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Decadent Nation

Founded: 2010 Genre: Folk, Americana, indie Members: Rae Fitzgerald, Ian Vardell, Josh Chittum Albums: “Of War & Water” (2011), “Quitting the Machine” (2013) Mid-Mo venues: The Bridge, Mojo’s The live show experience: “An honest display of raw emotion and a story that invites you in.” New, exciting opportunities: “We played the T/F Fest for the first time this year, were selected to play BXR’s Unsigned Artist Showcase, had an interview in the MoonRunners blog and played both BXR and KOPN several times. Not to mention, we’ve played more than 70 shows in 2014 and are planning on at least another 40!”


When you’re walking down the street, to me, there’s just a certain consciousness that you know you’re in a city that is a progressive city, but a progressive city that hasn’t lost its roots and its soul. And that’s definitely reflected in the music. It has everything progressive, but at the same time, it still has that soul and funkiness to it.

— T.J. Wheeler, Blues in the Schools educator

Founded: 2005 Genre: Alternative Members: Colin LaVaute, Zack Blomberg, Cody Sprock, Scott Eames Record label: DN LLC Albums: “PuLsE” (2005), “Decadent Nation” EP (2008), “So There Will Be No Doubt” (2010), “Fortaleza” (2012) Mid-Mo venues: The Blue Note and Mojo’s The live show experience: “We want our audience to feel the music on a visceral level. The other side of that coin is exposing people who might not be familiar with us to the full range of our sound. People hear the words ‘Decadent Nation’ and might think we’re heavier than we are, but our live show displays our dynamic range.” New, exciting opportunities: “We are currently releasing a single a month this year, which will culminate in a 12-song LP entitled ‘A Record of Space and Time,’ releasing on New Year’s.” NOVEMBER 2014 INSIDE COLUMBIA


Inside Columbia Magazine November Issue  
Inside Columbia Magazine November Issue