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July 2021  Issue 6

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Clean Air is Healthy Air

Twinkle, twinkle, little bat! Beware of the

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17 Inside Local History

Liana Naylor

28 Dolly Says

Worthing in the bad old days

YouTube Zombies

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Twinkle, twinkle, little bat

The Wellderness

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Council to lease seabed

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Boost Your Job Prospects

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Worthing Lions Festival

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Worthing Seaside Award

BugCycle Garden

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Dolly Says Dolly Acton

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Cover Image Petra Butler LRPS

Inside Your Town Cllr Kevin Jenkins

Inside Health & Wellbeing Bryan Turner

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Inside Crossword Simon Rigler

Wild Inside Dr Barbara Pilley Shaw

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Inside Your Environment Helen Adams The Wellderness Mark Davies

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Inside Welcome I am Liana, creator and editor of the Inside family of magazines covering Broadwater, Tarring, Durrington, Worthing, West Worthing and Goring. Welcome to the July issue of Inside West Worthing. It’s the first edition for a VERY long time that any of the Inside Magazine family have seen the return of “Inside Your Month”. Events are starting to appear, and July really does kick off with a roar with the wonderful news that Worthing Pride is going ahead, albeit it without the procession, and the Worthing Festival by Worthing Lions. Organising these events behind the scenes is no mean feat, especially when much of it was likely to have happened from

a distance… a big round of applause to the organisers! Take a look at The Wellderness this month in the centre spread, a fantastic initiative to encourage a sense of wellbeing in nature. All the shade of the woods seems very tempting at the moment as I write this from a hot office!

Have you seen? Our monthly videos with Liana introducing the magazines on our social media platforms? Keep an eye out for guests too!

Stay safe in the sun, we wish you a fantastic July from the Inside Magazine team.

Liana :)

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Inside Health & Wellbeing

Clean Air is Healthy Air Bryan Turner

Clean air has been a major health and environmental concern for humans for centuries. Even the Romans had a term for it, they called the smoky air of their ancient capital gravioris caeli (heavy heaven), and the Emperor Justinian even attempted to legislate for better air quality and proclaimed that clean air was a birthright. In more recent times, the London smog is thought to have killed 4,000 people. This prompted the Clean Air Act in 1956. Since then the quality of the air that we breathe has improved generally due reduced coal burning, but other risks have risen-particularly emissions from traffic and other forms of power generation. Anyone who grew up in the 60s will remember the haze from domestic and industrial coal fires that lingered permanently above urban areas. Air pollution still remains the largest environmental health risk we face today. During the lockdowns vehicle traffic reduced significantly. Consequently, we saw reduced levels of pollutants. Nitrogen Dioxide at the roadside almost halved. This has given us a vision of how our living environments can be improved, but only if we commit to changes in lifestyle that could lock in those improvements for good.

How does air pollution affect our health and what can we do? Air pollution is widely accepted to be a contributing factor in around 36,000 deaths in the UK each year. Commonly, air pollution will increases coughs and bronchitis, possibly leading to higher risks of pneumonia. Ongoing research shows that pollution is linked to high blood pressure, dementia, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. In rarer cases, lung and bladder cancers have been linked to poor air quality. Children may be especially at risk as young lungs are not fully developed, and there is a strong link between air pollution and the incidence of asthma. The best impact we can make is acting on emissions from transport, and how we use energy in our homes. Vehicles that are hybrid or fully electric are becoming better and more affordable. It is the Government’s intention that all new vehicles after 2035 will be fully electric. There are still big infrastructure problems to be solved to realise this ambition. If we take a step wise approach we can reduce these emissions. Modern petrol and diesel cars have auto stop start, switching off when the vehicle is not moving and switching on again when the traffic moves. Many drivers, especially the seniors amongst

6 01903 357003

us, don’t trust this function although it works perfectly well. We should all support reducing idling at junctions and crossings, as particular locations become pollution hot spots. We are using direct deliveries more and more, and half of all deliveries to workplaces are now personal parcels for staff! By using pick-up points in corner shops or lockers in train stations you can reduce pollution from delivery vehicles. Pollution could also be reduced if the companies involved replace their fleet with electric vehicles; particularly important in busy urban areas. Energy use in homes is another source of air pollution. Wood burning stoves have contributed to this. If you have such a stove, please use high quality dry wood, as this creates less particulates in the smoke. Think about having solar panels installed, they will deliver locally clean energy and reduce your reliance on gas, oil or coal. As we are returning to our normal lives, after the pandemic, we have the opportunity “lock in” better air but only if we take personal and community responsibility for it. Let us all unite to ensure healthier and greener ways of living, travelling and doing business.


High cholesterol As this is my last post for a while, I wanted to address a problem so many locals seem to share, namely, high cholesterol! Cholesterol is a naturally occurring substance made by the liver and required by the body for the proper function of cells, nerves and hormones. Excess cholesterol can build up and form a fatty plaque on the walls of the arteries, decreasing the flow of blood and significantly increasing the risk of heart attack, diabetes or stroke. So what causes high cholesterol? The answer goes way beyond a high cholesterol

diet. An unhealthy diet high in hydrogenated fats and refined carbohydrates raises cholesterol levels. Simply incorporating a few servings of foods that lower cholesterol each day can help decrease cholesterol levels: Foods like extra virgin olive oil, vegetables, nuts, seeds, salmon, turmeric, avocados, garlic, beans and legumes, sweet potato, green tea, buckwheat and quinoa. But as with most things, using a mix of diet AND lifestyle modifications will be the most effective way. Switching out unhealthy foods for heart-healthy options, squeezing in more

Over the phone nutrition consultation Usually £60 for a full hour.

Offer £50 to readers

Remember! It’s important to always work with a trusted healthcare practitioner to determine the best course of treatment for you.

“Lower your Cholesterol, NATURALLY“ cooking and lifestyle workshops. July fully booked. 6 places left for August – call Nic on 07780 546343 for further details.

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Supplements High quality supplements available to order. Covid Safe local collection. (West Worthing deliveries to those shielding.)

exercise and trying out a few cholesterol-lowering supplements such as Omega 3 oil, CoQ10, niacin, red yeast rice can all keep cholesterol levels down.

07780 546343 *Dependent on current government COVID guidelines.  01903 357003


Wild Inside

‘Twinkle, twinkle, little bat! How I wonder what you’re at!’ Night is when our ultimate nuclear reactor and star, the Sun, moves around to provide daylight to the other side of the Planet. July is a comfortable month to go batty and experience some nightlife whilst observing other stars and constellations twinkling through Earth’s atmosphere. Depending on the lunar cycle we may also see animal antics ‘by the light of the silvery Moon’!

Our geographical location and the mechanisms of Moon orbiting Earth, and Earth the Sun, set in motion natural clocks governing changing day-lengths and seasons. Many animals move seasonally to or from warmer or cooler climes. Some of us do the same – on holiday! Although nights are short for summer stargazing, it is enjoyable being outdoors in the dark, experiencing scents, sounds, and spotting nightlife like badgers, bats, moths and other insects. To get a good view of the stars it needs to be dark and without a backdrop of light from highways or developments – headlamps, street lights, housing and industrial estates or floodlit sports stadiums. Much is light pollution, untargeted wasted energy shining skywards across Green Spaces and the wider countryside where it has significant adverse effects upon nocturnal wildlife, disrupting diurnal and annual rhythms. Ironically, energy-saving, low budget LED lighting reduces carbon emissions and electricity bills, but generates more short-

wavelength, higher frequency, blue light. This draws many insects, especially male moths. Global studies show that light pollution is affecting every aspect of insect life – movement, reproduction, development, foraging, predation, and contributes to ‘insectinction’, an insect apocalypse. Since lighting draws away moth prey and creates barriers to foraging routes and roosts, bats are badly affected. Badgers, foxes and hedgehogs, active by night, may be blinded by headlights becoming roadkill statistics. Migrating birds are disorientated, colliding with buildings or landing on harmful wires, posts or pylons. Even stay-at-homes can get confused with ’Blackbird singing in the dead of night’ instead of lustily joining a natural dawn chorus! Many Lepidoptera fly in July so it is a good month for recording the state of populations. Butterflies are active in daytime and moths, with some notable exceptions, at night. The 2021 Big Butterfly Count is 16th July – 8th August. Regular

8 01903 357003

Dr Barbara Pilley Shaw

and budding Citizen Scientists will find instructions on the Butterfly Conservation website and app: recording starts from 16th onwards. So why not be a small part of a local ‘Butterfly Effect’ and report what you see in your garden, park or special Green Space?

Wild Inside

Twinkle, twinkle, little bat! How I wonder what you’re at! Up above the world you fly, Like a tea tray in the sky. Lewis Carroll – Mad Hatter’s Tea-party. Alice in Wonderland

Tips for reducing light pollution….

1. Switch off when not required 2. Light only what’s needed – steps, locks etc. 3. Avoid undergro wth where creature s live or feed 4. Use cones or ba ffles to direct light downwards onto en trances 5. Avoid ground-li t bollards near reflective chipping s, concrete, water 6. Choose ‘warm’ and not cool blue LEDs to reduce moth at traction N.B. Electronic blue light may damage the retina, affect eyesig ht and disturb sleep Spotters’ guide Fly by … Colours Wings at rest Antennae shape




Night (mostly) Duller (usually)

Bright Vertical Clubbed

Horizontal Feathery or tapered

Stargazing, Natural History and Nightblight

Butterfly recording; Bats, Moths and Insectinction  01903 357003



We’re all going on a VR Holiday Virtual reality has been a reality for much longer than many of us realise. Back in 1838 Sir Charles Wheatstone created the stereopsis which tricked the human brain into thinking it was seeing a 3D image. By 1975, Myron Krueger had created what could be considered the first virtual reality system which allowed pilots to simulate a VR version of an aircraft in order to learn to fly. And now, in 2021 the virtual reality that we are able to connect to our home computers and consoles is built on that same technology.

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Although many of us will be looking to getaway this summer with restrictions lifted, the reality of global travel may soon become far more accessible through the use of a headset in our homes rather than a seat on an aeroplane. In fact, over the past few years the Google Cardboard project has allowed us to access sites of interest, museums, and all seven wonders the world through our mobile phones and a simple £15 set of goggles.

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Patellar luxation in dogs Patellar luxation is a common condition, especially in small breed dogs, where the kneecap (patella) slips out of the groove it is supposed to run in. This can cause varying degrees of lameness – some dogs will not be lame at all; many will hop one back leg occasionally while walking as it pops out and then back in again. Some will be so severely affected they struggle to bear weight properly.

The condition normally occurs because the back leg is out of alignment, caused by twists and bends in the bones that develop as they grow. Issues normally start from a fairly young age often worsening over time. Osteoarthritis develops from the abnormal movement of the kneecap, and from the strain placed on the ligaments of the knee. Many dogs benefit from surgery, to reduce the development of these issues.

the patellar tendon attaches to, to correct the alignment. Some severe cases will require more involved surgery to straighten the bones.

The condition can be diagnosed, and the severity assessed by an orthopaedic examination. Our vets Jeremy and Fiona French are both very experienced in dealing with these issues and can advise you on the best course of action. Surgery normally involves Please get in touch if you would deepening the groove that the like to make an appointment. kneecap runs in, tightening up the For further information visit soft tissues that hold it in place, and moving the piece of bone that and look under ‘News’.

“an independent, family run practice in Worthing” Main Practice 206 Heene Road Worthing BN11 4NT 01903 200187

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Cremation Only £1340

Chapel Service

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Inside Your Environment

Councils aim to lease seabed

from Queen

in major marine restoration project Image © Petra Butler

Adur & Worthing Councils are set to become the first local authorities in the UK to lease the seabed off their coast from the Queen in a pioneering project to invest in climate change measures and restore marine habitat.

The historic move could pave the way from an ambitious plan to create a Sussex Bay marine park along the entire county coast, east and west, to protect vital marine life, restore estuary habitat and even create a destination for ecotourism. Backers of the scheme see it as the ‘blue mirror’ to the South Downs, with all the environmental protection, tourism and potential job opportunities that could be created.

can invest in kelp forests to help in their own bids to become carbon neutral. The Nearshore Trawling Byelaw introduced by Sussex Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (Sussex IFCA) was earlier this year approved by the government, after effective lobbying by the Help Our Kelp partnership led by the Sussex Wildlife Trust.

The Crown Estate, which manages the land on behalf of the Queen, owns the coastal sea bed off the shores of the UK to a distance of 12 nautical miles.

It means that more than 300 square kilometres of seabed off the Sussex coast will now be protected from trawling – a measure which should allow essential habitats, such as kelp forests, to regenerate.

The Crown is now in talks with the Councils to enter into a ‘natural capital seabed lease’ which would allow the authorities and their partners to create a ‘kelp blue carbon investment product’. Government bodies such as the Environment Agency, water companies and other companies

Coastal kelp beds also help combat climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, reduce coastal erosion by absorbing wave energy and provide a haven for wildlife. If fully restored, a kelp forest off the Sussex Coast could capture the carbon emissions

14 01903 357003

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Inside Your Environment





equivalent to 66 million miles driven in a family diesel or the carbon emissions of 7,235 homes. Once established, the ecosystem is expected to support sustainable inshore fishing with species such as bass, sole, black seabream, lobsters and cuttlefish, thriving in the conditions. Now Adur & Worthing Councils want to move a step further by creating a Sussex Bay trust to attract investment in growing the kelp forest and restoring marine habitats. While the initial lease from the Crown would likely cover the seabed off Adur & Worthing there is potential for it to eventually cover the entire Sussex coastline. Worthing Borough Council’s Executive Member for Digital and Environmental Services, Cllr Edward Crouch, said, ‘This is a

potential game-changing project which would help us cut carbon emissions, restore beautiful marine and estuarine habitats and perhaps even to create Sussex Bay as a destination for a whole host of sustainable marine activities. ‘I am proud that this Council is part of this project to become the first in the UK to lease the seabed from the Crown for this important environmental project. It shows that we have sustainability at the heart of everything we do.’

this area is serious about wanting to restore natural beauty while helping the environment.’ Members of Adur & Worthing Councils’ Joint Strategic Committee on Tuesday (June 8) voted to contribute £50,000 to help development of the lease scheme with further external funding expected towards a launch of Sussex Bay in September.

Adur District Council’s Executive Member for the Environment, Cllr Emma Evans, said, ‘We have a bold vision and that is to see the waters off our coast and our estuaries teeming with marine life again, growing kelp that will capture tonnes of climatewarming carbon and signal that  01903 357003


Inside Your Month

Events Subject to Government Covid Guidelines

Ethical Green Pop-up Norfolk Centre, Mill Road, Arundel, BN18 9PA Sat 3rd July 10.00am – 5.00pm Free entry To include: Fair Trade; sustainable, pre-loved/vintage, organic, upcycled and locally produced items for sale. Refreshments; information; workshops. Further details: Text 07761 564154

Old Songs’ Home Community Hall 21, Gratwicke Road, Worthing, BN11 4BH Every Wednesday from 10.00am to noon Coffee and Crafts (Knit and Natter Group), £3. Every Wednesday from 12.30pm to 1.30pm Pilates especially for the over 50s and the agility challenged, with Tracy Simpson, £8. Every Thursday at 8.00pm to 9.15pm Drumheads ‘play the bongos’ session with drummer Sean Quinn, open to all, £10. Saturday 10th July from 10.30am to noon – the inaugural concert of the Coffee Concert Series held in the hall. Coffee first with home-made cakes for sale, then music from 11.15am to noon. July’s concert will feature pianist Lyndsey Lee with saxophonist Mike Pappenheim in their jazz ensemble “The Liaison Duo”. Smooth jazz in the mornings, have a relaxing time, to start the weekend off. £10 including music, tea/coffee, etc. Sunday 11th July from 2.00pm to 4.00pm – the first tea dance at the hall! Come with a partner, or on your own, everyone is welcome! Ballroom dancing to

the piano music of Lyndsey Lee, with help and directions from the very capable dance teacher Tina le Merle. Don’t be shy! £10, including a bottomless tea pot! To make further enquiries, please phone Georgina Colwell on 07946 425128, or email, and see our Facebook page “Old Songs’ Home Community Hall”. The hall is also for hire for selected events.

Sculpture Garden Trail Cream teas & Cakes No.8 bus stops at the lane, restricted wheelchair access

Driftwood Sculpture Anna-Marie Curran

Worthing Pride Worthing Pride is back for its 3rd year celebrating diversity, equality and inclusivity not just within the LGBTQI+ community but for everyone who wants to be part of this amazing day. 2021 is set to be slightly different this year with NO parade. However, they are still bringing all the fun and sparkle of Pride to you in Beach House Grounds. Once you’re in the main event, there is live entertainment throughout the day (check socials for line up). This year is set to be bigger and better with more entertainment, plenty of food and drink and activities for the children in the Denton Gardens area. This one is not to be missed.

Open House & Garden

Jewellery Tina Gunstone

Photography Cathy Verney

Recycled Sculpture Heather Stevens

Blueview Art Studio 1 The Strand, Ferring, BN12 5QX Sat 31st July 11.00am – 5.30pm Sun 1st Aug 11.00am – 5.30pm

16 01903 357003

Stained Glass/Wood Loraine Scott

Bad Old Days

Inside History

Worthing in the Over the next few months, we have the pleasure of some input from treasured local historian Chris Hare.

Chris Hare has been writing about local history topics since 1987. He has a BA (hons) in British Studies from the University of Brighton and an MA in Life History from the University of Sussex. His most recent books include The Secret Shore, Worthing Under Attack, Safe Havens by the Sea and the focus of our features; Worthing in the Bad Old Days (Riot, Beer and the Word of God). Worthing in the Bad Old Days is an investigation into the history of Christ Church, Worthing and was funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. Centering on Rev. Francis Cruse, Worthing’s longest serving vicar, who was in post during the Worthing Riots and led a successful temperance movement in the tow.

In the late Victorian period, Worthing was deeply divided along sectarian lines. The arrival of the Salvation Army in 1883 led to the worst riots in the town’s history. Many people in the town were passionate supporters of the temperance cause and believed that drink and drunkenness were the root cause of society’s ills. Others, styling

themselves ‘The Skeleton Army’ believed in the right of working men to live as they chose, including the right to drink as much beer as they liked! Look out in the coming months for exerts and instalments from the book. (written with permission from the author Chris Hare).  01903 357003


Inside Your Environment

Beware of the


The term “greenwashing” came about in the 1980s to describe companies who grossly overstate the environmental or ethical benefits of their products and services, to make themselves look good in the public eye. Within the fashion industry, which is one of the most polluting industries in the world, greenwashing is reaching ever more sophisticated heights.

A greenwash could also be a precursor to real change, a step in the right direction.” Orsola De Castro, Fashion Revolution

Sustainability and ethical fashion is a minefield. For example, a brand or company can often call themselves ethical because they ensure the factories they use are responsible, safe and pay a living wage, or they produce their garments in the UK reducing their CO2 emissions. In ethical terms, this is a good start. However, it does not mean they are sustainable. It does not mean they are not over producing cheap, chemically dyed, synthetic fabrics and polluting the planet in other ways. It is also fashionable these days for high street brands to bring out a cheap ‘eco’ range. At first thought this looks fantastic, they use recycled or plant based fabrics which are better for the environment than the cheap man-made fibres. However, selling high volumes of cheap clothing is never sustainable, no matter what it is made from. Higher production needs more fabric, more energy, more water

18 01903 357003

Helen Adams

and more dye meaning more chemicals, which is not very sustainable at all! Even ecofriendly fabrics have an impact on the environment, less so than synthetic fabrics, and if we have to buy something new then this is undoubtedly the way to go. So over production of eco fabrics is still not the sustainable result we all think we are supporting. Some high street chains now offer a ‘buy back scheme’ which they refer to as a sustainable solution to throwing away your old clothes. Again, this looks like a green way of clearing your wardrobe whilst gaining some money off your next purchase, everyone’s a winner, right? But, do we truly know what they do with these old clothes? Isn’t this just a way of encouraging fast fashion? Pushing people to think of garments as a throw away commodity, whilst getting money off clothing that is already cheap. This means we just keep buying and producing

sc 1. I s a term used to de mpanies to advertise co n io sh fa st fa e, m na by bige lines of clothing. bl na ai st su ed os pp su their new or eying a false impression nv co of s es oc pr e Th 2. wa information about ho g in ad le is m g in id ov pr more environmentally e ar ts uc od pr ’s ny pa com sound.

more. Recycling clothes takes a lot of energy and resources. Yes, it’s good to recycle rather than send to landfill, but we don’t want to be doing either if we can help it. These examples are just the tip of the greenwashing iceberg. One of the only ways we can shop consciously with big high street brands is to note how transparent a company is about their practises. Non-profit Fashion Revolution put together a Global Transparency Index, based on how much brands disclose about their policies. This is not an index of who is sustainable and who is not, but it does shed some light on how honest brands are about their products, meaning you can make informed decisions and avoid falling victim to greenwashing. The best way to ensure your fashion consumption is good for the planet and the people on it is to keep what we have

Inside Your Environment

-wash-ing] /verb en re [g g in sh a w en gre ics used ribe the marketing tact

in circulation. Buy second hand, which basically reduces production, buying locally where possible also has a huge impact. It is worth pointing out here, that greenwashing is not a completely negative situation. “A greenwash could also be a precursor to real change, a step in the right direction,” concedes Orsola De Castro of Fashion Revolution. She hopes that greenwashing may encourage consumers to become more aware of environmental and social issues, and ultimately more savvy: “The true antidote to greenwashing is knowledge – be curious, find out and do something.” From H&M Conscious, to Mango’s Committed line, it’s refreshing to see brands at least talking about the topic of sustainability, even if the ethics of these brands are still more than questionable.

Sustainability is not a ‘buzzword’. It is the only ethic that will ensure that our future generations have access to the same resources that we do.”  01903 357003


Inside Special Feature


Wellderness by Mark Davies

Images © Lee Milner

Heading north along the eastern edge of Angmering, the road lurches from rural village to dense woodland in a short stretch. The lane gets lumpier. The trees grow taller. And the light dances around shadows in a way that makes sunglasses pointless. It was there that I noticed an anxious pang. I’m usually a little nervous in these situations, but this was something else. After all, it was the first organised event I’d been to since before lockdown 1.0. As it later turned out, that was true for almost all the guests. With nerves jangling, I edged along the bumpy lane. Each gateway offered opportunity to turn and race home. Indeed, had I not spotted the Wellderness logo, I may have made that turn. Instead, as I rounded a bend I caught the familiar smile of Mark Cropley, one of the founders of the Wellderness.

activity, these events bring their community and nature together in the woodland home they share with the local scouts. Instantly, it’s clear that they’ve found the ideal setting. Magnificent trees give homes to a cacophony of birds. Among them, hints of human habitation – woodsheds, fire circles, chopped logs – blend into the background. A few deep breaths inside the woods and I instantly felt better. It’s hard to hold onto stress in those surroundings.

“Just in there, mate,” he said with the cheeriness so often seen in their Walk on the Wellside videos. I took a deep breath, let some tension fall from my shoulders, and pulled into the site.

Drawn by excited chatter, I found our fire circle, hosted by Matt Dumbleton, the other brain behind The Wellderness. Already, friendly groups were forming, and any remaining nerves melted away – this was the safe space it promised to be, and a different energy rooted itself inside me. I was excited!

Step into The Wellderness

Community first

The Wellderness is on a mission to improve people’s lives through nature and help nature through people. Alongside online

This, their first ever event, was aimed at adults only. Places were limited by COVID restrictions, providing an ideal opportunity

20 01903 357003

Inside Special Feature

to test the concept and iron out errors. With a gang of volunteers working behind the scenes, and expert facilitators on hand, you’d be forgiven for thinking they’d been at this for a long time.

we followed Debbie through a simple practice, accompanied by the woodland symphony. It was serene and beautiful, and it brought their vision so vividly to life.

And in many ways, they have. Between them, Mark and Matt have worked in community projects for several years. Mark runs a local scout group, outlasting his sons’ interest by some time. While Matt sees community groups as an essential resource for mental and physical wellbeing, dedicating huge energy to various projects over the years. They met on a local Dad-centric community project and took what they learned there to create The Wellderness.

1,000 year legacy

Time stands still A pressure-free schedule promised photography from Lee Milner and Tai Chi with Debbie Fox. Campfire cookery would come from Mark. And the day would peak with a fire performance from Matt, along with Kate from Poi Passion. “I had a little cry,” said Matt, as I caught up with him after Tai Chi. “Don’t worry, it was a happy cry,” he assured me. I can understand why. Bathed in dappled light,

The Wellderness don’t see their home only as a place to hold events. While the event called on nature to help the guests, The Wellderness call on the expertise of their community to help the woodland. “We want to create a legacy that lasts 1,000 years,” Mark announced as they lit their first ever Wellderness fire. It seems like they’ve landed on a recipe to achieve exactly that. And the woodlands and people will benefit massively from that legacy. Their next event is open to families and takes place on the 18th July. Early bird tickets are already selling fast, so get on it! You can find more details of future events, as well as volunteering opportunities on uk or through their social media pages: thewellderness.cic, instagram. com/thewellderness.cic  01903 357003


Inside Entertainment

Hear Worthing


Hear Worthing roar when the fabulous Lions Summer Festival rolls into town in July Spread over two weekends at the end of this month, the first weekend has classic cars and scooter rallies, with vintage buses the following weekend. The familiar market will be held on the second weekend with the funfair running as part of the Worthing Lions festival.

Car Show and Scooters If you’re a classic car or scooter enthusiast, you’re in luck.

Steyne Gardens will be covered in vintage vehicles on Saturday 24th July from 10am onwards, with owners on hand to chat about their classics. The Bus Rally is going ahead on 25th July. Details are to be confirmed, but in previous years you could take an unforgettable trip and board one of the restored buses along the prom. Whether you pick a classic

Routemaster or the familiar green and yellow livery of the vintage Southdown Buses, there’ll be a fleet of favourites from 90 years ago to the present day. Free services will run all day from 10am-5pm with stops including Sea Lane Café, West Worthing and Worthing train stations, the The Henty Arms beer festival and a shuttle service to the Dome.

Worthing Lions Raise Money Support our Community Here are some of the things they get up to; Worthing Lions Sponsor GO Youth Activities Cabin Earlier in the year, Worthing Lions were proud to have been able to give GO Youth Activities £1,500 towards refurbishment of their Cabin in the Compound. The GO Youth Activities charity was formed in November 2013 after the demise of the management committee of the Glynn Owen Centre in South Farm Road, Worthing. The compound is leased to Go Youth Activities from Worthing Borough Council, and they facilitate groups to provide supervised activities for young people to use and enjoy the outdoors. Although predominantly for the use of young people, other groups can also use the site, for example families and older people who want a base to get together.

Worthing Lions Slow Cookers After reading about the ‘We Are Food Pioneers’ slow cooker initiative, the Worthing Lions sprang into action! They purchased 4 large and 5 small slow cookers which were donated to be distributed in our local community along with a recipe book. Lion Janine McGinn said; “As a mother of 4 young children, our slow cooker is a huge part of our weekly family meals. It’s cheap to run, provides great wholesome meals and what’s more, once all ingredients are put in, it can be left – meaning more time to spend with the children doing the fun stuff! This initiative was definitely one we wanted to support!’ The Lions are still open to receive new welfare requests by using our online application form html

22 01903 357003

Worthing Lions Easter Eggs Although not visible, The Worthing Lions were continuing to serve their community from behind the scenes during lockdown in 2021. At Easter they donated 130 Easter eggs to Worthing Food Foundation, so their food parcel recipients could have an Easter treat.



Saturday 24th July Car Show & Display of Classic, SATURDAY 24TH 25TH JULY BSA Bantams &JULY Vintage SUNDAY Motor Scooters CAR SHOW & DISPLAY OF BUS RALLY Steyne Gardens 10am - 6pm




August Market & Charity Market Steyne Gardens - 4pm LICENSED BAR  10am   FOOD STALLS Bar & Live Entertainment

ENTERTAINMENT Licensed Bar - Food Stalls - Entertainment FUNFAIR ON SEAFRONT Funfair on Seafront  01903 357003


Inside Community

Poppy Appeal 2020 Every year my job is to coordinate the distribution of around 350 boxes of Poppies around Worthing Borough for the Poppy Appeal. In 2020, we only had 30 boxes to distribute due to Covid, so apologies to those who missed out. I would like to say thank you to Tesco (Durrington) and Morrison’s as with their help we still managed to raise £15,108.29!

and on to 2021 I am now looking for volunteers for the 2021 Appeal from Saturday 23 October to Saturday 13th November. The Guildbourne Centre, Tesco (Durrington), Morrison’s, Waitrose, Lidl and The Range for “static” collections and street collectors in Broadwater, Goring, Durrington, Tarring, West Worthing and High Salvington.

Please contact or call 01903 260572 or 07704980413. Any help would be appreciated. Sid Hunt Poppy Appeal Organiser – Worthing

Looking for extra support with your day to day living? The Connect to Support website is for anyone in West Sussex who is looking for additional help or support to maintain their independence, manage day-to-day tasks and improve their health and wellbeing.

Visit our website to: • discover tips on improving your health and wellbeing • view equipment to help you stay independent • find support for carers • learn about options for extra care and support Do you need help to use the website? • Email: • Phone: 01243 642121

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MILES Saturday 11 September 2021 Worthing Leisure Centre 10:30pm start






o c s i D t Silen p £5p




SIGN UP NOW Registered charity no 256789

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Community Garden

Creative Waves have worked with the local community and the council’s Park Rangers to design a welcoming space for all to enjoyat Beach House Park. The garden is a creative, wildlife-friendly space with sustainable, low maintenance planting, built with re-cycled and re-purposed materials. HUGE THANKS to all the volunteers and Park Rangers who helped re-landscape the garden in 2021, their generosity and skills assisted in transforming the space to create: a community vegetable patch, rockery, stumpery, willow archway and wildlife pond. Improved access and new flowerbeds and lawn connect to the existing willow dome and wildflower area planted in 2015. There is also a Bug Hotel and educational wildlife trails around the garden (free downloads from our website).

Creative Waves, a local not-for-profit organisation, creates inspiring community projects that bring people together. Please contact if you would like to help with gardening and future projects.

BugCycle’s refurbishment was made possible with Pocket Parks’ funding scheme which provides support to community-led bodies, working in partnership with their local authority. Local parks and green spaces provide a wealth of opportunities for people to: get closer to nature, enhance their wellbeing, meet up with friends, play, walk the dog, take physical exercise, which are vital in addressing issues such as rising health costs, loneliness and division within local communities.

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Inside Community  01903 357003


Dolly Says

Had you better

watch out?

Is there a YouTube zombie about? YouTube zombies, otherwise known as YTZs, are not only becoming more common in the UK, but also the rest of the world. You may even have one living next door to you or in your home. Please read the following important information The YouTube zombie looks outwardly like any normal human child (and occasionally adult), but looks can be deceiving! The signs to look out for when identifying a YTZ are as follows.  Pale faced  Uncommunicative  Glassy-eyed  Unwashed – a bit stinky  Unbrushed hair – birds nest variety  Often wearing pyjamas in the middle of the day  Staring at a tablet or computer screen (most important). You may think you are in conversation with a YouTube zombie, when in fact they have mastered the technique of repeating your last words back to you to form the semblance of a listening compos mentis child. However, when questioned further on the subject at hand, the YouTube zombie will look blank and will fail to recall anything that has been said.

The YTZ likes very much to stay in one place, static for hours, hunched over a glowing screen and often cocooned in a blanket or some form of warm covering. They only finally move to forage for food (if their calls of hunger have not already been attended to), or to hunt down the ever elusive and mysterious disappearing charger. Try to remove them from this device and they become most feral and protective – proceed at your own risk. Not to be mistaken for a GZ – Gamer Zombie – a much noisier more responsive variant, they hang out in tribes and walk in formations having devised a general group movement called the ‘Floss and Dab!’

28 01903 357003

OR YTV – YouTube Vampire – The vibrant hypnotic soul suckers that live in the digital world and communicate in caterwauls of “Subscribe!” and “Hit the bell!” The YouTube zombies are rather silent unblinking creatures who occasionally omit the odd noise that sounds suspiciously like laughter. When access is denied to their beloved screen a repeated wailing of ‘I’m bored’ and much general flopping around and moaning will ensue. In the YTZ’S small numb brain this is in fact – The end of the world.

child like creative activities or outdoors adventures, even simple things such a board games and painting just simply – no screens. It’s easy to say “It wasn’t like this in my day – things have changed” (I feel so old ha-ha!). And it is true – Yes, technology is moving fast, but it is not a bad thing on the whole. We just need to know how to use it and not overindulge.

Ok, ok so I may be poking fun and exaggerating somewhat! However, I do think there is a serious problem, and it is actually rather frustrating. For example – A few weekends ago I decided my daughter and I were going to give her room a big tidy and sort. Now I know that’s not the most exciting thing for a child to do, however last time it was actually quite a fun ‘Mummy and Honey time’. We put music on, danced around while sorting, unearthed some long forgotten and loved toys, chose some nice items to give to charity and had a little fashion show whilst seeing if her clothes still fit. The child was smiley and happy. This time, however, I’d let her indulge in a morning of watching YouTube whilst I got on with other work... awful idea! My lovely, chatty child had been replaced with what I can only refer to as ‘a zombie’. Eyes glassy, mind elsewhere, no enthusiasm, did everything I asked with a perfunctory “Yes Mummy, no Mummy”, but no smile, no show of emotion, didn’t want to play music, didn’t want to chat. Her mind was completely elsewhere and to be honest it was actually quite upsetting – worrying. It was like she had been hypnotised by the demon headmaster himself!

That’s when I decided to make a change. The thing is, I know I’m not alone in this… Hands up who’s guilty? I bet there’s a fair few! We all need our space, our uninterrupted time to do that boring adulting malarky or even just have a cuppa and read a

book in peace. It’s easy, too easy to use the tablet or computer as a child minder – it works so well! So, I’m not beating myself up about it, just trying to be better. Some practices I am trying to implement are: • Setting a time limit/ limiting access to YouTube and online gaming. • Allowing tablet time towards the end of the day after enjoying other non-screen based activities. • Using the tablet for more productive fun such as art or writing. • Using tablet time as a reward for helping in the house/doing homework etc. • And most importantly, planning fun things to do with the

Dolly Says

It’s the end of the world as we know it!

For the time being I’ve agreed that my daughter can use her tablet after her homework has been done, while I’m getting dinner ready on weekdays and for short periods at weekends after we spend time together doing other things. This is good for both of us, as it means I need to stop thinking about work (being self-employed there’s always something to be getting on with) and spend more quality time with her. At some point we might actually have a go at getting behind the camera and filming some footage to edit and upload to the internet. Well, they say, “if you can’t beat them join them,” and it wouldn’t be a bad thing. It would actually doing something productive and learning a new helpful skill rather than staring blankly at a screen. Rather a YTV than YTZ, eh?

Food for thought? Right! Well, I’m off to go and stare at my Facebook wall… Hmm… perhaps there’s a lesson here for us adults as well!? Happy July! Dolly x  01903 357003


Inside Your Town

Worthing Seafront Seaside Award 2021 the work of the Coastal Team

Worthing has a wonderful seafront to be proud of. Sweeping round in a bay from East Worthing through to Goring, you can enjoy the views whether walking or cycling along the footpath and promenade that runs almost the entire length. The care of the foreshore area falls under the remit of the council’s Coastal Team, a small group of staff who proactively patrol the area throughout the year. The team have a wide variety of tasks to undertake to help keep our seafront and beaches a safe place for us all to enjoy, this includes: • reporting defects either marine or shore-based • promoting the seafront • enforcing and advising on byelaws – dog free areas • promoting water and beach safety – watercraft users • beach vessel management – fishing • recovering detritus and injured marine life, and • working to preserve and enhance our resident native flora and fauna You will often see them patrolling the beaches using a quad bike during the summer months and by foot over the winter period. Connected by VHF radio to the Coastal Office, they are able to provide support to any incidents on the beach or

foreshore area and work closely with the Coastguard and other emergency services. In addition to the beach patrol, the team have access to a boat and jet ski to support their work on the water when needed. During 2021 the team will deliver a wide variety of schemes to help promote the seafront and safety on our beaches and have been working hard on other new projects for this summer. The team can offer sea safety presentations to local groups, especially young children to help them be water safe. Contact the Coastal Office for details on how to book a talk on 01903 238 977 Recently they set up a scheme working with the National Line Recycling Scheme (NLRS) – a move to help visiting fishermen keep our precious oceans plastic free. By providing mounted

30 01903 357003

collection points, the national scheme enables the recycling of all types of fishing line, plastic spools and now commercial net debris from our beaches. Two of these special recycle tubes have now been added to Worthing seafront. One is located just in the entrance of Worthing Pier (east side) and the other can be found outside the Coastal Office, located to the left of the Lido on the promenade. Beach cleans/Litter picks – the team always welcomes any organised litter pick. Why not come along as an individual or family group to do a pick? Family groups involved in litter picking will encourage our younger beach users to understand the dangers of litter and plastic pollution in our sea.


the fourth year running) the national Seaside Award 2021, Deciding on how to for pay for long-term whichcould is run by theout KeeptoBritain care turn be one of the most Tidy group. award isdecisions available you’ll have to signifi cantThis financial to beaches that show amongst a for a relative. make – either for yourself or long list of 25 criteria that:

Getting expert advice could make all the • The beach must fully comply difference. Many residents in West Sussex, like with the water quality sampling CA from Crawley, have already experienced • The beach must be clean the benefits of seeking independent financial • Bins must be available at advice through the Carewise care funding the beach and they must be scheme. She discovered the reassurance that regularly emptied talking to experts can bring.

• The toilet facilities must be All the Carewise care fees specialists are kept clean members ofbe the Societyfrom of Later Life Advisers • Dogs must excluded and advise thebeach options that are available, thecan award area on of the during bathing seasoncircumstances. based onthe your individual

CA’s experience of Carewise CA first contacted Carewise when she and her family were arranging for her mum to go into a residential care home. She had a property to sell and some savings but was still going to have a shortfall.

Inside Your Town

All of this work helps contribute Paying for long-term care? Let Carewise guide you to Worthing being awarded (for

CA and her family spoke to a Carewise care fees specialist, who recommended purchasing an ‘immediate needs annuity’ (a guaranteed income to pay the care Kevin Jenkins is a local councillor. In his fees) which provided peace of of mind role he has oversight a widethat portfolio theof economy, they would notincluding run out funds.regeneration, foreshore, tourism and planning.

“I just want say a big thank you for all the help. I couldn’t have managed summer all enjoy a WeContact are so lucky in Worthingtoday to Carewise to seeand we canto sort everything out without your stroll along the prom or a paddle have a great seafront and some how you could benefit. help. You always took the time to in the sea; maybe even an ice wonderful beaches. Let’s hope Visit, explain everything.” cream if you’re good! the weather holds good for this

email or call 0330 222 7000 Please mention Inside West Worthing when contacting advertisers

CA, Crawley  01903 357003


Inside Volunteering

Boost your job prospects

by Volunteering

Carole Claridge Volunteering Adviser

Community Works is a charity connecting community organisations, people and businesses to build a better community for everyone. Every year, our Volunteer Centre helps hundreds of local people find a rewarding volunteer role. Hello and welcome back to Inside Volunteering. This month we’re talking about the benefits of volunteering for those who are out of work, including skills, experience, contacts and perhaps most important of all, a big boost to your self-esteem. If you’re willing to make a commitment to a local charity or community group, they will help you make the most of your volunteering experience. I’m Carole Claridge, the Volunteering Adviser for Worthing & Adur and a volunteer myself. If you’d like to know more about volunteering, get in touch. I’d love to help you get started. Read on for some thoughts on how you can benefit from volunteering and check out the current volunteer vacancies on our website. We’ve shared a few suggestions at the end of this article.

Develop your knowledge, skills and attitude Volunteering is a great way to learn a range of skills. For example, being part of a team develops active listening and communication, being organised, taking responsibility, showing initiative, problem-solving and showing support and respect for others. If you have a track record in your career, volunteering can offer more specific experience such as project management skills, leading a team or marketing. There are many volunteering opportunities including mentoring, tutoring, fundraising, planning and promoting events, IT and backoffice support. Clare, who completed her politics and international relations degree in 2020 and volunteers at Citizens Advice West Sussex, is gaining valuable skills. She said,

“There are so many different roles that I didn’t realise existed. My knowledge of analysing data has grown enormously and connects with my current studies in Business Economics MSc.” Boost your CV Volunteering can add an extra dimension to your CV and help get you noticed. Employers will be impressed by your initiative and dedication to the community. Many companies are committed to social responsibility and volunteering shows you have similar values. Volunteer experience is professional experience, so use your role on your CV. Include your responsibilities, accomplishments, results and awards, as you would for any other job.

Community Works is a charity connecting community organisations, people and businesses to build a better community for everyone. Every year, our Volunteer Centre helps hundreds of local people find a rewarding volunteer role.

32 01903 357003



Client Service/Administrator

Citizens Advice in West Sussex, Shoreham or Worthing

Reception, Administration and IAG Volunteer

YMCA Downslink, Worthing

Minibus Drivers

Guild Care

Family Support Volunteers

Home-Start Arun, Worthing & Adur

Volunteer & Engagement Assistant

Highdown Gardens

Stockroom Assistant

Scope, Worthing

Will it lead to a job? If your goal is to work in the voluntary or charity sector, then volunteering is the most recognisable way to gain relevant experience. While there are no guarantees of landing paid employment, being in your area of interest will increase the possibility of it happening. If a job comes up, you’ll know about it. Supercharge your self-worth Volunteering can bring a sense of purpose to your search for paid work. While you’re helping others, you could meet people who share similar interests. New people, new perspectives, new experiences – it all leads to an increase in self-worth. It will also give you stories to tell at job interviews about your resilience and character.

Inside Volunteering

Check out these vacancies offering valuable experience

Visit to search for a local voulnteer role. To arrange a chat with an adviser, call Phone 01273 234 043 or Email Follow us on social media brighton-and-hove-community-works

Find the right Routes The Routes project offers free, one-to-one personalised support to help people on their journey into employment. Go to for more details. How will it affect my benefits? You are allowed to work as a volunteer without losing your benefits but must continue to meet the conditions for receiving those benefits. For full details please Google: How volunteering affects your benefits.

Volunteering is for everyone. Want to make a difference in your community? Community Works Volunteer Centre is here to help you get started.

DOMESTIC HELP FOR RETIRED PEOPLE For assistance with Meal Preparation Showering/Bathing and dressing Ironing Bedding changes Laundry Accompanying for walks/ appointments/shopping Companionship Keeping your home tidy 12 years experience with references available DBS certificate available to view

CALL DONNA ON 07933 156421  01903 357003


Inside Puzzles

Cross Words

This month’s solutions are on page 38.

July 2021 by Simien

ACROSS 8 Seaside town in Dorset (8) 9 Remedy; philosopher’s stone (6) 10 Self-assurance and poise (6) 11 Steady (8) 12 Shy (8) 13 Dreadful (6) 15 Ceremony; parade (7) 17 Retailer of meat (7) 20 Rank; position (6) 22 Impetus (8) 24 Bring to an end (8) 26 Marijuana cigarette (6) 27 Harbour for berthing private boats (6) 28 Heavy grey-white metallic element with the symbol W (8)

Ask us about sponsoring the puzzle pages, getting the gaze on your advert for longer… How long does it take to complete a crossword? For Enquiries call 01903 340 096 or email Petra at

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DOWN 1 Place of worship (6) 2 Bad-mannered; rude (8) 3 Leftover cabbage fried with cooked potatoes (6,3,6) 4 Parched (7) 5 1968 animated film inspired by the music of The Beatles (6,9) 6 The closing part of any performance (6) 7 Tablet (4) 14 Employ; manipulate (3) 16 Painting (3) 18 Talk; opposite (8) 19 Period during which offenders are exempt from punishment (7) 21 Plan or manoeuvre for attaining a particular goal (6) 23 Not smooth (6) 25 Shaped like an egg (4)

Your home is where you feel the most comfortable and the happiest. It is the place you know the best. If you want to stay living comfortably at home, Home Instead can help make that possible. Home Help Companionship Personal Care Dementia Care Live in Care Respite Care Overnight Care

Home Instead Worthing & Steyning 01903 206079 or visit

Each Home Instead franchise is independently owned and operated. Copyright © Home Instead® 2021.

Inside Puzzles


This month’s solutions are on page 38.

Fill the 9×9 grid with numbers 1-9 so that each column, row, and nine 3×3 boxes contains all of the digits from 1-9.




Putting you in front of your customers 6 local magazine titles reaching 40,000 homes and businesses every month


For Enquiries Call 01903 340 096 or email IMHQ 26a South Farm Road, Worthing BN14 7AE

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50 Victoria Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN11 1XE Tel: 01903 230656

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Community Contacts Friends of Heene Cemetery

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A closed cemetery with a haven for wildlife and history.

Garolla p2

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Heene Community Centre 122 Heene Road Worthing BN11 4PL Tel: 01903 209997

Advertising deadline for August 2021 is 10 July 2021. To advertise your business in Inside West Worthing  Tel: 01903 340 096

DOWN 1 temple. 2 impolite. 3 bubble and squeak. 4 thirsty. 5 Yellow Submarine. 6 finale. 7 pill. 14 use. 16 art. 18 converse. 19 amnesty. 21 tactic. 23 uneven. 25 oval. ACROSS 8 Weymouth. 9 elixir. 10 aplomb. 11 reliable. 12 reticent. 13 woeful. 15 pageant. 17 butcher. 20 status. 22 momentum. 24 conclude. 26 reefer. 27 marina. 28 tungsten.




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Do you have cloudy double glazing?

Are your locks, hinges or handles faulty? Well Aaron Smith your local window repair specialist has the answer to all your repair needs. We offer a friendly, local and reliable service that works to bring your old windows back to life without the heavy cost of full replacement. ON

What We Do: • Replacement Glass Cloudy or Broken

• Energy Efficient Glass Upgrades • Locks • Hinges


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Handles Door Repairs Cat Flaps Letterboxes Velux Windows Replacement Seals

Guaranteed to beat any like for like quote Please call 01444 647747 | 07772 537 943 or visit


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We offer a complete funeral service At HD Tribe we have our own Stonemason department who we can rely on to create the stone memorials our clients want to honour their deceased loved ones. Our highly experienced and creative stonemasons design and prepare memorials of great beauty and artistic achievement. The talented craftsperson takes pride in her finished work, ensuring it is to the highest quality. Call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

01903 234516

If you have any questions about stone memorials please phone 01903 764 426, email or visit our Lancing showroom, 26 South Street, Lancing West Sussex BN15 8AG.

Our services

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Stonemasons Vehicles

An independent family run Funeral Directors since 1929. We ensure your loved ones receive the respect and dignity they deserve. With nine offices covering most of West Sussex, we are ideally positioned to give you an efficient, local and dedicated funeral service. Worthing 130 Broadwater Rd Worthing BN14 8HU

Sompting West St Sompting BN15 0DE

Lancing 28 South St Lancing BN15 8AG

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