Inside Artists - Issue 9

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40 ARTIST PROFILE Krasi Dimtch

Silly talk explains away the book of universal logic, 2016, digital print on acrylic plexiglas, 92 x 102 cm

Krasi Dimtch


eplacing paintbrush and paint with mouse and electronic software, Krasi Dimtch creates complex visual representations of English sentences, inspired by language and the role it plays, not merely in the expression, but also in the creation of thoughts. Searching for ways to articulate the answers to existential questions plaguing her during a period of introspection, the artist began first by building sequences of English synonyms. She found that these structures could bring her answers without

taking on another person’s opinion, which led to her developing custom software for language generation and representation. The final artworks are a result of a symbiosis between the artist’s imagination and the software, which represents the symbols of language as visual patterns – an indefinite number of nonidentical abstract representations means that each word can create an infinite amount of graphic possibilities.