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In his new book New Reason, New Way, author Andy Eppler examines the concepts of art,

inspiration, and the role of the artist in society through a series of interviews with other artists and musicians as well as a very personal exploration of his own creative process. As described on the cover, “This book is not only about why an artist kept making art even after his original reason for making it had vanished, it is also about how that artist reinvented his process and re-imagined his work.” Relocating from Lubbock, TX to Longmont in 2009 to pursue his career as a music artist was an inspiring experience for Andy. Besides the change in scenery, he found himself in a community that was almost always open-minded towards new ideas and that fostered a “yes” attitude towards creative projects. Andy even credits this move for the motivation to write his book. “Living here has helped me say ‘yes’ to myself more as an artist and as a creative person.” Over time, this led him to think about what his art was going to become and how he could use the lessons he has already learned in life about loving and valuing people. Even more significantly, it also helped him to examine his creativity as an artist by taking it out of a religious context and putting it into a more secular, community-based context. Andy’s writing began as essays on specific topics, with the first one of course being on music as an art form. However, it didn’t take long for him to recognize that it was a better approach to produce a book as a finished product instead of simply a collection of essays, so the essays were turned into chapters. Then came the realization that if he was going to talk about art, he


August 2014

Inside Longmont The Magazine August 2014  

This month we feature Flatirons Family Pharmacy, The Inn Between of Longmont, Inc., Sharon Glassman's "Blame It On Hoboken", Andy Eppler's "...

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