Inside Artists - Issue 9

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20 ARTIST PROFILE Antonie Josefa Latscha

Antonie Josefa Latscha


motions come to the surface of Antonie Josefa Latscha’s paintings as she takes inspiration from poetry; attempting to recreate human feelings visually across the canvas.

Working from her studio in Rheinfelden, Switzerland, Latscha’s iambic painting style embraces an impulsive, expressive technique free from compositional rules. Placing a focus on colour at the forefront of her work, the artist creates lyrical abstractions with a variety of mediums such as coal, pastels and ink in

No. 261, 2015 mixed media, 60 x 70 cm

deep, lush pigments. Nature is a big influence throughout her paintings, seen often in her choice of palette, as well as in the textures applied which appear to mirror organic forms. Latscha has a large following with her paintings being held by both private and public owners in Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Australia and the United States. Alongside her personal work, she also runs a painting school in Rheinfelden.