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A Punch In A Pear Tree Satisfy a thirsty crowd with this people-pleaser. Holiday season is fast approaching, and notepads and calendars are filling up with to-do lists and holiday party commitments. If you’re throwing your own holiday party this year, chances are you’re looking for a fun new cocktail recipe to serve to your guests. Buck the traditional punch recipe and try this “punchy” drink from Sara Fougere, owner of Sara Fougere Catering. This cocktail fits all occasions from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve. Originally, punch contained five ingredients — alcohol, sugar, lemon, water and tea or spices. The Sanskrit term was first brought to England from India in the early 17th century. Since then, punch bowls have existed as a cultural staple in celebratory and group social situations. From English taverns to high school dances, punch is an easily sharable and recognizable menu item. Southern Bourbon Punch and fruit punch are among the most popular punches. For this punch remake, Fougere combines two wintery flavors — pear and juniper — for a friendly, cheery concoction that’s both easy to make and easy to drink. The pear flavor comes from the cider. For this recipe, Fougere uses Woodchuck Pear Hard Cider (she also enjoys Ace Pear Hard Cider), which has a light pear and honey flavor and resembles champagne in appearance. Juniper — or gin — is both tart and sharp, with a slightly piney flavor and hints of citrus. Together, they offer a sweet, sharp and bubbly palate experience. Fougere suggests using a taller cocktail glass for this punch. “You want to be able to see the bubbles from the cider, but it needs to be bigger than a champagne glass,” she says. Fougere enjoys this easy-drinking cocktail because “something about the juniper flavor of the gin goes really well with the pear,” she says. “If you want to do something different, feel free to add a splash of cranberry or bitters.” “It’s easy to mix up, because it’s a two-ingredient cocktail,” Fougere says. “You just chill the gin, divide by glasses and top with the cider.” Fougere suggests serving “lovely mild cheeses, like Brie” or “you could go stronger and do some bleu instead.” Fougere also suggests serving anything with bacon in it alongside this drink. When planning your holiday soirée, Fougere advises you to “be organized and make lists.” And with this recipe, you can check off beverages from your party list.



Pear Punch Serves 1 8 ounces pear cider 1 ounce gin 1 lime wedge Fill a shaker with ice. Add gin. Strain gin into glass and top with pear cider. Cut a wedge of lime and squeeze into mixture. Add a slice of pear or lime for garnish.

Party Trick

Multiply ingredients by number of guests you are expecting. Instead of a shaker, simply chill the gin in the refrigerator prior to mixing and serving.


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