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FROM THE EDITOR THE NOVEMBER ISSUE QUIZ We’re testing your knowledge about this issue of Inside Columbia, but don’t worry — it’s an open-book quiz.

Finding The Music


1. Katie Mustard credits four special teachers for guiding her toward a career in filmmaking. Can you name them? She talks about their important influence on Page 42.

Sandy Selby


’m a firm believer that most of us can learn a skill at a basic level, perhaps even become passably proficient at it, but it’s natural, inborn talent that elevates some people above others in any given pursuit. This is why I’m a writer and not a ballerina or a chef or a professional race car driver. My passion for writing revealed itself about the same time I started stringing my ABCs into words, and I suspect the people who are at the forefront of Columbia’s music scene were connecting with music even earlier. In our story on Page 82, we examine the state of Columbia’s live music offerings, and hear from the experts who wish more young people would pursue their passion for music. We’re fortunate in this thriving college town to have such diverse venues and musical styles to choose from, and I think you’ll enjoy learning more about what’s available to music lovers and music makers here in our city. Mizzou’s new basketball coach, Kim Anderson, hears music in the squeak of shoe soles on hardwood and the swoosh of a ball through the net. I imagine his talent for basketball was evident early in his youth, even before he began towering over the other kids. Longtime Columbians and Tiger fans will remember watching Anderson’s talent blossom under the tutelage of legendary Mizzou coach Norm Stewart. Now Anderson is back on the Mizzou court, this time as the team’s leader, conducting the ebb and flow of the game as if it were a symphony. It’s a happy homecoming for the former Tiger standout, and he talks about his goals and challenges in our exclusive Q&A on Page 74. Filmmaking is the purview of Columbia’s own Katie Mustard. She’s making a name for herself on a national level, but hasn’t forgotten where she came from. Read more about this gifted filmmaker on Page 42. This is the month when a lot of us will push our culinary talents to the limit as we put together the annual Thanksgiving feast. Fortunately, Chef Brook Harlan is here to help even the most novice cook pull together a mouthwatering masterpiece. You’ll find his advice for brining a turkey on Page 112. Wherever your talents lie, I hope you will take time this month to give thanks for the abilities you were born with, and to share your gratitude with all those whose talents inspire and amaze you.

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2. Who are Lizzi and Rocco? Kyle

and Jessica Schlosser tell you why they chose that name for their pet supply business in our Moving & Shaking feature on Page. 52.

3. Erica Milbach is decorating

Columbia yards with a very unusual household item. Find out what she’s up to on Page 72.

4. What five ingredients were

included in the very first recipe for punch? Catering pro Sara Fougere offers a delicious update on Page 116.

5. What are the three most common types of winter squash? Chef Brook Harlan selects one of the three and shares a terrific recipe that will be ideal for your next family gathering. Check it out on Page 118.

Inside Columbia Magazine November Issue  
Inside Columbia Magazine November Issue