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December 2011



Now is the time for all golf lovers to come to the aid of their game ThRee of the biggest weeks in Australian Golf history are now but a fading memory. For a brief time, Australia was the centre of the golf world’s attention, but with The Emirates Australian Open, The Presidents Cup and The PGA Championship Sponsored by Coca-Cola now behind us, we’re now left with a type of post-Christmas-morning letdown, when you have nothing but a lonely tree and a pile of torn wrapping paper. Sure, we still have some spectacular tournaments to look forward to in the JBWere Masters, and the lPGA-enhanced Handa Women’s Australian Open, but for the most part, the’ Big 3 of 2011’ was our main event...our moment to shine. And shine we did! in the days and weeks following these stellar tournaments, the world media embraced Australian sport and the amazing country we live in. The players, tournament organisers, journalists, volunteers and others all raved about Australia. There can be no better boost for tourism than that. The question we must now ask is: What’s next? Or, more importantly, what can YOU do to keep the fires burning? Golf in Australia is at a very important juncture. While it would be very easy to rest on our laurels (and pray that our previous work pays dividends) the truth of the matter is that the work is only just beginning. There is no better time than right now to capitalise on the opportunity, and bring Australian Golf back to a world-class level – back to, say, when the Aussie Open was the “Unofficial Fifth Major” and we had world-class golfers on our doorstep every year.

Major corporate sponsors, government funding and support from our tourism bodies are critical in this endeavour. The sponsors are coming...slowly. But we need many, many more. Corporate sponsors equal bigger prize pools and appearance funds. Bigger prize pools & funds attract top players. Top players attract big crowds. Big crowds attract more corporate sponsors. And on it goes. The tourism bodies are also starting to kick in (again, slowly), with initiatives like the recentlylaunched “Great Golf Courses of Australia”. But this is just a start. We need to educate others (especially in the government) about the vast economic, health, and social benefits that golf brings to our communities. And this is where YOU come in. if you are a true lover of the game, why not write a letter to the ‘powers that be’ and show your support for golf. i know that most of you are no stranger to pen and paper (i receive enough letters from you each month to know this for a fact!) so why not write an extra letter or email in support of golf? it doesn’t have to be long. it doesn’t even have to be that well written. it just needs to be passionate. Write to anyone of importance: Government, Tourism or Corporate bigwigs. Or write to your local school to see about getting Golf Australia’s MyGolf program implemented. Anyone. Just write. explain to these people why golf is important to you. explain the health/social/community benefits of golf. Anything. Just get golf into their minds, and into the media. While you’re at it, write to the Broadcast/TV media as well. They need to know that over one

million of us support this great game (so they never, eVeR do something as boneheaded as cutting away from a live golf broadcast in order to show a repeat of ‘hotseat’. Are you listening, Channel Nine?). We need to show them that a four-hour telecast of golf is far more economically profitable to them than, say, repeats of ‘Cops’. (Are you listening, TeN/ONe hD?). Golf Australia and the PGA are doing their bit to promote golf. here at Inside Golf, we’re doing our bit as well. Now it’s your turn to help out. Working together, we can all help bring our great game back into prominence on the world stage. So get writing. And let us know how you go. Until next time...

Richard Fellner editor

33 on thE CovER: 30 New Rules: how the 2012 USGA/ R&A new rules will affect your game 32 Senior Moments: We chat with Peter Senior about his American success 33 A “Royal” Treat: Our full recap of The Presidents Cup 38 Deck the halls! The top gear to add to your Christmas list 49 WiN one of five Bollé prize packs! REGuLARs:

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December 2011

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AS a volunteer at The 2011 emirates Australian Open at The lakes Golf Club in Sydney, i wish to express how awesome this event was. This was my first time as a volunteer and i loved every minute of it. The spectators were fantastic and would always comply with our requests to stand back and were quiet when the golfers played their shots around or on the greens. i can’t speak highly enough of the players at this tournament and the manner in which they treated spectators, volunteers, media personnel, officials and all staff involved in the running of this great event. every time a player walked off the greens and i said “great birdie or excellent putt or even unlucky break”, the players always said “thanks mate” or thank you, or they’d acknowledge me with a smile or a nod. i had some great conversations with Daniel Fox every day and he’d always say G’day to me during his rounds. Nick Cullen and his parents were fantastic to talk to during the tournament and i had a great laugh with Marcus Cain. Geoff Ogilvy never has an issue signing autographs and talking to spectators. Greg Norman looks you in the eye & says “thanks” when you acknowledge a shot or a putt that he has

New rules

i’Ve been playing this game since i was a kid in the seventies, and i’m an up-to-date (until the 1/1/2012 changes) AGU club-level referee. Recently, the last round of the club championship was held at my club, and i was leading after three rounds. After the final round was completed, my score card was checked, signed and submitted. Disaster lurked, however. i was putting my clubs in my car when i realised that i had 15 clubs in my bag. i’d used an old club on the practice fairway the afternoon before and stuck it in my bag. Knowing that i had incurred a 2-shot penalty per hole for a maximum of 2 holes (Rule 4.4), i realised i had signed a scorecard that understated my score by 4 shots, and i should be disqualified (6.6). i went to a member of the match committee and advised him, and i was disqualified. Whilst i was disappointed, i had no regrets and was comfortable having done the right thing. What then followed amazed me. There were three general types of response from the members. There was the “You’re a silly bugger” (and the thorough ribbing i deserved!), then there was the “Why didn’t you ask to change your scorecard?” response (which under the Rule 6.6 i couldn’t do.) There was also a sub-response, “But did you use the club? That shouldn’t count!” which makes no difference.

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made. Jarrod Lyle and Nick Watney had photos taken with their fans after practice. A lot of kids were present and a lot of the pros responded to their requests, leaving good impressions and inspiring these kids to play the game now and in the future. One of many highlights for me was seeing Tiger at the chipping green with Nick Watney. Nick says “What did you shoot today” Tiger laughs and says with a huge smile on his face “Oh, eighty.” They both then crack up laughing and have a chat about their rounds. Aussie players who have been around for a long time and those up-and-coming youngsters are great blokes and it’s also fun to watch them play. These guys are down to earth and will give their time to mingle with people in the crowd and with volunteers. Trevor Herden and the rules officials of the tournament were also great who not only help you

Letters of the month

when you ask a question, but also stop to have a chat. Andrew Langford Jones is also very approachable and will talk to volunteers and spectators. The greens superintendent and his staff were awesome blokes and we had a lot of great laughs. Finally congratulations Greg Chalmers for winning the Stonehaven Cup and visiting the volunteers after the tournament. i wish you and all the other Aussie pro golfers all the best in your careers for the future. i am grateful that i had this incredible opportunity to volunteer and i’ll be back next year if i get chosen to do so. if not, i’ll go as a spectator and urge every person who loves this game and reads these publications to watch and support our young and upcoming Aussie golf professionals. i know that they would appreciate it. Surin Ghelani

Have you got something to say? Then tell us! Write to us via email at

have you got something to say? Then or tellmail us! aWrite viaEditor, email Inside at letterto to:usThe Golf, or 360 mailNunawading, a letter to: ThVic e Editor, Inside PO Box PO Box 3131. Tell an Golf, interesting story or 360 Nunawading,something Vic 3131.funny Tell anabout interesting or something golf andstory you could WIN a funny about golf and you could WiN a Smoothy Compact buggy valued at Smoothy Compact buggy valued at RRP$230! RRP$230!

What shocked me was the by far most common response: “Wow, you’re honest. i wouldn’t have done that.” i was stunned. Golf is supposed to be an honourable and self policing game. What would the consequences of doing nothing about my error have been? Well, the question should be what personal satisfaction would have come from winning that championship by 1, 2 or 3 shots? Could i live with myself knowing i hadn’t really won? What if it was a medal round and i won the medal or even the last ball in the ball comp? We all make mistakes sometimes, and whilst i don’t advocate we watch over each other like a hawk, i do think that all competition players need to play by the same rules without exception or variation. M. David, via email

Belly up

GOlFeRS are the most gullible sports people in any sport of the world. You tell golfers they will achieve an extra 10 metres off the tee with this new Titanium driver, they will buy. Announce a new and improved golf ball that increases rotation for straighter ball flight (to guys that have never spun a golf ball in their lives) and they go out and buy them. The average stroke total for professionals is near 68.2. The stroke average is not being affected by the putting style or shape of putters but by the

improvements to the golf balls travelling further and the club composition that hits them. Also look at the more successful young men playing the game today. They are all over six feet in height with golf swing speeds approaching 130 miles an hour producing golf ball takeoff velocities nearing 180 miles an hour. When you can hit a driver, wedge to reach the green of a 400mtr par-4 it doesn’t matter what type of putter you are using to overpower the course and score well. P.S. i have only half of the putting equipment: the belly! Chuck Gard, via email

Social irresponsibility

iN response to Frans Vogel’s letter printed in issue 76, congratulations to the golf club that refused the booking on Saturday morning. Mr Vogel clearly does not understand that golf clubs only survive through long-term and loyal membership, and not through social clubs breezing in, taking premium tee times, and breezing out again, even at the “loss” of $15,000. Perhaps Mr Vogel may wish to join a golf club and contribute to the game at club level, instead of creating his own “club” that expects full privileges but does not want the price tag that goes with it. Stuart Heidenreich Bankstown GC

December 2011



Brigadier beats his age

Making ‘The Cut’ in Singapore

RQ president Kerry Wark and 50-year member and age-breaker Brigadier Lee Greville ROYAl Queensland Golf Club member Brigadier lee Greville didn’t just beat his age – he smashed it. The 84-year-old brigadier recently fired a 79 off the stick to easily win the mid-week RQ stableford competition. Playing off a 16 handicap, lee amassed 45 stableford points around the acclaimed links course. “i have been a member of Royal Queensland Golf Club for 50 years now and this is the first time i have ever scored better than my age,” said lee, who was born in 1927. “i obviously enjoyed my day on the course, which is in outstanding condition.” RQ general manager Andrew Kirkman said lee was one of three RQ members who were

recently honoured with achieving 50 years’ membership at the club. “each year the club holds a special dinner to recognise those members that have achieved 25 and 50 years of continuous membership at Royal Queensland,” he said. “lee is a wonderful example of a proud and loyal member and it was fantastic for lee to not only beat his age by five shots, but fittingly that he receive such applause and recognition from his fellow members at the presentation. “lee’s achievement is one of the most outstanding achievements we have heard in recent years. “it is encouraging for all of us budding golfers to know that after 50 years of being a member of a club, one can still improve and achieve milestones.”

Special needs clinic success

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ADUlTS and children with special needs who love their golf are turning up for lessons at Redcliffe Golf Club in Brisbane. The club’s general manager Kerry Newsome told inside Golf the golfers had a range of disabilities. “They come every fortnight and are coached by the club’s professional,” she said.

Recently two members of the special needs group represented Australia at the Special Olympics in Greece and returned home with medals. Amanda Patterson took home a silver medal and Matthew Curley won a bronze medal. The pair was part of seven person team.

The Cut Golf Club’s General Manager Declan McCollam has recently been in Singapore with 14 members for 6 days of golf and some sightseeing. The Cut has affiliation rights with several Singaporean golf clubs and with a lot of the Singaporean market visiting Perth to play golf, McCollam saw this as the perfect fit for his members to have a feel from where the visitors are coming from and the types of club facilities that they are used to. The group stayed at the Amara Sanctuary Resort on Sentosa island and played both the Tanjong and Serapong golf courses. The Serapong course is host to the Barclays

Aussie designers claim Asia top awards DURiNG last month’s Asia Golf Summit held in Thailand, two golf courses designed by Pacific Coast Design (PCD) were honoured during the Asian Golf Awards. The 18-hole, Black Mountain Golf in hua hin, Thailand received the highest award of Best Championship Course in Asia Pacific. PCD undertook the site planning and Golf Course design at Black Mountain which includes condominiums, villas and an innovative nine hole / Par 3 course. Black Mountain Golf has now been open for nearly five years and is maturing into one of Asia’s finest golf courses. Black Mountain also won the awards for Best Golf Course in Thailand and Best Pro-Shop in Thailand.

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Singapore Open in November and was presented in splendid condition. Orchid Country Club and Tanah Merah Country Club were also played on the trip and enjoyed tremendously by all who played in the hot and humid conditions that are a part of golf in tropical South east Asia. David Thwaites from The Cut Golf Club won the overall event over the 4 days with Wilf Sonntag and lyn Clarke playing very well also and winning daily prizes. McCollam is planning several more club trips to Singapore in 2012 to further promote The Cut Golf Course and also Singapore to his members as a golfing destination.

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Oxford Golf & Country Club in Pune (india) has been open less than three years but has already picked up the award for the second best golf course in india. PCD undertook the site planning and Golf Course design at Oxford which includes hotel, apartments and villas. PCD has been established in Melbourne since 1986 and work across the Asia / Pacific region undertaking golf site planning and course design with Directors, Phil Ryan and Paul Reeves both being members of the Society of Australian Golf Course Architects. Note: Kingston heath Golf Club was voted Best Course in Australia and Asia Pacific.

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December 2011


Got “The Look”? Master Poulter’s Look and win a trip to Melbourne iNSPiReD by Ian Poulter, the JBWere Masters is on the hunt for the most creative, stylish or outlandish golf outfit. Visit and upload a photo of you or your friend and you could win trip for four to Melbourne for the 2011 JBWere Masters. The prize includes: Flights to Melbourne provided by Tourism Victoria, Three nights’ accommodation at The langham Melbourne, Tickets to the Champions Club on Sunday 18 December and a round of golf at The Sands Torquay. The winning entry will be judged by ian Poulter himself and announced on December 6. For latest news and more information o n t h e 2 0 1 1 J BWe re Ma s t e r s g o t o or join the Masters’ fanbase on Twitter @aussiemasters or Facebook at Tickets are available through Ticketek on 132 849, or by visiting any Ticketek outlet.

News from Stuart Appleby Junior Golf The 2011 Regional Series has seen some terrific golf played throughout the year on some of Australia’s finest courses. The winners following the final event at long island are: Overall Winner: DJ loypur (The heritage); Division A: Mitch Sheather (long island), Division B Tyler Marotti (Korumburra & Metropolitan) and Sean Smith (Metropolitan); Division C: Antony Majstorovic (Waverley). Next year’s series promises to be equally as competitive and will once again kick off at Metropolitan GC in late January. Once again the Team Golf Schools Final was held at latrobe GC in Melbourne. Many school teams travel a long way to compete, and the team from Bendigo Se College had a pleasant trip back with their prizes and the Team Golf Shield. in blustery conditions the team of Kristi Bilkey, Bailey holman, Mitch Blackman and Kurtis lynch scorched around in a terrific 5-under-par 32 in the 9-hole ambrose event. Runners up were the team from Woodleigh School (lawrence Kurtis, lachlan Armour, Max Rowe and Tighe Donnelly) with a score of 4-under-par 33.

The two SAJG reps for this year’s Jack Newton Junior Golf Srixon international were selected from their performances throughout the year in the Regional Series. Both DJ loypur and Su-hyun Oh have proven they can match it with the best juniors before, and at this year’s tournament they both performed extremely well. Both DJ and Su had a chance to win going into the final round, but neither could quite get over the line with Su finishing runner up and DJ fourth....a great effort from both young stars. SAJG member Julienne Soo took out the sub junior event for girls along with fellow Vic Ryan Ruffels winning the boys. entry forms and details are now available for the following SAJG premier events: Club Teams Final (December 14, Yarra Yarra, 18 holes), and the Murray River Junior Masters (Dec 15-18, Cobram/ Tocumwal, 72 holes) Please not the MRJM is an Under-21 tournament, so if you’re over 18 but still wishing to compete, then this is a great opportunity to test your skills over the full distance. For entr y forms and details visit

Legends inducted to South Australia Golf Hall of Fame The achievements of the South Australian golf industry have been celebrated by around 250 golfing representatives from around the state at the inaugural South Australian Golf industry Awards Night held at the Adelaide Oval. Amongst the highlights of the Awards evening was the induction of five local legends of the game to the newly created South Australian Golf hall of Fame. Voted by representatives of the four organising bodies, Golf SA, PGA of Australia, Golf Management Australia and the Australian Golf Course Superintendents Association, the five inductees to the SA Golf hall of Fame were Rhona Watson OAM, Murray Crafter, John Crosby OAM, Jane Crafter and Bob Tuohy. in total over 20 trophies were presented as part of the inaugural SA industry Awards Night, which covered industry specific awards from the GMA, PGA and AGCSA, as well as awards for volunteer contributions to the game from both Metropolitan and country areas. The full list of award recipients is: PGA Trainee of the Year–Nathan Kent Golf SA Junior Boy’s Vardon–Anthony

Golf club sets off on a new course

hORTON Park Golf Club, after four years of conflict, heartache and uncertainty has finally resolved their future and has recaptured the spirit that has sustained it for the past 60 years in central Maroochydore. The past 12 months have been hell for the club as it worked its way through relocation options after being told by Sunshine Coast Council it was wanted off its course to make way for a new business centre for the region. Members formed cliques, opinions became diametrically opposed and long-term friendships and even family relationships became strained. Club President Geoff Davies held firm during this time knowing what the members really wanted was the certainty of being able to stay where they were until a new course could be built, an outcome that


Murdaca (The Grange) Golf SA Women’s Vardon–Caitlin Roberts (Royal Adelaide) Golf SA Men’s Vardon–Tom Bond / Brad Moules (The Grange / Royal Adelaide) AGCSA Graduate Award–Tyson Dickinson (The Grange) AGCSA Award for Excellence in Golf Course Management–Stuart Gillespie (West lakes) AGCSA Distinguished Service Award– ivan Swinstead (Tea Tree Gully) GMA Club Employee of the Year– elle eckermann (The Grange) GMA Distinguished Service Award– Andrew Gay (Royal Adelaide) Country Female Volunteer of the Year– Mary Winser (Millicent) Country Male Volunteer of the Year– Robert Benger (Saddleworth) Metropolitan Female Volunteer of the Year– Ros Brown (Kooyonga) Metropolitan Male Volunteer of the Year– Merv Clarke (Westward ho) PGA Pro Am of the Year (Legends)– Whyalla Senior Professional Golf Classic PGA Pro Am of the Year (Open)–SA italian Golf Club Pro Am PGA Professional of the Year–Peter Ormsby


was finally achieved after innumerable club votes on the matter and successful negotiation with the council mid-year. Now, with the design for a new course all but complete, and architects Blackburn and Jackson outlining the shape and detail of a Queenslanderstyle building to be erected on a new home on 119ha off the David low Way near Bli Bli, the future looks very bright indeed. Mr Davies said the club was well on track to begin construction on the $42 million project mid2012 when planning approvals were expected to be granted, with the course and clubhouse ready for use and occupancy mid-2014. he said everything to facilitate that outcome was now progressing smoothly.

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QLD Brisbane (07) 3863 0285 or 0401 453 465 WA WILLIAMS 0429 689 920 ALBANY - RAINBOW FERWIE (08) 9844 8872

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December 2011



Crown Lager and Golf Australia partner on new social golf program

Horizons Golf Club members rally to keep the course open iT’S business as usual at a popular Port Stephens’ golf course. A consortium of members of horizons Golf Club has entered into a licence agreement with PKF, the Administrator of the le Meilleur horizons Golf Resort business, to manage the course. local and visiting golfers have welcomed the news that it is business as usual and that future bookings made with previous operators will be honoured. To ensure the golf course operations continue effectively, course machinery has been acquired and seasonal course maintenance is under way; thirty Club Car golf carts are available for hire; the Pro Shop is currently being stocked; the Bar is open seven days a week for light refreshments and beverages and a local caterer has been appointed

and the restaurant will be open on Friday and Saturday nights. A long-term member of the Club, George Brown, has arranged for another member, Doug Jacka, to consult on the day-to-day running of the Golf Club and course. Doug has had vast experience in golf club management prior to his recent retirement. Brown says the support from Club Members and horizons estate residents has been overwhelming and all members and golfing visitors to the course will be able to continue to enjoy the facilities at horizons Golf Club. For further information about horizons Golf Club or to book a game, please call 02 4982 0474. General information about accommodation in Port Stephens and Nelson Bay and the surrounds is available via

CASUAl golfers and non-club members around the country will now be able to obtain a recognised casual handicap and access some of the best courses in the country thanks to the Crown lager Social Golf Club. The program launched last month with a stellar line up of high profile golf enthusiasts challenging each other on a putting green set up on top of the MCG scoreboard. helping to tee off the launch of the program at the top of the MCG were Australian golfer Stuart Appleby, Andy Lee (TV and Radio celebrity); Brendon Goddard (AFl Footballer); Steve Johnson ( AFl Footballer); Sharelle McMahon (Australian Netballer); Phil Waugh (Former Australian Rugby Union Wallabies Captain); and Ian Curley (head Chef at The european). The aim of the program is to encourage more people to take up golf, provide a pathway to play golf more frequently and be more engaged with the game in the hope that they stay in the sport in the long term. Crown lager Social Golf Club is an online program and once members play three rounds and enter their results, they’ll receive a Golf Australia Casual handicap (calculated by GOlF link) to use in social competitions. Crown lager Social Golf Club members will also be invited to exclusive golf days at courses including huntingdale Golf Club (ViC), New South Wales Golf Club (NSW), indooroopilly Golf Club (QlD), and lake Karrinyup Country Club (WA). Golf Australia CeO, Stephen Pitt, said the new program was designed to increase

participation and maintain interest among social players over the long-term. “Australia has nearly 700,000 casual players on course each year. We can now offer these players a program that ensures golf is more fun than ever, has a competitive edge and keeps them involved in the game in the future. We welcome Stuart Appleby as lead ambassador in the program and all our ambassadors from the worlds of sport, food and entertainment.” Joining the Crown lager Social Golf Club is simple–just complete the online registration form at and sign up for a 12 month membership for $49.95 (plus transaction fee). Upon joining, members receive a Welcome Kit valued at over $100 which includes Srixon merchandise, Drummond Golf and Crown lager vouchers and more.



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December 2011

10 news

Great golf to help boost Aussie tourism A MAJOR new partnership between the Australian golf and tourism industries has been announced, which aims to use the appeal of the country’s very best golf courses to position Australia as one of the world’s leading golf tourism destinations. ‘Great Golf Courses of Australia’ is an innovative marketing collaboration between the country’s premier golf courses, Tourism Australia, State Tourism Offices and the PGA of Australia aimed at tapping into the tourism potential of a sport today worth $3 billion annually to the Australian economy. The group will initially comprise the six Australian courses as featured by US Golf Magazine in its ‘Top 100’ courses of the world: Barnbougle Dunes and Barnbougle lost Farm in Tasmania, Kingston heath and Royal Melbourne in Victoria, New South Wales Golf Course in Sydney and Royal Adelaide in South Australia. liz Sattler, Director of Great Golf Courses of Australia and daughter of Richard Sattler, owner of Tasmania’s Barnbougle Dunes and lost Farm golf courses, believes that relying on the quality of Australia’s golfing product alone is not enough to establish the country as an international golf tourism destination. “in order for Australia to establish itself as one of the world’s leading golf destinations, we must continue to drive the buzz that has been created around Australia in recent years and in particular off the back of the Presidents Cup. Successful marketing, promotion and distribution of Australian Golf product to the international market is vital if we are to gain a great share of the golf tourism market pie. “Using our six top-100 ranked courses to front the exceptional array of golfing product that Australia has to offer, and combining the marketing and distribution offered by this partnership, we can establish Australia as one of the world’s truly great golfing destinations. We believe that Great Golf Courses of Australia is the right vehicle to drive this forward,” Ms Sattler said. Tourism Australia Managing Director

Presidents Cup a victory for environment

The spectacular Barnbougle Lost Farm will be one of six golf courses highlighted to push tourism to our shores (Photo © Gary Lisbon) Andrew Mcevoy believes that Australia is well placed to tap into the huge tourism potential of golf and through this latest collaboration will be able to grab a bigger share of the multimillion dollar golf tourism market. “Golf is a hugely popular sport in Australia with around 1.2 million golfers playing on more than 1,650 different courses around Australia each year and, according to a 2010 Australian Golf industry Council report, contributing around $3 billion to the country’s economy,” Mr Mcevoy said. “We definitely see an opportunity here to build golf into the holiday experience, particularly by tapping into those overseas markets that love their golf, such as China, Korea and Japan. “With the PGA on board, and six of the world’s best golf courses to get us started, we have an opportunity here to position Australia as one of the world’s leading golf tourism destinations by showcasing its best courses, and the iconic settings in which they are set,” Mr Mcevoy said. Brian Thorburn, Chief executive Officer of the PGA, is hopeful that the six courses so far

signed up to ‘Great Golf Courses of Australia’ is just the start. “Golf tourism is incredibly important to both the tourism and sporting economies and our partnership with Tourism Australia will ensure our country continues to be regarded as a leading golf tourism destination,” Mr Thorburn said. “With over 2,000 PGA Professionals based around this great golfing country, our Members will welcome the opportunity to introduce many new international visitors to Australian golf,” Mr Thorburn said. it is envisaged that the partnership will be extended in subsequent phases to include some of the other outstanding golf courses and experiences on offer in Australia, many within iconic settings, ideally placed to benefit for both domestic and international golf tourism visitors. ‘Great Golf Courses of Australia’ will provide a comprehensive and centralised resource from which golfers and media from around the world can access information on Australia’s leading golf courses and iconic Australian golf experiences.

While the Americans triumphed at The Presidents Cup, the environment was the real winner, thanks in part to a unique process of converting food leftovers into a soil enhancer. host club Royal Melbourne became the first golf club in Australia to get a big environmental tick for their use of the Gaia processing system, a solution developed by Melbourne-based eco Guardians ( According to the company, the Gaia recycle system breaks down and ferments organic waste, and the moisture content is driven off and condensed for draining without any pollution risk. Alternatively, it can be recovered for use as grey water on site. Over a period of time, the waste volume is reduced by 85 to 90 per cent and, because it is processed at high temperature, it is sterilised; pathogens and seeds are rendered inactive. After a cooling period the dried biomass is unloaded from the system and is usable directly as a soil amendment or enhancer. Thus, Royal Melbourne is to use their material on the course. This eliminates the need for costly transportation of waste to landfill. And because the system used at The Presidents Cup is a mobile unit, it has the capability of being moved from one major event to another.

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December 2011

news 11

LPGA to return to Australia

iN what will be celebrated as a monumental achievement, Golf Australia, in conjunction with the lPGA (ladies Professional Golf Association) and the AlPG (Australian ladies Professional Golf), announced that the iSPS handa Women’s Australian Open will be added to the lPGA Tour schedule beginning in 2012. The 2012 iSPS handa Women’s Australian Open will take place the week of Feb. 6-12 at Royal Melbourne Golf Club, beginning a three-week lPGA swing through the AsiaPacific region that will include stops at the honda lPGA Thailand and the hSBC Women’s Champions in Singapore. “All credit goes to Golf Australia for their consistent vision to bring the lPGA Tour to Australia,” said lPGA Commissioner Michael Whan. “The lPGA is delighted to partner with Golf Australia to showcase some of the greatest golfers in the world in one of the greatest locations in world – the famous Melbourne Sandbelt — and at one of the most respected golf venues in the world – Royal Melbourne. The combination of spectacular city, topnotch venue, and terrific fans make this event a perfect start to our global spring swing.” The 2012 iSPS handa Women’s Australian Open will be a full field event with players battling for a US$1.1 million purse in a fourday, 72-hole stroke-play competition that will be televised in the U.S. by Golf Channel and in Australia by ABC TV. in 2013, the event will be hosted by Royal Canberra Golf Club. Victorian Tourism and Major events Minister louise Asher said the Victorian

Yani Tseng is excited about the LPGA returning to our shores Government through the Victorian Major events Company had worked hard to secure the iSPS handa Women’s Australian Open in Melbourne in 2012, 2014 and 2015. “With the 2012 Open now joining the lPGA Tour, this event will attract more competitors and greater media and branding exposure,” Ms Asher said. “Being a part of the lPGA Tour means Melbourne will see an exceptional international field with Golf Australia expecting in excess of 120 international players to compete in Melbourne on the lPGA Tour.” “There will be greater international media exposure for Australia’s premier sporting events city. According to the lPGA, the Open will be broadcast into more than 240 million households in 171 countries, exposing our fantastic events and sporting city of Melbourne to thousands of potential tourists and golf fans.”

“Australia is one of my favorite places in the world,” said Rolex Women’s World Golf Rankings No. 1 Yani Tseng. “i won the Australian Open last year and the attendance was great. i’m really excited to go back and defend my title as an lPGA Tournament. i think everyone from lPGA is very excited for it.” “This is a landmark day for Australian golf and particularly women’s golf in Australia,” said Golf Australia CeO Stephen Pitt. “We’re delighted to see the iSPS handa Women’s Australian Open played at Royal Melbourne Golf Club on the lPGA Tour’s global stage and look forward to welcoming the world’s best to Melbourne.” “i’m very excited about the announcement of the lPGA returning to Australia with the co-sanctioning of the 2012 iSPS handa Women’s Australian Open,” said lPGA and World Golf hall of Fame member Karrie Webb. “Golf Australia has been very committed to the Women’s Australian Open by showcasing the tournament on some of the greatest of Melbourne’s Sandbelt courses. As an Australian, i’m very happy to see the lPGA playing back in my home country and i know the Melbourne sport fans will support the event in the true fanatical way they always do.” Tickets to the 2012 iSPS handa Women’s Australian Open are now on sale at Ticketek or Phone 132 849

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December 2011


A slippery slope In our continuing coverage of the changes to the Australian Golf Handicap system, we will examine the ins and outs of the main factors surrounding your handicaps. This month, we will focus on Slope and Course Ratings. RichardFellner W h i l e t h e Au s t r a l i a n G o l f Handicapping system has undergone many changes recently, the announced delay of introducing the Slope system until 2013 has caused much distress among our readers, especially those who believe that Slope will be the “unifying” cure-all factor to fix the remaining issues surrounding handicaps. Many of the letters we receive each week argue (nay, demand) that Slope should be introduced as a priority because it will “have a significant impact on Australian golf.” But will Slope truly have a marked effect on your handicap? In many cases, the answer is no. To put it simply, Slope is merely an adjustment factor to make your handicap ‘portable’ from one course to another. It adds or subtracts strokes to your handicap, based upon the Course Rating at each course. For example, if your handicap is 15, then under the old system you would play at a 15 at any course, regardless of its level of difficulty. In the Slope system, however, your 15 would be converted to a “course handicap” based on the difficulty of the course. Slope ratings can range from 55 (easiest) to 155 (most difficult), with 113 being the neutral rating where your handicap won’t change at all. So on a local/easy track, your 15 handicap for the day may be, say, a 12, while on a monster it could be a 20 or higher. So, for golfers/club members who play all their golf on the same course, Slope will

have no effect on your regular rounds – but it may come into effect if you play a comp or casual round at another course which has a different course rating than your home course. Social golfers who play at a different course each day/week/month, on the other hand, may have a different handicap each time they play (depending on the difficulty of the courses they play – if all the courses are of a similar course rating, then there will be little or no change in handicap.) “The new GA Handicap System will be made up of a whole series of components of which Slope will be just one,” says Golf Australia’s rules and handicapping manager Simon Magdulski. “It is also worth making the point that whilst Slope will not have a significant impact on the regular experience of most Australian handicap golfers, it will still be a terrific addition to our handicap system. Our statistics suggest that approximately 90% of the rounds that are processed through GOLF Link, are played at the home course. Of the remaining 10%, a reasonable proportion will be on away courses with like-Slope ratings. “Slope wouldn’t have solved the highmarker bias we were encountering with the previous ‘10 of 20, 0.96’ settings. What Slope will do is, where you’ve got people from low Slope-rated course going to play on high Sloperated courses, it will give them a fairer handicap. That’s not something across the golfing population that happens a huge amount, but it certainly does happen, and it is very important to those affected. In some cases currently, players

end up with a handicap they find to be largely irrelevant to their standard of play on difficult courses, and that’s not a great outcome. So it will be a very useful addition to handicap golf in Australia.” So how will Slope work? Once all the new Course Ratings are completed (see related story), and the Slope system is officially implemented, golfers will be given access to charts (Slope Tables) that they can use to quickly convert their handicap to a “course handicap” for each Course Rating. Upon arriving at a new course, a golfer would simply consult the chart/table to find their course handicap for the day. The charts to the right are a very basic example of how a Slope Conversion Chart may look. (Note: These numbers are an approximation only, and do NOT represent the actual numbers once the system is rolled out.) As you can see from the three scenario charts, there is a huge variance in course handicaps depending on the difficulty of the courses. (Note that these charts are just three examples from around 100 ratings possibilities.) So while Slope will certainly add tremendous value to Australian golf – and will be a ray of sunshine for social/ travelling/wandering golfers — it does not represent the cure-all solution that many club golfers are expecting it to be. Either way, it is an extremely fair and solid factor that will go a long way to improving our enjoyment of golf.

Example of Slope Conversion Charts Slope Rating of 90 (Easy)

Handicap Play to this Index Course Handicap +3.1 to +1.9 +2 +1.8 to +0.7 +1 +0.6 to 0.6 0 0.7 to 1.8 1 1.9 to 3.1 2 3.2 to 4.3 3 4.4 to 5.6 4 5.7 to 6.9 5 7.0 to 8.1 6 8.2 to 9.4 7 9.5 to 10.6 8 10.7 to 11.9 9 12.0 to 13.1 10 13.2 to 14.4 11 14.5 to 15.6 12 15.7 to 16.9 13 17.0 to 18.2 14 18.3 to 19.4 15 19.5 to 20.7 16 20.8 to 21.9 17 22.0 to 23.2 18 23.3 to 24.4 19 24.5 to 25.7 20 25.8 to 26.9 21 27.0 to 28.2 22 28.3 to 29.5 23 29.6 to 30.7 24 30.8 to 32.0 25 32.1 to 33.2 26 33.3 to 34.5 27 34.6 to 35.7 28 35.8 to 37.0 29 37.1 to 38.2 30 38.3 to 39.5 31 39.6 to 40.4 32

Slope Rating of 113 Slope Rating of 155 (Neutral Difficulty) (Most Difficult) Handicap Play to this Index Course Handicap +3.4 to +2.5 +3 +2.4 to +1.5 +2 +1.4 to +0.5 +1 +0.4 to 0.4 0 0.5 to 1.4 1 1.5 to 2.4 2 2.5 to 3.4 3 3.5 to 4.4 4 4.5 to 5.4 5 5.5 to 6.4 6 6.5 to 7.4 7 7.5 to 8.4 8 8.5 to 9.4 9 9.5 to 10.4 10 10.5 to 11.4 11 11.5 to 12.4 12 12.5 to 13.4 13 13.5 to 14.4 14 14.5 to 15.4 15 15.5 to 16.4 16 16.5 to 17.4 17 17.5 to 18.4 18 18.5 to 19.4 19 19.5 to 20.4 20 20.5 to 21.4 21 21.5 to 22.4 22 22.5 to 23.4 23 23.5 to 24.4 24 24.5 to 25.4 25 25.5 to 26.4 26 26.5 to 27.4 27 27.5 to 28.4 28 28.5 to 29.4 29 29.5 to 30.4 30 30.5 to 31.4 31 31.5 to 32.4 32 32.5 to 33.4 33 33.5 to 34.4 34 34.5 to 35.4 35 35.5 to 36.4 36 36.5 to 37.4 37

Handicap Play to this Index Course Handicap +3.2 to +2.6 +4 +2.5 to +1.9 +3 +1.8 to +1.1 +2 +1.0 to +0.4 +1 +0.3 to 0.3 0 0.4 to 1.0 1 1.1 to 1.8 2 1.9 to 2.5 3 2.6 to 3.2 4 3.3 to 4.0 5 4.1 to 4.7 6 4.8 to 5.4 7 5.5 to 6.1 8 6.2 to 6.9 9 7.0 to 7.6 10 7.7 to 8.3 11 8.4 to 9.1 12 9.2 to 9.8 13 9.9 to 10.5 14 10.6 to 11.2 15 11.3 to 12.0 16 12.1 to 12.7 17 12.8 to 13.4 18 13.5 to 14.2 19 14.3 to 14.9 20 15.0 to 15.6 21 15.7 to 16.4 22 16.5 to 17.1 23 17.2 to 17.8 24 17.9 to 18.5 25 18.6 to 19.3 26 19.4 to 20.0 27 20.1 to 20.7 28 20.8 to 21.5 29 21.6 to 22.2 30 22.3 to 22.9 31 23.0 to 23.6 32 23.7 to 24.4 33 24.5 to 25.1 34 25.2 to 25.8 35 25.9 to 26.6 36

December 2011


New course ratings to be unveiled DavidNewbery AUSTRALIA’S 1600 golf clubs will receive their new course ratings within months, according to Golf Australia’s rules and handicapping manager Simon Magdulski. Golf Australia was hoping to have the course re-rating process wrapped up this month. “Some of the smaller states have finished and Victoria will be finished by the end of this year,” Magdulski said. “There will be a few clubs that will need to have their ratings confirmed through the formal state association processes, but every club will have their new rating advised to them by February 2012.” Inside Golf understands New South Wales won’t finish re-rating their courses until early next year. One of the first to finish the course re-rating process was Queensland. Abby Driver, Golf Queensland’s course rating coordinator, said more than 60 course raters were involved in re-rating the state’s 254 golf courses. They set a lively pace crisscrossing the state, which was a good effort considering Queensland got off to a slow start following the devastating floods. Driver said it took four course raters approximately five hours to re-rate each golf course. “We have to rate every single hole,” she said. “We do five sets of tees (three for men and two for women) and, in most cases, they are rated for scratch and bogey golfers. “We do 10 ratings on every single hole on every course.” Magdulski said the new course rating system was long overdue. “The old AGU and WGA course ratings systems were inherently flawed

Golf Queensland USGA Course Rating System State trainer Abby Driver in action in that they were too heavily lengthbased,” he said. He cited an example of a 6000m country course that had no bunkers, was totally flat and had very few trees and compared it to a metropolitan course of the same length but with plenty of bunkers, doglegs and undulating greens. “The two courses would essentially end up with the same ratings because of the lack of sophistication in the old rating system,” he said. “So we were keen to find a system that would produce ratings that were more in keeping with the actual difficulty of the golf course and the USGA system presented that. “It was just a better way of determining scratch ratings.” Driver said each course was rated as an amateur scratch golfer would play it – not a professional. “A male amateur scratch player consistently hits the ball 250 yards off the tee and a female 210 off the tee,”

she said. “The bogey male golfer (handicap 18) and the female (22) consistently hit the golf ball 200 yards and 150 yards off the tee respectively. “As far as obstacles go, we analyse stance, line, elevation and then move to the next landing zone. “A male scratch player’s next shot is calculated to travel 220 yards and 470 yards in two shots, while the female scratch player hits it 210 yards off the tee and her second 190 yards, which is 400 yards in two shots. “The male bogey golfer’s second shot is 170 yards and 370 yards in two while the female bogey player is 150 off the tee plus 130 for her second shot making 280 in two shots.” Driver said nothing was left to chance. They even contact the Bureau of Meterology to gather data on wind conditions over a 20-year period. “That information is applied when rating a course,” she said.

“Elevation impacts fairly heavily on the roll of the golf course as are doglegs and lay-ups. “You get out to some country courses and there’s more roll than at metropolitan courses because a lot of country courses don’t have watering. “You can’t give the same rating because of length so you have got to consider the roll. “If they have hills it impacts significantly so you have got to determine what the average roll is on that course and adjust it accordingly. “That’s probably the most underrated area within Australia,” Driver said. “At country courses you know you have got 40 yards’ roll while metropolitan courses may only have 20 yards, so that shortens every hole on those courses.” Interestingly, there is even a psychology factor built into the system. “The psychology factor is based on a number of obstacles including trees, water, out of bounds, effective green

diameter, typography – all those allow points.” Technology is another useful tool when rating a course. Clubs that think they can increase their rating by growing the rough and narrowing the fairways had better think again. Driver and her team use Google and Near Map to zoom in on suspect courses. “Under the previous system they had the fairways so narrow it increased the rating,” she explained. “Under this system we are trained to rate it under average conditions. “With Google and Near Map I can almost go down to a blade of grass when I zoom in. “Both give multiple aerial shots, which means I can get 20 aerial shots of a course and I can work out what the average is. “If they have cut in the fairways really narrow then part of my audit process is to go back in and check at six-month intervals and get an average.” With requirements a strict and detailed as this, the course raters have had their work cut out for them, but their efforts have not gone unnoticed. “The State Association raters have put in a tremendous amount of time and effort in this process, and Golf Australia would like to thank them for their hard work,” adds Magdulski Meanwhile, under the licensing agreement, State Associations must ensure that golf courses must be rerated within 10 years. Driver said Queensland had already started a 10-year rolling plan to re-rate all of its courses. “We have already started the planning, which will involve rating about 25 to 30 courses every year starting from 2013,” she said.



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December 2011


PGA of Australia BrianThorburn What a fantastic start to the Australian golf season! At the time of writing, the Emirates Australian Open has just been completed with 67,000 fans passing through the gates at The Lakes Golf Club in Sydney. The prominent placing of the Open alongside The Presidents Cup provided a great opportunity for our national title, an opportunity that I believe was well embraced. With a truly international field, the Emirates Australian Open attracted impressive international media exposure and presented a great opportunity for the promotion of Australian golf.

Congratulations must certainly go to our Champion Greg Chalmers, as well as to all involved in staging the event. Also a thank you to the fans who embraced the tournament on the ground, through the broadcast and through a number of other initiatives aimed at keeping golf fans in the box seat. Speaking of which, the PGA Tour of Australasia’s iphone app, released in early November, has been a hugely successful initiative for our organisation. During the Emirates Australian Open the app was one of the top downloads in Australia and certainly justifies our decision to start communicating with fans in new and different ways.

It would also be remiss of me not to mention our Centenary Gala Dinner held at Sydney Town Hall during the Emirates Australian Open week. With almost 400 people in attendance the night brought together many PGA Members from all across Australia along with our sponsors and supporters, and I’m certainly pleased that so many could help us celebrate such a milestone in our history. While the year is fast coming to an end, there is still much golf to be played on the PGA Tour of Australasia. Enjoy your golf and the remainder of the PGA Tour of Australasia season and as always stay up to date with the latest news and information at

It was an unbelievable four days. In addition to the excitement of the golf, it was great to see so many children and young adults on the course and enthusiastic about the sport. Golf clinics with Matt Kuchar, Fred Couples, Bubba Watson and Geoff Ogilvy were incredibly popular as the stars went through skill demonstrations and in Bubba’s case, showed off the full arsenal of his driving ability – it was great fun for all concerned. In the week of the Presidents Cup, Golf Australia, in partnership with Crown Lager, launched the Crown Lager Social Golf Club at the MCG. Lead ambassador Stuart Appleby introduced the new program which gives casual and social players a

GA Casual Handicap and the chance to compete against friends and competitions at a variety of great courses. Make sure you visit www. to find out what the program is all about. In addition to Stuart Appleby, we’ve got a host of other athletes and celebrities involved in the program including AFL st ars Brend on Goddard, Steve Johnson, TV and radio personality Andy Lee and netballer Sharelle McMahon. Casual golfers are an enormous part of the Australian playing demographic and it’s important that we communicate with this sector of the golf community, build club membership and maintain their engagement with golf in the long-term. There are exciting times ahead.

Golf Australia StephenPitt W h at a m o n t h November was – living up to all the hype the Australian community had prepared for. A wonderful Emirates Australian Open, the world showcase at the Presidents Cup and the PGA Championship presented by Coca-Cola at Coolum capped a thrilling three-week period. We congratulate champion Greg Chalmers on lifting the Stonehaven Cup for the second time in his career as he held off a fast finish from John Senden and Tiger Woods. Everyone was delighted to see Tiger in Sydney for the first time in many years and in the hunt for his first Open victory on the final day.

ALPG WarrenSevil T h e r e c e n t an nou nc e me nt t hat the 2012 ISPS Handa Women’s Australian Open is to be played as an official LPGA fixture, is a great outcome for the event and the result of much discussion and negotiation in recent months. Elevating the Championship to LPGA status – sanctioned with the ALPG Tour – guarantees major benefits. We no longer have to “work around” the LPGA schedule when looking at best dates for our major events. It has always been critical for us to avoid a clash with the LPGA schedule to ensure we attract the best possible fields for the major Australian tournaments. That hurdle has now been removed, at least for the 2012 and 2013 Women’s Open. Also, we can expect the best quality field of depth of the world’s best players. Our events have always delivered some of the

guns of world golf but with the LPGA schedule offering just 24 tournaments, players will be looking to make the most of every opportunity to play, especially early in the year. The 2012 Women’s Australian Open will be the first on the LPGA schedule leading into the Thailand and Singapore tournaments which follow immediately after. Having the Open at Royal Melbourne will add further appeal to the Championship adding more reason for the top 100 LPGA players to make the trip down under. An increase in purse to $US1.1 million also has its appeal which should boost the enthusiasm of the ALPG Tour players who will fight harder to earn a place in the field. For the new and nonexempt ALPG Tour members there is added incentive to play, and play well, in the lead up events in November, December and January. Seven pro-ams and three 54-hole tournaments will effectively be qualifying tournaments for the Women’s Australian Open and Gold Coast RACV Australian Ladies

Masters. The Women’s Open will be on the big stage in 2012 with significant worldwide TV distribution and a general international following that will send live scoring and website hits through the roof. Exciting times and a great outcome for Golf Australia, ALPG and golf fans in general.

Did you know? The Stableford points scoring system originated by Dr Frank Stableford (1870-1959) was first used on 16 May 1932 at Wallasey Golf Club, Cheshire. In the early days of the Stableford System, the maximum men’s handicap was 21. Dr Stableford believed that noone should have more than one stroke per hole in his system, so an adjustment of 7/8 of a player’s handicap was implemented to ensure no more than 18 strokes were allowed per round.

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December 2011 16 industrynews...............................................................................................................................................................................................

Industry celebrates PGA Centenary NeARlY 400 of the PGA’s Members and supporters joined Jason Day, Adam Scott, Robert Allenby, Peter Thomson and more at the PGA of Australia’s Centenary Gala Dinner at Sydney Town hall on the evening of Friday 11th November. The Gala Dinner was fittingly held during the Australian Open, where the PGA was formed 100 years ago following the Australia Open at Royal Sydney Golf Club in 1911. Coming together to celebrate 100 years of Australian professional golf the night, MC’d by Craig Willis, was the pinnacle event of the PGA’s Centenary program. in front of Australian golf royalty that also included the likes of Jack Newton, Craig Parry, Graham Marsh and Rodger Davis, Roy and HG entertained the Centenary crowd with their own take on the game loved by so many. Po e t Rup er t McC a l l a ls o impressed with his poem dedicated to the Australian PGA while PGA Chairman Mark Gibson and PGA CeO Brian Thorburn also took to the stage. “it was fantastic to see so many who have played a role in our history come together for such an important milestone,” said Thorburn who has been at the helm of the PGA for the past eight

months. “i am delighted to lead the PGA at such an important time in the PGA’s history and what’s more, look forward to leading the organisation and its dedicated Membership into the next Century of Australian professional golf.” During the evening Thorburn spoke of the PGA’s achievements over its 100 year history which included overcoming a number of key challenges. “We have survived world wars, amalgamations, sponsorship challenges and yet we still stand here today as one of the world’s oldest and most respected PGAs,” added Thorburn.

Battle for golf land looms KARANA Downs Country Club in Queensland hosted its last rounds of golf in November as property developer Karana Waters released plans to build 112 homes and a new community club on the site. But Councillor Margaret de Wit (Pullenvale) said council would not support the developer’s application in its current form. “in terms of any subdivision out there, we do not support the changing of sport and recreation land into residential housing,” Cr de Wit said. Karana Waters has taken their application to the Planning and environment Court as a deemed refusal

and are claiming that council have not responded within the allocated time frame. Resident Peter Whitney said more than 1000 residents had made submissions to council in opposition to the development and were now rallying to act as co-respondents with council in the Planning and environment Court. he said: “i’m not anti-development. i’m just antidevelopment in inappropriate areas. “My understanding of the plan is they’re going to have to use vast quantities of fill; my concern is that if we have another flood, the water will be displaced to other areas.”

Vikings sell Capital Golf Club

Roy and HG grill golfing legend Peter Thomson The PGA’s Centenary celebrations will continue over the coming months. For further information on the PGA Centenary visit au/centenary

The Vikings Group has decided to sell the 18-hole Capital Golf Club at Narrabundah (ACT), after abandoning plans to redevelop the picturesque 30ha site into high-density housing and community facilities. Canberra developer Sotiria liangis owns the nearby driving range and bought the Capital Golf Club eight years ago, but golfers, as tenants of the club, exercised their right of veto on the $3.8million sale and made a successful approach to the Vikings to buy the club. eight years ago, golfers were fearful of losing their course in a redevelopment and saw the Vikings as a better alternative owner, although speculation about the future of the club has since taken a toll


on membership, with more than 130 people leaving since 2009. About 400 members remain. After buying the golf club for $4.2million Vikings said it was unviable because of ageing infrastructure, high reliance on water, maintenance costs and declining revenue. in December, amid widespread public concern about urban infill the then-planning minister Andrew Barr rejected any proposal to build a housing estate at the golf course. President David Paull said the decision to buy the golf club in 2003 stemmed from the slowing economy’s impact on discretionary spending and legislative changes which would have a significant impact on gaming revenue.

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December 2011 Mike Orloff

industrynews 17

The “ups and downs” of club mergers

Councillor Matthew Bourke, McLeod Country Golf Club President Di Paez and MP Julie Attwood officially opened the second hole bunker with the cutting of the ribbon

McLeod bunker in play iT’S taken 10 long months for Mcleod Country Golf Club in Brisbane to re-open the flood damaged bunker on the second hole. That’s how bad the damage was. The bunker has been GUR since it was severely damaged by the devastating floods last January. The bunker was officially opened last month thanks to a grant from the Brisbane City Council. Club president Di Paez said the re-opening of the bunker was a step forward in the club’s flood recovery process. “history will show how the 2011 flood decimated the course, but it will also show the commitment demonstrated by the Mcleod golfing community to get the course back into tip top shape,” she said. “We are delighted to have received this assistance which ultimately has helped us re-build the damaged bunker and continue rebuilding

the damaged course.” The club was heavily affected by the January floods with all 18-holes under water and severely damaged. The clubhouse was spared, but the devastating floods caused major damage to the fairways, greens, waterways, bunkers and the watering pumps. Paez said the course was well on its way to being restored to its former glory but that there was still plenty of work to be done. “We have had a number of fundraising events and received some generous donations, however, we are still looking for further donations to help us get back on our feet.” Mcleod Country Golf Club has also recently received grants from the Queensland Government, Queensland Sport and Recreation, QRAA and Golf Queensland.

MeMBeRS of the Swan hill Club have voted unanimously to complete a merger with the Murray Downs Golf and Country Club. The vote was completed at the club’s annual general meeting last month with about 120 votes all in favour of the move. Swan hill Club president Shane Kelly said the merger would allow the club to stay afloat after it had struggled with long-term financial issues. “(Murray Downs Golf and Country Club) are a very similar organisation. They’re not for profit so any profits that are generated by the two clubs will still go back into the community,” Mr Kelly said. Mr Kelly said “a lot of red tape” would need to be worked through with Consumer Affairs

Victoria, with the merger unlikely to be legally finalised for four to six months. As part of the deal, Murray Downs will inject $100,000 into the club for capital improvements once licence changes and amalgamation issues are resolved. With the Swan hill Club celebrating its centenary this year, Mr Kelly said it was important that many of its traditions would not be affected by the merge.” The club name remains and members rights remain. The history and traditions are protected,” he said. “We’ve got life members to the club and they didn’t want to lose their entitlements.”it was fantastic to get 100 per cent support from the members and it guarantees that the Swan hill Club will be able to serve the community for another 100 years.”

Tuohy’s golf formula brings success TheRe are no complications in Bob Tuohy’s philosophy on building a successful career on the golf course. To his mind it is a simple formula work hard and then work harder. Just as he did when he was climbing the ranks as an amateur, rising at 4.30am to hit balls before school before returning to the golf course in the afternoon for more practice. The rewards were felt as a professional with international victories in New Zealand, South Africa and the UK. it is the same attitude Tuohy has adopted since 1974 when he started his career as a tournament promoter, with his first challenge being the West lakes Classic. “it is all about one’s endeavour,” Tuohy said. “The kids have got to have the fire in the belly. These days if it does not work the first time, then young players give up. “There are a lot of players out there playing pennant golf who are good


golfers but they need that special ingredient - they need to want to kick on.” Tuohy said Queensland’s emerging star Jason Day was a prime example with his desire and mental strength. “he is committed to do everything possible to get there - whatever it takes,” he said. Tuohy’s influence on the sport has been recognised by Golf SA with him recently being inducted into the South Australian Golf hall of Fame. Tuohy Associates (TA) Golf is recognised as one of Australia’s foremost companies specialising in management, marketing and presentation of major Golf tournaments in the region. The company originates from its Adelaide base and has representatives in Perth, Sydney, Gold Coast, Christchurch, Korea and london. They proudly run the ANZ ladies Masters, BMW NZ Open, and Pegasus NZ Women’s Open.

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December 2011


Teams red-hot in Holden Scramble Regional Finals The holden Scramble Regional Finals saw some sizzling scores last month, as teams from across Australia battled it out to secure their place among 29 Qualifier spots in the holden Scramble Championship Final. The gauntlet was thrown down in the first Regional Final at Settlers Run Golf Club with the team from Rossdale Golf Club— led by head Professional, Simon Angliss—claiming victory with a score of 51.4, two shots clear of their nearest rival. Following in their footsteps was a fellow Victorian team from Sanctuary lakes, who finished clear of the field with a winning score of 50.2 at the Regional Final held at The Sands Torquay. in New South Wales, a long time supporter of the holden Scramble and seasoned Championship Final campaigner, Craig Mears, and his team from Dubbo Golf Club won their Regional Final with an impressive score of 51.1. Craig knows all about the Championship Final after he qualified and won in 2009 with a team from Coonamble Golf Club. Over in Western Australia, teams showed their competitive streaks, with a team from the Katanning Country Club shooting 50.8 to claim

the Country-A Final at Secret harbour Golf links by nearly three shots. But it was the women from the west who staked their claim as the team to beat after their state Final. led by PGA Professional, Craig Tapp, the team from The Cut Golf Club stormed home to win by 2 shots with an outstanding score of 49.9. Queensland wasn’t exempt from some hot scoring either, with the Regional Final at Robina Woods on the Gold Coast turning out some impressive scoring. laidley Golf Club with PGA Professional ian esson, shot the lights out to score an impressive 50.3.

All these teams joined many others as they travelled to Queensland’s Sunshine Coast during the final week of November. There, they were treated to the ‘golfing trip of a lifetime’ at Novotel Twin Waters Resort and Twin Waters Golf Club, with a practice round on the Friday, two rounds on the Saturday and Sunday, and the Final round on the Monday with the top half of the field teeing off with a PGA Tour Professional alongside them. At press time, the winners of the holden Scramble Championship Final had yet to be determined. For full results, visit, or

Ashley ready to defend Royal Canberra title FOR Ashley Ona, January can’t come soon enough as she eagerly awaits the challenge of defending her first major professional title when the 2012 ActewAGl Royal Canberra ladies Classic is staged from 20 to 22 January. in a memorable year for one of Australia’s top amateurs, Ona defeated a high quality professional field to win by one over American Alison Walshe. Sydney’s Frances Bondad finished a further shot behind. The first two years of the Classic have proved to be very successful. One of the highlights has been the quality field of Australian and international players, who have been delighted in the opportunity to play the magnificent Royal Canberra layout. The generous support of ActewAGl means the players will be vying for their share of the $130,000 purse plus with the tournament holding official Rolex World Rankings event status, valuable points are up for grabs. An impressive field of international and Australian players will again be attracted to the Nation’s Capital. Organisers are confident of again attracting many international players, last year over 10 countries were represented.

Ashley Ona While Ona will have to endure the pressures as defending champion, local professional and Royal Canberra member Nikki Campbell will be looking to contend in front of her home crowd. Campbell hasn’t performed as well as she would have liked in the first two years, so she will be certainly out to win her home event. Other Australians already committed include the lPGA players Sarah-Jane Smith, Sarah Kemp, 2010 Royal Canberra winner Kristie Smith, leT players Karen Lunn, Nikki Garrett and Frances Bondad.


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December 2011


Dramatic finishes part of the Women’s NSW Open eXCiTiNG and dramatic finishes have been part and parcel of the Women’s NSW Golf Open and the tradition is set to continue next January. Golf NSW is pleased to be staging the Women’s NSW Open at Oatlands Golf Club in Sydney from 27 to 29 January. it is the sixth straight season the event has been part of the Australian ladies Professional Association (AlPG) “Summer of Golf ”. in the tournament’s short history, enthralling finishes is what the fans have come to expect. it started in the first year with a five-hole playoff before Joanne Mills triumphed over Sarah Kemp. Then england’s golfing legend Laura Davies added her name to the prestigious trophy in 2008, Sydney’s Sarah Oh (2009 and 2010) then narrowly won for two straight years over Queenslander and lPGA multiple winner Katherine Hull. 2011 was the most exciting, when Swede Caroline Hedwall took out the title earlier this year. New Zealand amateur teenage sensation Lydia Ko stood on the 18th and final tee on Sunday, holding a one shot lead over the Swede, she looked set to make headlines around the world by becoming the youngest player – male or female–to win a professional tournament. hedwall has since gone on to have a phenomenal rookie year on both the ladies european Tour (leT) and on the lPGA in the United States. At the time of publication, she had won three events on the leT, was sitting second on the henderson Money list with just over 225,000 euros and was recently named as a captain’s pick to represent europe in the 2011 Solhiem Cup. On the lPGA Tour this year, the

Caroline Hedwall

NSW Open runner-up, New Zealand’s Lydia Ko

22-year-old has competed in just three events but has performed well and currently sits at 54th on the lPGA Money list with US$95,000 in earnings. The Oatlands golf course provides a wonderful venue for the Championship, each year it is presented in immaculate condition, offering a mix of challenging tree lined holes and reachable par-fives all featuring small and beautifully bunkered greens which test the accuracy of irons and nerves of the putter. The Women’s NSW Open championship has become an integral part of the AlPG Tour’s major tournament schedule, made possible through the ongoing commitment and investment by Golf NSW. For the first time in the AlPG history the 2012 schedule will highlight six major tournaments in seven weeks:

6-8 January

Women’s Victorian Open, Woodlands and Spring Valley GC 20-22 January ActewAGl Royal Canberra Classic, Royal Canberra GC 27-29 January Wo m e n’s N S W O p e n , Oatlands GC 2-5 February Gold Coast RACV Australian ladies Masters, RACV Royal Pines Resort, Gold Coast 9-12 February iSPS handa Women’s Australian Open, Royal Melbourne GC 17-19 February New Zealand Women’s Open, Pegasus GC, Christchurch AlPG CeO Warren Sevil is expecting one of the strongest fields to ever contest the Open. “Our 2012 schedule creates a great opportunity, especially for the international players, to

kick-start the year with solid tournament play among great fields and on quality golf courses. The Sydney event leads into our co-sanctioned events, so that should ensure a great line-up,” Sevil said. Golf NSW Chief executive Officer, Greg Mills, said “After such a successful 2011 Women’s NSW Open, we’re really looking forward to another opportunity to showcase the wonderful talent of both professional and amateur golf in Australia. it is wonderful news that Caroline hedwall will be back to defend her title, and with the in-form Nikki Garrett and Kristie Smith, we can look forward to a hotly contested event.” Australians who have pledged their entries include local player and leT winner Frances Bondad, lPGA players Sarah Kemp and SarahJane Smith, two-time leT winner Nikki Garrett and defending NZ Open champion Kristie Smith. A number of leading european players are also likely to be teeing it up, including Davies and fellow compatriot Melissa Reid. Both would be major drawcards for the event. As in previous years the tournament provides an important opportunity for Australia’s leading amateurs to play alongside the professionals, in an event which is included in the prestigious Karrie Webb Series. Golf fans should not miss the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of women’s golf ’s great players and personalities at Oatlands Golf Club in January. Check out all the info on the tournament at

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December 2011

events 21

Women’s Victorian Open is back The Women’s Victorian Open Championship has returned to the ALPG Tour schedule after a nineteen year hiatus, thanks to the vision of Golf Victoria’s former acting CEO David Greenhill and the subsequent Victorian State Government support. In a first for Australian professional golf, the 2012 Men’s and Women’s Victorian Opens will be played simultaneously with both titles culminating at the Spring Valley Golf Club on Sunday January 8th. The tournament will launch the ALPG Tour’s Summer of Golf and be contested over 54-holes, from 6 to 8 January. The first round is to be played at the Woodlands Golf Club before the final two rounds are played at Spring Valley Golf Club, in conjunction with the men’s tournament. Sydney’s Wendy Doolan was the winner of Women’s Victorian Open when it was last played at Yarra Yarra Golf Club back in December, 1992. Doolan went on to enjoy a very successful career on the LPGA where, to date, she has earned three LPGA victories and accumulated in excess of $3 million. ALPG members are excited to have another State Open on the schedule and another opportunity showcase their skills on home turf. Victorian

Victoria’s Stacey Keating will join top women golfers in the Women’s Vic Open professional golfer, Stacey Keating, who plies her trade on the Ladies European Tour, attended the event launch at Spring Valley golf club in August. The 25-year old from Cressy is thrilled to have another major tournament in her home state. “It’s very exciting for the women to have another event generally, but it’s going to be great to be in with the

men–and playing for the same purse is awesome,’’ she said “Apparently the crowds here last year were fantastic and it can only be more crowds with the women, so it’ll be great.’’ Victorian Government support for $75,000, together with renewed interest from potential sponsors and a unique and exciting concept, heralds

a new era for the Victorian Open Golf Championship. While the men’s Victorian Open Championship will be played over 72-holes, from Thursday 5th to Sunday 8th, prizemoney will be identical with a minimum of $125,000 on offer for each title. The Women’s event will feature a starting field of 84 players with the leading 50 players plus ties after 36-holes progressing to the final round. A seeded draw will apply for the final day whereby men’s groups and women’s groups will alternately commence their rounds. This arrangement culminates with the leading group of men and the leading group of women to be the last to play from the 1st tee which in turn ensures a unique finale to the event later in the day. Golf Victoria President John Hobday commented that “In 2012, Golf Victoria is very excited to jointly stage Men’s and Women’s Victorian Open Championships that respect the history of each event but which presents and promotes Men’s and Women’s elite golf in a unique and innovative way.” For many years, young male players with names like Allenby, Appleby, Ogilvy, Baddeley, Leishman, Allan, Green, Fraser, Percy and Presnell have

played in the Men’s Victorian Open initially as amateurs and then later as young professionals after working their way through the talent pathway in Victorian golf. This will now be mirrored for the best talented young female professionals and amateurs in what will also be a wonderful celebration of golf in general. In undertaking such a unique event, Golf Victoria is greatly appreciative of the support provided by both the Professional Golfers Association of Australia (PGA) and Australian Ladies Professional Golf (ALPG). “ Australian Ladies Professional Golf CEO Warren Sevil was similarly enthusiastic about the event. “This is an historic and exciting announcement for golf in Australia. The ALPG Tour is very grateful to Golf Victoria and we congratulate them on securing this joint Championship which boosts our schedule to six events in early 2012. “Golf is ready for new concepts and I am sure this unique event will be well supported by the players and well received by golf fans. We thank the Victorian Government and our host venues for their support and look forward to working with the men, both on and off the course, in what will be a very exciting and enjoyable week for all stakeholders.”

December 2011

22 Albinski “three-peats” to take Australian Senior Ranking Title

Two Events Remain in 2011 Doug Bachli Trophy

NSW golfer Stefan Albinski outlasted fellow NSW golfers Denis Dale and Roy Vandersluis to take home the Australian Men’s Senior Amateur title. Albinski was the dominant player during the year winning the last five events he played including both the Australian Senior Championship and the Australian Senior Match Play Championship. Albinski has now won the Senior Ranking title for the last three years. Queenslander Ian Read (52.45avg) won the “over 65” competition, beating West Australian Alex Cleave (36.39) and Victorian Pat Giles (34.23). The final event of the 2010-2011 national golfing calendar year was the Australian Senior Match Play Championship at Thirteenth Beach Golf Club. Thirty two of Australia’s leading seniors (plus eight more in a separate over-65 competition) battled some wet and wild weather over five rounds on this wonderful test of golf. The overall champion was Stefan Albinski who was three under par in defeating Greg Corben in the final and making it back-to-back Match Play titles. Third place went to visiting New Zealand senior Rodney Barltrop. The inaugural over 65 Match Play Championship went to West Australian Alex Cleave who also played great golf in finishing two under par when defeating Victorian Denis Long in the final. Results of all the 2011 national senior amateur events and information on upcoming and previous events are available on the AUSOOM website - 2011 Australian Senior Final Rankings # 1 2 3 4 5

Player Stefan Albinski Denis Dale Roy Vandersluis Peter King Greg Corben

State Events Wins Avg NSW 8 5 151.73 NSW 8 2 111.88 NSW 9 0 91.84 QLD 6 1 86.40 NSW 8 1 83.41

The race for the major title in the 2011 Doug Bachli Senior Order of Merit Trophy for Victoria’s leading senior golfer appears to be over but the race for second and third is quite different. Cobram Barooga golfer Ross Percy has led the table all year and with just two events remaining looked assured of claiming the title for the second successive year. The battle for second and third place will be keenly contested in the all-important final two events with John Wheeler, Alan Bullas, Michael Jackson, Greg Welsh and Paul Lulofs all still in with a chance. The handicap trophy run in conjunction with the Doug Bachli has narrowed down to a threeway race for the trophy. The current leader is Yarram senior Ignatius Duivenvoorden with 1313 points and he has a narrow lead over Narooma‘s Wayne Aigner on 1215. Hidden Valley golfer Paul Fink has moved into third place and now has a chance to defend the title he won in 2010. The final Doug Bachli results will be available on the Golf Victoria website . 2011 Victorian Senior Order of Merit # Player Club Events Wins Best 8 1 Ross Percy Cobram10 3 1682 Barooga 2 John The National 16 0 1358 Wheeler 3 Alan Bullas Commonwealth 10 2 1352 4 Michael Yarra Yarra 9 1 1298 Jackson 5 Greg Welsh Colac 9 1 1250

Exciting plans for South Australian Senior Golf Great news for all the local South Australian Seniors! In what is hoped will be the beginning of a series of senior amateur events, three Adelaide clubs have announced new events for 2012. Mt. Osmond Golf Club will host the Mt. Osmond Masters on 19th March 2012. Following this is the Tea Tree Gully Masters to be played on 26th March, with Flagstaff Hill Golf Club hosting their inaugural senior event on April 30th. All events will be 18-hole Medal competitions with a handicap limit of 18 and with equal prizes for stroke and handicap categories. Add in the existing South Australian Senior Amateur and

the prestigious Grange Senior Classic and it looks like South Australia is well on the way to its own Senior Order of Merit.

Tight Finish in NSW Senior Order of Merit

Darcy Cluff With only a few events remaining in the 2011 NSW Senior Order of Merit competition, the race for the winner’s medal looks like going right down to the last event. At the time of writing the current leader was Twin Creeks senior Denis Dale with St Michael’s Steve Gibson moving into second place ahead of Mona Vale’s Stefan Albinski. The season ending events included the 2011 ACT Seniors Championship at Gold Creek, Capital and Murrumbidgee Golf Clubs, the Goulburn Seniors and the Long Reef Seniors. The final results of the 2011 Senior Order of Merit competitions are available on the Golf NSW website In a wonderful display of precision golf 71 year old Pennant Hills golfer Darcy Cluff demonstrated that there is still lots of excellent golf ahead for the experienced left hander. In winning the recent Newcastle Seniors at the challenging Newcastle Golf Club, Cluff equalled his age with a one under par round of 71 on the course that held the recent 2011 NSW Open. 2011 NSW Senior Order of Merit # 1 2 3 4 5

Player Denis Dale Steve Gibson Stefan Albinski Greg Stanford Terry Small

Events 19 21 16 20 18

Wins 2 4 0 4 2

Best 12 1735 1620 1495 1435 1407

Shark mellows GREG Norman says it’s now too late to ban or change the rules on long putters. Once a strong critic of the hinged-tothe-body putter, Norman has mellowed somewhat. “Many years ago I fought pretty hard to try and get it (long putter) eliminated,” Norman told Graham Richardson on Fox Sports. “Personally, I don’t agree with it. I don’t think you should have something locked in or hinged in the golf swing.” The Shark said the USGA and the R&A “missed the boat” on the anchored putter many years ago. “There could have been a minimum lie angle like a sand wedge is 65 degree lie,” he said. “You could have made a putter a certain minimum or maximum (lie angle) – you could never have a long putter that way. “They could have done it, but they didn’t so it’s very hard to turn the clock back and now it is part of the game so just accept it.” According to Norman, a high percentage of golfers are switching to the long putter. “It’s even more so with young kids taking up the game,” he said. “I think nerves have a lot to do with the game of golf – controlling your nerves is part of the game. “I feel sorry for people with the yips, but the game of golf tests you in many different ways, not only physically but mentally. “But it’s here to stay and I don’t have any issue with it.”

Did you know?

The driver swing speed of an average lady golfer is 62mph; 96mph for an average LPGA professional; 84mph for an average male golfer; 108mph for an average PGA Tour player; 130mph for Tiger Woods; 148-152mph for a national long drive champion.

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December 2011


The Coast GC nabs Warren Trophy Eastlake victors for Gibson Trophy

The Coast Golf Club have confirmed their status as a dominant force in the Warren Trophy, taking the title for the second time in as many years in a tense final over Cabramatta Golf Club. The standard of golf was matched by the hot conditions at Campbelltown GC with all 12 players stepping up when required to ensure the final would go down to the wire. The first match saw the Cabramatta pair of Nino Santone and John King defeat Robert Simpson and Anthony Goldman 3/2 giving the previously undefeated side the advantage. The second match proved to be an early indicator of the drama to come when the The Coast pairing of Craig Piper and Steve McFadyen missed the chance to seal their win on the 17th over Cabramatta’s Rob

Gray and Eddie Narayan. Each pair had their chance on the 18th but the luck ran the way of The Coast to tie the final at 1-1. It came down to the number one pairing from each club to secure the result. All square going down 18 and it was Cabramatta to fire first with Milo Bogovic playing the shot of the final with a 3-wood over the water to four feet. He was unable to finish off his good work, however, and the final continued to extra holes. In the end it was the more experienced pair of Ron Davison and Perry Stanbrook from The Coast who managed a birdie on the 20th hole to take out the match against a valiant Brendan Hardy and Milo Bogovic to give The Coast back to back titles.

They say you need to lose a final before you win one, and the Eastlake GC Gibson Trophy side have proved that to be the case. Coming off a loss in last year’s final they came in undefeated to be up against Cabramatta GC, who had an undefeated record of their own. In a contest that saw all of the matches see-saw with momentum, it again came down the final pairings to decide the winners. Earlier in the day the first two matches had been decided with the Eastlake pair of Mark Truron and Tom Duesbury defeating Cabramatta’s Brian Bissett and Steve Doorey 4/3. Adam Wadick and John McCarr would

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then even the tie by defeating John Sutton and Nathan Smith 3/2. The final Eastlake pair of Mick Baird and Brett Chisholm kept their nerve, holding onto their front nine lead to defeat Cabramatta’s Chris Zouroudis and Bill Bassan at the 16th 3/2. It was terrific to see all matches played in the true spirit of the game with all the players, officials and supporters appreciating the generous hospitality of Campbelltown Golf Club. Conducted annually from early August until October, the Warren and Gibson Trophy competitions are open to all Sydney Metropolitan Golf Clubs who are members of Golf NSW.

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December 2011


Charleston pair take sureshotgps NSW Men’s Fourball State Final

The Charlestown Golf Club pairing of Brett Jaeger and Ken Cagney have been successful in winning the 2011 sureshotgps Men’s Fourball State Final at Bonville Golf Resort in Coffs Harbour. Play commenced for the first round under sunny skies. The players took advantage of these favourable conditions to shoot some impressive scores, with no less that 17 pairs within six points of the leading groups after the first round. A two-way tie occupied the top of the leader board with both Ken Cagney/Brett Jaeger (Charlestown GC) and Gas Zoabi/ Ennio Alberici (Liverpool GC) carding 46 points. Three shots adrift were the pair from Concord GC, Richard Baldini and Phil Binskin. Four teams sat another shot back with Don Hill/Colin Mulligan (Guyra GC), Mick McKechnie/Kim Rawlings (Oberon GC), Martin Smith/Stuart Crow

(St Michael’s GC) and Robert Wicks/Don Casson (Woolgoolga RSL GC) all posting 42 points. The field were greeted with overcast conditions for the second and final round. The Brunton brothers, Tony and Paul, from Tathra Beach GC shot 44 points to back up their first day 40. Martin Smith and Stewart Crow (St Michael’s GC) came in with 45 points to go with their first round of 42 for a combined 87 points and 3rd place overall. The Concord GC pairing of Richard Baldini and Phil Binskin backed up their first round of 43 with a 46 to come in with a combined 89 points, however this would only be good enough for second place. In the end it was to be Ken Cagney and Brett Jaeger from Charlestown GC to take away the victory. The pair combined well on the final day to have 45 points to post a combined total of 91.

With over 18,000 golfers competing in 244 club qualifying events from January 2011 the road to the final was a long and challenging one. Through club and district qualifying, the final 40 pairs-20 metropolitan and 20 country--were determined. Full results, prize winners and images can now be found online at The 2012 sureshotgps NSW Men’s Fourball Championship dates are as follows: 1 Jan Club qualifying rounds commence 9 Aug Metro finals to be completed 26 Aug District finals to be completed 11-14 Sept State Final (Bonville Golf Resort)

DECEMBER 6th Annual Australian Father and Son Open Golf Championship December 2nd-4th Launceston, Tasmania Get your entries in early to secure your place in the 2011 Father and Son Open Golf Championship. It is also your invitation to compete in the South African Father and Son golf tournament in April, 2012 if you are the winners of this event. Entries are limited to 80 teams. For further details and to download your entry form visit www. au or call (03) 6394 4158

Redland Bay Children’s Hospital Christmas Appeal Golf Day Friday, 9 December Redland Bay Golf Club Redland Bay Golf Club have scheduled an event to coincide with the B105 Children Hospital Xmas Appeal on Friday, 9 December 2011. This event will help raise money to work wonders for sick kids this Christmas. Your support will help to fund vital medical equipment and ground breaking research. Any businesses that would like to help out by offering a prize or donation to the day would also be greatly appreciated! The

Hole 7 - The National (Old Course) 4-person Ambrose event is only $60p/p, and includes cart, breakfast, lunch and prizes. There will also be a Raffle hole, betting hole and on-course wine tasting and beer tasting Phone Aaron on 07 3206 7011 to book your spot.

2012 Mornington Peninsula Golf Tournament 1-3 May, 2012 The third annual Mornington Peninsula 54-hole golf tournament showcases all that the Mornington Peninsula has to offer and reinforces the region as “Australia’s Number One Golf Destination”. The first two days will be held at the Portsea Golf Club, a links course adjoining Pt. Nepean

National Park and the RACV Cape Schanck Resort. Cape Schanck is a traditional course, designed by American Robert Trent Jones Jnr. providing spectacular views over Bass Strait and adjoining The National Golf Club, where 2 of their 3 courses will be used for the final day. The National’s 3 courses are currently ranked 8, 14 and 46 in Australia and will provide a spectacular conclusion to this wonderful event. Entr y price of $315 includes Welcome Party, Lunch each day including the Presentation Lunch at The National Golf Club, 3 Days golf, daily & overall prizes, show bag with Tournament souvenir along with various offerings of the Mornington Peninsula. For more details & entr y :

December 2011


Blue Mountains put on a show The Blue Mountains put on the perfect spring weather for the four-day Women’s Mountain Meeting tournament. Katoomba Golf Course, Blackheath, Leura and Wentworth Falls provided excellent playing conditions with lush fairways and fast greens. Joint winners of the Yallambee Cup, both scoring 162 of the stick, were Kerrie Davis (Wentworth Falls) and Melissa Williamson (Lynwood). The winner of the Blue Mountains Salver was Jill Varty from Vincentia. Ann Davies from NSW was the outright winner of the Megalong Valley Trophy scoring 88 points over 36-holes stableford. The Foursomes were held on day three, and played in two divisions. The scratch winners, Truda Rail of Strathfield Golf Club and her partner Gillian Virginie found the quick greens no problem and were able to score 88 on the day. Runners up in the scratch were Deborah Nunn and Sachiko Cathcart both from Wakehurst scoring 90 of the stick. Winning the nett section of the foursomes were Michele Lee of Terrigal and Eustacian Douglas from Wakehurst, scoring a 70 and winning on countback from Dianah Latreille and Elaine Walker from Bayview Golf Club. Division Two, Foursomes, was held Leura Golf Club. Scratch winners were Anne Mitchell and Kerrie Branch both from Woolooware with a 101 of the stick, pipping (via countback) Jacqui MacDougall and Joan

2011 Women’s Mountain meeting winners Hartman both from Wakehurst. Taking out the nett was the Chatswood pair of Ruth Boylan and Pauline Haigh with a 68 on a countback over Barbara Webster and Susan Cooper from Wakehurst. The Teams V Par event, played on the final day at both Katoomba and Leura Golf Clubs was well attended with approximately 110 players at each course. Wakehurst was the

order of the day, capturing all 3 places at Katoomba, and at Leura running in second place sandwiched between two Bayview teams. The shot of the day went to Alison Grant from The Australian who made the 17th green, par 4, 257 meters, in one. Alison is of a 23h/cp so this had the club house a buzz at Katoomba, to say nothing of here very happy winning team mates.

2012 National Squad selected Last month, Golf Australia announced the players selected for the 2012 National Squad: Tier 1: Matt Stieger (NSW), Jake Higginbottom (NSW), Cameron Smith (QLD), Ashlee Dewhurst (TAS) and Minjee Lee (WA). Tier 2: Nathan Holman (VIC), Ryan McCarthy (TAS), Bryden Macpherson (VIC), Todd Sinnott (VIC), Ashley Ona (QLD) and Brett Drewitt (NSW). Junior Squad: Oliver Goss (WA), Anthony Murdaca (SA), Cathleen Santoso (NSW), Su-Hyun Oh (VIC) and Jamie Dougan (QLD). The dif ference b et we en Tier 1 and Tier 2 selected athletes is based on selection benchmarks and criteria met by each athlete. Athletes will receive higher funding at the Tier 1 level for international competition. All other resources and opportunities will be equal at both levels. Golf Australia High Performance Director Brad James said it was pleasing to see Junior Squad players from last year enter Tier 1 and Tier 2 in 2012. “It’s great to see players making the transition through the tiers in the system,” James said. “2012 is a big year in High Performance golf in Australia, particularly with the World Amateur Teams Championships in Turkey which every player will be striving for,” James added. “We will continue with our successful schedule of state, national and international camps which gives players a chance to check-in during the year and also allows the National Coaches to see how they are progressing.” The new squad takes effect from January 1, 2012.

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December 2011

EMiRAtEs AustRALiAn opEn

in BRiEF Australasian tour:


QUeeNSlANDeR Michael Wright birdied the final hole to win the Western Australian PGA Championship by one shot over Terry Pilkadaris. Meanwhile, Matt Guyatt triumphed by one over James McLean at the NSW PGA Championship at the Wollongong Golf Club.

YANI Tseng closed with a six-under 66 for a five-shot victory over Azahara Munoz and Amy Yang at the Sunrise lPGA Taiwan Championship. Tseng finished at 16-under 272 for her seventh lPGA Tour victory this year, which includes two major championships. She has 12 victories in four seasons on the lPGA Tour.

pGA tour:

LUKE Donald put an exclamation point on the finest season of his career, coming from five shots behind to capture the Children’s Miracle Network Classic, and secure the PGA Tour’s prestigious season-ending money title in the process. he closed with an 8-under 64 en route to a 17-under 271 victory total, two strokes clear of his nearest competitor. The victory marks the second PGA Tour win of the year for Donald, who also won the Vardon Trophy for the lowest adjusted scoring average (68.86) . Donald edged Webb Simpson for the money title. Simpson, who also enjoyed the finest year of his PGA Tour career, finished runner-up in the Fedex Cup standings, money list and Vardon Trophy race.


AUSTRAliAN Gavin Coles birdied two of the final three holes to capture the Winn-Dixie Jacksonville Open by one shot over Jonas Blixt. it marked the fifth career Nationwide Tour title for Coles, while it was Blixt’s third runner-up finish this year. Coles won with a six-under 274 total, the highest winning score on the Nationwide Tour since 2008. The win also assured him a promotion to the 2012 PGA Tour, having started the week 45th on the money list and vaulting to 15th.

Barclays singapore open # Player 1 Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano 2 Juvic Pagunsan T3 Anthony Kim T3 louis Oosthuizen Australia/New Zealand Results T23 Scott Barr T23 Rick Kulacz T33 Scott hend T46 Marcus Fraser T57 Matthew Zions T66 Scott Strange

Total -14 -14 -13 -13

Strokes 199 199 200 200

-6 -6 -5 -4 -3 -1

207 207 208 209 210 212

Missed Cut: Kieran Pratt, Tim Stewart, David Gleeson, Marcus Both, Darren Beck, Andrew Dodt, Brett Rumford, Kunal Bhasin, Gavin Flint, Tony Carolan, Unho Park, Mark Brown, Adam Groom

Mizuno Classic # Player 1 Momoko Ueda 2 Shanshan Feng 3 Na Yeon Choi Australia/New Zealand Results 13 Karrie Webb

scorecard 27

Total -16 -16 -15

Strokes 200 200 201



Asian/korean tours: K.J. Choi captured the inaugural CJ invitational, closing with a five-under 67 en route to a 17-under 271 victory total. Choi overcame a three-shot deficit at the start of the day. Seung-yul Noh of South Korea closed with consecutive six-under par 66’s to finish solo 2nd, two shots behind Choi.


TORU Taniguchi closed with a six-under 65 to win the Bridgestone Open by five shots over four players. Taniguchi, who also won the event in 2004, finished at 15-under 169. The win is the first of the season for Taniguchi, and the 17th of his JGTO career.

south African:

DARREN Fichardt won the Sunshine Tour’s Suncoast Classic by a six-shot margin, firing a final round four-under 68 en route to a 13-under, 203 victory total… Ulrich van den Berg claimed solo 2nd, while Alex Haindl, Allan Versfeld and Warren Abery shared 3rd place, another shot back.

world Golf Championships hsBC Champions # Player 1 Martin Kaymer 2 Fredrik Jacobson 3 Graeme McDowell Australian/New Zealand Results T11 Adam Scott 19 John Senden T23 Aaron Baddeley T42 Stuart Appleby T56 Geoff Ogilvy 71 David Gleeson T72 Alistair Presnell 77 Adam Bland

Total -20 -17 -16

Strokes 268 271 272

-12 -8 -6 -1 2 10 11 24

276 280 282 287 290 298 299 312

Andalucia Masters # Player Total Strokes 1 Sergio Garcia -6 278 2 Miguel Angel Jimenez -5 279 3 Richie Ramsay -4 280 Australia/New Zealand Results T36 Andrew Dodt 9 293 T36 Brett Rumford 9 293 T38 Scott Strange 10 294 Missed Cut: Marcus Fraser, Matthew Zions, Richard Green

GREG Chalmers won the 2011 emirates Australian Open following an intense final round at The lakes Golf Club. Chalmers, the 1998 Australian Open Champion, claimed his second Stonehaven Cup, holding off a worldclass leaderboard of challengers to take the title. “i’ve got my name twice on the Stonehaven Cup, that’s phenomenal,” said Chalmers. “it’s one of the strongest fields we’ve had in Australian golf in a long time. But to go out there and get that done over the last two days and shoot 8-under on the weekend, that does something to me, that really floats my boat. it’s very exciting.” Despite finding the bunker on the last, Chalmers edged out John Senden who was also

chasing his second Australian Open title. Tiger Woods finished in outright third, his final round of 5-under par sending a message to the crowds that the former World No. 1 is finding his way back to the top.

# 1 2 3 T4 T4 T4 T4 T4 T9 T9 11 T12 T12

# T12 T15 T15 T15 T15 T19 T19 T19 T19 T23 T23 T23 T23

Player Greg Chalmers John Senden Tiger Woods Geoff Ogilvy Nick O’hern Adam Scott Jason Day Nick Watney Aaron Baddeley Ryan haller Kyle Stanley Bubba Watson Matthew Jones

To Par -13 -12 -11 -9 -9 -9 -9 -9 -8 -8 -7 -6 -6

Total 275 276 277 279 279 279 279 279 280 280 281 282 282

Player Scott Arnold Jarrod lyle Fred Couples Matthew Millar Terry Pilkadaris Craig hasthorpe Kelly Kraft (AM) Marcus Cain David McKenzie John Cook Peter O’Malley Ryan McCarthy (AM) Stephen Allan

To Par -6 -5 -5 -5 -5 -3 -3 -3 -3 -2 -2 -2 -2

Total 282 283 283 283 283 285 285 285 285 286 286 286 286

World Rankings following The Presidents Cup Top 20 Australians Top 20 Rolex World Rankings in Australia 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

Adam Scott (7 in world rankings) Jason Day (8) Geoff Ogilvy (38) John Senden (43) Aaron Baddeley (49) Robert Allenby (71) Brendan Jones (81) Richard Green (88) Greg Chalmers (103) Nick O’hern (145) Stuart Appleby (158) Kurt Barnes (162) Marc leishman (177) Marcus Fraser (186) Brett Rumford (214) Matthew Jones (222) Mathew Goggin (224) Andre Stolz (244) Brad Kennedy (255) Daniel Gaunt (258)

Top 5 World Rankings 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

luke Donald (averaged points 10.37) Rory Mcilroy (7.59) lee Westwood (7.50) Martin Kaymer (7.02) Steve Stricker (5.80)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

Karrie Webb (16 in world) Katherine hull (44) Nikki Campbell (72) Tamie Durdin (122) Kristie Smith (138) lindsey Wright (159) Frances Bondad (174) Sarah Kemp (181) Sarah Jane Smith (187) Nikki Garrett (197) Karen lunn (202) Stacey Keating (238) Ashley Ona (304) Stephanie Na (332) Rebecca Flood (344) Rachel Bailey (411) Alison Whitaker (449) Rachel hetherington (487) Vicky Thomas (502) leanne Bowditch (508)

Top 5 Rolex Rankings 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Yani Tseng (18.3) Suzann Pettersen (11.04) Cristie Kerr (10.67) Na Yeon Choi (10.49) Paula Creamer (8.52)

Stats and recaps courtesy of the PGA of Australia, the AlPG and Titleist. TiTleiST TOUR BlOG: archive/2011/10/03/titleist-tour-report-for-week-ending-october-2-2011.aspx FOllOW TiTleiST ON TWiTTeR: JOiN TiTleiST ON FACeBOOK:

2011 Worldwide Wins

168 26 ©2011 Acushnet Company. Based upon results through 20/11/11 on the U.S. PGA, U.S. LPGA, Champions, Nationwide, South African, Asian, Korean, OneAsia, Australasian, Japan, Canadian PGA and PGA European Tours. Titleist Customer Service: 1800 660 535

available from these stockists: Drummond Golf stores Australia wide — go to for your nearest store ACT Belconnen Magpies GC Canberra Int’l Golf Capital GC Federal GC Royal Canberra GC Yowani CC NSW The House of Golf: — Ballina Power Golf: — Alexandria — Artarmon — Castle Hill Als Sydney Golf Centre Ashlar GC Avondale GC Bankstown GC Bardwell Valley GC Bathurst GC Belmont Club Beresford GC Bermagui CC Beverley Park GC Bexley GC Bonnie Doon GC Botany GC Cabramatta GC Camden GC Camden Haven GC Camden Lakeside CC Campbelltown GC Canterbury GC Carnarvon GC Castle Cove CC Castle Hill CC Charlestown GC Chatswood GC Cobram Barooga GC Coffs City Golf Concord GC Coomealla Club Cootamundra CC Cromer GC Cumberland GC Dubbo GC Dunheved GC Duntryleague GC Eastlake GC Elanora CC Everglades CC Forster GC Fox Hills GC Gibralter CC Golf West Driving Range Gosford GC Griffith GC Hawks Nest GC Highlands GC House of Golf - Bondi Hunter Valley GC Hurstville GC Jamberoo GC Kangaroo Valley GC Kareela GC Kincumber Driving Range Kurri GC

02 6254 6740 02 6232 6611 02 6295 9093 02 6281 3799 02 6281 3882 02 6228 9739

02 6681 3377 02 9698 3388 02 9439 9997 02 9634 1477 02 9744 3633 02 9621 3924 02 9440 8656 02 9773 0628 02 9597 1079 02 6331 1379 02 4945 2058 02 4966 4665 02 6493 4657 02 9588 5828 02 9150 8873 02 9349 2101 02 9316 4930 02 9602 1516 02 4648 2387 02 6559 4203 02 8777 1000 02 4622 2990 02 9759 5444 02 9649 2438 02 9417 5566 02 9634 2573 02 4943 8748 02 9419 7138 03 5873 4372 02 6652 3266 02 9743 0265 02 5027 4658 02 6942 2313 02 9971 2263 02 9631 3878 02 6882 2201 02 9623 8268 02 6362 4072 02 9662 6453 02 9913 7330 02 4341 3399 02 6554 6167 02 9631 7689 02 4862 8600 02 6884 4099 02 4337 3333 02 6962 3742 02 4997 0740 02 4871 3274 02 9386 1977 02 4991 4777 02 9534 5024 02 4236 0404 02 4465 0200 02 9521 6279 02 4368 3783 02 4937 1091

Lithgow GC Liverpool GC Long Reef GC Longyard GC Lynch’s Sports Store Macquarie Links GC Maitland GC Manly GC Massey Park GC Merewether GC Mollymook GC Mona Vale GC Monash CC Moore Park GC Moree GC Morisset GC Moss Vale GC Mudgee GC Muirfield GC Muree GC Murrumbidgee CC Muswellbrook GC Narooma GC Narrabri GC Narrandera GC New Brighton GC North Ryde GC Northbridge GC Northern Beaches Golf Nowra Driving Range Oatlands GC Ocean Shores CC Pambula Merimbula GC Parramatta GC Pennant Hills GC Penrith Golf Factory Port Macquarie GC Pymble GC RAE GC Randwick GC Rich River GC Russell Vale GC Ryde Parramatta GC Shelly Beach GC Shoalhaven Heads Golf Shortland Waters GC Singleton GC South West Rocks CC Sports Power Griffith St Georges Basin CC St Michael’s GC Strathfield GC Swingers Golf Erina Tamworth GC Taree GC Terrey Hills Golf & CC Terrigal GC The Australian GC The Coast GC The Lakes GC The Ridge GC The Vintage GC Thurgoona CC Tocumwal GC Toronto GC Toukley GC Tura Beach CC Wagga Wagga City GC Wakehurst GC Wallacia Panthers GC Waratah GC Warringah GC

02 6352 3422 02 9278 7777 02 9982 2943 02 6765 2988 02 6977 2884 02 8796 5888 02 4933 4141 02 9907 9553 02 9743 3737 02 4963 1869 02 4455 2055 02 9999 3605 02 9913 7722 02 9663 1064 02 6752 1480 02 4973 2455 02 4868 1503 02 6372 2686 02 9871 7940 02 4987 2978 02 6296 2311 02 6543 2128 02 4467 0507 02 6792 1771 02 6959 1327 02 9602 7547 02 9888 5518 02 9958 7517 02 9913 7991 02 4423 3003 02 9630 1423 02 6680 1247 02 6495 6280 02 9635 8656 02 9484 3435 02 4722 8640 02 6582 0784 02 9144 3519 02 9601 8789 02 8347 3733 03 5481 3372 02 4283 5322 02 9874 4031 02 4332 1103 02 4448 8683 02 4951 4129 02 6572 4875 02 6666 6880 02 6962 3082 02 4443 0836 02 9311 0621 02 9642 8642 02 4365 5936 02 6765 9980 02 6552 1506 02 9486 4115 02 4384 5691 02 9663 2273 02 9661 5367 02 9669 3544 02 9541 4960 02 4998 2208 02 6043 1902 03 5874 9172 02 4959 5063 02 4396 5811 02 6495 9068 02 6931 6275 02 9948 6126 02 4773 8835 02 4958 3558 02 9905 1326

Wauchope CC Wentworth Falls GC Wentworth GC Windsor GC Wollongong Golf Cub Woollahra GC Wyong GC Yass GC

02 6585 3885 02 4757 1899 02 6361 4571 02 4577 3718 02 4222 3144 02 9327 3683 02 4352 1511 02 6226 1977

NT Alice Springs GC

08 8952 6575

QLD The House of Golf: — Bundall 07 5538 2699 — Hervey Bay 07 4124 8555 — Underwood 07 3219 0000 Bargara GC 07 4159 2257 Beerwah GC 07 5494 6611 Bowen GC 07 4785 1206 Bribie Island GC 07 3408 2484 Brisbane GC 07 3848 3158 Caboolture GC 07 5495 1911 Caloundra GC 07 5491 2626 Coolangatta Tweed Heads GC 07 5527 4644 Gainsborough Greens GC 07 5546 6003 Gladstone GC 07 4978 2649 Gold Coast Burleigh GC 07 5572 8972 Halfmoon Bay GC 07 4055 7933 Hatton Vale GC 07 5465 6822 Headland GC 07 5444 5944 Horton Park GC 07 5443 2597 Indooroopilly GC 07 3721 2122 Ipswich GC 07 3812 0488 Lakelands GC 07 5579 8700 Mackay GC 07 4942 1362 Maryborough GC 07 4121 3765 McLeod CC 07 3376 3922 Mt Coolum Golf Shop 07 5446 3125 Mt Warren Park GC 07 3287 1951 Pacific GC 07 3343 0887 Parkwood GC 07 5594 6388 Pelican Waters GC 07 5437 5002 Peregian Springs GC 07 5471 5400 RACV Royal Pines Resort 07 5597 8733 Sanctuary Cove GC 07 5699 9000 Sandy Gallop GC 07 3281 8544 Southport GC 07 5532 1577 The Golf Gurus 07 3263 8443 The Grand GC 07 5596 0223 Vanity Fairways 07 3720 1237 Virginia GC 07 3267 7057 Warwick GC 07 4661 3664 Windaroo Lakes GC 07 3804 0655 Yeppon GC 07 4939 3664 SOUTH AUSTRALIA The House of Golf: — Mile End Adelaide Shores GC Clare Golf Centre Flagstaff Hill GC Glenelg GC Mt Osmond GC Murray Bridge GC Riverside GC Royal Adelaide GC South Lakes GC Tea Tree Gully GC

08 8354 2662 08 8356 4811 08 8842 1022 08 8270 2208 08 8295 5274 08 8379 1674 08 8532 6535 08 8268 3054 08 8356 8508 08 8555 3271 08 8251 9200

The Grange GC Willunga GC

08 8356 3070 08 8556 2200

TASMANIA Claremont GC Kingston Beach GC Launceston GC Royal Hobart GC Tasmania GC

03 6249 1180 03 6229 4298 03 6344 1118 03 6248 6161 03 6248 5138

VICTORIA The House of Golf: — Bayside 03 9557 1127 — Epping 03 9408 8311 — Essendon 03 9374 1099 — Flinders Street 03 9620 5900 — Frankston 03 9786 5294 — Geelong 03 5221 1489 — Malvern 03 9822 0355 — Mildura 03 5022 9440 — Pakenham 03 5941 7388 — Ringwood 03 9879 4444 Amstel GC 03 5990 8205 Black Bull GC 03 5744 0044 Cerberus GC 03 5983 6006 Cobram Barooga GC 03 5873 4372 Croydon GC 03 9738 9001 Greenacres GC 03 9859 2338 Heildelberg GC 03 9433 5308 Heritage GC 03 9760 3322 Horsham GC 03 5382 3312 Kew GC 03 9859 2039 Kingston Heath GC 03 8558 2700 La Trobe GC 03 9499 6311 Lang Lang GC 03 5659 6284 Metropolitan GC 03 9570 3774 Morack GC 03 9801 4479 Murray Downs GC 03 5033 1427 Northern GC 03 9300 2488 RACV Healsville CC 03 5962 4899 Ranfurlie GC 03 9788 8288 Rosanna GC 03 9439 8469 Royal Melbourne GC 03 9598 6755 St Andrew’s Beach GC 03 5988 6000 Woodlands GC 03 9580 1157 Yarrambat Park GC 03 9436 2201 Yarrawonga & Mulwala Resort 03 5744 1911 WESTERN AUSTRALIA GolfBox: — Balcatta — Booragoon — Bunbury — East Perth — Joondalup — Midland Golf Downunder: — Mandurah — Rockingham Carramar GC Cottesloe GC Geraldton GC Joondalup Resort GC Kalgoorlie GC Marangaroo GC Mt Lawley GC Newman and Brooks Royal Perth GC The Western Australian Wanneroo GC Whaleback GC

08 9242 8000 08 9330 1100 08 9791 3013 08 9421 8000 08 9300 3515 08 9250 1900 08 9586 9633 08 9591 2699 08 9306 1133 08 9384 5823 08 9964 1911 08 9400 8812 08 9026 2626 08 9247 1733 08 9271 9622 08 9330 3388 08 6436 4900 08 9349 1113 08 9405 2658 08 9457 8999

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December 2011


USGA and R&A announce changes to Rules of Golf Golf ’s governing bodies relax rules regarding the ball moving after address, hole-in-one prizes, contracts, late starts and more The United States Golf Association (USGA) and the R&A have announced the publication of the new Rules of Golf for 2012-15. Changes in the Rules – which for the first time have been designed, published and presented jointly by golf ’s governing bodies – include exonerating a player from penalty if it is known their ball was moved by the wind after address. Following an exhaustive, four-year review of golf ’s 34 playing Rules, nine principal Rules have been amended to improve clarity and ensure penalties are proportionate. Significant changes include: Ball Moving After Address (Rule 18-2b). A new exception is added which exonerates the player from penalty if their ball moves after it has been addressed when it is known or virtually certain that they did not cause the ball to move. For example, if it is a gust of wind that moves the ball after it has been addressed, there is no penalty and the ball is played from its new position. This rule change will see an end to situations like the one witnessed during the final round of this year’s Open Championship when Northern ireland’s Rory Mcilroy was penalized when his ball was moved on the seventh green by the wind after he had addressed it. The rule also affected Webb Simpson in the final round of the Zurich Classic — Simpson was leading by a shot and closing in on what would have been his first title

when his ball moved on the 15th green. After being given a one-stroke penalty, he eventually lost in a playoff to Bubba Watson. (On a side note: Simpson was pipped for this year’s PGA Tour money title by luke Donald by a margin of $335,861 — the difference between first and second place at the Zurich Classic was $460,800.) in addition, the definition of addressing the ball was revised to mean “simply … grounding his club immediately in front of or behind the ball, regardless of whether or not he has taken his stance.” Before, the address position required a player to be stood over the ball with the club grounded. Ball in hazard; Prohibited Actions (Rule 13-4). exception 2 to this Rule is amended to permit a player to smooth sand or soil in a hazard at any time, including before playing from that hazard, provided it is for the sole purpose of caring for the course, and Rule 13-2 (improving lie, area of intended stance or swing or line of play) is not breached. This is good news if, say, you want to tidy up your footprints in a bunker on the way to your ball (especially if the following shot— or two—are still in there!) Time of Starting (Rule 6-3a). The rule is amended to provide that the penalty for starting late, but within five minutes of the starting time, is reduced from disqualification to loss of the first hole in match play or two strokes at the

first hole in stroke play. Previously this penalty reduction could be introduced as a condition of competition. Other changes were aimed specifically at amateur players. Amateur golfers all over the world now will be allowed to play for unlimited hole-in-one prizes. Previously, the rules allowed for amateurs to receive only small prizes, and that accepting something of greater value would force golfers to forfeit their amateur status. in one high-profile instance, Derek lawrenson, a golf writer for

The Daily Mail newspaper in london, won a lamborghini but had to surrender his amateur status. The governing bodies have now decided that “the special nature of a hole-in-one during a round of golf means that restrictions on the prizes offered have been lifted.” in addition, the new Rules of Amateur Status include changes for elite amateur golfers aimed at easing the move from amateur to professional. it follows a far-reaching four-year review of amateurism in golf, which even questioned the

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December 2011

need for a set of rules and has resulted in the firstever uniform worldwide code for amateur status. “We felt the time was right to carry out a fundamental review of the Rules of Amateur Status,” said R&A Director of Rules David Rickman. “We were conscious that many sports had done away with amateur status rules and we felt that was an appropriate question for us to ask. “We concluded that it is very important that golf retains its amateur regulations, mainly because of the self-regulating nature of the game both in terms of the playing rules and handicapping,” he added. “We felt that uncontrolled financial incentives could place too much pressure on these important features.” excluding hole-in-one prizes from the general prize limit and allowing high-value prizes, including cash, to be awarded brings the R&A into line with the USGA. “i think this is a really good change. Anyone who makes a hole-in-one knows there is a degree of luck,” said lPGA Tour star Suzann Pettersen, an R&A ambassador. “Most professional tournaments offer hole-in-one prizes and it adds some real interest for players and fans. it is great to think that club golfers can now experience that same excitement.” Also under the new rules aimed at amateurs thinking of a professional career, players will now be able to enter into an agreement with an agent or sponsor as long as they do not receive any financial gain while still an amateur. Rules have also been relaxed on subsistence payments paid through national golf unions. “The rules on contracts now reflect the modern game and adopt a much more realistic and common sense approach,” Rickman explained. “Similarly, the rules on subsistence expenses should help the support of deserving talent

In one of many changes to the Rules of Golf next year, a gust of wind moving your ball after address will no longer incur a penalty wherever it may emerge across the golfing world.” england’s Tom lewis, who won recently won the Portugal Masters in just his third pro start at age 20, is a supporter of that change. “it is an important change because some players are forced into turning pro early just because of financial difficulties,” he said. “it will make a real difference as they will now be able to turn professional for all the right reasons and also at the right time for them. it is probably the most important decision they will make in their career.” Commenting on the revisions to the Rules of Golf supported by Rolex, R&A Director of

Rules and equipment Standards David Rickman said: “The key point is that the Rules of Golf will remain fundamentally the same. We have undergone a pretty extensive review although what has come out of that has been relatively modest. “The Rules of Golf are constantly evolving and our hope is that what we have produced for 2012 is clear, informed by common sense and reflective of the demands of the modern game.” USGA Senior Director of Rules of Golf Thomas Pagel said: “We have produced a unified code of the Rules of Golf for 60 years and although the context has been the same,

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rules 31

we often found the perception that there were different Rules in place depending upon where you were to play the game. “Now the book will not only have the same content, but it will also be presented in a uniform fashion with similar formatting and covers; this will truly be a single code governing the Rules of the game that reflects the strong collaboration between The R&A and USGA.” Padraig harrington, three-time Major winner and R&A-Working for Golf Ambassador, said: “i am delighted with the changes, in particular the ball moving after address. every time the wind blows i am worried that my ball is going to move and i am worried about grounding my putter, distracting me from trying to hole my putt. “This change will speed up play, there won’t be as many suspensions and players won’t be getting penalized or disqualified unfairly. it is definitely giving us players a little bit of a break.” There has been a unified code of golf since 1952 but until now The R&A and the USGA have published the same rules in separate editions, thereby giving the impression to some that the rules were different. however, this year sees identical publications with only some spellings and respective logos changing depending whether the edition serves the U.S. and Mexico or the rest of the world. Golfing legend Arnold Palmer welcomed the announcement of a jointly published edition of the Rules. he said: “What has happened with The R&A and the USGA is wonderful. in the years i have been associated with the game and got to know The R&A and what their efforts are and having lived with the USGA all my life, one of the things i have always thought we should be closer together.”

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December 2011

32 coverstory

‘Super’ Senior RobWillis

ON turning 50 a couple of years ago, Peter Senior embarked on a Champions Tour campaign. he won the Tour school, enjoyed an excellent rookie year, then came home and beat the ‘flat bellies’ to win his third Australian PGA title. That was just the start. if anyone thought 2010 was good, Senior has taken it to a new level in 2011. The 52-year-old is now a consistent challenger in the US every week, having notched 12 top 10’s, including three seconds, and with one event to go was third on the moneylist and a genuine chance of claiming the Charles Schwab Cup as the Champion Tour’s leading earner if he can build on the $1,388,000 he has already banked. “it has been a good year and i’ve enjoyed playing in the USA but i’m really looking forward to playing at home and catching up with the Australian players,” Senior said. Recognised and revered on home soil, Senior was a small fish in a very big golfing sea when he first landed on the Champions Tour, but his consistently high standard of play has raised the eyebrows of all those against who he competes, to where he now has the respect of all concerned. “Winning the PGA at the end of last year was a great way to finish a good season off and set me up for my second year on the Champions Tour. The first year i really didn’t know what to expect. how the other players would react to

my being there was one of my greatest worries,” Senior admitted. “(But) i need not have worried. The players made me so welcome they made me feel at home pretty quick.” Senior’s coach Gary edwin — the pair having struck up an amazing friendship and professional partnership — has also gained great satisfaction from Senior’s success, with the Queensland golfing guru in awe of how well his star pupil has performed against the best over-50’s in the world. “The great thing for me is he’s up there competing every week with the legends of the game,” edwin began. “it was hard for him at first being the foreigner over there but they give him a lot of respect now. “But Pete really does work hard, harder now than he ever has before. he’s a great ball striker, particularly on the long difficult courses. he can hit the long irons.” While outwardly edwin and Senior seem happy with the way the year has transpired, although the player might not admit it, the coach explained that as good as 2011 has been, it has also come with a little bit of frustration. “he’s had a great year but i think he’s a bit disappointed he hasn’t won. he should have won three times and it bugs him a little. But he has had a sensational year,” edwin said. “i have lost a few tournaments at the death, two of them in playoffs and a couple i missed by a shot. Nearly all these events came down to holing a putt in the late stages on Sunday, which

i wasn’t able to do,” Senior said “The one i had the best chance was the Korean tournament. i had a great run from the eighth to be 8-under for the day with two holes to go. i had a couple of good chances on 17 and 18 and i knew if i holed just one of them i would be hard to beat. i ended up losing the playoff to Jay Don Blake,” he said. But again characteristic of Senior, he was quick to deflect some of the praise for his stellar year and was happy to share it around, with the resident of hope island extremely appreciative of the input from his long-term coach. “Being in constant contact with Gary edwin

and his team has been invaluable. i’m certainly a better player now than when i was playing my best golf 20 years ago,” Senior said. “he has taught me what causes my bad shots so i can fix it on course, something i wasn’t able to do years ago. i owe him a lot for where i am today.” Following his Summer of Golf tournaments here in Australia, it’s back on the horse during the first week of February for his first Champions Tour event of 2012. it’s an exacting campaign for anyone, let alone an aging 50-something just doing his best. But that’s what he might want the youngsters to believe.

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December 2011

Inside the numbers:

The Presidents Cup

thepresidentscup 33


United States 19, Internationals 15 (17½ points was needed to win)

DAY ONE Thursday Foursomes Matches – United States 4, Internationals 2 Match 1 Bubba Watson/Webb Simpson (U.S.) def Ernie Els/Ryo Ishikawa (INT), 4&2 Match 2 Bill Haas/Nick Watney (U.S.) halved with Geoff Ogilvy/Charl Schwartzel (INT) Match 3 Dustin Johnson/Matt Kuchar (U.S.) halved with Aaron Baddeley/Jason Day (INT) Match 4 Phil Mickelson/Jim Furyk (U.S.) def Retief Goosen/Robert Allenby (INT), 4&3 Match 5 Hunter Mahan/David Toms (U.S.) def K.T. Kim/Y.E. Yang (INT), 6&5 Match 6 K.J. Choi/Adam Scott (INT) def Tiger Woods/Steve Stricker (U.S.), 7&6

DAY TWO Friday Four-Ball Matches – United States 3, Internationals 3 Match 7 Bubba Watson/Webb Simpson (U.S.) def Ernie Els/Ryo Ishikawa (INT), 3&1 Match 8 Jason Day/Aaron Baddeley (INT) def Tiger Woods/Dustin Johnson (U.S.), 1 up Match 9 Phil Mickelson/Jim Furyk (U.S.) def Adam Scott/K.T. Kim (INT), 2&1 Match 10 Geoff Ogilvy/K.J. Choi (INT) def Bill Haas/Nick Watney (U.S.), 1 up Match 11 Steve Stricker/Matt Kuchar (U.S.) def. Y.E. Yang/Robert Allenby (INT), 4&3 Match 12 Charl Schwartzel/Retief Goosen (INT) def. Hunter Mahan/David Toms (U.S.), 2&1

DAY THREE Saturday Foursomes Matches – United States 4, Internationals 1 Match 13 Bubba Watson/Webb Simpson (U.S.) def Robert Allenby/Geoff Ogilvy (INT), 3&2 Match 14 Ernie Els/Ryo Ishikawa (INT) def Matt Kuchar/Bill Haas (U.S.), 1 up Match 15 Hunter Mahan/David Toms (U.S.) def Retief Goosen/Charl Schwartzel (INT), 5&4 Match 16 Dustin Johnson/Tiger Woods(U.S.) def Adam Scott/K.J. Choi (INT), 3&2 Match 17 Phil Mickelson/Jim Furyk (U.S.) def. Aaron Baddeley/Jason Day (INT), 2&1

The team from The United States captured the 2011 Presidents Cup last month, capping the end of two years of anticipation, excitement and intrigue. And while the final score wasn’t what most Australians had hoped for, the event itself certainly lived up to all the hype. The Americans came out firing on all cylinders, and took the early lead – mostly due to their skills in the alternate-shot “Foursomes” format. The Internationals put up a valiant effort in the Sunday singles matches, but despite taking 6 out of the 12 matches, they were unable to overcome the deficit that had built up over the previous three days. Strong showings by Jim Furyk, Webb Simpson and Bubba Watson gave the Americans a solid edge for the week, while disappointing play from Robert Allenby, Ernie Els, Aaron Baddeley and Jason Day helped seal the Internationals’ fate.

In the end, it was Tiger Woods who claimed the final point needed for a US victory, beating Aaron Baddeley in their singles match. The most important “star” for the week, however, was The Royal Melbourne Golf Club. Royal Melbourne left everyone with a sense of awe and respect. Indeed, many of the players agreed that it was one of the best courses they had ever played on. And although the greens were considered “almost unplayable” at times by some, the truth of the matter is that the greens are the teeth of the course. Without water hazards, massive waste bunkers or other “defenders of par”, Royal Melbourne’s greens are its legacy. And they were true to form. All told, Melbourne golf is the big winner here, as we can only hope that the worldwide coverage we received from The Presidents Cup will be a massive boost for golf tourism in the Sporting Capital of the World.

Saturday Four-ball Matches – Internationals 3, United States 2 Match 18 Retief Goosen/Charl Schwartzel (Intl’) def Bubba Watson/Webb Simpson (U.S.), 2&1. Match 19 K.T. Kim/Y.E. Yang (INT) def Tiger Woods/Dustin Johnson (U.S.), 1 up Match 20 Geoff Ogilvy/K.J. Choi (INT) def Steve Stricker/Matt Kuchar (U.S.), 1 up. Match 21 Hunter Mahan/Bill Haas (U.S.) def Aaron Baddeley/Jason Day (INT), 2&1 Match 22 Jim Furyk/Nick Watney (U.S.) def Adam Scott/Ernie Els (INT), 1 up

DAY FOUR Sunday Singles Matches – Internationals 6, United States 6 Match 23 K.T. Kim (INT) def Webb Simpson (U.S.), 1-up Match 24 Charl Schwartzel (INT) def Dustin Johnson (U.S.), 2&1 Match 25 Ryo Ishikawa (INT) def Bubba Watson (U.S.), 3&2 Match 26 Geoff Ogilvy (INT) def Bill Haas (U.S.), 2-up Match 27 Hunter Mahan (U.S.) def Jason Day (INT), 5&3 Match 28 Nick Watney (U.S.) def K.J. Choi (INT), 3&2 Match 29 Adam Scott (INT) def Phil Mickelson (U.S.), 2&1 Match 30 Retief Goosen (INT) def Matt Kuchar (U.S.), 1-up Match 31 Jim Furyk (U.S.) def Ernie Els (INT), 4&3 Match 32 David Toms (U.S.) def Robert Allenby (INT), 7&5 Match 33 Tiger Woods (U.S.) def Aaron Baddeley (INT), 4&3 Match 34 Steve Stricker (U.S.) def Y.E. Yang (INT), 2&1

Captain’s Picks Robert Allenby (INT), 0-4-0 Aaron Baddeley (INT), 1-3-1 Tiger Woods (USA), 2-3-0 Bill Haas (USA), 1-3-1 With 1 ½ points scored between them, Robert Allenby (0-4-0) and Aaron Baddeley (1-3-1) set the record for fewest cumulative points scored by a team’s captain’s picks. The previous low was 2½.

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December 2011


A young fan gets inspired by the calibre of play; meanwhile the stars and stripes were out for all to see

The fanatics were out in force

thE winnERs:

thE sinnERs

• THE COURSE: Royal Melbourne Golf Club was the star of the show. Great layout, impeccable conditioning and a real challenge for the players. • THE FANS: over 105,618 golf-mad fans attended the event over the week, and they were all passionate while remaining well behaved (except for one idiot who taunted hunter Mahan on 16). And who can forget the great chant for the pairing of Adam Scott and KJ Choi: “Aussie Aussie Aussie, Choi Choi Choi!” • THE PLAYERS: These guys are good! Not only inside the ropes, but outside as well. They signed heaps of autographs, posed for photos, and were extremely friendly. • THE TIGER: Tiger Woods silenced the critics with some stellar play. Despite struggling in early matches, Tiger showed glimpses of his old self on Sunday, and scored the clinching point for the Americans.

• THE TV COVERAGE: Foxtel was great, but Channel Nine, not so much. Breaking away from live coverage to show a repeat of hot Seat? Are they kidding? And with so many good golf commentators out there, why was eddie in the box? Shame. • THE ‘SPECIALISTS’: Robert Allenby’s play was less than stellar, and he now has more losses (17) than any other player in Presidents Cup history. ernie els was almost invisible, and wasn’t much better. • THE ELEMENTS: From blustery wind, to searing heat to rain and cold (sometimes all in one hole), Mother Nature made sure that the players (and fans, and journalists) were on their toes. • THE FINAL SCORE: OK, we’re gutted. This was ours to win. You can analyse it any number of ways, but had we been a tad better at Foursomes – and had our Captain’s Picks chalked up 2 more points elsewhere – we’d be celebrating. But just wait until 2013!

December 2011

Total stats:

intERnAtionAL tEAM Robert Allenby 8-17-3 (‘94, ‘96, ‘00, ‘03, ‘09, ‘11) 3-7-2 (Foursomes) 4-6-0 (Four-Ball) 1-4-1 (Singles) 0-4-0 (2011)

us tEAM

Jim Furyk 20-10-3 (1998-2011) 7-3-3 (Foursomes) 8-5-0 (Four-Ball) 5-2-0 (Singles) 5-0-0 (2011) Bill Haas 1-3-1 (2011) 0-1-1 (Foursomes) 1-1-0 (Four-Ball) 0-1-0 (Singles) Dustin Johnson 1-3-1 (2011) 1-0-1 (Foursomes) 0-2-0 (Four-Ball) 0-1-0 (Singles) Matt Kuchar 1-3-1 (2011) 0-1-1 (Foursomes) 1-1-0 (Four-Ball) 0-1-0 (Singles) Hunter Mahan 8-5-1 (2007-2011) 4-1-1 (Foursomes) 2-3-0 (Four-Ball) 2-1-0 (Singles) 4-1-0 (2011) Phil Mickelson 18-14-10 (1994-2011) 9-6-2 (Foursomes) 7-4-5 (Four-Ball) 2-4-3 (Singles) 3-1-0 (2011)

thepresidentscup 35

Webb Simpson 3-2-0 (2011) 2-0-0 (Foursomes) 1-1-0 (Four-Ball) 0-1-0 (Singles) Steve Stricker 11-8-0 (‘96, ‘07, ‘09, ‘11) 4-3-0 (Foursomes) 5-3-0 (Four-Ball) 2-2-0 (Singles) 2-2-0 (2011)

Aaron Baddeley 1-3-1 (2011) 0-1-1 (Foursomes) 1-1-0 (Four-Ball) 0-1-0 (Singles)

Jim Furyk was on fire, going 5-0-0 for the week

K.J. Choi 6-8-0 (‘03, ‘07, ‘09) 1-4-0 (Foursomes) 3-3-0 (Four-Ball) 2-1-0 (Singles) 3-2-0 (2011)

David Toms 9-8-1 (‘03, ‘05, ‘07, ‘11) 5-3-0 (Foursomes) 1-4-1 (Four- Ball) 3-1-0 (Singles) 3-1-0 (2011) Nick Watney 2-1-1 (2011) 0-0-1 (Foursomes) 1-1-0 (Four-Ball) 1-0-0 (Singles)

Jason Day 1-3-1 (2011) 0-1-1 (Foursomes) 1-1-0 (Four-Ball) 0-1-0 (Singles) Ryo Ishikawa, with Greg Norman and Ernie Els looking on

Ernie Els 17-16-2 (1996-2011) 6-7-1 (Foursomes) 8-5-1 (Four-Ball) 3-4-0 (Singles) 1-4-0 (2011)

Bubba Watson 3-2-0 (2011) 2-0-0 (Foursomes) 1-1-0 (Four-Ball) 0-1-0 (Singles) Tiger Woods 20-14-1 (1998-2011) 10-3-1 (Foursomes) 5-9-0 (Four-Ball) 5-2-0 (Singles) 2-3-0 (2011)

Retief Goosen 14-12-3 (2000-2011) 2-8-2 (Foursomes) 8-2-1 (Four-Ball) 4-2-0 (Singles) 3-2-0 (2011) The large crowds were treated to spectacular golf

Ryo Ishikawa 4-4-0 (2009-2011) 2-2-0 (Foursomes) 1-2-0 (Four-Ball) 2-0-0 (Singles) 2-2-0 (2011) K.T. Kim 2-2-0 (2011) 0-1-0 (Foursomes) 1-1-0 (Four-Ball) 1-0-0 (Singles) Geoff Ogilvy 7-6-1 (2007-2011) 0-4-1 (Foursomes) 4-2-0 (Four-Ball) 3-0-0 (Singles) 3-1-1 (2011) Charl Schwartzel 3-1-1 (2011) 0-1-1 (Foursomes) 2-0-0 (Four-Ball) 1-0-0 (Singles) Adam Scott 9-13-2 (2003-2011) 5-4-1 (Foursomes) 3-6-1 (Four-Ball) 2-3-0 (Singles) 2-3-0 (2011) Y.E. Yang 3-5-1 (2009-2011) 1-1-1 (Foursomes) 2-2-0 (Four-Ball) 0-1-0 (Singles) 1-3-0 (2011) For more stats, recaps and our full photo gallery, visit

(Stats courtesy of The PGA Tour & The Presidents Cup office)

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December 2011


Paroz’s dream year

20 CQ juniors for Norman Masters


LUKE Paroz has won the 2010/2011 Queensland Sunshine Tour Order of Merit. The Caboolture-based professional was named champion at the season ending Hi Lite Pro Am last month. Paroz’s season included 17 top10s as well as victories at the Dysart, Murwillumbah and Pine Rivers proams as well as a runner-up finish to Brad Andrews at the Runge Mining Town Series earlier in the year. It has been a remarkable year for Paroz. It’s his first full year on tour and he credits his family for his success. “I really need to credit my change in form to my wife and two kids for supporting my ambition of playing golf professionally,” he said. “It’s never been easy to leave your family behind for weeks at a time, but when you know in the back of your mind that you have their full support it really does make a big difference in the scheme of playing professional golf.” Paroz finished the season on 300 points – 48 points clear of twotime Order of Merit champion Brad Andrews. Unfortunately, Andrews had to miss the last eight events as he travelled to Japan Tour qualifying school. Korean-born Australian Jun Seok

Luke Paroz en route to winning the Sunshine Tour OOM Lee finished third in his rookie season as a professional. If he continues to play as he did this year it will only be a matter of time before we see his name on the international stage. Paroz will focus on playing the

Australasian Tour events, although he has limited status on the tour. He will take the opportunities he’s presented and do his best to make enough money before the Australian Masters to ensure full status for the 2012 season.

Sunshine Tour Order of Merit Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Name Luke Paroz Bradley Andrews Jun Seok Lee Marcus Cain Taylor Cooper Simon Furneaux Rowan Beste Paul Donahoo Ryan Haller Daniel Morrison

State Points Prizemoney Avg Pts/Rnd Rounds QLD 300 $27,455.59 5.0000 60 QLD 252 $27,381.46 4.9411 51 KR 232 $22,668.58 5.3953 43 QLD 224 $20,101.42 4.9777 45 QLD 208 $10,324.93 3.2000 65 NSW 192 $12,119.92 4.0000 48 QLD 191 $20,486.19 4.2444 45 QLD 179 $17,795.13 4.3658 41 QLD 173 $15,143.11 5.2424 33 QLD 170 $10,839.54 3.9534 43

TWENTY Central Queensland junior golfers have qualified to play in the prestigious Greg Norman Juniors Masters to be played at Coolangatta Tweed Heads later this month. They are: Rowan Coombes, Sam Broom, Sarah Weston (Rockhampton); Caine Hendy, Matthew Lacey, Toby Maher, Will Martin, Tanner Ward, Jayden Baylis, Sarah Antcliff, Keira King, Mia Martin, Ashley Ward (Yeppoon); Hannah Edmondstone, Jacinta Lang, Georgia Mc Manus (Calliope); Morgan L e w is, L ach l an Cartwright (Gladstone); JaymeeLee Salway (Capricorn Country Club) and Taylor Jefferies (Boyne Island). The youngsters were recently invited to attend a team bonding session at the Mercure Resort where they received some lastminute coaching from Greg Norman Golf Foundation teaching professional Doug Gardner. Gardner also passed on a few tips on how to prepare for a major junior tournament.

Yeppoon’s Sarah Antcliff hones her skills at the Mercure Resort golf course The coaching session was followed by a nine-hole game of golf. The Greg Norman Junior Masters is one of the biggest junior tournaments in Australia. It allows juniors like those from Central Queensland the opportunity to play alongside the best junior golfers in Australia as well as a number of invited international teams.



Jan 22nd (Sun) - Jan 27th (Fri) Fore more information contact: Colin & Lyn Price (03) 9588 0660 Simon Angliss 0402 083 938 MA-Golf-AussieClinics_HalfPage.indd 1

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When you purchase a new golf car in November or December*


Coastal Golf Cars Port Macquarie Motor Cycles DTM Colemans Readfords Motor Cycles Thomas Lee Motor Cycles Eurells Merimbula Mowers And Marine Droop & Elliott Excite Motorsports Golf Cars Canberra

Coff Harbour Port Macquarie Tammworth Newcastle Dubbo Moree Narrandera Merimbula Mulwala Penrith Canberra

(02) 6651 6338 (02) 6583 6060 (02) 6762 2606 (02) 4957 5211 (02) 6882 2888 (02) 6752 3566 (02) 6959 2949 (02) 6495 4495 (03) 5744 3983 (02) 4722 6222 (02) 6255 7810


Moto Sport Yamaha Ron Glass Marine Bunderburg Marine Land Maryborough Motor Cycles Drummond Golf North Coast Moto Sport Golf Car Parts & Repairs Gold Coast West

Townsville Bundaberg Bunderburg Maryborough Rockhampton Caloundra Brisbane Gold Coast

(07) 4779 0165 (07) 4151 3764 (07) 4151 3764 (07) 4121 6630 (07) 4927 5200 (07) 5443 7800 (07) 3376 5491 (07) 5529 1855


McGolf Pty Ltd Yamaha Golf Cars Melbourne Craigs Onsite Stihl Shop Mildura Drive The Course Droop & Elliott David Cramp Metropolitan Machinery Pty Ltd SA Golf Cars Yamaha Golf Cars WA City Tyre Service

Horsham GC Braeside Drioun Mildura Geelong Mulwala Casino CC Cavan Evanston Park Osborne Park Darwin

(03) 5382 3312 (03) 9587 5480 (03) 5625 4980 (03) 5022 2840 0407 218 650 (03) 5744 3983 (08) 6335 5740 (08) 8349 5499 0418 821 487 (08) 9443 1117 (08) 8941 5388

*Private Sales only, Fleet buyers excluded. Offer ends 31st December 2011


Christmas Gear titLEist 712 Ap1 AnD Ap2 iRons

Titleist introduces the next generation of its groundbreaking Advanced Performance irons. The new Titleist AP1 and AP2 irons (712 Series) are multi-material, dual cavity irons that provide modern ball flight and forgiveness with the traditional looks, feel and sound that serious golfers have come to expect from Titleist irons. Titleist AP1 dual cavity irons provide more forgiveness with solid feel and improved looks for the aspiring to skilled golfer. The long irons are more forgiving, with a 4% increase in moment-of-inertial (MOi), while the more traditional short irons offer a progressively reduced blade length, and improved solid feel from the high MOi design and tuned feel cavity insert. Titleist AP2 dual cavity forged irons provide more playability, solid feel and an improved classic profile for the serious and skilled golfer. AP2 irons feature consistent ball speed and improved distance control on miss-hits from a 7% increase in MOi with no loss of workability or shot control.


AP1: $119 per club (steel); $149 per club (graphite) AP2: $169 per club (steel); $199 per club (graphite)

nEw titLEist vokEy DEsiGn sM4 wEDGEs The New SM4 Vokey Design Wedges feature Tour-inspired Designs combined with industry leading Spin Milled Technology. The wedges feature a new groove, which combined with tighter manufacturing tolerances allow that groove to be pushed right to the conforming edge radius limit allowed by the Rules of Golf. New SM4 Vokey Design Wedges feature lofts from 46-degrees through to 64-degrees with multiple bounce angle and sole grind offerings.


$175 per club (steel shaft), and $205 per club (graphite shaft)

nEw sCotty CAMERon CALiFoRniA puttERs

Titleist’s New Scotty Cameron California putters feature a new Sea Mist finish and recessed red Tour dot graphics. Coupled with the clean uninterrupted appearance of the stepless shaft, the new California graphics create a modern but timeless look. Cameron California putters are precision milled from soft 303 stainless steel and are available in five models, characterised by blade and mid-mallet style heads with different neck styles.

RRp $469

Contact Titleist Customer Service on 1800 660 535 or visit for further product details.

Convert Your Putter into a Belly Putter JU RELE ST ASE D AUS IN TRA LIA

Easy Installation Adjustable Length Removable in Seconds Practice or Play | | 0416 161 573


Callaway’s brand new RAZR X range includes irons and Woods and is spearheaded by the ultra premium RAXR XF irons. Crafted using the most premium materials on earth, the RAZR XF irons offer golfers the unique combination of maximum forgiveness and feel, but in a forged iron. The 2012 RAZR X lineup also includes the RAZR Black Driver and Fairway Woods plus three new additions to their existing RAZR X iron collection: RAZR X hl, RAZR X Black and the RAZR XF. The addition of three new irons to their existing line up offers golfers the most comprehensive range of Callaway irons ever, ensuring you can find the perfect iron to suit your game.


• RAZR X Black Driver $349 • RAZR X Black Fairway $229 • RAZR XF & hybrid $1400 (8-piece set)

• RAZR X Black $109 per iron • RAZR X hl $89 per iron

tAyLoRMADE R11 iRons

TaylorMade’s new R11 irons are engineered for the player who appreciates the shape and refinement of a tour-grade iron but needs the help of advanced technology to launch the ball high, straight and long with less effort, regardless of handicap. The precision-weighting port provides optimal consistency in feel and performance from one club to the next. The ultra-thin face construction promotes faster ball speed and distance in long- and middle-irons. each R11 iron also features TaylorMade’s renowned inverted Cone clubface technology, which expands the area of the face that delivers fast ball speed, which promotes improved distance on off-center hits. The R11 irons are offered in four shaft flexes – S, R, M, l. ladies’ flex shafts will be offered in the 5-iron through pitching wedge, attack wedge and sand wedge.


Steel $115 each or 8pc set $920 Graphite $140 each iron or 8pc set $1120

ATTENTION ALL SOCIAL GOLF CLUBS Start your 2012 social golf calendar with a bang Book a golf day at Riverside Oaks Golf Resort next year and we will give you a stay and play accommodation package for two people to giveaway as prizes. $400


(applies for groups of 16 golfers or more)

Book a golf day with 30+ golfers and we also give you a Cleveland Golf Bag. $199


Bookings must be made before 31st December 2011. Golf day must be played between 1st January and 29th April 2012.

New Social Golf Club fee structure now in place offering more value for your money at Riverside Oaks Golf Resort. Green Fees

Jan 1st - Apr 29th

May 1st - Aug 31st

Sept 1st - Dec 31st

Mon - Fri

$65 pp

$60 pp

$70 pp

Sat - Sun

$77 pp

$72 pp

$82 pp

READy2GoLF By tiMothy nEAtE


Australian golf clothing label, Ready2Golf, has released its new summer range. Featuring shorts and pants with the famous blue buttons and a new style polo, many believe it is their best range yet. The range was show for all to see at the Australian Open, with a high percentage of Australia’s young talent stepping out in the gear. Some of the players in the Open field wearing the range included: James Mcclean, Alistair Presnell, Leigh McCechnie, Jason Norris, Bryden McPherson, Daniel Beckmann, Craig Hasthorpe, Brendan Smith and Leigh Deagan.

READy2GoLF poLo shiRts

Ready2Golf are known predominantly for their stylish trousers and shorts, but their new polo range will soon be just as popular. Designer Timothy Neate has come up with a range of fashion forward polos which will be in demand by golfers who want to look good on the course.

if you want to look good as these players do, don’t muck about. Visit:, or

Ready2Golf ’s summer range of casual and classic shorts are now in stores. With superior fabrics and stylish cuts and the famous blue button, they are a perfect summer option.

FJ spoRt pRoDRy piQuE GoLF shiRt

The FJ Sport ProDry Pique Golf Shirt is the ultimate high-tech performance garment to wear on the course. The shirt wicks away perspiration, provides outstanding UV sun protection while being extremely comfortable during the golf swing. The garment is also very easy to care for with virtually no wrinkling or shrinkage.


Designed specifically for the rigors of golf but also comfortable and stylish to wear off the course at work or at a restaurant, Ready2Golf ’s trousers make the perfect gift. We suggest you treat yourself to a pair also!


Available in four different colour options.

RRp $69.95 pER shiRt


• Architecturally designed, 3 bedroom villa • 400m walk to surf beach • Access to 18 hole championship golf course • 15 minutes to Byron Bay


Phone 1800 982 952 |

2011 Callaway Spring/Summer Apparel Collection Exclusively designed by Perry Ellis, the range includes some key pieces for both men and women that can be worn for golf or any other sports/leisure activities. The range will be available from mid September from selected on-course and off-course golfing retailers.

Intarsia Knit Sweater

For the summer evenings spent at the clubhouse this lightweight long sleeve sweater is made from 100 per cent mercerized cotton and is a great gift for the colder evenings on the golf course. Sizes: S/M/L/XL

RRP: $99.95

Sporte Leisure Fashion Range

Sporte Leisure Fashion Collection for men and women combine this season’s fashion trends with technology in golf wear design. Utilising a blend of high quality performance elements and the latest fabrics and colours, the Summer 2011/12 fashion collection brings together the ultimate range that is perfect for on and off the course. The range includes a wide variety of fabrics including Dri Sporte with moisture wicking benefits and Flex Sporte for performance stretch and comfort. Full range of polo’s, shorts, skorts and capri pants .

RRP: Prices start from $59.95 for polos and $69.95 for shorts. or phone 02 9693 5777


Available in four colours, the finestripe polo uses an anti microbial treatment that keeps the garment fresh over time and helps maintain durability. It has also been designed with a UPF 15 which will allow for UV protection both on and off the golf course. Sizes: S/M/L/XL

RRP: 79.95

Tech Shorts

A must-have for the Summer, the flat front tech shorts features a vented back and easily accessible pockets as well as providing some UV protection by blocking out harmful ultraviolet rays. Sizes: 32 – 40

RRP: $69.95

Greg Norman Collection announces the launch of a new outerwear range featuring Epic Performance Fabric. Unlike other fabrics that offer wind and water protection, Epic also provides unparalleled breathability and comfort. Currently used by the U.S. Army, Epic’s patented unique silicon technology has revolutionised the performance of breathable weather protective systems by allowing both moisture and air to escape through fabric creating up to 3X greater breathability than conventional weather protective apparel. Other features of EPIC: Water Impermeable, Guaranteed Waterproof, Quick Dry, Low Absorption, Packable and Comfortable The collection includes: Ultra-Light ½ Sleeve Rain Jacket, Ultra-Light Rain Jacket and Rain Pant in Black.

RRP: from $219.95 to $259.95 Contact Sporte Leisure on 02 9693 5777

titLEist pRo v1 AnD pRo v1X

Choose the #1 Gift in Golf — a dozen Pro V1 or Pro V1x golf balls — for the golfer in your life this Christmas. The #1 played balls on the worldwide professional tours is also the #1 performance choice for amateur golfers around the globe.


RRp $69.95 / DoZEn Contact Titleist Customer Service on 1800 660 535 or visit for

further product details.


With the hX Diablo golf ball, long just got a whole lot longer. A thin ionomer cover promotes the lowest driver spin in Callaway’s range, so players of all abilities gain better distance and accuracy from their drives. The proprietary core formulation increases ball speed for better distance while maintaining the soft feel off the clubface that most golfers prefer. heX Aerodynamics also replace conventional dimples to reduce drag and produce a more penetrating ball flight in various weather conditions. hX Diablo incorporates everything a golfer could want in a 2-piece ball.

RRp: $29 / DoZEn


Bridgestone Golf has unveiled the latest versions of its popular e-Series distance performance golf balls, all featuring a proprietary new Dual Dimple Technology. Featuring its industry only 2-piece, urethane cover construction that golfers have grown to love, the e5 delivers distance off the tee for those with moderate swing speeds, while still providing the ultimate in soft feel and spin around the greens. The e6 is Bridgestone’s most popular ball in the distance performance series. The 3-piece Surlyn cover construction of the e6 provides the ability to reduce sidespin for increased accuracy and longer distance. The lowest compression multi-layer ball on the market, the e6 is perfect for moderate swing speed players needing help with sidespin reduction. The 2011 e7 utilises a high-speed multilayer design for faster ball speed resulting in longer distance on all shots. The e7 has a 3-piece Surlyn construction with velocity boosting technology in its core, geared for a more penetrating ball flight, resulting in the most pure distance of the e-Series.

RRp: $39 / DoZEn

For more information on the entire Bridgestone Golf ball line and to determine which ball is right for your game, visit or attend a free Bridgestone Golf ball-fitting in your area.

World Class Golf

in the Outback For a truly unique outback golf experience, come and play the brand new Graham Marsh designed championship course. Only 1 hour flight from Perth, Kalgoorlie Golf Course is situated in the heart of the Western Australian Goldfields. CORPORATE PACKAGES AVAILABLE

Phone: (08) 9026 2626 Email: proudly managed by

Wood Retractable Golf Divot/Pitch Tool Distinctive Products Golf brings us the world’s first retractable Golf wood tool. Available in 5 colours, light weight timber design, water proof, and sturdy. Handmade to perfection. Retracts open like a modern car key ring when in use. It doesn’t put holes in your pocket and comes with a personalised ball marker or range of standard images. Can also be used as a club rest. Simple to use, easy and safe to keep, just press the button to release the unique golf repair tool. Have fun while protecting the greens. Makes a great corporate gift.

RRP: $20 Check out the other innovative and unique products at, or email, or phone Peter on 0408 330 800


PREMIUM 3 PIECE URETHANE COVER TOUR BALL BLACK ATTACK U is the softest Shark ever. The extra large energy charged polybutadiene core gives Tour Distance and Tour Feel. The soft thermoplastic elastomer second layer reacts with the cover for Tour performance spin. The exclusive new cast urethane cover gives the softest feel and maximum spin. Add to this the 318 dimple pattern for a strong trajectory and Tour Consistency. Contact Sporte Leisure on 02 9693 5777

An electrolyte enhanced hydration sports drink without sugar, Nuun is the number one selling product for runners, cyclers and other outdoors sports. Currently over forty PGA Tour players use Nuun, including world number one Luke Donald , 2012 Ryder Cup Captain Davis Love III, 2011 PGA Champion Keegan Bradley, Lucas Glover, Jonathan Byrd and Brandt Snedeker . Several players including Jason Day, Charl Schwartzel, Hunter Mahan and Dustin Johnson used Nuun while competing in this year’s Presidents Cup contested at Royal Melbourne.

RRP: $11.95 More information: Peter Wright Golf:

GOLF CART BATTERY REVIVER The BLS Battery Reviver is an electronic device that brings dead golf cart batteries back to life, restores functioning batteries to new condition, and keeps batteries from losing capacity and life due to the main cause of battery failure: the build-up of lead sulphate.

The Grip Master grips Australian leather grip company, The Grip Master, are celebrating their 10-year anniversary by offering Australian golfers a gift to mark the occasion. The maker of the highly popular golf grips are heavily reducing prices on their classic range, with prices reduced by almost 25%. Plus, with every set of classic grips purchased, Grip Master are also offering a free putter grip. Grip Master are the most used leather grip on any tour in the world and are used by US Tour players such as Geoff Ogilvy and Retief Goosen.

Using breakthrough square wave technology, the Battery Reviver sends a frequency signal to each crystal of lead sulphate, causing it to dissolve into lead and sulfuric acid. This restores the battery to its original condition and allows the electrical charge to be drawn from the battery. Available in three models: 12/24 volt (single seat golf carts), and 36 & 48 volt (two seat golf carts). or phone on 1300 852 433

St Andrews Beach Golf Course

A Tom Doak Classic...

Great Deals on Green Fees & Carts Now Available!

Memberships now available from $175

Contact: 03 5988 6000 or

Bags and Buggies

Congressional 4.25 kg

The Congressional is designed for golfers seeking great styling, design and performance. It has an ergonomic integrated injection-molded lift assist handle; 14-way full length horizontal & vertical dividers to separate and organize the clubs; seven generously proportioned pockets; oversize putter / ball retriever tube and a semi-umbrella sheath. The thermoformed oversized insulated cooler pocket has a generous capacity to store drink and food. The top front of the bag has a thermoformed velour lined valuables waterproof pocket to put your phone, watch, wallet etc. Two Eagle ball markers can be attached onto the magnetic field behind the label, conveniently located next to the putter tube.

Titleist Golf Bags

The choice of serious golfers worldwide, Titleist golf bags provide the perfect balance of superior performance, function and style. The popular Lightweight Stand Bag shown is available in a choice of 8 fantastic colours.

Water repellent, UV 40 + fabric comes in five stylish colour combinations. Contact: (02) 9417 4055,,

RRP $249

Contact Titleist Customer Service on 1800 660 535 or visit for

further product details.

Pebble Beach Organiser

The flagship of the Eagles & Birdies range. The iron organizer top divider has eight indentations where the iron falls into a concave surface which reduces iron head contact, lessening noise. All pockets have been ergonomically designed with ‘stadium’ positioning or have magnetic openings providing quick and seamless access. There is also a separate driver compartment along with a putter/ball retriever sleeve and 14-way full length individual dividers to protect your clubs. The three stadium side pockets provide optimum positioning to get easy and quick access to all your golfing necessities. Other plusses are a velour lined valuables pocket, oversize cooler pocket with drainage holes, semi umbrella sheath, magnetic ball markers and lift assist handles.

Summit Lite MKII

Voted the No 1 selling golf buggy brand by the Australian golf trade, Smoothy’s Summit Lite MKII tri-wheeled suspension buggy features a telescopic independent suspension system with three settings that can adapt to all kinds of terrain. The rear springs makes this buggy glide over bumps without transmitting shock or vibration into your hands and arms. Other features include an extra-wide dualgrip cushioned handle with umbrella attachment, molded storage compartment, integrated drink holder, golf ball, tee and ball marker holes, a mobile phone elastic pouch, internal and external score card attachments, extendable upper and lower golf bag supports. Simply release one latch to completely fold down to a compact size of 52 x 31 x 25 cm. Available in Black or Silver. Contact (02) 9417 4055,

Available in five striking colours. Contact (02) 9417 4055,

Our commitment to quality goes beyond super HOSTPLUS is not only recognised as a quality super fund. For 24 years, we’ve also been recognised as an innovative industry partner helping members and employers alike. Take our member financial literacy program for instance, developed with Scott Pape, the Barefoot Investor. Or our nationwide employer support services that help businesses get back to what they do best – delivering a quality service to their customers. And a quality super solution for their employees. Find out more at or call 1300 HOSTPLUS (1300 467 875).

choose quality


The information in this document is general in nature and does not consider any of your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before acting on this information, you should consider obtaining advice from a licensed, financial product adviser and consider the appropriateness of this information, having regard to your particular investment needs, objectives and financial situation. You should obtain a copy of the HOSTPLUS Product Disclosure Statement and consider the information contained in the Statement before making any decision about whether to acquire an interest in HOSTPLUS. Issued by Host-Plus Pty Limited ABN 79 008 634 704, AFSL No. 244392, RSEL No. L0000093, HOSTPLUS Superannuation Fund ABN 68 657 495 890, RSE No. R1000054. INH_0222_06/11_01

0222_PRESS_AD_INSIDE_GOLF_JUNE_255x150_FA.indd 1

20/05/11 2:27 PM


The Mornington Peninsula is quickly gaining recognition as a golf destination the equal of anywhere in the world. A bold statement perhaps, but golf enthusiasts keen to experience the best are discovering that the combination of courses, their accessibility, variety and the sheer number of them (19), provides a package that is hard to resist. To get you started, come try a great Golf Hot Deal at

DEVILBEND GOLF CLUB A challenging, 18 hole, 5998m course set amidst a ora and fauna reserve. The club house is renowned for its friendly atmosphere. Bar and Bistro available. The golf shop is well equipped. Lessons from PGA Professional Practice facilities are available. Bookings Essential. Trade and Social Days Welcome. 18 Holes $25 Midweek or $35 Weekends (Subject to change). 03 5978 8470



An exceptional championship golf course. The stunning Clubhouse showcases views of the magnicent course, landscaped grounds and ornamental lakes. Ideal for golfers of all levels, including corporates wishing to entertain their clients, green fee players and social clubs. Named by Golf Australia Magazine as one of Australia’s Top Public Access golf courses.

Enjoy 5 star value at 4 star prices. All 39 spacious suites have king size beds, contemporary décor and private courtyards. Set amongst native bush on the edge of a 36 hole golf course, the perfect base to explore the Peninsula. Stay 10 minutes from wineries, beaches, hot springs and national parks. And with 14 golf courses nearby, travelling golfers nd themselves in the heart of Australia’s nest golf territory.

03 5988 6341

03 5950 2111

RACV CAPE SCHANCK RESORT Stay & Play Package Enjoy the beautiful Mornington Peninsula with this great value mid-week golf package. Stay two consecutive nights (Mon - Thur) in an Ocean View room, including full buffet breakfast each morning and a round of golf for two people on one day, including use of a motorised cart. From $380 for Auto Club Members or $455 for non members. 03 5950 8000

ANNUAL 54 HOLE TOURNAMENT - MAY 2012 • 3 Magnicent Mornington Peninsula Courses - Portsea, RACV Cape Schanck, The National. • Welcome Party, show bag with shirt, three lunches, golf, graded competitions, daily and overall presentations. • All for just $315 • Full elds expected, so book early to avoid disappointment. Download the entry form at

More information at

Niblick Glades


With over 100 years perfecting its COMFORT FIT TECHNOLOGY, the 2012 range of Niblick golf shoes are the preferred golf shoes for fit, stability and weather protection. The Glades model is made from the new SHEILD System Microfibre. Ultra light with superior breathability, SHEILD System Microfibre is designed to shield your feet from the weather while giving ultimate comfort. This revolutionary material is easy to clean and super soft with a EEE last for superior fit and comfort. But the technology doesn’t stop there. Add a new softer footbed and innersole, a wide ridge TPU design arch/heel for maximum support and our 2012 outer sole combining traction ridges with light soft ‘Pulsar cleats’ from Softspikes to give superior traction and stability. Finish with a 12 month waterproof warranty and this shoe has every feature of its overseas counterparts. Available in two colour ways, White/Tan and White/Silver (NIB014)

RRP $89.95

For more information:

FJ Sport with BOA

The shoe of choice for 2011 US Open winner Rory McIlroy, FJ Sport combines a feature-laden outsole with an unashamedly youthful upper pattern. Adam Scott, Nick Watney and Matteo Manassero have also won with FJ SPORT in 2011. The new FJ Sport shoes feature the BOA® Technology lacing system rather than traditional laces. Just dial-in the desired fit and the FJ Sport shoes will ensure custom comfort for the duration of the round. Pull the dial out for quick release and removal of the shoe. A forefoot FlexZone and substantial in-shoe cushioning provide outstanding comfort levels. Lightweight and stable whilst providing a sports look for the younger golfer, this new shoe ticks the box for a growing number of golfing fashionistas.

RRP: $199

Men’s FootJoy Contour Series

Phone 1800 660 535 or visit

The Men’s Contour Series shoes feature full grain leather uppers for outstanding comfort, breath ability and durability. Super soft polyurethane linings look and feel like leather and provide great fit and additional comfort. The shoes are also constructed with a technique often found in running shoes. This unique construction allows a shoe to be made without an insole board, producing a more contoured underfoot platform and vastly increased flexibility. A TPU (thermoplastic urethane) Stability Bridge is strategically placed in the shank area to provide additional torque reduction and platform stability. The Contour Series are available now in three different styles with a suggested retail price of $179. The BOA lace versions are also available in 3 styles with a suggested retail price of $159. Phone 1800 660 535 or visit

Callaway RAZR

As the Company’s most technologically advanced shoe, the RAZR includes the Outlast temperature management system, an Ortholite X40 molded insert, 11 Callaway PINS Performance Spikes and a waterproof, leather upper. For improved stability, the RAZR features a lightweight TPU Pro Tour Outsole. All this technology unites for unrivaled performance, stability, and comfort in a golf shoe.

RRP: $185

TOUR360 ATV Shoes Elevating the highly successful TOUR360 franchise, adidas Golf has introduced the TOUR360 ATV (AllTerrain Versatility), the company’s most technologically-advanced shoe to date. Engineered with a revolutionary, patent pending construction to give golfers the ability to attack every shot, no matter how challenging their position, TOUR360 ATV utilizes innovative forefoot flexibility and zonal traction elements to deliver maximum grip, comfort and stability throughout the swing. The ATV’s multiple flex points in the forefoot allow the foot to move and flex in the way it was inherently meant to, and adapt to any surface. TOUR360 ATV carries a two-year waterproof warranty. Offered in medium and wide widths.

RRP: $219

Festival of Golf $3000 in Prizes —————————————

28th December, 2011 to 1st January, 2012

Stay & Play Packages

$220 per/person

including a

2 nights with Breakfast 2 rounds of Golf 1 Dinner in River Bistro ProShop: (02) 44212249

Mens & Ladies 36 Hole Main Event Club: (02) 44213900



Rickie Fowler USPGA Golfer

NEW RELEASE • Ready to play right out of the box • Pre-loaded with 20,000 courses including over 900 in Australia • Auto course recognition

• Auto hole advance • Durable and rainproof • Distance front, center and back of green • Smallest and simplest GPS available

• No membership fees • Accurate shot distance feature • One-year warranty

• Pinseeker technology • +/– 1-Yard accuracy • Pre-loaded with 20,000 courses including over 900 in Australia

• 5X magnification • Auto hole advance • Provides distance to front, center and back of green

• Auto course recognition • No membership fees • Legal for tournament play

• 5 x Magnification • 3V Lithium Battery & Premium Carry Case • No reflective prism required

• Up to 16 hrs battery life • No membership fees • Easy to use, low button press • 1 year warranty

• Black and White models available • V2 SLOPE Model also available







Available at all Leading Golf Outlets and Green Grass Professional Shops across Australia.

GPS and Accessories

Sonocaddie V500 The Sonocaddie V500 comes jam-packed with 1250 pre-loaded Australian courses in 3D, showing course hazards, targets and their relative position on the hole. Courses are hand-mapped on the ground -- not by Google maps-- and are extremely accurate. It provides golfers with precise distance information from any spot on the course. As you move to the next location, your position is shown and the distances to each critical target are continually updated. The V500 and V350 models and are ready to use out of the box. There are no fees or registration required. Two year manufacturer’s warranty included.

Bushnell Hybrid

The ultimate distance measuring device – a laser rangefinder with built-in GPS. Arriving in Australia this month, the Bushnell Hybrid ticks all the boxes in a distance-measuring device, giving you laser accuracy with GPS convenience. In essence, it is the best of both worlds. As a laser rangefinder, the Bushnell Hybrid’s Pinseeker Technology lets you zero in on the flag, giving you accuracy to +/- 1 metre. You can also get distances to bunkers, hazards, trees or even the players in front of you (to ensure they are out of range). For those times when you cannot see the flag (like when you’re in the wrong fairway, around a corner or on the wrong side of a mound), simply refer to the builtin GPS unit for your exact distances. Just like the Bushnell neo+, you get all of the precise GPS measurements to front/centre/back of the green, auto course/hole recognition, shot distance calculator and more. Specs: • 5 x Magnification • 3V Lithium Battery & Premium Carry Case • Up to 16 hours battery life • No reflective prism required

• Auto Course Recognition • Auto Hole Advance • 25,000 Golf Courses worldwide Pre-Loaded (Includes 900 Australian golf courses) • No membership fees

• • • •

Distance to Key Points Shot distance calculator Easy to use, low button press Warranty: 1 year Email: Email: Phone: 08 8239 1122 (Editor’s Note: with all Bushnell products, it is highly recommended that you purchase the units directly in Australia. By purchasing from an overseas location, you will NOT get the Australian courses pre-loaded)

GolfBuddy GPS World and World Platinum The GolfBuddy GPS World and World Platinum units are powerful, interactive, touchscreen GPS rangefinders with an impressive array of new functions designed to give golfers the ultimate game management tool. There are no golf course download fees or annual subscription charges. The unit comes pre-loaded with 33,000+ global course maps, so there is no need to spend hours at a computer screen choosing courses or changing the places you want to play. Just switch on GolfBuddy, and in seconds it automatically recognises which course you’re playing – and even gives an instant visual guide to the hole you’re on. Courses are mapped on foot — and by aerial photography with GPSembedded technology —to give precise distances to hazards and greens – and you can even add or map your own targets. Its innovative Pro Play system allows golfers to track, record and analyse their own playing statistics, including greens and fairways hit in regulation and number of putts per hole. The unit displays full hole layouts, with distances to and from any point on the course shown by touching the screen. Touch bunkers and water hazards for precise distances to reach and carry them - or identify yardages to safe spots on the fairway and plot your way around the course. You can even move the Touch ‘N’ Move flag to any position on the green with your fingertip or a tee. Specs: • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery • No annual fees: Free lifetime access to worldwide golf course maps. • 10+hour battery life • Automatic course recognition • Multiple languages

• 40,000 course capacity (33,000 Pre-loaded global courses) • Direct overhead Imaging for complete hole layout views • High-Resolution Colour, Outdoor Visible, Full-Function Touch Screen

• Shock and water resistant case • TouchPoint instant distance measurement • Pro Play game statistics recording & Stableford scoring

RRP: World: $379.95 World Platinum: $449.95 Email:

Where the World Comes to Play

Experience the worlds best female golfers this summer on the Gold Coast at RACV Royal Pines Resort from 2 - 5 February 2012.

Mini Masters Getaway (Wed- Sat)

Ultimate Ladies Masters (Thur - Mon)

• 3 nights deluxe accommodation • Season Pass to Gold Coast RACV Ladies Masters • Daily transfers • Annual Aust. v Rest of World Player Cricket Match • $50 Broadbeach Restaurant Voucher • Cocktail party

• 5 nights deluxe accommodation • Season Pass to Gold Coast RACV Ladies Masters • Daily transfers • Annual Aust. v Rest of World Player Cricket Match • $50 Broadbeach Restaurant Voucher • Cocktail party

FROM only $449 per person

FROM only $649 per person

Need flights? Look no further than Go Golfing Travel for all your travel needs. Contact us today for low fares to the Gold Coast RACV Ladies Masters.

Ladies Masters Upgrades: • Reserved tickets in Karrie Webb Stand • VIP Hospitality Luncheon • Golf (Wed) Official Tournament Pro-Am • Golf (Mon) Official Tournament Skins • Additional golf on request

FootJoy WeatherSof Glove

The FootJoy WeatherSof Glove is the World’s #1 Selling Glove, renowned as the synthetic glove benchmark. The new WeatherSof glove combines revolutionary performance with maximum durability along with a consistent fit and soft feel. Premium cabretta leather has been specifically located along the thumb and extended palm patch, which further enhances the durability and grip performance in key wear areas. FootJoy’s exclusive FiberSof material has been developed for a softer feel and a more consistent, comfortable fit, combined with new strategically placed Dual PowerNet™ mesh inserts which are located across the knuckles add an extra level of comfort as the hand flexes.

RRP $19.95

Bollé Draft Sunglasses

The Bollé Draft frame features a dynamic, extreme wrap for ideal coverage on the course, and the perfect panoscopic angle, versatile for both putting and driving. The vented temples provide increased air flow, while the Thermogrip® rubber temple tips and nose pads feature moisture-absorbing properties for a soft and comfortable fit. The B Clear lens technology delivers the highest optical clarity in a sports sunglass lens and offers maximum impact resistance, while the Dual-sided hydrophobic coating keeps your view perspiration and dirt free. The EagleVision2 Dark lens optimizes the contrast in the green portion of the colour spectrum – making the greens virtually greener – while reducing glare and enhancing subtle details on the course.

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Editor’s Note: I have never been able to wear sunglasses when I play golf, due to issues like lens distortion, perspiration and the general annoyance factor. But during a recent Bollé launch event, I gave these Draft sunnies a go. I must say (and this is the absolute truth), that these are the most comfortable sunnies I have ever used on the course. I played a full 18 holes without batting an eye (pardon the pun), and the lens actually improved my perception of the subtle contours/shadows of the course. I have made these a permanent addition to my bag. Pure Gold!

RRP: $220

Callaway Golf’s Tour Authentic Glove

Callaway Golf ’s Tour Authentic Glove features AAA Tour Grade Cabretta Leather resulting in unmatched Feel, Fit and Performance. Its X Spann² Technology provides Superior Flexibility fulfilling all movement and control requirements golfers need from their glove. The Chev Closure Tab allows for easy use and an unprecedented, consistent fit.


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Bioflow HIRZL TRUST Feel Gloves

No matter your handicap or skill level, ‘feel’ is everything in golf. But you don’t want to sacrifice feel for control. The TRUST Feel all-weather golf glove offers the best of both worlds. The thin kangaroo leather palm lasts for ages, and delivers an unsurpassed golfing experience: it’s 100% sweatfree, 2X more grip in dry weather conditions and 4X more grip in wet weather conditions. The Cabretta leather backhand cradles the hand comfortably, and incorporates a 45-degree pre-curved finger system. Conforms with USGA Rules.

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“A Si m pl y B ea ut if thE CouRsEs oF thE RoyAL MELBouRnE GoLF CLuB ul B oo k” TOM DOAK

Coinciding with The Presidents Cup, the RMGC has published a remarkable book that will doubtless become a “mustThe Courses of the Royal Melbo urne Golf Club is a celebratio have” for any fan of world-class golf. The Courses of thea Royal Club celebrates the tworema amazing courses n of two descriptiMelbourne rkable cour on of how they Golf ses, were created and the strat egy of the playing their hole at the Club – the east and The West—and describes the historyacco ofunt their creation, strategies to play courses, and even s, and of the an extraordinary golf that has been played over them. recounts some of the memorable golf played upon these hallowed grounds. This high quality book inclu des 240 pages of text and imagillustrations es with over 200 super With vivid stories by Mike Clayton, stunning photography by nal Kimbal and original of each holehsby 36 origi b photograp illustratioBaker ns for all of the and on both courses. Retail price : $135.00 Mike Cocking, this high-quality coffee-table book is a perfect gift for any Australianholes Golf Fan. The West, East and

posite Courses are described in detail by RRp: stAnDARD EDition: $135 Mike Clayton and include manCom y wonderful stories along with stunning photography by Kimbal Baker. Every hole has an original renderin (inC Gst + p&h) g by Mike Cocking. Aerial photography has also been included. spECiAL EDition Book with sLip CAsE: $195 (inC Gst + p&h)

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pAsspoRt to GREAt GoLF

imagine having all those little professional golf tips at hand on the golf course. A golfing ‘cheat sheet’ you can take with you. Anne Rollo (inside Golf contributing pro and european Tour Tournament Winner) has done all the hard work for you and compiled the most commonly asked questions, queries and problems when playing golf. No longer will you have to try and remember where to put your weight for your pitches, how to keep the ball low when punching from the trees, how high to tee the ball and all the different ball positions for each club. You can revolutionise your golf game with this one simple golfing companion.

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Our top non-golf gift picks Here are a few of our favourite non-golf items that we’ve discovered this year (because there’s more to life than golf, isn’t there?)

AS you can imagine, the team at Inside Golf travels a lot. Whether we’re hopping across Australia to review a new course, or jumping over the pond to report on international events, we cover a lot of ground. So we need the best (and lightest) gear around. Of course, we would be lost without our gadgets. This year, we completely ditched the bulky laptop computer in favour of the Apple iPad, and our carry-on bags have never felt lighter! So we were very chuffed to discover The Cygnett line ( of iPhone, iPad and iPad2 accessories — they are perfect for anyone on the go. inside Golf ’s “on the road” setup is remarkably simple, yet extremely powerful. We combine a stylish Windsor leather folio case with a sleek KeyPad wireless bluetooth keyboard. This combo lets us get our work done with

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Carnarvon Golf Club NO JOINING FEES

SAVE $800!

very limited time only! • PRO RATA ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS • TWILIGHT GOLF ONLY $25 AFTER 3PM • Qualifying Final venue for the Australian Open - Monday 7th November





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Calderwood Valley Woolongong’s superb public golfing facility

• Each of the 18 holes has its unique features, combining clear creeks, and stunning scenery. The breathtaking surrounds feature the rugged Illawarra escarpment as a backdrop. • Groups can take advantage of our large covered gazebo, and picnic area. • The course is open for social golf every day of the year. • Locally owned and operated

Nottinghill Road LIDCOMBE NSW 2141 P: (02) 9649 6255 | W:

• On course accommodation available 532 Calderwood Road, Albion Park NSW 2527 | ph: (02) 4256 3055

December 2011


PGA IGI working wonders

STEPPING UP: PGA IGI Diploma of Golf Management graduating students show off their certificates

DavidNewbery They are the PGA International Golf Institute (PGA IGI) and Griffith University graduates – students working towards a career in the golf industry. They travel from all corners of Australia as well as from France, Spain, China, Malaysia, Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong to educate themselves in sports management and all things golf. This year another group of graduates gathered at The Glades Golf Club on the Gold Coast to receive their Diploma of Golf Management from PGA IGI prior to moving on to Griffith University where they will complete their Bachelor of Business (majoring in Sport Management). Most of the graduating students were joined by their parents, grandparents and siblings who looked on with pride as the certificates where presented. The PGA IGI’s enthusiastic Program Development Manager Michael Levick emceed the graduation luncheon. He acknowledged the students’ hard work, commitment and discipline and hope they “had some fun along the way”. Griffith International Pro Vice Chancellor Chris Madden reminded the students that graduation was the first step through golf and education to forging a fantastic career in an everchanging work environment. “The qualifications earned through the IGI and Griffiths Business School are the perfect stepping stone that give you (the graduates) the skills to learn, adapt and meet the new challenges and roles needed to shape the golf industry and keep it moving forward,” he said. The PGA of Australia’s chairman Mark Gibson was there to offer the students some sage advice. Gibbo, as he is affectionately known, highlighted the importance of education. Using a golf analogy, Gibson told the graduating students they had only just got though the first round and were now on the first tee of their second round. “Keep improving your knowledge, skills and never stop learning,” he said. “Ongoing education is the key to success. Don’t be mediocre because

JOB DONE: It didn’t take Mark Hawley and Damien Kidd long to find work in the golf industry good is the envy of great. Don’t be good, be great.” Joshua Madden, the PGA IGI’s Marketing and Student Recruitment Manager, said the future looked bright for this year’s graduating students. “This year’s graduates have been a fantastic class and the whole team at PGA IGI has watched them grow and mature during their time with us,” he said “We are all proud of their achievements as they are fantastic young men and women who will be great for the golf industry.” Madden said a number of graduates had already found outstanding career opportunities within the golf industry. “This is due to the reputation and calibre of students graduating and the continual improvement from within the program,” he said. “They have dedicated themselves to achieving their goals within the golf industry and, as always, we will be keeping a close eye on them to see where they find their feet.” Graduates Damien Kidd and Mark Hawley have already secured positions within the golf industry. Kidd landed a job as the Retail Golf and Sales Manager at Parkwood International Golf Club while Hawley will work as an Events Coordinator with Go Golfing. Originally from Sydney, Kidd has prior knowledge of the golf industry. “I have been in industry 13 years working mostly in off-course shops, but I wanted to get into on-course and that’s

why I did the PGA IGI program, which has been invaluable,” he said. “The PGA IGI course has been extremely beneficial. It has taught me a lot of other things and it gave me contacts I didn’t have. It has shown me a different side of the industry.” Hawley, who was the second Adam Scott Foundation scholarship holder (09’), completed his Diploma of Golf Management from PGA IGI and a Bachelor of Business degree majoring in Sports Management from Griffith University. “The Adam Scott Foundation has given me so many contacts, opportunities, guidance and advice,” the 20-year-old said. “And the great thing about the PGA IGI program is it’s a tight-knit community. You are in the midst of all the action.” Hawley said his goal was to eventually work in golf club management. “Golf is one of those industries where you can get a great job if you keep learning and working hard, I am definitely motivated by this.” FOOTNOTE: PGA IGI students graduate with Australia’s only Diploma of Golf Management from PGA IGI and a Bachelor of Business degree majoring in Sports Management from Griffith University. For more information about the PGA International Golf Institute programs and how they are delivered, telephone (07) 5657 6116 or go to the website

December 2011

52 woMeningolf

What a difference a day makes

Mardi conquers Carbrook

DavidNewbery NOThiNG on earth brightens a dimly lit career quite like a victory and having a hotel suite named after you. Australian professional Frances Bondad was plodding along on the ladies european Tour feeling depressed and playing without confidence. She’d had enough. “i considered giving up after the tournament in Spain and working fulltime next year, just to do something different,” she said. “i didn’t want to play golf anymore. “i was very depressed and i felt i wasn’t mentally strong enough to handle it.” Then one day she came home, visited a hypnotist who spoke to her subconscious mind and got rid of the bad thoughts she was harbouring. “it’s a form of hypnotism called hypno-kinesiology and it’s been great because i have learnt so much about myself,” Bondad said. She discovered she was suffering from chronic stress and a form of Attention Deficit Disorder. “Chronic stress means i am on fight-flight 24/7,” she said. “i may not know that i’m stressed, but i am stressed subconsciously. And with the Attention Deficit Disorder it means i am easily distracted and can’t focus on one thing for a long time. “i’ve been taking this herbal medicine and i’ve sorted that out and it’s unbelievable the way it’s changed me. it has helped me a lot with my mental side of life.” For Bondad, the turnaround has been remarkable. it’s as if a switch has been flicked. With renewed enthusiasm, she scooted off to China and won the Sanya ladies Open.

After a horror year, Frances Bondad has got her life back in order and is smiling again. INSET: Bondad in the suite named after her “Now i’m happy to keep going and i am going to give it everything i’ve got,” she said. “it’s relieving and a nice feeling knowing what i have been through. i can’t describe the feeling – it’s great.” Bondad was chuffed with the €30,000 ($40,000) winner’s cheque and over the moon when she was told a five-star hotel suite at the Yalong Bay Resort would be forever named the Frances Bondad Suite. “i have my own suite and can stay there free of change whenever i’m in China,” Bondad said. “They are going to decorate the room with my golf gear and memorabilia. That’s awesome. “it also means my family can stay there and members of the public can ask to stay in the suite.” Of course, member of the public will have to pay for the privilege. After her maiden victory in China, Bondad had the pleasure of playing alongside the world’s number one Yani Tseng.

What ’s your colour code? demo the new Ping G10 range in your area, and get a perfect custom fit with your size and your colour.

What ’s your colour code? demo the new Ping G10 range in your area, and get a perfect custom fit with your size and your colour.

“it was an amazing experience because there were a lot of people following our group,” Bondad said. “She’s pretty impressive and a very special player. i found it good playing alongside her because i learnt so much. “One of the things i learnt is she never gets angry. “She’s very accurate, consistent and hits almost everything to within 10 feet and holes almost every putt. “Yani has a great short game and playing with her has shown me i need to improve my short game and my accuracy. “She told me she doesn’t really practice for that long – only about three hours a day. “The rest of the time she goes to gym, works on the mental side of her game and she also sees a hypnotist, which is quite interesting. “She’s a very humble, modest and nice person and she told me i was doing all the right things.” i ask Bondad if she has a motto in life. LOCATION “Yes, my motto is, find a way in – sanctuary not a way out.” cove (member only) horton park

Mardi Wenger swept all before her at Carbrook – the home of 3m sharks NOThiNG can stop Mardi Wenger – not even a frozen shoulder or carpal tunnel in her hand. Mardi, a member at Carbrook Golf club in Brisbane’s south-east, has had a golf year to remember. The 50-year-old, who plays off a handicap of eight, has won the ladies club championship, ladies foursomes championship, mixed foursomes championship, Saturday titles and is the ladies veterans gross champion. Mardi has only been playing golf for 10 years although her progress was interrupted while she recovered from operations for a frozen shoulder and carpal tunnel. That sidelined her for more than 18 months, but she returned stronger and has won the past three Carbrook ladies club championships. Mardi puts her success down DAY DATE TIME to a good short game.

She doesn’t practice at the golf club, but her backyard is littered with divots as she works tirelessly honing her short game skills. An indoor practice putting mat is all that’s needed to ensure she keeps knocking in the sixfooters. “if you can’t chip and putt the scores add up so that’s why i concentrate on my short game,” said Mardi, who plays competitions three times a week. “i have improved a lot because i have been practising my short game, which is very important. “The hard work has paid off and i am proud of my achievement this year, but really i just play golf for fun. “My aim was to become a single figure golfer and i achieved that so i am very happy.” FOOTNOTE: Carbrook Golf Club is world famous for having three-metre sharks in the course’s main dam.


22nd July

9.30am - 1.30pm


8th auGust

9:00am - 1:00pm





sanctuary cove (member only)


22nd July

9.30am - 1.30pm

horton park


8th auGust

9:00am - 1:00pm

GET FIT TODAY Turn to page 72 for a complete list of fitting days this month

For more information please contact American Golf Supplies on 02 9524 8233or or visit

For more information please contact American Golf Supplies on 02 9524 8233or or visit

December 2011

A woman’s touch at Redcliffe DavidNewbery

The appointment of Kerry Newsome to the position of general manager of Redcliffe Golf Club in Brisbane proved to be a popular move with most of the club’s members. But, like most clubs, the decision to offer a woman the job did put a few noses out of joint. When Newsome was promoted from within a year ago, a small group of members doubted her ability to do the job, but so far she has proved her detractors wrong. Newsome has worked at the golf club for the past 15 years. She turned up after the birth of her second son and an earlier career with Poon Brothers Catering where she rose from tea lady to personal assistant to three company directors. “i started there straight from school as a tea lady and worked my way to PA to the directors,” she said. “After my second son was born i wanted part-time work so i came to the golf club to try something totally different which was bar work – something i had never done in my life. “The club knew i had office experience so they asked me if i wanted to do a shared job in office with another lady two-and-a-half days a week.

“When she left i took on the job full-time and when John McDonald (the previous general manager) left, the committee offered me the job.” The club’s decision to promote from within has paid dividends as Newsome’s assistants, greenkeeping, professional and casual staff have formed a close-knit team. “i meet with the superintendent and professional twice a week and generally speak to the other staff one-on-one when they are on shifts,” Newsome said. “i regularly take a ride out on the golf course to see what’s going on so if a member wants to know i can tell him.” Since taking the role, Newsome has

worked tirelessly to ensure the smooth running of the club. “in the last year my hours have been astronomical, but i am hoping they will settle down soon,” she said. it’s not unusual for her to be the first to arrive and the last to leave at night. her energy and enthusiasm certainly seem to rub off on all of her team and members she comes into contact with. And when the club is busy Newsome is often found behind the bar serving the thirsty members. “i can’t walk through the club and not serve someone if i see them waiting,” she said. “in a club like this it’s important everyone is multi-skilled so we don’t

have customers waiting because it’s most important to keep your members and visitors happy. “i think to stay competitive with other clubs you have to provide a good service. When members and visitors walk in here they need to be 100 per cent happy with the level of service they receive.” Redcliffe is a profitable golf club and is close to capacity in most membership categories. “We have been lucky because although membership has dropped off slightly we are getting enquiries all the time,” Newsome said. “We are just short of full seven-day memberships and we have a high rate of mid-week members. “The ladies remain stable, but i’d like to increase that in next few years.” Recently the golf club has a master plan drawn up and will take it to the AGM for members’ approval in December. “Some changes need to be made for safety reasons while others are to make it a better golf course,” Newsome said. Meanwhile, members and visitors were delighted when new caterers moved in. “We haven’t had caterers for about two years so we now have proper dining where meals are served six days a week.”

people 53

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December 2011


Whatever happened to: James McLean BradleyGreen JAMES McLean was once among a group of rising stars ready to carry Australian golf into the new millennium. That talented crop included the likes of Geoff Ogilvy, Adam Scott, Aaron Baddeley, Matthew Goggin, Brett Rumford and Colac’s Craig Spence. But unlike that group, McLean had already made his name overseas in the world’s fiercest golf markets – the USA – and appeared to have the golfing world at his feet. McLean had won the NCAA men’s golf championship in 1998 while attending the University of Minnesota.He shot a 17-under par to equal the then all-time tournament record set in 1991 by a player that would go onto become a four-time major champion and world No.1 – Phil Mickelson. That win had prospective managers and sponsors knocking on his door. He turned professional in 2000 and cut his teeth on the Australasian, European and Nationwide Tour in America before finally cracking it for a spot on the lucrative USPGA Tour in 2003. In that year he was ranked No.1 for driving distance – the first player in eight years to de-throne two-time major champion John Daly in that statistic. But just as quickly as McLean’s star rose, it quickly diminished after he suffered a wrist injury that almost brought his promising career to an end. After two years of battling to get the problem fixed and then rebuilding the shattered confidence in his game on mini-tours in America and Europe, McLean is taking the first steps towards reclaiming

James McLean (Photo by Reg Ryan, Geelong Advertiser) his place in the spotlight. Now 32, McLean has moved permanently to Geelong and is using the region’s outstanding golf courses at Barwon Heads and Torquay as his practice base towards achieving his goal of returning to America. He’s already making inroads into reclaiming playing rights next year on the Japanese circuit, one of the world’s respected tours. McLean recently won the second stage of the qualifying school and returns next month looking to advance to the final stage in December.

“The Japanese Tour is a tour where you can really use Australia as a base,” McLean said. “Hopefully Japan is one of those tours where, if you play well, you can then get into the US Tour through the back door, play the world (Golf Championship) events and the majors. “I’ve been doing a lot of hard work these past six or so months being back in Australia and I’m starting to see glimpses of my former form.” The other reason for the move to Geelong by the man who was born and raised in Sydney is that he can be closer to his immediate family.

His mum Robyn and brother Campbell both live in the city and McLean said having their support while he attempted to rebuild his career was important. “I hadn’t been home properly since 1998,” he said. “I’ve blown in and out over the Christmas period but I’ve really learnt to appreciate what I’ve got here and how I’d really missed it. “The weather down here is beautiful in the summertime. I love the ocean and I love surfing so it’s perfect.” McLean would love to reunite with the likes of Ogilvy, Baddeley and Scott in America next year, but is not looking too far ahead. He also hopes a strong season of results in Australia’s major tournaments will attract the interest of local businesses eager for some exposure through sponsorship around the country and – possibly - overseas. “Right now my goals have changed a little bit,” McLean said. “I think getting my Japanese Tour card is my main focus at the moment, playing well in Australia this summer also and seeing what doors that opens up. “Hopefully if I get the card up in Japan, have a good season there, hopefully that will lead to getting a few more starts in the States again. “Part of me obviously reflects back and thinks `if I hadn’t got injured, where would I be now?’ “But that’s life, you’ve got to roll with the punches and being a professional sports person, injury is just part of the game. It’s how you bounce back from that so I’ve been putting in a lot of hard work an hopefully my time will come.”

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December 2011


Golf teacher Allan racks up the hours DavidNewbery

IS Allan Renz the world’s busiest golf teacher? It would be hard to argue otherwise when you consider Renz gives up to 2200 hour-long lessons annually. The 58-year-old, who teaches at the Chelsea Pier Golf Academy in New York City, is so busy it took me four weeks just to get an interview. “Our busiest times are April through September when we are slammed,” Renz told me. “The evenings and weekends are the busiest times here and are usually booked out three weeks in advance.” D ur ing t he busy nor t her n hemisphere summer schedule Renz is relentless as he works seven-daysa-week, 8am to 10pm. He is in great demand and even has regular clients that have kept the same Wednesday 8am appointment for close to a decade. Apparently, the waiting period for one of his prime-time teaching times can be 10 months at Chelsea Piers, which attracts 350,000 golfers a year. Renz didn’t start teaching golf until he was 37 years old. He arrived on the scene after a 15-year-long career on Wall Street and started doing club repairs and fittings at a local municipal golf course.

Allan shows off his Harold Swash Putting School of Excellence Level 2 certificate “Soon people were asking me to help them with their golf swing and the rest is history,” he said. B ecause of his Wall Street background many of Renz’s clients are “financial types and lawyers”. His business background makes it easy to talk with his Wall Street or Manhattan students. “A good golf lesson is a lot more than golf,” he said. “We talk about financial matters, international economics or whatever they do.” Renz has been quoted as saying “going to a golf professional for a

lesson is a lot like going to the dentist”. “The student wants a little bedside manner because if you don’t like your dentist, you will find another one. It’s the same thing with a golf teacher.” While most of Renz’s students are professional people, he does have a number of good juniors on his books. “I only take juniors who are serious about their golf,” he said. “I don’t want to be a babysitter. “I have taught a few high profile people, but my lips are sealed. “I have some students who come for years while others come just once.

Some people are patients and other students. I prefer the latter.” Renz, who has worked with David Leadbetter and Victorian-based teaching pro Peter Croker, said he didn’t have a specific teaching philosophy. “I studied “The Golfing Machine” by Homer Kelly extensively and use it as my guide,” he revealed. “When I first got in the golf business I worked with David Leadbetter as a volunteer/intern. “My goal was to get a feel of what was involved in the teaching field and he was one of the first people to make a career out of teaching golf. “The person who formed the essence of what I teach is Peter Croker. “I first met him when he gave a presentation to the local PGA Chapter and I had an immediate connection with his way of teaching. “I read his book “The Hit” and went down to Florida and worked with him for six months. “I learned a lot and have followed up with him over the years and still regard him as one of the best teachers I have ever met. “It’s not as easy with him Down Under, but the internet makes it easier.” These days, Croker teaches at the Dunes Links on the Mornington Peninsula.

Renz joined Chelsea Piers in 2003 and has been chosen Teaching Professional of the Year for eight consecutive years. In 2005, he was named Chelsea Piers coach of the year while other honours include being named as one of America’s top-50 golf instructors in 2008 and 2011. There are an estimated 50,000 golf instructors in the US. Renz is not a member of the PGA, which is not a prerequisite to teach golf in the US. “Over here (US) the PGA program is geared towards younger people who don’t have many expenses,” he said. “I got in at 37 and when I had two kids so I had to forge my own way.” Renz says he loves analysing the golf swing and each year will watch his students swing golf clubs more than 200,000 times. He recently told his wife he had thought about scaling back his hours, but she said ‘you never will, you love it too much’. “She’s right,” said Renz, who right now has no plans to reduce his workload. I ask Renz what’s the biggest mistake he sees amateur golfers make. “One of the biggest mistakes students make, particularly beginners, is they have no idea how the golf club swings on an arc – hence they slice.”


etalloid Boron ments at elem points stress Alum wide bodyintium - more aerod ubing ynamic

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Oversizbele removame chro heel o p s ked w

Telescopic independent suspension system

13”spbokigger chrome ed wheels

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December 2011

people 57

Conversations with The Coach:

Andrew Gaze

eVeRY now and again i get to catch up with my old mate Andrew Gaze and talk, amongst other things, golf. The ex-NBl/NBA star, Olympian, basketball legend and all-round great bloke has plenty of stories up that very long sleeve. And the guy certainly loves his golf. Prior to a recent chat—when he thought nobody was watching— i even spied him practicing his golf swing (i.e. no club in the hand…just going through the motions). That’s the sign of a true golf nut! here’s a snippet of a recent chat with him: Coach: Drew, I know you are a lover of golf and being the celebrity that you are, I’m sure you’ve played with some big names over the years? Andrew: how about Greg Norman! i was in the Pro Am at the Masters 7 or 8 years ago and have never been more petrified on the first hole. There’s about 300 or 400 hundred people around the tee. i am there with Shane Warne, Damien Oliver and… Coach: …they can all play… Andrew: Yeah, they all can, and they all go bang, bang, bang, down the middle! And before i got to the tee, Greg was there, and he comes up and he says “Andrew before you tee off i just want to let you know… i don’t like looking for balls”. So the confidence goes down even more. i absolutely shanked left. Shocking shot…but i recovered... Coach: …bounced off a tree...? Andrew: No! i had a great round. i shot 95 at Royal Melbourne…if you don’t mind!

Tocumwal – The

Coach: A good members’ course…? Andrew: A good members’ course. i’ve only had the opportunity to play there twice and gee whiz, it was just one of those amazing days where things for a hack golfer ended up going along very nicely. Coach: So Drew, when you’re stuck in the bushes have you ever felt the need to use the foot wedge? Andrew: The “Golfing Gods’ don’t like that. i’ve noticed that every now and again you might just misinterpret a rule…not get it wrong...but you’ve just misinterpreted and it plays with your conscience. Coach: So in other words…you cheat! Andrew: Well cheating’s a harsh way to describe it. i prefer to say misinterpret some of the finer details of the ruling. Coach: Can you give me an example? Andrew: Well, is this a staked tree…or just a tree? is this a free drop or is this not a drop? is this okay to maybe take a few practice swings and clear away some of the debris? Just little issues like that. Coach: Air swings? Andrew: No…no air swings Coach! But say, for example, we’ve got the ball there and it’s surrounded by long grass, and you just sort of whack away at it, the surrounding thing, you know...the grass, just in practice swing motion.

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The long and the short of it: Andrew Gaze and The Coach talk golf Andrew: Golf is one of those games that you need to be out there with the full blessing of everyone. There are times when you’re itching to play, and i’ve got four kids and a lot of home responsibilities, and you try and perhaps…not lie…but perhaps not “exactly” explain to your wife “exactly” what’s going on in the day. You come home and you’re a bit sunburnt and the wife asks “Where have you been?” and i say “Oh…happened to play golf...”. And if i’ve not gone out there with her full blessing, it’s a rubbish day.

Well these are the sort of things that, through time, and the more you play, you learn there are some rules. it’s a learning experience. Coach: So in other words, when I play with you again, I’ve got to watch you very closely? Andrew: No, not anymore, because i have learnt that it does mess with your conscience and your game goes to water. Coach: Now Drew, you’re a very busy man these days with your radio and TV commitments, and then of course, there’s your family as well. Do you find it hard to get a “leave pass” from your wife to go out and have a hit?

This is a small portion of a full interview with Andrew Gaze. To hear the entire conversation, go to

“The Coach” is a well-known media personality that travels the world talking to famous celebrities (and sometimes, they even talk back!) his business, The Coach Media, is a Sport, Corporate and entertainment conduit between sports stars and their fans. More information:

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58 instruction

Understand the club first DarrenChapman BeFORe you can start to hit great golf shots, you need to understand the equipment you are using. Although not all clubs look the same and each differs in materials and appearance, they all follow the same design principles–the loft of the clubface and the length of the shaft progressively change through the set to create shots that vary in height and distance. Grab a golf club and have a closer look at it. You should see a straight line at the bottom of the club face called the leading edge that runs from heel to toe. From here, the shaft comes out of the club head and goes straight up to the grip. At address, the shaft and the leading edge should form one straight line. This is what is called the neutral position and you should be aiming to return the club to this position at impact. Although this concept may sound simple it is one of the most common causes of inconsistency in distance and shot direction for golfers. There are two main ways the club can be set out of this neutral position; shaft lean and face direction. Shaft lean is the angle of the shaft to the ball. The shaft can either be leaned forward (toward the target) or backward (away from the target). if you lean the shaft forward you will be taking the loft off the club. Unless you lean exactly the same amount each time or return to the ball at the same angle the club head will impact the ball at a different angle each time causing considerable

differences in the length of your shots. The other way that you can lean the shaft is backward. Many people do this in an attempt to add loft to the golf club with the thought that it will help the ball to travel higher. The problem here is that while adding loft to the club face you are also creating a gap between the leading edge and the ground. This means the part of the club that will be contacting the ball at impact is the sole. Unfortunately there is no loft on the sole of the club and this will result in a shot that will tend to run along the ground. To check if you are leaning the shaft either way i would recommend looking at your set up in the mirror. if the shaft is leaning forward or backward you should practice setting it straight

at the address position. The other basic area that will cause misdirected golf shots is face direction. i often see golfers who don’t have the club face pointing at the target when addressing the ball. Again there are two ways of getting this wrong. The club can be either open (heel ahead of toe) or closed (toe ahead of heel). if the club face is open this will produce a side spin that will make the ball fade/slice and if the club face is set closed this will produce a draw/hook. To check if you have the club face set square rest the club head against a straight line and ensure that the heel and toe of the club head run along that line. This could be as simple as using

the join line in some concrete, resting the club head on that line and checking if this position looks ‘normal‘ to you. if it doesn’t you should practise setting the club in the neutral position at this will improve your shot direction. By starting with these basics and getting guidance from a qualified PGA professional your game will improve and you will get greater enjoyment over this season of golf. Darren Chapman is a AAA Member of the Australian PGA, and teaches at The Ridge Golf Course and Driving Range in Barden Ridge, NSW. or phone (02) 9541 4960


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Golf as a two-target game PeterCroker

iN this instructional article, we focus on a most basic concept in golf: “hiT The BAll!” Defining the direction of hit—i.e. the direction in which the clubhead must travel to strike the ball squarely and propel it to its target –is the most basic understanding that a golfer needs to have and own. Confusion and ‘steering’ sets in when the golfer attempts to swing the club along the Target line from the ball to its intended target – like the flag or selected destination on the fairway or green. At first it requires a ‘leap of Faith’ to ‘throw’ the clubhead down and out through the ball and not attempt to steer the clubhead towards the ball’s target. Similar to playing pool or snooker— when you aim for the white ball to strike the red or coloured ball off centre so that the struck ball travels off at an angle to that of the white ball— so too when you throw the clubhead at the ball on the ground, the clubface direction and loft on impact causes the golf ball to fly in a different direction to that of the clubhead’s direction of travel. When you arrive in the zone, you will just look, know and hit that ball, and the ball will go to its intended target, without effort, and with little attention on any

one aspect of the total action. however, in the learning process, and before you arrive at this “Freddy Couples level,” it is of great value to break golf down into several targets. The ball definitely needs a target, as the aim of the game is to take the least number of shots in reaching the ball’s target – the hole. Therefore, the ball’s target is important, and it is through the

address routine that we align the clubface and body to the ball’s target. Now, for the main event, enjoy the hit. By aiming the clubhead at the golf ball, we are taking into account that the clubhead is targeting the golf ball. This would mean that we have, as a minimum, two targets – the clubhead’s target is the golf ball, and the golf ball’s target is the hole (or the fairway, green, etc.) By treating golf as a two-target game, one at a time, you can be much more focused on hitting a solid shot. Once you have taken care of the ball’s target through the address routine, and are comfortably there, you can change your focus to clubhead / ball – a totally different orientation. The clubhead’s direction is down, out, and through the ball, while the ball’s direction is up and straight forward to the hole. This allows you to be more focused on enjoying the hit. Please view this video to gain deeper comprehension of this major Concept in the golf swing: v=TY6dQsnwFN8

Peter Croker has been a PGA member since 1971 and has given lessons with his Croker Golf System to professionals including Vijay Singh, Arnold Palmer, Rocco Mediate, Fred Funk, Olin Browne, and Bob Charles. Based at The Dunes Golf links, he delivers schools, individual lessons, and has an “Online lesson Program”- Take an internet lesson directly from Peter: www.crokergolfsystem. com/Academy/view-your-swing.html You can also contact Peter on 0415 292 549


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Elite Development Golf Academy to open at Brookwater The pathway to a successful and long golfing career has just been made easier for young Queenslanders, with the announcement of a new training academy to open in January at Brookwater Golf and Country Club in Queensland. For those who have aspirations to improve their golf game across the key fundamentals of elite player development, the elite Development Golf Academy (eDGA) will provide a unique opportunity to link their technical and physical development in a World Class programme. The brainchild of PGA Professional Ian Triggs, Golf Physiotherapist/Sports Scientist Michael Dalgleish and Golf Athletic Development Coaches Brad Pillette-Hughes and Richard Nizielski, the eDGA will provide the latest in golf development methods for all levels of players – from beginners to visiting Tour Professionals. “You only have to look at the players on the professional circuits and you can see just how much the preparation for playing golf has changed in the last 15 years”, says Dalgleish. “Players all around the world are already using many of the methods we have pioneered right here in Australia. We feel it’s important for young players to have access, on a regular basis, to world-class long-term elite technical development programs combined with 3D kinematics, Golf

Physiotherapy Screening, Fundamental Movement Skill Assessment and Golf Specific Athletic Development. it is this combination which will provide the best possible training techniques for our future golf champions and golf coaching professionals”. The Academy will launch with a series of technical and athletic development camps which are aimed at the young beginners, advanced beginners and young players with a club handicap. All the players who attend will be treated to world-class coaching tailored to their level. There will also be plenty of FUN with the learning. The beginner camp will be run in conjunction with Golf Australia’s MyGolf Programme via Queensland Manager lee harrington. “Many of our city-based players have expressed an interest in having exposure to this type of comprehensive training, as it is not obtainable elsewhere,” says Triggs. “To complement this, the academy will provide a support network for Queensland’s regionally-based junior players who often miss out because of their isolation. These camps will allow the regionally-based players the opportunity to attend camps which will be run during school holidays and around Greg Norman Junior Golf Foundation competition events,” he adds. Visit:

• Group I top class club established 80 years • Situated in the heart of Sydney. Less than 10 minutes drive along Homebush Bay Drive from Rhodes Shopping centre • Each new member will receive a free golf lesson from Mark Reeve and a Complimentary Visitor Voucher (value $100)

• Easy walking course with motorised cart and buggy hire available • Competitions for Men and Ladies all days except Wednesdays which is men’s competition only • Open days for members and visitors Monday & Friday • Excellent dining and two function rooms with views over the course - perfect for weddings, birthdays, Christmas parties, reunions or business meetings • High quality practise facilities - practise fairway, chipping & putting green, practise bunkers - keep your game in shape!

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60 instruction.........................................

How long does it take to hit a bucket of balls? How to get backspin LeeHarrington A typical bucket of 70 balls should take a one hour to hit, or does it? Does your typical practice session involve just hitting balls, the driver or the things you are currently good at? If your answer is yes, we may need to take a look at your routine to help you make the necessary changes to improve your game. Practice sessions should be planned and have relevance to what you do on the golf course. If this is not the case, you need to take a closer look at the way you practise to get the benefits out of the session. Next time you go out and practise, place emphasis on hitting each shot in a way similar to that of what you are faced with on the golf course.

Pre-Shot Routine

Do you have a pre-shot routine? If so, how many times do you practise or play using it? A well-grooved and developed preshot routine will help you with all the golf fundamentals, set-up factors and improve your practise-to-play development. Golf is a stationary ball game where we have a lot of time to set up for each shot. The best players in the world are very good at a consistent pre-shot routine. Next time you watch golf on television take note of the effort in what professionals do prior to swinging the

Developing a solid pre-shot routine at the range can make a difference to your practice session club. You will find that their pre-shot routine is the same with every shot.

Why use a Pre-shot Routine? As golfers we try hard to repeat our better swings time and time again. This however, is where we often let ourselves down, as we do not have a pre-shot routine to create consistency. The pre-shot routine is important to all golfers, as it is an early trigger which creates consistency in each and every shot we play. Learn to incorporate a pre-shot routine to create consistency.

You should be able to answer all of these questions below if you are on par with your pre- shot routine. 1. Do I start from behind the ball? 2. When do I take a practice swing? 3. How many practice swings (ideally one for speed of play)? 4. How many actual steps do you take each time to get to the ball? 5. In your mind, develop an order for club into ball, feet movement and grip adjustment. 6. When do I grip the club? 7. How many times do I look up? 8. What do I need to move and feel to get aligned properly? 9. What is my trigger to swing? 10. What is the timing of my preshot routine? Incorporating these factors in your routine when practising will help you automatically repeat your swing during a golf game. Further, by improving your fundamentals of grip, posture, ball position and alignment, you will create a fantastic basis to lift the level of improvement in your game.

Lee Harrington is a PGA Member and is also the Development Officer at Golf Queensland. Her passion for teaching and an eye for detail is recognised in her reputation as a leading female teacher in Australia. Lee’s experience in teaching provide a basis for programs delivered The Golf School, a Queensland-based teaching facility. Lee teaches at the Gold Coast Carrara weekly. Email:, or phone (07) 5596 3373.

AnneRollo Backspin is not difficult to create. The clubs are designed for backspin and to help you stop the ball, especially the more lofted clubs. A lot of amateurs think it is a mysterious talent reserved just for the professionals, but if you play the shot as it’s meant to be played you will get backspin every time. So how is it meant to be played? The club should travel from high on the backswing through to low just after the shot (creating the divot) and then through to a final high position. Obviously the follow-through will continue past this low position and end up high for all your longer shots — up around your head in fact—but around the impact position it is really important that the club is travelling DOWN from high on the backswing to low on the follow through and just past impact. So make sure you hit positively DOWN and through the shot before collapsing your arms at the high finish position. Try it and see the ball stop on the green, especially with your sand and pitching wedges. The stronger a player you are, the more

Backspin: Keep your clubhead high on the backswing and low on the follow through spin you will get—especially as you go up to the longer clubs. Guys get more backspin than girls as they create more speed through the ball and the speed of the club travelling through the ball forces the ball to run up the clubface. Quick tip: Practise this with your pitching wedge, because it is a shorter swing and it is much easier to get the hang of. Then you can transfer the technique to your full swing. Really hit down positively into the grass and brush the grass on all your practise swings. Then try and do the same when the ball is there. Remember ....BALL, THEN TURF.

Anne teaches at Muirfield Golf Club in Sydney’s Northwest and Dural Golf Range. She is an ALPG Golf professional, European Tour tournament winner, US collegiate ‘All American’ and author of the ‘Passport to great golf ’ book.


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putting 61

Exclusively part of the Inside Golf Instruction team

The mindset of ‘The Yips’

Handy putting tips



ReCeNTlY i spent a few hours with a keen golfer with what he called the ‘worst case of the yips known to man’. in truth, the reality is that he was not even close to the worst case i have ever seen. That brings me to this month’s topic, the mindset or attitude of the golfer struggling with their putting to the point where they start to wonder whether they have “The Yips.” it is very important to stay positive and not keep telling yourself how bad you are. i know it is easier said than done, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be done or should not be done. The mind is a very powerful tool and, when used correctly, can be such an advantage when playing this game. The first place i recommend you start is listening to the words you use when talking to yourself or to others about your putting. For example is putting a “massive problem” or could you instead say that “i am working hard on the right things”? For another example, you may say “i think i am stuck with this forever,” whereas you could instead replace this with something like “nothing worth achieving comes easy...i am going to work hard and enjoy the challenge.” if you think this is psychobabble that doesn’t really work, then think again.

T hA N K S for you r continued support over the past 12 months. here are some handy putting tips to see you through the Christmas and New Year period. Hands: Palms should be square at address (i.e. oppose each other) and be square with the shoulders. Grip Pressure: A light, constant grip pressure is preferred so you can feel the weight of the putter head. Ball Position: Slightly forward of centre to place an ascending blow on the ball when the putter face contacts the ball; which will improve distance control. Eyes: if you were to drop a ball from your eye level in set up; it should hit on top of the ball or slightly behind it on the target line. eyes slightly on the inside the target line is also acceptable. Body Motion: Keep still below your belt. On a 20-foot putt, moving your body below your waist can add up to 3 feet of distance. Head Motion: Absolutely Nil. Wrist Motion: Absolutely Nil. Wrist motion is totally unreliable and

not a Psychologist, and do not claim to Nearly every professional that i coach be one, but i do know from experience spends a significant amount of time that people replay the “Yips” in their mind working on it. over and over until the thought of putting i know that people are predominately becomes scary and leads to anxiety. looking for technical advice in these articles, but if you have labelled yourself in closing, i suppose one point i as a player with “The Yips”, please stop am trying to make based on recent until you have seen a professional like experiences with clients is: just because myself who can diagnose it correctly. you label yourself to have “The Yips” One of the exercises i like to use at the does not necessarily mean you actually Sydney Putting Studio is to video a client have them. putting well from a short distance and if you want to see some instructional videos on putting then create a looping video on screen, Lee Westwood orBiofl putter ing, ple as e visit where the correct action and rhythm is Wears ow Sportf itt in Black replayed over and over and over again. i make the client sit and watch the video or make a booking with me at the —it is common for the player to feel a lot Sydney Putting Studio on 9541 4960 better about their putting as a result. i am ( ®

The 2008 NSWPGA Teacher of the Year, Glenn Whittle is an AAA PGA Member and is also an official Teaching Panelist. To book a putting or swing lesson with Glenn visit or Wears Bioflow® Sport in Black if you think you have the yips, or you know someone that does, please do not hesitate to contact Glenn at the Sydney Putting Studio on (02) 9541 4960 or email me on Glenn offers putter fits, one hour putting lessons or putting improvement programs.

Lee Westwood

changes your feel daily. Wrists should be locked and the best way to remove wrist movement is with the reverse overlap grip as used by Greg Norman, Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus. The Triangle: Arms and shoulders form a triangle and it shouldn’t change during the entire putting stroke. The shoulders are the main source for putting. Tempo/Rhythm: Tempo should remain the same, short putts requiring shorter stroke lengths and longer putts requiring longer stroke lengths. A metronome can help with this. Stroke Path: Accounts for 25% of direction whereas Face Angle at imp ac t accounts for 75% of direction.

Brent German is a AAA Accredited PGA Golf Professional, based at Albert Park Driving Range in Melbourne. Call Brent on 0412 533 555 and let him empower you to excel your golf potential. More tips can be found at

“The advantages were immediate and I couldn’t believe just how comfortable it is to wear. I am convinced it will be of great benefit”

Lee Westwood

Wears Bioflow® Sport in Black

Want help with your handicap? For years golfers have remarked on wearing Bioflow® and the benefits that it brings to their game. Designed with sports professionals and athletes in mind, Bioflow® Sport combines revolutionary magnetic technology with cutting edge design. Bioflow® Sport uses patented Central Reverse Polarity®, a strong, multidirectional force of magnetism which subjects the body to a varying magnetic field, mimicking those produced by professional physiotherapy equipment.

This technology is thought to improve blood flow to target areas of injury, encouraging healing and cell regeneration. Bioflow® are global leaders in magnetic therapy with over 15 years experience and more than a million satisfied customers across the world.

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Follow in the footsteps of some of the worlds biggest names in golf and give Bioflow® a try. Our 90 Day Performance Guarantee means you have nothing to lose, except a couple of shots maybe!

Thomas Aiken, the Current Spanish Open golf champion, has been a devotee of the original Bioflow® wristband for three years.

Want help with your handicap? For years golfers have remarked on wearing Bioflow® and the benefits that it brings to their game. Designed with sports professionals and athletes in mind, Bioflow® Sport combines revolutionary magnetic technology with cutting edge design. Bioflow® Sport uses patented Central Reverse Polarity®, a strong, multidirectional force of magnetism which subjects the body to a varying magnetic field, mimicking those produced by professional physiotherapy equipment.

This technology is thought to improve blood flow to target areas of injury, encouraging healing and cell regeneration. Bioflow® are global leaders in magnetic therapy with over 15 years experience and more than a million satisfied customers across the world.

“I cannot speak highly enough of the Bioflow wristband. It has been a great help during a period where I have had a few injury concerns”.

Follow in the footsteps of some of the worlds biggest names in golf and give Bioflow® a try. Our 90 Day Performance Guarantee means you have nothing to lose, except a couple of shots maybe!



Thomas Aiken, the Current Spanish Open golf champion, has been a devotee of the original Bioflow® wristband for three years.

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“The advantages were immediate and I couldn’t believe just how comfortable it is to wear. I am convinced it will be of great benefit”

Stockists Wanted Brenda: +61 (0) 416 911 814 Bob: +61 (0) 405 113 671

Bioflow® never claim that their products are intended to prevent, cure, alleviate, treat or diagnose illness. If you are concerned about a health issue, you should consult a doctor or medical professional.

Want help with your handicap? For years golfers have remarked on

This technology is thought to

“I cannot speak highly enough

December 2011


Improve your driving

Nathan is Victoria’s best putter

DavidWilliams Do you stand on the tee with driver in hand and ‘hope’ to hit the fairway? Driving seems to be most of my students’ main concern. A recent poll on my website site saw 29.17% of the responses indicate that driving was the worst part of their game. Having the ball in play with your tee shots sets you up for the rest of the hole, so let’s look at some things to improve your driving. Focus on a definite target, not just ‘somewhere down there’ Aiming for a particular target when driving and not just the fairway in general will assist you in focusing on hitting the ball to a target. If your target is the width of the fairway and you happen to miss your target, you are destined to finish in the rough or trees. By narrowing your focus to a single point you can still miss your target but still have a big chance to finish on the fairway and in play. Is driver the correct club choice for the hole? The pros don’t hit driver every hole, as their main focus is not length from the tee. Ensuring the ball is in play will set you up for the rest of the hole. Here are some things to consider when choosing the club to tee off with on a particular hole:

1. Width of Fairway Is the fairway wider where your 3 wood or hybrid lands? Then ask yourself if you would increase your chances of hitting the fairway by using something other than a driver. 2. Hazards Are there fairway bunkers or water to contend with? Aim to land short or hit over hazards rather than trying to miss them left or right. Taking the hazard out of play will ensure you won’t waste shots by going in them. 3. Dogleg run out If the hole is doglegged and you can potentially hit the ball through the fairway, consider choosing a club

to get you the correct distance to the dogleg. 4. Poor Form How are you hitting your driver? There’s no use flogging a dead horse! If you are not having a good day with your driver then consider going back to your fairway woods to get the ball into play. 5. Are you trying to outdrive your partners? Everyone has a handicap for a reason. We are all different standards with different abilities and hit the ball different distances, so play your own game every hole and try not to be influenced by someone you are playing with. 6. Have a lesson Having a golf professional give you advice to improve your technique, mindset and checking that your driver is right for you will help answer a lot of the questions about why you may be struggling with your driving. David Williams is a AAA Rated PGA Professional at Cardinia Beaconhills Golf Links. He is also a Master Instructor at Medicus Golf Institute. Contact him on: 0422 276 142, or at

Left to right – Shane Tate (MGA Operations Manager), Nathan Buzimkic (Putting Champion) and Darryn Lowe (TaylorMade Golf Master Club-fitter) Nathan Buzimkic has taken out the inaugural Victorian Putting Championship, and can now lay claim to being the best putter in Victoria. Held over two weekends at the impressive Melbourne Golf Academy in Heatherton—with sponsorship from TaylorMade—the event saw 93 rounds completed over the four qualifying sessions at MGA’s massive 18-hole putting green. The winners of each qualifying session were: Clay Nicholls (33 putts c/b), Craig Maurel (30 putts), Robert Mead (36 putts) and Nathan Buzimkic (32 putts). Nathan took the grand final honours on the Sunday with 35 putts (1 stroke victory) after holing a 6-footer on the 18th. Funnily enough, Nathan used a

brand-new TaylorMade Ghost Spider for the first time on the Sunday, using it all day to qualify and eventually win the title! For his efforts, Nathan picked up a set of custom-fitted TaylorMade clubs to the value of $2500. Not bad for holing a few putts! MGA is one of the best (and most affordable) practice facilities in Melbourne, featuring a 350m practice fairway with 10 target greens, Undercover/ private bays (floodlit at night) with softfeel practice mats & club racks, and an impressive short game area where you can practice putting, chipping, pitching and bunker shots. For more info, phone 03 9558 3477 or visit

Wallacia Hotel


NOW WITH PINFINDER MODE. Just set the mode to PINFINDER MODE (shows a flagstick logo in the viewer), then push the power button and pan across the flagstick and the exact distance to the flag will very easily be shown every time (even with a not so steady hand) as this mode always shows the distance to the nearest object. This feature is what sets the Condor Laser Rangefinder apart from others and is what now makes using Laser Rangefinders EASY!! Also has standard SCAN MODE. Push the power button and for 10 seconds the distance to each object will be shown as you pan across the viewing area. Also has the basic POINT AND PRESS MODE which simply gives the distance to one object once. • • • • • • • •





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CONDOR GOLF est 2000

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Wallacia Hotel is close to Warragamba Dam, Bents Basin, Blue Mountains, Nepean River & Sydney International Regatta Centre. (scenic tours available) Four immaculate golf courses to choose from including Twin Creeks, Wallacia, Glenmore Park and Glenmore Heritage. For Booking & Enquiries: Annette ph: (02) 4773 8888 E:

*One, Two or Three night packages and weekend packages available Dinner to the value of $40 per couple

December 2011

fitness 63

Straighten your spine PeterMcConnell One thing I deal with constantly in the world of golf fitness is restriction of rotation, especially in the backswing. Many golfers suffer from seemingly unrelated issues and injuries because of this scenario. In this article I will show you how to get some extension back into the spine which will allow further rotation, less stress, more power and greater consistency. It’s important to get to the basics of restriction before working on actual rotation. By this I mean – before laying on your back and rotating your knees from side to side to try to improve rotation, work on actually straightening your upper spine (thoracic or rib cage). The more curvature of the upper spine you have, the less able you are to rotate fully. If your aim is to get, say, 90° of shoulder turn in your backswing, some of this will come from the hips and knees (roughly 40° and 25° respectively), and the other 50° comes from the spine (remember the 25° knee turn contributes to the 40° hip turn). The lumbar spine (lower back) accounts for less than 10° of rotation generally, and the remainder is the thoracic spine. Now before I go on, I know there are players on tour who have poor upper back posture who do just fine – one of our own, Robert Allenby, comes to mind immediately. He has a strong upper back curve yet gets good rotation. Remember he is one player who has succeeded despite this. It’s like the classic justification for drinking like a fish and smoking like a chimney because your neighbour’s friend’s 80-year-old grandmother manages to do it. These are anomalies in life and not great yardsticks. As a fact, the straighter the spine, the more rotation. Individually, other factors can impact joint and tissue flexibility, such as good hydration and nutrition.

As I mentioned earlier, greater spinal freedom will: • Increase rotation – this allows a more fluid, free swing. • Reduce stress – takes pressure off shoulder, elbow, and wrist joints, and the lower back. • Increase power – you will increase the ratio of hip to shoulder turn, giving more availability of power. • Increase consistency – because you have more turn in the upper back, you will reduce the overrotation of your hips, providing a more stable downswing platform. Okay, now that I may or may not have convinced you that this is actually important, here are 2 simple spinal mobilisations you can do at home once you get a foam roller… Photo 1 shows a gentle mobilisation – great for beginners; people with large upper back curvatures; and the older age group. Simply lay on the foam roller so your head and tail are resting on it. If you have a strong curvature, place a rolled up towel or pillow under the head. Put your arms straight out and relax, with the palms up. If this pulls on the chest or shoulders too much, move your arms a few degrees toward your hips to reduce the strain. If you get a chest stretch, it should feel good, not painful, so adjust your arms to suit. Do this every evening for 10 to 15 mins. It’s a great way to just let gravity fold you out over the roller while you relax. Photos 2 & 3 show a mobilisation that is quite a bit more aggressive. Please know that this is an intense exercise for the spine, so if you find it painful, please stop. Older spines and ribs that are quite stuck don’t react well to this IF you push too far. To make it less aggressive, place a folded towel over the roller to soften the feeling a bit. So, the method here is to place the foam roller around the middle of the back (never lower than the ribcage please!) Start in a straight position as shown, take a good tummy breath (if possible, otherwise a good breath), and as you breathe out, slowly ease

Moss Vale Golf Club is a golfer’s paradise Summer Package $215 per night for 2 people includes daily: 4 course dinner, breakfast, Accommodation, 18 holes* *Offer based on 2 persons per room in a standard room. Minimum 2 night stay, mid-week only. Valid 1st November 2011 - 29th February 2012. Package NOT available between 23rd December 2011 - 3rd January 2012.

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Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

down over the foam roller as shown. Remember, this is a mobilisation of the spine, not a stretch of muscles, so you won’t get that ‘stretch’ feeling, but you will feel a strong restriction to moving very far. It doesn’t matter if you barely move down at all to start with – your spine has probably never been in this position voluntarily! Take your time and be patient with this one, and over time you will slowly carry a better thoracic posture. Do 3 to 4 breaths on each vertebrae up to around the top of the shoulder blade. (We have 12 vertebrae in the thoracic spine so aim for 8 to 10 positions up the spine). These foam rollers are available from most

fitness stores – the one I use is called a 15cm diameter, long foam roller. Alternatively you can order them online from AOK Health ( who provide the best quality stock. Happy golfing! Peter McConnell runs his business Fair Game on the Gold Coast. Peter teaches golfers and athletes how to increase their performance and reduce stress. Visit his website:, or email him at

2 Day Golf School at Moss Vale Golf Club Receive expert tuition from club professional Robert Kennedy in all facets of the game, while staying on course at the beautiful Dormie House. Package Includes: • 3 Nights accommodation • Morning tea & Lunch on • 3 Buffet Breakfasts Monday & Tuesday • 3 Dinners • Professional Tuition Dates: 26th, 27th and 28th Feb; 29th, 30th April; 1st May 2012

Cost: $599 p/p twin share, $699 single

Bookings through Dormie House phone: (02) 4868 1800

*Group sizes are limited to 8 people

December 2011

64 insidearchitecture

One man’s change of course DavidNewbery ROSS Watson’s first career as an engineer trained in surveying, road design and real estate developments ended in the late 1970s. That’s when his career as a golf course architect and designer started. Watson traces the beginning of his golf architecture career to Windaroo golf course in south-east Queensland. “Windaroo was the first golf course i designed,” he said. “i started in about 1976, but i became a fulltime golf course designer in 1979. “During the building of Windaroo, i approached Bill heck, who owned the development, and went on his payroll. “And at the end i thought, ‘right, this is my (new) career’. “in January 1979, i sent a standard letter to every golf club in the country to notify them i’d arrived and i went from there.” Since then Watson has designed and built around 70 golf courses worldwide. his body of work includes three types of golf courses – brand-new golf courses, brand-new golf course built over the top of an old layout and the golf course that have requires a major facelift. his latest masterpiece is the Palms course at Sanctuary Cove Golf and Country Club on Queensland’s Gold Coast. it falls into category two – a brand-new course designed and built over the top of the old Fred Bolton-designed golf course.

Ross Watson … “if you can’t break 150 then I can’t accommodate you.” “it’s a risk and reward golf course,” Watson said. “The golf course requires decision making and course management skills because there are a lot of options out there. it will tantalise people.” his views on golf course design are simple: “Make the game as interesting as i possibly can for the widest range of skill sets. “i have to come up with a design that keeps golfers coming back, but at the same time keeps the scratch player stimulated as well. “if it’s too difficult you’ll lose the masses and if it’s too simple and easy it won’t get a reputation and you won’t get quality players there. “So you have got to find that happy medium.” Wider fairways, where possible, are also a key in Watson’s golf course designs. “if i have got a bit of ground, i give them as much width as i can in the area where the mug

goes. i call it fool’s paradise. “That’s because, strategically, if the pin is on one side of the green, then it’s better to be on the other side of the fairway where there might be a bunker or a water hazard. “Okay, so you play a lay-up shot and your four becomes a mini five because you are out of position off the tee. “But next time you may take a little bit more risk because you know you can reach the green and may be able to knock it on. “By giving more width you actually give more scope for strategy. “having narrow fairways lined with heavy rough and heavy trees, and anything less than perfect down the middle is gobbled up. “You spend 10 minutes looking for the ball – that’s just unpleasant.

“The play zone (fairway plus mown rough) has got to be wide enough so that you don’t feel claustrophobic. “The rough has got to be maintained at a length that provides a half shot penalty, but it’s fairly simple to find your ball.” Watson’s views are not always going to find favour with golfers who struggle to put a half decent score on the card. “if you can’t break 150 (off the stick) then i can’t accommodate you,” he said. “You should go on to a mini par-3 course and brush up and get some skills.” Watson, a fit 65-year-old, says he has no intention of retiring just yet. “i like work too much,” Watson said. “i can’t imagine riding my bike and playing golf all week. “The global financial crisis has ensured i have slowed down anyway, and i have a small staff now so i aim to be very selective in my work choices so that i can stay at that level and not working flat out. “i’ve got a bit of time of see my grandchildren, play golf and do other things that people my age like to do. “But i still keep my hand in the golf design business because i love it. i can’t imagine i’ll ever retire.” A previous heavy work load meant Watson played little golf, but he has returned to the fairways. “i have just started playing again, but i’m a bit rough,” the 12-marker said. “When i was a young person i did get down to two and was club champion at Campbelltown in Sydney.”

GOLF FACTORY PENRITH GOLF FACTORY NARELLAN 269 High St, Penrith (near Officeworks)

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December 2011

clubs 65

Redland Bay members spoilt MEMBERS at Redland Bay Golf Club in Brisbane’s east are a spoilt bunch. Not only do the members have a championship par-72 golf course (home of the Queensland Seniors PGA Championship) at their disposal, but the comfortable clubhouse offers fine dining, a purposebuilt function room and a huge deck with sweeping views of the golf course. And one more thing – the club’s loyalty towards its members is second to none. So, anyone considering joining the 2004, 2008 and 2010 Queensland PGA Metropolitan Golf Club of the Year had better be quick because membership in all categories is reaching capacity. “We are getting close to full membership, which we haven’t seen for about eight years,” said the club’s general manager Aaron Muirhead. “That’s probably based on the initiatives that we are operating at the club and the loyalty we are showing back to our members.” At Redland Bay the members can look forward to special members’ nights, birthday dinners and lots more. “Club members and social members receive benefits through the clubhouse with regards to twofor-one dining, members’ pricing across the bar and invitations to special events at reduced costs,” Muirhead said. “Even $5 social members can receive those benefits. “We pride ourselves with our customer service back to our members and our guests.” Little wonder the seven-day and six-day (excluding Saturday) membership packages are popular.

A foursome 192 years in the making

“The golf course sells itself,” Muirhead said. “The members that are coming along and enjoying the club can see the progression of the course and clubhouse. “They feel that value for money is achieved from the initial membership fee. I think our pricing is proving to be value for money.” Social players are well catered for at Redland Bay and pay only $32 (Monday to Friday) and $37 on weekends to play the challenging, picturesque course.

One of the highlights is the Rydges Oasis Resort Sunshine Coast Black Marker Challenge, which is played on the first Friday of each month. With a prize pool in excess of $1500, it attracts plenty of golfers keen to snare the first prize – two nights at Rydges Oasis Resort Sunshine Coast. The player with the best nett score wins the main prize. For further information, call the club on (07) 3206 7011.

There was nothing particularly unusual about a certain foursome that teed off from the first tee at Redland Bay Golf Club recently. In essence, it was just a foursome out to play a regular round at their home club. But these four gentlemen had more than a bit of experience at the club. A combined 192 years’ worth, to be exact. For the foursome of Don Bengston (joined RBGC in 1959), Don Kidd (Club Patron– joined RBGC in 1959), Bill Horton (joined RBGC in 1966) and Fred Williams (joined RBGC in 1968), golf at Redland Bay has been a regular way of life. And their numbers prove it. With a combined 192 years of membership (average of 47.5 years), and a combined age of 324 years (average age of 81), their figures are impressive. Just goes to show you that loyalty and service goes both ways! Congratulations to both the club and their players for such a significant feat.

ASQUITH GOLF CLUB Situated just north of Hornsby on the beautiful North Shore of Sydney


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December 2011


No one cramped Bruce’s style DavidNewbery BRUCE Crampton might have become an even bigger star in golf were it not for Jack Nicklaus. Crampton, the first Australian golfer to win $1m in prizemoney, was runner-up to Nicklaus in the 1972 US Masters and the US Open and runner-up again to the Golden Bear in the 1973 and 1975 US PGA championships. “If Jack Nicklaus had not been around, I would have been a hero,” he once said. But Crampton was a top player and passed the $1m mark in 1973 and 24 years later he banked a sizable cheque that took his career prizemoney past $5m. A lot of today’s younger Australian professionals would not even know Crampton won an Australian Open and was one of the US PGA Tour dominant players. Now 76, Crampton turned professional in 1953 after an impressive amateur career that resulted in two NSW junior title wins and he became the youngest-ever international at 17. He was 22 when he won the 1956 Australian Open. After that he tried the European Tour briefly, but was critical of the way tournaments were run and moved to America where, at first, he struggled. In fact, the first five years on tour were difficult and he did not earn more than $8000, but he was persistent and earned the nickname “Iron Man”. That moniker was given to him after he played 37 consecutive tournaments. In 1961, he captured his first tournament win

in the US, a one stroke victory in the Milwaukee Open Invitational. After that Crampton became a big money winner. In 1965, he created history by winning three successive US tournaments, the rich Bing Crosby extravaganza, the Colonial National Invitation and the 500 Festival Open Invitation. A putter of some repute, Crampton was unreliable off the tee which didn’t help his progress although he did overcome his driving woes and won his fair share of tournaments. Between 1968 and 1975 he banked more than $100,000 each year and in 1973 his earnings went to $274,266 to win the Vardon Trophy for the lowest stroke average. He won the trophy

again in 1975. Still, Crampton was not always popular with fellow players, golf fans and the media. That’s because he seldom spoke on the golf course and played the game with an unsmiling manner. Sport Illustrated magazine said he was “ornery, frosty and abrasive” while another golfer said he was rude, selfish and inconsiderate. Perhaps this resulted after he reported Harold Henning for failing to call a two-shot penalty against himself. Henning ground a club in a hazard and was disqualified after Crampton reported the incident to officials. When another player wanted to fight him over the incident he walked away saying all the rules of golf should be obeyed. A non-drinker and non-smoker, Crampton was a misunderstood man, according to a former caddie. He had a strong work ethic and would spend hours on the range after his round working on his game. He played to win for both himself and his caddie and would apologise when he handed over a smaller cheque than others. The one thing that many people didn’t know is that he always had a bag full of jokes that he would share at the pro-ams with corporate sponsors and amateurs. Crampton quit the game at the age of 42, saying he could no longer cope and entered hospital with severe depression. After that he devoted much of his time to his business interests such

as his oil wells in Texas. But he started to play again at age 50. “Psychologically, turning 50 was a whole lot easier than turning 40,” he was quoted as saying in Jack Pollard’s Australian Golf guide. “Forty was like an ending. I knew I didn’t want to play much beyond 40, but when I turned 50 it was like a whole new beginning,” he said. In 1986, he won his first event on the Champions Tour and by the end of the year had won seven tournaments and was named Senior Player of the Year. In his mid- to late-50s his game started to wane so he had a series of lessons. “A lot of guys talk about hitting the wall at that age (57-58), but I believe, like Gary Player, that if you take good care of yourself and keep on an exercise program, you can diminish that effect. “If you are not swinging well, have a lesson,” he said. At age 61, he won his last tournament on the Champions Tour, the Cadillac NFL Golf Classic. It was his 20th win on the tour and took his career earnings past $5m. He won 14 times on the US PGA Tour. In Australasia, he won the Australian Open, NZ PGA, North Coast Open, Far East Open and the Wills Masters. Sydney-born Crampton also represented Australia in the World Cup in 1963, 1964, 1967 and 1972 where he finished third with Billy Dunk. He was inducted into the Texas Golf Hall of Fame in 1992 and is a member of the New South Wales Hall of Champions.

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Six rules of Christmas golf MichaelGreen As the festive season approaches, it is worth keeping in mind a few rules relating to golf during this time. There will be times when you’d rather be on a golf course than sitting next your drunk uncle laughing at bad jokes from the Christmas crackers. For the sake of family harmony, marital bliss and securing those golf weekends away next year, here are a few suggestions concerning golf at Christmas. 1. My true love gave to me Your nearest and dearest know just how much you love the game, so it’s not unreasonable to find some golf-related gifts under the Christmas tree. You may have even hinted that you would love a new pair of golf shoes, that a trip to Barnbougle would be nice or a dozen ProV’s would always come in handy. It will be obvious if Santa decides a belly putter is what you need. It will be the long skinny thing propping up the Christmas tree, in a way that seems to take all the skill out of the tree propping up itself. Be mindful of your own reaction if you don’t receive any golf gear though. This may just be an oversight on your family’s behalf, but it may also be a message that perhaps you are a little too obsessed with what they naively call ‘just a game’. 2. Don’t even think about playing golf on Christmas Day With your new white driver unwrapped, the thought of an empty golf course on Christmas Day may be a tempting one. On the list of “things you

should never, ever do”, playing golf on Christmas Day is not that far behind planning a golf trip on your wedding anniversary. Banish the thought immediately, put the driver in the bag and focus on carving up the turkey. You, your family and your future will be better for it. 3. Careful what you wish for A new set of golf clubs for your partner may seem like the perfect Christmas gift at the time, but this seemingly generous act is a doubleedged sword. Firstly, you may just be pushing a sewage cart uphill. Ask yourself if your partner really wants to play golf. Have they really shown any desire to embrace the game as you did? If not, you may just be buying a set of clubs that will tragically just sit in the shed all year. Secondly, do you really want other family members playing golf? You may well think that you’ll get to play more golf, but your last peaceful refuge may be gone forever. 4. Keep the in-law’s happy The in-law’s may not know the full extent of

your golfing addiction and certainly won’t know the difference between a lob and a gap wedge. If you unwrap a present and find a golf gift pack like the ones usually sold at department stores with a free bottle of aftershave, just keep calm. Feign excitement the best you can and claim that you will be using the rock hard golf balls the very next round of golf you play. 5. Get a round in on Boxing Day If you have the energy to drag yourself away from the yacht race or Boxing Day Test, get out on the golf course and try out that new, shiny white driver. It would be a mean soul to deny you that privilege after the superb work you did carving up that turkey yesterday. And some of those golf jokes you told Uncle Leo were priceless. 6. Don’t book in a round for New Year’s Day Too often, golfers cancel their tee time on New Year’s Day or they stumble around in 35-degree heat sweating off all sorts of alcoholic beverages from the night before. While it may be a good opportunity to lose those gift-pack golf balls, you are no John Daly. Besides, those shiny white drivers can hurt the eyes if you are nursing a nasty hangover. Merry Christmas. Michael Green is an avid golf fanatic, and the author/blogger of the Aussie Golfer blog ( one of Australia’s most popular golf blogging sites. Follow him on Twitter ( or on Facebook: AussieGolfer

the19thhole 67

Alison records a 1 for 7! In what is thought to be a first for Green Acres Golf Club, Kew (and perhaps a first in Australian golf!), Alison McQualter recently had the pleasure of marking down a holein-one for 7 stableford points. Playing in the annual Green Acres Golf Club Ladies Charity Day on Thursday 6 October, ladies had the option of purchasing a drive from Club Champion Matt Dowling on the 1st hole, with all proceeds being donated to Ovarian Cancer Australia. A nervous starter, Alison jumped at the chance to pass the responsibility of driving down the 234m 1st hole to the Club Champion. Lady President Jo Day was fortunate enough to witness the event. “Matt hit a beautiful three wood and predicted the outcome as the ball flew through the air! As he was the one with the best eyesight I think he was the only one who saw it go in the hole”. “It was a nice feeling telling the ladies that the ball had actually gone in the hole, not just over the fairway bunkers!” said Matt. After recording a 1 for 7, Alison and her playing partner went on to win the team event by one stroke. Over 100 lady members participated in the event, raising more than $6,000 for Ovarian Cancer Australia. Green Acres Golf Club is located just moments from the Melbourne CBD on the banks of the Yarra River in Kew.


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December 2011

68 the19thhole

Ace prize worth a shot

The third at Keperra Golf and Country Club KePeRRA Golf and Country Club has ditched the traditional bottle of scotch whiskey for a hole-in-one. instead, the next 15 club members who get an ace will win a stay-andplay package at Crowne Plaza Pelican Waters Golf Resort and Spa on the Sunshine Coast. C ol l andsberg – the club’s marketing, sponsorship, corporate golf and membership co-ordinator – said the extra incentive could result in members concentrating a lot more on the club’s par-3 holes. “Around 15 lucky members who have a hole-in-one during an 18-hole competition over the next 12 months will receive the $400 prize,” he said. “The prize includes accommodation, complimentary bottle of red wine, buffet breakfast for two people and 18 holes of golf for two people on the Greg Normandesigned golf course. “Not only that, anyone who has an

ace will receive an appropriate holein-one trophy courtesy of corporate partner – eTS. “This will do away with the customary bottle of scotch and, in reality, is an attractive and novel value adding activity for the members.” The promotion teed off on Saturday, November 5. Meanwhile, Keperra’s “Target 150” membership drive has been a huge success. When the club announced it had waived its nomination fee in all membership categories a couple of months ago, there was a stampede through the gates of the popular 27hole golf course. “it’s been a resounding success and we are now nearly full in all membership categories,” landsberg said. Keperra’s general manager Gavin lawrence is delighted with the influx of new arrivals.

“The increase in membership has been within expectations,” he said. “i’m encouraged by where we are at the moment.” Keperra, a picturesque and challenging 27-hole golf course in Brisbane’s northern suburbs, would have to be one of the few golf clubs in Australia that can boast two world-class members. Peter Senior and John Senden, the club’s two favourite sons, have done the club proud this year. Senior, who plays the Champions Tour in the USA, has knocked on the winner’s door all year and never missed a cut in 21 starts. he had 12 top-10 results, including three runner-up places, and finished sixth on the money list with more than $1.3m. Senden finished 33rd on the US PGA Tour money list and earned more than $2.2m. The former Australian Open champion’s best result was a runner-up finish behind Justin Rose in the BMW Championship.

Dressed to thrill

WARNiNG: Before logging on to the Vanity Fairways website, make sure you don’t have a sharp object or a hot cup of coffee in your hand. You could do yourself an injury because you will be confronted by a photograph of five semi-naked ladies seated above a caption which reads: “Got nothing to wear for golf?” Considering Vanity Fairways specialises in ladies golf apparel and accessories, it’s a clever marketing strategy. Based in Brisbane, Vanity Fairways has been “dressing” women in fabulous golf clothing for the past five years. “Our range of golf wear comes from the US, Canada, Sweden, Australia and New Zealand,” said Owner Deborah Marsland, who started the business after a successful 30-year career in retail travel. Vanity Fairways caters for women of all shapes and sizes (0 to 26) and also carries a wide range of accessories including shoes, hats, caps, visors, golf balls, belts, gloves, rainwear, socks, ball markers etc. “A lot of the ladies that shop with us don’t even live in Brisbane but they do all have one thing in common and that’s that their golf club either doesn’t cater for them or they don’t even have a pro shop,” Deborah said. “We send gear all over Australia and because we like to talk to our customers to find out their likes, dislikes, shape and size we usually get it right the first time and have very few returns. “Just the other day i sent a parcel off to a lady in country NSW because she can’t get some things out there.” Vanity Fairways even takes its “show” on the road by sponsoring

ladies open and invitation days. “There would hardly be a golf course around Brisbane and as far north as Rockhampton, Gladstone and out to Boonah and Beaudesert that i haven’t done a sponsorship at,” Deborah said. “Three or four of the club’s ladies model the clothing at our golf gear parade. it’s great because they can see the clothing on real women rather than in an advertising brochure. “it works well and the ladies have a lot of fun with it.” Vanity Fairways also organises and hosts a number of major events throughout the year. “every year i work with the leukemia Foundation by holding a ladies Open Charity Golf Day in May and all the money raised goes to the foundation. “i also organise an ANZ ladies Masters weekend at Royal Pines and i take a group to the Bonville ladies Classic each year. “Then i try to fit in a Mystery Bus Trip once a year to a “mystery” golf course to play in their competition with their ladies – all in the name of women in golf and having fun while doing it.” For more information, call Deborah on (07) 3720 1237 or log on to the website

Our extensive range of co-ordinated golf gear includes

Daily Sports, EP Pro, Nivo, Birdee, Cross, Greg Norman & Jamie Sadock Real sizes and cuts for real lady golfers from size 2-20. We carry an extensive range of golf accessories including hats, visors, belts, gloves, socks and sun sleeves The only place to shop for the latest in golf apparel and accessories for lady golfers.

Shop 2B Metro West Centre 620 Moggill Rd, Chapel Hill

Phone +61 7 3720 1237

December 2011

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Larry and the Long putter iN November’s issue of Inside Golf, i broke the exclusive story of my brave but somewhat futile battle with the flat stick. i recalled how my legends Tour career was in tatters after my attempt to take out the Victorian Seniors Open ended in me retrieving my putter from a the base of a magnificent Acacia pubescens. This plant, which was somewhat rare in that region, is from the Flowering Fabaceae family and apparently at of risk of extinction… there’s one less now. The story of my putting must have struck a chord with the golfing world and i have received hundreds of international calls from supporters all sympathising with my plight and offering encouragement. i didn’t actually answer the calls because they all seemed to be overseas private numbers, but i’m pretty sure they all wanted to help me through this difficult period of my life. Sadly i have to report, my broomstick putter journey has not progressed at a rate i was hoping. in fact i could be the only golfer on the planet to have actually suffered two nasty injuries while trying to adjust to the new 48-inch implement. The first

wound occurred before i even got to the course. i tripped over the bloody thing on the way to the practice green and fell flat on my face. The worst of it was i spilt the best part of my stubby. The second incident involved an attempt to hit my first 40-footer with my long wand which saw me completely lose control of the head and flick my left toe on the follow through. As you know injuries like the types i have described can easily lead to nasty reactions and loss of bodily functions. lucky i’m playing the legends Tour where these conditions are an accepted part of every round. i’ve decided to ease myself into the longer putters by using the transitional form used a lot with the seniors, aptly

named “The Belly Putter”. When i was covering the Australian Open at The lakes, i ran into my old mate Glenn Whittle who is the head of the NSW institute of Sport Golf Program and possessor of more putting knowledge than any ten people on the planet. in addition to coaching, Whitt has moved into the field of designing the short stick and with the help of engineer Andrew Grzetic has developed a series of putters produced and manufactured in Australia by Andrew called “Precision Putters” . As i was chatting with Whitt on the practice green, i happened to grab a putter from a player’s bag nearby and start to hit some putts. Suddenly he stopped talking and said a little too loudly, “larry,

Elite Development Golf Academy Holiday Camps at Brookwater

David Newbery

do you actually putt like that?!” i replied with “Of course not, i’m just pretending.” he saw through my attempt to disguise my seemingly nauseous stroke and also suggested i put the putter back in the poor bloke’s bag before i infect it. With a couple of quick tips and one of his belly-putters i started to make the ball almost roll almost smoothly. Whitt went on to check me for everything from putter loft and lie angle to my inside leg and the depth of my naval and i’m now eagerly awaiting delivery of my own personally fitted, CCMilled, new Precision Belly Putter…. and my wife Sandra is also eagerly awaiting not having to pay when we go out for dinner. So as not to turn this little quest for larry’s perfect putter into a self-indulged epic requiring me to journey across middle-earth with an annoying little bald headed bloke who looks uncannily like George Gregan with gingivitis, i will just occasionally report on my headway over the next year. Between now and my January Column in iNSiDe GOlF where i will unveil all the winners of my annual awards for…ahhh anything i fell like awarding for 2011, i would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, happy New Year and no wipes on your card for the next twelve months. See you in 2012.

1. how many Australian Open titles had Aaron Baddeley won as a professional? 2. Can you solve the anagram – Wires to God? 3. A player places a club on the ground parallel to the line of play to assist him in aligning his feet properly. is this permissible? 4. Name the golfing author of the book A Swing for Life. 5. in which year were the Rules of Golf first written down – 1644, 1744 or 1844? 6. From which French word does the term “caddie” originate? 7. is a ball in a bunker if it lies on the edge of the bunker overhanging, but not touching, the sand? 8. Who finished atop the US PGA Tour money list in 2011? 9. Aaron Baddeley has never made the cut at the Open Championship – true or false?


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Ian Triggs and Michael Dalgleish are joining forces such as squat, hop, jump and lunge and explain how with the Elite Development Golf Academy (EDGA) at all of this can help in the development of your budding Brookwater to provide training camps in January 2012. golfers game. The camps are aimed at providing your young golfer with the technical FUNdamentals of golf such as grip, stance and swing, the physical sport skills such as hit, kick, throw and catch as well as movements skills

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ANSWERS: (1). One. He also won it once as an amateur; (2). Tiger Woods; (3). Yes, provided the player removes the club before playing his stroke; (4). Nick Faldo; (5). 1744; (6). Cadet; (7). No. The margin of a bunker, unlike that of a water hazard, does not extend vertically upwards; (8) Luke Donald with $US6,683,214; (9). True.


The quick nine quiz

depth technical swing training, tournament planning & play as well as providing detailed technical fundamentals to prepare students for any

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December 2011


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THE BRITISH OPEN JULY 9th — 23rd 2012

Experience Pebble Beach Golf Course before moving on to San Francisco where you will watch the world best golfers battle it out at the US Open at the Olympic Golf Club. Fully escorted by PGA Professional Michael Mosher.

We have produced a real “bucket list” golf tour. Play 9 games of golf including 7 of the British Open host courses. Start with St.Andrews Old and Castle courses followed by Carnoustie, Kingsbairn, Muirfield, Turnberry, Troon, Birkdale and Royal Liverpool. Finish the tour watching the British Open at Royal Lytham St. Annes.


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The Friendly Club

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30 DaY

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72 deModates view deMo days on our weBsite: PING Ph: (02) 9524 8233 or visit Location New South Wales Gungahlin Lakes Golf Club* Federal Golf Club* Cabramatta Golf Club* Bathurst Driving Range* The Australian Golf Club* The Ridge Driving Range Northbridge Golf Club* Narrabeen Driving Range Everglades Country Club* Shelly Beach Golf Club* Olympic Park Driving Range Dural Driving range (Drum N/Mead) Pymble Golf Club* Campbelltown Golf Club* Queensland Drummond Underwood Mr Tee’s Driving Range Redcliffe Golf Club Pacific Gold Club Sanctuary Cove GC** Victoria Park Golf Complex Virginia GC House of Golf Ballina Palm Meadows Driving Range Victoria Huntingdale Golf Club* Riversdale Golf Club* Patterson River Country Club* Yarra Yarra Golf Club* Melbourne Golf Academy Melton Driving Range Ballarat Golf Club* Royal Melbourne Golf Club* Kew Golf Club* Kooringal Golf Club* Heidelberg Golf Club* Woodlands Golf Club* Yarra Bend Golf Driving Range National Golf Club* Sandringham Golf Range Flinders Golf Club* Sorrento Golf Club* Western Australia Gosnells Golf Club Carramar Golf Course* The Cut Golf Club

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Where the World Comes to Play

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Issue 77 December  

In the December issue, we give our recap of The Presidents Cup; share our favourite Christmas gifts for golf; chat with Peter Senior; cover...

Issue 77 December  

In the December issue, we give our recap of The Presidents Cup; share our favourite Christmas gifts for golf; chat with Peter Senior; cover...