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62 ARTIST PROFILE Michelle Key

Michelle Key


ichelle Key wants to create the sensation of a memory within her paintings; the same feeling one might have after looking at old photographs where we can consider the fleeting moment that has passed. Her figurative work focuses on solitary people, usually women, who have been photographed surreptitiously. Her paintings give the sense of watching someone who is oblivious to your gaze, yet seems somehow conscious of being seen. She compares this idea to modern day scenarios

The Yellow Towel (part of Bondi Icebergs Series) mixed media on cotton paper, 56 x 76 cm

of social media, where anyone can make an intimate connection to a stranger. The artist’s recent works have seen her using cotton paper, creating diverse textures as the paper absorbs and reacts to the paint, charcoal, pastel and inks. She is also known for her large bronze public sculptures in South Africa. She is now based in Australia, although spends much of her time living in Spain where she also has a studio. Her paintings are represented in Australia, Spain, Ireland and South Africa.

Inside Artists - Issue 9  

For many artists the purpose of their practice is to explore the human condition and the seemingly infinite questions of existence that may...

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