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SKENNAR FAMILY REUNION All descendants from John Frederick SKENNAR and Mary Ann WHEELER are invited to attend the Skennar Family reunion to be held across two days in Ballina, NSW during the Queen’s Birthday weekend 2012. GENERAL INFORMATION DATES: Saturday & Sunday 9-10 June 2012 (Queens’s Birthday Weekend) LOCATION: Richmond Room: 5 Regatta Avenue Ballina, NSW. FACILITY INFORMATION: The Richmond Room has the following facilities: fridge/freezer, stove, microwave, cutlery/crockery, toilets, and disabled access. During the two days the following refreshments will be made available at no costs: • • •

Tea/coffee/water/cordial Sugar/milk Biscuits/cakes/savoury snacks

MEALS: No full meals will be provided by the organisers. Meals will need to be arranged by the individual. Please note that there is a full kitchen available at the Richmond Room and therefore if you would like to bring your own meal it can be stored in the fridge/freezer with access to heating facilities if required. There is also cutlery and crockery available. Please feel free to pack a lunch to bring along. If you wish to purchase your meals, the Ballina RSL Club is nearby which is an 11 minute walk from the venue and provides good value meals. ACCOMMODATION: There are no other events being held in Ballina on Queen’s Birthday weekend and therefore accommodation should be easily gained. If you find difficulty in securing accommodation in Ballina then please try one of the close towns nearby such as Lennox Heads. An excellent source of information regarding accommodation can be accessed through contacting the Ballina Tourist Information Centre or by accessing the following website: WHAT TO BRING: There will be a variety of events in the program which we ask you to consider bringing the following so that everyone gains the most from the weekend: • •

Camera – there will be specific time set aside for reunion photos. Please bring a camera along so that you are able to take photos. Time capsule – We will be gathering ‘things’ in order to have a time capsule placed at Skennar Heads, to be dug up in 50 years’ time. Please bring along something from your family that you wish having placed in the time capsule. For information regarding time capsules and ideas on what to include, please refer to the Australian National Archives website: Photographs, certificates, documents – please bring along all photographs, certificates and documents you have concerning the family; no matter how old or new. This reunion is about family history and young people and their photos/documents are also part of the family history; along with older documents. At the reunion we will scan anything you bring along and collate this into a CD which we will then make numerous copies of and provide all the information to attendees. This is so all information is shared and limits the amount of money people spend on requesting copies of certificates etc. that have already previously been paid for by others. It also

ensures that more people have a larger amount of information in their family history research and those documents and photos are preserved and not lost. Details of your family – we will attempt to update the family tree since it was last done (with some success) in 2001. Please bring along birth, death and marriage details for your family so that we are able to update children’s records. Talks on family members – please contact me if you have some information regarding your family that we can present at the reunion, even if you do not wish to present the information yourself.

CONTACT DETAILS: My apologies if you have been trying to contact me over the past 12 months with no success. I have moved address and phone numbers. Please contact me for any reason at: 6 Sadowa Court Wulguru, Townsville Queensland, 4811 Mobile: 0400 898 411 Home Phone: (07) 4778 1226 Email: MEDIA INTERVIEWS: If anyone is interested in participating in media interviews, please contact me. We are looking for people that represent all age groups who feel comfortable talking to radio or television presenters. REPRESENTATIVE FROM EACH DESCENDANT: As you can see from the program there are 13 children of JF SKENNAR and MA WHEELER. We would like to present 10 minutes on each of these children’s families giving a brief overview of their lives. We would like a representative from each family to talk for a short period of time against each child. It will cover basic information such as their descendants, where they lived, what they did and any stand out moments. Please note that if you would like to present on your part of the family but don’t have much information then the information and photos can be provided to you if you are willing to present. Please contact Andrea Skennar on the above contact details to let her know that you are interested or if you have something you wish to have included on the presentation but do not wish to present. FEMALE DESCENDANTS: It is incredibly difficult to locate female descendants of JF SKENNAR and MA WHEELER as women generally change their surname when they marry or they marry more than once. I have done my best to locate as many people as I can but need your assistance to spread the word and let others know about the reunion. Please pass on this invitation to others, even if you think that they probably received a copy of the invitation. It would be disappointing if mainly descendants of the male line participated only because they are easier to locate. FINAL WORD: This weekend is about meeting each other and getting to know different parts of the family we haven’t previously met, it is also about the opportunity to gather, share and document the family history of the SKENNAR and WHEELER families. I hope that many people are able to make it and that we gain a lot from the weekend, along with some new friendships and relationships.

PROGRAM SATURDAY 9 JUNE 2012 8:30am Registration 9:30am Welcome and introductions 9:45am Overview of JF Skennar and MA Wheeler’s lives 10:15am Morning tea – opportunity to mingle 10:45am Dispelling the Captain myth of JF Skennar & discussion 11:15am The Skennar Children 11:15am Henrietta and open discussion 11:25am George Ambrose 11:35am Frederick 11:45am Jane Elizabeth 11:55am Charles Andrew 12:00pm Lunch 1:00pm Alfred 1:10pm Caroline Mary 1:20pm Agnes Matilda 1:30pm Jessie Ann 1:40pm Mary Ann 1:50pm Henry Thomas 2:00pm Eveleen/Evelyn 2:15pm Afternoon Tea & mingling 2:30pm The Women: The history of Mary Ann Wheeler, her parents (George Wheeler & Hannah Buck) and their family tree including the Wheeler and Buck family in Somerset and Norfolk, England. 3:00pm Open discussion, getting to know each other and exchange of information. 4:00pm Close 6:00pm Informal dinner to be held at the Ballina RSL Club in order to celebrate the family reunion and to provide time to get to know each other. No booking required.

Sunday 10 June 2012 8:30am Photographs: group photograph including listing names; photographs of descendants of each Skennar group. 9:30am Time capsule gathering of documents and items 10:00am Morning tea 10:15am Scanning and cataloguing of all documents, certificates and photographs (please note that your documents will not be taken away from you but rather scanned and given back to you immediately, all scanned documents will be collated and provided to all family members at no cost). 11:15am Grouped discussion with various family descendants and updating of family tree 12:15pm Lunch 1:15pm Open discussion and mingling to meet everyone and discuss family history informally. 2:15pm Afternoon tea 2:30pm Continuation of open discussion informally to gain further insight into family history. 3:45pm Thank you, follow up details and close. 4:00pm Close

Skennar Family Reunion Program  
Skennar Family Reunion Program  

All descendants from John Frederick SKENNAR and Mary Ann WHEELER are invited to attend the Skennar Family reunion to be held across two days...