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26 ARTIST PROFILE Valerie Patterson

Valerie Patterson


hrough her skilfully refined watercolour paintings Valerie Patterson searches for a deeper understanding of the human condition, utilising richly symbolic motifs and compositions that vibrate with psychological resonance. Her works encourage thought, emotion and dialogue while contemplating and giving a voice to difficult sociological and political situations. The sense of realism in Patterson’s work allows the viewer to become convinced of a new truth as she fabricates surreal certainty with the same confidence as an old documentary photograph

Lost, 2006, watercolour on paper, 78 x 94 cm

from a political journal. Images of youth and beauty are layered over scenes of desolation and despair; the collage-like configurations creating an unnerving tension in the boldness of their juxtaposition. Currently based in Saranac Lake, New York, Patterson has been creating art as well as teaching for over three decades. She exhibits regularly across the United States in both group and solo shows.

Inside Artists - Issue 9  

For many artists the purpose of their practice is to explore the human condition and the seemingly infinite questions of existence that may...

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