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JULY 2022

THE MESSENGER A Publication for North Arkansas Electric Cooperative Members

Davis, Freeman re-elected to NAEC board North Arkansas Electric Cooperative members re-elected Cameron Davis of Mountain Home and Jasper “Doc” Freeman of Poughkeepsie to six-year terms on the NAEC Board of Directors. Davis represents members in Baxter County and has been an NAEC director since 2005. He ran against Jason Barnes of Clarkridge. Freeman represents members in Sharp County and has been an NAEC director since 1967. He ran unopposed. Survey & Ballot Systems of Minnesota conducted the election on NAEC’s behalf. They mailed each member a ballot, candidate biographies and 2021 Annual Report in May. Ballots received by Survey & Ballot Systems by June 18 were considered valid. Attorney Roger Morgan announced the election results during the 82nd Annual Meeting at NAEC’s Salem office June 21. CEO Mel Coleman and co-op senior staff also shared updates on their respective areas. The meeting streamed live. A recording is posted at naeci.com/naec-annual-meeting. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! — Our offices will be closed July 4. In case of an outage, please call 870-895-3221 or use the NAEC app to report to dispatcher on duty.

Help “beat the peak” on hot days by using an automatic timer to run a hot tub or pool pump.

Help lower wholesale power cost by limiting peak electricity usage Members can help keep NAEC’s wholesale power costs in check by reducing electricity usage during peak demand times in the summer months. Everyone using less on-peak power means lower wholesale power costs for the co-op, which ultimately benefits all members. NAEC uses advertising on local radio stations to request members’ help to “beat the peak.” Members can do this by delaying any unnecessary use of electricity during the afternoon and early evening hours on the hottest days of each summer month. A day with a heat index forecast of more than 100 can be a peak alert day. Here are several easy ways residential members can help reduce the co-op’s peak: • Turn up the thermostat a degree or two. • Run the dishwasher at night and only when it is full. • Use the washer and dryer during the early morning hours or at night and only when there is a full load. • Cook lunch and dinner with appliances that use less electricity, such as the microwave, slow cooker or toaster oven, rather than larger appliances, such as the oven or range. • Turn off lighting and electronics, such as computers or televisions, not being used. • Use automatic timers to run hot tubs and pool pumps during off-peak hours.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY TIP OF THE MONTH Did you know the combined use of large appliances, such as dishwashers, clothes dryers and washing machines, accounts for the largest percentage of electricity use in the average U.S. home? Take small steps to save energy. Only run full loads in the dishwasher, and thoroughly scrape food from dishes before loading. Dry towels and heavier cottons separate from lighter-weight clothing, and clean the lint screen after every use. Wash clothing in cold water to save energy used to heat water. — EIA and DOE

Report outage by phone, web or app NAEC requests members always report an outage. This often helps employees pinpoint the outage’s cause and restore service quicker. The co-op offers three ways for members to notify the dispatch center of an outage.

Reporting via Phone

Please call 870-895-3221 and follow the prompt to report an outage.

Reporting via Mobile App

Log in to the app and complete the following steps: • Select the account experiencing an outage. • Tap the menu icon in the top left corner. • Tap the “Report an Outage” menu option. • Add your phone number and any comments, such as the outage cause, if known. • Tap “Report an Outage.” The app will confirm your outage has been submitted to our dispatch center.

Reporting via Outage Viewer

Visit naeci.com. Click on “Outage Viewer” under the “Outage Center” menu tab. Then click the “Report Outage” link, and enter the requested information.

LIHEAP can help pay for bill The federal government’s Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program provides help for qualifying members with their energy costs during the summer and winter. LIHEAP is administered by community action agencies. In NAEC’s service area, those are Ozark Opportunities and Northcentral Arkansas Development Council. Summer assistance was not available yet when The Messenger went to print, but we encourage members needing assistance to reach out to the agency serving their county for more information. Ozark Opportunities serves residents in Baxter and Marion counties. Northcentral Arkansas Development Council serves residents in Fulton, Izard, Sharp and Stone counties. (Please see sidebars below for the websites and phone numbers.) The amount of help available varies based on a member’s income, number of people in the household and other factors. NAEC tries to work with members who are experiencing hardships. Members with questions or concerns about their account may reach a member service representative by emailing info@naeci.com or calling 870-895-3221 from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays.

Northcentral Arkansas Development Council nadcinc.org Fulton County - 870-895-3628 Izard County - 870-368-4329

Ozark Opportunities ozarkopp.org Baxter County - 870-425-5118 Marion County - 870-4496250

Sharp County - 870-994-7353 Stone County - 870-269-4381

DAILY HIGHS & LOWS — MAY 2022 Average Daily High: 77.9° compared to 75° in 2021


Average Daily Low: 58° compared to 53.45° in 2021 Total Rainfall Amount: 8.12” compared to 4.7” in 2021 Warmest Day: May 12, 94.6° at 3 p.m. Coolest Day: May 4, 45.8° at 2 a.m.


CONTACT NAEC 870-895-3221 info@naeci.com naeci.com

RIGHT-OF-WAY Areas served by Brockwell Substation: Brockwell, Wiseman, Violet Hill, Larkin, Lacrosse, Newburg, Jumbo, Boswell, Mount Olive and Twin Creeks


ON THE FRONT NAEC mechanic Jimmy Weaver donates blood during the drive at the Mountain Home office June 15.