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Gustbuster Metro For many years, the Gustbuster has been the number one choice for all golfers wanting a windproof umbrella. The Gustbuster withstands up to 80KPH without blowing inside out. The Gustbuster Metro is a relatively new addition to the family, which shares all the benefits of its big brother, with the convenience of folding up inside your briefcase or travel pack. These are available in many good golf shops Stockist enquiries - Peter Wright Golf Agencies. Ph 02 96341876. www.peterwrightgolf.com

RRP $69.95

Stealth cleat Stealth cleat is the newest edition to the SoftSpikes family and is offered exclusively in the PINS insert system. Stealth was developed by SoftSpikes to reduce height and bring golfers closer to the ground and harness their highest level of balance and stability. This revolutionary new cleat, with six flexible legs, provides golfers with the immediate feedback required to develop a more consistent swing. Offering better traction, more comfort and improved playing surfaces, there is no question as to why SoftSpikes are the number 1 choice of golfers worldwide. Stockist enquiries - Peter Wright Golf Agencies. Ph 02 96341876. www.peterwrightgolf.com

WE TRIED IT! > Point N Putt SX-1 Putter

We all know that putting is arguably the most important part of golf, so getting a putter that can inspire confidence on the green is paramount to success. If you’ve been struggling with your putting, or are simply looking for a new wand to help shave strokes off your score, then a recently-released Australian-made product could be just the ticket. PNP Golf’s unique Point N Putt SX-1 Putter takes alignment to the next level, and features a balanced, comfortable and confidence-boosting design that could help even the most ruffled of putting strokes find the bottom of the cup more often. We took the Point N Putt SX-1 out on the links for a few rounds, and we seriously loved it. The extended “Directional Pointer” makes alignment a cinch, as it inspires “pointing” rather than “squaring” the clubface. Studies have shown that pointing is easier and more accurate than squaring for most golfers, and recent SAM PuttLab studies revealed over half of the participants improved their alignment on average by 16.5%. In our demo, we found that the “pointing” aspect actually improved our thought-process when putting—giving us one less thing to think about—resulting in a more natural putting stroke. Brilliant. The 380g head is a matte black, which reduces glare and helps you focus on the Pointer. In addition, the head features customisable head weight options; by adjusting the 42g or 62g weights with a small tool, you can create head weights of 360g, 400g and 420g. This little tweak can help you create a well-balanced head to inspire the confidence in knowing that the putter will stay on line during the stroke. Overall, we really loved the Point N Putt SX-1, and recommend you try one out if your putting needs help. www.pnpgolf.com

VICE Golf Balls Featuring all the innovation, quality and performance of a premium golf ball, but at a fraction of the price, the VICE Golf Ball has recently burst onto the golf scene. The technically advanced startup, based in Germany, offers three R&A/USGA certified golf balls that have been developed at par with the market leaders. The 3-piece cast urethane VICE PRO is the top-of-the-line ball. The 3-piece DuPont Surlyn VICE TOUR features a maximum spin reduction. Finally, the 2-piece DuPont Surlyn VICE Drive is the company’s entry-level ball . By avoiding the intermediate trade and distributing exclusively through their website, VICE balls are, on average, half the cost of similar products. At the order quantity of 60 balls, VICE Golf only charges between $1.25 and $2.95 per ball. www.vicegolf.com.au

RRP $189.00

WIN Inside Golf and PNP are giving away a spectacular prize pack to one lucky Inside Golf reader. The package includes one PNP Rake Sand Wedge, one PNP Rake Lob Wedge and a Point N Putt SX-1 putter. The Rake Wedges have a patented Dual Bounce Rail Design which effortlessly combs through thick grass and sand making the clubs “shot savers” from anywhere inside 90 metres. When combined with the Point N Putt SX-1 Putter, these three shortgame improvers are unlike any clubs in golf .All 3 clubs conform to USGA rules.


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