Inside Artists - Issue 9

Page 50


Floating, 2016, mixed media on canvas, 65 x 100 cm

Jessie Pitt


aving lived for many years in the mountains of both Australia and Europe and currently based in Austria, a deep connection to her surroundings is a source of constant inspiration for artist Jessie Pitt.

mediums such as charcoals, pastel, graphite, drawing ink and acrylic paint on un-stretched canvases; building each artwork up in layers to create depth and translucency. She considers herself a ‘painter of light, shadow and mood’, using her talents as an artist to capture the fleeting atmospheric moments found in nature.

Soft yet powerful, her artworks masterfully depict the majestic and mysterious beauty of nature. Whether working in shades of grey or with subtle touches of colour, the artist’s love for – and extreme familiarity with – the landscape is clear; as she creates atmospheric works that transport the viewer to a new location.

Her works have been included in many group shows across Europe and Australia, as well as solo shows in Austria.

Using her own photographs of the mountains as reference, Pitt uses a blend of many different