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74 ARTIST PROFILE Michael Lowers

Orange super, 2014, photography, 60 x 42 cm

Tweety, 2014, photography, 60 x 42 cm

Michael Lowers


or the last ten years Michael Lowers has been travelling and documenting his version of the world, capturing the moments often missed at first glance while bringing new life to the seemingly mundane. His latest photo series sees the photographer exploring these ideas further; a fascination harboured since childhood leading to a series of slick, bubblegum-bright portraits of Pez dispensers. His predilection of the mundane is arguably still present within the series which places the everyday icons in centre stage, although for this collection Lowers wanted to capture more than what can be seen in front of the lens; aiming to bring the character of each dispenser

to life. Experimenting with new materials and techniques, he explored new avenues of expression by painting and layering the images with frenetic marks and slogans. Lowers was born in New Zealand where he studied photography, although he has been based in London, UK since 2007. His Pez Study collection was launched last year at The Other Art Fair in London, and he is also a resident artist at Reem Gallery in the UK, as he continues to build an international following with his unique designs.

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