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June 2021  Issue 5

Why Men Need to

Think About Health


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15 Inside Your Town

30 Inside Your Environment

Gary the Gull

6 Inside Health & Wellbeing

Why Men Need to Think About Health

8 Inside The Real Repair Shop

What’s in Your Man Drawer?

10 Inside Volunteering

Volunteers Week – A time to say thank you

12 Wild Inside

14 Inside Motoring

Worthing to lead the way for Green Electricity Network

17 Inside Community

32 Inside Arts

We have needs too! Census Update

Pier to Pier – a snapshot of coastal life

20 Inside Special Feature

34 Inside Your Town

Searching for the Soul of Dads Male Mental Health in the UK in 2021

Denton Gardens

35 Inside Your Environment

Worthing Honey Collective

36 Inside Puzzles 38 Inside Colouring 39 Index of Advertising & Useful Information

26 Inside Entertainment

One, Two, Bag a Poo

Building Worthing coming out of Covid

WTM have reopened The Dome

Do you think you’re a good driver

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Inside Male Mental Health Callum Claffey-McKinnon

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Inside Health & Wellbeing Bryan Turner

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Wild Inside  Dr Barbara Pilley Shaw

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Inside the Real Repair Shop Matt Marchant

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Inside Welcome I am Liana, creator and editor of the Inside family of magazines covering Broadwater, Tarring, Durrington, Worthing, West Worthing and Goring. Welcome to the June Edition of Inside West Worthing!! This month’s focus is on men, and in particular, men’s mental health….Yes men can struggle more with their mental health than society realises. The centre spread shows the activities planned by Dad La Soul, and there is an article that could touch a chord with anyone who might be struggling at the moment. It’s very exciting to be printing listings from The Dome and Worthing Theatres and Museum… at last! If you are holding an event, please send it in… we’re hungry for them and really want to print them! Don’t forget that these are monthly publications,

so they need to be submitted to by the 10th of the month prior to the month of the event. Simple event listings are free. Denton Garden’s future is causing concern to local residents, you can read about it and join the Friend of Denton Gardens on p 26. Reader Mary Day is holding a protest on the seafront for people who use mobility scooters, wheelchairs and other mobility aids so head over to p17 to have read about what she is up to.

You can join Inside Magazines on social media @InsideMagazines  @InsideCommunityMagazines

Finally, just a mention about last month’s article by Bryan Turner about being safe in the sun. A reader feels that the article may have saved her life, as she is having investigations for potential skin cancer as a direct result from reading the article! Have a good month, whatever you’re up to.

Liana :)


Where’s Gary the Gull? This month’s winners of the Gary the Gull facemask and device holder is Inside Worthing reader, Niki Galliford. Gary the Gull is on holiday for a bit, but he will be back!

Delivered FREE to homes in West Worthing. 7,000 copies are printed 12 months of the year. Distributed with GPS tracking to all available homes from George V Avenue to Crescent Road/Clifton Road south of the railway line. Inside Worthing, Inside Broadwater, Inside Durrington, Inside Tarring, Inside West Worthing and Inside Goring are independent publications. No responsibility is accepted for claims made by advertisers or views held by contributors. All dates and details are believed to be correct at time of going to press. No responsibility can be taken for subsequent changes.  01903 357003


Inside Health & Wellbeing

Men’s Health

Why Men Need to

Think About Health Bryan Turner

We all know that men live generally about 2 years less than women. This has been the situation for many years, but does it really need to be like this and what can be done to improve the health of men? The 14th to the 20th June is Men’s Health Week, an annual event by the Men’s Health Forum to highlight issues that particularly affect men. There are three physical risks that impact more severely on men. You may have heard of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA). The abdominal aorta is the main blood vessel that runs from the heart through the chest and abdomen (tummy) to the rest of the body. It can swell up and burst. This swelling is called an aneurysm. Men are about 6 times more likely to get an AAA, and the risk increases if you are a smoker and/or you have high blood pressure. The problem is that a swollen aorta often has no symptoms until the moment it bursts at which point it can be deadly. Most people (about 80%) who have an AAA that bursts will either die before they reach hospital or not survive surgery. So it is very serious. The screening involves a simple ultrasound scan of your abdomen – similar to those given to pregnant women. It’s painless and takes 10-15 minutes. If you are registered with a GP and your GP has your address, you should be invited for AAA screening in the year in which you turn 65. If you’re already over 65, and you have not been contacted, you can ask for a scan by getting in touch with your local AAA screening service directly. In West Sussex you can email, or call direct on 01903 843834 Bowel cancer is more common in men, but can be treated provided it is found early. The NHS runs a national screening programme, and from this year the NHS will be increasing the target population. The plan is for everyone to be sent a home sampling kit after they turn 50 and every 2 years after that. Previously the kits were only sent out from age 60. The test is much improved recently and is easy to do. You send a sample away in the post, and quickly get a result back. Survivability is greatly enhanced by early detection so if you get a kit in the post, don’t delay! Only men get prostate cancer. There is one easily recognisable symptom, and that is having to get up regularly in the night to pass water. If this is happening to you then it is likely that you have an enlarged prostate gland. You would be likely to be offered a Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test. Raised PSA is common with an enlarged prostate. However, not all enlarged glands or raised PSA levels mean cancer, most cases are benign. As ever, early screening and detection are the keys to successful treatment. Lastly, I want to speak about a behavioural difference between men and women. Put simply, men take more risks than women and this is part of the reason that men have shorter lives. Men smoke more and drink more alcohol. Men are more likely to eat unhealthy food, and in too much quantity. Men are also more likely to have accidents, whether by driving too fast or by ignoring risks in the work place. If you recognise any of these behaviours, please think about making the obvious changes.

6 01903 357003


Are You Malware Aware? The rise in working at home has led to an increase in the number of computer virus infections and digital nasties that could appear on our computers. Would you know how to tackle malicious software on your home or work machine?

There are several different types of malware; in fact, the name malware means “malicious software”. The most common type of malware are viruses. These small programmes find their way onto computers through downloads or email attachments. However, a virus cannot infect our computers

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without human interaction. That might be clicking an unknown link or email attachment from someone we don’t know. Although we do our best to follow safety rules, sometimes something just gets through…

Our top tips for making sure you are protected are:

As with all infections, prevention is better than cure. The first thing that we would always recommend to anybody, who connects to a network or the Internet, is to make sure, that they have antivirus software which is regularly updated. Most computers will have this built in, but having a second antivirus programme such as Avast! or Malware Bytes gives you an extra level of defence.

2. Don’t open emails from people that you don’t recognise, avoid downloading unknown attachments or clicking links.

Business IT Training Book our purpose built training room to host your own CPD from £15 per hour, or access expert IT training delivered in person or online to boost your productivity. Not sure? Read our reviews: “Wonderful people offering a first rate service.”

 “Holly has delivered some fantastic training for us at Worthing and Adur Chamber”

1. Only visit websites when you can see a padlock at the top of your browser and where the web address starts with HTTPS – S means secure!

3. Run a scan of your computer on a regular basis (at least once a week if you’re on a home computer, or daily if this is your work machine).

Home Education Bespoke education is at the heart of everything that we do. As home educators ourselves, we understand that learning is best when it fits the individual. Join us for our Home Ed Tuesdays for all ages. Quote INSIDE to join your first session free (usually £20 per afternoon)

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Inside the Real Repair Shop

What’s in your

man drawer?

I think it was Michael McIntyre who first referred to the mandrawer as ‘the funniest drawer in the kitchen’, full of all the ‘that’ll come in handy items’ that we accumulate over time. It’s brilliant observational comedy, and he nailed it so well that today, we often refer to the ‘man drawer’ as a thing in our homes. The reason that the joke still resonates today is that it’s true. But, what should be in a man (or woman) drawer for the conscious home maintainer?

Toolbox talk! I want to talk about the tools that I think every home should have. Tools that could empower you with a fighting chance of having a go at fixing something yourself. The tools that will help you get the best from your appliances, make things last longer and help you save money. If you already have a good selection of tools, skip the next paragraph and head straight to the ‘common jobs, useful tools to have’ section. If not, do read on. Let’s bust some toolrelated myths. Firstly; tools are expensive. Sure, like anything in life, you can pay through the nose for a set of screwdrivers or spanners if you want to, and there’s a tool quality to suit all circumstances and pockets. But here’s the thing, for most DIY purposes, a reasonable set of basic screwdrivers costs less

than a tenner and the best part is that you’ll get that money back again and again when they’re put to use. Secondly, you need to be an ‘expert’ to use tools. Well, a knife and fork are tools and we all (hopefully) use those, so don’t be deterred by people who might dissuade you from tackling jobs yourself. I’m wary of the term ‘expert’ anyway. In my experience, experts are a rare thing. Luckily, these days, most of us have access to YouTube. Search for the thing that’s foxing you and the chances are that one of the 2.3 billion users have an answer. Before you reach for your phone to fix a dripping tap, if you haven’t got some already, you’ll need to arm yourself with some basic tools. Below is a brief summary of tools I think every home should have and what I think they can be used for. Some jobs are obvious, some less so.

Matt Marchant

Common jobs, 6 useful tools to have 1. Small flat-blade electricians’ screwdriver – I think it’s possible to write a thesis on the usefulness of a small flat-blade screwdriver, but I’ll spare you that for now. For small change, you can buy one and use it to; wire a plug, adjust light fittings, get batteries out of a gadget, scrape-off old paint from a surface, prising something open, cleaning nooks and crannies. A screwdriver like this has uses beyond screws. 2. Pliers and cutter combination tool – Really useful for cutting and shaping garden wire, fixing Christmas lights, fixing kids toys, recovering items that have ‘fallen down a gap’ not forgetting cutting and trimming wire. If you have a bike, a lawnmower, taps or doors in your life, then you need pliers and cutters, as adjustment of those items will be needed from time to time.

Do you have a DIY fixing related matter that you’d like me to explore in this section? If so, please get in touch.

8 01903 357003

Inside the Real Repair Shop

3. Adjustable spanner – If you don’t have space/need/ cash for a full spanner set, consider an adjustable spanner instead. OK, so they’re not ideal for regular nut-spinning, they are useful for those less frequently required tasks such as; adjusting a bike saddle, tightening a tap and adjusting a radiator valve. 4. Cable ties and electrical tape – OK, not strictly tools, but honestly, I can’t think of more useful tool/fixings to have in your own man-drawer. Cable ties and electrical tape have a million uses, are cheap, readily available and can fix so many things either temporarily or permanently including; tying cables, mending a broken handle on a hoover, fixing a backpack strap, mending a buggy, making a hook loop, tying a door back. I always keep both in my mobile tool wrap to fix something, on the go. Get some today. 5. Screwdriver set – If you’re going to tackle more jobs around the home, invest in one that contains at least; big and small flat blade screwdrivers and large, medium and small cross-head screwdrivers. From kitchen appliance maintenance, kids toy adjustment, door hinge

fixing to furniture assembly, a basic screwdriver allows you to keep things running for longer and to do the job properly. 6. A small set of Allen keys – Allen ‘hex’ screws are used on lots of things now including bikes, home appliances and children’s toys. As with the other tools mentioned here, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a set of keys that will open many common household objects.

you to complete the job like a pro, saving you cash, saving the appliance from landfill and giving you the power to do more. Just remember to unplug from the socket first. Tools also make excellent gifts, so the next time you’re wondering what to buy a loved one, have a sneaky peek in their man drawer, make a note of what’s missing for your gift list. Until the next time…

Don’t worry if you don’t yet have the knowledge to fix your coffee machine, just a quick search on YouTube will show you how to remove the doofer to access the widget to clean the thingy. Using a few of the aforementioned tools will allow  01903 357003


Inside Volunteering

Volunteers’ week

a time to say Thank You Carole Claridge Volunteering Adviser

Volunteers’ Week is an annual celebration of the fantastic contribution millions of volunteers make across the UK – and it’s taking place from 1-7 June 2021. Throughout National Volunteers Week, we will be shining a light on the fantastic work these volunteers are doing and to say a big thank you to all volunteers in the voluntary and community sector, mutual aid groups, public and private sectors. Here in Worthing, local people have delivered an amazing response during the Covid-19 pandemic, giving up their time to help and support their communities. Jess Sumner, CEO Community Works Volunteer Centre, said, “The past year has shown how essential volunteers are to supporting our communities. The response for volunteers has been overwhelming and during the pandemic volunteers were essential in providing for the basic needs of individuals and communities. One of our member organisations took on more volunteers during the first lockdown than in the whole of the previous year.

“All of us working with communities are aware of the time and energy volunteers contributed during the year, whether giving extra time on top of their usual volunteering, adapting to changing needs or signing up as new volunteers.

up on-line, joined a community organisation, or volunteered informally to those in need in your locality – Thank You. You have helped us all. Volunteers Week gives us a chance to say thank you but we’ve been grateful all year.”

“Volunteers provide skills and expertise that may not otherwise be available. Everyone who gave their time to support others during the past year deserves our thanks. Whether you signed

Visit daily throughout Volunteers’ Week to see new videos. Take your first step to volunteering Email Visit Phone 01903 207735 or 07934 739 811 Follow us on social media brighton-and-hove-community-works

10 01903 357003


Cautions about losing lockdown weight… I had a client last week: Slim build, good diet but in agony with gallstones. Delving deeper unveiled a history of yo-yo dieting. I’ll talk about cholesterol and why rapid weight-loss can trigger gallstones for the same reasons as obesity next month, as both (rapid weight-loss and obesity) alter the balance of cholesterol, lecithin and bile acids and prevents the gallbladder from emptying adequately. However, for now, with many of my recent clients wanting to lose some lockdown weight, here are some cautions... and a helpful recipe!

Under-eating for your body’s needs can trigger a primal drive to increase calories (it’s not your lack of will power!) slowing down your metabolism as the body attempts to preserve energy. If this is coupled with over-exercising, you may enter starvation mode. ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is formed from a combination of all the macronutrients (carbs, proteins and fats) that you eat. These macros get converted to one universal energy denomination (ATP) that powers every process in the body. So, a low level of ATP will send signals to the brain to switch to ‘generator mode’ as I call it. The metabolism will slow, mood

Over the phone nutrition consultation Usually £60 for a full hour.

Offer £50 to readers

deteriorates, fatigue appears, and organs may even shut down eventually. Crash dieting also drives the hormone NPY (neuropeptide Y) into action, which makes you naturally seek more carbs. NPY levels are naturally the highest in the morning because you’ve gone through the night without food. If you recognise yourself as a chronic dieter, I can help. It’s time to make changes in a healthy way. You need nutrient dense food and I have the perfect breakfast to respond to the NPY’s request for carbs!

- Personal training* - Nutritional therapy & advice - DNA testing and consultation

(Quote ‘Inside deal’ when booking.)

- Cancer rehab programmes* - Healing cooking workshops*

DNA testing

£230 to include swab, lab work and detailed feedback of results. (Call Nic for further details - no obligation.)

Supplements High quality supplements available to order. Covid Safe local collection. (West Worthing deliveries to those shielding.)

FREE RECIPE – Nic’s Gruesli – Facebook: Nic Naish Nutrition or email and quote Inside magazine and I’ll send you the recipe!

07780 546343 *Dependent on current government COVID guidelines.  01903 357003


Wild Inside

One, two, bag a poo

Three, four, bin some more

During June body, mind, and spirit may be exercised through walking the South Downs. A third of us, including new dog owners in this time of COVID, will embrace the companionship of a four-legged friend and the responsibility of pet ownership. Animal lovers and carers think about welfare of their dogs, farm livestock and wildlife. Also the wellbeing of land managers, wildlife conservationists and the wider public – some folk are frightened of dogs, others grumble if coochy coo means poochy poo – on the shoe! When setting out with lead and poo bags be prepared to watch for hazards relating to your pet’s interactions. Dogs are omnivores although meat is a main part of their diet. They like to sniff and chew and roll in fox poo. Watch for scavenging harmful yucky stuff that might be swallowed – fir cones, plastic picnic trash, lost balls or gobs of palm oil off beaches. Poo is a big issue. Dogs pick up and pass on nasty parasites from faeces. Toxocara canis, a roundworm, infests children and is harmful to puppies. Neospora caninum, a single celled organism, causes abortion in cows and sheep. So – YES – scoop the poop even in field and forest and, if bins not provided, take your ‘do goodie’ poo bag home for safe disposal like other litter. When off lead, owners don’t see what their pooches are chewing, where they are pooing, or what they are doing. Dogs out of control cause desperate emotional and financial grief for farmers and wildlife conservationists.

Defensive cattle, protective of their calves, may cause serious injury to roaming dogs and owners. Devastating fallout from sheep worrying includes multiple deaths through injury, shock or lamb abortion. When chasing across open downland or heathland dogs threaten a wealth of wildlife including ground-nesting birds, grey partridge, skylark, yellow hammer and lapwing. Attacks on livestock, game, or protected species also threaten dogs themselves as they can be legally shot! Seeing the need to take the lead is coming home to owners since the ‘value’ of dogs increased during COVID lockdowns, with dog theft a major problem. Stolen pets are sold on, often through unscrupulous breeding on puppy farms. Working dogs are deployed in dog fighting, poaching or in the shocking sport of hare coursing – a problem in Sussex.

12 01903 357003

Dr Barbara Pilley Shaw

Dog lovers – excellent on-line advice is available from police, LAs, vets, and pet charities, explaining how to manage and safeguard dogs. South Downs National Park, wildlife charities, and Government’s newly revamped Countryside Code detail how to enjoy our South Downs, including iconic Cissbury and Highdown heritage sites, whilst caring for others and for nature. During June LEAF/Linking Environment & Farming organise Open Farm Sunday (27th June 2021). Gates open for nature trails, kids activities and farmers markets, showcasing how farmers produce food and enhance the countryside. Website gives locations, updates on COVID, and whether dogs are permitted. So – go wild wisely and safely and have a good day!

Wild Inside


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Walkies – from Door step to Downs… One, two, bag a poo, Three, four, bin some more, Five, six, searching sti cks, Seven, eight, through a gate, Nine, ten, find sticks again, Eleven, twelve, dig an d delve, Thirteen, fourteen, ge tting caught in … Fifteen, sixteen, hedg ing and ditching, Seventeen, eighteen, supper’s waiting, Nineteen, twenty his bowl’s empty!  01903 357003


Inside Motoring

Do you think you’re

a good driver?

Maybe you are – but could you be a better driver? Central Southern Advanced Motorists (CSAM) can offer you a chance to find out. Their tried and tested Better Driving Course will show you how to drive like an advanced driver. The course is best suited to those with some practical experience of driving. Even if you have been driving for many years without an accident you may be surprised at how much you can learn. You may even find that you enjoy driving more. The course consists of five two-hour sessions (with a break for refreshments if Covid restrictions allow) and an information pack including the latest copy of the Highway Code. It includes an opportunity to have your driving assessed in your own car by an IAM RoadSmart qualified Observer. In addition, there may be an opportunity to be a passenger in a Police Traffic Car driven by an officer holding the Police Advanced Driving Certificate, the highest driving qualification available. There is a

14 01903 357003

small fee of £32 for the course which is halved for anyone who is under 26 as statistics indicate that this is the most vulnerable group. The Better Driving Course is held in Worthing on 5 consecutive Thursday evenings at 7.30 pm, the first being on Tuesday 28 September. We recommend early booking. For further information contact the Course Administrator:

Sally Holmes 4 Amberley Road, Rustington, BN16 2EE Email: Tel: 07752 755599 CSAM is affiliated to IAM RoadSmart

Homes, Jobs, Leisure and Green Space

Inside Your Town

Building Worthing – coming out of Covid –

Kevin Jenkins is a local councillor. In his role he has oversight of a wide portfolio including the economy, regeneration, foreshore, tourism and planning.

Worthing is great place to live, work and play. To build on this, families and businesses need to flourish in what is very constrained space between the South Downs National Park (SDNP) and the English Channel.

sites around the town; whilst also ensuring that important open green spaces such as Brooklands, the two Goring Gaps and local parks are maintained. You can read more about the draft Local Plan here:

With a population of over 110,000, and along with other towns across the south coast, there is an overwhelming pressure for new homes in our town. The recently published draft Worthing Local Plan identified, that with 24% of the Borough falling within the boundary of the SDNP and less than 10% of the Borough being undeveloped land, delivering the anticipated number of homes is unlikely. Focus, therefore, is on making the best use of the land that we already have. This includes sites such as Union Place, Teville Gate, West Durrington and other smaller

Building a town isn’t just about homes. People need jobs, leisure and access to services. Building is starting on a new NHS health facility in the heart of the town at the civic centre site, which marks a key component of creating just that. A collaboration between the council and four key health providers in the town has brought this about, which will improve capacity and transform access to services for tens of thousands of people in a stateof-the-art facility. Worthing is well supported by many international, national and locally grown companies,

providing vital jobs to local people. Businesses are bulging at the seams and looking to expand their sites, to grow and to provide more jobs. To help them, the Council has secured government funding to remediate land at the old amenity tip site at Decoy Farm and has purchased land at Southdown View Road; with plans to work with businesses to build new factory facilities, to enable them to grow even more and bring a welcome boost to the prosperity of the town. Making the best use of our open space assets for leisure is so important for our wellbeing and to promote healthy activities and allowing everyone, families and children to thrive. Brooklands Park is undergoing a major period of change to become a ‘country style’ park in the heart of Worthing. Providing healthy activity and improved play provision, but also enabling people to explore nature and biodiversity, which is so important in these times of climate change.  01903 357003


Please mention Inside West Worthing when contacting advertisers

Inside Your Town

Make your daydreams a reality Profit from your passion Explore a new interest or turn your hobby into a business with one of our adult evening classes or leisure courses.

Over 2020/21, with lockdown, we have used our seafront more than ever before. To support that, the council is continuing to invest in improvements along our seafront, increasing the leisure and social offer and promoting further investment in the ‘Active Zone’ along the East Beach area of town. None of this is without challenges or difficulties. Many will agree that Worthing needs to continue to move forward and provide more new and improved facilities for residents and visitors to the town alike. Making that journey together with residents is integral to the work of the council and key to delivering a range of benefits to the town. Let’s build a town we can all be proud of. You can read about Building Worthing here:

16 01903 357003

Creative writing

IT skills for work

Digital photography

Painting Pottery

Drawing skills

Social media

Graphic and web design



Courses starting in April, May & June:

Needs too!

Inside Community

We have Mary Day is a very active and motivated 86-year-old who has lived in Worthing all of her life. These days, she uses a mobility scooter to get about. It is very difficult for Mary to walk any distance, so it’s amazing to see the freedom that her scooter gives her. She told Inside Magazines that “Worthing has always been known to accommodate people like us, for the land is flat. We do still have many visitors because it is flat.” Mary has been feeling increasingly frustrated as things have changed. With many of the larger shops closing, and cafes needing to use the pavements more and more to maintain their livelihoods, she feels that people needing to use scooters, like herself, are being excluded as it is becoming increasingly difficult to manoeuvre. Added to that are pavements north of the railway line with cars parking on them and all over town. An inconsiderately parked car can literally end her journey, so she can’t perhaps get to an appointment, reach the shops or get to the Chemist. Her biggest frustration is the lack of toilet facilities that she is able to use.

In Mary’s words “Nobody asks to become disabled” and she feels that her needs and those of others in her position are being forgotten. So, on June 22nd Mary has planned a protest “to fight for our rights to have a few disabled toilets built in Worthing Town, Goring, Durrington, Broadwater, East Worthing and not forgetting Teville Gate. We are more than grateful for the stores that have disabled toilets, but it should be provided by the Council.”

The protest will start at 2pm in the area between the Pier and Steyne Gardens. If the weather is poor, it will be postponed to the following week. Mary would like to see a huge turnout, so if you feel the same, come and join her! She does ask that people who come observe Covid rules.  01903 357003


Inside Community

97 per cent of households respond to

The response to Census 2021 has exceeded all expectations with 97 per cent of households across England and Wales making sure they count when it comes to local services like school places, GP surgeries and hospital beds. This is above the pre-census national target of 94 per cent. Local authorities have seen over 90 per cent of households respond, exceeding an 80 per cent target. Now, that the main field operation has ended, as in 2011, around 350,000 households across England and Wales will be invited to take part in the Census Coverage Survey (CCS). This short, separate, interviewer-led survey will enable the ONS to get a final view of the response rates. ‘’We’ve had an amazing response to Census 2021,’’ the ONS’s Deputy National Statistician Iain Bell said. “Those who have taken part have done so to ensure they are represented for their local area. I’d like to thank everyone who has filled out their form so far, as well as all the community groups, organisations and local authorities who have helped us make this census a success.’’

Ian Bell continues, ‘’We’re in a great place as we begin our Census Coverage Survey. This is an important part of making sure the census produces the most accurate population statistics. It asks similar questions to the main census, just fewer of them, at addresses in a selection of postcodes across England and Wales. An interviewer will carry out the survey on your doorstep and it will only take around 15 minutes. The CCS is a voluntary survey, but by taking part, you will improve the quality of the information the census gathers. This, in turn, helps to plan and fund local services in your community.” After May 17, only paper questionnaires have been available. If people refuse to take part, they could be taken to court and issued with a £1,000 fine and criminal record. The census noncompliance operation began on May 25. Extensive community engagement is continuing to make sure all groups of the population are represented in the census. Students, for example, need to make sure they have completed a questionnaire for their term-time address to help

18 01903 357003

get the services they need in their university town now and in the future. Students should complete a form even if they were included on their family form at home. People with second addresses also need to fill out a short form for their properties whether it is a caravan, holiday home or commuter flat. From May 4, a sample of households will receive a card through the post asking them to take part in the Census Coverage Survey. After that, an interviewer, following the government’s COVID-19 guidelines, will visit the address and fill in the questionnaire with you on your doorstep. The interviewer will be able to show an ID badge on a Census 2021 branded lanyard. For more information on the CCS visit Census Coverage Survey – Census 2021. Local census support centres have now closed, but help and paper questionnaires are still available through the census contact centre on freephone 0800 141 2021.

Connecting you to everything you need to live well in West Sussex The Connect to Support website is for anyone in West Sussex who is looking for additional help or support to maintain their independence, manage day-to-day tasks and improve their health and wellbeing. Visit our website to: • access information and advice • discover tips on improving your health and wellbeing • view equipment to help you stay independent around your home • find support for carers • learn about options for extra care and support. Need help to use the Connect to Support website? Email: | Phone: 01243 642121  01903 357003


Searching for the soul of Dads Hi, I’m Dan! I set up Dad La Soul as a profit for-purpose social enterprise six years ago. Dad La Soul is a revolutionary, grassroots movement that uses arts, tech and music to address social isolation or loneliness that Dads can feel.

A shift in perception of what a Dad’s role is in a modern family is overdue. For Dads to be this modern version, we need to create support networks instead of setting them up to fail. I know from personal experience what failure felt like; I know how hard it can be to find new friends as a new Dad. The older you get, the smaller your social circle gets, and the more expensive babysitters are, then the hangovers get worse. You catch up with your old mates on Facebook less and less. Your social life revolves around the friends your wife or partner has met on the school run, and you are thrown into a long term relationship with their other halves. I wanted to find a place, where it’s just other Dads like me, hanging out with our kids: no awkwardness or stupid

20 01903 357003

questions. Try as I did, I couldn’t find anywhere that fitted the bill. That is why I built Dad La Soul. We now run a network of Dad/ Child only play dates across Sussex, producing everything from stand-up comedy and rap workshops in old folks homes to silent discos, beach cleaning raves that sit nicely alongside Lego, soft-play and crafting! The idea is that Dads need something of their own to make friends, talk honestly and let off steam with their kids in a safe space. During lockdown, we launched the “Dad La Soul Sessions” – a Dads-only event that runs monthly on a Thursday night. It brings together Dads from all over the country to laugh, talk openly, access professional wellness and mental health experts free of charge, watch stand-up comedians and take part in challenges.

Inside Special Feature

Fatherhood doesn’t come with a rulebook. I know from personal experience, how difficult and lonely ‘Dadulthood’ can be. At Dad La Soul, all the activities and content sparks conversation. If I were to say in a pub, “Hey, middle-aged men, come over here and talk about your problems!”, I’d be showered in strange looks and a chorus of “Not me, mate, I’m fine!” – But I know different. 73% of members admitted to feeling socially isolated. One minute we’ll have Dads from all over the UK debating why “The Stone Roses” are the greatest band ever and laughing at the ensuing banter. Then, in a heartbeat, someone will open up about their gambling issues and

the unprocessed grief of stillbirth. Next, someone will ask, how to support a teenage daughter with her periods and eating disorders, or is it OK, that their five-year, West-Ham mad lad only wants to dress like a princess? Then the doors are flung open and they have access to a wealth of support, advice or just someone to listen to them vent safely. That is an incredibly powerful thing. Through my work with the Dad La Soulies, I have been privileged to participate in all these conversations and more. If you want to find out more about Dad La Soul, please check out @dadlasoul on socials or drop me an email

Dad La Soul Sessions (Dads Only On-line Event) Last Thursday of each month @ 9 pm – a brand new dad-only event, that aims to give the dads a well-needed chance to chat, laugh, listen and hangout. Special guest speakers and Q&As. Dad La Soul – Dad/Child Play dates (Worthing) • Saturday, June 26th • Saturday, July 31st • Saturday, Sept 25th • Saturday, Oct 30st • Saturday, Nov 27th • Saturday, Dec 11th  01903 357003


Inside Special Feature

Male Mental Health in the UK in 2021 When it comes to male mental health it’s important to remember that talking is goo. So why do us men find it hard to do just that?

We have probably all seen the advertising campaigns on television or social media urging us all to “get talking” – the annual “Movember” fundraiser and the various other campaigns run by charities such as Mind UK, Mental Health Foundation and CALM. However, when presented with the stark statistics around male mental health in the UK, the information never fails to resonate deeply within me. Three times as many men as women die by suicide in the UK.

to go, everyday we as a nation are chiselling a less xenophobic landscape and generally more accepting country. There is, however, one area of our culture that we are light years behind other countries – male mental health...and talking about it. With the above statistics considered, it poses the question; why is male mental health still such a taboo subject in today’s society?

• In 2020 the ONS reported male suicide figures at all time high of 16.9 deaths per 100,000 men. This equates to an average of 12 deaths per day. • Nearly three-quarters of adults who go missing are men. • Men are nearly three times as likely as women to become dependant on alcohol and three times as likely as women to report frequent drug use. • Only 36% of psychological talking therapy referrals to the NHS are for men.

The various charities & campaigns that spread male mental health awareness in the United Kingdom

We are now well into the year 2021 and as a nation our acceptance and overall ethics on a vast range of societal setbacks have been reshaped, re-educated and reiterated. Challenging subjects such as equality of the LGBT+ Communities, the ongoing abolishment of discriminatory gender pay gaps and although we have a long way

22 01903 357003

There are many reasons why men don’t talk about their mental health. The outdated cliché that men are supposed to be “macho” and not losing masculinity. The rather nonchalant term “man up” is often used towards men who may be having deeper issues than just “having a down day” and does absolutely nothing to help their feelings apart from making them feel like a burden.

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“Being a burden” or “not wanting to trouble anyone” is also another stance that men take with regards to their well-being. A study done of 1,000 men in 2015 by Priory Health Group found that 36% of men who suffer with their mental health didn’t want to talk to anyone else about how they were feeling for fear of burdening them or felt embarrassed. There are many reasons in modern times for a man to have mental health concerns. Work related stress or unemployment, financial concerns, childhood abuse or trauma, social isolation and loneliness, bereavement, long-term stress and the general stresses of modern-day life can all be contributing factors. Postnatal depression can affect men too! It is estimated that 10% of new fathers suffer from postnatal depression globally.

My own experience with mental health Only recently in the last few months I found myself suffering from severe anxiety, descending into the deep abyss of depression. I am guilty of falling into all of the above categories. My pride came before my overall health and wellbeing. I felt embarrassed that my emotions overpowered me and felt helpless that I could seemingly do nothing to combat them. I didn’t want to bring anyone else down into the depths that I was sinking into and tried to carry on as normal. If it wasn’t for recently becoming a father and having a one year old to provide for; I imagine I would still be carrying on with my day to day life with emotions and thoughts weighing me down. My partner could sense that I wasn’t my usual self and insisted

I talk to a doctor. Of course, at first like many men do – I played down my thoughts and feelings and tried to come up with reasons for not needing to speak to a doctor. My anxiety deteriorated; I was getting an average of 2 hours sleep a night. I lost over a stone in weight in just under a week. Insomnia combined with weight loss was the wakeup call I needed. Dark but somewhat realistic thoughts clouded my mind about driving my car with my daughter in the back after only having 2 hours sleep. I made a telephone appointment for the next day with my GP. 24 hours seemed like a lifetime to wait with how I was feeling, but as I was reminded by my partner, I had taken a step in the right direction. It would be accurate to say I was dreading the conversation with the GP.  01903 357003


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Finally Talking To Someone About it Around 3pm the next day my phone rang. I talked with the GP in the privacy of the bedroom. I told her exactly how I was feeling. The tone of my GP’s concern changed when I brought up the lack of sleep, weight loss and having a 1 year old to care for. I was adamant that I didn’t want any medication that would affect me long term, (I explained I was worried about online horror stories about withdrawing from certain medications). The GP’s diagnosis for me was severe anxiety. She prescribed me Mirtazipine because she was concerned about the weight loss and insomnia. I was extremely apprehensive about starting the medication, but as she reiterated to me during the conversation – she was prescribing it to help me sleep, improve my appetite and to divert the intrusive thoughts that were blighting me.

I found that with depression, one of the most important things you could realise is that you’re not alone. You’re not the first to go through it, you’re not going to be the last to go through it. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson The medication combined with talking-therapies, yoga and breathing techniques dramatically improved how I was feeling. I am so thankful that my partner insisted on the original phone call to the doctor. It is unclear what caused the anxiety, it could be several things. My mother sadly passed away when I was only 16, I am now 28 and although (as the

doctor explained) I may think I have gone through the grieving process and I am “over it”, becoming a father it may have brought those feelings back up to the surface of my subconscious.

I will not lose, for even in defeat, there‘s a valuable lesson learned, so it evens up for me. Jay-Z I think it’s also fair to admit that the last year of restrictions made daily life become a GroundhogDay-esque cycle of waking up, going to work, coming home and going to bed. This may have contributed to the anxiety and overall feelings I was living with. I know that medication is not the long-term solution to the anxiety and my overall mental health, but it has really helped to change my thought cycle. When the time comes that I decide I no longer wish to carry on with the medication, I will continue with yoga, talking and the breathing techniques. Admitting to needing help is something that no man should feel shame to confess. Whether that is to a partner, a friend, a doctor or an impartial nonjudgemental ear. You are not alone and the attitudes, stigma and overall “brush under the carpet” mentality towards male mental health in the UK needs to change. It is clear to see the recent effects on mental health across the country,

24 01903 357003

through loneliness, isolation or unemployment. We can only hope that, as restrictions start to ease, that men suffering with their mental health will access the therapies they need. Returning to the jobs and workplaces and enjoying their lives with their families again, doing the things they loved and brought them happiness before all of our lives were transformed into this dystopian “new normal” we have all been living through for the past year. To Conclude If I had to give one piece of advice from one man who has battled with mental health to another, it would be this; No matter how hard things seem at times and no matter how bleak your outlook portrays itself – there is always hope on the horizon, that is something nobody can take from you; hope… Never give up hope. By Callum Claffey-McKinnon Mental health charities such as provide a great source of information and resources for men suffering with their mental health. Mind provides services such as; emergency advice for those contemplating suicide, crisis coping tools, a 24 hour Info-Line and the “A-Z of Mental Health”. If you feel you are in a crisis and have nowhere to turn please remember it is good to talk and 24/7 help is only a phone call away – do not suffer in silence. Info-line: 0300 123 3393 Email:

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Worthing Cooking Club





Worthing Cooking Club matches volunteers who love to cook with people who are unable to cook for themselves. Volunteering with us has many benefits, other than helping out your community!





Joining an enthusias c community Flexible volunteering Volunteering from your own home It’s a great family experience 01273 855874 LOOKING FOR A NEW DIRECTION?

We’ll help you find a job in care that ticks all the boxes Flexible hours Rewarding Job security Competitive pay

Fantastic career opportunities Full training and on-going support

Find out more and search for vacancies at The Proud to Care Team offer a personal matching service to help you find a role that suits your skills, background and availability. Email us at Proud to Care West Sussex is an initiative from West Sussex County Council supporting employment within the local care sector.

DOMESTIC HELP FOR RETIRED PEOPLE For assistance with Meal Preparation Showering/Bathing and dressing Ironing Bedding changes Laundry Accompanying for walks/ appointments/shopping Companionship Keeping your home tidy 12 years experience with references available DBS certificate available to view

CALL DONNA ON 07933 156421  01903 357003


Inside Entertainment

Have Reopened Worthing Theatres and Museum announce a fantastic season of live events, including UK Theatre premieres, internationally acclaimed comedians and amazing live music. Worthing Theatres and Museum reopened on Tuesday 18 May with an amazing season of live events. Including hilarious comedy, fantastic tribute acts, memorable theatre and family fun! The theatre programme in June includes the award winning Proteus Theatre presenting Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber (11-12 June) a dramatic feminist re-telling of some of the most famous folk and fairy tales in western culture and the UK premiere of the Conn Artists latest production, A Perfect Likeness (3 July). A rollicking Victorian odd-couple encounter between two titans of English literature from the Connaught Theatre’s associate company. Family Theatre returns to the Pavilion Theatre this May half-term with a brand new production of Pinocchio (29 May-3 June) starring the legendary Dave Benson Phillips as the mischievous fox! Follow Pinocchio on his adventures from his home to Stromboli’s Circus and back again via the belly of a whale, as he learns valuable life

lessons through his dealings with a mischievous fox, the ruthless Stromboli and of course the HUUUUGE Monstro! Perfect for 3-8 year olds, this socially distanced event is full of songs, laughter and magic sure to bring a smile to your face. WTM’s fantastic resident archaeologist James Sainsbury is giving his first talk live on stage at the Pavilion Theatre. Revealing details of Worthing’s fascinating history in James Sainsbury: John Pull & Worthing’s Stone Age Revolution (15 June), James will take you on a journey to the top of our green hills and below into subterranean chalk tunnels from a far distant past. The WTM museum team will also be offering a diverse programme of walks, talks and workshops

26 01903 357003

covering a variety of topics over the next few months. These include walks at unique historic locations, such as Cissbury Ring (29 May & 17 June), Highdown Hill (3 June) and Chanctonbury Ring (12 June). Talks covering exhibitions, artistic techniques and the permanent collections, and workshops such as Dress Illustration (19 June & 24 June), Archaeological Photography (26 June & 1 July) and Children’s Historic Hat Making (17 July). The museum opened on Saturday 22 May with four wonderful new exhibitions; Indian Yellow, In Their Shoes – Tales Of Life During Lockdown, the Digital Open20 and Pet Portraits by Hercule Van Wolfwinkle, more details are available at

An excellent programme of live music starts in July with Tim Vine is Plastic Elvis (8 July) a show that sees the hilarious Tim Vine take to the stage as Plastic Elvis backed by his incredible five piece The High Noon Band. Followed by amazing tribute act Whitney – Queen of the Night (9 July) direct from the West End; this show offers a stunning celebration of the music and life of one of the greatest singers of our time, taking you on a magical rollercoaster ride through three decades of nostalgic hits. Contemporary dance returns to the stage at the Connaught Theatre with Lila Dance’s The Hotel Experience (17 July). Watch four mesmerising dancers in this extraordinary night of dance with one of Britain’s fastest growing dance companies. CEO Amanda O’Reilly says ‘We are thrilled to be re-opening with a fantastic line-up of live events over the next few months. The safety of our audiences and staff remains our top priority and we have been working

Inside Entertainment

The comedy line-up opens at the Pavilion Theatre. Internationally acclaimed comedy star Daniel Sloss returns to the stage, following two hugely successful Netflix specials ‘DARK’ & ‘Jigsaw’, with his latest show Hubris (4 June) and an amazing double bill of Laura Lexx: Knee Jerk and Lauren Pattison (18 June) has a laugh with society’s big issues. The always incredible Sarah Millican is back on stage with her sixth international tour Bobby Dazzler (23 July), where you’ll learn about what happens when your mouth seals shut, trying to lose weight but only losing the tip of your finger, and how truly awful a floatation tank can actually be.

hard to ensure you feel safe, secure and comfortable at all times. We have numerous additional safety measures in place and all our performances prior to the 21 June are socially distanced. We remain attentive to government guidance and will continue to prioritise protecting everyone inside our venues. We will see you all soon!’ WTM safety measures include additional cleaning procedures, fogging of the venues, e-tickets, air-flow between performances and socially distanced seating as required by government regulations. For more information on safety procedures visit coronavirus/ For more information and to book event tickets visit www. or call the WTM Box Office on 01903 206206.

@wtmworthing  01903 357003


Inside Entertainment

The Dome Cinema back open

For All Your Big Screen Needs

After what feels like an eternity of darkened screens, the magic of cinema is back. With Covid-safe measures in place throughout the building and vast selection of barnstorming blockbusters, there’s never been a better time to head back to the cinema. We’ve got something for everyone playing at The Dome Cinema throughout June. Here’s just a few of our picks…

Peter Rabbit 2 There’s still time to catch this family favourite at the cinema throughout June.

Cruella Disney’s dog-snatching villain continues to menace the big screen (and getting The Simpson’s parody song stuck in our heads).

A Quiet Place Part II

Dream Horse

In The Heights

(screening from June 3rd – advanced screening May 31st)

(screening from June 4th)

(screening from June 18th)

Based on the true story of a Welsh neighbourhood joining together to raise a race horse with the hopes of challenging the racing elite. This heart-warming drama stars Toni Collette and Damian Lewis.

This big-hearted musical is based on the award-winning Broadway show from Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton). The perfect antidote to the last year, this is going to be the feel-good film of the Summer.

Following on from the smash-hit, nerve-shredding first film, Emily Blunt is back to protect her family against monsters, both otherworldly and from closer to home.

The Father (screening from June 11th)

Monster Hunter

Hot off its record-breaking Oscar win for Anthony Hopkins standout performance, this drama (also starring the excellent Olivia Colman) finds a family struggling with the effects of dementia.

(screening from June 18th) The classic Capcom game makes it to the big screen in this action epic, pitting Milla Jovovich, Tony Jaa and Ron Perlman against deadly monsters.

Head to now to see all our films and to book your tickets!

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Planning long-term care – help is available Experienced and Reliable Lady Gardener RECRUITING NOW It is estimated that around two in five (41%)* people in residential care in England are ‘self-funders’ – this means they are paying for their own long-term care. This also Successful businesswoman means they are 3 responsible choosing and is seeking workingforpartners arranging their own care and making crucial to work flexibly from financial decisions about howhome to pay for it – often without any guidance. without compromising current

Rosalind Hart

seek independent specialist advice about the care that you want and how’ll you fund it.

Garden Maintenance, Clearing, Weeding, Self Starters Wanted Carewise – care funding experts you can trust Planting, Pruning, Mowing &scheme More... Experienced and Reliable Lady Gardener The Carewise care funding off ers impartial information and advice to guide you through all Garden Maintenance, Clearing, Weeding, the important decisions. The Carewise care fees Planting, Pruning, Mowing & More... specialists are independent financial advisers with specialistCall: knowledge care funding, as well as 07766of552404 or email inheritance tax, pensions, and lasting power of attorney.

Call: 07766 552404 or email Call: 07766 552404 or email: Researchers at the University of York found

work or family commitments.

that this process involved key skills which ‘read like a job description for a highly skilled If you have a background manager’ (Baxter, 2021) including searching and in Marketing, managing information Sales, about diffHR, erent options, decision-making, managing finances, and people Recruitment or Management management skills.

and you’re for a into a Whether it’s carelooking at home or a move residential or nursing home, the process can change or a second income, feel overwhelming. That’s why it is strongly please call Katie Bridge recommended that you start the planning at an early This will give you the opportunity to onstage. 07909 681884 Your first consultation is free so there really is

nothing to lose to explore how Carewise can help lighten the load when it comes to planning your long-term care. Find me on facebook

To find out more, visit, call 01243 642121 or email

Find me on facebook

*Figures from National Institute for Health Research 2021.

Helping you make the right decisions

Arranging long-term care for yourself or on behalf of a relative can be challenging, with so many choices to consider and the pressure to make the right decisions. Contact the Carewise care funding scheme for impartial information and expert independent financial advice on paying for care. All the Carewise-approved care fees specialists are members of the Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA). Book your free consultation Visit, email or phone 01243 642121 and ask for a Carewise referral, quote ref: IN10/20.

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Inside Your Environment

Worthing to lead the way for the greener electricity network If the UK is to meet its climate change commitments then much more of our energy must come from renewable sources like wind and solar power. To support this transition the electricity network must be modernised so that it can become more ‘flexible’. This means it will be able to respond to highs and lows of energy generation (because levels of wind and sun are changeable), as well as peaks and troughs in customer demand. To make this a reality, UK based solar battery company Moixa is working alongside UK Power Networks, the Distribution Network Operator for the Southeast of England, on a pioneering initiative taking place in the Worthing area. Homeowners who have solar panels can play an active role in supporting their local grid by installing a Smart Battery and becoming members of the ‘GridShare’ community (households who do not have solar panels but would like to have them installed can also take part).

Moixa delivered a similar project in the North of England in 2017, installing 40 smart batteries in 40 households in Barnsley and connecting them to the grid via GridShare software. Over the last year, Moixa has delivered grid flexibility services from their aggregated battery fleet As a GridShare Member, to Western Power Distribution households will effectively connect network in Oxfordshire and is their battery to other batteries currently working with UKPN on a in the Worthing area to create similar contract in the Lewes area. a ‘Virtual Power Plant’. This will They are now hoping to repeat provide ‘flexibility services’ on this success in Worthing, taking behalf of the local electricity grid, the fi rst steps towards a modern absorbing excess renewable electricity network for the South energy when it is plentiful and East that is powered by 100% releasing it when it is scarce. renewable energy. By installing solar and storage To help them engage with the technologies customers can local community, Moixa have not only reduce their carbon reached out to Brighton & Hove footprint, but also directly benefit Energy Services Co-op (BHESCo) from reduced electricity costs and Transition Town Worthing for through solar energy and timetheir help with the campaign. of-use optimisation. They are For more information and to also given access to the Moixa check your eligibility please visit Dashboard, which allows them to view their home energy usage, see solar predictions and track battery behaviour.

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STANBRIDGE HOUSE 54-58 Kings Road Lancing BN15 8DY

Delivering the highest standards of care for over 40 years Stanbridge House Private Rest Home is a spacious detached property with secluded gardens. It is located close to the seafront and in easy walking distance of the town centre. • Experienced, dedicated and sociable staff • Wide range of social activities • Home cooked food with a range of options • Choice of well maintained accommodation

“When people first come to visit Stanbridge House, they tell us that they’re struck by the kindness and understanding of our staff and the warmth and sociability of the atmosphere”.


01903 753 059

professional innovative bald designs creative offer a wide range of bald branding and graphic design services, from logo design, brand identity, re-branding, brochure design, corporate reports, press and social media adverts, squarespace and much more

Putting you in front of your customers 6 local magazine titles reaching 40,000 homes and businesses every month


For Enquiries Call 01903 340 096 or email IMHQ 26a South Farm Road, Worthing BN14 7AE  01903 357003


Inside Entertainment

Pier to Pier

a snapshot of coastal life

Throughout May/June, a bright orange audio bench is appearing in a range of locations between Brighton and Worthing Piers. The bench plays recordings of local people, including a fisherman, a sea swimmer, a nurse and a busker, giving their views of what it’s like to live on the very edge of the country. Pier to Pier is a piece of public art for The Brighton Festival and has been created and devised by RAPT Theatre and it is running until 6 June 2021.

the music in Eyes Wide Shut and Gangs of New York. This arrangement is sung by over 50 community choir singers from all along the Sussex coast who were rehearsing on-line before being recorded for the final piece. The bench is positioned in spots looking out to sea, such as on Brighton Pier, Shoreham Fort and in the South Downs National Park and anyone is free to sit, take a moment and listen.

Emma Higham and Lisa Peck of RAPT Theatre explain: “This piece explores the notion of living on the edge and finding The public is invited to sit on the a point of balance in uncertain bench at 10 locations across the times. Our desire is to create 14 miles between the two Piers. something unique, accessible for They can listen to a soundscape all and uplifting as we come out which includes fragments from 14 people who live and work along the of a challenging and difficult year. coast. Stories include Ron, a Goring We hope that the act of walking, listening to others’ stories and fisherman, describing being at sea sitting on a bench – usually a spot during an eclipse. ‘There was nothing between the sea and the sky. I had to keep looking back. But out there was a complete black hole. Completely black, not anything, nothing at all.’ The audio reminiscences also feature a soundtrack of a new arrangement created especially for the project by film composer Jocelyn Pook, responsible for

32 01903 357003

for people to share conversations – will offer connection at a time when contact has been limited.’ The sound installation can be experienced at any time and adheres to Covid-19 restrictions including social distancing. The first appearance of the bench was on 10 May at Brighton Pier. More details and a map of the bench’s location in Worthing can be found at Pier to Pier is funded by Arts Council England, Chalk Cliff Trust and Enjoolata Foundation.

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• Re-Roof, Tiles & Slate • Flat Roofing Specialist • UPVC Gutters, Fascias & Soffits • Moss Removal & Prevention • Conservatory & Lean-to Roofs Replaced • All Roofing Repairs

07737 071 650 / 01903 863 524  01903 357003


Inside Your Community Town

Denton Gardens

– Green Gift to the Community Under Threat?

Denton Gardens, a green gem located just to the east of Worthing centre, has offered respite from the busy promenade for almost a century. But this maybe about to change.

The Past Denton Gardens’ origins as a public space began a century ago when generous benefactor and four times mayor of Worthing, Alderman James Denton, bought the land and gifted it to the people of Worthing ‘in perpetuity’. An excerpt from the Worthing Herald on 10th June 1922 references some of the conditions imposed on the sale of the land including ‘No swings or roundabouts or other noisy amusements to be allowed on the land, and no band or music of any kind to be allowed to play thereon… Nothing to be erected upon this land except shelters, pavilions, bathing cabins or similar’. Thus, the completed Gardens, much as we know them today, opened to the public in 1924, and for almost 100 years this tranquil green oasis has offered visitors and locals a space to relax, walk, meet, chat, exercise and play.

The sunken garden and pergola featured at the north end and can still be seen today, as can the symbolic shelter built by the 1930s at the southern end beside the beach. Also, an early feature was mini golf, reported to have attracted visitors in their tens of thousands each year in the late 1920s. Change came during World War 2, as concrete anti-tank blocks were installed in front of the southern shelter, railings were removed to contribute to the war effort and allotments took over some of the green space. The decades from the 1950s1980s saw the Gardens bloom again, as the council’s Parks Department planted stunning floral displays which featured prominently on postcards of Worthing. In more recent decades successive budgets cuts and droughts led the Gardens to adapt by adopting more low maintenance planting schemes.

34 01903 357003

In the early 2000s the Gardens’ future was in doubt when it was earmarked as a possible site for the town’s new swimming pool, but strong community opposition helped to see off this potential threat. Recent years have seen the successful revival of golf in the Gardens with the always popular Splashpoint Mini Golf operating within the space, which has become a venue for the British Masters Mini Golf Open tournament.

The Present Today, as Denton Gardens approaches its centenary, its function as a peaceful green haven is more important than ever. The local population is on the rise, yet flats without their own outdoor space make up the majority of new local housing. It offers a peaceful retreat away from the ever increasing traffic and pollution on Brighton Road, and from the crowds in the town centre and the hustle and bustle of the Promenade. Moreover, Denton Gardens has come into its own during the pandemic. More than ever it has offered our community an

The Future However, it’s future could be about to change. Generously gifted to the people of Worthing by Alderman Denton as an open green space to be freely enjoyed by all, on the eve of its centenary, Worthing Borough Council, without consultation, are currently seeking expressions of interest from commercial leisure activity operators to run a new adventure golf/ leisure facility in the southern half of the Gardens including the iconic shelter, and incorporating a catering facility. As local Denton Gardens users, we have set up the Friends of Denton Gardens group to protect and promote this precious green space and ensure it can continue to be freely enjoyed by all for the next century and beyond. In response to the Council’s move we are campaigning to preserve Denton Gardens rather than see it leased to the type of development envisaged by the Council, as set out in their marketing brochure. Such development would limit free access to an historically important site which belongs to the people of Worthing, and be insensitive to the heritage of its immediate surroundings, being just metres from a conservation area and listed buildings. Environmentally, replacing this beloved green space with a jungle of concrete and plastic would have a negative impact on the birds and insects residing in the Gardens, and ultimately the well-being of us all in the long term.

What would your future Denton Gardens look like? As Friends of Denton Gardens our aim is to protect and promote this precious green space and ensure it can be freely enjoyed by the local community and visitors for the next 100 years and beyond, just as it has for the last 100 years. To find out more go to our Friends of Denton Gardens Facebook page at friendsofdentongardens., where you can sign our on-line ‘Preserve Denton Gardens’ petition, and/or share any ideas you may have which could make a positive contribution to the development of the Gardens – we’d be happy to hear how you would like the future of Denton Gardens to look.


Honey collective

Inside Your Community Environment

escape to stroll, jog, do yoga, walk our dogs, meet up, picnic, play mini golf, or just sit and enjoy the fresh air and nature. And as such it has been widely used, discovered and re-discovered by many grateful Worthing-ites.

Huge excitement reached for project Bees and Seas as the pollinator footprint across the town has been increased! Three community groups: We Are Food Pioneers, Friends of Brooklands Park and Creative Waves have come together to create a beekeeping and pollination hub in the heart of Brooklands Park. The land was very generously awarded to We Are Food Pioneers by Adur and Worthing Councils. Bee Kind Hives installed two beautiful log hives recently, one mounted on legs at this the new eco-pollinator site, marking an important step for our local community. These organic hives are designed for maximum thermal efficiency, reducing stress and energy consumption and maintaining steady temperatures throughout all seasons. The bees remain undisturbed at the height they prefer, optimised for a strong and healthy colony. Two additional managed poly hives will also sit on the site creating an important pollinator space for the local community. Key sponsor Sussex Transport very generously donated two shipping containers. One will be a classroom to run workshops, educating the local community and future generations about the vital role of the honeybee. Please get in touch if you would like to join project Bees and Seas as a volunteer.  01903 357003


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Cross Words

June 2021 by Simien

This month’s solutions can be found on page 39.

ACROSS 5 Relating to or resembling a pig (7) 7 Guide (5) 9 VIP; mogul (6) 10 Precise (8) 11 Purification (10) 12 Song of praise (4) 13 Removal of trees for commercial use without replacing them (13) 16 Therefore (4) 17 Rich buttery biscuit (10) 19 Highly seasoned cut of smoked beef (8) 20 Nincompoop; blockhead (6) 22 Thick woollen fabric used for clothing (5) 23 Huge (7)

Last month’s solutions below! ACROSS 1 splendid. 5 spring. 10 equal. 11 surprised. 12 seminal. 13 quintet. 14 nougat. 16 behemoth. 19 athletic. 20 stifle. 23 scandal. 25 parasol. 27 messenger. 28 flair. 29 donate. 30 retrieve. DOWN 1 Stetson. 2 loudmouth. 3 nylon. 4 insult. 6 pertinent. 7 inset. 8 go Dutch. 9 croquet. 15 amendment. 17 obfuscate. 18 village. 19 assumed. 21 enlarge. 22 sparse. 24 arson. 26 refer. Easy



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DOWN 1 Team of people (e.g. manning a ship) (4) 2 Tragedy by William Shakespeare, first performed in 1606 (4,4) 3 Commentator; expert (6) 4 China’s biggest city (8) 5 Cost (5) 6 Modernist movement of art in early 20th century led by Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee et al. (13) 8 1988 Oscar-winning US film starring Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise (4,3) 13 Inactive (7) 14 Boundary; unknown (8) 15 Shock; dumbfound (8) 17 Drink made of beer and lemonade (6) 18 Lithe (5) 21 Threesome (4)

Fill the 9×9 grid with numbers 1-9 so that each column, row, and nine 3×3 boxes contains all of the digits from 1-9. Last month's solutions below!





Inside Puzzles



Difficult This month’s solutions are on page 39.

ACROSS 1 splendid. 5 spring. 10 equal. 11 surprised. 12 seminal. 13 quintet. 14 nougat. 16 behemoth. 19 athletic. 20 stifle. 23 scandal. 25 parasol. 27 messenger. 28 flair. 29 donate. 30 retrieve. DOWN 1 Stetson. 2 loudmouth. 3 nylon. 4 insult. 6 pertinent. 7 inset. 8 go Dutch. 9 croquet. 15 amendment. 17 obfuscate. 18 village. 19 assumed. 21 enlarge. 22 sparse. 24 arson. 26 refer.  01903 357003


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DOWN 1 crew. 2 King Lear. 3 pundit. 4 shanghai. 5 price. 6 expressionism. 8 Rain Man. 13 dormant. 14 frontier. 15 astonish. 17 shandy. 18 agile. 21 trio. ACROSS 5 porcine. 7 usher. 9 bigwig. 10 pedantic. 11 refinement. 12 hymn. 13 deforestation. 16 ergo. 17 shortbread. 19 pastrami. 20 nitwit. 22 tweed. 23 massive.


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