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MAY 2020

THE MESSENGER A Publication for North Arkansas Electric Cooperative Members

Members to vote by mail for directors NAEC will conduct the election for open board of directors seats by mail. Members will receive an envelope with the NAEC logo from Survey & Ballot Systems the second week of May. The Minnesota company is handling the election and tabulation of votes on behalf of NAEC. Along with the ballot, the envelope will include the 2019 Annual Report, candidate biographies and prepaid postage return envelope to mail the ballot to Survey & Ballot Systems. Ballots cannot be given to NAEC. They must be received by Survey & Ballot Systems before June 2 to be considered valid. Director Larry Goodwin is running unopposed for the open Sharp County position. Director Dennis Wiles and Phyllis Wolfe are running for the open Izard County position. Results will be published in The Messenger and on www.naeci.com.

Annual Meeting format changes for 2020 For the safety of members and employees during the coronavirus pandemic, NAEC will not hold its traditional Annual Meeting of entertainment, registration gift and barbecue at Fulton County Fairgrounds. Instead, member appreciation events will be held at each office at a later date. Annual Meeting will entail only a business session at the co-op’s Salem headquarters.

FOUR COMMON CULPRITS OF ELECTRICAL FIRES Outdated wiring and overloaded circuits are the most common causes of electrical fires. Check these areas to ensure your home’s electrical safety is up to par.

Electrical outlets: Faulty electrical outlets are a leading cause in home fires. As outlets age, so do the wires behind them that you can’t see. Any loose, damaged or warm-to-the-touch outlets should be repaired or replaced.

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Electrical wiring: Outdated wiring is another common cause of electrical fires. Frequently tripped breakers, flickering lights and burning smells are clear warning signs. If your home is more than 20 years old, it may not be able to handle today’s increased power load. If you suspect your home’s wiring is outdated, leave this one to the pros and contact a qualified electrician.

Overloaded cords and outlets: Extension cords are not permanent solutions. If your big-screen TV, home theater system and other electronics are plugged into one extension cord, it’s time to call an electrician and install additional outlets.

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Old appliances: Older appliances are more likely to have loose or damaged wiring, which means they’re more likely to catch fire. Check older appliances for damage and determine if it’s time to upgrade or replace. Also check to ensure you’re using appliance-grade outlets. A qualified electrician can help with installation.

IN GRATITUDE — NAEC’s offices will be closed May 25 in observance of Memorial Day. We thank those who sacrificed for our country. In the event of an outage, please call 870895-3221 or use the NAEC Mobile App to report.

NAEC offers many alternatives to paying in lobbies If you previously paid your bill in one of our lobbies, NAEC wants you to know the other methods available. The most convenient payment method is automatic bank draft. Enrolling in this free service ensures the bill is paid on time each month and eliminates the cost of a stamp or time spent in the drive-through lane. Automatic bank draft would be an electronic transfer from your bank account to NAEC’s each month. You would continue to receive an itemized statement of the bill. On or about the 10th of every month, the amount of the bill would be deducted from your account. To enroll in automatic bank draft, please call 870-8953221 or sign up through the Member Account Portal at www.naeci.com. Other payment methods include: • Mail — Send a payment in the return envelope enclosed in the statement. • Phone — Call NAEC at 870-895-3221 to make a payment with a Member Services employee during business hours or any time through our automated system. Reach the automated phone system by dialing 870-895-3221 and entering extension 1952. Use either your account number or a phone number on file to access your account and pay by credit or debit card or e-check.

• Member Account Portal — Go to www.naeci.com and log in to your account. If logging in for the first time, click “New User” to create a user ID and password. The email, last four of the Social Security number and last four of the phone number you enter must match what NAEC has on file. • NAEC Mobile App — Log in to your account using the free app. Please note: You cannot create a user ID and password through the app at this time. You must complete the “New User” process on the portal at www.naeci.com the first time. • Drive-throughs — Visit the Salem or Mountain Home lanes 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays. • Drop-boxes — Place a check in the drop-box found at our three offices. In an effort to help our members, NAEC will not disconnect anyone for nonpayment while the governor’s state of emergency declaration is in place. If you are struggling to pay your bill, a member service representative can provide information on the government’s Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. Please call 870-895-3221 or email info@naeci.com. As the suspension is not a bill waiver, we encourage you to pay at least some if able. This will keep you from having such a large balance when disconnection procedures resume.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY TIP OF THE MONTH Keep furniture and any other objects away from your HVAC registers and return air grilles, so they do not block airflow. Also, vacuum or wipe down the registers and grilles regularly to remove any dust buildup. — energy.gov

LOBBY CLOSURES — As of our print deadline, NAEC’s lobbies remained closed to the public until further notice. Drive-throughs remain open. Any updates will be posted to www.naeci.com.

DAILY HIGHS & LOWS — MARCH 2020 Average Daily High: 64.37° compared to 56.65° in 2019


Average Daily Low: 41.56° compared to 32.84° in 2019 Total Rainfall Amount: 6.54” compared to 2.82” in 2019 Warmest Day: March 26, 89.3° at 4 p.m. Coolest Day: March 7, 22.9° at 6:30 a.m.


CONTACT NAEC 870-895-3221 info@naeci.com naeci.com

RIGHT-OF-WAY Poughkeepsie, Grange, Nelsonville and Calamine areas of Sharp County


ON THE FRONT Whitney Plumlee assists a member through one of two drive-through lanes at the Mountain Home office March 20.