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Platte County Sales Tax Income $10,000,000

Use Tax

Roads Tax

Parks Tax

County Sales Tax




Key Points $2,000,000


• Parks & Rec has dedicated tax funding while law enforcement only has allocation

through general revenue which also funds all other county functions • Parks receives 41% more than roads (up from 33% in 2008) and nearly the same as county general operating sales tax

Platte County Commission Action Timeline • County enters into golf course ground lease

1993 Key Points

1995 • FCC narrow banding mandate (radio system)

• Commission purchases Shiloh Springs Golf Course


2009 • Commission puts parks tax back on the ballot at 100% of original amount

• FCC deadline hits – no ongoing funding in place to address the $10 million cost


• Tax allocation and decisions do not align with what should be our priorities for county government • Tax dollars have been wasted placing tax issues as special elections rather than adding to regular election ballots • Opportunities have been missed to eliminate waste (example golf course) and to address funding for requirements such as radio system • The 75% reduction of county portion of property taxes from 2005 – 2012 was a decrease of only 3 cents

Platte County Sales Tax Income  

Platte County Sales Tax Income

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