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October 2021

Issue 9

Dance World Cup

GOLD Wild October


Mental Health Week

The First 1,000 Days

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I am Liana, creator and editor of the Inside family of magazines covering Broadwater, Tarring, Durrington, Worthing, West Worthing and Goring.

After the balmy days of early September, we can really start to feel the autumnal air with it’s familiar “mushroomy” smell as we venture out onto our beautiful Downs. I’m lucky enough to be on the Downs every day, way up where it feels like I have the whole place to myself. It’s my little piece of heaven, and in Autumn it takes on a beautiful hue and is possibly my favourite time for walking. Look at me getting all romantic! Back to Inside West Worthing. I would really like to hear from Heene Community Centre. I had a call from a lady who attends the centre regularly and thinks it would be superb to print a list of activities for the community to enjoy. If you are part of a group or run a regular activity in West Worthing please get in touch so that they can be listed.

INSIDE Welcome


to say about any of the articles, please email liana@ You may find your email printed AND responded to by the author of the article! This is something I would really like to get going within the magazines, so don’t be shy! Finally, Inside Magazines has a great team of regular distributors who have established rounds that they have held for years. West Worthing is still a young magazine compared to other areas that have been running for almost 5 years. If you are aged 13-15, live in West Worthing and would like a monthly round, or, if you are an adult, who is happy to work on a freelance/self-employed basis distributing for Inside Magazines, please get in touch. Have a great October.

Inside West Worthing is very lucky to have a wide range of regular contributors. If you have something

You can join Inside Magazines on social media @InsideMagazines #insidemagazines

@InsideCommunityMagazines @insidemagazines

Delivered FREE to homes in West Worthing. 7,000 copies are printed 12 months of the year. Distributed with GPS tracking to all available homes from George V Avenue to Crescent Road/Clifton Road south of the railway line. Inside Worthing, Inside Broadwater, Inside Durrington, Inside Tarring, Inside West Worthing and Inside Goring are independent publications. No responsibility is accepted for claims made by advertisers or views held by contributors. All dates and details are believed to be correct at time of going to press. No responsibility can be taken for subsequent changes.

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INSIDE Health & Wellbeing 6

Bryan Turner MRPharmS

The First 1,000 Days – What it Means for You and Your Baby The Importance of the First 1,000 Days on Child Development and Health


e live our lives in many diverse ways, but we share many of the same hopes for our children. We want them to grow up healthily, do well at school and go on to lead a happy and secure life. As a parent, we want them to have the best start in life and the foundations are laid in the “First 1,000 Days”. This is defined by UNICEF as the period from conception to around the child’s second birthday. It is a critical phase for the development and growth of the child, and the adult that the child will ultimately become. During pregnancy, the mother’s diet, the rate at which she gains weight, her lifestyle choices and her physical and mental wellbeing are all critically important factors on the health of her growing child. For the best outcomes, the mother needs to eat a healthy diet containing as much fresh and unprocessed food as possible. In particular I want to stress the importance of there being enough Folic Acid in the diet. This nutrient is found chiefly in green leafy vegetables. However, it is also available in tablet form, 400mcg per day in the 1st three months of pregnancy will give a high level of protection for the baby against spina bifida. It is helpful to plan pregnancy, as the benefit of Folic Acid is reduced in later stages. Although smoking in pregnancy is decreasing, it is still far too common particularly in households that are already disadvantaged in other ways. Smoking often leads to babies with low birth weight. Drinking alcohol is also not advised. Alcohol passes to the baby, and can cause premature birth and low birth weight. Heavy drinking during pregnancy can cause Foetal Alcohol Syndrome, which can lead to poor growth and learning difficulties through adulthood. A developing baby is a fragile thing, and the mother needs to provide a safe and nurturing environment, and of course fathers have an absolute duty to support their partner in this!

In the early months of a new baby’s life, there is little doubt that the nutritional benefit from mother’s milk is unmatched. It provides the baby with the antibodies the baby needs to fight infections, and as such can be considered the baby’s first vaccine. Breastfeeding gives long lasting protection against obesity in later life, and evidence is growing that mothers who breastfeed gain some protection for their own health against a wide range of conditions including breast and ovarian cancer, heart disease, diabetes and depression. It is understood by health professionals, however, that some mothers do have difficulties with breastfeeding. Any young mum who is struggling with this should seek advice. The NHS and maternity charities can offer very good help and guidance, and are always sympathetic and welcoming. As the child grows, the diet is still important as lifelong habits will be established. Growing needs energy, which is why children seem to have an insatiable appetite for sweets. However, it is better for them to have a diet of protein rich foods, fruit and vegetables, whole grains plus milk and other dairy. This is often difficult for parents, but the rewards for encouraging healthy eating are plentiful. Over the past several years there has been much concern about increasing obesity in school age children. I am glad to say though, that here in West Sussex we have a good record in this regard, ranking 7th in the league tables of English Councils. The consequences of obesity in young children can reach into later life, increasing risks for diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Having children is an exciting time for parents, but brings responsibilities and hard work. Getting it right is never easy, but if you are informed and supported you can do a great job. For further help, get in touch with your GP practice for a referral to local services.

01903 357003

INSIDE Clubs and Hobbies

Everyone makes movies these days,

don’t they?


he ubiquitous smart phone allows anyone to make movies. But what if you want to take things to the next level? That’s where South Downs Film Makers come in. SDFM is a Worthing based, amateur film-making club. It gives members an opportunity to make new friends and get involved in creating quality films as part of a team. They have around 25 members and are looking for new recruits. They have now re-started club meetings at Ferring Village Hall on the third Wednesday of every month from 7:30pm. So this is a great time to go along and join them! Whether you have past experience of making films or no experience at all, it really doesn’t matter! Whatever your interest – as a camera operator, a budding director, an actor or scriptwriter – you will be made welcome. SDFM is the place for creative enthusiasts. They have some great film making equipment available to use and skilled members to help get into the film making process. As a community minded club, their films are very popular with local people. They endeavour to provide an interesting programme for their members, mostly

on topics relevant to film making. These could be about the latest developments in the field of camera technology, editing or audio techniques. They hold several in-house competitions each year to encourage members in film making and have a number of social activities too. So, if this sounds appealing, why not go along to a couple of no-obligation meetings? You can be sure of a warm welcome. For more information and to see some of their work, check out their website: http://

THE CLUB’S AIMS ARE: • Encourage interest in film making as a hobby (Drama, Documentary & Comedy)

Chairmain – Roy Powell:

8 1

01903 357003

• Help increase the knowledge and technical ability of our members • Have fun and build friendships

rg .o rs re ee e ca nt m ld lu co ui Vo el @g w g in

r ee nt lu vo

e t a n Do


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Charity Superstores and donation centres

Shop to support Guild Care at:

• Goring - Woods Way

• Broadwater - 35 Broadwater Street West

• Littlehampton - Duke Street

• Findon - Kings Parade

• Worthing - The Greenhouse on Meadow Road

• Goring - 10 Goring Road • Rowlands Road - 39/41 Rowlands Road • South Farm Road - 143 South Farm Road • The Strand - Strand Parade • Warwick Street - 21 Warwick Street 01903 327327 Registered Charity 1044658 A company limited by guarantee. Registered in England under number 3021390. Registered office: Methold House, North Street, Worthing, BN11 1DU

INSIDE Worthing Regeneration

Reflecting Back and

Looking Forward

Kevin Jenkins COUNCILLOR


he effects of the Covid pandemic and the lockdown that followed, have seen an increase in demand across a number of areas of business within the council. Reflecting Back - One of those areas that has seen considerable growth in demand is within the planning and building control section. During lockdown many of us focussed time on making improvements to our homes and gardens. This was regularly reported in the national media as the demand for building materials reached an all-time high and some materials became scarce. Locally this was reflected in an significant increase in the number of applications for planning permission for extensions or new homes submitted to the council. The number reached a 10-year high and the teams have been working hard to ensure that these applications are progressed as swiftly as possible, so that you can turn your plans into reality.

Planning and building control is a key provision of the council, but it is much wider than just considering planning applications. As an authority, they also offer a dedicated commercial building control service to check and regulate that any new works are completed safely to the right standards and in accordance with the agreed plans. If as a household you are thinking about doing any work to your home, the quickest and easiest way to get some advice is online using the Planning Aid website. Here you can check what permissions or conditions you may have to consider or apply for, it is quick and easy. 10 1

image @petra butler

The team also offers a commercial fire risk assessment and fire safety advice service should it be required. Remember the easiest way to protect your home from fire is to have a working smoke alarm, with at least one alarm on every floor of your home, and to test them monthly. Looking Forward - By October it is anticipated that Worthing Borough Council will have secured full ownership of the much bemoaned and dilapidated Teville Gate site. There is little doubt that over the past 20 plus years the town has been poorly served by the commercial sector who have privately owned the site, yet despite their plans have failed to bring forward the much needed redevelopment. The council recognises that there is much to do with this site and that detailed plans to reinvigorate this area need to be considered and consulted upon. Whilst that happens the intention is to reopen the area as much as possible and reestablish public access between the train station and the town. Suitable ‘meanwhile’ use is also being explored to activate the area and improve its appearance. Accessing the town centre, the council has recently increased the number of dedicated disabled bays in the council run Liverpool Gardens surface car park to help those who need to access the town in a wheelchair or similar. These bays allow for side and rear loading access onto a level surface and lead directly into the Montague Quarter shopping centre.

01903 357003

Kevin Jenkins is a local councillor, in his role he has oversight of a wide portfolio including the economy, regeneration, foreshore, tourism and planning. Any thoughts about this article? Please email liana@insidemagazines. community (see my welcome p5).


Half term ideas



ith half term fast approaching, if you are looking at ways to help your child keep learning over the break without missing out on fun, here are some activities that you could do at home while learning about the history of the season!

that used to be done years ago and create a neighbourhood of Jack O’Lanterns for a fun art project and a look back in history to their origins in Ireland. Although pumpkins are the most popular in America, they originated from another more common vegetable to the UK. Do you know what it was?

Make a Neighbourhood Big Pumpkin Trail

It’s Time For Magical Maths! Maths doesn’t have to be boring worksheets. In fact some of the best maths concepts were discovered by doing. Why not try a fun outdoor maths activity like maths stones at the beach,

Evening walks at Christmas to see the local lights were always a big family favourite with us. Why not return to something

Private Tuition Help your child reach their full potential with education experts who will work 1-2-1 with your child in person or online. Join us for high quality tuition in: – Maths – English – Computer Science – Film Studies – Drama From ages 8-18

Business IT Training Book our purpose built training room to host your own CPD from £15 per hour, or access expert IT training delivered in person or online to boost your productivity. Not sure? Read our reviews: “Wonderful people offering a first rate service.”

 “Holly has delivered some fantastic training for us at Worthing and Adur Chamber”

or take it a step further with roman numerals – don’t want to leave your mark? Create them with chalk pens that will wash away! For older kids, challenge them to create a nature based board game using only the objects they find around them. ….and if this seems a bit too much, chat to us at TeachAllAboutIt to join in with our half term holiday sessions. We’re now Ofsted registered, so all of our holiday sessions can be paid for using childcare vouchers, or the childcare element of Working Tax Credit.

Home Education Bespoke education is at the heart of everything that we do. As home educators ourselves, we understand that learning is best when it fits the individual. Join us for our Home Ed Tuesdays for all ages. Quote INSIDE to join your first session free (usually £20 per afternoon)

 “They are very well organised and very professional”

 TeachIT_June_2021.indd 1

✆ 0800 357 9129

303 Tarring Road, Worthing, BN11 5JG

27/07/2021 16:37 01903 357003


INSIDE Worthing WI


everyone T

he WI offers eleven meetings a year for your membership. We do not meet usually in August and have a summer outing instead. A trip to Highclere Castle was our last summer outing and we all had a wonderful time. Last year we had planned to go to the Milestones Museum in Basingstoke but as that didn’t happen, hopefully we will be able to go next year. Our committee decided we should have an online meeting in August as we were not able to go on our outing and so we had a very interesting talk by local historian, Chris Hare, “Riots and Respectability in a seaside town”. He used old photographs and photographs of old paintings to illustrate his talk. It was so interesting to see what people looked like, what they wore and how the town looked in times gone by. After Chris’s talk we went into breakout groups to discuss whether to meet in person for our next meeting. Our competition this September was ‘The most interesting entrance’ and was won by a member who took a lovely photo of St Mary’s Farmhouse in Durrington Lane. The WI offers many different clubs that cater for all our

different interests. Many of these have been put on hold but we are hoping to resume them all soon. We have, however, started a new group “The Stiff Nipples Sea Swimmers”, so if you see a bunch of ladies braving the waves do stop and say hello! Our cookery group has been very active on WhatsApp and members post details of what they have been making and share recipes. Members also share produce from their garden if they have some spare. Likewise with our gardening group, seeds are swapped, and various plants are shared. Last year our gardening group had a plot on the seafront which produced a lovely display of flowers for the town. Our garden visits will also resume in the spring. Our craft group have been sharing ideas and are in the process of making a quilt for the federation’s craft competition. Book clubs, previously meeting on zoom every month during lockdown have now resumed in person. There are three book clubs altogether with different times to suit our members who are still working or have other commitments. We managed to meet up on the greensward in Goring for a reunion. Many of us had not seen each other in person for a long time.

Next month’s meeting will be a talk about the Crown Jewels by Alan Kingshott, who was Chief Yeoman Warder at the Tower of London. We’ll be looking forward to that. 12 1

01903 357003

INSIDE Entertainment

The Dome Cinema: Prepare to Get Shaken and Stirred, at The Cinema! It feels like we’ve all been waiting years for Daniel Craig’s final outing as James Bond to hit the big screen (and with Spectre coming out in 2015, it really has been), but we’re happy to say it’s finally here!

We’ve got lots of screenings to choose from of No Time To Die, including opening midnight screenings, opening night gala screenings (complete with the red carpet, photographer and martinis!), subtitled screenings and socially distanced screenings. No Time To Die (screening from September 30th) Bond’s CIA friend Felix Leiter recruits 007 to track down a mysterious villain armed with dangerous new technology.


IN OCTOBER: The Addams Family 2 (screening from October 8th) Featuring an all-star voice cast, The Addams family get tangled up in more wacky adventures in this sure to be family favourite. Venom: Let There Be Carnage (screening from October 15th) The Lord Of The Ring’s Andy Serkis directs this sequel to the hit film, with Tom Hardy returning as the titular anti-hero, alongside Michelle Williams, Naomie Harris and Woody Harrelson on villain duty. Our Parent & Baby Screenings and Autism Friendly Screenings have also made their long awaited returns too. But that’s not all that’s preparing to hit the big screen in October!

Ron’s Gone Wrong (screening from October 15th) A new animated film from Disney sees Barney, an awkward middleschooler, get a new walking, talking robot friend, who quickly starts to malfunction. Dune (screening from October 21st) Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Oscar Isaac, Rebecca Ferguson, Jason Momoa, Javier Bardem and many more lead this adaptation of Frank Herbert’s beloved novel, which already has critics calling it a masterpiece.

Head to now to see all our films and to book tickets!

01903 357003


INSIDE Achievements

! d l Go P

Dancers from Worthing are celebrating after taking top spot at the Dance World Cup


upils from Glendale Theatre Arts in Worthing have returned from the Dance World Cup, the biggest dance competition in the world with medals after competing against 120,000 competitors from 62 different countries. A team of 30 dancers aged 12-21 from Glendale were chosen to represent Team England, and between them scooped up medals in a variety of classes including 3 gold medals, 4 silver medals and 3 bronze medals, 2 of which were for group items with around 28 dancers in each piece! The team also placed in the top 6 in other sections, winning further points for Team England - who went on to win the Dance World Cup! Incredibly, Glendale have won gold medals at every Dance World Cup they have entered, as well as having items selected for the prestigious Gala Showcase in every year they have competed. The Gold medals were won by Leila Grannell (Tap solo) Harvey Pearce (Boy’s Jazz Solo) and Lisa Bird with Jessie Popkiewicz-Smith (Song and Dance Duet). Mandy Chapman, principal of the school said: “I’m so proud of the whole team; auditioning and

01903 357003

INSIDE Achievements

being selected to dance for England is a huge honour and the whole team have been amazing. It has been such a challenging time for all of the dance schools and dance teachers with a lot of the training taking place online, so it has been a huge achievement for us all to pull this together. Senior pupils Lisa Bird and Leila Grannell, both 19, have participated in every Dance World Cup in which Glendale has competed, since 2011. Not only that, but they have also won Gold at every one, in different genres. Both girls are now moving on to their next big adventures with Lisa gaining a place at the prestigious Royal College of Music and Leila, after achieving amazing A-Level results in Biology, Chemistry and History will be studying Neuroscience at the University of Sussex next month”. She added: “Students who also achieve academic success as well as such creative arts successes prove you don’t have to ‘choose’ between after school activities and ‘academics’! For more about Glendale Theatre Arts visit the school’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

01903 357003



Improving Housing for Cllr Daniel Humphreys LEADER OF THE COUNCIL WORTHING BOROUGH COUNCIL

Local Families


nsuring that local families have access to decent and affordable housing is one of the most important duties of a council. Across the nation we find ourselves in what many describe as a ‘housing crisis’ and it’s hard to argue with that description. Many readers will recall the days of 15% interest rates and the struggle to pay their mortgage. The challenges faced by the current generation of first time buyers and renters are not new. But they are different. Interest rates are now far lower but the size of the deposit required to get on the ladder in the first place is astronomically higher. This coupled with the highest rents in history makes life doubly hard for renters and those with aspirations of ever owning a home. Here in Worthing our blessed location between the South Downs and the sea means that opportunities for expanding the supply of new housing are few and far between. This in turn means that we have one of the highest house price to earnings ratios in the country. Housing insecurity and homelessness leads to higher demands on council taxpayers, worse health outcomes and can lead to increased crime and anti-social behaviour. Worthing Borough Council is tackling this on a number of fronts in order to help local families access decent housing. We’re bringing forward brownfield and council owned sites to be built on


by housing companies or local firms. In a number of cases we’re leading the development ourselves. At Fulbeck Avenue our partnership with Scandinavian firm BoKlok means that new methods of construction will provide 152 homes for sale or rent at affordable prices for families in Worthing. At Union Place we bought the site of the former police station after development had stalled. Permission has now been granted for a mixed use development that will include 169 new homes. Meanwhile at Teville Gate we have finally been able to take back control of the site and aim to ensure that the new development will include up to 230 new homes. Too many local families are often reliant on ‘temporary’ or emergency accommodation in the form of B&B or hotel accommodation when they lose their homes. To ensure that we reduce this occurrence we have redeveloped two sites in West Worthing that together now provide 36 new units to house families who have fallen on hard times and give them the opportunity for a better life. These are just some of the ways in which your council is rising to the challenge of providing pathways to affordable housing for families in Worthing. This means that more families will enjoy decent housing, pressures on council budgets will be lower and we’ll all live in healthier, happier and safer communities.

01903 357003

Expert advice on paying for care Long-term care in your own home or in a residential care home is expensive, but with expert advice from independent financial specialists, Carewise can help you to make informed decisions on choosing and paying for the right care. The Carewise care fees specialists are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and members of the Society of Later Life Advisers, so you can have peace of mind when discussing your finances. Carewise could also help to protect your finances for the future. Contact Carewise to find out how you could benefit.


0330 222 7000


GET YOUR WEEKLY GARDEN WASTE COLLECTION FOR JUST £1.70 A WEEK Save time, money, fuel and your vehicle’s interior by not taking your garden waste to the tip

For a yearly subscription of £85*, we supply you with a garden waste 240 litre wheelie bin and will collect it 50 weeks of the year To order your garden waste bin visit: * Prices correct February 2021

1449 A&W Green Waste Flyer AW3 (2021) - 150x108mm.indd 1


09/08/2021 16:38:41

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INSIDE The Real Repair Shop

s e l a T

from the Workshop

What makes something cool and just maybe worth hanging on to? Is it good design? Is it great functionality? Is it celebrity endorsement? Is it scarcity? Is this a list that could go on forever? Probably yes.

S Matt Marchant

ome stuff is just cool and loved from the off, and some things take a while longer to enter the hall of fame. But why is that? Why does it happen? I was pondering this while going through my workshop enquiry inbox recently, and began wondering what motivates people to get something working again or restored to its former glory. The subject is probably a study in its own right, but I thought I’d share my own thoughts on the subject here. Now might be a good idea, assuming you fancy a drink, to grab a cuppa. Please come back as soon as possible. One of the things I get asked to


01903 357003

repair frequently is food mixers, especially Kenwood Chefs. Like the original Mini, AEC Routemaster London Bus and K6 Phone Box, the Chef in its many forms has become a design icon. It also helps that the mixer excels in function and is timeless in design. Many Chefs that I receive come with an interesting family backstory. Recently, one such example involved a 1964 machine which had travelled the world, after being originally purchased in South Africa. It had accompanied an army family each time my customer’s husband had transferred to start another tour. The Chef had grown up with her family making cakes, treats and dinners for over 60 years and had visited over 15 countries and was now worth way more to its owner than the sum of its parts. After the mixer was repaired and returned, I was told that the Chef would be passed down to the next generation to enjoy, when the time came. This particular Chef was quite literally, one of the family. Luckily, many

INSIDE The Real Repair Shop

Chefs, new and old, have spare parts readily available with straightforward access to technical information, making repair possible. I was able to fix this one which only needed a motor overhaul and gearbox regrease. Not bad service really, considering its age and life! Old toys are another ‘workshop favourite’ enquiry. Many toys from the 1970s and 1980s have seemingly survived playtime to then be laid up in attics and cupboards for many years, only to be rediscovered when children move out or something similar is spotted, while browsing eBay! Toys from this era which take batteries, tend to have traditional electromechanical parts (switches, motors and bulbs etc.) which if broken, can be repaired or replaced. By comparison, later made toys with microprocessors and micro components are sometimes very difficult to

reboot without donor parts. A few months ago, I repaired a motorised ‘Tomy Kong Man’ toy for a customer who had found it in his parents’ loft. The toy was in good condition, but wasn’t working. The Dad wanted to get it working for his kids as he remembered having so much fun with it, when he was their age. After a good hour of dismantling, cleaning, a touch of soldering and re-lubricating, the toy was working well once again, ready to be enjoyed by the next generation. The great thing about the repairs recalled here is that the owners all had a connection with their item and were prepared to preserve it for future generations. For whatever reason a strong bond had formed between item

and owner, established over many years and incorporating many shared experiences. It’s programs like BBC’s The Repair Shop and Drew Pritchard’s restoration TV which draw out those backstories to bring tales of product ownership to life. Sustainable is probably an overused word at the moment, but in order to really live more sustainably and reduce our impact on our environment, we need to buy less stuff, love the things we already have for longer and lobby decision makers to assist when repair barriers exist. So, the next time you’re thinking about binning your old Hoover, just think about all the fun memories you’ve had together and consider repairing it. For ‘The Workshop’, it’s about preserving an item, with its story intact, keeping it going, providing good service and enjoyment for as long as reasonably possible.

Until the next time.

Do you have a DIY fixing related matter that you’d like me to explore in this section? If so, please get in touch.

01903 357003


INSIDE Special Feature

Building understanding and

Sharing Hope Day




Monday 4th October



Mayor Cllr Lionel Harman

Lighting of the Peace Candle

Revd George Butterworth, Mayor’s Chaplain

Wellbeing & Support in Time of Crisis

Cllr Sean McDonald, Worthing Council

Tuesday 5th October


Championing Youth Minds Tanya Marwaha


Worthing Community Chest

Noel Atkins


Reflexology Taster Session

Debbie Stevens


Rethink (Carers) Open Meeting Via Zoom and streamed on Facebook

with Martin Richards (Non Executive Director, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust)


Friendship, creativity, volunteering

Men In Sheds (Lancing and Sompting)


Living well with Dementia

Worthing Town Cryers


Virtual Dementia Café

Worthing Dementia Action Alliance


Open meeting

Worthing Dementia Action Alliance


Dementia Friends Awareness Session


Rethink (Carers) Open Meeting


01903 357003

with Martin Richards (Non Executive Director, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust)

INSIDE Special Feature

The 9th Mental Health Awareness Week at: Offington Park Methodist Church, South Farm Road, Worthing BN14 7TN

Worthing Mental Health Awareness Week aims to provide a safe environment in which stigma around mental health can be challenged. Day




Wednesday 6th October


Pathfinder (signposting hub for services in West Sussex)



Local Support Services

West Sussex Mind


Emotional Wellness Workshop

CAPITAL Project Trust


Open Meeting – peer support, information

CAPITAL Project Trust


Craft Afternoon Origami Projects

Helen (Capital Project Trust)


Play Therapy

The Treasure Basket


Grief Play

Andy’s Angels


Friendship and discussion group

Chattie Café


Open Meeting – peer support, information

CAPITAL Project Trust


Film night - about family relationships and the environment PG 99mins no interval

Friday 8th October


The Relationships Between Insecurity and Mental Health

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Dr Barbara Pilley Shaw

October Autumn sees us sustainably foraging for ‘Food for Free’ that isn’t ‘Costing the Earth’!


efore modern humankind, our huntergatherer ancestors sought provisions from nature, gathering fruits, herbs, roots; collecting insects and small animals; scavenging from predators, and hunting live prey. Often they travelled to accommodate seasonal change, or stored caches against hard times. With settled agriculture, foraging diminished and food storage was more ingenious, sun-drying, freeze-drying, fermenting, smoking and salting. ZOOOOM… fast forward through industrial and technological revolutions …to our current globally urbanised world where ‘foraging’ may be a car


trip to plunder a supermarket or a virtual quest for provender online! We disconnect from the food on our plates, its origins, journeys, the energy required for preparation, packaging and storage and, crucially, what it really contains. Food labelling has become a complex multifaceted moral maze. Globalised exploration, colonisation and migration mean ever-fluctuating trade partnerships, underpinned by currencies, real and virtual, and driven by investment in food procurement as a ‘growth’ economy! Such procurement is no longer dictated by locality, climate and what a soil system can sustainably yield, nor is it managed by those who understand the land, how to grow crops and make a balanced livelihood whilst harvesting sustainably. High Street café culture relies on imported tea, coffee, cocoa, palm oil and more! These grow on trees and bushes as do exotic spices like cinnamon and other ingredients much sought after by foodies for fine dining. Vast plantations feed ever-extending Western diets and midriffs, such that over half the world’s wild tree species lose habitat and edge towards extinction, according to the Global Tree Assessment Report by Botanic Garden Conservation International. Of 58,497 native trees worldwide, 142 are

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now extinct and 30% - one in three - at risk. Habitat loss from crops and livestock constitute 43% of the threat, alongside logging, invasive species, diseases and more... Biodiverse South America and Indonesia provide much food and are experiencing greatest native tree loss. Even in relatively species-poor Europe, wild species of Rowan and Whitebeam are threatened with extinction! Food Sovereignty, the right to heathy, culturally appropriate food, produced in ecological, socially fair and sustainable ways, emphasises production of local, seasonal goods. Autumn means traditional harvest festivals and apple pressing, when ‘all is safely gathered in, ‘ere the winter storms begin’ and foraging instincts send us rifling gardens and allotments to make and store preserves. On Our South Downs, knolls and byways of native scrub – woody, bushy, shrubland vegetation, somewhere between field and forest - provide fruitful pickings. Hedgerows are vibrant, biodiverse wildlife corridors full of natural nuts and berries, riches for the taking in moderation and with wildlife in mind. They provide bird food before leaving for, or after arriving from, divers migrations, especially feasting flocks of Fieldfares and Redwings escaping colder climes. Hibernating small mammals, Dormice, feast on


Autumn means traditional harvest festivals and apple pressing, when ‘all is safely gathered in, ‘ere the winter storms begin

hazelnuts and berries, putting down vital fat for energy and insulation. Squirrels, Jays, and others remain active, stashing stores as insurance against severe weather. This is when we too may hunker down with a good book, hot buttered toast and lashings of blackberry jam! Then - why not recapture some foraging magic through Walter de la Mare’s poem ’Berries’, a tale of enchantment that begins ‘There was an old woman went blackberry picking’…

Match the Book Title to its Author 1 Danger of Extinction

A by Holly Berry

2 Blackbird’s Favourite

B by Hazel Grove

3 Squirrel’s Paradise

C by An Old Crab

4 Vitamin C Riches

D by Blossom Blackthorn

5 Cider Brewing

E by Rose Hips

6 Gin Flavourings

F by Teresa Wealthy

7 Christmas Bird Food

G by Rowan Tree

8 Downland Scrub Riches

H by Cherry Wild

Food for Free: book by Richard Maybe Wild Tree Extinctions: International Union for Conservation of Nature

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THE INSIDE on Social Media

Which social media platform is right

for my business? Jordan J. Whittingham

Jordan J. Whittingham The Inside on Social Media


f I had a penny for every time I got asked this question, I would probably have enough to rival even the colossal wallet of Mark Zuckerberg, founder & CEO of Facebook. The answer to this question is often not what people want to hear, but that doesn’t make it any less true. Most business owners will know of someone who swears by Facebook for generating sales, or one that is thriving on Instagram, or perhaps someone that’s crushing it on TikTok or Twitter. But the truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the marketing, social or otherwise, of your business. What works for Dave might not work for John, and what works for Julie won’t work for Sarah. I work with many clients who have found themselves overly reliant on a single source of lead generation - it might not even be social media, but I implore you right now to take a look at your own business. If it relies heavily on customers coming in from a single source, warning bells should be ringing! We’ve already seen the devastating effects this can have in the past 18 months with the pandemic. Businesses that were overly reliant on certain sources and slow to adapt to change are either no longer around or in serious trouble. The truth is social media, like any other form of marketing, should be spread evenly across

platforms. So that if overnight some massive changes at Instagram render your account useless (and yes, this does happen… regularly!) you do not need to panic, because you still have Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, your website, magazine ads, and other methods to rely on. I can sit here and tell you that Instagram is great for aesthetically pleasing businesses like bars, clubs, artists, or crafters; and that Facebook is more suited to those with a client base over the age of 40. TikTok is for those looking to reach Gen-Z and Millennials; and LinkedIn is best for Business to Business companies. Although, broadly speaking, this would be accurate, it doesn’t change the fact that I know of traders who are incredibly successful on TikTok, artists who swear by Twitter, and Etsy sellers who’ve found great success on LinkedIn! But what really makes a business evergreen is when it has an audience in multiple areas, both offline and online. The trick to success with online marketing is to be present and active (see last months article for the pitfalls of inactive accounts) on all the major platforms and to enjoy creating and discovering an audience in different places. This really is the difference between those who survive and those that become mere footnotes in history.

To summarise, and at the risk of sounding like a two-bit stock broker; diversify, avoid high risk strategies, and invest your time and energy wisely to survive market downturns. Wall Street’s loss really was marketing’s gain!


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FORMER DOG OWNERS WANTED! Newly retired? Miss having a dog, but worry it might be a bit of a tie? Why not join us as a K9 host looking after our clients’ dogs while they’re on holiday? You’ll always meet the owner and dog first. If you are at home most of the time, have direct access to a secure garden and don’t have a dog of your own then we’d love to hear from you. Check us out at or call our Head Office on

01903 232822 We look forward to hearing from you!

Putting you in front of your customers

6 local magazine

reaching 40,000 homes and businesses every month For Advertising Enquiries Call 01903 340 096 or email IMHQ 26a South Farm Road, Worthing BN14 7AE 01903 357003


INSIDE Local History

When Worthing was a Town of

Riots and Protests This is the second of three extracts we are serialising from Chris Hare’s new book,“Worthing in the Bad Old Days – Riot, Beer and the Word of God.” The book costs £5 and all proceeds go to the charity set up in his son’s memory, Olly’s Future ( Copies are only obtainable from Worthing Library or directly from Mr. Hare at


orthing saw a huge increase in its population during the nineteenth century (larger in percentage terms than the rise in the twentieth century) and most of the incomers came from the rural hinterland, villages such as Findon, Washington, Ashington, Storrington Steyning, and so on. It is possible, therefore, that this influx enhanced rather than diluted the existing conservative social structures of the town,

including traditional forms of popular protest. Perceived wrongs were settled by old customs of community justice, rather than by recourse to the police who were often mistrusted and despised by working class people. This community justice was highly ritualised and known as ‘rough music.’ It was applied to transgressors of an unwritten community code of morals, for example, men who acted violently towards their wives or children. 26 1

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With blackened faces and armed with old tin cans filled with stones, or a drum or other crude instrument, the rough music band would assemble outside their victim’s house and begin making a low noise – almost a murmur – but as time passed the sound they made would increase in intensity, as the tins were rattled more furiously. The discordant sounds of the instruments grew to deafening proportions. This was a warning to the man to ‘mend his ways’ or face more extreme punishment. Failure to heed the warning would result in another visit of the rough music band, only this time they would parade an effigy of the man and throw stones through his windows – they might even seize and beat him. In the most extreme cases the victim was forced out of town. Those believed guilty of domestic abuse were the most likely to be targeted, but the rough music band could also visit dishonest shopkeepers, severe employers; policemen and outsiders, whose presence in the community was deemed to be having an unsettling influence. On one occasion a wealthy couple were accused of unjustly sacking their footman who went on to take his own life. On another, a wealthy married woman accused of adultery and defamation received rough

INSIDE Local History

music from those who took the side of the woman she had slighted. None of these riots ever resulted in a prosecution. Never did Mr. Henty or Mr. Tribe issue summonses for the arrest of members of the rough music band. In truth, the two classes – gentry and working class – were often united by a desire to maintain the social order and resist the pressure to change from professional middle class newcomers to the town. Then there was November 5th – Bonfire Night – rough music on a colossal scale – a night when the streets were given over to the mob and when old scores from the previous year could be settled. Bonfire Boys battled with the police for possession of the streets. They rolled burning barrels covered in tar and hauled burning boats through the streets. They made effigies of those who had offended them and then burned the effigies as the climax of their celebrations. Sometimes these effigies were of local people and sometimes of national figures. Rarely did the magistrates feel the need to intervene. Even when serious

rioting took place and policemen were badly injured, as occurred in 1852, 1876 and 1877, the magistrates only reluctantly took action by seeking to swear-in special constables. So, when, in 1883, the Salvation Army had large posters pasted up around Worthing, announcing their intention of ‘Attacking Worthing’ and saving the Godless population from their wicked ways. It should come as no surprise that their arrival was not welcomed, either by the mob or by the local elite. In fact, the reception they received on their arrival was so hostile that they abandoned their open-air meetings and retreated to their ‘barracks’, situated between Prospect Place and Montague Street. But in the spring of 1884, a new Captain was appointed to lead the Worthing Corps – 23-year-old Ada Smith, who declared, “If the Devil doesn’t attack us, we must attack Him!” Her policy was to march, twice weekly – on a Wednesday and a Sunday – into ‘the vilest spots’; the streets where the rough music/ bonfire boys lived and challenge them to change their

ways or face hellfire. It was almost as if the rough musickers were themselves being rough musicked! The result was a summer of discontent and violence, which culminated in the notorious riots of that August. The inhabitants of the ‘vilest spots’ formed themselves into a ‘Skeleton Army’ to oppose the Salvation Army. When the leaders of the Salvation Army went to the Worthing magistrates, seeking protection from those who were attacking them, the senior magistrate told them that they themselves had provoked the violence and that they were a disgrace and would get no help from him. This was a green light for the ‘skeletons’ to unleash even more violence. Taking advantage of the cheap rail tickets, supporters of the The Skeleton Army Riots ‘Worthing Skeletons’ came from as far away as Eastbourne to join the rioting. At one point it was estimated that 4,000 people were on the streets – this at a time when the normal population of the whole town was only 12,000!

You can find much more about Worthing history and community at 01903 357003 357003

27 2

INSIDE Campaigner 28

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INSIDE Campaigner


Mary Day – Worthing’s 86 year old campaigner for accessibility


n June 22nd Mary staged a protest on a councillor many moons ago to discuss the the seafront near the pier which was tarmac on tree roots about driving over them or featured on BBC South Today. The even walking with pushers, prams or sticks.” The protest was sparked by her frustration reply Mary had was that the roots are tarmacked about several access challenges in Worthing that over because we need trees for the environment. people like herself, who use wheels to get around, Mary felt speechless (unusual) with this response face in their day to day lives. Her protest was when she thought about what has happened to attended by local councillors, and last month she Titnore Woods now that it is under a housing extended an invitation to councillors in her article, estate. but has yet to hear from anyone. “I can remember holding onto a pram here This month, I (Liana) am helping Mary with (South Farm Road) when I was younger and her article, because (in her words) Mary has been now that I am 86 years these trees are standing having an affair with pneumonia! mighty proud still.” New The topic for October is tTree developments lead to more roots, trees and pavements, with cars, more pollution and more New developments parking on pavements. Mary Mary’s take on decisions made lead to more cars, more around trees. Mary had hoped, feels that not only are we losing pollution and more parking pavement space for cars, but along with her friend Deb, to visit and document areas around now we have more tables and on pavements Worthing where tree roots were chairs outside cafés. Outside the causing difficulties. school (Worthing High) in South On Bank Holiday Monday, Deb Farm Road, Mary states that the said to Mary, “How about going out, not many trees meet from both sides of the road, “the next people about.” They decided to just look at South car transporters won’t make it without damaging Farm Road, as one of the worst for tree roots at the cars and it is so dark at night that the street both ends of the road. They headed north. Mary lights are hidden.” Mary continues to say that said, “if one isn’t careful, going over the roots and house owners are not trimming their hedges the angle the scooter goes, one can catch your back to their boundaries, she gets soaked when knuckles on the pebbled walls.” she passes them, which is ever more challenging When they reached the troublesome spot, with cars parked on the pavement nearby. Mary Mary was glad it wasn’t raining, because the sight recently had to pay £25 for tracking and £322 stopped them in their tracks. “Who has chalked for her transaxle, which she feels is due to the a white square around three trees?!! It definitely condition of the pavements. She would like to wasn’t Picasso or the council worker who walks send the bill to the council, stating that pensions around with chalk ringing holes on pavements, are small. Mary finished by saying that, “I have so we will be watching this space,” Mary was been threatened by a van owner parked on the referring to newly painted white lines around pavement, accused of scratching his van which the tree root areas. Mary continued, “I did phone was parked half on the pavement.”

If you have any frustrations to share with Mary, please email

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INSIDE Clubs and Hobbies

West Worthing Bridge Club

welcomes new members D o you play Bridge? If so we would love to meet you. The club is long established and has both experienced and novice players. We are located at the Tennis Club in Titnore Lane, in a delightful, airy Bridge Room. There is a bar available for drinks and snacks, so a coffee or a glass of wine can make it a social occasion too. We play on Monday, Thursday and Friday evenings starting at 6:15pm, and may add afternoon play if members are keen. You do not need to have a partner as there is always a host on each evening. We organise competitions and social events throughout the year. And we are registered with the English Bridge Union. We are happy to help with coaching or advice when needed. If,for example, you have not played for a while and want to refresh your skills. You will find us a happy friendly bunch who enjoy the stimulation of a good game of Bridge, in pleasant surroundings. As we are part of the Tennis Club we are following all the guidelines to keep us safe in times of covid, all just good common sense really. Please note that the Bridge Room is on the first floor and is accessed by a number of steps. So why not give me a ring or email me for more information. Paula Taylor-Moore 01903 339323 or 30 1

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BROADFEST Cost: Free Where: Broadwater Green When: 2nd October Time: 2-10pm

INSIDE Your Month


• Dog Show • Charity Stalls • Food Stalls • Fun Day • Live Music in the evening •

KINGS, QUEENS, COMMONERS AND REVOLUTIONARIES! Cost: £4 on the door Where: Cellar Arts Club, Worthing When: Saturday 30th October Time: 8pm till midnight Come in drag, come in halloween costume, come just as you are you gorgeous thing! • cheap drinks • selection of alcoholic drink and alcohol free drinks • bar snacks • energetic dancing • • Take a lateral flow test before coming • • Stay home if you have positive result or have symptons •

WORTHING PORTRAIT ARTIST OF THE YEAR COMPETITION Cost: £10 a ticket (only 200 available) available from Where: St Pauls Art Centre When: 22nd October Time: Doors open at 4:30pm Admission includes a glass of fizz or juice and a raffle ticket.

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Intricate beauty of Petworth Park’s ancient trees revealed in new exhibition



etworth GPS Trees by Richard Geraint Evans features incredibly detailed drawings of different tree specimens from the National Trust’s Petworth House and Park in West Sussex. Each artwork has its own set of GPS coordinates so that you can discover the tree for yourself. Petworth House is known for its exquisite art collection, including portraits by famous artists such as Sir Anthony Van Dyck. However, in this new exhibition portraiture artist Richard turns the focus to nature, capturing nine images of ancient trees in near perfect likeness. These specimens can be found in Petworth’s grounds, along with a cedar that grows at the nearby National Trust’s Woolbeding Gardens. Created with pen and graphite on cotton paper, then framed using sustainable softwood, Richard’s drawings help tell the story of the extraordinary trees at Petworth. One ancient specimen in the Deer Park here is around 940 years old. This oak has survived all the landscape changes since the 12th century. Richard tells the tale of his encounter with this ancient tree: “The first thing that struck me was the tree’s sheer size, not just the girth of the trunk but also its height. I myself first met this 940 year old colossus with my Mum in November 2008. It was a morning of occasional rain and we sheltered

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Petworth GPS Trees by Richard Geraint Evans: Monday 11 October to Sunday 5 December 2021

in its huge shadow; our sandwiches were saved and my sketchbooks remained dry. My gratitude is expressed through this drawing.” The GPS coordinates of each tree are also noted by the drawing, so viewers can experience a connection with nature themselves. Richard explains: “By writing the tree’s GPS coordinates beneath my tree portraits I invite you to visit the actual tree. I do this because I want to create stronger emotional bonds between people and individual trees. I believe that once we take the time to find, meet and ‘connect’ with the subjects of my drawings we are more likely to care about the tree’s long-term welfare.” Part of Richard’s work is about inspiring others to conserve the natural world, and encouraging protection of trees so they can continue to provide homes for wildlife, mitigation against climate change and natural beauty for everyone to enjoy.

At Petworth, visitors can support conservation work by donating. Sarah Taylor, Senior Programming Officer for Petworth House says: “It’s a pleasure to see Richard Geraint Evans’s detailed portraits of trees at Petworth go on display in the exhibition room here. These portraits show Richard’s incredible talent, but also the rich heritage of Petworth Park, and the magnificent stories the trees have to tell. The exhibition really summarises the spirit of Petworth, combining both artwork and conservation.” GPS Trees by Richard Geraint Evans can be seen in the exhibition room of Petworth Servants’ Quarters, Monday 11 October – Sunday 5 December 2021, 10:30am-3:30pm. No advanced booking needed, but visitors are required to purchase a ticket to the site to enter, free for National Trust members. For more details visit the Petworth House and Park website.

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INSIDE Puzzles

Inside CROSSWORD October 2021 by Simien

Across 1 6 8 9 10 11 12 14 18 20 23 24 25 26 27 28

Obstacle (10) Manager (4) Three-sided polygon (8) Floor covering; reprimand (6) Cold-blooded; unrelenting (8) Merchant (6) Finished (4) Vocabulary (7) Appendages for sensing; aerial (7) Swerve (4) Largest of the American big cats (6) Dearth (8) Lasso (6) Region (8) Enthusiastic (4) Computer specialist (10)

Down 1 2 3

4 5 6


7 13 15 16 17 19 21 22

Pause; hiatus (8) Architectural support, or base, for a statue (6) ___ Duck, Disney cartoon character first seen in print in 1931 (6) A significant event in one’s life (9) Uncommunicative; reserved (8) Marine crustacean which cements itself to submerged surfaces (8) Structure of bones (8) Inhabitant of our planet; human being (9) Increase; intensify (8) Deceptive or misleading appearance (8) Exceed; infringe (8) Predecessor in family (8) ___ Franklin, American soul singer (6) Intensely radioactive metallic element, atomic number 88 (6)

This Thismonth’s month’ssolution solutionis is on onpage page39 38 34

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Only £895 for a fully fitted electric door.


Gotta get a Garolla.

Garolla garage doors are strong and solidly built. They’re made to measure in our own UK factories. The electric Garolla door rolls up vertically taking up only 8 inches inside your garage. Our expert installers will fit your new door and take away the old one so there’s no mess. Give us a call today and we’ll come and measure up completely Free.



WAS £1,354 INC VAT

CALL US TODAY 01243 630 186


MOBILE 07537 149 128


Offer valid for openings up to 2.6m wide & inc: 2 remote controls, 55mm white slats, internal manual override.

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INSIDE Puzzles


Fill the 9x9 grid with numbers 1-9 so that each column, row, and nine 3x3 boxes contain all of the digits from 1-9



Putting you in front of your customers


6 local magazine


reaching 40,000 homes and businesses every month FUNERAL SERVICE For Advertising Enquiries Call 01903 340 096 or Caring for families in East and email IMHQ 26a South Farmfor Road, Worthing BN14 7AE West Sussex over 22 years Third Generation Family Funeral Director |

filler 1/8th.indd 1

| Pre-paid Funeral Plans | Private Chapel of Rest | Memorial Masonry |

• Funerals from £1,595.00 plus third party fees

17/08/2021 10:23

• Direct Cremation locally, no service £1,375.00 • £100.00 off a pre-paid funeral plan Please contact




Aaran Morriss Experienced

(Day or Night) on: 01903 896776 125 Tarring Road, Worthing, West Sussex BN11 4HE

Aaran Morris A5 leaflet.indd 1


15/09/2021 11:50

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20% OFF

All prices include 1 litre of Shampoo

all curtains cleaned over £15 FREE COLLECTION & DELIVERY SERVICE

Would you like your curtains cleaned but can’t take them down and rehang? TRY OUR

• £10 for the 1st pair • £6 all others

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Shop 2, Tesco Extra, Fulbeck Way, Worthing BN13 3FG Quality Kwik 1/2 page October 2021.indd 1

Riser Recliners

G WO IN Over





30 Years



Bissell ......... £39.50 Rug Doctor .. £39.50 Karcher....... £35.00 Vytronix ...... £29.00

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Your Local Mobility Experts


Mobility Scooters

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19-21 Chapel Road Worthing BN11 1EG

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Mon-Sat: 9:00am - 5:00pm

Call 01273 424 224


Mon-Sat: 9:00am - 5:00pm

Shop Online: Clearwell Mobility 1-2 page.indd 1

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INSIDE Colouring 38

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Building, Maintenance & Repair

Garage Doors

Ark Roofing ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 7 HWS & Sons ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������4

Garolla Bognor Regis ����������������������������������������������������������������35

Charity Shops

Worthing and Adur Council ���������������������������������������������������� 17

Guild Care �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������9

Independent Living

Dry Cleaning Quality Kwick Dry Cleaners �����������������������������������������������������37

Education Greater Brighton Metropolitan College ���������������������������������4 Tumble Tots ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������25

Financial Advice


Clearwell Mobility ����������������������������������������������������������������������37

Pet Care K9 Home Boarding �������������������������������������������������������������������25

Plumbing, Heating & Boiler Services No1 PHD ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������35

Residential Care

INDEX and Information

Index of Advertisers

Guild Care �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������9

Carewise �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 17

Schools, Classes & Community

Funeral Director

TeachAllAboutIt Ltd. ������������������������������������������������������������������ 11

A.G. Morriss Funeral Service ��������������������������������������������������� 36 HD Tribes ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 40

Window Repairs & Glazing Cloudy Window Fixer �����������������������������������������������������������������2

Useful Information Doctors Surgery Victoria Road Surgery 50 Victoria Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN11 1XE Tel: 01903 230656

Worthing Medical Group 23 Shelley Road Worthing BN11 4BS 01903 234 844

Community Contacts Friends of Heene Cemetery

1 interval. 2 plinth. 3 Donald. 4 milestone. 5 taciturn. 6 barnacle. 7 skeleton. 13 earthling. 15 escalate. 16 illusion. 17 overstep. 19 ancestor. 21 Aretha. 22 radium.

A closed cemetery with a haven for wildlife and history.

DOWN 1 impediment. 6 boss. 8 triangle. 9 carpet. 10 ruthless. 11 trader. 12 over. 14 lexicon. 18 antenna. 20 veer. 23 jaguar. 24 shortage. 25 lariat. 26 district. 27 keen. 28 programmer.

Heene Community Centre


122 Heene Road Worthing BN11 4PL Tel: 01903 209997




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Quality, dignity and reliability Losing someone close to us is a painful and challenging experience. Our aim at HD Tribe is to make the whole funeral process as simple and as stress-free as possible for you, by offering a complete funeral service, ensured by HD Tribe’s longestablished reputation for quality, dignity and reliability.

Our services

Call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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Attendance cards Bereavement Counselling Burials at sea Catering

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An independent family run Funeral Directors since 1929. We ensure your loved ones receive the respect and dignity they deserve. With nine offices covering most of West Sussex, we are ideally positioned to give you an efficient, local and dedicated funeral service. Worthing 130 Broadwater Rd Worthing BN14 8HU

Sompting West St Sompting BN15 0DE

Lancing 28 South St Lancing BN15 8AG

Shoreham-by-Sea 101 Eastern Ave Shoreham-by-Sea BN43 6PE

Storrington 19 West St Storrington RH20 4DZ

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Rustington 63 Sea Lane Rustington BN16 2RQ

Goring-by-Sea 259 Goring Rd Worthing BN12 4PA

Lyndhurst Road 61 Lyndhurst Rd Worthing BN11 2DB