Inside Artists | Issue 7

Page 14


Lambs, 2016, mixed media sewn on paper, 21 x 30 cm

Linden Eller


inden Eller considers her collages to be ‘Field notes from the mind’. She creates artworks which delicately trigger reflections of memories through a combination of found fragments and personal elements; thoughtfully composing abstract floating shapes before sewing them together with thread on paper. The artist’s attraction to the medium of collage came from a primary interest in place and selfarchiving. Through her use of pale colour palettes together with layers of tracing paper for softness and depth, her pieces attempt to replicate the quiet hazy environment from which a memory is recalled. She blends autobiographical narratives

with larger collective subjects such as childhood, longing, and home. Since leaving Southern California where she obtained her BA in Studio Art, Eller has lived and worked in Europe, India, Australia, and currently New Zealand. She recently completed a two month residency at the Tiapapata Art Centre in Samoa where she produced a solo exhibition about island nostalgia entitled ‘Sleep/Swim’. Her work has appeared in numerous publications, both online and in print.