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48 ARTIST PROFILE Elena Renaudière

Elena Renaudière


old colours and shapes help to build Elena Renaudière’s own visual language as she seeks new ways of representing her feelings in paint. Her works are abstract, poetical depictions of friendships, love stories, family and professional relationships in the context of our cosmopolite and multicultural society. The viewer is invited to consider each element of the artworks and how the individual components connect and interact with their surroundings; reflecting on how these relationships translate into real-world situations. Renaudière’s self-taught process sees her experimenting with the textural qualities of the

In Conversation, 2017, drawing, 30 x 40 cm

paint, pouring, spraying, glazing and other techniques developed through the use of original and unconventional application tools. Born in Transylvania, Renaudière lived in Paris and travelled extensively before settling down in London a decade ago. Her works are held in private collections in the USA, Australia, Hong Kong and Europe, and she has participated in many prestigious exhibitions such as the SWA Annual Exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London.

Inside Artists - Issue 9  

For many artists the purpose of their practice is to explore the human condition and the seemingly infinite questions of existence that may...

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