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E INSartID zine #12

Cover: Viron v2.0 (ita) - Being #22 2 Mike Bohatch (us) - Rest 4 Johnny Chunders (uk) - Am I Hole 5 Alessandro Bavari (ita) - Bera, King of Sodom Text: Joseph John C. Merrick (ger) - 39 Channels 6 Tristan Schane (us) - Mermaid I Text: Jan Schleevogt (ger) - Sunrise 7 Chris Mars (us) - Ever knitting madame defarg 8 Kris Kuksi (us) - Lust and Selfabuse 10 KD Matheson (us) - Anthropods 11 jenz (ger) - Concentration Text: Gegenpapst (ger) - Driven Fear 12 jenz (ger) - Cover NoBullShitZine 13 Dark Mouth (ger) 14 Babysyndrome: Jeremi Rimel (us) 16 Zeke (uk) / Monobrain (nl) Photo: Shann Larsson (hk) 18 Rodrigo Braga (bra) - Risk of Uneasiness Text: MxNihil (ger) - Litter 19 Viron v2.0 (ita) - Regurgitation Poster: jenz (ger) - Religion 22 Navette (fra) - Never answer the phone Text: Roland Adelmann (ger) Now Henry Miller‘s dead for good 23 B&W: Michael Dickenson (tr) Color: Johnny Chunders (uk) 24 Reviews 27 Preface / Contacts 28 Karl Persson (aus) - Mouth 29 jenz (ger) - My body is my temple 30 Chris Narcosis (uk) - Bisonhammer 31 Vinteraand (ger) - Mental Coldness 32 Kris Kuksi (us) - Church tank 33 James T. Knuckl (uk) - Twisted Skin 34 Fabrice Lavollay (bel) - The End 35 Chet Zar (us) - The Dork 36 R.S. Connett (us) - Mind wars 38 Naotto Hattori (jap) - Hope Text: Reinhild Paarmann (ger) - Terror 38 jenz (ger) - Cover Maulhure Back: Mike Bohatch (us) - Portal guard Thanx: Phillip Druilett, Djäzz Sascha, Jon Beinart, Markus Menold (VIRUS), Lu-Cja & Sir Jan Off, Mark van Elburg, Maarten & FCKIN BSTRDS, Michael Dickenson, H.P. Lovecraft, Pete PEE, Die Pia Marta Gonzales, Daniel Lonien, Corix „Desert Son“ Baluca, Roland Adelmann, KRAKWORK, Timbo Jones, TRUST, Hank, Shervin, Gianni... and Lady JJ! Extra: Ni Gudix ( & Susi ( for translations.


This is a „light version“ of the INSIDE artzine #12. Paintings, (Digital) Collages, Sculptures, Stories, Reviews from Europe, USA, Australia, Japan, Outerspace, +++ (A4, 40p., full color, full sickness, quality paper, english) Order your printed copy on: GERMANY/EUROPE/WORLD: >>direct shoplink: USA: PROFANE EXISTENCE AUSTRALIA: POLYESTER Contact:


39 channels Joseph John C.Merrick: my horror your trip equip with foreskin decorated smiling chromium-plated damaged spoilt substantially satisfied rotten or extinct disabled despised undiscovered amputate lung cancer aids bleeding nose diagnose go on hell’s gate buddha’s lard complaints of bladder heaven’s ladder overthrown cellulite drug addiction mjöllnir chainsaw suspiciously factorial bloody know-all tear cushions soaked in salt caboodle crucifix let your eyes fire puncture new car tyre stop hating yourself make sure to move your ass. ©transliteration


SunriseJan Schleevogt I can’t call it an awakening, I can only call it a horrific interruption of sleep, and sleepily I look out of the window, pissed at by the wrecked dreams of last night, the sun is high, very high, everything is swinging and lurching, the blazing red of the sky, the sun beams a beaming nothing, “oh no, no phone calls this morning, it’s far too early”, and the phone rings, and it rings only once, and possibly this is only a dream too, but no, I’m awake, and I’m about to laugh, because she isn’t here, but there – on the horizon – our beloved sun once again, malicious light, drunken morning, let’s go out to watch the sun set, let’s go out to enjoy the sun set, the bottle rolls through the room, screams from the road, I’m too weak to get up, but the curtains are not drawn, the room is closed, I don’t want to go out anyway, and yet I’m taken aback now as the world is exploding in thousands of bleeding sun beams, and she’s down there, in the streets broad and narrow, perhaps in one of those restaurants to have a nice salad for breakfast, she often gets up early, she seems to love morning bustles, just as I love her, just like she loved me, but now the room is silent, and still I’m motionless, and in front of my eyes, behind the window, behind the open curtains the world and everything else is dying, because the world was everything, was our ego, was my ego, and now it’s going to the dogs, this world, in the beginning of such a wonderful bright morning, and the phone is ringing, and I don’t want to believe that it’s her calling, and even if, who cares, for the sun burns us to death, yes, only listen how the trumpets roar, and the Lord cometh down from the fiery heaven to send us all down to hell, since he loves us, just like she loved me, just like I love her, and those wonderful sun beams coming down from the sky, the dismantling of the world begins, very slowly I flee from the bed towards the window, “last night I called you up”, and morning shadows are creeping across the asphalt, pale ghosts from the day


before last, from last night, I look over to the clock, the silence is bulldozing me, then steps from downstairs, a barrage of honking, the last writhing of the world, “come back”, I hate her, I hate her with every fibre of my being, while the world slaughters its inhabitants, a brilliant massacre in the noble beams of the sun, and I collapse, here at the very window, creeping through my own misery, and the death screams feel like applause, and I can see her, naked, but my hands clutch at thin air, the world – now now now – is exploding in a brilliant orgasm, her skin is mine, and I’m lying on the floor, wriggling like a worm, but the worm bears millions of babies, I’m shitting them out of my bleeding ass, and the placenta crawls away, leaving me in foreign pains, and I’m slithering over their wincing bodies, they feel like jelly, I’m stinking just like they do, I don’t know where I’m slithering, maybe towards the telephone, but the world, well, the world is dead, I feel the warm, tactful sun beams, my room is a cancerous, twitching, weeping ulcer, dying in the morning glow, no dream, no, she doesn’t call any more, she doesn’t call any more, and my tears are drowning me, the morning grabs my shoulders, lifts me to the hangman, twitching bodies beneath me, hungry gobs beneath me, and then – trembling sun – I am falling, snapping sounds, stink, smack, nothing. © transliteration:


Lust and SelfabuseKris Kuksi Page 8 - 9

„Y babysyndrome

Jeremi Rimel/

Ok, this art is provoking. For people who love kids, for people who hate kids, for people without kids, for people with many kids, for adults and of course for kids as well. Should people be allowed to use art in order to depict something essentially beautiful as something ultimately ugly? Should people be allowed to use something innocent that needs protection as a potential target for sick fantasies, a spawn of the hell? Yes, we all may! However, that does not change the fact that every individual is only responsible for its own thoughts, doings and their aftermaths. Whoever thinks that these dolls give reason to destroy children is a stupid sick asshole who is not at all worth it to censor art which breaks taboos or is somehow awkward. Simple imagine this page with the headline “This is how it looks like in tormented children’s souls.” Or: “Child abuser- that’s what you are doing to us”. Do you realize something? (Whoever wants to take part in the discussion: In the guestbook is much space to do so, please don‘t email INSIDE artzine!).


„...just what the world DOESNT need, more crazy unloved FUCKS like you!

„But most of these dolls look like they have been murdered and had sick things done to them. It is also obvious from your guestbook that some of the people who like your dolls are sick, dangerous people. I wonder how many real serial killers collect your dolls.“

You are a sick fucking bastard „It‘s a sad, sick world when mutilated „dead babies“ - real or not - can be considered entertaining, amusing or „words of art.“„But most of these dolls look „This was the most disgusting thing I

„It sickens me to know that I share the same planet that they live on! It might be what some would consider ‚art‘, or ‚expression of self‘ „Whoever would do that and be proud of them-

have ever seen... and I have seen some fucking shit! Lick blue donkey balls and eat monkey shit! I am sure this doesn‘t offend a fuck up like you people. I don‘t know where you people get off on sick ass shit like this you horse humping cock jugglin sister fuckin bitches!“

like they have been murdered and had sick things done to them. It is also obvious from your guestbook that some of the people who like your dolls are sick, dangerous people. I wonder how many real serial killers collect your dolls. Doesn‘t it bother you that some of the people who visit your site probably have people buried in their basement? Doesn‘t it bother you that you may be encouraging sick and twisted people to go out and kill again?“

selves is a very disturbed individual.“

„Have some fuckin human in ya! DAMN!“

* outakes of autopsybabies guestbook

INSIDE artzine: When I just for fun tried to distribute some INSIDE artzine issues on the street at Europe’s biggest art exhibition, the documenta in Kassel, I was held responsible for the brutalization of today’s youth. When I compare these reproaches with the comments people leave on your website, I have to say that the reproaches I had to listen to were pretty harmless. Do the often very harsh comments leave you totally cold? Why do you think do some people vehemently reject extreme art? Jeremi Rimel: Art that displays graphic imagery and provokes emotion will always draw an agitated crowd. That negative attention instantly promotes the work itself, so as an artist I‘m not the least bit annoyed by the remarks I hear, its an expected reaction. Many embrace the darker ideas in life, taboos, fucked up shit, and thats where I am mentally. I could care less how people conceive me based on my artwork. Anyone who would take a far fetched idea such as „Autopsy Zombie Staple Babies“ seriously enough to be offended by it has a few mental problems of their own! IA: I think in this case the anger is closely related to the so called scheme of childlike characteristics you trigger in the viewer. Babies are the epitome of being cute and innocence. Do you think so too? JR: I can see that, a baby is a parent‘s most important thing in the world, they are innocent and fragile. Why on earth would someone want to display something so pure and cute depicted in such a disturbing way? That dichotomy between innocence and deranged is exactly what the „Autopsy Baby“ line is all about. IA: I have to say the „Dolls special“ in the last INSIDE artzine issue was my first dive into that freaky cosmos. You were one of the first in this area. Do you have any favourites among your colleagues? JR: I really love what Scott Radke is doing, any of his sculptures can easily be a living creature in another world. Art toys hold a big place in my heart and some of the artists I have been keeping an eye on have been Bob Conge of who produces his own unusual limited edition art toys. An artist that goes by Dok A, who creates twisted, nightmarish and often mechanical custom art toys. IA: A term you might often hear and which also comes up often in connection with the INSIDE artzine: provocation. What provokes you? JR: I have made MANY Autopsy Baby dolls, numbered & commissioned (requests). The interest people have shown is incredible, I‘ve seen many tattoo‘s depicting my dolls! I get such positive random comments about my artwork daily. That kind of encouragement and level of loyalty is what provokes me.

IA: Actually I am always interested in artistic idols and influences. I have to admit, your art is unique when it comes to my art horizon. Are there any artists, dead or alive, styles or events who and which inspire you in your work? JR: Clive Barker is an obvious influence, the images he created in the original Hellraiser film will inspire horror artists for years to come. He also created a world called „The Abarat“ that I fell in love with, it is a huge dream I have to work on a project with him. Film & music also inspire me, I admire Troma movies, Horror, obscure 80‘s music, deathrock, life and death itself. IA: Do you think art should show everything possible or are there borders/ taboos even art should not cross? Keyword here would be for example the argument about the Mohammed caricature fight, in which some drawings caused unrest in some countries for a couple of weeks. JR: Art is turning an idea into an imagery, projecting how you feel, inventing new worlds. There may be dark corners in art, places that hurt to encounter but if you believe in what you are doing, there shouldn‘t be any borders not to cross as long as you are responsible for your own actions and realise there may be consequences for sharing your ideas. (I have had death threats in the past.) IA: Beside the autopsybabies we can also find vinyl toys, among others a very well made hitlerdoll named “buSHITler”. Is that one of a few creations with a very clear and by all means comprehensible message? JR: Haha! buSHITler „The toy that reminds you not to repeat history“. I think it speaks for itself, yeah thats a little of my sense of humor showing there. IA: Any plans for the future? What about your latest project Think-Up? Exhibitions? Books? JR: Think-UP is a platform art toy that I produced myself under the company name Miscreation Toys. It is very important that I took a step in the direction of producing and manufacturing my own toys. For years as an artist that has been useing old toys and dolls as an art canvas, I wanted to offer artists a unique „do it yourself“ platform base to experience the craft of customizing. You can customize Think-UP by drawing, painting, or sculpting features. Apply your artistic style to turn a blank vinyl bust into your very own unique custom creation. It is the first project from my toy company but I‘m taking baby steps with it. (hint.. hint..) Books? Hard to find a publisher (other than your mag) that would publish what I do. If you would like to work on something, I‘m all for it! Jeremi Rimel (Miscreation): Artists get Think-UP at:


LitterMxNihil When there’s nowt but this hole or this muscle. Nowt but physicality, to take your mind off the rip-off that your poor, wretched, worthless loser life has come up to. Nowt but the shag and the wee kick. Like a fucking junkie lusting for the needle . Like the bevvied, stinking heap of shit, sitting squatted in the corner, winding rotten teeth and a yellow, mangy tongue around the bottleneck to lure out even the last drop. Meat crater idiot’s baby. Erectile tissue cunt fan. Wretched little mite, buried in the meat of the world, thirsting after affection and confirmation. Hope an’ love, babe, kiss-kiss, pat-pat. Stillborn and learned nowt. How this mouldy juice in you flows and pulsates and how warmth and securit y bubble into your sexually intercoursing brain. Pawlow’s fucking dog. Cunt. Aura of a public wanking cabin. You simple, foul swine. © transliteration: Wenn da nichts ist außer diesem Loch oder diesem Muskel . Nur diese Körperlichkeit, um Dich kurz abzulenken vom Beschiss, der Dein armseliges, kleines , wertloses Loserleben ist. Nur der Fick und der kurze Kick. Wie ein scheiß Junkie, der nach neuen Nadelstichen giert. Wie der besoffene Haufen stinkenden Mülls, der in der Ecke hockt. Die verfaulten Zähne und die gelbe, grätzige Zunge um den Flaschenhals windet, um den letzten Tropfen heraus zulocken. Fleischkrater-Idiotenbaby. Schwellmuskel-Votzenfan. Das erbärmliche kleine Würmc hen im Fleisch der Welt eingegraben und nach Zuneigung und Bestätigung lechzend. Hoffnung und Liebe, Baby. Küss-küss und pat-pat on your shoulder, Darling. Totgeboren und nichts dazuge lernt. Wie dieser schimmlige Saft in Dir fliesst und pulsiert und wie warme Geborgenheit in Dein Beisch lafgehirn blubbert. Pavlows beschissener Hund, Votze. Öffentliche Wichskabinen-Aura, Du einfach es, bequemes Schwein.



Trashmen A4, 124 pages, 1260 Yen, Japanese

Navette Creve

Holy shit! What a monstrosity kind of magazine!! “Junk, Bizarre, Scum” are the few words I can read on the cover. Totally right, but I would add insanity, deformity and spastic brain cramps. Driven by illustrative frenzies of Japanese letters, the reader will find himself on a morbid trip through a Shinkansen (bullet trains) rollercoaster of far eastern fantasy derailments, which even scared the hell out of your hard nosed headsmen. You can find pictures of deformed monstrosities, burnt children on shambles and human beings out of snake stomachs strung together to create a parade of nightmares which can’t be moderated by the interspersed advertisements for seal or turtle meat in tins. Stories about a waxworks museum of homicidal maniacs, a wolf boy with hair all over his body and recipes with spiders and cockroaches rather belong to the relaxing part. The other texts seem to be reports about wrestling, seeing UFOs and worshipping Satan. What that all means? I don’t have a clue. For me, much of the stuff is as cryptic as the soul or the texts of ordinary Japanese. Insane idiots, who get off when viewing websites such as will be entertained, for all others it will just remain a shock of reality .This issue seems to be a little older and it was not possible to find/google/read a contact address either. Whoever is interested in this bizarre something of art - contact Gianni who smuggled this bestial monster gazette out of the country of the brain burning sun.

ca. A5, s/w, 72 pages, Paperpack, Eng./French/Spanish, 20 Q The riot scrawler of the French tattoo scene turns up with a complete book full of ink explosions. Not as blatant as seen before in the INSIDE Artzine, but with a really mean concept. Each page is dedicated to an artist, celebrity, rock star, politician or whoever with only one thing in common- they are all dead. As a result, Kurt Kobain, Jesus, Sid Vicious, Bonnie & Clyde, Bambi‘s mum and Hitler’s dog are combined. Additionally to the drawings we find brief anecdotes of the life and death about the people mentioned. Highlight of all destinies: Isadora Duncan (1877-1927) - with the words “I am off to Glory” she left in her convertible. Bad luck: While driving, her long scarf got entangled in the rims which broke her neck. Also pretty nice: the black cover print on black cardboard. Like the drawing style (probably like Navette himself) highly explosive material! Contakt: • Purchase:

International Surreal Art Collective

.. Glomp #9 167x240mm, 308 pages mostley in colors, finnish/english subtitles, 25Q/45U$ This fat book is sheer madness. Not the drilling, unmistakable madness, which often drops out elsewhere in this issue. Rather a little more thoughtful and quieter. The wide spectrum of works is at least as manifold as the country of origins of the participators. Comics, collages and illustrations, from colourful to gloomy, made by people from Europe, North America to Korea. Sometimes very concrete stories from everyday madness, then all of a sudden switched to self-therapies of the sealed artist brain. Great fun! Included in Tommi’s package: CONCRETE FLOOR (A4, 24 pages, soft cover) What on first sight looks like an absolutely wordless, abstract trip on green paper, after 3 hours of staring at it, the thing exposes itself as a giant labyrinth with more and more creatures and stories creeping out of in on the viewer. Astounding and definitely harmful. Contact: Tommi Musturi,,


surreal, psychedelic, esoteric, outsider, fantasy, erotic & visionary art Website (galleries, shop, blog, interviews, forum, links), english, free Ok, all you trip junkies longing for eye-opening art: take two weeks off, don’t answer the phone, deny yourself in the confessional as you need time, much time. This website is a never ending stream of brain tuning. The Stuff good Jon from Melbourne/Australia has collected is, without seeing oneself confronted with the reproach of exaggeration and a public lashing as punishment, the greatest and biggest collection of crazy art on the net which has ever existed, exists and will exist. Distributed on the sub pages “paintings”, “drawings”, “sculptures” and “digital art”, an incredibly great storm of pictures begins to evolve behind the spotted pane of your screen that you never ever want to change the position of your cursor on another address bar again. On your endless falls into the light-flooded abysses, you will recover some wrights of this issue. (That’s even the way I found these guys such as Kris Kuksi, KD Matheson or the great Chris Mars). Additionally you can find a newscast which is updated every minute, in which the weirdo elite with new projects/interviews/ appointments. For those still not satisfied, the attached “surreal art forum” is a interactive playground for every artist, publisher, gallery owner, and two headed person. Speaking of two heads: Jon must have a multiple disposition and not only mentally. Mentally: besides the unpayable important underground work he does for our beloved, mad art he also publishes art books, (metamorphosis, see review) draws himself and gives makers of zines, who hang out on the other side of this boulder, unpayable tips and help with to contact artists who are afraid of people. Click on this page or be damned! No kidding!!!!!!

Soulfood Artzine #1

Madness on Parade

A5, color, 84 pages, 7,50 Q (4,50 Q without CD), German Finally! Once again a zine with the stigma “Artzine” on its cover. The skill to make a special issue out of a debut: ”Sproutbau”. In the first moment it sounds like a Dutch horticulturist, although it is an empty building made from prefabricated slabs in the east of Bremen (four blocks of houses, 110 empty flats). To this particular dead, socially waste land place, more than 60 artists, among others, from Germany, Spain, New Zealand and Pakistan came within the scope of an art project to fill the desert with life. Besides many many photos of the location - often pretty close to devastation - we get to know in the issue that, in addition to street art fighters, architecture offices, video artists, sewing factories, theatre, café and music labels, you find some floors only for animals (goats and chickens). The thread which goes trough the magazine is an attempt of the publisher to approach the building, the work which gets done there and the people who life in this place. (Concerning this issue, the stigma „egozine“ would fit pretty well.) Since self-organized life in German cities is seen to be (in terms of capitalism) worthless and therefore gets defaulted uncontrollably, the demolition of all buildings is coming up soon. (After all we need space for “new lively shopping experiences”). Read/Look at the legacy of a really great idea, listen to the CD of their label “Sproudbau records” and buy this zine! Contakt: Carina Bleck, Krefelderstr.13, D-41460 Neuss, Germany,

The Art of Mike Bohatch 213x279 mm, color, 304 pages, paperback, 59,90 U$, English The 12 rooms of Photoshop madness in printed form with the eyes of chaos in action. I don’t really wanna know WHAT these eyes see, much worse are the nightmare collages which drop out of the brain behind these eyes. There you find arms growing out of mouths, mouths out of the back of a head, skeletons arise out of pale skin, Lovecraft-like tentacle swellings burst out of eye-sockets and everything reflects itself in that disturbing acuity on our wounded retina. Nightmarish is only a warm fart in comparison to these monstrosities. Billions of CD cover, DVD cover, (mostly for death bands, splatter movies, hospital brochures etc.)book cover as well as loads of free works (free from restraints or morals) plus comments by Mike himself. Everything swings between hightech picture manipulations, collages made with scissors and the scratched recordings of a maniac. The book is as big as George Bush is stupid. Printed on high-gloss paper. Even though it’s no cheap stuff - Killer!!! Contact: • Purchase:

Underground Art Union Metamorphosis 50 Contemporary Surreal, Fantastic and Visionary Artists A4, 112 pages, Hardcover, 40 AU$, English Fascinating: famous people such as Ernst Fuchs or Alex Grey together with unknown (or hushed up) psychopaths like Karl Perrson or Caniglia side by side. Something as if you would come from a finger food exhibition and get into a felted cellar of absurdities under the underground car park (and back again). 50 double paged, surrealistic widening of thoughts from all over the world. Mostly it’s very spacey, sometimes really scary. And that is the appeal of the book: the scope of the emotional kerosene rollercoaster slashes the beholder from cleared hippie-like heights of self-illumination down to clotted, dark hells of the final self-abandonment. The metamorphosis in its proliferation seems im­possible to stop. Another part has been already announced, again with top strikers of the first league as well as the never ending stream of hopeful talents from your neighbourhood. Great print in hardcover plus envelope. Get yourself a really impressive art book some time! Now! Contact: • Purchase:

surreal, abstract, lowbrow, darkart Website (galleries, interviews, forum, links), englisch, free Similar to the „Surreal Art Collective“ mentioned, the union is an unbeatable insight into the underground of manic high score art. Slightly more freaky and fucked-up than before, the galleries whip you through freaky nightmares, visions and truths, which can’t be found, I repeat myself- which can’t be found in any other museum in the world. The wright has been there for a long time (formerly “Dave’s cave” art dungeon) he knows the ropes and his freaky taste guarantees painted, drawn, sculpted and computerized whips of art at its best: Mister Primly (ingenious - last supper with the nutty cast of clowns), Michael Hussar, Pawel Jankowski. The column “vision on a theme” shows that the name “underground” is not only posing names. Subjects such as “digital pacification” or “the temptation of St. Antony” are pictured by international artists and exhibited together in galleries. Through pages like those the Underground will never dry out. As well as your eyes will never dry (Never mind if because of pain, shame or joy). Surf it on!



Tattoos are for sentimentality. Or for proof. And sometimes they are art. They are something that remains forever, aren’t they? The Englishman James T. Knuckl should know. Or at least he should have pondered about the question. “MY BODY IS MY TEMPLE...”, Part Two.

Inside: James, what do tattoos mean to you? Knuckl: A tattoo is the protruding image of an inner state. That’s why tattoos are pricked under the skin. Some special part of you becomes visible due to your decision. Is visible forever. The decision must be made after very careful thinking. Inside: Yes, that’s my opinion too. What do family, friends, and supermarket cashiers say when they see you? Knuckl: When I saw myself in the mirror for the first time I knew my life would change. I’m someone else now. For the people I look like the absolute horror. My mom is dead, and my dad only said: well, you’ve always been the crazier guy of the two of us. Inside: A question that might be interesting for all the dole moles out there: do you have a job? Knuckl: My face is my job. I get offers from independent film producers who plan to make a horror film with me. But I am content when people see their abyss in me. By the way, I haven’t decided to look like this to impress the cashier. I am the last consequence; I show what absurd torture lies behind all being. Most people can’t bear to be confronted with that in my face. Inside: Why, it’s indeed hard to confront, isn’t it? Was it easy to find someone who was willing to make you this tattoo? Knuckl: I had to assure the tattooer in a written document of never saying her name in public. She’s a real pro, and I even hadn’t to pay for it because she got a lifelong sentence and is in prison now. Inside: Sometimes it can be seen that, after having got one tattoo, one wants more, bigger, crazier tattoos. Do you have others? Knuckl: Only a cockroach on my neck. But I won’t tell why. Inside: Okay, last question, and thanks for your courage, James! Were you drunk when you were tattooed? Knuckl: I was tattooed not in one, but in several sessions. But yes, I was in a total coma every time. © transliteration: Ni Gudix, 31.1.08

James T. Knuckl before his „decision“




INSarItzDinE e #12 Paintings • (Digital)Collages • Sculptures • Drawings • Stories • Poems Chris Mars (us) • Navette (fra) • Rodrigo Braga (bra) • Mike Bohatch (us) Johnny Chunders (uk) • Karl Persson (aus) • Kris Kuksi (us) • Naoto Hattori (jap) Chris Narcosis (uk) • Zeke/Monobrain (uk/nl) • Jeremi Rimel (us) • Alessandro Bavari (ita) Chet Zar (us) • Jan Schleevogt (ger) • KD Matheson (us) • Shann Larsson (hk) Fabrice Lavolley (bel) • Reinhild Paarmann (ger) • Tristan Shane (us) Kapreles (bel) • John Joseph C. Merrick (ger) • Michael Dickenson (tr) Gegenpapst (ger) • Viron v2.0 (ita) • Dark Mouth (ger) • MxNihil (ger) Ian Pyper (us) • Roland Adelmann (ger) • R.S. Connett (us) Vinteraand (ger) • Jeff Gaither (us) • jenz (ger) 22


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INSIDE artzine #12  

International Artscum Magazine Paintings, (Digital)Collages, Sculptures, Photos, Stories, Interviews, Reviews. Chris Mars (ÚS), Navette (FR...

INSIDE artzine #12  

International Artscum Magazine Paintings, (Digital)Collages, Sculptures, Photos, Stories, Interviews, Reviews. Chris Mars (ÚS), Navette (FR...