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Who Is The Greek Family Behind So Many Of Columbia’s Favorite Restaurants?

Seemed like a simple enough question. I figured 10 minutes on the phone and I’d have my answer — and maybe score some baklava. It took a little longer than that to devour this tasty mystery and in the end, I had to draw a picture to make sense of it all. >>>

Gus & Kasiani Aslanidis

Voula & George Terzopoulos

Moved with their kids from Greece to Wisconsin in 1966 and worked in the restaurant business for Kasiani’s relatives. The family moved to Columbia in 1968, where Gus bought into G&D Steakhouse on Worley Street in 1970. The name came from the original owners, Kasiani’s brother George and another investor, Dino Godas, and stayed the same even after Gus bought Dino’s share. “Maybe it cost too much money to change the sign?” wonders Gus’ son, Angelo.

Tina & Jimmy Aslanidis Jimmy owns Jimmy’s Family Steakhouse, which opened in 1991.

Children Gus & Kasiani Gus works at Jimmy’s Family Steakhouse and might take over the restaurant one day. Kasiani is an occupational therapist in Columbia.

Angelo & Elly Aslanidis Angelo is a coowner of G&D Steakhouse on Worley Street. Elly makes the restaurant’s baklava. Elly’s brother, Dino, owned Dino’s Steakhouse. Elly and Angelo met in 1975, when Angelo went back to Greece for a vacation. They were married a week later.

George (1938-2008) opened the first G&D Steakhouse in Columbia in 1969.

Nephews: Pano & Alex Terzopoulos Own G&D Pizzaria on West Broadway.

Maria Duncan Works as a waitress at G&D Steakhouse and Jimmy’s Family Steakhouse.

Alex Aslanidis A co-owner of G&D Steakhouse.

Children: Kasandra Works at G&D Steakhouse.

Children: Gus & Michael Gus is the former owner of a series of restaurants including Gus’ Pizza & Steak on Business Loop 70 (formerly George’s Pizza & Steakhouse) and Gus’ Pizza & Grille, Pizza Subs & Wings and part owner of The Zou Pub & Grille, also owned by his cousin, Alex Ligonis. Gus currently works at Joe Machens Ford. Michael, still works with his father at the G&D Steakhouse on Worley Street.

Michael & Maria Godas

George Godas Opened George’s Pizza & Steakhouse

Athanasia Soula Roussiou & Konstantinos “Dino” Michael Godas Opened several G&D Steakhouses in the 1970s and the Dino’s Steakhouse on Paris Road in 1993. Dino passed away in 2007 in a car accident.

Mary & Angelo Skyvalidas Opened Angelo’s Restaurant in the 1970s.

Children: Pano & Vicki Skyvalidas, Soula Gallatin Pano and Soula help run Angelo’s Restaurant. Soula is married to Bryce Gallatin; they have one child, Dane.

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