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“Don’t Wait Up (For George)” Artist: Shooter Jennings (Black Country Rock, 2014) Shooter Jennings’ most recent album, “Don’t Wait Up (For George),” is an EP dedicated to the late George Jones. Through five songs, Jennings honors the country icon with covers of Jones’ music, as well as a few Jennings originals. Rising to the challenge of recording a previous country music classic can be intimidating, but the son of Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter can play that card. “Don’t Wait Up (I’m Playing Possum)” is the first track on the album. In an interview with CMT, Jennings revealed he wrote the song back in 2012, believing Jones himself might record it. It’s through-and-through a cheating song and leaves one wondering whether it’s still cheating if both parties are guilty. The Jones standard “She Thinks I Still Care” screams of Southern rock. The heaviness in the tone, the hissing cymbal and the pulsating bass line are simple elements that bring an intrinsic feel to the song. It does a service to today’s generation, showing the relevance of a song with origins in 1962. It’s wild to imagine a childhood spent around such outlaw country legends as Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash and George Jones. Shooter Jennings might have won the genetic jackpot with his parentage, but don’t let the idea of nepotism blind you to his talent. His sound is country with a Southern rock edge. This far into his career, Jennings has not only managed to gain his own fans but to convert the fans of his father as well. — REVIEWED BY LEE POINTER NOVEMBER 2014 INSIDE COLUMBIA


Inside Columbia Magazine November Issue  
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