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Blue World, 2017, gouache and pastels on canvas, 80 x 80 cm

Gesa Reuter


hades of blue sweep across the canvas of Gesa Reuter’s artworks as she paints landscapes, seas, skies and clouds to convey the beauty of nature and how it connects to emotions of the soul. The ultramarine pigments hold particular importance to the artist, as she uses their symbolic qualities to represent wisdom, loneliness, sadness and also great beauty. Based in Detmold, Germany, Reuter’s practice started in 1996. She has since studied the techniques of the Old Masters, layering selfmade gouache, egg tempera and sometimes oil to build her paintings with different layers of

paint from thick to thin. Recently for her ‘Blue Worlds’ series she has discovered the power of watercolours and ink in her work, enjoying the way the lightness of the materials can describe her inner feelings. Rather than using photographs or attempting an accurate visual representation of a place, she prefers to use the power of memory; her artworks are an expression of her feelings in the moment of experiencing the landscape. Reuter’s latest solo exhibition of her new paintings opens in November in Detmold.

Inside Artists - Issue 9  

For many artists the purpose of their practice is to explore the human condition and the seemingly infinite questions of existence that may...

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