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November 2020  Issue 32

Nic Naish Nutrition Five benefits How sustainable is

your wardrobe?

of volunteering

Wild about Adur & Worthing

green spaces

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5 Inside Welcome Liana Naylor & Gary the Gull 6 Inside Gardening Regular gardening tips by Rosalind Hart

16 Inside Community Worthing Boys’ Club recycling Tarring Community Forum Tarring Flood Action Group 21 Inside Entertainment

8 Inside Health & Wellbeing Nic Naish Nutrition My journey to health

22 Inside Your Environment How sustainable is your wardrobe?

10 Inside Volunteering Five benefits of volunteering

24 Wild Inside Wild about Worthing & Adur green spaces

12 Inside Food Healthy cooking with Marina

26 Inside Puzzles 29 Inside Colouring 30 Index of Advertisers and Useful Information

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Wild Inside Dr Barbara Pilley Shaw Advertising deadline Inside Volunteering for December 2020 is 10 November 2020. Carole Claridge

Inside Your Environment Helen Adams

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Call us for a free quote, survey or advice on all of your roofing or guttering needs.

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Where’s Gary the Gull Thank you for all your entries, there were some beady eyes on the magazines in October! The winner of £20 for spotting each perch for Gary was Pauline Luxford. The same again this month, don’t forget look for more than one. Entries are welcomed by post and email. 26a South Farm Road, Worthing BN14 7AE

Inside Welcome

I am Liana Naylor, creator and editor of the Inside family of magazines from Worthing across to Lancing’s Widewater. Welcome! When we think of November, we think of light in the dark with fireworks and bonfires. So, although the festival of light has been traditionally held on September in Worthing, I felt that this image that I took myself of local artist Roy Kelf’s installation in 2018 of a polar bear made from recycled plastic was fitting for the front cover. It represents light and dark, but also reminds us of our ailing species. You can see that I have started my journey to better health on p8. I have been surprised at my increased energy levels and ability to move, so soon after changing my diet. I was eating healthily in many ways as I avoid processed foods, but I wasn’t eating what I needed. I’m not measuring my weight or getting hung up on following a diet, I am simply changing to meet the individual needs of my body in the hope that I can see a healthy and energetic future! Last month you all enjoyed reading about Matt’s passion for vacuum cleaners! Some of you even contacted him for support and repairs. This month, Durrington resident, Helen Adams writes about sustainable fashion. It makes you think about the huge volume of clothes many of us have bought and discarded over the years, especially when you think about the story behind how those clothes became so affordable. There’s a proper nip in the air now…wrap up warm and enjoy the wonders of our Downs and seafront! Keep in touch!

Liana :)

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Inside Gardening


for November

Brrr! Late autumn if not winter is now definitely upon us. It is the time of fireworks, dark early evenings, wind, rain, and possibly even frost. There are still jobs that need doing in the garden. We get those lovely crisp days of sunshine, when working in the garden is a pleasure (making returning back inside afterwards even more of a pleasure!). It is not too late to plant Tulips. It is often recommended that they are planted after the first frost and certainly when there is a chill in the air. But importantly don’t plant any bulbs when the soil is too wet. Last year, during our prolonged spells of very wet weather, many bulbs didn’t come up in the spring because they simply rotted in the earth. If you are planting in containers, make sure the pots are standing on feet or are raised in some way so that they have good drainage. It is worth considering wrapping any tender plants such as semihardy Fuchsias to protect them from cold. Fleece is available in all good garden centres, but bubble wrap will work just as well. If you have a greenhouse you can move plants in there. It is often assumed that Dahlias should be lifted and store somewhere dark and dry until replanting next year; but in our part of the country with a mild climate, so in many gardens I just cut back the dahlias leaving just a few inches showing and then cover them with

a mound of compost over the winter – they still return with a marvellous show of flowers the following summer. November is a great time to plant Roses – all the garden centres should have a good variety in stock or there are some marvellous specialists online. It is often thought that Roses should be pruned now, but ideally, they should be lightly cut back, ready for more severe pruning in the spring. Tall Roses especially should be trimmed to avoid damage by strong winds. Don’t forget to keep raking those leaves off the lawn. If you can leave a pile in the corner of the garden, they will provide insect food for birds and a possible hiding place for hedgehogs and frogs. Putting out regular bird food is much appreciated by our feathered friends and you can enjoy watching them visit from the warmth of your home.

Rosalind Hart

Experienced and Reliable Lady Gardener

Garden Maintenance, Clearing, Weeding, Planting, Pruning, Mowing & More... Call: 07766 552404 or email

6 01903 357003 Find me on facebook

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Inside Health & Wellbeing

Nic Naish Nutrition Let me introduce myself... my name is Nic Naish and in 2009 a diagnosis of breast cancer changed my career path – for the better! After a year of cancer treatment I knew I didn’t want to return to teaching. I instinctively ‘ate clean’ and exercised throughout my treatment. I was 40 and passionate to understand the science behind the success of my regime. Over the next 7 years I studied and re-trained; first in fitness instructing becoming a Level 4 Cancer Rehabilitation specialist, then a 3 year degree in Naturopathic Nutrition plus training as a DNA test practitioner. I launched Bandana Health and Fitness in 2015 in West Worthing – an holistic ‘one-stop-shop’ for the local community, using exercise, nutritional advice and a friendly supportive environment to help heal people. After an initial free consultation, I was delighted to start working with Liana for 3 reasons. We had established a rapport, she wanted a long term solution and not a quick fix and she was READY for change. We started the process with a DNA test that provided us with a clear path to head down.

Nic Naish

“Carbs” are one of the three macronutrients like protein and fat that we need in varying amounts to sustain our metabolism and energy levels. When we consume carbs, our digestive tract turns them into glucose, which is then burned to produce heat and adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is a molecule that stores and releases energy as needed by the cells in our body.

“Good Carbs” vs. “Bad Carbs” How do we tell the difference? The type of carbs we eat is important because the type dictates how the carbs respond in the body! Whole, unprocessed carbs are considered healthy carbs. (Eg. cabbage, potatoes, brown rice, beans, apples) All these foods have their nutrients intact and are minimally altered, safeguarding their nutritional value. Refined carbs have had the fibre removed and have been altered; the processing methods stripping away key vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. (Eg. fruit drinks, white rice and flour, pasta, pastry) 07780 546343 @bandanahealthandfitness

As with so many of my clients, the results highlighted a strong sensitivity to carbohydrates.

8 01903 357003

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We talk about Covid a lot at the moment; it’s a big part of our lives. When it was announced that the chances of dying from Covid were significantly greater if the person is overweight, and the whole country was urged to look at their health and lifestyles, I decided that it was time to look at a better way forward with my own health. I knew that if I shared my journey with you lot, it would put me under pressure to keep going! I am hoping that the off shoot from sharing it with you, will motivate others to consider their own health. I had a lot of response from my quest to find a personal trainer/nutritionist, many of them would be excellent, but I needed to choose one. I chose to work with Nic, because I am ultimately a bit of a geek and need to believe in the science behind it. I also needed someone who would understand my time of life and the impact of hormones on my health. The DNA test gave us a great benchmark but has also stopped me needing to do things that fit other people, but are not relevant to me. It was an interesting experience which we will expand on over the weeks. So, the first surprise was “Carbs”. Nic explained how my liver processes carbs, which ultimately means that I don’t benefit from the energy release that some get, but I do store the glucose in an unhealthy way. Carbs were also causing inflammation. After just 2 days of cutting them out of my diet, I notices a reduction in back pain, my ankles were less swollen and I had a new level of energy. Now, 4 weeks on, I see cutting carbs out of my diet as an ongoing norm in my life. I have had a bit of birthday cake in that time, but that’s ok. Now I am steering my life away from type 2 diabetes.

Liana :)

David Price Dip FH, MCFHP, MAFHP

Toenail Cutting, Corns, Callus etc... Clinic Appointments & Home Visits 01903 533 688

24 Charmandean Road, Worthing, BN14 9LQ

Ultimate Handyman

Inside Health & Wellbeing

My journey to better health

& Property Maintenance 7

24r/gency e t em all ou c

• • • • •

Garden Maintenance Painting and Decorating Landscape Gardening External Painting Home Repairs

Call Harold: E.

07475 438788




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Inside Volunteering

Five benefits of volunteering

Hello and welcome to Inside Volunteering – a new feature from Community Works Volunteer Centre. Community Works is a charity connecting community organisations, people and businesses to build a better community for everyone. Every year, our Volunteer Centre helps hundreds of local people find a rewarding volunteer role. I’m Carole Claridge, the Volunteering Adviser for Worthing & Adur and a volunteer myself! If you’ve thought about volunteering but don’t know where to start – get in touch, I’d love to help.

“I enjoy it”, was the simple response of 93% of volunteers surveyed by the NCVO in 2019 when asked what they got out of volunteering. That’s great to hear. However, enjoyment is just one of the many benefits of volunteering. Here are five more to inspire you…

Carole Claridge Volunteering Adviser

1. Helping others. The reason behind most people’s decision to volunteer, is the positive impact it has on someone else’s life and on the community. Whether you’re serving food in a homeless shelter, befriending the vulnerable through regular phone calls, assisting with administration at a community food bank, or mentoring a young person, your actions have a direct positive effect on someone, in addition to supporting the work of charities and strengthening the local community.

2. The feel-good factor. In 2008 The London School of Economics discovered that volunteering contributes to levels of happiness: the more people volunteer, the happier they are. Why? It’s the feel-good factor. Volunteers feel they are making a difference, they have a sense of purpose and are making meaningful connections: this increases feelings of selfworth and boosts self-esteem. Sam, a volunteer trustee for Home-Start Arun, Worthing and Adur agrees. “I always suffered from a lack of self-esteem and ‘Imposter Syndrome’. However, being a trustee has boosted my confidence. It’s an environment in which I can share my knowledge and witness a positive effect, which in turn gives me the confidence that I am good at what I do.”

10 01903 357003

3. Physical benefits. Various studies show that people who regularly volunteer are also less likely to develop high blood pressure – the reduced stress levels will help with this – and actually live longer than non-volunteers.

4. Boost your career prospects. Whether you’re just beginning your career journey or have been working for several years, volunteering looks great on your CV. It’s an excellent way to stand out in a competitive job market. It can offer valuable work experience if you’re looking to enter a specific industry or switch careers. Volunteering can help develop your communication and teamwork skills and show potential employers that you can be pro-active, use your own initiative and have a sense of altruism and commitment.

5. Meet new people. 89% of volunteers surveyed for the 2019 NCVO ‘Time Well Spent’ report said they had met new people through volunteering. It’s a great – and fun – way to meet people from different backgrounds and ages that you may not have otherwise interacted with. If you feel isolated or lonely, volunteering offers a sense of community, and if you volunteer for a cause that you’re passionate about, you’re likely to meet likeminded people with similar interests.

Inside Volunteering

Many studies reveal a positive link between volunteering and improved mental health: confirming that volunteering can help reduce stress, anxiety, and combat depression.

Our Volunteering Adviser, Carole Claridge, enjoys meeting people. She says, “I wanted a role that gave me the opportunity to meet a wide range of people and made me feel connected to my local area.”

What are you waiting for? Take your first step to volunteering Email a Volunteering Advisor Phone a Volunteering Advisor 01903 207735 or 07595 831069 Search our website for a volunteer role Follow us on social media to see the latest roles  01903 357003


Inside Food

Healthy Cooking

with Marina

Italian-Style Cooking My name is Marina Gai, and cooking is my passion. I have been cooking since I was a child and have a wealth of experience in authentic Italian style of food preparation and presentation. I strongly believe in using healthy ingredients because a healthy diet prevents malnutrition and protects the body from diseases including heart disease, diabetes, cancer, stroke and lowers the risk of obesity. Today, many people’s diets consist of more saturated fats, trans fats and sugars, and lack the fruits, vegetables and dietary fibre needed for proper nutrition. Yet, nutritious meals don’t need to be dull. Your body’s health reflects what you put into it. My target is to assist and encourage people to understand and appreciate a better way of eating. Check out my page on facebook or call me for the all the details of my cookery classes.

Healthy Cooking with Marina

Italian cookery lessons with Marina. Learn how to cook authentic healthy and fresh Italian food? call

T: 07786 940360

Vegetarian/Vegan Lasagne Ingredients 1tbl Olive Oil 300 gms Pumpkin (or preferred veg) 100 gms Almond Flour and Parmigiano Cheese (leave the cheese out for vegan option) 100 gms Leeks 300 gms Spinach or Chard 500 mls milk or plant based alternative 3 or 4 sheets Lasagne Pasta For White Sauce (Bechamel) 2 tbl Flour Salt Milk or plant based alternative Method Turn the oven to 200* and allow cooking time of 30 minutes Steam the pumpkin (or chosen vegetables), stir with a fork, add the olive oil and bechamel (see below for recipe) and mix together. Cook the leeks in a dash of olive oil and milk, or plant based alternative and mix together. Mix the pumpkin mixture and bechamel sauce together and place in the lasagne dish and cover with 1 Lasagne sheet. Add together spinach and leek sauce, the cheese (leave out for vegan option) and almond flour, and Bechamel, and cover with foil. Place in a hot oven for 30 minutes. To make the Bechamel Sauce Place 1 tbl Olive Oil into the sauce-pan, add 2 tbls Flour, stir together, add a dash of milk or plant based alternative and stir together until it is your preferred thickness. Note – If you don’t like pumpkin, you can add 1 ½ tbls of vegan pesto to the Bechamel and use any vegetables you prefer. – This dish is suitable for freezing

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773260 The local, family run business that provides all aspects of building work • Painting and decorating • Building repairs • Loft conversions and extensions • Driveways and paving

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John Green GUTTERING Fascias - Soffits Polycarbonate Roofs



Resin Bound Driveways and Patios Call John on



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We spoke to Jean de Rien, from The Dining Room about their new French menu…

Why’s the menu called “Vive La Difference”? Customers ask if we used to be the French restaurant “La Difference”. That was next door – but it’s led us to pay homage to that Worthing institution… people still hold fond memories of it.

What’s on the menu? Classic dishes – from Paté de Campagne to Boeuf Bourguignon, with an Assiette Gourmand (platter of mini-desserts) to finish. Daily specials mean I won’t get bored in the kitchen! Vegetarian and vegan options are available too. There’s an entirely French wine list on offer, with beers and ciders too.

When’s it available? Our 7-course tasting menus are still on Fridays and Saturdays, but this bistro menu is on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. If there’s demand, we’ll open for lunch too.

With a name like Jean, I suppose French food is an ideal fit, isn’t it? I’m actually Lancastrian, but I’ve spent more than 2 years in France, so it’s second nature to me. I love the simplicity of hearty dishes, packed with flavour.

You’re “The Singing Chef” – will you be singing any French songs? All the songs I know are in English! I’d love to learn some French ones… “La Vie En Rose” for example. At my wedding I sang “I Wish You Love”, based on a French song about breaking up… I changed the lyrics! The “Vive La Difference” menu available Wednesday and Thursday from 6:30pm at The Dining Room.

In terms of masks, we’ve always been ahead of the curve, so…

Venture out for some

Amazing, award-winning and unique dining experiences, from midweek menus to fine dining and tasting menus, from brunch to private venue hire – we’ve got it all, including a singing chef, and all for less than you might think…

14 01903 204194 01903 357003

14 Crescent Road Worthing BN11 1RL

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New Homes | Extensions | Conversions | Structural Alterations Decorating | Bathrooms | Kitchens | Paving/Driveways | Maintenance

Established for over 20 Years We pride ourselves in providing a personal, friendly service with initial advice, through to arranging any planning and design work.

Operating throughout Sussex We specialise in building quality new homes, extensions and conversions throughout Sussex.

Telephone: 01903 830240 Email:

Helping you make the right decisions

Arranging long-term care for yourself or on behalf of a relative can be challenging, with so many choices to consider and the pressure to make the right decisions. Contact the Carewise care funding scheme for impartial information and expert independent financial advice on paying for care. All the Carewise-approved care fees specialists are members of the Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA). Book your free consultation Visit, email or phone 01243 642121 and ask for a Carewise referral, quote ref: IN10/20.

WS32852 08.2020  01903 357003


Inside Community

Recycling items we can accept We ask that all terracycle recyclers try and keep pet food pouches/sachets, Flash wipes, ink cartridges and stamps in separate bags. We are happy to collect ALL types of PLASTIC bottle tops we recycle as many as we can and those that can’t go to craft and schools for projects. If all items could be kept separate (not inside each other) and as FLAT as possible this makes a massive difference to how quickly we can sort into the schemes. If anyone can sort their items in to separate bags this is also extremely helpful, but we fully understand not everyone is able to do this and that’s not a problem. We run terracycle sorting sessions where we encourage volunteers to sign up and come along and help us sort the items given to us. We currently have a maximum of 4 people in at any time and set up socially distance areas for sorting. We run a recycling group on Facebook: Worthing Boys Club Recycling. We try to keep everyone up to date with new schemes, we list our recycling sorting dates and anyone can ask questions or send us photos. We have two big yellow bins outside 24/7.

Worthing Boys’ Club   @worthingboysclub    @wboysclub   @worthingboysclub Mobile: 07929 484749 Worthing Boys Club, Ivy Arch Road, Worthing BN14 8BX

• Plastic Milk bottle tops. • Biscuit wrappers (all brands) inc multi pack outer wrapper. • Cracker wrappers (all brands). • Finish Dishwasher plastic (doypacks), salt bag, outer sleeve packaging. • Flexible refill packaging for cleaning products. • Vanish plastic packaging, clean wipe packets. • Laundry plastic packets. • Ring Carrier (mainly on alcohol cans). • Flash Wipes & Flash power & speed mop pads (please keep in a separate bag from other items). • Baylis & Harding pumps and beauty packaging. • Carex pumps & refill packets. • Hasbro branded toys broken or missing included (playdoh pots & lids aswell). • Spontex – any brand of disposable gloves (NO medical used ones). • Plastic Cheese wrappers, cheese nets, individual & the plastic film. (all brands) & Babybel all of it (except the cheese!!!) • Marigolds – Gloves & packets (Marigold brand only) • Electric toothbrush heads & flosser nozzles, dental floss container, floss & interdental brushes, toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes and all cardboard packaging for tooth branded products.

16 01903 357003

• Pringles tubes, seal & lids. • KP – Peanuts, Pork scratchings, Pretzels, Popcorn packaging. • Ella’s Kitchen – ALL BRANDS of baby food pouches, yoghurt pouches and snack packets. • All & any make up brands (items do not have to be completely empty). • Crisp packets (all brands) inc multi pack bag. • Kinder packaging on all their products including the toy packaging. • Trigger Spray (container goes in your recycle bin top to us). • Pump’s off of liquid soaps and moisturizer etc. • Caps – from deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, sun cream etc. • Roll on deodorants (no glass). • Beauty Face pack/mask packaging. • Beauty wipes packaging. • Hair colour kits all (except box and bottle). • Plastic Bread bags (all brands). • Chocolate & sweet wrappers • Pet food pouches/sachets (MUST be washed and dried). • Dry pet food bags. (No outer plastic packaging or trays). • Ink Cartridges (No toners). • Stamps.

We appreciate the use of the above branded imagery from Terracycle. To find out more of what you can recycle and how you can help go to  01903 357003


Inside Community

bed that is seen on the approach from Thomas A’Becket Traffic lights will be floral and decorative, to give an attractive introduction to Tarring. We have applied for a grant from Community Chest to assist with costs, and also to print our Flooding Resilience Plan.

Streets and Paving

Tarring Flood Action Group We are getting closer and closer to building our long awaited rainwater gardens in the triangle at the top of High Street, with the junction of Rectory Road. Work was initially planned for Half Term to minimise disruption to school runs in the area, but with City Fibre working in the area, work is delayed, so we hope to commence (and finish) sometime between Half Term and Christmas. We have had the opportunity to discuss our work with City Fibre, so that we can work together. The last thing we want to do is dig up the fibre optic cables! So what will the garden look like? There will be two raised beds for the community which will be 3 sleepers high, people will be able to sit on them and chat (socially distanced). Darren Rolf from Highdown Rangers will be helping us with the construction. We hope to grow edible plants that people can pick and eat while they sit and chat! The raised

We have had the excellent news that West Sussex County Council propose to make a long awaited permanent Traffic Regulation Order. Double yellow lines will be introduced to Bulkington Avenue, at its junctions with St Thomas’s Road, St Anselm’s Road, Nutbourne Road, St Elmo Road and Woodside Road. It also includes further double yellow lines at the junction of Woodside Road with Henty Road, and on the northern/western sides of the bend where Guildford Road and Haynes Road meet. There have been some concerns about paving and re-instating pavements during the work carried out by City Fibre. City Fibre have worked with residents to attempt to rectify and restore where possible.

Rowans An update on The Rowans Gym and Men in Sheds who found themselves homeless with the upgrade of the Rowans. Men in Sheds (Worthing) continue to have there facilities at the Broadwater campus of Northbrook MET college, but they have also been offered further space at the West Durrington campus.

18 01903 357003

• Leadwork • Chimneys • Fascias & Soffits • Firewalls

F Estimree & Ad ates vice

• Pitched Roofs • Flat Roofs • Repairs • Guttering

Call Russell on 07427 410765

A timeless drink to be enjoyed

Rowans Gym has reformed to become Active Worthing Wellbeing Centre CIC as a brand new service aimed at helping those with long term health conditions, injuries, and disabilities to manage their conditions and keep active for health. They are a group Worthing Gin shop of specialist exercise instructors with Level Unit 16, Guildbourne Centre, Worthing BN11 1LZ 4 qualifications in Falls Prevention, Cancer or order online Rehab, Cardiac Rehab, Exercise after Stroke, Mental Health, Obesity and Diabetes, and Neurological conditions. You won’t find anywhere else in Worthing with this number to refer you. It is free to be referred, and once you have had your consultation, of highly qualified exercise specialists. They Inside_WorthinGin3 90x63mm.indd 1 15/09/2020 they have both a monthly direct debit and are currently running a range of classes at pay as you go options for membership. Palatine Park Clubhouse that aim to keep The second part of their business focuses people active regardless of fitness level on coaching life skills and combating and ability, ranging from seated classes social isolation. Their Life Skills sessions including Yoga, specific strength and are suitable for those with Acquired balance classes, to faster paced Keep Active Brain Injuries, Stroke, those with Mental classes. They continue to look for a venue Health Conditions and many more. These to run an accessible referral/rehab gym as sessions range from reading and writing, they are able to keep the equipment they IT skills, cooking, and improving memory. had at The Rowans. The sessions are run at St Symphorian’s Anyone from the age 13 and upwards Church Hall, Durrington. Clients for this can be referred to Active Worthing part of the service can self-refer. If you Wellbeing Centre by any medical know anyone that would benefit from professional eg Nurse, GP, Physiotherapist this services for their physical and mental etc. Criteria to be referred can include any wellbeing, or you would like to be sent health conditions, injuries, or anyone who a referral form, please get in touch with would benefit from increasing their activity them via email at info@activeworthing. levels. Their form has been distributed to, or call or text on 0770662158. local surgeries so you can ask your doctor

Inside Community

ars 18 yeience r e Exp cally Lo  01903 357003



Inside Community

Litter Picks Don’t forget our monthly Litter Picks in Tarring Park on every second Saturday of the month at 10am.

RIP Peter Brown We were saddened to hear of the death of Peter Brown. Peter was a long-standing member of the Forum and a great servant for the Tarring community. Boats, model boats and the Wey & Arun Canal were just three of his passions.

Tarring High Street Book Exchange Since the start of lockdown in March, Pete and Coleen Smith have been running a book exchange “library“ from their garden wall in Tarring High Street. It started by Coleen putting some unwanted books out for others to enjoy. All the books were cleaned with antibacterial wipes and people donating books were asked to do the same, which they very kindly did. This soon grew and grew with many people coming regularly; also bringing their unwanted books for others. This was great as libraries and charity shops were all closed. Coleen began to learn the book preferences of their visitors and which particular authors they liked, so she kept them aside for their next visit. The couple say it’s been a wonderful community experience. They have made many friends from their book exchange, some of whom have sent them cards thanking them for – in their words “saving their lives and their sanity”. These have been difficult times for all, so when people tell Pete and Coleen that they have been a life-line it’s made it all been worthwhile. Our field of readers were not just local, some were from Offington and Gaisford.

“We also had a plant sale in the Spring, thanks to our daughter for growing many plants for us at home. They only asked for donations which raised £144.68 for Hazel Thorpe’s 3 Mayoral Charities. Sadly, as of the end of November they will no longer be able to put the books out with such changeable weather, and with a lack of storage at home, the book exchange will be closing. The remaining books will be donated to R.S.P.C.A, charity shop in Montague Street where Coleen is a volunteer. Pete and Coleen would like to thanks to everyone who supported them, and in turn supported the whole community. They hope they gave as much fun as they got from doing it.

Notice of event cancellation from organiser Bob Pullen: Dear Friends, We regret to announce that because of the Covid-19 situation, the Remembrance Sunday Bikers event planned for 8th November 2020 has been cancelled. All being well, we hope to meet again in 2021.

20 01903 357003

Worthing takes Shop Local to heart during the pandemic and Worthing’s local cinemas are ready to go! 2020 is a perilous time for cinemas. Distributors are afraid to release Blockbusters, fearing unfilled seats and people aren’t go to the cinema because there are no Blockbusters; creating a vicious cycle.

Big cinema chains have closed, or are opening part time but independents like us are holding out, so we at The Dome are optimistic. No cases of Covid have been linked to cinemas. The Dome Cinema has been open since early July welcoming thousands of guests through our doors since.

Our Safety Measures • Physical distancing with empty seats around each booking • Deep cleaning and sanitising between shows • Increased air flow • Staggered film times to reduce the number of people moving around the building. Face coverings must be worn around the building – but can be removed once seated to enjoy sweets, drinks, and popcorn.

Inside Entertainment

I’ll be back to the cinema

The Dome has a great line-up to enjoy. There’s a full slate of halfterm family films (from Two By Two: Overboard to Wolfwalkers, The Secret Garden to Over The Moon), adrenaline-filled action hits (including Liam Neeson’s Honest Thief and zombie epic Peninsula), feel-good favourites (A Streetcat Named Bob sequel A Christmas Gift From Bob) and even a bit of singing (Michael Ball & Alfie Boe: Back Together)! You can also help by purchasing gift vouchers from The Dome that last 1 year, watch the urgent documentary We Are Many online through our website, and be sure to regularly check  01903 357003


Inside Your Environment

How sustainable is

your wardrobe?

Helen Adams

Hi I’m Helen, a Fashion Technician at Brighton MET and a student working towards a Masters Degree in Sustainable Design with a focus on the Fashion and Textile Industry. I recently launched a circular clothing label (more details later!) The fashion and textile industry is reported to be amongst the most polluting industries in the world. Here are some facts to put this into perspective: • Around 70 million trees are cut down a YEAR to make our clothes • 1 full dump truck of clothes goes into landfill EVERY second. • 23% of all chemicals produced round the world are used for the textile industry • 90% of Mongolia’s surface is facing the threat of desertification due to the breeding of cashmere goats • Approximately 260-300 million pairs of denim jeans are produced in China alone PER YEAR • It takes on average 10,000 litres of water to cultivate just one kilogram of raw cotton (which is used to make denim)

This regular feature will be exploring how we can create and maintain a more sustainable wardrobe and do our bit to combat the damage this industry does to our planet and the people on it. When we talk about sustainable fashion, you may also hear people refer to Ethical Fashion, Slow Fashion and Circular Fashion. These terms are becoming more common, so let’s look at the difference between them and really understand where we need to be heading when choosing our clothes. Sustainable Fashion This is the umbrella term for all the other terms, but if we look at it in its own right, sustainable fashion refers to how the production and waste of fashion and textiles effects the environment and the planet. It refers to the environmental costs of production, including the use of pesticides, dyeing and finishing, water and waste treatment, energy reduction, material choice, and packaging.

Taken from ‘Sustainable Fashion and Textiles’ by Kate Fletcher

“ Clothes are not going to change the world, the women who wear them will”

Anne Klein, Fashion designer.

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Stella McCartney

Ethical Fashion The word “ethical” is associated with human rights and the morals of manufacturing. Ethical fashion refers to how garments are made; from how the cotton was grown; how workers are treated and paid to who packages and delivers the products. If a product is “ethically made,” it means there was no sweatshop labour, child labour, worker abuse, discrimination, or slavery. It also means that workers received fair pay, had the right to unionise, and worked in safe conditions. We can look at the 10 principles of fair trade to get an idea what is involved in Ethical Fashion. If you are buying a dress for under £10, it is not possible for this to cover the material, the wages, or the cost of shipping. Wages for the staff of the UK company who post it out to you also need to be covered. As the UK has strict laws regarding wages, and shipping and material costs are generally nonnegotiable, it is likely that person who made your dress was paid very little and working long hours in unsafe conditions.

“ Buy less. Choose well. Make it last”

Vivienne Westwood

Slow Fashion Fast fashion refers to the ever-changing trends of the fashion industry. Cheap retailers push out trends at a low price we can afford to buy, wear, throw, and move on to the next trend without a thought. This has increased with the explosion of internet shopping. Online clothes retailers are able to design, make and photograph a new trend every day compared to the traditional way of introducing a collection each season.

Inside Your Environment

“ The future of fashion is circular. It has to be.”

The increasing volume of clothing purchased and discarded in the past few decades is hopefully taking a U turn. This is where the term ‘Slow Fashion’ was coined. Moving away from fast fashion and chasing trends, to creating pieces that will last, in style and in quality. Slow fashion promotes taking care of our clothes, wearing them time and time again, and getting the most out of every piece. Circular Fashion A circular fashion industry is defined as a regenerative system in which garments are circulated for as long as their maximum value is retained, and then returned safely to the biosphere when they are no longer of use. In essence, we circulate what we already have for as long as possible, donating, upcycling or recycling, to minimise the production of new materials. Now we are more familiar with the terms that make up a more positive fashion and textile industry, I’ll look forward to exploring ways in which we can all create a more sustainable, ethical and circular wardrobe!  01903 357003


Wild Inside

Wild about Adur & Worthing

green spaces

Dr Barbara Pilley Shaw

Wild November spotlights Nature – RECYCLING! Deciduous trees help regenerate soils by adding organic matter through the vivid annual autumn leaf drop. blog/2020/10/why-autumn-leaveschange-colour/ Leaf litter decomposes forming nutrient-rich leaf mould, a really wild compost seedbed for next spring’s germinating wildflowers. Allotmenteers turn to soil, ready for next year’s saplings, veg and herbaceous crops. Soil composition depends on underlying geology or ‘minerals’ and the organic matter generated by the wildlife within it. Sussex soils vary greatly from Downs to Weald and from valleys to coast. Poor-draining acidic clay deposits, riverine soils full of pebbles, flints, fossils, and sometimes archaeology, are a feature of Worthing & Adur.

In green places it’s a busy time raking fallen leaves and clearing vegetation from plots ready for next season’s sowing and growing. Heaped dead material is invaded by an army of wildlife, kick-starting processes that will turn it into rich productive compost. Decomposers, billions of bacteria and fungi (moulds, slime-moulds and toadstools) get rotting. Detrivores, hungry herbivorous invertebrates such as insects, woodlice, millipedes and wonderful worms, get to work alongside. Clearing plots isn’t always straightforward. Some of the abundant natural detritus may harbour diseases that threaten native tree species, or house overwintering pests that could seriously impact orchard yields. National Trust reports 40,000 trees face felling after a surge in Ash Dieback, and vagaries of weather due to Climate Change saw an increase in orchard fruit drop as water stressed apples succumbed to Brown Rot and a second generation of Codling Moth.

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Wild Inside

Diseased material needs careful disposal. Sealing it to rot in compressed plastic bags allows it to break down anaerobically before adding it safely to compost heaps. Adur & Worthing Councils https://www. household collection service provides a green bin by annual subscription or £1.25 waste sacks available from listed retailers. Green waste goes to Opus, a company that composts and peak heats it to destroy harmful disease organisms. The graded product is then sold through local landscape suppliers. FIRE – control of pests through bonfires in orchards and the burning of cereal stubble, was once commonplace. Loss of control plus damage to soil structure and symbiotic Micorrhiza fungi that nurture plant roots has reduced this practice. Burning wood generates carcinogenic smoke that threatens human health. Globally in New South Wales forest fires are a climate issue too hot to handle with habitat loss threatening extinction of iconic Koala bears. Recent local fires in Ashdown and Wareham Forests have impacted on rare heathland reptiles, snakes and lizards. So whilst enjoying the historic cultural spectacle of a November 5th bonfire and the mouth-watering fun of baked potatoes and roast chestnuts – we ‘guys’ need to take care that our cherished domestic pets and precious garden wildlife aren’t scared witless! And… to watch out for hedgehogs hiding in the wood pile!

Wild News Green Tides the Green Space Partnership has lottery funding for birch tree planting and developing a wildflower trail. Worthing Climate Action Network (with a home on Facebook) debate ways of re-wilding our green gaps, verges and highways with local councils.  01903 357003


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Escape rooms are a global phenomenon and in August this year the first one in Worthing Town Centre opened in the Guildbourne Centre.

An interactive puzzle solving adventure based upon local history. Can you out-smart the challenges of this Our smuggling tale?

first escape room is now open in the Guildbourne Centre!

If you use the code INSIDEMINDWORKS on checkout you will receive a 10% discount on all purchases made during For more information and November. to book your escape, go to

Mindworks Escape Rooms first escape room Teams can be made up of “Smuggler’s Ruin” is set in Victorian Worthing. between 2 and 6 players and It is an interactive team adventure where the aim can be of all fitness levels is to work together to solve a range of puzzles (the game is wheelchair in one hour and complete the challenge set at accessible). the beginning of the game. The game is recommended The game has been designed for people for adults and children who have never played an escape room aged 12 and above. before and those who have played many If you know somebody who likes and want to try something original and different. escape rooms and you are looking for a different Christmas present, “Smuggler’s Ruin” has five-star reviews from first time escapees you can also buy Mindworks and experienced gamers. Escape Room vouchers.

You can book your game or buy your voucher at Great fun for you and your Covid-19 family bubble!  01903 357003


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Fill the 9×9 grid with numbers 1-9 so that each column, row, and nine 3×3 boxes contains all of the digits from 1-9. Last month's solutions below!


3 2 4


5 6

1 4 3 7 2 1

4 1 6

8 9 5 3 4 7






5 7 6 2

2 5 6

9 8 2 1

9 3

7 1

Medium 3 7 5 6 8 2 4 1 9

1 6 4 9 3 7 5 2 8

8 2 9 5 4 1 6 7 3

6 1 2 8 7 5 9 3 4

9 3 7 4 2 6 1 8 5

5 4 8 1 9 3 2 6 7

8 7 3 5 4 2 9 1 6

6 5 4 1 9 7 3 8 2

2 9 1 3 8 6 5 7 4

1 4 2 8 6 9 7 5 3

6 5 5 2

3 1 7

4 8 2 5



4 8


4 9 3 2 1 8 7 5 6


6 5

1 9

1 7 9


2 8 6 7 5 9 3 4 1



6 2

7 5 1 3 6 4 8 9 2


2 7


Difficult 9 6 8 7 3 5 2 4 1

7 3 5 2 1 4 6 9 8

3 1 6 9 7 8 4 2 5

5 8 9 4 2 3 1 6 6

4 2 7 6 5 1 8 3 9

6 1 4 7 8 3 2 5 9

8 2 7 5 6 9 3 1 4

9 3 5 1 4 2 7 8 6

1 4 9 2 7 6 8 3 5

9 1

7 8 2 3 9 5 4 6 1

5 6 3 4 1 8 9 7 2

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2 7 1 6 3 4 5 9 8

3 5 8 9 2 1 6 4 7

4 9 6 8 5 7 1 2 3

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