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Issue 31

BMW i8

It’s that time again... Welcome to issue 31 of the magazine where we have news from every corner of the motoring world. Mercedes-Benz unleash their weapon of mass destruction, Jaguar has set a record as did Ferrari, and BMW present the future of their brand. All exciting stuff! Why are you still on this page? Get on with it!

What is the best convertible on sale

The MX-5 Black, yes we know its green,

today? Gallardo Spyder? SLS Roadster?

is inspired by the 275BHP GT that was

Well, maybe if you have a chunk of

entered in the 2011 event. Quite rightly

change to spend on a sports car but the

so as the MX-5 racer punched well

peoples choice will always be the Mazda

above its weight taking on the likes of

MX-5. The plucky little car is tremendous

Ferrari. The Black gets those snazzy 17

fun to drive and very well priced. Thanks

inch rims, a unique interior and a

to its success in Britcar, Mazda today

contrasting roof colour. Only 500 units

unveiled a new special edition.

will be produced and each will cost you a very reasonable £22,995.

Back in Black... “Sort of”

Everything has boundaries and limitations. Rules that are not to be broken, lines that are not to be crossed. Yet within a deep dark corner in the AMG division of Mercedes-Benz are a group of engineers that take only look at these warnings and then set them on fire. These men are responsible for the end result of their “play time� and the product is labelled Black Series. Play time is now over and all that remains is the beast with a dark name.

Man Eater!

This is the Mercedes-Benz CL63 Black Series. A 509BHP, 6.3 litre, machine of mass destruction. It takes no prisoners meaning the BMW M3 would do well to watch its back. The hard-core coupe gets a wider track and swollen wheel arches to match, not to mention two dirty bonnet nostrils. Rear seats are even an option extra on this performance focused Merc equipped with one of the fastest 7 speed dual clutch gearboxes in existence. Are you going to hand over your ÂŁ100,000 or is the Black Series going to have to make you?

“Fantastico” The prancing horse is the most globally recognised logo and the world associates it with just one thing… Ferrari. The Italian stallion that was born on track and tamed for the road is ever growing in popularity and with a strong model range today the road division is doing better than ever. In fact it has hit new records in the first half of this year. Ordering a Ferrari is a very special process but what isn’t is the potential waiting that must be done in order to take your stallion for its first ride. However, Ferrari are combating this as best they can and as of the 27th of July they had produced a record number of cars. 3,577 cars have left the factory in the past six months, up 11.8% on last year. This is due to increased production and the worlds thirst for Italy’s latest offering, the FF. The 458 Challenge racer has also contributed 176 units to the count, making it a very successful period for Ferrari.

The majesty of the Jaguar E-Type is almost unparalleled as the 50 year old legend still has all the appeal as when it was new. It has often been described as “the worlds most beautiful car� and we would have to agree. Jaguar are just as proud of their creation as the rest of the world and so organized a birthday bash for its icon. Over 1,000 E-Types attended the event at Silverstone breaking the record for most E-Types on track at once. It is an astonishing sight to see these fabled machines in such vast quantities! There was also a race later in the day that consisted of 52 of these Jags gunning it for glory. As a piece of British engineering the E-Type is an amazing testimony to the rest of the world, despite being 50 years old it can still cause quite the reaction.

50 years on and still looking good...


BMW i3

Today manufacturers are clearly pushing towards a more environmentally friendly way of conveying us about the planet. Hybrids kicked off the motion promising greener motoring. Then allelectric cars started to flourish replacing combustion with voltage and batteries. Despite these steps forwards no manufacturer has produced a car with the clear incentive of being a ground-up revelation. Even the Nissan Leaf still looks like a car of today as opposed to a car of tomorrow. BMW’s impending i3 will change all that. BMW’s new “i” range begins a chapter of efficient eco cars for the German brand. They will launch the i3 next year to commence their longterm plans. The i3 is a city car that runs entirely on electricity and uses new carbon fibre technologies to increase strength and decrease weight. This innovation continues within its design language providing the world with a unique and very original look. Seating four, this 170BHP car will be capable of 80-100 miles on one charge.

“Being Environmentally Friendly Just Got Sexy...” BMW i8

We are not against the “greening� of the automotive industry. We all know that oil will eventually run out and we must look to alternatives. However, if you want us to drive any form of eco-car it must, as a minimum requirement, meet all our expectations of a conventional car. It has to impress and if manufactures want us to praise more environmentally friendly cars there can be no compromises. BMW has got the message and are due to provide the world with something that could get us addicted to saving the planet.

It’s called the i8 and we have seen it in a

with 50/50 weight distribution the i8 is a

much rawer concept form a few years back.

sports saloon that promises performance,

Now BMW has been developing the car in

some of the most striking looks to ever

the real world readying it for 2013. Powered

befall a car, and when both motors combine

by an electric motor and the front wheels in

a car that more than pleases the green

all-electric mode, it will do 20 miles. Hit the


fun button and power is swapped to the rear and provided by a 1.5 litre turbo petrol

Give us the keys BMW and we will save the

engine. Made vastly out of carbon fibre and

environment all-day-long.

The Oncoming Storm

The world in its current state is full of people and companies attempting to save as much money as possible. With a general lack of global cash flow it is understandable that changes have to be made, however, you wouldn’t get rid of your prized possession just to raise a few pounds when you have plenty of other junk to get rid of first. Today the BBC has made one of the worst decisions in its history. “Formula One has come home” is what they said when the sport made a triumphant return to the BBC a few years ago. Coverage was better than ever and the show brought them record viewing figures, not just for F1, but for any program they produce. So why has the BBC given up their exclusive rights to Formula One from next year? Sky shall now cover every race but the BBC will only broadcast live on 50% of them. It is all in a bid to save money in the house of the British Broadcasting Company. This may smooth out the balance seats but why get rid of your crown jewel when you could ditch a whole horde of other crap to achieve the same outcome. Shame on you BBC as the British public now has no other alternative than to pay for Sky Sports! It is legalized extortion that will cost hardcore fans what little money they have and cost the sport many viewers.

Inside Lane Magazine: Issue 31 "BMW's Future"  

It’s that time again... Welcome to issue 31 of the magazine where we have news from every corner of the motoring world. Mercedes-Benz unleas...