of them are going home to screaming children, no money, and fifteen people living in a oneroom box of a house with no windows; yet, they walk in grace because they feel the love of God constantly in their hearts. They see it, and insist on seeing it, in every single thing they do. That is the magic which helps them transcend their circumstance. Many of them have never read a book on ascension and might think enlightenment is what happens when you flip the light switch on a wall. Do The same dynamic can be found in the New you think it matters? Do you think they care? Age movement. The pursuit of enlighten- Their focus is on God, not on His gifts. ment, ascension, bi-location, teleportation, etc. are all pursuits of false gods. They are at- Love is what everyone is seeking. The irony is tachments and distractions of the mind. De- that all have the power to have it in any mosires are acts of Separation. Inherent in one’s desire for anything is the belief that one lacks something and, therefore, needs something. Thus, desire places an object of pursuit before God which, in turn, distances one even further from God.

ment. Many just do not give themselves permission, partly because they do not believe that they can have it. Most have been taught that life is about having to attain something. Others believe that, once they become enlightened, then they will have that love. But it is the other way around. It is the love which leads one into enlightenment. No moment lives beyond the confines of itself. All that matters is to fill each moment with the highest amount of love you can muster, then ache to give even more. It is in these moments that you are in Oneness. It is in these moments that you are living life with The Beloved. - Louix Dor Dempriey

Desire not the fruits of life with God. Desire, instead, life with God. Life with The Beloved is not about enlightenment. It is about falling so completely in love with Creation that you are in Oneness with everything in any given moment. Then the next moment comes and you fall in love all over again. What if it is God’s will that you do not attain enlightenment in this embodiment? Does that mean you fail? No. The only desire worth having is to become consumed by God’s love. Place no conditions upon what that looks like. God is love. Thus, yearn to know love, to feel love, to express love, and to become love—beyond limit. If that means enlightenment, then accept it. If it means being married, single, gay, straight, rich, poor, with or without kids, famous or unknown, accept that too. It does not matter. Those titles, positions, and attributes are simply what God needs to play this game of chess with your lives. Furthermore, all those attainments of the material world are gone forever in the instant you transit your physical form, from a life whose entirety only amounts to one blink of your soul’s eternal eye. God does not need six billion people enlightened in this decade, or in this century for that matter. God needs a surrendered, willing heart that says, “Use me according to Thy will.” There are countless people who are not enlightened Masters, yet live so completely in rapture with God, and it blesses everything they do. I have seen many working in hotels and restaurants. The love I see oozing out 18

Louix Dor Dempriey (Bhagavan Sri Pranananda)

One moment in His presence is worth a lifetime of searching.

2010 Event Schedule March 2010 – May 2010: Southern California Sat., 13 Mar:

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7:30 p.m.: Evening of Devotional Chanting with Louix – By Donation A bliss-filled evening of devotional chanting with Louix as Pranam (our musical group) leads songs and chants, which come from many different traditions. Location: Prema Drala Ashram, 25742 La Serra, Laguna Hills, CA 92653

Sat., 17 Apr:

5:00 p.m.: Darshan – By Donation Location: Rose Temple, 305 Rose Ave., Venice, CA 90291

Sat., 8 May:

7:30 p.m.: Evening with Louix – By Donation Louix will offer a discourse, followed by a Q&A session where you can receive His guidance on any topic of personal or general concern. Location: Prema Drala Ashram, 25742 La Serra, Laguna Hills, CA 92653 For all Southern California events, please contact: Samantha Farber at (773) 490-0422 or e-mail:

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10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.: One-Day Retreat – $175.00 (includes vegan lunch) On this special day, join Louix for a magical journey of self-discovery. Come and experience profound transformation through meditation, ceremony, discourses, Q&A, and darshan. Contact: Kitty Courtney at (323) 251-2612 or e-mail:

Teleconference Calls

Louix Dor Dempriey is a spiritual Master who has come into this world to help others restore their inherent divinity and live as unconditional love. Louix’s darshan, as well as His illuminating discourses, meditations, and ceremonies, have invoked profound transformation in thousands of people worldwide. With grace and humor, Louix imparts timeless wisdom in contemporary, practical teachings—that transcend all faiths, paths, religions, and cultures—making self-mastery and true, inner peace attainable for all. 

All attending these events consent to having their names, voices, images, and likenesses recorded and used for commercial purposes.

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When: The first and third Thursday of every month, 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time (PST).


y Jo

Cost: $20.00 per call; $35.00 for two calls; or $30.00 for a monthly subscription.


Louix Dor Dempriey F












PISCES February 19 – March 20 March is all about changes both professionally and personally. The planets are stacked in your favor and you can virtually sell anything to anyone this month. April highlights travel, family, and community. Mercury goes retrograde on the 17th, so back up your computer. ARIES March 21 – April 19 March is busy, and if you are involved in a romantic relationship, telepathic communication between you both is highlighted. News about money arrives unexpectedly on April 14th, and the 17th sees you entering into a completely new cycle where you can put the past behind you. TAURUS April 20 – May 20 Social life is exciting for you in March with friends and group activities, however, this period favors any work that you do in solitude or behind the scenes. April is the most romantic and creative time for you all year, plus your self confidence is at an all time high. GEMINI May 21 – June 20 March is full of twists and turns, but is a prominent time for your career. Your status is on the rise, and you can now march to your own drumbeat. You are on a roll. Take time out in April to spend with family and loved ones. A long time wish is suddenly granted as you turn within and meditate. CANCER June 21 – July 22 There is a higher power at work in your life. As you think so it will be. An incredible golden opportunity knocks at your door. Your prayers are answered; you are favored to move forward. April sees you enjoying spring and the outdoors. Answer invitations in your in box as friends wish to socialize. LEO July 23 – August 22 Action is the name of the game and activity related to the arts, romance, overseas travel, and higher education comes into place. You’re on a roll. April sees you in the media spotlight holding your own. In April, an investment opportunity presents itself on the horizon; do wait until summer to move forward.



VIRGO August 23 – September 22 You’ll be burning the midnight oil as you work on a joint creative project this March, and the energy doesn’t get much better. The new moon April 14th ushers in a new cycle to pitch your ideas to the top brass. Resist the temptation to kick back and chill. The end of the month brings news concerning relatives, neighborhood, or community. LIBRA September 23 – October 22 Don’t barhop March 17th. Bring St. Patty’s bash to you. Make your own brew. Nibble on treats and enjoy time with friends. It’s a great time to pitch ideas to coworkers and promote a new work plan or agenda. You could even start your own business in April, and the right partner could turn up to get things off the ground. SCORPIO October 23 – November 21 Projects on the back burner now move forward. You pitch ideas and are validated by your peers. The new moon on March 15th highlights romance, accompanied by lots of talk. In April, the stakes are raised in an intimate relationship. Lady luck works behind the scenes, and any marriage proposal should be taken seriously. SAGITTARIUS November 22 – December 21 Lots of conversation takes place in March about finances. Get your taxes done early, as this cycle starts the most romantic and creative time for you all year. April sees education, overseas trips, and get-togethers with faraway friends. Easter Sunday finds you just relaxing and catching up friends and family. CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19 You may set up an office in your home or launch a home based business. New internet advertising pays off in a big way. You’re fearless this month; taking chances pays off in a big way. Think of yourself as a warrior and go after what you want. April favors a new wardrobe, haircut, and gym routine. AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18 For Aqua women, your financial situation is looking up. This period stimulates your conscious mind so that ideas just pour forth. It’s a great time for a relationship to move forward again. April is about communicating what is in your heart and receiving recognition for a job well done. Old friends from the past resurface.   Judy Hevenly, Psychic Astrologer E-mail: Website: Tel: 310 820 7280


                                                    

 

 


                               

 

 

              

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The Realm of Matter:

The Celestial Elevator Where and How Can We See Parallel Worlds Can life exist in other forms besides the one we live in? Can we access such realms? Can anyone see them? The art world, especially the surreal, visionary, and fantasy genres, suggests a glimpse into the vast range of possibilities that exist beyond normal human perception. Worlds Far Out:

All that exists, seen or unseen, is an infinite field of being, composed of one dimensional strings that vibrate in an infinite spectrum of frequencies. The infinite energy field contains all that there is, it is the source where all forms of life exist. At the lowest range of this wide ray of frequencies, there is a “thickening” of energy fields. The lowest frequencies which crystallize into matter are known to us as the “physical” world (dimension), which is measurable, and can be recognized by our five senses. All other forms of life, which vibrate in higher frequencies that are beyond human perception, create the parallel realities of other realms. Scientists assume that parallel realities were created by the “missing” 80% of the mass released after the “Big Bang.” This mass was transformed into energy fields that compose the other dimensions. Different theories suggest that we exist in the third dimension (out of ten). This is the most condensed energy field which enables the formation of matter. Other dimensions contain different forms of life, with different levels of consciousness in different frequencies. All the physical attributes known to us in our physical world, such as electro-magnetic fields, gravitation, and nuclear energy, are singular manifestations of the universal energy.

The ongoing desire to discover an alternate fantastic reality, which is perfect and free of the limitations of time-space, begins in many people’s childhood. As children, we were often curious about who we are and what this life is all about. In many cases, the death of a person we knew raised many questions about The Kabbalistic Outlook: the after-life. The gnosis about existence of realms beyond is imprinted in the human collective experience. There is a vague memo- According to the mystical Kabbalah, which ry in every individual’s mind regarding other investigates universal secrets and the essence of life, we can learn that the reality we are dimensions of existence. aware of represents only a tiny section of the Where did we come from and what is the whole. The Kabbalah indicates that the larger purpose of this life? This question is often part of existence, the dimensions that we canasked by humans of all ages. Did we come to not perceive with our human limitations, is this world from another realm? Can life ex- indeed the reality itself and our physical life ist in other forms besides the one we live in? is just an illusion. Can we access such realms? Can anyone see The Kabbalistic “Ten Sefirot” – or Ten them? Spheres – is a clear manifestation of the ten In the second half of the 20th century, mod- dimensions of the universe. The nine higher ern science developed new tools to explain spheres existed before our physical world had the existence of life in more than one dimen- been formed. The highest sphere is “Keter” sion. According to the “String Theory,” the (Crown) – a dimension of eternal light, the universe is spread in ten different dimensions source of everything that was created, a diconsisting of different energy vibrations, and mension with no limitations. The following the universal energy field is composed of eight spheres are stemmed out of the highest sphere, and actualize their previous sphere as “membranes” and other esoteric shapes. 22

their energetic consistency become more and more condensed. The energetic volume of every sphere is one tenth of its previous sphere. The world in which we live is the sphere named “Malkuth” (Kingdom) – the realm of matter. The Scientific Perspective: The theory of parallel dimensions was first contemplated by scientists at Princeton University. Recent research by Prof. David Deutsch of Oxford University has proven the theory of parallel worlds. He claims that we can only see a minimal portion of the large reality. Our world is only one of many possible hidden realities, only one single form of existence out of infinite dimensions that exist at the same time. According to quantum physics, there is more than one universe, and we can interact with alternate dimensions of being. Parallel realities may exist by different physical laws of time and space. Their transpirations can be manifestations of another set of possibilities that are alternative to the occurrences we witness in our own reality. They may be happening just a few millimeters away from us, but we cannot be aware of them because their energetic frequencies are unperceived by us. Accessing Alternate Dimensions: The human soul, which is an integral part of the immense universal energy field, has a subconscious connection with different forms of being. As humans, we are “trapped” in a physical body that limits our large vision of the universe. Consciously, we can only be aware of aspects that can be absorbed by our five senses, although there are some people who have developed their sixth sense that can access knowledge which is beyond the physical existence. According to modern physics, the passage between our dimension and parallel

ties is in the form of “black holes” or “worm tunnels” that exist in a number of mysterious locations in the universe. Mankind has vague memories (or traces of memories) of other existing dimensions, and there is an ongoing quest to overcome the limitations of the mind and access the larger picture. Humans are able to connect with alternate realities in some conditions: As our souls leave our bodies during sleep, they can access higher realms and get recharged and reset. According to the Kabbalah, the sleep process is considered as some form of death, when the soul departs from the body. Practicing Jews have a special morning prayer to thank God for returning the soul back into the body upon awakening. In deep trance meditation, people can silence their ever active minds and connect with the eternal universal love energy. Psychics and metaphysical practitioners, whose sixth sense is developed, can access knowledge through deep trance as well. At death, the spirit leaves the physical body and moves on to a higher level of consciousness, which is limitless. In fact, this is the ultimate transformation into another dimension - a total change of form. As for “regular” living people, reading fantasy literature or watching science fiction movies may open their imagination to ideas and possibilities which are beyond “normal” existence.

the borders between different dimensions. Her artwork reflects a wide range of potentials, as she explores the different aspects of transformation from one form of existence to another. Here are a few examples that illustrate her inductions:

In her painting The Elevator two figures are carried in a wooden box over a hallucinated plane. Their faces are covered so that they can’t see the journey’s track. A winged figure carries the cargo through the air. This is a scene that deals with metaphysical transformation – as the passengers in the box are being moved from one level of consciousness to the other. Traveling through air, diffusing from one plane into another, riding a floating structure, or climbing a staircase – there are many possible ways shown by art as a means to pass into alternate dimensions. If you are curious about the worlds beyond art is the place to see them. As the human memories of parallel life forms fade when a soul is reincarnated into a new physical body, glimpses of memory may appear in our minds time and again, for a fraction of a second. Capture these visions! These moments of enlightenment come to remind

The painting Four Twin Souls depicts four figures that exist in one dimension that are being spiritually fed by their clone entities Art got the answer: Surreal art is character- that live in another dimension. ized by images that come directly from the subconscious mind. As known in metaphys- Orna’s painting Departure shows a womics, the subconscious mind is the medium an carrying a pod, approaching a staircase through which our souls are connected to through which she will embark on her travel universal wisdom. Universal wisdom is an in- into another dimension. The angel at the top finite pool that contains all information and of the staircase unveils the passage to her. endless possibilities. Where Can You See Parallel Worlds?

The art world, especially the surreal, visionary, and fantasy genres, suggests a glimpse into the vast range of possibilities that exist beyond normal human perception. Some surrealist artists are, in fact, sort of clairvoyants who absorb images from alternate forms of being. According to social perception, they “capture” visuals through channeling. One member of this group of artists is Orna Ben-Shoshan, a fascinating self-taught visionary artist. Her paintings originate from a mysterious, far-out world and reveal colorful esoteric occurrences, in which creatures and objects interact in unpredictable ways. The metaphysical atmosphere in her creations draws the viewer into a journey through alternative realities. As a life-long student of Kabbalah and mysticism, Orna has always been fascinated with the gateway points –

us that our earthly life is just one of infinite possibilities in the mighty universe that created us. Orna Ben-Shoshan has been an auto deduct artist for the past 30 years. Her artwork was exhibited in numerous locations in the USA, Europe, and Israel. Her Major motivation as a visual artist is to share her visions with others to expand their consciousness and inspire new ways of thinking. To see more of her artwork, please visit:

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Patricia Deardorff

In describing her piece, Thorns and Roses, Patricia states, “That’s my granddaughter, Emma. The roses are from my 95 year old father’s garden. I wanted to juxtapose my father’s beautiful roses, his art, with his grandchild. Roses represent this so beautifully; their beauty is seductive but the thorns are sharp. This piece is about the human struggle for balance ... how we all deal with the thorns and roses in life.”

of a fan I inherited from my grandmother, a fan that is probably over 200 years old. In the center at the bottom a shell opens, above it is a face. (I always use faces and eyes in my work, trying to reflect the first imagery we begin to recognize when we are born.) Above the face are ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. The piece is about time and evolution and metamorphosis.

In asking Patricia to describe her artwork The piece Transformation (next page) is full she states, “My work is a type of channeling, of imagery - the wings are rendered from scans yes. It comes from a place inside me where 24

the collective conscious dwells. It is about humanity and beauty, and about thoughts, memories, and feelings; it reflects archetypical images and patterns that we all recognize and share. My work has a dreamlike quality. People see what they want to see in it, so I never try to explain it. Once it’s finished it has a life of its own. It belongs to the viewer.” Patricia was an exhibiting fine artist and a professional illustrator for many years. Her inspiration comes from everywhere and everything.

Eirios Laverick The featured artwork Ezzraah (next page) is created by Eirios Laverick, a spiritual artist and writer. Ezzraah is a Galactic Mermaid. The painting itself is a channeled Sacred Star Map and is one of many to be manifested into a painted physical format. The Map is part of an Ancient Encyclopaedia which has been lost to humanity’s memory and of which Eirios desires to return and replicate on its behalf. Its title is: “The Book of Ancient Sacred Star Alignment Maps from the Beginning of the Universe.” The Maps are ‘blueprints’ and ‘transparencies’ of Galactic and Universal origins, which are a combination of Pure Light Language, Sacred Geometry and Mathematical formulas. They contain History, Science of the Stars in painted form, which for eons of time has been forgotten. This is Ezzraah’s message:

dolphins have profound intelligence; they are your ancestors and allies from the Stars and Welcome One and all. I am Ezzraah, a mul- they are ‘awake’. tidimensional blueprint of the Star Waters, called forth at this significant time to embrace Through pure conscious intent you may link multiple systems with my empathic blueprint to my blueprint and request assistance and of galactic healing, grace and beauty. I am di- healing to benefit all of your water systems. vine in form. Let the magic of my Overlay ripple through all life. As a powerful Guardian, support sysA Galactic Mermaid with wings to fly and a tem and Star Map, I am most closely aligned tail to swim from the deepest oceans to the with your Earth and Galaxy. Beautiful peohighest outpost of the Stars. I am, Keeper of ple, you are ‘my public and community’, and the wisdom of the Deep. My mission is to ac- I am positioned to serve you without restrictivate and keep pure the grids, star-gates and tion from the Higher Dimensions. portals beneath your Oceans to aid the Cetaceans. They are Cosmic Beings who are your My magic spans from the deep of the sea, to ancient ancestors from your Star worlds be- needs of your lands and to the reaches of the yond. I wish to assist them to complete their outer and the upper Star Oceans. Blessings I journeys. bestow, for I am at your service. “EZZRAAH”

The Whales and Dolphins transmit their sound frequencies and harmonics through your oceanic waters to anchor the new grids and vortices, but they are calling for assistance to help them with their navigation and orientation through the newly aligned grids that are embedded in the Water-worlds beneath your land. Never forget that the whales and

Gifted with respect through Eirios Laverick. © 2009. Please visit to view some of the other Star Maps and Guardian Portraits and to read more extensive Star Wisdom. Eirios is also in the process of creating and featuring a set of Archangel Blueprints, (Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel).

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Envitote was recently chosen by Hunt’s for their upcoming commercial with Chef George Duran.

Envitote was picked by Hunt’s in a move to be more ecofriendly after releasing their first national commercial Envitote was picked by Hunt’s in a move to be more eco- segment for the Crash Kitchen Tour featuring Duran. friendly after releasing their first national commercial Duran is best know for being the chef of the younger segmentEarth for the Crash KitchenPaper Tour featuring Duran. generation on the in Food Network. Love’n Products specializes gift wrap and Duran is best know for being the chef of the younger generation on the Food Network.

cards printed on 100% post-consumer waste, processed Director Morgan Spurlock, best known for his documentary “Super Size had final pick of the Floral holidayDirectorchlorine-free Morgan Spurlock,paper. best known for hisprints, birthday, andMe,” documentary “Super Size Me,” had final pick of the reusable bag for the upcoming commercial. gift wrap are available as well as matching biodereusablethemed bag for the upcoming commercial. gradable ribbon and gift boxes. All of the ucts are lovingly packaged adults with developmental challenges. One tree is donated for every 10 packages of gift wrap sold through our partnership with Trees for the Future.


TAMAR GELLER TAMAR GELLER Envitote was also noticed by Tamar Geller Envitote was also noticed by Tamar Geller for its outstanding design. Geller is the dog for its outstanding design. Geller is the dog trainer of many celebrities, including Oprah

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Nava Natural Cosmetics has created a professional line of products with natural ingredients from the Dead Sea. These products offer an extraordinary and powerful combination of healing minerals, pure vitamins, pure botanical extracts, pure essential oils and seaweed from around the world.

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Inside Look Magazine Green Issue 2010