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Third-party payment services can lead to delays NAEC wants members to be aware of possible drawbacks to using third-party payment services. All payment methods provided by the co-op include no additional charge; however, many thirdparty payment services charge their users a fee. Also, some third-party payment services mail NAEC a check for the electric bill once users pay them rather than using a direct payment method. Depending on when the payment is processed, this could lead to the co-op not receiving payments by the due date of the 14th. NAEC offers several payment options. The most convenient is automatic bank draft. Enrolling in this free service ensures the bill is paid on time each month and eliminates the cost of a stamp, a lobby visit or trip through the drive-thru lane. Automatic bank draft is an electronic transfer from a member’s checking or savings account to NAEC’s each month. The member will continue to receive an itemized statement of the bill unless he or she prefers E-Bill notifications only. On or about the 10th of each month, the amount of the bill will be deducted from the account.

To enroll in automatic bank draft, please call NAEC at 870-895-3221 during regular business hours or sign up through the Member Account Portal at naeci.com. Other NAEC payment methods include: • Member Account Portal — Visit naeci.com, click “Account Login,” and enter user ID and password. If using for the first time, please click “New User” to get started. The system accepts payments from a checking or savings account and a debit or credit card. • NAEC Mobile App — Log in to an account. • Phone — Call 870-895-3221 to make a payment with a Member Services employee during business hours or any time through our automated system. • NAEC offices — Visit Ash Flat, Salem or Mountain Home offices. The Salem and Mountain Home drive-thrus are open 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays. Night deposit boxes are available at each office. (No cash.) • Mail — Send a payment in the return envelope enclosed in the statement.

Happy Independence Day! NAEC's offices will be closed July 4. In the event of an outage, please call 870-895-3221 or use the NAEC app.


JUNE 2022


Director election to be held by mailed ballots

Change the filter every month or two to maximize an HVAC system’s efficiency.

Lengthen HVAC system’s life by following these steps

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Your heating, ventilating and air-conditioning system is essential to keeping your home comfortable during summer months. If it breaks down, it’s also the most expensive equipment to repair or replace. Luckily, there are steps you can take to lengthen its life. • Change or clean filters. Dirty filters block airflow, which greatly can decrease the efficiency of your system. The Department of Energy recommends changing or cleaning filters every month or two during the cooling season. If your unit is in constant use or is subjected to dusty conditions or pet hair, consider checking filters more frequently. • Clean the HVAC unit. Outdoor condenser coils can become clogged with pollen, dirt and small debris. Use a hose to spray the HVAC unit once each season to ensure maximum airflow. (Warning: Do not use a pressure washer to do this, as it can damage the equipment.) • Clear space around the HVAC unit. Dryer vents, falling leaves and grass left behind from the lawnmower can create buildup. Remove any debris around the HVAC unit. If you have foliage near the unit, trim it back at least two feet around the condenser to increase airflow. You also should have your HVAC system periodically inspected by a licensed professional. The frequency of inspections depends on the age of your unit, but the Department of Energy recommends scheduling tune-ups during the spring and fall. With a little maintenance, you can add years to your system’s lifespan. NAEC’s energy advisers can offer guidance. Reach them by calling 870-895-3221 or emailing info@naeci.com.

NAEC is conducting the election for the open board of directors seats by mail again this year. Incumbent Cameron Davis and Jason Barnes are running for the Baxter County position, and incumbent Jasper “Doc” Freeman is running unoppposed for the Sharp County position. Davis and Freeman were nominated by nominating committee. Barnes was nominated by petition. Survey & Ballot Systems mailed members an envelope with the NAEC logo the third week of May. The Minnesota company is handling the election and tabulation of votes. Along with the ballot, the envelope included the 2021 Annual Report, candidate biographies and a prepaid postage return envelope to mail the ballot to Survey & Ballot Systems. Ballots cannot be given to NAEC. They must be mailed to Survey & Ballot Systems and received by June 18 to be considered valid. Results will be published in The Messenger and at naeci.com.

Co-op's Annual Meeting format to be business session only

The 2022 Annual Meeting will entail only a business session at the co-op’s Salem headquarters at 10 a.m. June 21. Members will be able to watch the meeting live at naeci.com.



north arkansas electric cooperative

Keep line workers safe: Don't attach anything to poles

Objects on poles can not only cut line workers while they are climbing but also puncture their clothing and gear that protects them from electric shock.

Signs, basketball goals and other materials on utility poles are more than just an unpleasant community eyesore; they can be dangerous — even life threatening — to the professionals who maintain our vital lines of electricity, communication and other services. North Arkansas Electric Cooperative urges everyone to help keep utility poles free of such objects. The clamped safety boots used by line workers to climb poles are vulnerable to becoming snagged on staples and nails embedded in poles. Foreign objects also can tear utility workers’ protective clothing, which is the first line of protection from an electric shock. They also can injure workers despite the safety gear they wear to avoid contact with rough surfaces. Posting items to poles can be a public safety hazard as well. The materials posted on the poles not only distract people as they drive, but they also degrade the quality, effectiveness and stability of the wood. Under Arkansas law, posting a sign to a utility pole is unlawful and subject to a fine for each day the violation continues. It is also just as important to avoid tampering with or disrupting the guy wires that surround poles. Please educate children not to play or swing on them, and maintain your distance when performing yard work. If you see the poles or guy wires are disrupted in some way, please call NAEC at 870-895-3221 immediately.

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