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Abnegate,2016, oil and acrylic, 76 x 59 cm

Quixotic, 2016, oil on canvas, 150 x 110 cm

Josh Bowe


hen Josh Bowe paints he is communicating his vision of the universal human experience. It is his way of searching for commonality, as he considers the elements that bind us together; the feelings and emotions we all share. His works are primarily figurative, although abstraction is an important element to each piece, as the contrast allows the viewer to see familiar subjects in fresh and challenging ways. A change from acrylic to oil was a significant moment in Bowe’s practice and the development

of his painting technique. Each artwork represents an investigation, as he reconciles the opposing forces of representation and abstraction. Last year Bowe’s work was part of the Contemporary Portrait Open at The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle. He is based in Powys, Wales.

Inside Artists - Issue 9  

For many artists the purpose of their practice is to explore the human condition and the seemingly infinite questions of existence that may...

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