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wide range of topics and products. On our website, we have all kinds of resources for pet owners — information on how to introduce your pets to new babies, how to tackle litter box problems, introducing new pets to one another and much more!

How have you made Lizzi & Rocco’s a place for animal lovers to come together? We love any excuse to get people and their pets together to have a party! Our holiday events and yappy hours throughout the year have become really popular among Columbia’s pets — and their people.

How does Lizzi & Rocco’s support animal rescue work? LIZZI & ROCCO’S OWNERS KYLE AND JESSICA SCHLOSSER PHOTO BY L.G. PATTERSON

Animal Magnetism Lizzi & Rocco’s has pet owners sitting up and taking notice. Lizzi & Rocco’s Natural Pet Market has earned the adoration of this city’s pets and their people. Owners Kyle and Jessica Schlosser opened their store at 503 E. Nifong in October 2009. The husband and wife both grew up in families that owned businesses and saw an opportunity to combine their penchant for entrepreneurship with their love of animals. They named the shop after two of their dogs, and the products reflect the Schlossers’ dedication to giving their pets only the best in food, treats, supplements and supplies. In addition, the store offers a self-serve dog wash, stocked with everything from a blueberry facial scrub to grooming tools and fluffy towels. Last spring, the Schlossers purchased Award Pet Supply at 1610 I-70 Drive S.W. and on May 19, opened it as a second location for Lizzi & Rocco’s. Jessica Schlosser shares a few ideas about why the couple has been so doggone successful. 52


You are a “natural” pet market. What does that mean? All of the foods we offer have to be free of fillers and by-products. [This makes them] healthier and cheaper in the long run. Pets on natural foods typically have much better digestion, lower incidents of food-based allergies, shinier coats and better dental health!

Aside from pet food, what else do pet owners find on your shelves?

We have a lot of enrichment and puzzle toys to help challenge your pets’ minds and keep them entertained. We try to carry a wide range of products to help problem-solve with any issues you might be facing with your dog and cat. Happier pets and pet owners is what we’re all about!

What opportunities for education do you offer customers?

All of our staff members are trained on pet nutrition, and so we’re happy to do nutrition consultations all day, every day! We also have seminars and demonstrations on a regular basis on a

Kyle and I have been involved in the rescue community in Columbia for years — long before Lizzi & Rocco’s was around. We foster for local rescue groups and host adoption events for various groups almost every weekend at one of our shops. In addition, we have all kinds of options for the community to help support rescue efforts: Our Nifong store has nail trims benefiting rescue groups almost every weekend; all of the proceeds from our pet photo events benefit animal organizations; we even sell a line of food — Dog for Dog — that for each bag purchased, an equal-sized bag is donated to either Second Chance or Dogs Deserve Better.

What plans do you have for the second store? We’re not planning on our Nifong store going anywhere — the new place just allows us a lot more space and to meet the needs of pet owners on the other side of Columbia. We carried over and grew upon what Award Pet Supply offered for small animals, and domestic and wild birds. We will be installing a self-service dog wash at the I-70 Drive location. We have much more space there, so are planning on having more events and more products at the new store. It’s going to be great, and we can’t wait for everyone to see how it grows and develops over the next few months!

Inside Columbia Magazine November Issue  
Inside Columbia Magazine November Issue