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North Arkansas Electric Cooperative directors and employees as well as several local officials “flipped the switch” on the co-op’s new 1 MW solar array near Salem at a dedication April 23.

NAEC solar array generating electricity for members


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North Arkansas Electric Cooperative’s new 1 MW solar array represents the cooperative’s first owned generation source in our almost 80-year history. The single-axis tracking array consists of 4,009 solar panels on eight acres of land along U.S. Highway 62 near Salem and was constructed by Today’s Power, Inc. Speaking at the April 23 dedication, NAEC CEO Mel Coleman said the project showed NAEC’s commitment to maintaining a diversified mix of generation sources that includes renewables. “Our goal is to provide our members with reliable, affordable power,” Coleman said. “New technologies have made solar generation a viable way to help us accomplish that.” Today’s Power designed the project that will allow NAEC to secure a portion of the co-op’s energy costs over the 25-year warranty life of the project from clean, renewable and sustainable solar technology. Also speaking at the dedication, TPI President Michael Henderson said the electricity world is changing. “The wisdom and vision shown by North Arkansas’ Board of Directors and management team will provide clean, renewable energy for NAEC’s members for decades to come,” Henderson said. The partnership between NAEC and Today’s Power will not only provide renewable energy but also will show how NAEC seeks to be a good steward of the environment. Quail Forever, an organization dedicated to wildlife habitat conservation, will help develop a habitat important to wildlife within the region. The goal will be to create habitats for pollinators, such as butterflies, bees and other beneficial insects, as well as cottontail rabbits, bobwhite quail and other birds. Plans call for wildflowers to be sown in the fall. NAEC also will host educational tours of the site for schools and organizations.

Help keep workers safe; don’t nail signs, other objects to electric poles

Replacing the filter every one to two months helps maintain an HVAC system. When you replace a filter, write the date on the side to help you remember how long it has been in use.

Your heating, ventilating and air conditioning system is essential to keeping your home comfortable during summer months. If it breaks down, it’s also the most expensive equipment to repair or replace. These simple steps can lengthen the life of your HVAC system. • Change or clean filters. Dirty filters block airflow. The Department of Energy recommends changing or cleaning filters every month or two. If your unit is in constant use or subjected to dusty conditions or pet hair, consider checking filters more often. • Clean the HVAC unit. Outdoor condenser coils can become clogged with pollen, dirt and debris. Use a hose (not a pressure washer) to spray the unit once each season. • Clear space around the unit. Dryer vents, falling leaves and grass can create buildup. Remove any debris around the unit. If foliage grows near the unit, trim it back at least 2 feet around the condenser to increase airflow. NAEC’s energy advisers can share additional ways to increase the comfort of your home and increase its energy efficiency. Reach them at 870-895-3221.

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Keep HVAC in shape in three steps

Signs and other objects on electric poles are more than just an unpleasant eyesore. They can be dangerous — even life-threatening — to the line technicians who maintain our electric grid. NAEC urges everyone to help keep poles free of such materials. The hooks used by technicians to climb poles are vulnerable to becoming snagged on staples and nails embedded in poles. In addition, foreign objects can tear protective gear or clothing, which is the first line of protection from an electric shock. They also can injure workers through the safety gear they wear. Materials posted on poles also degrade the quality, effectiveness and stability of the wood. Lawmakers agree the practice is dangerous. Posting items on poles is against state law, and violators are subject to fines. If you see that a pole or guy wire is disrupted in some way, please call NAEC at 870-895-3221.

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY — NAEC offices will be closed July 4 in observance of Independence Day. Crews will be on call in the event of an outage. Please call 870-895-3221 or use the NAEC Mobile App to report.



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