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Each of us aspires to apprehend something inexperienced and unexplored, it often comprises the meaning of life with its joys and happy instants. Our magazine will help you to discover Georgia, an amazing country which harbors all the beauty and lavishness of nature, a country where wonderful and hospitable people live endowed with the wisdom of an ancient nation but at same time eternally young and frankly open to the whole world. We will be telling you about the most interesting and significant cultural, public-political news, business and society events and tourism sights of the country. Welcome to “inSideGeorgia”!

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Nightlife Tourism Georgian Tourism

Respondent: Head of tourism and resort department of Georgia Maia Sidamnidze. How many tourists have visited Georgia this year? ccording to 10 months statistics, over 3 million tourists visited Georgia this year. this is over 38 % more than last year. What it your strategy for attracting more tourists in fall winter season? We are working on a project with the private sector. New tours are being planned. As well as opening of some new hotels. We are working on a new video as well. What are your plans about winter resorts? turizmi saqarTveloSi respodenti: turizmisa da kurortebis departamentis Tavmjdomare maia sidamoniZe

We are going to present two new winter resorts this year. There will be grand opening of Mestia, Svaneti resort in December. several routes will be opened for professional and amateur skiers. Another resort is located in Adjara. The first ropeway will be built by 2011. I hope it will be finished for 2013. There will be 11 cable roads in total. Ski road should be 35 kilometers long. An airport is also planned.

ramdeni turisti ewvia wels saqarTvelos? - 8 Tvis monacemebiT milion samasi aTasi turisti ewvia saqarTvelos, rac 38% - iT metia wina wlis analogiur periodTan SedarebiT.

How do you think, who composes your tourist segment?

ra strategiuli gaTvlebi igegmeba Semodgoma-zamTris sezonze turistebis mosazidad?

As usual we have more guests from DST countries. But we are having negotiation with European countries in order to attract more tourist from this area.

- molaparakebebs vawarmoebT kerZo seqtorTan. igegmeba axali turebi, ramdenime sastumros gaxsna. aseve vmuSaobT video rgolze, romelic axlo momavalSi iqneba mzad.

What are your plans for next season? ra mosazrebebi aqvs turizmis departaments zamTris kurortebTan dakavSirebiT?

Batumi is popular in September as well . For late autumn there are plans for several Vine tours



Nightlife Tourism Georgian Tourism

- rogorc ukve cnobilia, ori axali zamTris kurortis gaxsna igegmeba. pirveli iqneba mestia svaneTSi, romelic dekembris TveSi oficialurad gaixsneba. moewyoba trasebi rogorc damwyebi, aseve profesionali moTxilamureebisTvis. meore kurorti aris maRalmTian aWaraSi. pirveli sabagiro gzis mSenebloba 2011 wels daiwyeba, xolo sxva danarCenis damTavreba 2013 wlisaTvis unda moxdes. sul 11 sabagiro gza iqneba. saTxilamuro trasa ki 35 kilometris sigrZis unda iyos.. igegmeba aeroportis gaxsnac.

- turistebis umetesoba, rogorc yovelTvis, fiqsirdeba dsT-s qveynebidan. amitom gadavwyviteT dagvewyo molaparakeba evropis qveynebTan. Cveni mizania droulad movikidoT fexi evropul bazarze. aseve igegmeba sxvadasxva tipis promoaqciebi. ras pirdebiT turistebs Semodgomis sezonze? - baTumi seqtemris TveSic sakmaod aqtualuria. zafxulis sezons gvian Semodgomaze Secvlis Rvinis turebi da rTveli kaxeTis regionSi.

romeli qveynebidan elodebiT ufro met damsvenebels?



Tourism Nina Kobalia aWara @gaiRviZe samoTxeSi@

“Wake up in Paradise that is Adjara”

uZvelesi kultura, lamazi buneba. baTums arc Rame sZinavs da arc dRe. qalaqi nel-nela viTardeba da amboben, rom sabolood maiams an sen-tropes daemsgavseba. cxovrebis tempi aCqarda. sezoni ki Cveulze ufro did xans grZeldeba. gamofenebi, koncertebi, festivalebi, Souebi. arc ki ici ra airCio... sad waxvide... proeqt “baTumis saocrebis” Semdeg qalaqis arqiteqtura ganaxlda da daixvewa... wels aramarto turistebs, aramed adgilobrivebsac aqvT metis naxvis SesaZlebloba. aWaris turizmis departamentma ToTxmeti axali turi SeimuSava, romelSic monawileobis miReba nebismier msurvels SeuZlia. sainformacio centrebi mudam mzad arian mogvawodon informacia, dagvigemon turi, da uzrunvelgvyon gidiT. wels baTums rvaas aTasze meti damsvenebli ewvia. axalgaxsnili klubebi, rogoricaa Bamba Rooms,, Soho, Sublime, Adjara Music Hall, Boomerang, yovel saRamos gansxvavebul ivenTebs gvTavazoben. parizelma dijei Maya.K-m baTumi eleqtro miqsebiT aavso. ukraineli modelebis monawileobiT Catarebuli Cveneba,”Batumi Angels”, ukve aRiares wlis erT-erT STambeWdav movlenad. Tbilisidan bevri Cavida specialurad Bamba Rooms - Si nino qaTamaZis koncertze dasaswrebad. “Chris de Burgh” - ma ki zafxulis ganwyobas cotaodeni nostalgia Semata. I wlis never forget the way you look tonight, lady in rad… 5 seqtembers baTumSi saerTaSoriso kinofesitvali “BIAFF” gaimarTa. festivals, sxva cnobil saxeebTan erTad, legendaruli reJisori oTar ioselianic eswreboda. aWaruli samzareulo ganTqmulia sxva dasxva egzotikuri kerZebiT. yvela turistma nacionalur xaWapurTan erTad, aCmac unda gasinjos, romelic Cemi azriT, lazanieze bevrad gemrielia. (magram italielisTvis mainc araa rekomendirebu-

Adjara is a very exciting region of Georgia, and the city of Batumi is blossoming into the next grandiose place to be. Adjara holds all the keys of fulfillment including culture, ancient history, paradise like landscapes, entertainment and night life. Batumi has the potential of being known like the cities of Miami and St. Tropez. With the unravelling “Batumi Miracle” project which is one of the world’s most visionary sights in architecture and infrastructure these potentials are soon to be realized. The new tempo of Batumi is hastening and the season is going to last much longer than usual. Events are planned for all year round including festivals, concerts, exhibitions, shows and tours. Now not only international guests but locals across Georgia as well can find out more about the enchanting region of Adjara by going on excursions such as “In the Footsteps of the Ancestors” and “Discover Georgia”. The Department of Tourism of Adjara also created 14 new tours which can be found online or at the Adjara Information Centers that are ready to help with guides, information, and planning. With more than 800, 000 tourists, the season lasting late into the fall, a remarkable New Years, and the return of spring, the city of Batumi is flourishing with life and excitement. Some of Adjara’s recent events included Europe’s best DJ Maia K from Paris setting the city on electro fire with her rhythms and mixes, Batumi Angels fashion show with models from Ukraine and DJ Nakadia from Thailand, and Chris de Burgh’s nostalgic performance of some of the world’s favourite hits such as “Lady in Red”. The opening of clubs and bungalows such as Bamba Rooms Beach Club, Soho, Sublime, Adjara Music Hall, and BOOMerang, all hosting daily DJ’s and programs from afternoon late into the night have seen an illustrious and energetic season, while many are continuing their programs throughout the year. In the cultural sector, BIAFF - Batumi International Film Festival held its 5th year in September, with award winning cinematic masterpieces from all over the world. Legendary film makers such as Otar Losseliani and other celebrities were also on the menu.


Tourism Nina Kobalia


Nightlife Business Interview Nina Kobalia

Speaking of the menu, Adjara’s culinary holds an unforgettable experience as the rest of the Georgian cuisine. Starting from their delicious dishes such as Adjarian khachapuri, Achma which in my opinion beats lasagne (don’t tell any Italians please, I won’t hear the end of it), to a wide selection of fresh fish, will fulfill anyone’s taste for exotic and delicious food. Looking for something different you can find it at Bamba Rooms Beach Club which offers the most exquisite and high quality sushi and Japanese menu. Adjara’s Chinese restaurant located by the Lake of Ardagan also offers an oriental kitchen and an alternative dining experience to your day. For coffee my favourite place would have to be La Vita on the corner of Gamsahurdia and Rustaveli Street, serving the best Turkish and Americanos just the way I like them! And if you’re looking for a great cocktail and a laid back atmosphere, Black Bar is the spot to be. Located right in Era’s square and overlooked by the enchanting gaze of Medea herself; it is one of Batumi’s most popular bars. If relaxation is the main part of your stay, Batumi offers the scenic new boulevards and beaches filled with palm trees and sunshine on the coast of the Black Sea. The new Sheraton in Batumi and the Georgia Palace hotel in Kobuleti will meet your standards for poolside tanning, spa treatments

li amis Tqma, Torem ramdenime saaTi, Seusveneblad, ilaparakebs lazanies pozitiur mxareebze ). amerikuli kapuCinos dasagemovneblad kafe “la vitas” ( rusTavelis da RambaSiZis gadakveTaze ) miakiTxeT. “Bamba Rooms” s SesaniSnav iaponur menius gvTavazobs. ase rom, Tu gemrieli suSi mogindebaT, iciT sadac waxvideT. ardagonis tbasTan, SesaniSnavi Cinuri restorani dgas. medeas Zeglis mimdebare teritoriaze arCevani imdenad didia, rom rTulia gadawyvito, romel kafeSi girCevnia, Tundac finjani Cais daleva. diliT SegiZliaT Savi zRvis sanapiros mzes mieficxoT, xolo saRamos - baTumis palmebiT savse bulvarSi gaiseirnoT.



Nightlife Business Interview Nina Kobalia

and absolute escapism. While many other guest houses and boutique hotels are located within Adjara in Shuakhevi region close to the nature and complete privacy. For nature lovers Adjara is a place of paradise. Its natural and untouched vegetation, mountainous regions and waterfalls create breathtaking and unforgettable scenery found on the many routes to Makhachkala, Gonio, Sarpi, Mtsvane Konts’khi and the Botanical Garden itself. And if you’re the adventurous type who likes to take things into their own hands other secret trails can be discovered on your own time. They often lead to the most surprising of gifts such as a streaming waterfall, remarkable mountainous view, ancient churches and monuments and sometimes even a hidden restaurant resembling a tree house by a creek, which only a few know about. This surprise is often found after a couple of hours of exploring. To fully discover Adjara some time is needed, but an instant - to fall in love with it. And when it comes to departure it’s very hard to leave.

sasturmo Seratoni spa-kompleqs gvTavazobs. mSvidi dasvenebis moyvarulTaTvis sarfi, gonio, kvariaTi an mwvane koncxia saukeTeso.maRalmTian aWaraSi CanCqerebis da uZvelesi monumentebis garda, kuTxeSi mimaluli restorani an sastumro SeiZleba gamogecxadoT siurprizad. Tu Tqven im tipis adamianTa jgufs miekuTvnebiT, visac zurgCanTiTa da karviT mogzauroba ufro izidavs, vidre sastumros nomerSi komfortuli dasveneba, maSin aWara kvlavac Tqvens gverdiTaa. yovelTvis mixaria baTumSi Casvla, dabruneba - arasodes...

Check out and follow “Batumi Events” on Facebook for the latest news, and updates. 23

Nightlife Hi -Tec The Nokia Morph

nokia morfi

is a concept mobile phone created by Finnish company Nokia. The concept, which was unveiled at the Museum of Modern art in New York City, was the product of a joint study into the future of mobile phones by the Nokia Research Center and the University of Cambridge’s Nanoscience Centre. The device was presented as part of the museum’s “Design and The Elastic Mind” exhibit. The phone’s theoretical feature list would include the ability to bend into numerous shapes, so it can be worn around the wrist or held up to the face; transparent electronics, which would allow the device to be see-through yet functional; selfcleaning surfaces that can absorb solar energy to recharge the phone’s battery and a wide range of fully integrated sensors.

finuri kompania nokias mier warmoebuli kiber-telefoni “morfi” jer gayidvaSi ar gamosula, magram dResdReobiT masze ukve Zalian bevrs laparakoben. telefoni amJamad niu iorkis Tanamedrove xelovnebis muzeumSi inaxeba. mas “momavlis telefons” uwodeben. kembrijis kvleviT centrSi, nokias gamokvlevebis centrTan erTad cdiloben daamuSaon axali teqnologiebi. telefons unda hqondes iseTi funqciebi, rogoricaa TviT gawmenda. is daiteneba mzis energiiT, eqneba farTo integrirebuli sensorebi. telefoni drekadia. mflobels eqneba saSualeba telefons sasurveli forma misces.

Beats By Dr. Dre

Beats By Dr. Dre dabali xarisxis yursasmenebiT faqtobrivad SeuZlebelia srulyofilad yvela musikaluri bgeris mosmena, romlis Seqmnaze musikosebi prodiuserebTan erTad uamrav drosa da energias xarjaven. musikis Seqmna sakmaod rTuli procesia. magram pirveladi saxiT misi msmenelamde mitana bevrad ufro rTuli aRmoCnda. basebi TiTqmis ar ismis, bitebi sakmaod dabalia. problemis gadasaWrelad, “Dr. Dre»-m yursasmenebis axali xazi gamouSva, daxvewili dizainiTa da maRali xarisxiT. saTadarigo kabelTan erTad mas satarebeli qeisic moyveba. uerTdeba rogorc aifons, aseve bleqberis garkveul modelebsac. mTavari ar aris gaigo is, rac ukve gesmis, mTavaria aRmoaCino is, rac jer ar mogismenia. Zlieri izolaciis meSveobiT yursasmeni gaZlevT saSualebas quCis saSinel xmaurSic ki ar gamotovoT Tundac erTi, mcireodeni biti. “Beats By Dr. Dre”-is fasi xarisxis Sesabamisad 150 dan 350 dolaramde meryeobs.

Artists and producers work hard in the studio perfecting their sound. But people can’t really hear it with normal headphones. Most headphones can’t handle the bass, the detail, the dynamics. Bottom line, the music doesn’t move you. The Monster Beats by Dr. Dre headphones offer a stylish and comfortable design as well as exceptionally crisp audio response. Sound quality is mostly balanced, with warm mids and thumping bass.. details get easily lost in today’s noisy world: on the street, on the bus, on the plane. The best listening experience isn’t just about what you hear, but what you don’t. Monster’s powered isolation technology actively cuts external noise, so you experience all the rich details your favorite artists want you to hear. The price of Beats By Doctor Dre ranges from $ 150 to $ 350.


“BMW” -s axali modeli “Efficient Dynamic franqfurtis avtoSouze 2011 wels gamoCndeba. gayidvaSi ki 2013 wlisTvis unda gamovides. samcilindrianma Zravma dizelze unda imuSaos. manqanas aseve eqneba damatebiTi meore eleqtroZravi. beemves meSvide seriis hibriduli avtomobilis ori tipis Zravi saSualebas moqcemT erTiT marToT wina, xolo meoreTi ukana borblebi. rogorc “Autobild” iuwyeba, SesaZloa gamovides beemves axali, 450 cxenis Zalis mqone modeli da swored mas eZleva SesaZlebloba gaxdes axali Taobis M3.

A production sports car based on last year’s BMW Vision Effect Dynamics concept will debut at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor show and come to the market by 2013. A 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine (possibly a diesel) paired with an electric motor based on the architecture of BMW’s mild hybrid 7 series would drive the rear wheels, while a second motor would drive the front wheels. A lithium ion battery pack is earmarked to provide electrical energy storage, although it’s not clear if the plug-in capability of the concept would be retained. According to Autobild, it’s also possible that we’ll see an M3 variant of this car using the 450 horsepower twin-turbo inline-six from the next generation M3 along with set of supercapacitors instead of a lithium battery pack.



Nightlife Luxury

bentslis nouTbuki


Zvirfasi manqanebis mwarmoebelma kompania “bentlim” msoflios sakuTari dizainis kompiuteri gaacno. misi fasi - 10.000 girvanqa sterlingia. xeliT awyobil nouTbuqs TeTri oqros kantebi dayveba. zemodan bentlis logo amSvenebs da tyavis qeisSi devs. qeisi dizainiT bentlis karis saxelurebs hgavs, funqciebiT ki Cveulebrivi kompiuterisgan TiTqmis ar gansxvavdeba. Semodgomaze sul 250 egzemplari gamova gasayidad.

Bentley, the luxury car manufacturer, is hoping to entice the world’s super rich with the release of a new Ј10,000 laptop computer. Hand-built with white-gold frames and the Bentley logo, the exclusive computer comes in a leather case cross-stitched like the cars’ seats. The exterior in Bentley is leather and the laptop’s handle is modelled on the company’s trademark door handles. Only 250 of the computers will go on sale worldwide from this autumn.

Franck Muller

Franck Muller Aeternitas Mega 4 fasi: $2,700,000

Aeternitas Mega 4 Price: $2,700,000 The watch, which contains 1,483 components, has 36 complications, the best of any watch in the world. It displays three time zones and a 999-year calendar, has a flyback chronograph, and chimes the Carillon Westminster melody on the hour (considered a very high complication). with small strikes on the quarters of an hour. The Mega 4 is a special-order watch available only in New York and Geneva. Sure it does a lot and it gets mechanical nerds excited, but it isn’t going to get you any action from the ladies.

saaTi 1,483 komponentisagan Sedgeba. aqvs 36 sxvadasxva tipis ciferblati. aCvenebs sam sxvadasxva drois sartyels da momdevno 999 wlis kalendars. aqvs qronografi da ukravs “Carillon Westminster”- is melodiebs. “Aeternitas Mega 4”-is SeZena SesaZlebelia mxolod specialuri SekveTiT niu-iorksa da JenevaSi. saaTs aRafrTovanebs TiTqmis yvela mamakacs, qalebis reaqcia ki TiTqmis nulia manam, sanam mis fass gaigeben.


Nightlife Luxury

Rolls-Royce Ghost rols roisi 1906 wlidan awarmoebs avtomobilebs, romlebic dRevandel bazarze erT_erT wamyvan adgils ikaveben. 2010 wels axali modeli, “Rolls-Royce Ghost” gamouSves. misi fasi 300.000 amerikuli dolaria. manqana 12 cilindriania da 290 km/sT -s anviTarebs. aqvs 630 cxenis Zala da iwonis 2,470 kilograms. dizeinerebma, “Ian Cameron” da “Helmut Rieedl” didi wvlili Seitanes “Rolls-Royce Phantom”-is ganviTarebaSi. “Ghost”-is nawilebis 20% beemves ekuTvnis. is pirvelad Sanxais avtoSouze gamoCnda. rols roisis aRmasrulebeli direqtori Tom Purves acxadebs, rom am manqanaSi erTad aris moqceuli “Tavgadasavali, teqnikuri inovacia, usafrTxoeba da daxvewili dizaini” rogorc am firmis TiTqmis yvela modeli, “Ghost”- ic limitirebulia da misi SeZena mxolod spec-SekveTiT SeiZleba.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Rolls-Royce car factory, manufactures cars since 1904. This year, they have produced brand new model-Rolls-Royce Ghost. Ghost is powered by 6.6L twin-turbocharged V12 engine. This 5203-pound luxury car hit 4.7-second in the 0-60mph and surprisingly this luxurious ride has a fuel rating of 20.8mpg. The Ghost was designed by Ian Cameron and engineered by Helmu Riedl, who led the development of the larger Rolls-Royce Phantom. The Ghost borrows 20% of its parts from the BMW platform. Rolls-Royce CEO Tom Purves said the Ghost name is fitting for the new model because it evokes a sense of “adventure and technical innovation,” as well as “flair and style.” Ghost has a limited edition.


Business Interview George Mshvildadze

We have created a legendary collection of the brands…

Cven SevqmeniT legendaruli brendebis saukeTeso krebuli nebismieri avtomflobelisTvis

15-year experience of Optimal solutions

optimaluri gadawyvetilebebis 15 - wliani gamocdileba

Our company was founded 15 years ago and started with little business of auto parts. After several years it was introduced to the Georgian market as ,,AUTOEXPORT” Ltd. Starting in 2001, we know the company as ,,Tegeta Motors”, that for today incorporates many firms, several European service centers and has transformed into a holding company. Tegeta Motors which is increasing every day owns branches, located in every major

15 wlis win saqme avtosaTadarigo nawilebis mcire importiT daiwyo. dRes ki Sps `avtoeqsporti~ holding “Tegeta Motors”-ad~ iqca, romelic, Tavis mxriv, mraval kompanias, savaWro da serviscentrebs aerTianebs. misi filialebi saqarTvelos yvela did qalaqSia mdebareobs da maTi ricxvi wlidan wlamde


Business Interview George Mshvildadze Georgian town. “It’s time to choose the quality “ – This is the motto of Tegeta Motors. George Mshvildadze (General director ) - “ If we recall the situation about 16 - 18 years ago we will see that the economic situation was very difficult. As soon as spare parts were in demand, founder of our company, Temur Kokhodze brought first patterns from Hungary. That’s how auto export began. Afterwards as the trade market increased, along with full package auto parts, we started to export spare truck parts”.

izrdeba. `droa airCio xarisxi~ _ am principiT muSaoben “Tegeta Motors”-Si. giorgi mSvildaZe-kompania “Tegeta Motors”is~ generaluri direqtori: `cota ufro Soreul, 16-18 wlis winandel viTarebas Tu gavixsenebT, qveyanaSi Zalian mZime ekonomikuri suraTi iyo. rogorc ki bazarze gaCnda moTxovna avtosaTadarigo nawilebze, kompaniis damfuZvnebelma Temur koxoZem ungreTidan nawilebis pirveli partia Camoitana. ase gaCnda Sps `avtoeqsporti~. Semdeg bazarze etaporivad gaizarda moTxovna da avtosaTadarigo nawilebis srul asortimentTan erTad, `avtoeqsportma~ satvirTo avtomobilebis importic daiwyo”. 2001 wlidan Sps `avtoeqsportma~ saxeli Seicvala da Camoyalibda rogorc holdinguri kompania “Tegeta Motors”. igi 300-mde brendis eqskluziur uflebas warmoadgens, maT Soris arian “BRIDGESTONE”, “MICHELIN”, “BOSCH”, “VARTA”, “SHELL”… Tavis mxriv, “Tegeta Motors” aris prestiJuli da sando saxeli, brendi, romelTanac cnobili ucxouri kompaniebi yovelgvari sabanko garantiebisa da damatebiTi pirobebis gareSe aformeben xelSekrulebebs. swored ase Semovida qarTul bazarze “JCB” _ umaRlesi xarisxis buldozerebis, eqskavatorebisa da miwis dasamuSavebeli teqnikis mwarmoebeli cnobili inglisuri kompania, ufro adre ki _ msoflioSi saukeTeso satvirTo avtomanqanebis mwarmoebeli, germanuli manqanaTmSenebeli koncerni “MAN” _ “Tegeta Motors”-is erT-erTi yvelaze saamayo partniori. fasisa da produqciis xarisxis nebismieri arCevani yvela socialuri segmentis SesaZleblobebs pasuxobs. ZiriTadad kompania mniSvnelovan aqcents momxmarebelze akeTebs - akmayofilebs servisiTa da produqciis xarisxiT. “Tegeta Motors” aseve did mniSvnelobas aniWebs TanamSromlebis codnis gaRrmavebasa da kvalifikaciis amaRlebas. kadrebis gadamzadebisTvis daxarjuli fuli Semdeg kvalificiur momsaxurebaSi aisaxeba. am etapze kompaniaSi 600-ze meti adamiania dasaqmebuli.

Since 2001 “Autoexport” Ltd has changed it’s name and has become holding company, called Tegeta Motors. It owns up to three hundred exclusive rights of different companies and is an official dealer of companies like Bridgestone, Bosh, Michelin etc… On his own Tegeta Motors is a Prestigious brand name, with which well-known foreign companies sign contracts without any additional bank guarantees and conditions. This is the way how a high-quality bulldozer and general land processing equipment manufacturer, a well-known English company JSB as well as MAN – number one truck manufacturer from Germany, one of the most important partners of Tegeta Motors entered Georgian Market. We have lived up to our professional goals on the Georgian market and we are convinced that correct business administration is a precursor for company’s success. Price and product quality is admitable for every segment of society. We always count on customers to be happy with our service. Our main goal is to offer customers high quality products and a wide variety of service at the right time. We are oriented to long range partnership with clients and partners. One of our main aims is Staff knowledge and qualification. The money spent on personnel training, will in return be reflected on qualified service. Nowadays the company has more than 600 workers. George Mshvildadze : The main reason of our success is a high qualification of our staff. It’s very


Business Interview George Mshvildadze hard to get a job in Tegeta Motors, just because of high demand of applicants. But we consider this kind of treatment fair for working with such kind of professionals. I feel proud that Tegeta motors has managed to have the team like this.

giorgi mSvildaZe: -swored kadrebia Cveni kompaniis warmatebis ganmsazRvreli erTerTi mizezi. sayovelTaod cnobilia, rom “Tegeta Motors”-Si~ kadrebis SerCeva konkursis safuZvelze xdeba, swored amitom SevZeliT niWier profesionalTa gundis Seqmna. 2009 wels pirvelebma saqarTveloSi Cven davnergeT biznesis marTvisa da biznesprocesebis administrirebis avtomatizebuli, Tanamedrove programa `sapi~. es programa 1.200.000 dolari dagvijda. am programis amoqmedebiT kompania biznesprocesebis avtomatizaciis, muSaobis efeqtianobis gazrdis, swor gadawyvetilebaTa Sesaxeb utyuar da swraf informacias miiRebs. “sapis” (SAP) programuli gadawyvetilebebi biznesprocesebis marTvisTvis Taobaze kompanias uadvilebs klientebTan da partniorebTan urTierTobas, xolo drouli analizi saSualebas gvaZlevs swrafad miviRoT saWiro gadawyvetilebebi. aseve minda aRvniSno, rom “Tegeta Motors”-i~ pirveli kompaniaa saqarTveloSi, romelsac avtomobilebis gayidvisa da momsaxurebis sferoSi ISO 9001:2000 standartis saerTaSoriso xarisxis sertifikati mieniWa. ukve meore welia oqros brendis niSnis matarebeli kompania varT, miRebuli gvaqvs araerTi jildo. aranakleb mniSvnelovania momxmareblis aRiareba. miuxedavad yvelafrisa, miviswrafviT win, vviTardebiT da srulyofaze vfiqrobT. albad amitomacaa, rom dRes “Tegeta Motors”-is saxeli xarisxTan asocirdeba. “Tegeta Motors”-is centrebSi, safaso politikidan gamomdinare, produqciis didi arCevania. aris dabalfasiani, saSualofasiani da maRalfasiani produqcia. wleuls kompania kidev sami milioni dolaris investiciis ganxorcielebas apirebs. im obieqtze, sadac “Tegeta Motors”-is saTavo ofisi mdebareobs, 12 milioni dolari daixarja da 3 milioni dolari - vakis filialis mSeneblobaze. kompaniaSi amboben, rom investiciebis ganxorcieleba `ibiardisa~ da `Tibisi~ bankis xelSewyobiT moxerxda. SeabijeT sruliad gansxvavebul samyaroSi da miiReT produqciis, xarisxisa da fasis SeuzRudavi arCevani nebismieri avtomflobelisTvis.

In 2009 we introduced Georgian Marketing business with a brand new program called SAP. The cost of this program was 1.200.000 US dollars. Working of this program enables the Business Process Automation, Increasing efficiency, better decision-making Tegeta Motors is the very first company in Georgia owning ISO 9001:2000 international certificate in Motor vehicle sales service. It has already been two years, that we are named as a Golden Brand company, besides we have loads of other awards and this recognition of cosumers really makes me happy. But this never gives us permission to stop. All the time we think of development and fulfillment. That’s why Tegeta motors Brand is associated with Quality. From the point of Tegeta Motors price policies we offer low price as well as high price production. This year the company is going to invest $ 3.000.000. We have spent $ 12.000.000 on our head office, and are going to spend further $ 3.000.000 on a new Vake Office. Step in Tegeta Motors – high quality world…


komforti, xarisxi da sasiamovno garemo, is sami ZiriTadi pirobaa, rasac rogorc Tbilisis, aseve baTumis aeroporti sTavazobs klientebs. Primeclass CIP pakeTis farglebSi, agentebi mgzavrebs daexmarebian aeroportSi arsebuli yvela savaldebulo proceduris gavlas. msurvelebs eZlevaT saSualeba, isargeblon am momsaxurebiT, rogorc afrenis, aseve TviTmfrinavis dajdomis Semdegac. isargebleT Tbilisis aeroportis VIP servisiT, da Tqveni mgzavroba gacilebiT komfortuli da uzrunvelyofili gaxdeba. Primeclass CIP is darbazebi gamoirCeva orginaluri dizainiTa da ganumeorebeli interieriT, sadac warmodegnilia Tanamedrove qarTveli mxatvrebis namuSevrebi: ferwera, qandakeba, grafika. stumrebs eZlevaT saSualeba, gaecnon qarTul kulturas. survilis SemTxvevaSi ki, SeiZinon namuSevrebi.

Comfort, quality, nice environment and everything you can dream of what Tbilisi and Batumi International airport can offer you. PRIMECLASS CIP (Commercial Important Person) Service means: PRIMECLASS CIP service is the whole package of services including both, arrival and departure operations. Our PRIMECLASS CIP AGENTS will gladly assist passengers with all procedures night and day. Use our VIP service and your journey will become more careless and comfortable. PRIMECLASS CIP lounges are discriminated by unrepeatable interior, where masterpieces of modern Georgian painters: painting, sculpture and graphic are introduced. The passengers can also get to know Georgian culture and can buy some of the works of art exhibited here.

Tbilisi International Airport Tel: +995 32 310 330; Fax: +995 32 310 331 E-mail:

Tbilisi International Airport Tel: +995 32 310 330; Fax: +995 32 310 331 E-mail:

Batumi International Airport Tel: +995 222 35 111; Fax: +995 222 35 112 E-mail:

Batumi International Airport Tel: +995 222 35 111; Fax: +995 222 35 112 E-mail: t

ShowBusiness All Stars in Georgia

In recent years jazz music has gained popularity in Georgia. Year by year audience is increasing. It was impossible to be present at jazz festival several years ago. Public had very rare chance to listen to jazz music. Though nowadays one can enjoy the music of living legends almost every month. It is just impossible for me to hang out in a bar or stay at home, when you know that Marcus Miller is in Tbilisi and playing in an Event Hall .

ukve ramdenime welia, rac saqarTveloSi jaz musikam didi popularoba moipova. jaz- festivalze damsweTa raodenoba sagrZnoblad matulobs. albaT SeuZlebelia saxlSi an Tundac barSi jdoma amjobino, roca ici, rom filarmoniis did sakoncerto darbazSi markus mileri ukravs. adre qarTvel msmenels jazkoncertze daswreba da gemovnebiani musikis mosmena 5-10 wlis intervaliT SeeZlo. dRes ki, TiTqmis yovel Tve musikis moyvarulebs eZlevaT saSualeba �Tbilisi ivenT holSi� iseT Semsruleblebs mousminon, romlebmac msoflio musikaSi didi wvlili Seitanes. Tavidan bileTebis fasi sakmaod Zviri iyo. dRes ki nebismier msurvels SeuZlia koncertze moxvedra. am yvelafris ukan dgas qarTuli kompania

In the beginning the price of the tickets was really high, but nowadays everyone can afford it. Behind this all is a Georgian company called Eastern Promotion. This is the company, which holds all this kind of events. Since 1998 artists like Ray Charles, James Brown,George Benson, Al Jarreau, Bobby McFerrin, Maceo Parker,


ShowBusiness All Stars in Georgia The Manhattan Transfer, Roy Ayers, Coolio, John McLaughlin,Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Garry Barton, Jamiroquai, Joe Cocker, Marcus Miller, James Caarter, Kool & The Gamg, RH Factorhave have visited Georgia.

”Eastern Promotion”. swored am kompaniis organizebiT tardeba saqarTveloSi TiTqmis yvela jaz koncerti. 1998 wlidan dRemde saqarTveloSi koncertebi Caatares iseTma cnobilma Semsruleblebma, rogoricaa Ray Charles, James Brown, George Benson, Al Jarreau, Bobby McFerrin, Maceo Parker, The Manhattan Transfer, Roy Ayers, Coolio, John McLaughlin, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Garry Barton, Jamiroquai, Joe Cocker, Marcus Miller, James Carter, Kool & The Gamg, RH Factor da kidev uamravi sxva... kompania ”Eastern Promotion” im adamianTa jgufisgan Sedgeba, visac Tavisi saqme da musika cxovrebis stilad aqvs qceuli. maTTvis warmoudgenelia Tundac erTi dRe jazis gareSe. me mjera, rom siyvaruliT gakeTebuli saqme yovelTvis warmatebulia. swored amitom ”Eastern Promotion”-ma am ukanaskneli wlebis manZilze SeZlo, upirveles yovlisa, saqarTvelo da qarTveli msmeneli msoflio varskvlavebis winaSe waredgina da piriqiT, gvexila da mogvesmina iseTi SemsruleblebisTvis, rogorebic arian bobi maqfareni, jo kokeri, jorj bensoni.... dRes ”Eastern Promotion” kavkasiaSi yvelaze msxvili jazkoncertebisa da jazfestivalebis organizatoria. 2010 wlis 27 oqtombers ixsneba rigiT me-13 Tbilisis jazfestivali, romelic 30 oqtombramde gastans. tradiciulad festivals cnobili musikosebi estumrebian. sul male Tbiliss ramdenime cocxali jaz legenda ewveva, maT Soris daiana rivzi da reiCel fereli. 27 -Si festivals kristian skotis kvarteti da makkoi taileri gaxsnian. 28 oqtombers festivals gaagrZeleben daiana rivzi da JAZZ CRUSADERS. piradad me, yvelaze metad 29 oqtombers velodebi. momecema saSualeba cocxalad movusmino amerikel Rachelle Ferrell -is Semoqmedebas. 30 oqtombers festivals BLUES BROTHERS BAND daxuravs. es im musikosTa mcire CamonaTvalia, romlebic oTxi dRis manZilze ”Tbilisi ivenT holSi” daukraven.

The founders of Eastern Promotion are the people, whose lifestyle is music combined with their jobs. They can not live a single day without jazz. I believe that something, done with love, is always better than anything else. That’s why Eastern Promotion has made Georgia look like cities as Chicago and New York are, where you can listen to such musicians as Bobby McFerrin, Joe Cocker, George Benson. Today, Eastern Promotion is one of the largest promoters of Jazz festivals and concerts. Besides Tbilisi Jazz Festival, Black Sea Jazz Festival takes place in Batumi since 2007. On October 10 Tbilisi Jazz Festival opening will be held in Tbilisi Event Hall and will last till October 30. Traditionally, high - class musicians will be playing on the Event Hall stage. These will be concerts you must not miss . This year two female vocalists Diana Reeves and Rachelle Ferrell will be visiting Georgia. On October 27 Jazz Festival will be opened with Christian Scott quartet Diana Reeves and JAZZ CRUSADERS will continue the festival the following day. Personally I’m waiting for October 29, to listen to Rachelle Ferrell’s live vocals. BLUES BROTHERS BAND will close the Festival on October 30. This is just a small number of the musicians who are playing in Tbilisi Event Hall this autumn.


Nightlife Social Event Independence day On September 21, in Tbilisi in “MUZA” Cultural Center an event dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Armenia was held. The reception was attended by a great number of honoured guests as Mr. Mikheil Machavariani, the first Deputy-Chairman of the Parliament, the Vice Prime Ministers of Georgia Mr. Giorgi Baramidze and Mr. Temur Yakobashvili, Deputy Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Ms. Nino Kalandadze and Mr. David Jalagania, as well as the Heads of the Diplomatic Missions and International Organizations, prominent representatives of the local business, culture and media communities. The event was opened with the speech of H.E. Mr. Hratch Silvanyan, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Armenia to Georgia. Later the speech was refered to Mr. Giorgi Baramidze, Vice Prime Minister of Georgia. In the speech the importance of political, cultural, economical and social relations between Georgia and the Republic of Armenia was highlighted.

21 seqtembers, Tbilisis kulturul centr “muzaSi” somxeTis damoukideblobis dRisadmi miZRvnili saRamo gaimarTa. somxeTis saelCos warmomdgenlebis garda RonisZiebas eswrebodnen saqarTveloSi akreditebuli ucxouri diplomatiuri misiebis da organizaciebis warmomadgenlebi, saqarTvelos parlamentis pirveli vice spikeri mixeil maWavariani, saxelmwifo ministri evropul da evroatlantikur struqturebSi integraciis sakiTxebSi, vice-premieri giorgi baramiZe, saxelmwifo ministri reintegraciis sakiTxebSi, vice-premieri Temur iakobaSvili, sagareo saqmeTa ministris moadgileebi daviT jalaRania da nini kalandaZe, saqarTvelos kulturis, biznesisa da mediis warmomadgenlebi. somxeTis sagangebo da sruluflebianma elCma saqarTveloSi hraC silvanianma da giorgi baramiZem isaubres saqrTvelosa da somxeTis ormxrivi TanamSromlobis gaRrmavebaze politikur, ekonomikur, kulturul da socialur sferoebSi.



Nightlife Social Event


Business Event WPO Euro Chapter Georgia meeting On September 11-12 2010, Tbilisi hosted the WPO Euro Chapter Georgian meeting. WPO (World Presidents’ Organization) is a global organization of more than 4,600 business leaders who are or have been chief executive officers of major companies from more than 70 countries. Members of this organization are implementing a kind of introductory visits to various countries with the purpose of research of the investment climate and business environment.

2010 wlis 11-12 seqtembers qalaq TbilisSi msoflio prezidentTa organizaciis evropuli ganyofilebis wliuri Sexvedra gaimarTa. WPO globaluri gaerTianebaa, romelSic 70 qveynis 4 600-ze meti biznesmetia gawevrianebuli - msxvili kompaniebis mmarTvelebi da damfuZneblebi. qveynis sainvesticio biznes klimatis Sesaswavlad organizaciis wevrebi regularulad axorcieleben gacnobiTi xasiaTis vizitebs sxvadasxva qveynebSi. amjerad saqarTvelos msoflio prezidentTa organizaciis evropis filialis 25 wevri ewvia. saqarTvelos savaWro-samrewvelo palatis xelSewyobiT 11-12 seqtembers gaimarTa konferencia, romlis farglebSic stumrebi gaecnen informacias qveyanaSi arsebuli politikuri da ekonomikuri mdgomareobis Sesaxeb. delegaciis wevrebi Sexvdnen saqarTvelos mTavrobis wevrebs. konferencia sazeimo vaxSmiT dasrulda.

25 members of WPO Euro Chapter have visited Georgia this year. The Conference has been organized by the Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The delegates have been provided with the information about Georgian political and business environment. The Prime Minister of Georgia and members of the Government met the delegates within the framework of the visit. After the Conference, a Gala dinner has been organized.


Business Event WPO Euro Chapter Georgia meeting


Business Event WPO Euro Chapter Georgia meeting


Business Event WPO Euro Chapter Georgia meeting


Social Event EUROPE HOUSE 20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the process of European reunification is still to be completed. They strongly believe that walls should not divide our continent anymore. For the process of reunification of Europe civil society, cultural, educational, and economic bridges are as important as political and institutional links between the nations. This motivated the creation of EUROPE HOUSE (EH) in Tbilisi Europe House aims to enhance a coherent presence of European cultural, educational, civic and business institutions in Georgia by deepening the people-to-people connections. It serves as a platform for independent discussion and aims to bring social innovation into the Georgian society through culture and open dialogue. Cultural Interaction program encompasses a series of cultural events, such as, film screenings, and photo exhibitions held in cooperation with the renowned international cultural institutions. Info Center– aims at raising awareness among general public, especially targeting youth, students, media and business representatives about the European Union and its policy towards Georgia, various educational programmes in Europe, visa-facilitation, trade agreement, etc

20 weli gavida mas Semdeg, rac berlinis kedeli daeca. or nawilad gayofili evropa ki Tavidan gaerTianda. kontinentebs Soris barieri ki jer kidev daSlis procesSia. evropul sazogadoebasTan gaerTianebisTvis kulturis, ganaTlebisa da ekonomikuri urTierTobebis garda kidev bevri ram aris saWiro. swored am motivaciiT Camoyalibda Tbilisis evropuli saxli. “Europe House”-is mizania evropuli saganmanaTleblo, biznesisa da kulturuli instituciebis qarTuli sazogadoebisTvis gacnoba. igi gvTavazobs sxvadasxva tipis socialur inovaciebs da Ria dialogs qarTul sazogadoebasTan. programa saxelad “Cultural Interaction” s moicavs iseT sajaro RonisZiebebs, rogoricaa foto gamofenebi, filmebis Cveneba da ase Semdeg. gansakuTrebuli yuradReba eqceva studentebs, medias da biznes sferos. evropuli saxli awarmoebs saganmanaTleblo programebs evropaSi da cdilobs savizo reJimis gamartivebas.

Europe House is a non-profit, non-partisan, and non-governmental organisation, which is governed by the Administrative Board comprising of eminent Georgian and international representatives. International support group provides visibility and access to various networks in the EU.

es aris arakomerciuli, arasamTavrobo organizacia, romelic administraciuli forumis mier imarTeba.




Business Event Tegeta Motors & Bridgestone iaponur kompanias “Bridgestone” reitingiT msoflioSi wamyvani adgili ukavia saburavebis mwarmoebel kompaniebs Soris. 2010 wlis 20 agvistos “Tegeta Motors”-sa da “Bridgestone”-s Soris daido xelSekruleba TanamSromlobis Sesaxeb. ceremoniali “Tegeta Motors” -is saTao ofisSi gaimarTa. xelSekrulebis mixedviT “Tegeta Motors”-s, “Bridgestone”-is eqskluziuri warmomadgenlis statusi mieniWa. - dRemde “Tegeta Motors” warmoadgenda “Bridgestone”-is oficialur dilers saqarTveloSi. dReidan ki Cven TanamSromlobis axal etapze gadavdivarT da gveniWeba ufro maRali statusi” – ganacxada “Tegeta Motors”-is generalurma direqtorma giorgi mSvildaZem.

Bridgestone Corporation is currently ranked No.2 tyre manufacturer in the global tyre market. On August 20, 2010 Bridgestone and Tegeta Motors signed a Cooperation Agreement at an official ceremony held at 15:00 at Tegeta Motors’ Head Office. Subject to this agreement Tegeta Motors was granted the status of Bridgestone’s exclusive distributor and rights to provide dealership to others. Until now Tegeta motors was Bridgestone’s official dealer in Georgia. However, from now on we are moving to the new stage of our cooperation and are granted the higher status,” says Mr. George Mshvildadze General Director of Tegeta Motors.


Business Event &

Aray Tomorrow an exclusive partner and distributor of LG Electronics products in Georgia make another big event On July 14 2010 held in Courtyard Marriott Tbilisi Hotel ball room. The world’s first 3D TV from LG was introduced to a huge amount of specially invited guests and partners. A special presentation of functions of 3D TV was introduced to 150 guests by the representatives of LG Electronics Company who arrived specially for this event. The main presentation of the new product and breakthrough technology was proposed by the head of TV division of LG Electronics Mr. James Kim. He explained to the audience what advantages and technical knowhow features does this new 3D TV have. LG electronics has considered all the technological development slumps in electronics technology and obtained a new 3D TV with a big variety of functions and features together with the perfect highest quality 3D image viewing. Built in skype feature, internet connection, are the few to list the new LG 3D TV can demonstrate .

2010 wlis 14 ivliss, Tbilisi mariotis did darbazSi kompania “LG-is” oficialurma distributorma “Aray Tomorrow” msoflioSi pirveli 3D televizorebis prezentacia gamarTa. specialurad mowveuli 150 stumari kompania “LG”-is warmomadgenlebTan erTad, samganzomilebiani televizoris unikalur funqciebs gaecno. sityviT gamovida kompania “LG”-is mTavari ganyofilebis ufrosi- jeims kimi da damswre sazogadoebas is dadebiTi mxareebi gaacno, rac momavalSi 3D televizors eqneba. 3D -televizorebi samganzomilebian samyaroSi umaRlesi xarisxis garantias iZleva.


Art Person Roma Rtskhiladze

Production: InsideGeorgia Photo: LIG Studio Thnaks :


roma rcxilaZe

Roma Rtskhiladze

pianisti, musikosi da kompozitori... mTeli cxovreba musikas miuZRvna. fiqrobs, rom misi biografia aris mzadeba da dasawyisi im didi saqmis, rasac swavla hqvia. 1968-72 wlebSi ukravda vokalur-instrumentalur ansamblSi “cicinaTela”. 2000-2006 saqarTvelos prezidentis gadawyvetilebiT daajiloves Rirsebis ordeniT. 2010 wels daaarsa lado mesxiSvilisa da

A well-known Georgian pianist, musician and composer, dedicated all his life to music. 1968-72 - pianist of vocal-instrumental ensemble ‘Tsitsinatela’. 2010 – a founder of Kutaisi Dram Theatre (named after Georgian Patriarchy and Lado Meskhishvili) Musical Academy award ‘Spilo’. 2000-2006 – was awarded with Order of Dignity by the president of Georgia .


Art Person Roma Rtskhiladze

Supposes that all his autobiography is like a preparation and a start of something great that is called learning.

saqarTvelos sapatriarqos saxelobis dramis Teatri. 2010 welsve miiRo musikaluri akademiis premia “spilo” Tavs ori zedmetsaxeliT gvacnobs – “babu” da “spilo”. sayvareli citataa: “ar gauswro dros, miyevi mas”. “spilo” mTeli cxovrebis manZilze cdilobs Tavidan airidos esTetiuri ganxilvebi. fiqrobs, rom yvela, vinc mis azrs izi-

He has two nicknames: ‘Spilo’ and ‘Babu’ – as he calls himself. His favorite citation: ‘You don’t have to outrun your time, but go with the time’!!! ‘Spilo’ dedicates all his life to clearing away everything considered to be lacking in aesthetic


Art Person Roma Rtskhiladze

arebs, didi ZaliT gamoirCeva. ocnebobs droze, rodesac misi Semoqmedeba gaxdeba saqveynod cnobili da imogzaurebs sakuTar musikasTan erTad.

judgment. And everyone who shares his position represents significant power. He dreams of the time when his music conquers the world, which he would travel around with great pleasure.

sayvareli anegdoti: adami ekitxeba RmerTs -ratom Seqmeni eva aseTi lamazi? -mindoda Segyvareboda - maSin, ratom aris aseTi suleli? - mas rom yvarebodi.

Favorite anecdote: “Adam is asking the God: -Why did you create Eva so beautiful? -I wanted you to fall in love with her. -And if so, why is she so stupid? -Cause to be able to love you”.

gamousworebeli meocnebe. xSirad akritikebs sakuTar Tavs. ar uyvars usaqmuri adamianebi. antikvaruli manqanebis koleqcioneri. amtkicebs, rom musikas ar aqvs asaki da religia. oms ucxadebs diletant profesionalebs elodeba ganaTlebul Taobas, romelic yvela religias Tanabar pativs miagebs... babu misi sayvareli gamoTqmiT dagvemSvidoba - me Tqvenze wlinaxevriT axlagazrda var ...

Incorrigible optimist and self-critical, a collector of antique automobiles hates loafers and claims that music has no age and religion. He wishes for well educated generation showing respect to all religions and declaring war on dilettante “professionals”. ‘I am one and a half month younger than you!’ – says “Babu”.


Art Person Roma Rtskhiladze


Art Person Enchanted Dolls By Marina Bychkova Marinka Bychkova is a doll designer At first, I just wanted to have beautiful toys to play with for a change, but soon, my desire to make dolls evolved into its own passion for its own sake, and by the time I was ten I no longer cared about playing with what I made, because designing and constructing them became the most challenging, intriguing and entertaining game of all. When I needed to come up with brand name to give my dolls an identity, I decided to name them after Paul Gallico’s fictional, short story called “Enchanted Doll”, where a young woman creates dolls with so much love that they enchant people at first sight with their compelling, delicate, life-like beauty.

patara rom viyavi, ubralod lamazi saTamaSoebi mindoda mqonoda, magram maleve Tojinebis keTeba gatacebad meqca, rodesac gavizarde da saTamaSoebiT aRar vTamaSobdi, mivxvdi, rom es zustad is saqme iyo, rac mindoda mTeli cxovreba mekeTebina. male Cemi Tojinebi brendad iqca, me ki saxeli jer ar mqonda mofiqrebuli. yovelTvis miyvarda «Paul Gallico»-s Semoqmedeba da amitomac Cems Tojinebs, misi moTxrobis, «Enchanted Doll»-is saxeli davarqvi. moTxrobaSi axalgazrda qali imdenad didi siyvaruliT qmnis lamaz Tojinebs, rom isini, maT Semxedvare adamianebs, maSinve

I made many molds many, many many, many days of work, here…as well as sweat, some tears, and little bit of blood. They look so beautiful to me… - says Marina. One would need minimum $ 6000 to buy an enchanted doll. Her exhibitions took place in NY fashion week, Artful Henna exhibition in Seattle. There are talks of doing an Enchanted Doll exhibition in NY in 2011 or 2012.


Art Person Enchanted Dolls By Marina Bychkova ajadoveben. uamravi dro da Sroma Sevalie Cems Tojinebs, xandaxan cremlic ki damiRvria, da axla, roca maT vuyureb, Tavs bednierad vgrZnob. CemTvis TiToeuli Tojina patara silamazea, romelic arasodes gaqreba...� marina biCkovas Tojinebi Zviri siamovnebaa. fasi eqvsi aTasi dolaridan iwyeba da SeiZleba ormoc aTassac miaRwios. isini wels niu iorkis modis kvireulze iyo gamofenili. amboben, rom 2011 - 2012 wlebSi niu iorkSi marina biCkovas personaluris gamofena moewyoba.



Production: InsideGeorgia Photo: LIG Studio Models: Kristi Kipshidze & Lasha Japaridze Make up: Vart Beauty

Necklace ( YSL ) 1,080 € Dress ( Alaia )1,998 € Clutch ( Bottega Veneta ) 1,310 € Shoes ( Alaia ) 845 €



T-shirt ( Alexander McQueen) 289 € Jacket ( YSL ) 2.289€ Trousers( YSL ) 840 € Scarf ( YSL ) 433 € Bracelet ( YSL ) 108 € Shirt ( Alexsander McQueen ) 208 € Jacket ( Dries Von Noten ) 890 € Trousers ( Dries Von Noten ) 445 € Tie ( YSL ) 150 €



Blouse ( Chloe ) 358 € Jacket ( YSL ) 1.466 € Trousers ( YSL ) 818 € Shoes ( YSL ) 572 € Handbag ( YSL ) 2.046 €



Jacket ( YSL ) 711 € T-shirt ( YSL ) 232 € Jeans ( YSL ) 330 € Sneakers ( YSL ) 356 €

Jacket ( Balmain ) 5,373 € T-shirt ( Balmain ) 1,170 € Trousers ( Balmain ) 2,730 € Low Boots ( Alaia ) 1,082 €


Fashion Irakli Nasidze

irakli nasiZe

Irakli Nasidze

1996 wels irakli nasiZe parizSi gadavida sacxovrelad da maleve mas “modis jadoqari” uwodes. valentino, JivanSi, galiano... franguli modis sxva cnobil saxlebTan erTad irakli nasiZe msoflios modis axal tendenciebs karnaxobs.

He moved to Paris in 1996 and soon was called a fashion wizard. Along with Valentino, Givenchy, Galliano, he dictates new fashion trends to the world. Designer clothes are characterized by distinctive style. One would need a minimum of 8.000 euros to wear Nasidze.

is mxolod misTvis damaxasiaTebeli, mkveTrad gamoxatuli stiliT gamoirCeva. misi tansacmlis SesaZenad ki, sul cota, rva aTasi evroa saWiro. iraklisTvis ar arsebobs idealuri qali, visTvisac erT konkretul koleqcias Seqmnis. “qalebi irCeven iraklis da ara irakli qals”.

There is no such thing as a perfect female for him. Women choose Irakli, but Irakli does not choose women Irakli Nasidze has been running fashion shows in Tbilisi for couple of years.

qali irCevs stils, romelic yvelasTvis iqmneba. rodesaca maRaziaSi Sedixar, unda igrZno, rom es kaba Senia, SenTvisaa Seqmnili da morCa. bolo ori wlis ganmavlobaSi irakli nasiZe aqtiurad marTavs Cvenebebs saqarTveloSi. 17 ivniss “mSvidobis xidze” Ria cis qveS Cveneba gamarTa. dizainerTan erTad RonisZiebis organizatori samodelo saagento “feSen Sarmi” iyo.

On June 17, there was an open air fashion show held on the Bridge of Freedom. It was organized by “Fashion Charms” model agency. Everyone had a chance to appreciate the show dedicated to peac. On August 10 in Batumi together with Jan Paull Knott Nasidze held Autumn-winter fashion show, 60

Fashion Irakli Nasidze Georgian and Foreign models took turns on the runway. Guest could enjoy live music by Mode F. The models moved to the street from the balconies. Public enjoyed the performance.

nebismier msurvels hqonda SesaZlebloba misuliyo da adgilze Seefasebina misi Semoqmedeba. Cveneba mSvidobis Temas eZRvneboda. 10 agvistos baTumSi irakli nasiZis da jan pol knotis erToblivi Cveneba gaimarTa. dizainerebma Semodgoma-zamTris koleqcia warmoadgines. 35 wuTis ganmavlobaSi podiumze qarTveli da ucxoeli modelebi enacvlebodnen erTmaneTs.

The next appearance of Irakli Nasidze would be on fashion week in Paris.

es Cveneba abaSiZis quCis mosaxleobisTvis sasiamovno siurprizi aRmoCnda. saRamo musikalurad �modef� jgufma gaaforma. modelebma saxlis aivnebidan pirdapir asfaltze gadainacvles. Sekrebili publika aRfrTovanebuli Sescqeroda Teatralurad gaformebul Cvenebas. momdevno koleqcias irakli nasiZe ukve parizis modis kvireulze warmoadgens.


Fashion Irakli Nasidze


Fashion Irakli Nasidze


Fashion Irakli Nasidze


Fashion Irakli Nasidze


Photo Session

Production: InsideGeorgia Photo: LIG Studio Models: Anuka Jorbenadze Make up: Vart Beauty Designer: AVTANDIL Website: Address: 80 Faliashvili str. Tbilisi 0179, Georgia


Photo Session


Photo Session


Photo Session


Photo Session


Social Event Zilli Zilli – Etalon of Perfection. On 10 of October Zilli new shop-saloon was opened in Erevan, Begramian Street 58. Specially invited from France, Director of Zilli fashion house. Simon Merel, was also attending the ceremony. Zilli was formed in Leon in 1965. In 1970 Alon Shimel has bought it, and made as a first Fashion house producing Male clothing line. Classic and sport styles, combined together, it the way of unique zilli style. Every new collection underlines not only creativity, but technical side of Zilli as well. They are always trying, their cloths, to be maximally perfect. That’s why Zilly fashion house is always paying attention to every single detail. Designers of saloon are the people without limits of fantasy. Clothes are designed for people, who are always trying to choose the quality. From now on, people from Erevan have chance, to buy Zilli high quality production.

srulyofilebis etaloni 10 oqtombris erT Cveulebriv, mzian dRes, erevanSi bagramianas 58 nomerSi zilis axali maRazia gaixsna. gamarTul ceremonials, specialurad safrangeTidan mowveuli, zilis modis saxlis amJamindeli direqtori, simon mereli eswreboda. zili leonSi, 1965 wels gaixsna. 1970 wels alanom Simelemma iyida, da pirvel modis saxlad gadaaqcia, romelic mxolod mamakacis xazze muSaobs. unikaluri stili, romelic sportul da klasikur Cacmulobas moicavs, namdvilad gamoirCeva sxva danarCeni dizainerebisagan. TiTouli axali koleqcia, xazs usvams aramarto tansacmlis unikalurobas, aramed zilis modis saxlis teqnikur monacemebsac. zili maqsimalurad cdilobs, rom Seqmnili tansacmeli unaklo iyos. swored amitom eqceva nebismier mcireoden detals yuradReba. modis saxlis dizainerebi kreatiuli adamianebi arian, visTvisac arc sazRvrebi arsebobs da arc sityva “SeuZlebeli” tansacmli iqmneba swored im adamianebisaTvis, visTvisac xarisxi umTavresia. dReidan erevanSi ukve SesaZlebelia iseTi maRal xarisxiani tansacmlis SeZena, rogoric zilia.


Social Event Zilli


Social Event No Martini No Party kompania GD ALCO-m, da Jurnalma „siTi“ – m seqtemberSi foto konkursi – NO MARTINI NO PARTY- gamoacxada. moyvarul fotografebs fotoze MARTINI – sTan erTad mxiaruli wuTebi, lamazi garemo da megobrebi unda aRebeWdaT. Gioia Di Viviere - sicocxlis sixaruli, Martini–s imijis ganuyofeli nawilia. Martini uCveulo, glamurul elfers matebs yoveldRiur yofas. misi meSveobiT yvela da yvelaferi ufro mSvenieria! 17 oqtombers kafe 10 a – Si originaluri ideis avtorsa da Jiuris simpatias Martini – Bacardi-s sasmelebis kalaTa da sxva araCveulebrivi prizebi gadaecaT. mowveuli stumrebi erTmaneTs Daiquiry-s momzadebaSi Seejibrnen. saRamom mxiarulad, Martini- s da Bacardi- s koqteilebis fonze, Caiara.

GD Alco and City magazine announced NO MARTINI NO PARTY photo competition for amateur photographs. Contestants should have captured the moments of having fun with friends, and Martini Gioia Di Vivere captures the optimistic Italian spirit which is all about appreciating and enhancing the pleasure of living: pleasure of sharing, softness of living, and knowledge of what is best. Martini makes everything colorful and awakens the senses to the joys of life. The authors of the original idea and jury’s sympathy were awarded on October 17. The celebration was themed with Martini and Bacardi cocktails. Guests had fun enjoying drinks and making fruit Daiquiri cocktails.


Social Event No Martini No Party


Social Event No Martini No Party


Beauty contest Student Face Student beauty contest called Student Face took place in Georgia for the second time.

studenturma konkursma tradiciuli saxe miiRo da saqarTveloSi ukve meored imarTeba. Tbilisis Tvrameti universitetidan arCeuli monawileebi, dizainer irakli rusaZis Sekeril tansacmels warmoadgendnen scenaze. konkursis daskvniTi nawili baTumis dramatul TeatrSi gaimarTa. orsaaTiani Sou musikalurad qarTvelma momRerlebma gaaformes.. Svidkacianma Jiurim gamarjvebulad ilias saxelmwifo universitetis studenti anuka buxnikaSvili daasaxela.

18 students from Tbilisi’s 18 universities showed designer Irakli Rusadze’s *dresses in three categories. The closing part was held in Batumi State Drama Theatre. The show lasted two hours. Georgian singers exhilarated it with * beautiful songs. Jury named Anuka Bukhnikashvili as a winner.


Beauty contest Miss Georgia silamazis konkursma “mis saqarTvelo” starti 2003 wels TbilisSi aiRo. 2004 wlidan ki baTumSi tardeba. 20 seqtembers baTumis SeratonSi finali gaimarTa. Jiurim, romelsac giorgi gogiCaiSvili meTaurobda, konkursis monawile 23 ulamazesi gogonadan 20 wlis dea arayiSvili daasaxela gamarjvebulad. pirveli «vice misi» 24 wlis eka Rurwkaia gaxda. meore «vice misi» ki - 19 wlis nata baxtaZe. axali mis saqarTvelo dea arayiSvili 2010 wlis «mis msoflioze» saqarTvelos saxeliT warsdgeba.

Miss Georgia began as an annual event in 2003 In Tbilisi. From 2004 it takes place in Batumi. On September 20 the final was held in the ‘Sheraton’ hotel . 23 girls from Georgia participated. The judges were headed by Giorgi Gogichaishvili. 20 year old Dea Arakishvili from Tbilisi has won the final of the national contest ‘Miss Georgia 2010. 24 year old Eka Gurtskaya from Tbilisi became the first vice-miss, the second vice-miss is 19 year old Nata Bakhtadze from Tbilisi. The winner of ‘Miss Georgia’ will take part in ‘Miss World – 2010


Beauty contest Miss Georgia


Nightlife Batumi-Jazz Festival 2010 It is already four years that Batumi hosts jazz festival. Event was opened by acid Jazz pioneers called The Brand New Heavies Next day Rou Hergrw and Giorgi Miqadze staged jazz scene On 17 of July progressive jazz band RH Factor and Mike Stern band were playing wonderful music. The festival lasted from 15 to 18 July and ended with Hugh Maskela Band. Michael Giorgadze, Director of Eastern promotion thinks that this festival is the best of all they have ever organized, But this will never give them permission to stop, and promises us better Events for future. Autumn Jazz festival will take place in Tbilisi Event Hall.

ukve oTxi welia, rac baTumi zafxulis jazfestivals maspinZlobs. “ivenTi eisidi” jazis pionerad wodebulma, “The Brand New Heavies”-ma gaxsna. meore dRes scenaze roi hergriu da giorgi miqaZe warsdgnen. 17 ivliss progresiv jazbendi RH Factor-i da maik sternis bendi ukravda. festivali 15-dan 18 ivlisamde gagrZelda da “Hugh Masekela” -m daxura. organizatori kompaniis “Eastern Promotion”is direqtori mixeil giorgaZe fiqrobs, rom 2010 wlis festivali saukeTeso iyo im festivalTa Soris, romlebic dRemde Catarebula, magram es mas ar aZlevs uflebas amas dasjerdes da ukeTes koncertebs gvpirdeba. Semodgomis jazfestivali 27-30 oqtombers “Tbilisi Concert Hall” -Si gaimarTeba.


Tbilisi Jazz Festival 27-30 oct 2010 Tbilisi Concert Hall 27 Oct - Cristian Scott 27 Oct - Mccoy Tyner 28 Oct - The Jazz Crusaders 28 Oct - Dianne Reeves 29 Oct - Rechelle Ferrell 29 Oct - The Syndicate 30 Oct - The Blues Brothers Band 30 Oct - L’image

Tbilisi Event Hall 27 Oct - Omar 28-30 Oct Festival Club/Jam sessions

Nightlife Maia K On 31 of June, French DJ Maya K. appeared in front of the public. The group dancers, licensed by l Michael Jackson, acted together with Hip-Hop and Vocal Bands. The concert was free and lasted * 3 hours.

31 ivliss baTumis axal bulvarSi, Ria cis qveS frangi dijei Maya.K warsdga publikis winaSe. daswreba ufaso iyo. maia qeisTan erTas Sou programas maikl jeqsonis mier licenzirebuli qoreografiuli jgufi da hip-hopis vokalistTa jgufi gamodioda scenaze. koncerti sam saaTs gagrZelda.


Charity London - Tbilisi rali londoni-Tbilisi saqvelomoqmedo RonisZiebaa, romelmac ukve tradiciuli saxe miiRo. 4 welia moxalise motocikletistebi qvelmoqmedebisaTvis agroveben Tanxas. wels 22 seqtembers, londonidan gamoaciles Sejibris sami monawile. saqarTvelos sazRvari maT 2 oqtombers gadmokveTes. stumrebis misaRebad, Tbilisis erT erTi kolorituli adgili Sardenis quCa SeirCa. 11 dRis manZilze, ralis monawileebma, 12 qveynis sazRvari gadakveTes. Tbilisis finiSis Semdeg rali svlas agrZelebs bahreinis mimarTulebiT. gegmis mixedviT londoni-Tbilisi-bahreini 14 oqtombers bahreinSi dasruldeba. RonisZiebis msvlelobisas Semosuli Tanxebi saqvelmoqmedo organizaciebs gadaecemaT.

London-Tbilisi Rally is a charity event that takes place every autumn. It has already been four years that volunteer bikers are travelling around world collecting money for charity. This year, on September 22, 3 members of competition took start from London. On October 2 they passed Georgian Border. Guests were hosted on Shardeni street. Participants crossed 12 borders in 11 days. Rally London-Tbilisi-Bahrain ends on October 24 in Bahrain. The money collected during the event, will be distributed to charity organizations.


Charity London - Tbilisi


Extreme Extreme Week Extreme week Tbilisi - anu miiRe adrenalini swori gziT

Tbilisi Extreme week – Adrenaline with the right way

26 ivniss saxelmwifo universitetis maRlivi korpusis teritoriaze, -s organizebiT Tbilisis eqstremkvireuli gaixsna. dasawyisisTvis park-turistebis jgufma dadga Sou, Semdeg ki banji da rouf jamfingis jeric dadga. mZafri SegrZnebebis moyvaruli adamianebi moTminebiT elodnen rigs. sabolood ki, fexze Tokmobmulebi 45 metris simaRlidan eSvebodnen miwisken. isini, visac jer ver gadaewyvita gadaxtoma, aRfrTovanebuli Sescqeroda sanaxaobas xidis xan marjvena da xan marcxena mxridan. movlenebma did diRomSi gadainacvala. mindori savse iyo didi zomis da uCveuli formis manqanebiT. gamocdili mZRolebi mzad iyvnen kidev erTxel gadaelaxaT talaxiani gza gamarjvebis misaRwevad. 28 ivniss alpinistebis jeri dadga. veris parkSi mdebare sacoc kedelze alpklubis wevrebi kldeze cocvis erT-erT saxeobaSi ”Speed Bouldering” - Si ejibrebodnen erT-

Tbilisi Extreme week which was organized by was opened on June 26. From the very beginning the group of Parkurists staged the show. . Guests were waiting patiently for bungee & rope jumping to begin and as it started, they took their turns to fly 45 metres down from the bridge. Some undecisive ones, not brave enough to jump, rushed back and forth across the bridge, trying to catch a glimpse of the jumpers. Those who had not decided to jump yet, were running enthusiastically from one side of the bridge to another, to see more. Events moved on to “Didi Digomi.” The field was stuffed with different, queerly designed SUVs. Experienced off-road drivers were ready to cross the muddy road once again. Each of them hoped for victory.June 28 is an official Alpinism day. Speed bouldering contest was held, where the members of the Alpine Club would compete with each other. Meanwhile, Armenian & Georgian brake-dancers were trying to amuse the guests. The extreme week included down-town, motor-cross and drift


Extreme Extreme Week as well. Paragliding event was planned for the end of the week. The next event will take place in 2011, though Bungee jumping Tbilisi still takes place at the Maghlivi bridge every weekend.

maneTs. dedaenis baRSi qarTveli da somexi breiqsanserebi SesaZleblobis maqsimumis gamovlinebas cdilobdnen. eqstremkviram motokrosic da daunTaunic moicva. gaimarTa Sejibri driftSi. 3 ivliss kvireuli paraplaniT daixura. organizatorebi 2011 wlamde dagvemSvidobnen. �Bungee Jumping� Tbilisi ki yovel SabaT-kviras maRlivis xidze muSaobas agrZelebs.


Nightlife Bamba Rooms The Batumi outpost of Bamba Rooms opened on the beach in August with an all-white, Miami-meets-St.-Tropez decor and menus that contained Continental and Georgian dishes, as well as sushi. Music sounds giving way to a Funky Town, R&b Electronic…As the night wears on, dance floor fills with crowd. Stunning girls in lace are ready to participate in the show.

agvistos dasawyisSi, Tbilisis erT-erTi yvelaze popularuli klubi “Bamba Rooms” baTumSic gaixsna. klubi gamoirCeva sakmaod didi sacekvao adgiliT. mis garSemo ganlagebulia magidebi, sadac SegiZliaT miirTvaT rogorc iaponuri, aseve qarTuli nacionaluri kerZebi. am klubSi ZiriTadad eleqtronul musikas ukraven. saRamos klubi damsveneblebiT ivseba. mTeli Ramis ganmavlobaSi scenaze SegiZliaT ixiloT seqsualurad gamowyobili gogonebi, romlebic saintereso Sous marTaven.


Nightlife Bamba Rooms


Nightlife Batumi Angels 8 agvistos, “Bamba rooms” - Si gaimarTa Cveneba saxelwodebiT “Batumi Angels”.s saRamo Tavidan bolomde TeTr ferSi iyo gadawyvetili. meti originalurobisTvis stumrebs niRbebi da frTebi daurigdaT. podiumze qarTvelma da mowveulma ukrainelma modelebma damswre sazogadoebas sami qarTveli dizaineris lako bukias, ana keburiasa da studia “alter informalis” namuSevrebi warudgines. musikalur gaformebaze tailandeli DJ nakadia zrunavda. saRamos dasasruls yvela stumarma survili Caifiqra da caSi gauSva.

The “Batumi Angels” fashion show was held in Georgia’s most exclusive club Bamba Rooms on August 8, with an all - white theme and a performance by modern dancers Georgian and Ukrainian Fashion Models, as well as international DJ Nakadia. All guests were given masquerade masks and decorative wings to add to the enchantment of the show. The designers – Lako Bukia, Anuka Keburia, and Atelier Informal were modern and unique with tailored cuts and bold statements. The evening came to an end with setting free of some wishes into the sky.


Nightlife Batumi Angel


Nightlife Music Hall Several years has passed after the opening of Adjara Music Hall . This club is one of the best clubs in Batumi City. It suggests most Featured Nightlife to Georgian society and tourists. This year Adjara Music Hall hosted some of well-known DJ ‘s like Parov Steler, Linus, Global DJ, Format B etc.

« Adjara music hall» -i ukve ramdenime welia, rac baTumis Ramis cxovrebis erT-erTi gamorCeuli klubia. yovel axal sezonze « Adjara music hall » - i qarTul sazogadoebasa da turistebs, sxvadasxva qveynidan mowveuli, cnobili dijeebiT anebivrebs. wels « Adjara music hall » - Si ukravdnen iseTi Semsruleblebi, rogorebic arian Parov Stelar, Linus, Global DJ da Format B.


Nightlife Music Hall


Nightlife Sky Lounge Bar Sky Lounge When temperature in Tbilisi is over 40 of celsius, part of Georgian society gathers in Sky Lounge Betania. The club is originaly designed with black and white colors and takes 20 minutes to drive from Tbilisi. Fashion night took place on 18 Septemer 2010. After two or three shoots and some chilling drinks public was energetically dancing under mixes of Resident Dj UJin Ray along with Dj F. girl which was dressed in a wedding outfit. The event was as noisy as usual.

maSin rodesac TbilisSi temperatura celsiusiT 40 graduss aRwevs, Tbilisis sazogadeobis garkveuli nawili beTaniaSi «Sky Lounge»-Si ikribeba xolme. 18 seqtembers «Fashion Party» Catarda. ramdenime Wiqa gamagrilebeli koqteilis Semdeg, Sekrebili sazogadoeba didi gatacebiT cekvavda Dj Ujin Ray-sa da TeTr saqorwilo kabaSi gamowyobili DJ F.GIRL.l-is miqsebze. saRamom, rogorc yovelTvis, xmaurianad Caiara, swored ise, rogorc «Sky Lounge»-s Seefereba.


Nightlife Sky Lounge Bar


Nightlife Sky Lounge Bar


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