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I am Liana, creator and editor of the Inside family of magazines covering Broadwater, Tarring, Durrington, Worthing, West Worthing, Goring and Cissbury.


Hello Flaming July! Over half way through the year already, is it passing faster now that life is returning to some relative normality? It’s all change this month. The first is that we have outgrown the office in South Farm Road. By the time you are reading this, the HQ for Inside Magazines will be run from a residential address. We have the wonderful facility provided by Spicer International in Broadwater to manage our deliveries through…so we’re expanding, not closing, in case the ‘Let sign’ was causing confusion. Readers who would like to get in touch but prefer not to use, or have no access to the internet, are very welcome to call and leave a message and we will find a way to make sure your voice is heard too. There are some new email addresses. To contact us about anything distribution related (including feedback about how the distribution is conducted) please use For events and club/association information events@insidemagazines. community. We really love to get views and opinions about Inside Magazines, so let us have your views using feedback@

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This month welcomes the first update by our new leader of the council, all change for Worthing too!

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CONTRIBUTORS Inside Health & Wellbeing – Bryan Turner MRPharmS and Caroline Osella | Inside Your Town – Cllr Becci Cooper Inside Crossword – Simon Rigler | The Inside on Social Media – Jordan J. Whittingham

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or anyone who has ever started a new job, you will no doubt be able to identify with those mixed feelings of excitement, anticipation and underlying nerves. You have worked hard to get here and have done a good job at interview, but until that first day, you are never 100% sure of what you signed up for. Being a new Leader of the Council is a very similar experience to this, with the exception that your interview is at the ballot box, and it is a very public hire or fire! Worthing Borough Council has not been known for changing its governing Political Party very often. It has never been run by a Labour administration before, so this is as new for the Council officers and you the public as it is for us Councillors, which gives us a huge opportunity to move forward together with new ideas and a fresh approach to how the Council works within our town. During the election campaign, we published our “Council for our Community” manifesto ( which


I’ve found it enormously encouraging that there is so much common ground to build on with people of all ages, political persuasions and backgrounds

brings together everything we’ve learned from our past 5 years of working as Ward Councillors in our Communities, getting involved in various local projects and listening to the needs, hopes and concerns of all our local residents. I appreciate that not everyone reading this page will have voted for their local Labour Councillor (although it was great to see that so many of you did!). However, during all the time we’ve spent talking about the principles of fairness across our communities, supporting each other and our local businesses, taking care of our town (and by extension our planet) to make it safe, green and welcoming, I’ve found it enormously encouraging that Day incommon the Job! there is soFirst much ground to build on with people of all ages, political persuasions and backgrounds. The areas that

01903 357003

we don’t agree on can make for healthy, constructive debate, a result of which we may discover another solution entirely. There is a lot to do and I am really pleased to have the opportunity to be able to keep you updated here monthly. I would also encourage you (if you have a spare 5 mins) to find out when your Councillors are holding their surgeries (bit. ly/3tpoV4q) and to pop along to say hello to them and raise any queries that you might have. Alternatively, you can drop any of us an email (details using the same link), or you are extremely welcome to bring your thoughts, questions and concerns to any of our Council meetings (bit. ly/3xBhfP2). We are planning to start holding some of these in local community venues, so please keep an eye out for a Council meeting near you soon!

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Mag half page landscape Andrew Willey 10/03/2022

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INSIDE Health & Wellbeing


Manage Pain

Bryan Turner MRPharmS



round one in a hundred people in the UK have a diagnosed sensitivity to gluten. According to Coeliac UK the true figure is three in a hundred, meaning that somewhere around 1.5 million people in the UK could be suffering. Women are three times more likely to be affected. The condition commonly starts in early childhood, between 8 and 12 months of age. It is also common for the condition to suddenly appear in adults, between the ages of 40 and 60. Gluten is a protein found in common UK grains such as wheat, barley and rye. As such, it is common in the everyday UK diet. People with coeliac disease have an immune (sensitivity) reaction gluten in their diet. When a reaction is triggered, the body attacks some of its own tissues, particularly in the gut. This damage means that the body has difficulty in absorbing needed nutrients from food. This is a problem, for example, if you cannot absorb calcium then you are at risk of osteoporosis. Similarly, absorption of iron and vitamin B12 are reduced, leading to an increased risk of anaemia. Coeliac disease is also linked to other immune diseases like Type 1 Diabetes. Gluten sensitivity is partly hereditary. If you have a parent,


sibling or child who already have the condition you have an increased chance of developing the condition yourself. The symptoms can include bloating, diarrhoea, nausea, flatulence, constipation, tiredness, mouth ulcers, and anaemia. The symptoms are often similar to those of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and so the condition is often misdiagnosed and/or overlooked. Sometimes the symptoms are dismissed as stress, or simply getting older. Medical diagnosis is by means of a blood test to check for antibodies, followed up by a gut biopsy if the blood test is positive. If a patient is going through this process, they must make sure that they continue to have the normal amounts of gluten in their diet, however uncomfortable that may be. This Better Ways to Manage Pain is because the tests measure the body’s reaction to gluten. Avoiding gluten during the

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diagnostic tests could produce a false negative result. There is no cure for coeliac disease, and the only treatment is a lifelong adherence to a strict gluten-free diet avoiding foods with wheat, rye, barley and also avoid drinking all types of beer. However, it is perfectly possible to have a very healthy gluten-free diet, as all types of rice, potatoes, meat, fish, eggs, cheese, milk, fruit, vegetables and pulses are gluten free and suitable for coeliacs (provided there are no other dietary restrictions). There are gluten free varieties of bread, flour, pasta and other wheat derived products available. In most of my pharmacy career, these products were often obtained via prescription due to their expense and were not widely available. Nowadays, these types of products are more affordable and available in the “free from” sections in supermarkets and health food stores. When a coeliac moves to a gluten-free diet, improvement in health can be felt in a few days, although if the condition is long standing it will take longer. If you think you may be one of the million or so undiagnosed coeliacs in the UK, speak to a health professional such as your Pharmacist or GP.

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A different approach to reducing your monthly outgoings Tess Nuttall Residential & Commercial Utility Consultant


n my experience as a utility advisor, people fall into two broad categories. Firstly, there are those who enjoy the challenge of researching the next best deal, which inevitably means switching services on a regular basis. I call this group the ‘Switchers’. For the rest (myself included!), who I call the ‘Avoiders’, the thought of spending days wading through heaps of information on comparison websites fills us with dread, despite the niggling worry that we may have missed a contract end date and been penalised with a nasty price hike (not to mention the sneaky in-contract price hikes that seem to happen without us noticing!) Over the last year or so, the world of gas and electricity has been turned on its head, with the implications reaching much further than simply the alarming rise in the size of our energy bills.

Over the last year or so, the world of gas and electricity has been turned on its head, with the implications reaching much further than simply the alarming rise in the size of our energy bills

Forget about the politics of why this situation has arisen; many people are having to make adjustments in almost every aspect of life. It has become more than just conserving energy by turning off the heating and lights: I have spoken to many people recently for whom the cost of other essential services, fuel for the car, and the weekly grocery shop has suddenly been brought sharply into focus. Finding the right gas and electricity tariff has become much trickier since the start of the energy crisis. And, right now, remaining an Avoider could have serious financial consequences.

Whether you love or hate it, ‘looking online’ has become the go-to method of finding your next best deal, particularly for essential home services. So, whatever happened to asking a trusted friend, neighbour or colleague for a recommendation for energy, broadband, mobile, insurance, etc.? We don’t think twice about doing this when we need, for instance, a good plumber or electrician. This is the basis of my business, Bills4Less. I work with homes and businesses, to save them both time and money. The Switchers feel smug that they’ve been shown a simpler way to get the best deal, and the Avoiders love all the benefits that go along with having a truly personal service…at no extra cost I might add!

Worried about the RISING cost of bills? The cost of everything seems to be going up and up, stretching the finances of homes & businesses alike. Let me help you make your money go further by reducing your outgoings, AND save you time by consolidating your bills. Please get in touch for free advice & no obligation quote… HOME: broadband/energy/mobiles/insurance COMMERCIAL: broadband/telephony/energy/water/card payment services For bills that are less AND without stress, why not come and speak to Tess?

Tess Nuttall Residential & Commercial Utility Consultant M: 07905 579260 W: E:

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The INSIDE on social Social media Media

Is organic reach a thing of the past?

Jordan Whittingham


hen it comes to social media, these days I often hear the same question; I want to promote my business and grow my following, but I don’t have the budget to spend on adverts. Can it still be done? The short answer is yes but only if you have a lot of time to dedicate to it. The hard truth is that unless you have a large following already, whose interaction you can rely on to promote your brand for you, it is unlikely that you will be able to substantially grow your following without paid adverts. Or at least that is true for many of the big social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. But there is one platform where that isn’t the case, namely TikTok. TikTok still gives its users the amazing ability to reach thousands of people organically. But this won’t last forever. The reason the other social

media giants have lent into the pay-to-play model is quite simply because they needed to generate money. They don’t make any money from users, amassing huge followings without ads, but when people and businesses pretty much have to spend on ads to reach people outside their circle then they can generate billions! TikTok on the other hand, despite being a powerhouse of influence in music, entertainment and celebrity, can still provides its users with a very nice chunk of organic reach. My prediction is that this will not last forever. TikTok will also eventually need to restrict the organic reach of users in order to generate income from ads. I’ve no idea when this could happen - it could be in the next 6 months, it could be in the next few years - but either way Is organicto reach a thing of the past? my advice you is simple (and believe me, my clients are sick of hearing it!) get on TikTok ASAP,


01903 357003

start talking about what you’re passionate about or sharing videos about your business, aim to post at least once per day for the next 30 days, and see what can be achieved in a relatively short time frame! If you want further proof of how crazy things can become for a business that does this right, just look at the now legendary Binley Mega Chippy in Coventry whose TikTok video went so viral that people have travelled from all over the world (yes, the world!) to sample their delights and the video has left many of us still humming the jingle! If you’ve no idea what I’m talking about then a Google search of their name will help you, but be forewarned the song is annoyingly catchy! If you decide to add TikTok to your social media roster then good luck, have fun! Don’t forget you can email me via Inside Magazines with any questions you have for me to answer in future columns.


showing off the Lido and Worthing Pier was shot by local drone operator HoverShoot and will also feature in ‘Just Add Water’. Creator of the film, Kristian Coburn, is a Worthing based filmmaker who has been working on the film since February, has interviewed swimmers from all backgrounds about their experiences of the activity. They were asked: why they do it? How does sea swimming make them feel? Why is it so important to them? The finished film will include contributions from around fifty swimmers and will be about fifteen minutes long. Partly funded by the Creative Commissions scheme, the film will include original music by local musicians, such as Flevans. There will be a public screening of the film at Level 1 on Wednesday 31st August, with no entry fee. The film will also be shown at Camp Good Life, an outdoor music and food event in North Wales, in September. Kristian plans to submit ‘Just Add Water’ to many other film festivals/ competitions so that he can spread the word about the film, sea swimming in general and about how great Adur and Worthing is!

his great event happened on Sunday 5th June on the beach behind Worthing Lido. A gathering of approximately seventy swimmers ran into the sea together for a celebratory dip. Some dressed up for the occasion and there was even a sighting of Her Royal Highness as she jumped into the briny! Conditions were perfect for a swim and most people stayed in the water for about twenty-five minutes, with lots of laughter and happy chat along the way. People came from all over Worthing, Lancing, Goring, Shoreham and even as far as Reigate to take part. After the swim everyone shared picnic food and got to know each other on the beach. Swimmers from a lot of local groups were present, including The Bluetits, Worfolk, Goring Gulls, The Sea Sploshers, Shoreham Beach Swimmers, Dad La Soul and Worthing Mental Health Swims. The swim was filmed and will be used in a short film called ‘Just Add Water,’ about the various groups of sea swimmers in Adur and Worthing, from Shoreham Harbour all the way to Goring Gap, and everywhere in between. Aerial footage


The Big Jubilee Dip

The Big Jubilee Dip

Here are a couple of useful links for the project:

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llr Martin McCabe is the new cabinet member for regeneration at Worthing Borough Council and has got straight to work outlining the new administration’s approach. Two weeks after taking his new role, Martin talked about embracing change, Teville Gate and protecting our green assets for future generations.

What are your first impressions of the role? After two weeks, has anything surprised you? The passion and energy of the whole Council team is incredible. I love their enthusiasm, their pride in our town and their readiness to embrace the change. It’s certainly surprised me but it’s great to see people already moving from a culture of playing it safe to being unafraid and ready to innovate.

Q&A with Cllr Martin McCabe


01903 357003

What have been the first things you have done so far? I’ve started by outlining our new approach – to engage with residents and to listen. First up will be Montague Place and those squiggly lines – which personally, I’d like to see gone. I’ve also been reviewing Council contracts. inherited


Q& A

with Cllr Martin McCabe, Cabinet member for regeneration at Worthing Borough Council

from my predecessors so we can get our borrowing back under control. We need to build a sustainable recovery by rebalancing our Council’s finances away from debt and towards long term investment in our community. Plus we’ve started putting together a multimillion-pound bid for government funding to make our public spaces greener. When you hear “regeneration” what do you think of? To be honest, Doctor Who! It makes me think how arcane some of our language sounds. We have to change that - we have to communicate better with people in the real world. When I’m out in town or on the school run, I don’t say I’m the cabinet member for regeneration. I say I’m the guy who has to finally sort out Teville Gate and the rest. What attracted you to the regeneration portfolio? In every leadership role I’ve had, I’ve always been excited by the chance to make real, tangible change. Working with the Army changed my life and engrained a culture of teamwork and always

striving to be the best we can be. I was born and raised here. It’s a special place and I want to help make it even better. So It’s the greatest honour I can imagine, to be given this opportunity to help our town move forwards. Have you got a list of things you personally want to achieve as cabinet member for regeneration? It’s not about me, it’s the team that comes first. We’re clear on what we want to achieve - to make our town greener and cleaner and to open up this council to the public by making it more transparent and accessible. We’ll tackle the Council debt we’ve inherited. And we’ll listen, listen, listen. Are there parts of the borough that you want to focus your attention on? In terms of geography, the most urgent area is from Teville Gate down to the seafront. Our town centre and seafront are vital to our economy and the message we send out about Worthing. Alongside that, we’ve got to protect the Ferring/Goring Gap for future generations.

Are there examples of regeneration in other areas that you want Worthing to imitate or emulate? Waverley Council is a fantastic example on housing. We’ve visited and met with both the Council and the developer. We learned a lot and will be taking that forward into our own plans. Preston Council also gives us a good template for working with our community partners and improving our environment. Like them, we can deliver a vision for Worthing where active travel, green spaces and truly affordable housing replace cars, empty shops and concrete. Let’s jump forward in time. You’ve been in post for 12 months what have you managed to get done so far? Held a great Big Clean-Up for our town centre and wider communities. Begun our programme for building council housing and finally ended the years of uncertainty on key sites like Teville Gate and Union Place. And I hope, seen the back of those squiggly lines at Montague Place!

If you have any comments about this press release let us know by emailing

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INSIDE Student Life

St Oscar Romero awarded over

£5,000 Lottery Funding

Friends of St Oscar Romero Catholic School celebrates after receiving £5426 in National Lottery funding


riends of St Oscar Romero Catholic School, based in Goring, is celebrating after being awarded over £5,000 in funding from The National Lottery Community Fund, the largest funder of community activity in the UK. Friends of St Oscar Romero Catholic School will use their funding to support this year’s summer fair - held at St Oscar Romero Catholic School on Saturday 9th July between 12pm and 4pm. The fair, which promises to be the best yet, has a formidable line up of entertainment, not only from the amazingly talented students at St Oscar Romero School, but also displays by The Extreme Mountain Bike Show and Huxley’s Birds of Prey. In addition to an afternoon of outstanding entertainment, there will be a wide range of games and rides to enjoy and a fabulous selection of stalls - some managed by students. Building on their entrepreneurial skills they will be selling products that they have made or grown. There will also be a selection of stalls by local businesses. The Summer Fair is open to the whole community. Friends of Romero recognise that events of recent years have increased social isolation and want to host a fair full of fun and excitement for families and children of all ages, as well as people who

perhaps might not ordinarily come into contact with the school. Bringing the community together for a truly memorable event. You can follow the build up to the fair by following @ stoscarromeroscs on facebook and Twitter National Lottery players raise over £30 million a week for good causes across the UK. The National Lottery Community Fund distributes a share of this to projects to support people and communities to prosper and thrive. Natalie Luke, Treasurer for Friends of Romero Registered Charity said: “Thanks to National Lottery players, this grant means that we can include a wide range of games and shows that we would otherwise not

Friends of St Oscar Romero Catholic School celebrates

To find out more visit


01903 357003

have been able to afford. As a registered charity this means that we can continue to raise funds in support of St Oscar Romero Catholic School and to enhance the learning and development of students at the school. This will make a big difference to the school and students alike.” Mr Peter Byrne, Headteacher of St Oscar Romero Catholic school said: “I would like to say a huge thank you to our Friends of Romero; they are a dedicated team of parents and friends of the school who work tirelessly to fundraise for our students. Our summer fair is always a highlight of the year and I warmly invite everyone in our community to join us for what will be a fantastic day.” During the pandemic, in 2020 alone, The National Lottery Community Fund distributed almost £1 billion to charities and community organisations across the UK.


INSIDE Student Life


The bands performing were (in order of appearance);

Unidentified BEN TWINE, LUCAS BALLARD and SCOTT MATTHEWS Written by: Liana Naylor


e get all the best gigs. I have always loved live music, and am a bit of a rock chic at heart! After missing opportunities to attend S’KoolFest, and then 2 years with no show, I was delighted to have the privilege of watching local school pupils performing on stage. I took my youngest son (16) with me and we had a great evening! S’koolFest is a festival of rock, pop, folk and other new music from local schools. GB MET music lecturer, Mike Pailthorpe was thrilled to be able to run the event after missing it through Covid, a sentiment echoed by Worthing Gospel Choir Spring Into Soul’s Musical, Director Siggi Mwasote. Siggi treated us all to an audience participation rendition of Bill Wither’s “Lovely Day”. The real treat though, was hearing and watching the 12 bands and 3 solo artists perform for us. Live experience for the performers is invaluable. Nothing but the real thing can really emulate the feeling of being on stage; the fear; the technical experience; the exhileration. Great prizes will be awarded by Music Industry judges, to be announced at a later date. The images in this article were chosen purely based on which of my terrible photography was the most effective. A special twist for me was that one of Inside Magazine’s awesome distribution crew was performing, and is the lone bassist featured! Great band Matt!


S’kool Fest


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INSIDE Clubs and Hobbies



any people suffer from glossophobia (fear of public speaking). Yet the vast majority of careers involve some level of public speaking, from participating

in meetings to giving presentations. Worthing Speakers Club has helped dozens of its members smash interviews to get a great job, kill the nerves when

speaking to a large group of people, and boost their personal confidence and leadership skills. So here are some reasons why – and not all of them are for career progression:

10 reasons to go along as a guest to Worthing Speakers Club 1. You have a big speech coming up! The wedding season is upon us. If you are the best man, bride or groom and planning a speech, coming along to this club will help you to boost your confidence. You can also have a mentor, if you want one. You could even practice bits of your speech at the club or with your mentor. 2. You are new to the area and want to meet new people. Worthing Speakers Club is exceptionally diverse and a friendly group of people. 3. You are looking for a new hobby. Some members join because they find the meetings interesting. Several members are retired and are not members for career progression, but simply because they enjoy the meetings. 4. You like learning. You are bound to learn – through listening to speeches given by members. Speeches

of meetings for free, before deciding whether to join. 7. Its good value. Some public speaking courses in person cost £60£200. Our fees are £48 for 6 months and you will have plenty of opportunities to use your skills and practice regularly. 8. To improve your English. Some of our members have English as a second can ben on pretty much language. Our club provides anything from travel to opportunities for us all to pets. develop our vocabulary. We usually have a ‘word of 5. You want to progress the day’ for each meeting. your career. It is also a very supportive Many members join the environment. club because they are asked to give presentations at 9. To develop your business work. Another benefit is networking skills. that public speaking helps Some of our members run you to develop your skills their own businesses. Some for a job interview. One of networking events require our members said “After business owners to present joining the club, I actually for a short time to promote applied for a job that their business – this can involved public speaking. be a great opportunity to Being a member of improve those skills. Worthing Speakers gave me the confidence to apply and 10. And lastly… you will I got the job!’ have fun! We laugh a lot and we think you will 6. You can try it out for free. enjoy it! Guests can attend a couple

Worthing Speakers Club has an event coming up – Speech on the beach is Sat 2nd July, 2pm, opposite you have Glossophobia? Worthing Rowing Club. Please contact us Do if you would like to attend a meeting or have any queries You can also find us on social media – facebook, twitter and Instagram.


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For a yearly subscription of £85*, we supply you with a garden waste 240 litre wheelie bin and will collect it 50 weeks of the year To order your garden waste bin visit: * Prices correct February 2021

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INSIDE Local History



Over the next few months, Inside Magazines will be featuring extracts from the new edition of Chris Hare’s book, Worthing Under Attack – Eye Wtiness History of Worthing During the 1930s and 40s.’ In this first extract, Chris looks at Worthing’s fascists, and in particular its leader, Captain Bentinck Budd.


orthing may not wish to be reminded of it, but in the 1930s the town had one of the most active branches of the British Union of Fascists (BUF) in the country (Cambridge Dictionary - Fascism is a political system based on a very powerful leader, state control, and being extremely proud of country and race, and in which political opposition is not allowed). Oswald Mosley was a frequent visitor and addressed public meetings on at least four occasions, often amidst scenes of rowdy disorder. The town had a fascist councillor, Captain Charles Henry Bentinck Budd, who served on both Worthing Town Council and West Sussex County Council. Although elected as an Independent (as were most councillors at the time), he was District Officer for the BUF and a highly visible and vocal proponent of the fascist cause. Jorian Jenks was a farmer at Angmering and the BUF’s national advisor on agriculture. In 1937 he was appointed as the movement’s prospective parliamentary candidate for the Worthing and Horsham constituency. The outbreak of war in 1939 caused the postponement of the election, so Jenks never got the chance to put his case to the local electorate. Following Winston Churchill’s appointment as Prime Minister in May 1940, over 800 British fascists were interned without trial. Knowing that his arrest was imminent, Mosley named Jenks as temporary leader of the BUF, although this appointment counted for little as Worthing’s Fascists Jenks himself was arrested only a few days after Mosley. Jenks appears as a very contradictory character


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with the police. On one occasion he was issued with a writ, and more than once he ‘stormed out’ of a council meeting when he failed to get his own way or believed he was not being taken seriously. Budd, like Mosley, had served in the Great War and been deeply affected by the experience. He had been severely wounded, receiving a bullet wound to the head, which left one of his arms partly paralysed. The secret files kept on Budd by intelligence services hinted that this may have affected him psychologically, offering some explanation for his ‘unstable mental state’. It is also significant that Budd’s family, although middle class, had once been very affluent, with connections to the aristocracy. Budd’s father may have squandered much of this inheritance, leading to more resentment; possibly explaining Budd’s later obsession with ‘international financiers’ who robbed honest folk of their savings. In October 1934, Mosley held a big fascist rally in Worthing. His opponents were out in force. There were running fights up South Street and into Warwick Street. Mosley, Budd, and William Joyce (later notorious as Hitler’s English propaganda chief, ‘Lord Haw-haw’) were arrested and charged with incitement, although they were acquitted at the trail. Budd was interned for nearly the entirety of the war. Indeed he served longer in prison than Mosley himself. When I was researching the first edition of my book, I interviewed people who remembered Budd. One told me he was ‘a changed man’ after the war and was no longer involved in politics. For a while he was a farmer at Ashurst. Then he seems to have spent some time in Ireland, before finally settling down in Eastbourne, where he died in 1967.

INSIDE Local History

to the modern mind, a man at one moment progressive and forward-looking, at another, deeply wedded to dark and evil desires. He was an early advocate of organic and sustainable farming and warned of the dangers posed to human health by artificial fertilizers and pesticides. He highlighted the risk of agricultural production being controlled by huge international corporations. His book, Spring Comes Again, predated Rachel Carson’s seminal Silent Spring by 25 years. What a pity that a man with so much foresight should have been bewitched by the vicious virulence of Hitler and racial ideology. Interestingly, Budd and Jenks, in their early public statements, made no reference to racial policies, indeed their views seem far removed from the fascist stereotype. Budd first made his mark locally by opposing those on Worthing Council who wished to ban ‘Red Hot Jazz’ from being played in the town’s theatres and other public venues. The older generation believed that the young people of the town should be encouraged to enjoy ‘healthy, simple dances, akin to folk dances, such as the Chestnut Tree, the Lambeth Walk and the Palais glide’, rather than ‘negroid nastiness’ (an offensive phrase, casually deployed in one of Worthing’s local newspapers). Captain Budd would have none of it, and was not happy with the appointment of a new Musical Director with a‘loathing for Red Hot Jazz’. Red Hot Jazz was the hip-hop of its day. Budd also had a reputation for speaking his mind in a forceful, even aggressive manner, which often included personal insults. He vehemently opposed the introduction of speed limits on the town’s roads and loudly supported a group of unemployed ex-servicemen who had been involved in a scuffle

Worthing Under Attack, £10, is available from Worthing Library, Steyning Bookshop, or City Books in Brighton. Copies can be ordered directly from Chris at For futher information on Worthing history, go to

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n May we were delighted to welcome Phil Heckles, AKA Hercule Van Wolfwinkle a renowned rubbish pet portrait artist and Ruth, from the charity Turning Tides to our meeting. Phil began by telling us how he came to draw rubbish pet portraits. His son needed to send a thank you card to his grandparents, so Phil drew a funny portrait of their dog for his son to colour in. It made them both laugh, so they put the drawing on Facebook to make others laugh too, and jokingly commented ‘Your pet’s portrait, only £299’. Phil really did think his portraits were rubbish but before he knew it friends were asking him to draw their pets. His drawings spread on social media and a lot more requests were coming in. Phil really didn’t want to charge people for his work but, as more people asked, he set up a Just Giving page to raise money for his favourite charity Turning Tides. Phil initially set his target at £299.

Before he knew it, he surpassed that amount, and donations kept flooding in. When the amount reached £4,000, the local BBC got in touch and wrote an article about him. Next thing he knew, his article was on the front page of the BBC website and BBC breakfast got in touch. Phil was asked to draw the presenters’ pets. Everything went crazy after that, and interest went worldwide. The charity, Street Vets, got in touch and Phil agreed to fund raise for them too. To date, he has raised nearly £170,000. People are still donating but Phil has a backlog of about 40,000 portraits! If you would like to see more of his pet portraits you can buy his book Rubbish Pet Portraits, visit his Facebook page Pet Portraits by Hercule, or check out his Just Giving Page if you would like to donate. Phil really was a terrific speaker and had us all laughing out loud with his various escapades and

STOP PRESS in August we are having a talk by Professor Emma Bunce a local girl who is now President of the Astronomical Society and Head of Planetary Physics at the University of Leicester. We meet on the third Monday of the month at 7:30 at West Park School in Marlborough Road, Goring. Why not come and join us?


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genuine wit. He managed to draw a portrait of the cat of one of our members while chatting and holding a microphone! We all agreed he was an inspiration to all. We were then introduced to Ruth from Turning Tides. The charity is going from strength to strength and won the Queen’s award for voluntary service in 2021. Turning Tides’ mantra is “Change is possible” and they strive to change the lives of people who find themselves homeless for one reason or another. Ruth told us a story of one homeless man and how the charity had helped him get back on his feet. It truly was inspiring, we were impressed with the amount of work the charity does. Ruth explained that it costs a lot of money to run the various hubs in our area and how important Phil’s fundraising has been to them. What a wonderful evening we had. More from our WI next month.

Why Does It Matter How Much Carbon Dioxide (CO2)is in Our Atmosphere? National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration and Scripps Institution of Oceanography have announced the CO2 level in our Earth’s atmosphere has increased to 421 parts per million this year (see graph below), despite global efforts to reduce it. Carbon occurs naturally. It is present in the atmosphere, hydrosphere (water system), lithosphere (rocks and Earth’s crust) and biosphere (all the living things). The carbon cycle perpetually moves carbon from one system to another, regulating Earth’s climate over long and shorter term. Why should we care how much is now in the atmosphere? Stores of carbon are held in systems known as sinks (oceans, forests, plants, soils, sediments, rocks). Humans have accelarated the rate that carbon leaves these sinks to exisit as CO2 (waste product from burning) in the atmosphere. Burning oil, coal, natural gas, trees and solid waste along with cement production has freed and recirculated carbon in long term storage. Changing land use to agriculture and livestock often involves deforestation. Carbon stored in trees, leaves and plants is released. Pasture and crops

that replace forests store much less CO2 and emit more. CO2 is a Green House Gas (GHG), preventing heat escaping to space. Without this effect Earth would be an ice planet, but too much has serious environmental consequences. Warming was first observed in the 1830s, approximately 1.5 trillion tons of CO2 pollution have been added to the atmosphere since the Industrial Revolution. Current levels have not been this high for 4.5 million years. Rising temperature from CO2 and other GHGs, increases the rate of water evaporation and transpiration from trees and plants. This mix of CO2, additional GHGs, water vapour increases atmospheric energy which reveals itself as extreme weather events such as storms, flooding, sea level rise, heatwaves, wildfires

Climate Resillience cEntre of Worthing

INSIDE Your Environment

Extreme Heat Events

and droughts. Climate models predict that wetter areas are getting wetter while dryer areas are getting dryer. Continued increase of CO2 in our atmosphere really matters because not only is it a powerful GHG, it is controlling the amount of water vapour entering the atmosphere. The resulting, sustained, increase in temperature is detrimental for all life on Earth. The highest temperature ever recorded in the UK was in Cambridge University Botanic Garden on 25 July 2019 at 38.7oC. This year Delhi recorded the highest ever temperature at 49oC. Extreme heat events can be dangerous to health – even fatal. Without action, we can expect these temperatures to become commonplace. There is no escape from the effects of climate change. CREW (Climate Resilience cEntre Worthing) recognises that we can only succeed against existential threats, if we work across political divides, facing threats together, as a community. CREW is part of a growing network of Climate Emergency Centres (CEC’s) across the UK.

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INSIDE Our Community

Um inus debis ipsunturem quiam,


riends of Tarring Park and Councillor Hazel Thorpe have been working with the Park Ranger at Worthing Borough Council towards a replacement for the Titan in the playground at Tarring Park. The Titan was dangerous and a decision was made to replace it. Information from consultation with the public demonstrated that a climbing frame was at the top of the wish list to put in its space. Members of Friends of Tarring Park were given a few options at one of their meetings. They were whittled down to four and subsequently posted on social media to offer the public the opportunity to vote for their favourite. Here is an update with the results from the recent park playground poll;

There was a staggering response to the poll. 1,125 people voted for their favourite option and the winning “option two” received 39.6% of the votes. Option two is an impressive natural wooden climbing frame which fulfilled the brief and will cater for different age groups. An order for the equipment has been placed with a company called Eibe; with the installation date to be set. It would be a delightful surprise if this new climbing frame were to be sited before the children go back to school in September 2022. If you like to be a Friend of Tarring Park (FOTP), it costs £1 per year and meetings are held every 2 months. Please contact the Secretary of FOTP Iona Harte for more details

Friends of Tarring Park

The winning Option 2.


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High Salvington Windmill’s village fete is back For decades, on a Sunday afternoon in July, the roads of High Salvington ring to the sound of tambourines, excited children and happy families heading for the Windmill at the top of the hill. The occasion is the very popular fete and entertaining afternoon. The field is filled with traditional games to play – coconut shy, golf, hook the fish, tombola, play your cards right and roll-a-penny. Most games are priced at pocket-money prices so children can have an exciting afternoon. There are also plant, book, and cake stalls to browse and buy. Covid restrictions meant that the fete was cancelled in 2020, and in 2021 it was a low-key event as some of our volunteers were nervous to be in a crowded place. But in 2022 much of the fear of the virus has dissipated, and the mill has gone back to normal openings and holding its traditional fete and other events during the summer. So, we warmly invite families and individuals to come up the hill north of the A27 and spend a great afternoon of fun for all. Entertainment will be provided by the Sompting Morris Dancers – another great tradition at High Salvington. There will also be music, Worthing’s Town Crier and much more. The date is Sunday 3rd July. The gate opens at 2:00pm and we charge an entry fee of just £1 for adults, with accompanied children free of charge. By 5:00pm the festivities will be complete. Hot and cold drinks, wonderful homemade cakes, and icecreams will be available to visitors wanting to sit and enjoy the atmosphere. Tours of the windmill will also be available. Come early to be sure of a place since numbers are restricted for safety reasons. The fete afternoon is well worth a visit, but the mill is open twice a month during the rest of the summer. The first and third Sundays through until September from 2:30 to 5pm. High Salvington windmill is entirely run by volunteers, from maintenance to teas, from organising the fete, to training new millers. But we still need to raise funds for materials and innovations. That is why we run these popular events and intend to well into the future. More information at

Sat 2 July £8 Standing, £24 Table for 2, £48 Table for 4

INSIDE Your Month




Sat 9 July £10 / £25 / £50 TALK OF THE TOW


Fri 22 July £12 A NIGHT OF ABBA

Sat 23 July £25 / £80 / £160 +£20 LAURA VANE

Thu 28 July £7.50


Fri 29 July £12

Check cto thefa for updates on all performances

Unit 9A Ivy Arch Rd, Worthing, BN14 8BX 01903 367707

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INSIDE Your Month

BOWLS High Salvington Bowls Club Short Mat Taster Sessions every Monday morning 10:00 to 12:00 and Tuesday evening 7:00 to 8:30pm, at St Michael’s Church, Hayling Rise. BN13 3AL. A sociable and friendly club looking to expand our membership. Just turn up with a flat pair of shoes. We can supply bowls. Come and give it a try, For more details contact Bob Peacock on 01903 297527

Meridian Short Mat Bowls Club We meet up and play on Wednesday evenings (79:30pm) in the hall of Thomas A’Becket Infant School, Pelham Road, Worthing. We can supply Bowls to teach people on a one-to-one basis. Open for all. More detailed info from Richard 01903 762446.

Tarring Priory Bowls Taster Sessions Tarring Priory Bowls Club is holding free taster sessions every Wednesday evening from 6:00pm and Friday mornings from 10:00am. Just turn up with flat soles. All are welcome. The green is in a beautiful location off Church Road behind St Andrew’s Church, Tarring.

Worthing Short Mat Bowls Club We play at St Andrews School, Sackville Road in Broadwater, at 7pm every WEDNESDAY. We have spare Bowls to use and coaching is FREE. Come and try. BETTY POTTS 01903 260218

CHOIRS Singers Rechoired Enjoy Singing? Why not join us every Wednesday evening 7:309:30pm at Findon Valley Free Church, no audition. See website for more details.

Sussex Gruffs Male Voice Choir The Sussex Gruffs Male Voice Choir invites gentlemen to come and sing, relax and have some fun. 7pm on a Tuesday evening at Worthing College, north of Broadwater Green, guided by Lucy, our brilliant young Music Director. www.

BRIDGE Contract Bridge Every Friday at 1:00pm. Meeting at St. Michael’s Church Hall, Hayling Rise, High Salvington Worthing, BN13 3AL. Friendly Bridge every Friday afternoon 1:15pm. Contact Neil on 01903 831086 Or email-

West Worthing Bridge Club Every Friday 6:45pm - 10:00pm. Titnore Way, Titnore Lane, BN13 3RT. We’re a friendly Bridge Club, come and join us! http://www.

Worthing Bridge Club Come and play bridge at Worthing Bridge Club, Byron Road. All levels welcome. No partner required.

FOR FAMILIES St. Andrew’s Baby & Toddler Group meets every Wed in term time from 1:15pm - 2:45pm in the Old Palace, Glebe Rd. BN14 7PF - everyone welcome

FRIENDSHIP AND SUPPORT Cruise Every Thursday, 10:00am - 12:00pm at Durrington Community Centre. Meet for coffee, chat and friendly support. We offer companionship in a social environment for all who have experienced bereavement. Come along and join us.

Coffee and Crafts Every Wednesday 10:00am 12:00pm at Old Songs’ Home

To get your event published in this section, please email events@insidemagazines. community. To feature your event on our website, use the form on events.


Broadwaters Big Day Out & Worthing Fire Station Open Day

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23rd July 2022 10am – 4pm on Broadwater Green

Walking Groups in Worthing. Friendly groups of people going on slow walks of up to an hour. The groups are based at Broadwater, Durrington, Heene and St. Lawrence. We meet at Broadwater Green pavilion Wednesday at 9:45, on Tuesday 9:45 at St. Lawrence Surgery, also Tuesday 10:15 at Marine Gardens cafe for Heene and Wednesday afternoon at different venues in Durrington each week. Contact details for each group are: Broadwater call Lorraine on 01903 208981 Durrington call Irene on 01903 506342 Heene call Jackie on 01903 208475 St Lawrence call Eric on 07936 303818

Worthing Friendship Centre Plans are in hand for a special meeting on Thursday 16th June to celebrate the Jubilee. The short AGM at the English Martyrs Barn in Goring from 2.30pm will be followed by entertainment by Pat›s People who will be singing songs and playing tunes from the 50›s and 60›s. Light refreshments will be provided and we hope everyone will be back for this happy event. For more information call Julie on 07981239017.

Worthing Spanish Conversation Club. The Club meets at the Broadwater Parish Centre, 117 Broadwater Rd., Worthing. The Club meets every Saturday at 11:00am for an hour to chat and practice speaking Spanish






Replaced with polyester plastic coated steel roofing sheets Estimates and advice completely free.

01903 863508 | 07765 365285

in a friendly group, no lessons and no homework! For more John Green 1-8 page June 22.indd 1 information please call 07791 879909 (please note this is the correct number). THE WORTHING TWINNING ASSOCIATION Why not join the WTA? Over many years we have formed a close friendship with our partners in Les Sables d’Olonne in the Vendée and the Elztal north of Freiburg in the Black Forest. There is a visit planned to our French friends in August and to Germany next year. We have regular events in Worthing – a film club showing French and German films (with English subtitles) plus other social and cultural activities. For further information contact the Secretary Pam Bennett (pambennett8@btinternet .com) or 01903 232196. See the WTA website www. worthingtwinningassociation. org.

YOU Group Please note that Durrington YOU GROUP now meets on Tuesdays at 2:30pm. The new venue is in St. Symphorian’s main Church Hall BN13 3HU. The dates for the rest of this year are July 19th, no meeting in August, September 20th, October 18th, November 15th, no December meeting. Our talk on July 19th will be

INSIDE Your Month

Community Hall, 21 Gratwicke Road, BN11 4BH. £3. Facebook “Old Songs’ Home Community Hall”.

“Do you think you would like to become a writer?” by two 16:35 local authors John06/06/2022 and Yvonne Eddleston. They will explain how they became writers and how you can do it and get your writing out into the world via Amazon and Kindle etc. So please join them and let your thoughts become tomorrow’s best seller! Cost £3.50pp including refreshments. Arrive by 2:15pm for a prompt start. Further details available from the Church Office 01903 268109 or email:- theoffice@

MARKETS Independent Worthing Artisan Makers & Producers Markets in collaboration with the Brooksteed. 11am-3pm every first Sunday of the month on the forecourts adjacent to the Brooksteed in South Farm Road. Amazing local produce, food, art/craft & homewares with a variety of hot food and coffee vendors, and even a mobile massage therapist! The Brooksteed provides a comfortable place to relax, soak up the buzzing atmosphere, eat food bought from the vendors and have a drink from their superb range of beers, spirits and soft drinks.

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INSIDE Your Month

Join Worthing Food Foundation’s town centre treasure hunt


orthing Food Foundation is inviting young people, families and schools to take part in its first town centre treasure hunt. The event will take place across Worthing town centre on Saturday July 9th, to raise both funds for and awareness of the volunteer-run charity. Those joining the fun can sign-up on the day by paying £2 at the official treasure hunt starting point, which will be in South Street town centre. They will receive instructions and a map, before embarking on a hunt to find single items displayed in windows of shops, cafes and restaurants. The items will be drawn from the foundation’s weekly food support package provided to more than 300 Worthing residents, including baked beans, custards creams, pasta, soup, cereal and toothpaste. The aim will be to visit the venues on the list to find items displayed in the window, with three winners receiving cash prizes of £100, £50 and £25. There will also be special prizes for spotting pet food in some of the venues, and a prize for the school whose pupils make the most correct submissions. The event is being run with support from pupils at Davison and St Andrew’s high schools.

Worthing Food Foundation co-founder Carl Walker said: “We are really excited about our first treasure hunt and would love as many people as possible to sign-up and make the day a success. By doing so, they will be part of a fun community event that brings together local businesses and families, while also raising vital funds for Worthing Food Foundation. We support more than 300 of our neighbours in need, and this number is increasing rapidly. The scale of need is shocking, but we are continually overwhelmed by the support we receive from the Worthing community – including the venues who are displaying our treasure items and posters in their windows - enabling us to meet the rising demand for our services. We look forward to seeing young people, their schools and families on July 9th and join what we hope will be the first of many fund-raising treasure hunts.” Worthing Food Foundation runs a foodbank providing emergency food, toiletries and support to over 300 Worthing residents per week. It also runs a children’s cooking club and school uniform exchange. Based on ‘housing-first’ principles, it’s work revolves around providing stability for the essentials of life for all in the community.

For more information email

Operating from a stall in town, the completed treasure hunt list will be handed in, entering them into a prize draw to win £100 (first prize), £50 (second prize) or £25 (third prize). Special prizes for spotting pet food, and a prize for the school whose pupils make the most correct submissions. We would like to invite local retail or hospitality venues in Worthing, to take part in this exciting event. We will share a list of venues taking part on our social media/press releases.


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INSIDE Your Month

Kintsugi Women at Worthing Museum Kintsugi is the traditional Japanese art of repairing broken ceramics and pottery using lacquer mixed with gold. It embraces flaws and imperfections, ultimately creating something that is stronger and more beautiful than it was before. Worthing Museum’s current exhibition, Kintsugi Women, takes the idea of Kintsugi and uses it as a metaphor for emotional healing. It is a collaboration between two local charities supporting people experiencing homelessness: Turning Tides and Safe in Sussex. “People experiencing homelessness are broken in so many ways, nobody chooses to be on the streets, especially women. ‘Kintsugi’ is an ancient Japanese craft of fixing broken pottery with extracts of gold. It is also known as the art of ‘precious scars’… What breaks us makes us stronger. This exhibition tells of our precious scars.” says project leader Jules.

The artwork was created by women supported by the charities, who were invited to highlight what they value about themselves, or something difficult they have learned through their experiences. Gold runs through their work symbolising the philosophy of kintsugi, displaying their new-found strength and individuality. “We want visitors to understand the reality of homelessness and domestic abuse in the local area. There are so many significant pieces and so many stories… [showing] amazing courage and strength through fixing themselves back together and discovering themselves and their unique qualities for the first time – truly amazing women!” said Sam Otway of Safe in Sussex. Kintsugi Women is at Worthing Museum and Gallery until Sunday 25th September during Museum opening times. Free entrance.

CENTENARIANS TOUR SATURDAY 2ND JULY at 11.00 Since the visit of Princess Amelia, the daughter of George III, in 1798, who spent five months in Worthing, partaking of sea baths, whilst recovering from an injured knee, the town developed into a high class seaside resort and spa town. The health benefits of the town possibly contributed to the longevity of some of the centenarian residents buried

in the cemetery, although it is interesting to note that Henry Irvine, who died in 1920, aged 101 was the only male. Our tour will be featuring some of these ladies including Emma Louise Rooke, who, at 107, was the oldest person to have been buried in the cemetery and at the time of her death was the oldest woman in England. To

hear the life stories of some of these people, join us on July 2nd. As usual please meet at the chapel at 10:50 to partake of some refreshments, available for a donation, there will also be the opportunity to purchase for £1 a booklet about the tour, and peruse the various information boards. We look forward to seeing you.

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INSIDE Puzzles


Across 1 6 8 9 10

Acting (10) Barrel (4) Style (8) Shouted (6) 1969 Western film starring John Wayne (4,4) 11 Marine mollusc having a rough, irregular shell (6) 12 Otherwise (4) 14 Bullfighter (7)

July 2022 by Simien

18 Fishing with a hook and line (7) 20 Short-tailed wildcats, often with tufted ears (4) 23 Warm-hearted; devoted (6) 24 Rival (8) 25 Victor (6) 26 Poppycock (8) 27 Kind; sort (4) 28 Genetic (10)

Down 1

Small flat implement used for plucking the strings of a guitar (8) 2 Regretful (6) 3 Citrus fruit (6) 4 Devices performing work; equipment (9) 5 A form in which body fuel is stored, primarily in the liver (8) 6 Enormous (8) 7 Framework; basic structure (8) 13 Woodwind instrument (9)

15 Boldness; arrogance (8) 16 Gathering of listeners or spectators (8) 17 Dictator; ruler (8) 19 Sparkly (8) 21 Ancient Japanese art of cultivating artificially miniaturised trees (6) 22 Rupture in muscle tissue through which a bodily organ protrudes (6)


Fill the 9x9 grid with numbers 1-9 so that each column, row, and nine 3x3 boxes contain all of the digits from 1-9 Answers found on p30



This month’s solutions are on page 30


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INSIDE Colouring 01903 357003


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Useful Information Doctors Surgery St Lawrence Doctors Surgery 79 St Lawrence Avenue, Worthing, West Sussex BN14 7JL Tel: 01903 222900 email: Tarring Community Forum and Neighbourhood Watch David Start, Chair and NHW Coordinator email: Tel: 07535 641055 Tarring Flood Action Group Hazel Thorpe Borough Councillor (Tarring) email: Tel: 01903 201299

1 plectrum. 2 rueful. 3 orange. 4 machinery. 5 glycogen. 6 colossal. 7 skeleton. 13 saxophone. 15 audacity. 16 audience. 17 oligarch. 19 glittery. 21 bonsai. 22 hernia.

DOWN 1 performing. 6 cask. 8 elegance. 9 YELLED. 10 True Grit. 11 oyster. 12 else. 14 matador. 18 angling. 20 lynx. 23 caring. 24 opponent. 25 winner. 26 nonsense. 27 type. 28 hereditary.

Martin McCabe Borough Councillor for Tarring Tel: 07886 200207


Barry Bastable FdSc Tel: 01273 404535 PCSO for Tarring



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SPECIAL OFFER 15% DISCOUNT when mentioning Inside Magazine*.

Burgess Flooring & Blinds Ltd 2 Manor Parade, Salvington Road Worthing, West Sussex BN13 2JP *Main flooring only, excludes accessories and fitting

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We continue to delight our customers with unrivalled expertise, professionalism and our commitment to price match flooring and carpets in Worthing


IAN HART Funeral Service Ltd

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Funerals are changing and so hearses are changing too. Ian Hart is part of this change by giving the bereaved more choice in how they celebrate the lives of their loved ones, with their new environmentally friendly hybrid hearse and limousines. Telephone or call into our Broadwater office for a free brochure with full details about our prepayment plans.

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