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Jenny Teator & The Fevers

Founded: 2013 Genre: Funk/rock/blues Members: Jenny Teator, Zach Harrison, Cy McConnell, Ted Paletta, Rob Watson, Bradley Leatherman Record label: Home Tone Records Albums: “Jenny Teator and The Fevers” (2013) Mid-Mo venues: The Blue Note, The Bridge, Mojo’s, Roxy’s, The Mission (Jefferson City) The live show experience: “We give it all we’ve got and to see that energy circulating through the crowd just keeps us going!” New, exciting opportunities: “The biggest show we’ve played was at Summerfest, opening for the great Wanda Jackson and Cracker on July 30, 2014. Next July, not the full band, but part of The Fevers (Ted, Cy and Jenny) will be playing on a seven-night cruise to the Caribbean!”

The DIY Scene Columbia has an active underground music scene right now, but getting people to talk about it is rather difficult. The solo folk/pop/punk act Paper Ceilings, aka Jesse Markway, is one of the DIY of-the-moment bands. Checking out Paper Ceilings on social media reveals venue names such as Pasta Mermaid, Groovy Grrls and The Dome — but Markway declines an invitation to talk about them. He does say that the DIY scene covers pretty much all the same genres as the larger Columbia music scene, with an emphasis on punk, metal, country and folk. “I think it’s really important,” he says. “People are making really interesting music and sharing that, regardless of whether it’s a commercial venture or not. “It’s also very inclusive,” he adds. “It helps people who otherwise might not have somewhere to fit in. They can find that in underground music, whether they’re a musician or not.”


Columbia’s music scene, to me, has always been very vibrant, very progressive, fiercely independent and committed to original music. People have always been into writing original music around here. There has always been a legacy for sort of doing your own thing.

— Pete Szkolka, owner of Pete Szkolka Music/Audio Production




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Inside Columbia Magazine November Issue